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Santa Rosa Stainless Steel  was organized in 1968 by Fred Ferronato and Charlie Lavelle. Now in it's 51st year Santa Rosa Stainless Steel has established itself as the leading producer of stainless steel tanks for the wine industry. Producing anywhere from 300 - 500 plus tanks a year.


Product Information

Wine producers worldwide have come to know and trust our 50+ year history of guaranteed on-time delivery of quality stainless steel wine tanks. We strive to offer our customer's complete customization and expert craftsmanship. We offer more custom stainless steel tanks than any of our competitors. 

We fabricate tanks for Wine, Beer, Spirits, Water, Beverage, Food processing, Cannabis and Pharmaceutical industries. 


Please refer to the tank chart (opens a new window) for full details on tank sizes.

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6 ton Conical Insulated Tank
1200 Gal. Portable Rectangle Tank
1200 Gal. Portable Rectangle Tank
Forkliftable and Pallet jack friendly with 3 sided jacket
76k gal. tanks
76k gal. tanks
Onsite field fabricated 76k gallon fermentation tanks
150 BBL Uni tank
150 BBL Uni tank
Beer Uni tank with SRSS shadowless manway, 2" of insulation and S/S cladding
Stainless Steel Tank Build
Stainless Steel Tank Build
Time Lapse of 2 tanks being built

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Santa Rosa Stainless Steel Will Help You Build the Perfect Tank for Your Needs
27 November, 2019

Come visit Santa Rosa Stainless Steel at the WIN Expo, Booth 829 on December 5th. Our dedicated staff will be there ready to discuss future projects, custom tanks, give budgetary numbers and help you build the perfect vessel for your needs. Be sure to ask about our new Barrel program. For more information please visit our website at Online quote requests are available and make sure to view our gallery to see our work. Use our code SAN829 for free entry!

Santa Rosa Stainless Steel
WIN Expo Booth: 829

Locally and Family owned and operated, Santa Rosa Stainless Steel has been the industry leader for the manufacturing of tanks for dejuicing, fermenting, and storage for 51 years. 


21 October, 2019


S.R.S.S. is the top conical wine tank manufacturer in the U.S.A. In 2019 alone we manufactured 40 conical wine tanks. Often refereed to as truncated wine tanks, we took the design from the oak tanks used in France and other wine regions in Europe.

- Primarily used for red wine fermentation, winemakers that want to add a premier wine making style to their programs will want to use this style of tank. 

- Due to it's truncated shape during fermentation the cap is forced to stay semi submerged and will break apart easily during rack and returns , punch downs and pump-overs. 

- The tanks can can be set up for automatic pump-over solutions with our proprietary seed screens eliminating sump carts. 

- Heating and cooling is achieved easily with multiple zones available. Two zones for heating/cooling on the sidewall and One zone on the floor, this set up gives winemakers the ability to manipulate fermentation to their desired style. 

- With our insulated version of the conical tanks, temperature control is even more efficient assisting winemakers to create a consistency in their wines. Dramatically reducing energy costs of refrigeration and creating an exterior that is clean and very appealing often becoming the showpiece of fermentation cellars.