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Our Heritage

With expertise passed from father to son, Tonnellerie de Mercurey combines over 25 years experience in the art of making barrels at a unique and innovative cooperage.


We have two passions:

1. Selecting the finest oak trees from the best forests in France.

2. Creating superior barrels using traditional cooperage methods combined with our signature blending techniques.


From forest to the glass, the Tonnellerie de Mercurey is the culmination of a long family tradition; and the personal passion of its owners, Carole and Nicolas TARTERET.

Tonnellerie de Mercurey; Precision in Blending Oak

The Tonnellerie de Mercurey is renowned for its precision in blending oak, using wood from three diï¬erent forests in every barrel. Our oak blending philosophy enables us to deliver barrels of the consistency and homogeneity our customers seek, year in, year out. The key to this consistency is our integrated stave-mill, NT Bois, which supplies all of our wood. From this relationship, we gain the unparalleled access, experience and knowledge of Nicolas Tarteret and his team of specialists.


Tonnellerie de Mercurey
Tonnellerie de Mercurey
Our state-of-the-art production facility, built to the specifications of winemaking premises was completed in 2009. Since that time we have continued to invest in technology and product stewardship to ensure our customers receive barrels of the finest quality. Working with respected industry laboratories, we regularly test our wood, air and water supplies to avoid any possible chemical contamination. Tonnellerie de Mercurey’s integrated NT Bois stave mill means that we can guarantee: • PEFC certified wood of French origin • Total traceability “from forest to barrel” ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications guarantee the control, homogeneity, traceability and reproducibility of our manufacturing process and our quality of service.
The Oak Tree, Our Reason for Being
The Oak Tree, Our Reason for Being
Throughout the year, our timber specialists travel the length and breadth of France, using their unparalleled knowledge of terroir and forestry management to select only the finest oak trees from the best forests. Sourcing and blending oak from a select, but varied range of terroirs and forest types are the keys to the consistent quality of our barrels. From the forest to the stave mill and throughout the barrel-making process, the wood remains segregated in batches, guaranteeing the authenticity and traceability of our production.
The Oak Sapling
The Oak Sapling
Each step is important
Tasting Notes
Tasting Notes
For bringing out the very best in your wines: Our Tradition range is crafted using a traditional oak assembly process. These barrels impart a woody elegance combined with fine toasting aromas that give a more complex note to the nose and creates STRUCTURE – VOLUME – ROUNDNESS and BALANCE on the palate. Our Evolution range displays the characteristics of the specific selections of oak from “terroirs” chosen by our specialists, combined with modern toasting processes, to generate the FRESHNESS – SMOOTHNESS – PRECISION and LENGTH on the palate. Our oenologists will work with you to understand your terroir and your vines to create the perfect alchemy between our barrels, your wines and your vision.
Tonnellerie de Mercurey - De l\'arbre à la cave.
Tonnellerie de Mercurey - De l\'arbre à la cave.
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News Archive

Try our Chauffe Light Toast Series
23 September, 2019

CLL: CHAUFFE LIGHT & LONG  is delicately toasted over oak embers. The low temperature of the firing is off set by the length of toasting, which gives a honey colored profile with a depth of 3-5 mm. This very light toast has a minimal aromatic impact on the wine but adds a freshness and suppleness, which imparts to the wine brilliance and luminosity.

CL: CHAUFFE LIGHT This toast was born from a long aging experiment, conducted with historical Burgundy estates. The toasting process is identical to the CLL, but around half the time. This keeps the oak very fresh. This toasting must be used only for very high-quality grapes and is suitable for long aging processes, 18 months or more, to integrate the fresh oak. 

CLL +: CHAUFFE LIGHT LONG PLUS A light and long toast derived from our classic CLL toast; developed to get the very best out of the “Pierre” wood. In the CLL+ toast, we replace the last few minutes of low-temperature toasting with a rapid “coup de flame”. This allows us to take advantage of the natural richness of the Pierre wood while preserving its structure.

Wide Barrel Inventory Available Today
04 September, 2019

Tonnellerie de Mercurey produces Bordeaux, Burgundy and larger format barrels. We feature an integrated stave mill, NT Bois. We offer 4-grain selections and 4 terroir driven oak selections in 7 highly defined, proven toast profiles. We have a wide range of available barrels that can be delivered when you need them. 

A Complete Range
16 July, 2019

Tonnellerie de Mercurey offers you:

  • A full range of barrels from 114 to 700 liters 
  • A variety of finishes that match the look you want in your cellars 

Our Toasts
01 July, 2019

CL  Chauffe Light: 
     ♦ Freshness, purity, verve, tension;  CL showcases the top-tier Haute Futaie & Prestige wood selections.

CLL  Chauffe Light & Long:    

     ♦ CLL amplifies wine flavors and aromas;  volume and luminosity;  a touch of complexity with a high-degree of transparency.

CLL+ Chauffe Light & Long Plus:
     ♦ CLL+ toasting coupled with Pierre (Rocky) Terroir oak generates density and complexity while retaining freshness.

LF  Chauffe Light & Fruit-Forward:  
     ♦ Craie (Chalk) Terroir oak;  faster integration;  appealing fruit characters;  freshness;  finesse.
M  Maison  (also M+):
     ♦ Our house toast;  M broadens the mid-palate and builds fruit volume;  subtle notes of chocolate and coffee.

ST  Special Toast:
     ♦ Deep, elegant toast;  shape, forward focus, persistence;  spice and sucrosity;  continued impact over multiple fills.

GC  Grand Cru:
     ♦ Richness, volume, topography;  savory aromas and palate characters;  freshness on the finish.

Need a barrel this week? We have you covered!
17 June, 2019

We have produced a larger collection of our most popular barrels available locally from our humidity controlled warehouse. We have Burgundy, Bordeaux and 500 liter barrels available in a wide range of oak selections and toast combinations. Let Tonnellerie de Mercurey do what we do best; be the tool to let your wine be the focus.  We wish you a bountiful growing and harvest season. Contact Micheal, Ashley and Cory. We can help load your shopping cart without the stress of delivery timing. 

Not all M Toasts are Medium
14 May, 2019

 We have continued our focused development on the M Prime range of toasts for Cabernet and now have included an M Prime + version for enhanced palate and aromatic attributes.  M: MAISON Our house toast. A medium flame and light water treatment gives a toast penetration of 3-5 mm and a toasted bread color to the wood. This helps to produce wines of character, body and a supple round, fleshy mouthfeel. Aromas of chocolate, coffee and vanilla are common. (Also available in M- and M+, with the difference being time on the flame)  Pinot Noir and Syrah can now share in the Mercurey Prime toast range with the new Grand Cru Prime*.  

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The Difference Made by Precision
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TM Barrels
A complete range  The Tonnellerie de Mercurey offers you: A full range of barrels from 114 to 700 liters  A variety of finishes that match the look you want in your cellars
Traditional Techniques with State-Of-The-Art Tools
Designing your wine barrels Every barrel at the Tonnellerie de Mercurey is carefully crafted using: A controlled, homogeneous drying process Our signature assembly process blending a selection of oak Unique toasting formulas that can be ...