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About Bucher Vaslin North America

Bucher Vaslin Commitment to Quality

Bucher Vaslin North America offers a complete range of services to fullfilled winemakers need and expectations. We work hand-in-hand with winemakers to develop innovative, fully integrated and attractive solutions for any winery. 

- Bucher Vaslin Grape Reception equipment: From preparation to sorting... destemmers and crushers... hoppers and elevators...we've got you covered.

- Bucher Vaslin and Sutter Presses: Recent developments in pressing under inert gas guarantee 100% of your pressed juices without oxidation.

- Maceration Vinimatic: Automatic and self-emptying tank. Ideal for a well controlled, top-quality vinification.

- Cross-flow Filtration and Reverse-Osmosis

- Lamothe-Abiet Winemaking Products: With 140 years' experience of developing oenology Lamothe-Abiet is inspired by tradition to imagine the future. Since 1878, Lamothe-Abiet has constantly innovated, to offer winemaking solutions best adapted to wine's needs

- Cazaux LOB Pumps

- Costral bottling and labelling lines

- Bucher Unipektin: High quality production equipment for fruit juice producers and non-industrial cider makers. Bucher Vaslin offers a complete line of equipment for processing fruits... before, during and after pressing


Use our technological know-how and trained network of field contacts to quickly implement efficient and economical winery solutionsEvery piece of winery equipment from Bucher Vaslin is designed with your winery size and production in mind. Each piece can standalone or work fluidly together... for a full, turn-key winery solution.


Ask us for a timely quote and setup options. Our sales associates can match you with the best equipment and layout options for your winery's size and output.



Products and Services


- Bucher Vaslin Delta Reception equipment


- Bucher Vaslin and Sutter Presses


- Lamothe-Abiet Winemaking Products


- Cazaux Pumps


- Costral bottling and labelling lines


- Bucher Unipektin

Delta Oscillys
Delta Oscillys
Separate grapes from stems with natural effective inertia
Delta Vistalys - Optical sorting
Delta Vistalys - Optical sorting
Grade grapes for sorting with unprecedented precision. Color camera for up to 10 tons/hour.
Lamothe-Abiet: 140 years of history
Lamothe-Abiet: 140 years of history
Since 1878 Lamothe-Abiet has been inspired by tradition and imagined the future of oenology. High qulaity winemaking products, Lamothe-Abiet is NOW available in North America with Bucher Vaslin North America
Delta Densilys
Delta Densilys
cluster washing and densimetric sorting. removes MOG, insects, dry berries, ...
Lamothe-Abiet Oenobois
Lamothe-Abiet Oenobois
For nearly ten years now, Lamothe-Abiet focused on studying the interactions between wood and wine and developed Œnobois® range, oak for enology.
ALIEN, the Out of This World MOG Sorter
ALIEN, the Out of This World MOG Sorter
ALIEN is a patented robotic system using an optical sorting technology to remove MOG after the harvest. It was developed by the French company CITF, a major player in the optical sorting robot industry.
Protect Your Wines from Microbial Spoilage

Ensuring microbial stability is fundamental for preserving wine quality and avoiding economic losses from spoilage. Lamothe-Abiet developed KILLBRETT, a pure chitosan selective fining agent that reduce the population of spoilage microorganisms such as Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Oenococcus, Pediococcus and Acetobacter and prevent from microbial spoilage.

As preventive, 4 g/hL of KILLBRETT added to your wine will keep it protected for 4 months of microbial development.

If any microbial contamination, increase the dosage and rack off lees to eliminate the cells and keep the wine clean and stable

For more information, contact us and/or watch our technical webinar on microbial control

Let’s work together!

Visit our website, check our technical webinars and feel free to contact us for any questions.

News Archive

Operating During COVID-19 Pandemic
20 March, 2020

Bucher Vaslin North America is closely monitoring the unusual circumstances brought on our business, our employees, our customers and suppliers and the communities we live and work in by the spread of COVID-19.

In accordance with trusted information provided by CDC and local health services and in compliance with orders issued by local authorities, Bucher Vaslin North America has implemented measures aimed at preventing exposure and reducing the risk of spreading the virus including limiting travelling, promoting remote work from home office, taking precautionary measures and encouraging our staff to strictly follow CDC guidelines and local authorities orders for the management of COVID-19.

Our service team remains available to provide repair and maintenance on our customers equipment as needed. Understanding that you may need support to handle your equipment needs, our staff remains available by phone, email and available to set-up visits and tastings. We also can set-up online video meetings and phone calls for product demonstration or other needs you may have related to the machines and winemaking solutions offered by Bucher Vaslin North America. Please, stay safe and healthy and do not hesitate to contact us as follows.

Napa Valley & Western Canada 

Mea Leeman,, +1 707 591 5152

Sonoma, Mendocino & Lake Counties

Susan Johnson,, +1 707 230 1256

Central Coast, Central Valley & Eastern Canada, Costral bottling lines

David Paulson,, +1 805 975 6208

Pacific North West

Steve Eckles,, +1 971 241 4366

Texas and Bucher Unipektin

Mark Chick,, +1 707 489 8892

Lamothe-Abiet Winemaking Products

Eglantine Chauffour,, +1 707 338 1551

Cazaux Pumps and Bucher Vaslin Service Department

Benoit Murat,, +1 707 742 0693

Chicago & Michigan

Seneca Sales - Chris Jennings,

West Canada, BC

Bin97 - Mark Martineau,

EAST Canada

Rempel Electric Ltd - Ken Rempel,

Hunter Mobile Bottling - Glenn Hunt,


Agro-Mation - Hector Maymes,

For more info, please visit our website:

Thank you

Bucher Vaslin North America

Low SO2 Winemaking: Focus on Oxidation Management and Microbial Stability
28 February, 2020

Winemakers Technical Exchange - share experiences, tips, and tools on low SO2 wines, microbial control and oxidation management

About this Event

Increasing public concern with sulfite content in wine as well as wine quality loss by high sulfite additions have created the need for new winemaking tools and practices to reduce sulfite use. SO2 has been one of the most commonly used wine additives since centuries for its antioxidant and antimicrobial activities. Finding alternatives while keeping high quality wines is a challenge for the wine industry.

Join us for a Winemaker Technical Morning, focused on sharing experiences, tips, and winemaking tools on low SO2 winemaking, microbial control and oxidation management.


8.00AM-8.30AM Registration, Coffee, Breakfast

8.30AM-8.40AM Introduction

8.40AM- 9.10AM Oxidation management: Chemistry and Winemaking tools. Speaker: Eglantine Chauffour, Winemaking Solutions and Lamothe-Abiet Product Manager at Bucher Vaslin North America

9.10AM-10.10AM Winemaker Roundtable and Tasting. The use of BUCHER INERTYS PRESS to prevent oxidations. Speakers:

  • Fintan du Fresne, General Manager and Winemaker at Chamisal Vineyards and Malene.
  • Jonathan Tyer, Assistant Winemaker at Inglenook
  • Mathieu Boudoux, Vice President at Bucher Vaslin North America and Customer Service Director at Bucher Vaslin

10.10AM- 10.30AM Coffee break

10.30AM-11.00AM Microbial control and alternatives to SO2. Focus on preventive tools: The use of Bio-protection on grapes and chitosan during ageing. Speaker: Eglantine Chauffour, Winemaking Solutions and Lamothe-Abiet Product Manager Winemaking Solutions at Bucher Vaslin North America

11.00AM-12.00PM Winemaker Roundtable and Tasting. Microbial management in the cellar. Speakers:

  • Jonathan Tyer, Assistant Winemaker at Inglenook
  • Michael Lamb, Cellar master at Joseph Phelps Vineyards

Date: Tuesday May, 5th

Time: 8 AM - 12.00 PM

Venue: Shone Farm, 7450 Steve Olson Ln, Forestville CA 95436


Think Ahead and Get Ready for Next Harvest! 2020 Annual Equipment Maintenance (AEM)
15 January, 2020

Plan the annual maintenance of your Bucher Vaslin equipment.

This is your opportunity to have a qualified, factory-trained technician check the condition and operation of your Bucher, Delta, Sutter, Cazaux and Costral wine equipment. At this time, we can also review equipment operation and maintenance with you and your staff. This offer is on a first come, first serve basis. Please review your options and rates below and complete the AEM form online to schedule your AEM for 2020.

AEM form

Options & Rates

Thank you for your AEM form submission, we value and appreciate your business. Our Customer Service Department will contact you shortly to schedule your service. For more information, contact us at

Bucher Vaslin North America

Alternatives to SO2 - Visit Us at WINEXpo2019 #140
25 November, 2019

Discover our newest innovative winery equipment and LA winemaking products - BOOTH #140 - promo code: BUC19

Learn about our Alternatives to SO2 for microbial control and oxygen management at the WINEXpo conference - promo code: BUCHERVASLIN19

  • Lamothe-Abiet Excellence BioNature, non-Saccharomyces, non-fermentative yeast that inhibits development of spoilgae microbes and replaces SO2 for microbial control on grapes
  • Bucher Inertys: a complete inert press to protect and preserve the grape potential.
  • Lamothe-Abiet Aroma Protect, yeast derivate rich in Glutathione to protect and preserve wine freshness, aromas and mouthfeel during ageing.
  • KillBrett, a pure chitosan fining agent, wide spectrum anti-microbial to prevent and eliminate any spoilage microbes contamination during ageing

Register here for SO2 Alternatives conference

Who we are?

Bucher Vaslin North America offers a complete range of services, equipment and winemaking products to fulfilled winemakers need and expectations. We work hand-in-hand with winemakers to develop innovative, fully integrated and complete winemaking solutions.

  • Bucher Vaslin Grape Reception equipment.
  • Bucher Vaslin and Sutter Presses: Recent developments in pressing under inert gas guarantee 100% of your pressed juices without oxidation.
  • Lamothe-Abiet Winemaking Products: With 140 years' experience of developing oenology Lamothe-Abiet is inspired by tradition to imagine the future. Since 1878, Lamothe-Abiet has constantly innovated, to offer winemaking solutions best adapted to wine's needs
  • Cazaux LOB Pumps
  • Costral bottling and labelling lines
  • Bucher Unipektin

Alert Smoke Impact on Wines - Winemaking Tips
25 October, 2019

Vineyard and grape exposure to smoke may result in wines with undesirable sensory characteristics such as smoky, burnt, bacon, medicinal or ash.

Molecules responsible of smoke character in wine: Numerous volatile phenols are present in bushfire smoke and can be absorbed by grape berries and vine leaves during a smoke event. The primary compounds in smoke responsible for taint are free volatile phenols (guaiacol, 4-methylguaiacol, o-cresol, p-cresol, m-cresol, etc) which are produced and released into the atmosphere when lignin in wood is burnt.

Factors affecting smoke uptake by vines: The risk of smoke exposure causing a perceptible taint in wine is a function of the stage of grapevine growth and development, the grapevine variety, smoke concentration, duration of exposure and the composition of the actual smoke.

Some tips to limit smoke characters in wines

  • Hand harvest, sort out leaf material and remove any ashes present on grapes
  • Select a strong fermenter yeast strain with high production of mannoproteins to balance ‘ashy’ and drying mouthfeel = > Excellence XR
  • Promote production of fruity and fresh aromas through yeast nutrition: 20 g/hL of OptiEsters during the first 1/3 of fermentation
  • Use tannins and mannoproteins during fermentation to stabilize color, build mid-palate and balance mouthfeel

Softan V is a proanthocyanidic tannin bound to plant polysaccharides, to improve color stabilization in wines with low to medium phenolic content. Addition at 150-200 g/ton at the beginning of fermentation will help stabilizing color, filling mid palate without bringing any taste or structure.

Natur’Soft is a pure mannoprotein used to stabilize color and soften mouthfeel in medium to high phenolic content wines. Addition at 20-30 g/hL will balance rough tannins

Click Here to Read More Winemaking Tips

Powdery Mildew - Winemaking Guidelines
27 September, 2019

Due to climate episodes, we are seeing a high pressure of Powdery Mildew on grapes.

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease affecting grapevines and caused by the fungus Erysiphe necator (formerly Uncinula necator). A uncontrolled contamination often results in crop losses and greatly reduce wine quality.


Powdery Mildew and Botrytis infected fruit brings with it a large population of unwanted organisms such as yeast, mold and bacteria. Must preparation and fermentation protocols must be adjusted to exclude as much of spoilage microorganisms as possible and to inactivate or minimize the activity of the oxidative enzymes.

Powdery Mildew Guidelines - Reds

Powdery Mildew Guidelines -Whites


The first step is selective harvesting and sorting of healthy and infected fruit where possible.


Add SO2 to must to inhibit the large non-Saccharomyces population and bacteria. Avoid cold soaks and skin contact in grapes with mold infection as these conditions allow the spoilage microorganisms contained in the damaged grapes to multiply and dominate the fermentation and damage the final wine flavors.

Use Excellence BioNature, non-Saccharomyces, no-fermentative yeast to inhibit the development of spoilage microbes and encourage clean and healthy fermentation.


White grape musts from fruit with some mold infection should be rapidly and strongly clarified to remove spoilage microbes, oxidized compounds, toxins and moldy off-aromas.

Use Oenozym Clar to improve settling and Polymix (casein +PVPP) as fining agent.


Once juice is prepared carefully, rehydrate the yeast carefully with OenoStim to ensure high viability and high resistance.

Check YAN levels as these can be lowered by powdery mildew infection or other microorganisms and adjust with complex nutrients rich in vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids such as OptiFerm.


Use gentle press cycle to reduce phenolic extraction and separate carefully fractions.

Avoid cold soak and extended maceration, press early.

As soon as possible, remove any gross lees, richer in spoilage microbes and off-aromas.

For the full winemaking guidelines, download our protocols or visit

Phenolic Compounds Management Webinar Series
23 August, 2019

Responsible of color, mouthfeel, texture, stability, longevity and aromas, phenolic compounds are essential parameter to manage for wine quality. Phenolic compounds are naturally present in various form depending grape varieties, maturation conditions, winemaking process and wine ageing conditions.

Phenolic Compounds Management in Whites and Roses

This webinar will focus on the pre-fermentation steps of white wines process to limit phenolic compounds extraction, optimizepress fractions and stabilize wine from oxidation.

  • Why reducing phenolic compounds in whites and roses?
  • How to improve juice extraction
  • Press optimization: cycle and separation
  • Winemaking tools available to reduce phenolic compounds in juice
  • 10 mins Q&A

Date: August 28th, 2019

Time: 9.00 AM (PST)

Register for Webinar - Phenolic Compounds Management in Whites and Roses

Phenolic Structure and Color Stability in Red Wines

This webinar will focus on red wine phenolic structure and color stability. We will discuss together about winemaking tools and practices to protect your own phenolic compounds, improve wine structure and color stability.

Phenolic Compounds and Color Stability Chemistry

  • Why using sacrificial tannins?
  • How to optimize phenolic extraction in the winemaking process?
  • Proactive color stabilization
  • Improve wine ageing potential
  • 10 mins Q&A

Date: September 3rd, 2019

Time: 9.00 AM (PST)

Register for Webinar - Phenolic Structure and Color Stability in Red Wines

Phenolic Compounds Management in Whites and Roses

August 28th, 9AM

Register HERE

Phenolic Structure and Color Stability in Red Wines

September 3rd, 9AM

Register HERE

Speaker: Eglantine Chauffour, Product Manager Lamothe-Abiet & Winemaking Solutions, Bucher Vaslin North America

For more information, contact Eglantine Chauffour.

Watch our previous webinars at

Harvest Is Getting Closer.... We Are Here for You with Lamothe-Abiet Winemaking Supplies
06 August, 2019

With 140 years' experience of developing oenology LAMOTHE-ABIET is inspired by tradition to imagine the future. We are now available in North America through the distribution of Bucher Vaslin North America. Our mission is to provide winemakers with reliable, effective and financially viable solutions to expresses the best of their grapes, produce the wines of their dreams while optimizing their process.

Located in Santa Rosa, we are ready for you with a warehouse full of winemaking supplies: Yeast, Nutrients, Enzymes, ML Bacteria, TanninsPolysaccharidesStabilizers, Fining agents and Oak for oenology

Please feel free to contact Eglantine Chauffour or your local Bucher Vaslin North America sales rep for more information.

If you missed our live technical webinar, there are available for you to watch. Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel or go on the website

Webinars available:

Webinar - Tips and Tools for Rosé Winemaking
08 July, 2019

Rosé wines are defined by their color, elegance and freshness. The production of Rosé is delicate and requires controlled and technical winemaking. Independently of the wine style and process used, some steps in rosé wine production are critical. This webinar will focus on management of color, aromas and mouthfeel.

  • Importance of harvest decisions
  • Pressing regime for fast and qualitative release of juices
  • Fining: time to act on phenolic compounds that trap aromas.
  • Fermentation: yeast choice and specific nutrition for rose
  • Oxygen management from harvest to bottle

With 140 years of expertise, Lamothe-Abiet is one of the first oenological products brand developed in France. We offer a wide range of winemaking and cider making products and are now available in North America.

Date: July 18, 2019

Time: 9.00 AM (PST)

Registration: here

Speaker: Eglantine Chauffour, Product Manager Lamothe-Abiet & Winemaking Solutions, Bucher Vaslin North America

Register for Webinar

For more information, contact Eglantine Chauffour.

17 June, 2019

Managing yeast nutrition is essential for the overall health of yeast, success of primary fermentation and direct wine style. Without proper nutrition introduced at the correct stages, yeast can become stressed, produce off-flavors and fail to finish fermentation. As yeast metabolize nutrients, it also produces aromas. Optimization of aromatic profile canbe done with an adapted and selected nutrition for the yeast.

Discover OptiEsters and OptiThiols, nutrients developped by Lamothe-Abiet from understanding of the impact of yeast autolysate components on wine yeast during alcoholic fermentation.

- OptiEsters is a balanced selection of amino acids and ergosterols to promote the production of ester and acetates aromas. To be use at the first 1/3 of fermentation, to boost aromatic production of the yeast. 

- OptiThiols, amino acids based nutrients, rich in -SH peptides. The presence of GSh and cysteine increase the production of aromatic thiolic compounds, reinforce the antioxidant protection and resistance of the wine and elongate wine shelf life.

More information on our website:

Dont miss our technical webinar on yeast nutrition, tuesday 25th, at 9AM. REGISTER HERE

Bucher Vaslin North America & Lamothe-Abiet Technical Webinars Available Online
08 April, 2019

If you missed our live technical webinar, there are still available for you to watch.

Please, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel or go on the website

Webinars available:

For more information and any question, contact Eglantine Chauffour.

Thank you,

Bucher Vaslin North America

BVNA extends its portfolio and offers a complete range of winemaking solutions.
26 March, 2019

Bucher Vaslin North America (BVNA) is now offering an extended range of winemaking solutions, from grape reception equipments to bottling lines and labeller including winemaking products and pumps. BVNA is proud to match our industry leading technology, products and knowledge with your winery's needs. 

We extend our portfolio to support winemakers from harvest to bottle:

- Bucher Vaslin grape reception equipments

- Bucher Vaslin sorting table

- CITF Alien robotic sorting table

- Bucher Vaslin & Sutter presses

- Lamothe-Abiet winemaking products

- Cazaux LOB pumps

- Costral bottling lines

Visit our new website to see all our offerings:

Webinar - Oxygen Management from Harvest to Bottle
07 March, 2019

Sometimes beneficial but often detrimental, oxygen plays a crucial role in winemaking and wine quality. When not controlled, oxygen can be responsible of many wine faults, such as premature ageing, browning, loss of freshness, balance and identity. It is important to understand oxidation reactions and how to control oxygen pick up to use it as a tool in wine favor.

Please join Lamothe-Abiet and Bucher Vaslin North America for a 40-minutes webinar to understand the key points of oxygen management in winemaking.

  • Understand oxidation: enzymatic and chemical reactions
  • Protection of the grapes: limit oxygen contact
  • Build up anti-oxidant potential of the wine
  • Winemaking tools to improve resistance to oxidation and wine conservation in bottle

With 140 years of expertise, Lamohe-Abiet is one of the first oenological products brand developed in France. We offer a wide range of winemaking and cider making products and are now available in North America.


Mathieu Boudoux - General Manager - Bucher Vaslin North America

Eglantine Chauffour - Product Manager Winemaking Solutions - Bucher Vaslin North America and Lamothe-Abiet

Date: March 26, 2019

Time: 9.00 AM (PST)

Register for Webinar

For more information, contact Eglantine Chauffour.

New year, new projects, new website!
11 February, 2019

New year = new projects! 

After enlarging our portfolio with winemaking products, bottling lines and wine pumps, we are proud to annouce our new website and YouTube channel. 

Visit to see all our offerings, find our contact, download technical documents, watch our educational webinars and more...

Visit us at Unified Wine Symposium #Booth F2.
11 January, 2019

Come and Discover all our NEW products for 2019

- IT and Winect platforms to stay connected to your Bucher Vaslin equipment from anywhere, anytime.

- Delta Evolution Destemmers

- ALIEN: the Out of This World MOG Sorter

- Cazaux Wine Pumps

- Premium Winemaking Products Lamothe-Abiet

Discover our Oak for Oenology range at WIN Expo - booth #140
03 December, 2018

Visit us at the WIN Expo!

Stop by booth #140 and discover our new equipments and Oak for Enology line:

- LOB Pump Cazaux

- Harvest equipments from Bucher Vaslin

- Oak for Enology from Lamothe-Abiet. For nearly ten years now, Lamothe-Abiet focused on studying the interactions between wood and wine and developed Œnobois® range, oak for enology. Developed by Œnobois®  offers a broad palette of oak selections to reveal the character of your wines. Produced in our The entire cycle of production is controlled by Lamothe-Abiet: development of new products, selection of raw material, toasting, production, marketing and sales.

Our products are developed and controlled by a team of winemakers and aromaticians who guarantee the precision and the reproducibility of the aromatic profiles.

For more information on Oenobois®  range.

See you soon at booth #140!

15 November, 2018

Principal factors influencing the development of lactic acid bacteria (LAB): npH, temperature, alcohol and SO2 (Free and Total) impact ML bacteria development and health, making the completion of MLF difficult when combined. Additionally, vineyard sprays, initial malic acid content, yeast strain used for alcoholic fermentation and wine polyphenol content can be stress factors. Problems can arise when pH <3.1, alcohol >15%, wine temperature <50°F or >86°F, total SO2>50 mg/L and/or free SO2>12 mg/L.

Co-inoculation, the answer to difficult MLF. Co-inoculation, practice of inoculating lactic acid bacteria shortly after yeast inoculation has many advantages:

ð Secure MLFby giving bacteria a favorable environment with lower alcohol concentration, better nutrient availability, less medium chain fatty acids (bacteria inhibitors), warmer temperature and better acclimation.

ð Limit risk of microbial contamination and spoilageby eliminating the microbial vaccum

ð Reduce risks of oxidation

ð Produce fresh, fruity, clean and less buttery wines with better balance and fuller body

ð Save time:blend, stabilize and age wines earlier

ð Cost effective: less analysis, less labor, less barrel management, less energy use

With co-inoculation, it is important to address the concern of possible production of acetic acid by lactic acid bacteria. The yeast/bacteria couple used will have strong impact on limiting the risk of stuck/sluggish fermentations and the production of acetic acid. Lamothe-Abiet developed a specific yeast/bacteria couple for co-inoculation: Excellence XRand Oeno1 for reds, Excellence TXL and Oeno1 for whites/rosés.


Does LAB strain matters?Uncontrolled MLF is often conducted by spoilage lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus, Pedioccoccusand wild Oenococcus. It usually generates biogenic amines production, volatile acidity, mousiness and negative off- flavorssuch as rancid, sweat, rotten fruit, and loss of balance and identity. Inoculating with selected bacteria strains reducesthe risks of microbial spoilage, ensures completion of MLFand gives better controlover wine aromatic profile and mouthfeel. Oeno1, selected for its resistance to difficult conditions (high alcohol, low pH) and its high implantation rate (high survival rate, short lag phase). It is a strain of Oenococcus oeni that produces low amount of diacetyl and biogenic amines. It expresses varietal characteristics and enhances fruity aromas.


About nutrients for ML Bacteria: After alcoholic fermentation has completed, yeast usually leave a wine deficient in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other necessary nutrients for ML bacteria. To detoxify the environment, activate ML bacteria metabolism and ensure MLF completion, use Optiflore O at the beginning of MLF. Optiflore O is a 100 % organic nutrient, that brings essential nutrients for yeast and malolactic bacteria and reduces the content inhibitory medium chain fatty acids and pesticides residues in wine.


For more information, please contact Eglantine Chauffour at

Bucher Vaslin North America Now Exclusive Representative for Sutter Presses in North America
05 June, 2017

Bucher Vaslin North America continues to reinforce its wine press business as an exclusive representative for Sutter presses throughout North America. Bucher Vaslin North America will provide sales, spare parts and service for Sutter presses through its excellent network of dealers, who also represent the full line of Bucher Vaslin equipment. 

“We are excited to be able to extend our press offerings to include Sutter wine presses from 25 HL to 90 HL for our customers who prefer the open cage press style,” says Mea Leeman, Director of Sales and Marketing for Bucher Vaslin North America.

The Sutter pneumatic grape press has worldwide sales and recognition thanks to its performances, technology and high quality of the musts obtained. Each press excels at the pressing process, with a large surface of draining and an easy cleaning of the Sutter slotted-cage press.

Bucher Vaslin North America is a subsidiary of Bucher Vaslin SA and Bucher Industries, who acquired the Sutter wine press operations from the Swiss–based Filtrox Group in 2011. The Sutter line of presses is now fully integrated and manufactured by Bucher Vaslin SA in Chalonnes–sur-Loire, France, who also produce the Bucher, Delta and Flavy equipment brands.

For more information, please click here

The Next Generation of Destemmers
07 April, 2016

Picking the Right Destemmer

Learn how the Delta Oscillys destemmer can work for you, with variable settings for speed and motion.

Customize the right destemmer for your winery's needs.


Bucher Vaslin North America Now Exclusive Representative for Sutter Press

Explore Sutter wine presses from 25 HL to 90 HL for customers who prefer the open cage press style.

Use Sutter pneumatic grape press' worldwide recognition and performance to produce high quality musts. 


Learn More About Bucher Vaslin Winery Equipment In Action