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Filtration for a Better Future...

Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS) is a global leader in membrane filtration technologies with over 35 years of experience improving the product quality and operating efficiency of wineries around the world.  Our new, expandable crossflow microfiltration Wine-COR systems use state of the art hollow fiber membrane cartridges, designed specifically for wine processing, to minimize filtration losses while maintaining color, taste, aroma and alcohol content.  The polymeric tubular design of our Lees-COR systems increase wine yields up to 5% by recovering additional wine from the lees with equal quality to the original batch without the need for diatomaceous earth.  In addition to improving product quality and revenue, we help wineries reduce their carbon footprint and improve their sustainability with a full range of filtration products to purify incoming water and treat wastewater ponds or streams.  We provide Filtration for a Better Future…


Fully Automated Crossflow Filtration:  

Wine-COR M:     50 to 200 m2 

Wine-COR P:      200 to 800 m2

Juice and Fermentation Lees Filtration:

Lees-COR 9:        up to 17 m2

Lees-COR 30:      up to 57 m2

Lees-COR 50:      up to 95 m2

Water Treatment Solutions: 

Complete packaged treatment systems utilizing KMS PURON MP Hollow Fiber UF cartridges for the removal of turbidity from incoming water.  

MP6:                     up to 0.2 Million Gallons Per Day

MP10:                   up to 0.33 Million Gallons Per Day

FLUID SYSTEMS Selective Rejection Nanofiltration Spiral Elements (TFC-SR)

FLUID SYSTEMS High Area Brackish Water RO Elements (TFC-HR)

Winery Wastewater Treatment:

Complete packaged treatment systems utilizing KMS PULSION Membrane Bioreactor Technology for the treatment of winery wastewater up to 250kgpd.  Custom engineered solutions are available for wastewater flows exceeding 250kgpd.

Membrane Cleaners:

KMS offers a full line of cleaning products to help ensure optimal performance of your crossflow system.


News Archive

Advanced Membrane Filtration for Enhanced Quality and Reduced Costs
14 June, 2019

Attention Winemakers! Catch us at the 70th ASEV National Conference in Napa next week to see how you can enhance product quality and reduce costs of your operation with KMS' wine filtration solutions. 

Learn more here:

Koch’s Advanced Membrane Filtration System Maximizes Revenue & Productivity for Wineries Worldwide
14 May, 2019

Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS), a global leader in membrane separations technologies, announces the launch of the Lees-COR family of tubular crossflow systems for the recovery of high-quality juice and wine from lees.  Lees accounts for up to 15% of a winery’s production capacity, so maximizing product recovery from these streams represents a significant opportunity to improve sustainability and the bottom line.  KMS Lees-COR systems are available for a wide range of production rates up to 400 gallons per hour, offering treatment solutions suitable for all production scales.

Lees-COR crossflow microfiltration systems were designed with performance, operational simplicity, and durability in mind. These systems utilize robust 1-inch tubular membranes, and besides circulation pumping, contain no moving or fragile parts. The 1-inch diameter tubes are capable of concentrating lees up to 85% solids without fear of plugging or catastrophic failure from over-concentration. While traditional ceramic membranes and disks can be susceptible to thermal shock, plugging and breakage, KMS tubular membranes can also tolerate fluctuations in temperature offering reduced CIP time, extended runtimes and increased productivity.

Because Lees-COR systems utilize a crossflow membrane, they produce excellent quality wine and juice with brilliant clarity . A membrane-based treatment solution such as Lees-COR allows for elimination of diatomaceous earth rotary vacuum drum filters which represent a potential respiratory hazard for workers and degrade recovered juice and wine value due to oxidation. Typical product clarity is less than 1 NTU with exceptional flavor, aroma, color, and mouthfeel. In the case of wine lees, the product can be blended directly with the traditionally crossflow-filtered wine without additional treatment.

“I’m excited about KMS Lees-COR because it filters lees without exposing the wine or juice to oxygen,” Nick Barretto, North American Wine Sales Manager for KMS, points out. “This results in significantly improved quality compared to traditional pad filtration or diatomaceous earth filtration systems.”

KMS prides itself on superior customer service for its entire portfolio of technologies and systems.   To complement the Lees-COR system offerings, KMS offers KMS ASSIST® Service and Maintenance Programs which can be tailored to the specific needs of the winery. 

For more than half a century, KMS has been engineering advanced membrane filtration solutions for a variety of industries and applications across the world. With all membranes manufactured in the United States, KMS provides a best-in-class solution to improve operating efficiencies, lower costs, and increase quality and quantity of product.

To learn more and request a quote, visit:


Koch Membrane Systems Launches TIDAL™ Forward Osmosis Solution, Enables Product Concentration Without Heat
04 April, 2019

Wilmington, MA – April 4, 2019 — Recognizing a need for a natural, heatless concentration process that preserves product quality, Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) announces the launch of TIDAL Forward Osmosis Solution, an FO-based technology tailored to the Food, Beverage and Life Sciences markets.

Heat exposure during thermal evaporation can compromise the essential properties of high value products. TIDAL Forward Osmosis technology utilizes osmosis — a natural process that allows concentration of food, dairy and beverage products without exposure to heat, thereby preserving their intrinsic properties.

The automatically controlled TIDAL FO systems process food and beverage streams from 3-50 gpm (1-10 m3/hr). These units are easily scalable to larger flow rates. Additionally, KMS offers potential users lab and pilot scale units for feasibility tests and demonstrations.

“Our customers in the Food, Dairy and Beverage markets face increasing challenges to improve the nutritional and organoleptic properties of their products,” said Manny Singh, KMS president. “KMS is devoted to becoming their technology supplier of choice by developing and introducing membrane-based solutions, which help them achieve this objective.”

For the food and beverage industries, the TIDAL solution features FO spiral membranes through an exclusive agreement with Fluid Technology Solutions (FTS).

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with FTS, as we share a common vision of bringing next-generation, cutting edge separation technologies to the market,” said Singh. “We’re excited to bring this technology to the food, beverage and life sciences markets, and we plan to expand this offering to other industrial markets in the future.”

To learn more about TIDAL Forward Osmosis solution or to request information, visit the TIDAL Forward Osmosis webpage.

About Koch Membrane Systems

Filtration for a Better Future…


For more than five decades, Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS) has led the way in developing innovative membrane technologies that serve a diverse range of industries and applications around the globe. KMS provides comprehensive membrane filtration solutions to many markets, including municipal, food and beverage, life sciences and industrial processes. KMS is focused on helping thousands of its customers to recover high value products, reduce their water footprint, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Introducing New Koch Wine-COR Crossflow Microfiltration Systems
07 January, 2019

Koch Membrane Systems (KMS), a global leader in membrane separations technologies, announces the launch of two modular crossflow microfiltration systems for the clarification of wine. The KMS Wine-COR M and Wine-COR P crossflow microfiltration systems offer an expandable modular solution for all production scales, from several thousand to millions of cases per year. Both systems utilize KMS proprietary WINEFILTER membranes, which are designed to achieve optimal wine clarity while maintaining color, taste and aroma. All WINEFILTER membranes and Wine-COR systems are manufactured in the USA by KMS.

The Wine-COR M crossflow microfiltration system was designed with mobility and easy capacity expansion in mind, perfectly suited for the small to medium-sized winery. This system is fully automated with Allen Bradley PLC/HMI and is constructed from components readily available in the United States for easy service and maintenance.

“The Wine-COR M system is affordable and easily expandable from 3 to 12 cartridges. This system operates with minimal wine losses and dilution, making it ideal for extra small lots,” explains Nicholas Barretto, North American Wine Sales Manager for KMS. Barretto invites interested winemakers to see the new Wine-COR M-6 system displayed at KMS’s booth at the 2019 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium.

The Wine-COR P crossflow microfiltration system was designed for larger wineries focused on maximizing throughput. These deluxe systems come fully equipped and are available up to 48 cartridges. Similar to the Wine-COR M system, 12-cartridge expansion modules are available to manage expanding production.

“We recently installed a Wine-COR P-36 system at Delicato,” says Barretto. “It handles difficult reds very well, and it has incredibly low wine losses with a 95-99% recovery rate, making it perfect for small to medium lots.”

In addition to these Wine-COR M and P system offerings, KMS offers KMS ASSIST Service and Maintenance Programs. These services can be customized to match your specific service needs.
“Unsurpassed customer support is the cornerstone of our offering,” says Barretto. “Our customer-first focus allows us to create the ideal solution for any winery separation needs.”

KMS is exhibiting at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in booth 1210 at the Sacramento Convention Center on January 30-31, 2019. Barretto invites winemakers to view the new Wine-COR M-6 system at Unified to learn more and talk about setting up a trial with one of their mobile units at your winery.



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