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2330 Broadway Street, Suite 210
CO, 80205
United States
Kristin Steele


With personal ties to the wine and beer industries, we found that while there were some well-adopted industry-specific solutions, there was still an opportunity for something better.  Something more complete.  We assembled a team of seasoned consultants, partnered with industry veterans, and leveraged our knowledge of the world's leading cloud-native platform, Oracle+NetSuite, to bring you Crafted ERP.


We'd like to pause here to reiterate that we don't take ourselves too seriously, though we are very serious about our commitment to the product. At our core, we are focused on making work fun and doing that through building lifelong client relationships (so cliché, we know).


Crafted ERP is a solution we are proud of, created by a team who loves working together. Combining the leading ERP platform, NetSuite, with our passion for helping others, our experience, and industry expertise in craft beverage, Crafted ERP delivers a world-class solution that will redefine how companies like yours operate. Crafted ERP is a reliable and scalable solution to which you can entrust your current and future success.  


Contact us now to learn how we're changing the way crafted beverage does ERP!

Trade Show Booth # Information
8th Annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo
05 Dec, 2019 to 05 Dec, 2019
Santa Rosa, CA
826 Focused on the end-user, Crafted ERP is the first winery management software that people actually want to use- not only because of its intuitive design but also for its ability to adapt to each client’s specific requirements. Built on the world's largest and fastest growing cloud-based ERP platform, NetSuite, Crafted ERP replaces nearly all other business systems and is the only business management platform you will ever need to take your business to the next level.
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Co-Founder Jeremy King 7206690200
Co-Founder Kristin Steele 7206690200
Customer Success Manager Lauren Ebmeyer 7206690200