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About Us

Naviz Analytics Inc is a subsidiary of C2S Technologies. Naviz Analytics nVino is a Smart Viticulture solution using Data Analytics, AI, and IoT edge devices. Vineyard Managers, Growers and Winemakers can use the nVino platform to simplify their vineyard management with real time data visualizations from the cloud.

Our mission is bring down the cost of advanced IoT and Analytics solutions by manufacturing, selling and supporting complete solutions based on industry requirements. 




Our flagship product is nVino, an IoT platform, developed to serve Growers, Owners & Vineyard Managers. Our platform enables farmers to make precise decisions, which include smart irrigation, yield predictions, disease predictions, and Calculate Growing Degrees to find the most optimal time to harvest.


nVino includes edge devices (nodes) with sensors (Soil Moisture, soil pH, Temperature, Humidity, Leaf Wetness, Ambient Light, Rain Gauge Sensor, etc.). These edge devices are connected with a built-in mesh network using either XBee or LoRa modules, which connect to the Cloud via our Gateway hardware. nVino pushes the data from nodes to leading IoT cloud service providers, either Microsoft Azure IoT HUB or Amazon AWS IoT. The nVino platform creates best in class Analytics using our predefined Data Integration and Data Visualization frameworks, applying Machine Learning for disease & yield predictions.

nVino Edge Device
nVino Edge Device
Our nVino devices integrate with up to five sensors to collect important environmental data and plant stress conditions
The Connected Vineyard
The Connected Vineyard
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News Archive

nVino Dashboards: Manage Your Vineyard Data with One Simple Platform
03 September, 2019

Naviz Analytics new nVino Dashboards is now available to growers, viticulturists, vineyard managers and owners that want one simple software platform to manage all their farm data. nVino Dashboards is not a vineyard operations tool- it simply gathers all your vineyard weather, sensor and irrigation data from your various vendors and brings it all together in one Dashboard. We believe that the second most valuable crop is your data- so, harvest your data with nVino to understand how to improve the quality of your crop. When all the data is in one place, you can create alerts and notifications based on ALL the data so that you don’t have to constantly monitor multiple systems- nVino can alert you when you need to pay closer attention.

nVino Dashboards is available on a 30 day free trial. It only takes about 24 hours for us to build your custom dashboard, using your own data and systems that you already own. Or, if you don’t have any sensors we can still combine multiple weather data to show you how it looks when you don’t have to manage the data- because it comes to you already in a single Dashboard.”

nVino - All Vineyard Sensors & Analytics Included With Subscription Pricing of $65 Per Month
04 March, 2019

The nVino complete end-to-end solution includes the devices, mesh network and sensors needed to start managing your grape quality by tracking real time data with our built in AI platform to understand when to irrigate, fertilize and harvest. Our innovating pricing allows you to get five devices, a network hub and soil moisture sensors installed with no up front costs. Call Christopher Dunagan at 360-434-5974 to learn more about how you can start getting ROI right from day one.

New nVino Sensor Integrations
08 January, 2019

Naviz Analytics continues to expand their full spectrum of vineyard plant & environmental conditions with new sensors that can measure Soil pH, Soil Tension, Ambient Light/Growing Degree Days. Combined with the current Soil Moisture sensors and ET measurements, nVino provides real time data to the Grower to help understand when to irrigate, when to fertilize and now, how to optimize yield using our proprietary AI solution.

With NO UPFRONT DEVICE COST, pricing starts at $65 per month, per device, with additional monthly charges per sensor. Minimum of 10 devices, which includes the nVino Hub at no charge. Contact us for more information on Pricing 

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