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With one phone call, you have a team of experts.


imageWineGlass Marketing is a full-service direct marketing agency for the wine and spirits industry.


image  We partner with our clients to elevate their digital marketing strategy and campaign implementation to grow and build strong, profitable consumer relationships.


image  We are experts in DTC marketing and the wine industry.


image  We are relationship-driven. We think of ourselves as an extension of your team.


We offer a range of marketing services to support your acquisition, customer relationship management, and conversion goals.

Marketing Strategy

- Customer Relationship Management

- Metrics – website, advertising, email, club, sales


- ADA compliance


Email Marketing

- Email newsletters

 - Calendar and touchpoint planning

- Database health/expertise, analytics



-  Website development and design

 - Technology support and training with tools for integrations


Social Media

- Social media posting & advertising

- Print, banner and outdoor advertising

- Photography and videography


Advertising and Print

- Print ads  

- Sales sheets and tasting room collateral]

- Billboards

- Banner ads




Our Team
Our Team
Everyone on our team is highly skilled, cross-trained and worked for years in the wine industry. We not only recommend strategy, but can execute it, and troubleshoot or recommend everything down to technology solutions.
Website Development
Website Development
We can help you whether you're looking for a full-scale custom redesign or just a quick adjustment. We believe that functionality is just as important as design, so we put equal emphasis on usability and best-in-class features as well as copy, images, and layout.
Email strategy, design and deployment
Email strategy, design and deployment
A strong communication plan is vital if you plan on selling direct to your customers. You not only need a clean and usable database, but also a content plan. How often, to whom, and what to communicate are not easily answered. We can help with Database Hygiene List Segmentation Content Calendars Wine Club Alerts Email Design Offer Creation Newsletter Development Administrative Emails Copywriting Landing Page Development Campaign Tracking
We are an impatient and multi-tasking society. We don't read anymore so photography is now extremely important to grab attention on websites, in social media, and within emails. We work with clients to find the right style for their product and show their brand in the best possible light.
Social Media Content and Advertising
Social Media Content and Advertising
Yes, you can create engaging, authentic content using an outside agency! We work with your staff to coordinate postings and themes to create cohesive, blanket coverage toward monthly objectives, and monitor our work with dashboards and planning meetings.
Traitional Advertising
Traitional Advertising
We have a full design department that can deliver illustrations, printed materials and collateral, billboards, print ads and meet other design needs like infographics or illustations.
Trestle Glen
Trestle Glen
We can script, shoot and produce videos for wineries to be used on their website or in social media. This is a video for client Bruce Cohn to introduce his new winery.
24-Seven Connect Video
24-Seven Connect Video
We also can write and produce animated or "how to" videos. Here is an example of a B2B video we did for an online portal.
WGits Quickbooks Tool
WGits Quickbooks Tool
A video describing our tool that integrates QB with winery DTC platforms.
WGits Introduction Video
WGits Introduction Video
A video introducing our add on tools for wineries
How Your Marketing Can Respond to COVID-19

We're all affected by the social changes recommended to slow the spread of COVID-19. Wine, by its nature, is both a non-essential item and most often enjoyed at social occasions. So one could argue we're in for a rocky ride ahead.

But, by combining what we know about performance in past downturns with the special features of the current situation, we can identify several things companies should consider in preparing for the next few months.

1. Don't continue as business as usual, but do tailor your response. 
Over the past 24 hours, I've received dozens of "what we're doing about COVID-19" emails from everyone from Walmart to Petco. While it's nice to know they are cleaning the local Petco, it really didn't occur to me that they didn't before this week. What's more, I'm not in the habit of checking with Petco for health tips, so many of the emails come off as ridiculous. Worse, some come off as manipulating the situation for sales. With 5,000 deaths and rising, a sale on all sportswear can come off as insensitive. 


Resist the peer pressure to send out an announcement that you're tasting room is clean and your employees aren't sick. These things should be a given. Instead, turn inward and think about what your audience will want to know in regards to your brand.


Do you normally have a tasting room that is elbow to elbow? With the new "distance" parameters it might be a good time to change to reservations temporarily and promise your clients a safe and intimate choice for the weekend when all their social events are canceled. If you have a strong tie to Asia or Italy, or Washington for that matter, perhaps you can donate a percentage of your sales to the red cross. A "stay home and enjoy wine" shipping offer can also be appropriate if done tactfully. The point is - do what you always should do - be thoughtful and targeted to your audience's needs.

2. Be the antidote to the unexpected. 
There’s a lot of uncertainty and distrust welling in us over the global economy, our leaders, and the health of the person standing next to us. Our customers are stressed and depressed. This is not the time to wither and drop from view. I argue it is wise to be even more visible. I would go so far as to say it is our duty to be more visible. We are wineries, and we make people happy. So happy, people spend their savings to travel to see us and read magazines and books about us. But, now they're stuck in their homes and scared. Be the alternative to heat maps and death counters and pictures of people in masks. Get on social media. Talk about the earth, and making things with your hands, and nature and good things. Don't ignore the current market but don't dwell in it, either. Give them something to see that soothes rather than scares.

3. Invest in growth. 
Your tasting room traffic is going to decrease in the coming weeks. This is a certain prediction. While you can't change that, you do have control of how you react to it. Do you panic and desperately try to salvage that channel, or do you focus on other channels? While you're on Facebook and Instagram spreading love and joy, it is a great time to run some "top of the funnel" online programs to get new people on your mailing list. Increase your ad spend to grow your list at this rare time when you have a captive audience of people stuck at home. This is also not a bad time for an outbound calling campaign, or outreach to update club credit cards. It is also an excellent time to finally get to those website updates, new photoshoots, or data hygiene. Keep your staff active and focused and by summer tourist season you'll be in great shape.

4. Focus on existing customers.
While your flow of new customers may be dampened, this is all the more reason to invest in some thoughtful planning of sales programs via email, social media, and the website. If you have an under-developed website channel or have relied too long on that steady river of customers through the tasting room door, you're going to feel it the worst, but now is the time to make adjustments. Look at special offerings, shipping offers, and setting up automatic emails for abandoned carts to boost website sales this spring.

For those of you canceling club events, be aware this could cause some loyalty issues to members who signed up for, and looked forward to, your events. There is also a portion of our society that does not have unlimited sick days and will find themselves unemployed due to COVID-19, which will put a strain on discretionary spending. So be thinking of any additional love or benefits you can give your club at this time.

Above all, don’t lose sight of your long-term agenda. As economist Paul Romer once said, “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” Downturns can shine a spotlight on the long-term health of a business, revealing vulnerabilities that might not have been as visible in good times. Leaders use the downturn as an opportunity to create a sense of urgency within their organizations, helping drive the large-scale change that will be necessary to succeed in the future.

News Archive

Napa Wine Marketing Agency Listed in Inc Magazine’s “Hyper Growth” List
03 March, 2020


WineGlass Marketing noted as being in the top 5% of the
fastest-growing private companies in the state

NAPA, CA - WINEGLASS MARKETING, LLC. was called out as the only Napa company listed as one of the top 250 – a hyper-growth company – in the Inc. 5000 Series: California’s Top Companies. The list, published on February 19th, ranks the fastest-growing private companies in the state and represents cities from San Diego to Sacramento. The industries are diverse and range from healthcare to construction, but Inc. reports their combined total revenues grew a collective $5.5 billion between 2016 and 2018, adding 26,000 jobs to California payrolls in the process.

When told of the recognition, Susan DeMatei, WineGlass Marketing’s President and Founder said: “We are extremely proud of our growth because it is a direct correlation to the commitment of our clients and employees.” She continued, “Growth can only be achieved if the foundation is solid so you can build upon it. We’ve been blessed with dynamic and intelligent clients that have trusted us for years and a talented and high-performing team who display a continual drive to provide excellent support to those clients.”

WGM was the only firm mentioned associated with the wine industry. The marketing agency started in 2012 with one employee and three clients, but now employs 18 people and supports half a dozen subcontractors to service 50-60 clients a month. WGM is focused on wineries and wine-industry clients almost entirely in the North Bay, so the inclusion of a wine industry company in the Inc. 5000 Series California list is a refreshing contrast to the recent waterfall of news stories about tourist traffic falling off and a wine surplus driving down prices.

There were five North Bay companies on the top 250 list: Two in Marin, two in Sonoma and WineGlass Marketing in Napa. WGM faced tough competition for this achievement as the advertising and marketing category was not only the biggest revenue-generating industry tracked in Inc.’s report, with a net growth of $1.1B, but also had the most on the list with 39 companies. The next most crowded industry was software with 33 and then healthcare companies with 22. Most companies on the list were located within Los Angeles (116) with the next populous area listing 60 companies in San Francisco. More information about the Inc. 5000 Series: California’s Top Companies can be found at

Based in Napa, WineGlass Marketing is the largest full-service direct marketing agency for the wine, beer, and spirits industry and can be located at 531 Jefferson Street, Napa, CA 94559 or call (707) 927-3334 online at

Why Social Media Marketing?
12 February, 2020

2019 Email Benchmarks Now Available
10 January, 2020

In January 2018, we started a project that entailed recording every email we sent for our clients: 3,089,124 emails across 1,697 campaigns for 43 clients over 21 months, to be exact. We removed administrative and club emails and checked for statistical significance and can confirm this is a large enough sample to be confident about the findings. Our goal was to compare our clients’ results to the posted industry benchmarks to see if they were a good judge of success.


What we uncovered was interesting...


How Can We Help you?


Whether you are releasing your 1st or 50th vintage, you want your customers to appreciate your wines as much as you do. Smart, authentic, direct marketing can build a strong, and profitable, relationship with your consumers.


Are we a good fit?

One-to-one Direct Sales can take many forms so there is no cookie-cutter approach. You may know exactly what you want or not have a clue. You may be a huge international company with someone out on maternity leave, a mid-size winery looking to outsource, or a small winery that needs someone to man the phones during harvest. Whatever the case, we offer project-based work or long-term support in anything DTC-related.


How much does it cost?

We work by the hour so you pay for what you get. There are no up-front fees, no minimums and no retainers. Our contract is a simple one and can be canceled at any time. But, when we're on call for you - we pick up the phone and act as a full-service remote member of your marketing team.


Want to know more?

Contact us at

" \"Working with WineGlass Marketing was so easy. They helped me organize content and designed our custom website and store. WGM was able to make additional tweaks to make the website extra customized for us, but best of all they have set us up to be successful when making edits on our own so it’s easy for us to keep up with posting new events, accolades and changing out products. Whenever we need some heavy lifting WGM makes it easy to execute bigger changes that we aren’t equipped to do in house. Hands down the easiest and most affordable web design I’ve ever worked on!\" "
- Mari Jones, Emeritus Vineyards
" \"The WineGlass Marketing team is comprised of true professionals who are experts in their fields. Our email template design project was seamless from strategic planning through development to support and training for our winery staff. The result has truly enhanced our brand identity and outreach to our customers.\" "
- Lesley Keffer Russell, Saint Helena Winery
" \"Every day, WineGlass Marketing achieves that tricky balance of providing expert consultation while listening to our unique needs. I appreciate that they will graciously take direction about our strategy or brand identity, but I can count on them to push back when they have a better idea.\" "
- Kim Johnson, Okapi Wines
Title Name Email Phone
President Susan DeMatei 707-927-3334 Ext (205)
WGits for QuickBooks is a software that data directly from your eCommerce and POS into QB.
WGits for QuickBooks is set up once, and then every night, week, or month (your choice) it automatically uploads all new orders. WGits for QuickBooks comes with phone, email, and chat support by WineGlass Marketing.
WGits Mailchimp links Commerce7 to Mailchimp
Other integration tools offer a solution that only saves you a few seconds to download and upload. WGits for Mailchimp goes far beyond a simple data sync to allow full integration between your Commerce7 account and Mailchimp.