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Diana Pardini

Wine Lover’s Chocolate® was created by The San Francisco Chocolate Factory to provide connoisseurs of fine wine with the perfect complement to their favorite indulgence. 


As the first ever chocolate brand to pair with specific wine varietals, Wine Lover’s Chocolate® started a new trend in wine accessories. Our chocolate is made from the highest quality cocoa beans gathered and imported from three different continents and selected for consistently superior flavor. Our exclusive tins are filled with chocolate drops that are the perfect size to melt on your tongue as you enjoy your favorite wine. Our chocolate gift tins are proven to increase revenue in tasting rooms and are an essential element for Wine Clubs; when members receive a tin of chocolate with their wine club shipments as a thank you gift, they are more likely to retain their membership through the years. 


We also offer a custom label program for special occasions and events, varietal releases or to fit your brand.   


Fine wine and fine chocolate – a perfect partnership. 

Our Wine Lover's Chocolate Collection is packaged in gorgeous gift tins that are available in 3-ounce and 1-ounce sizes.  We offer several different percentages of chocolate, all of which have been curated by our own in-house sommelier to provide the perfect pairings with select wine varietals. 

In addition to our signature line, we also offer a comprehensive custom label program and can create a branded item exclusive to your winery.  We take any image or logo you'd like and put that on a tin, you choose your chocolate and we do the rest! 

We make it easy to get started with us.  Please contact us for more information!  

News Archive

FIND US AT ZAP! February 1, 2020 San Francisco, CA
22 January, 2020

We are proud to be one of the sponsors for the 2020 Zinfandel Advocates and Producers ZinEX 2020 Experience!

Come and see us on Saturday, February 1, 2020 at Pier 27 in San Francisco, CA.

The Grand Tasting is open to the public at 1pm.  All day passes are available for VIP access beginning at 11:00am.

For more information on the Festival, please go here: 

For more information on our amazing Wine Lover's Collection, please go here:

For amazing deals on wine and chocolate, please come to ZAP on Saturday, February 1!

We'll Bring the Chocolate!  

Your Wine. Our Chocolate. A Recipe for Success!
11 December, 2019

We had a fabulous day at the 2019 W.I.N. Expo!   It was a great day spent chatting with so many of you and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce you to our amazing chocolate, our products, and our Custom Tin program.  

Our partnership with W.I.N. is part of our overall goal to become the PREMIER CHOCOLATE PROVIDER to our friends in the wine industry and beyond.  With our custom tin program, the only limit is YOUR imagination.  We have a way to help you sell more in your tasting room as well retaining your wine club members longer; and we provide a unique and affordable branding opportunity for your trade show and event giveaways.  

We would like to extend our #EXPODEAL to our W.I.N. partners and show attendees through the end of January, 2020.  

 20% off all wholesale orders of $300.00 or more, including our custom tin program.  Mention code WINPARTNER20%  or the WIN Expo 2019 when ordering.  

Place your order now, and you can take it when you NEED and AS you need it.  Just ask us how easy it is!  

We are starting 2020 off with a bang!  We are the PROUD SPONSORS OF:   

2020   Zinfandel Advocates and Producers       Zinfandel Experience                           January 30, 2020 - February 1, 2020 

2020   Lodi Winegrape Commission                  Lodi Wine & Chocolate Weekend        February 7 - 9, 2020 

You'll also find us here: 

2020   San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition at Fort Mason in San Francisco      February 15, 2020 

If you are interested in any cross-marketing opportunities for any of these upcoming events, just let us know!  We'll bring the chocolate!  

SPECIAL OFFER FOR W.I.N. EXPO ATTENDEES! Come and See Us at Booth #804
26 November, 2019


The San Francisco Chocolate Factory can help you increase your tasting room revenue and help retain your wine club members!  Find out HOW we do this by visiting us at Booth #804 at the 2019 W.I.N. Expo!   If you aren't familiar with us yet or haven't had a chance to reach out and ask for more information, now is the perfect time.

Please come by Booth #804 to see our amazing signature line, Wine Lover's Chocolate Collection, as well as examples of some of the many custom products we've made in collaboration with our winery partners over the past 20 years.  

WE'LL BRING THE CHOCOLATE!   That's right.  We'll have lots of chocolate for sampling, and we will be conveniently located next to the wine tasting station.  It doesn't get much better than that.  You can sip some delicious wine, sample some fine chocolate, and find out first hand why so many wineries have trusted us with their tasting room offerings and wine club gifts.  


We are happy to offer 20% off all wholesale orders of $300.00 or more placed at the show or before December 31, 2019.  This INCLUDES our custom tin program!  

Please use code:   WINEXPO20%  to take advantage of this amazing deal, good until the end of 2019.  

For our Signature Line, Wine Lover's Chocolate Collection, you can absolutely mix your cases!  

Minimum order for Custom Tin Program must be met to apply discount code; please ask for more information!  

We can ship your NEW product to you in the New Year!  

For Our Partners Affected By the Kincade Fire
30 October, 2019

All of us at The San Francisco Chocolate Factory would like to extend our deepest sympathies to everyone affected by the Kincade Fire.  

It is heartbreaking to see this region hit so hard once again.  We know because of the resiliency and strength of the people and communities, Northern California will rise and rebuild.  

Although chocolate may be the furthest thing from your minds, we would like to offer whatever support we can to our Winery Partners as you look to reboot and rebuild.  

Please contact Diana Pardini directly at 415-677-9194 x 242 or for more information on special offers for those affected by the Kincade Fire.   


15 October, 2019



Now Through November 8, 2019 Exclusively For Our WIN Partners 

Wine Lover's Collection AND Custom Tins

15% Off All Wholesale Orders of $300.00 or more 

(please reference WINHOLIDAY15% when ordering with us!)




Wine and Chocolate.  Chocolate and the Holidays.  The Perfect Pairings Continue!  


At The San Francisco Chocolate Factory, we pride ourselves on providing the most nuanced Wine and Chocolate pairings on the market today. With the creation of our Wine Lover's Collection almost 20 years ago, we did it first, and we continue to do it best.  Seriously.  We offer 7 different percentages of dark chocolate and 2 percentages of milk chocolate.  We also have a delicious white chocolate in addition to featuring gourmet confections such as Sea Salt Caramels and Chipotle Almonds.  While we suggest wine pairings for all of our chocolate, part of the fun is deciding which chocolate pairs best with YOUR wines.


Wine Lover's Collection 

Wine Lover's Mini Tin Collection



Can't find what you want in our signature collection? Do you think your Cabernet pairs better with our 72% dark chocolate instead of the suggested 55% dark chocolate?  Our Custom Tin Program is for you.  Provide us with your artwork and choose your chocolate; and we do the rest.  The result is a uniquely branded item, EXCLUSIVE to your winery; something truly special (and delicious!) for your guests to take home with them.  




If you are a current client, now is the perfect time to stock up.  If you haven't given us a try yet, now is the time!  We make it super easy to work with us...and did I mention we always provide free bulk chocolate for sampling purposes for our Winery Partners?  


Please contact Diana ( / 415-677-9194 x 242) for information on our products or to place your order!  




03 September, 2019

You want to sell more wine this season. 

We want you to sell more wine this season.  We can HELP you do just that!   Just add CHOCOLATE. 

With Holidays fast approaching, you want to add a little something extra to your tasting room shelves for your guests.  You know they love your wine; why not offer them something truly special to complement the wine they know and love?

Our Wine Lover’s Collection is the perfect addition to your shelves this season.  We were the pioneers of the wine and chocolate trend and are proud to offer the most nuanced wine and chocolate pairing program on the market today.  We partner with a sommelier to ensure we provide the best tasting suggestions to please the most discerning palette; guaranteeing a delicious experience. 

Perfect for tasting rooms or as thoughtful gifts for your loyal Wine Club members, our Wine Lover’s Collection offers the perfect companion to your wines and a lovely gift for your guests to take home and share. 

In addition to our signature line, we also offer a comprehensive Custom Label Program that allows us to create a unique branded item exclusive for your winery.

If you haven’t already, now is a perfect time to give us a try.  We are running some amazing deals on select Wine Lover’s products, just in time to stock up.  

We make it easy to work with us! 

Please contact us today for more information on our products and programs. 

Got Wine? Get Chocolate!
21 August, 2019

You’ve got the wine covered.  Let us handle the chocolate! 


Wine Lover’s Chocolate was created to complement your wine and enhance sales in your tasting room.  Carefully curated by our sommelier to ensure we provide your guests with the perfect pairings; our nuanced collection offers something to please the most discerning oenophile. 


We have chocolate for every palette; our Wine Lover’s Collection features 2 percentages of milk chocolate, 8 percentages of dark chocolate and we also have a delicious white chocolate option.


Our creamy milk chocolate is a perfect complement to a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  Deliciously decadent, our 72% dark chocolate makes your Zinfandel even more perfect, if that’s possible.  Our buttery smooth white chocolate is lovely to pair with your Sparkling Wine varietals.  Packaged in our gorgeous 3-ounce or 1-ounce gift tins, when you present our Wine Lover’s Collection to your guests, they will notice, and they will buy. 


In addition to our signature collection, we also offer a comprehensive CUSTOM LABEL PROGRAM, which is proven to help enhance your winery brand.  You provide us with your artwork, pick your tin and your chocolate; and we do the rest.  The result?  A unique branded item exclusive to your winery; an amazing add on to your tasting room or a thoughtful way to thank your wine club members. 


If you haven’t reached out for more information, now is the time to do it!  We are running some incredible deals on our Wine Lover’s Collection just in time for you to stock your shelves.   


4th Quarter and the Holidays are around the corner.  Let us help you make it truly special for your guests. 


We make ordering with us easy!  Please call or email for more information.   

Do You Want to Increase Wine Sales and Brand Awareness? We Have an Enticing Way to Help You Do That.
07 August, 2019

Your wine is amazing, unique and delicious. Your guests are discerning and deserve something truly special to complement your exceptional wines.


We have a tasty way to increase your wine sales and help retain your wine club members!


Our Wine Lover’s Chocolate has been carefully crafted to be the perfect complement for your wines. Our collection features a nuanced offering of different chocolate percentages, each expertly paired with suggested wine varietals. Our gourmet chocolate is offered in 1-ounce or 3-ounce distinctive gift tins; the chocolate is produced in bite sized pieces; perfectly crafted for wine tasting and sharing.


In addition to our signature line, we also offer a Custom Label Program that has been proven to increase YOUR brand awareness. The sky is the limit with this option. You send us your logo or image, pick what chocolate you’d like to pair with your wine, and we do the rest.


We offer low order minimums and can work with your calendar of Wine Club shipments, special events or releases. We always offer a generous bulk chocolate allotment for our winery partners. Tasting equals sales; and once your visitors have tasted our chocolate with your wine, they WILL buy both.


We are currently running some amazing deals on select products in our Wine Lover’s Collection; this is a perfect time to give us a try.


For more information on our products and programs and how we can help you increase your winery’s revenue, please contact us to be put in touch with our dedicated Wine Sales Manager.  



Increase Your Tasting Room Revenue and Retain Your Wine Club Memberships!
24 July, 2019

Do you want to increase sales in your tasting room? Add something unique to your wine club shipments that will keep your clients coming back year after year?  


We can help you with that. 


Wine Lover’s Chocolate was created with wineries and tasting rooms in mind.  We have worked extensively with our private sommelier to provide the perfect suggested wine and chocolate pairings.  Our gourmet chocolate comes packaged in sleek 3-ounce tins that make an unforgettable gift.


This Spring, we launched our newest addition to the collection: Wine Lover’s Minis. These small round tins hold 1-ounce of our gourmet chocolate, focusing on our most popular pairings in our signature collection. These are attractively priced to be impulse buys in your tasting room or affordable thank you gifts for your wine club members. In addition to our branded product, Wine Lover’s Chocolate Collection, we also offer an amazing custom tin program, creating an exclusive branded product just for your winery. 


Find out more about our Wine Lover’s Chocolate Collection by calling or emailing us now for more information! 


If you are interested in our pricing information, please email

" I have really enjoyed working with Diana and the SF Chocolate Factory, they have made ordering a breeze and the quality of the product is great. They made it really easy for me when I was looking for a chocolate partner and I look forward working with them in the future. "
- Clos Pegase Winery, Jona Mendoza-Fabiani, WSET II
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Wine Sales Manager Diana Pardini 415-677-9194 Ext (242)
Wine Lover's Chocolate - Signature and Custom Collections
Our exclusive Wine Lover's Collection is the featured product of the San Francisco Chocolate Factory. Packaged in 1-ounce round or 3-ounce rectangular gift tins, our chocolate has been curated by our own in-house sommelier to ...