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Todd Brandt

History/About Us

For 55+ years and 3 generations

Brandt Insurance has been insuring wineries, growers and suppliers.  We take pride in the Personal Service that we provide our clients.

When it comes to insurance assessment, we know the ins and outs of the wine industry.  We've built our reputation on providing the best possible coverage and service.  We've combined our old-fashioned commitment to personal service with the latest innovations in the industry - making everything easy for our clients.


Great-grandpa Fred got things brewing in Healdsburg.

The Brandt family has been in business in Healdsburg since the 1880s. Frederick Otto Brandt started it all when he opened a brewery and bottling business. His three young sons worked alongside him to build a successful company. Prohibition put an end to the beer, but the resourceful Brandt brothers switched to soda water and ice, and then our grandfather, Frederick John, began a prune-drying business.

Hard work and hard times. 

Our father, Milt Brandt, was only five when he started working with Grandpa Fred, who, like his father, believed in seven-day workweeks. In the 1940s, Milt went off to war. When he returned to Healdsburg, he took up ranching, working with the same dedication he'd learned from his dad. But life struck a hard blow when Milt contracted polio at age 30. He spent three months in an iron lung and lost the use of his legs. The community rallied to help his young wife and four kids while Milt struggled to recover over the next year.

The father of reinvention and resourcefulness.

Unable to continue ranching, Milt found his niche in the insurance business. He'd faced hard times and knew first-hand the necessity of excellent coverage. And he passed down that tough Brandt family work ethic. He enlisted the help of us, his sons Joe and Jack, and we bought the business from him in 1982.

We go way back and always go the extra mile.

Today we, along with Jack's daugher Amy and son Todd, still run Brandt Insurance with a cohesive, highly trained team that has very little turnover. We've combined our old-fashioned commitment to personal service with the latest innovations in the industry - making everything easy for our clients. We're licensed in all 50 states and have access to every major insurance program, so our pricing is competitive with much bigger agencies. Brandt is your small town insurance agency with an outstanding national reputation.

That about covers it. Now let's talk about how we can help cover you.

Winery and Vineyard Insurance

Focus Overview

What's your Specialty?

Winery? Vineyard? Vineyard Management? Chances are, it's something we specialize in, too. When it comes to insurance coverage, we know the nooks and crannies of a multitude of industries. We have the expertise to analyze your unique situation and create the insurance plan that keeps your business optimally secure.

At Brandt Insurance, we understand the complexities of your business, and the importance of protecting every aspect of it from potential loss - including everything from your employees, buildings, and machinery to your inventory and transportation. We'll evaluate your needs, identify any exposures, and design a thorough, cost-effective insurance plan that truly delivers.

Here are just some of the types of specialty insurance that we've made our specialty:

  • Winery Insurance
  • Vineyard and Farm Insurance - Crop Insurance
  • Wholesale Distributors Insurance
  • Vineyard Managers
  • Winery Equipment
  • Vineyard Equipment
  • Beverage Distributors
  • Cooperages
  • Packaging
  • Rubber and Plastics
  • And much more.

Click Here for Winery Brochure .pdf!
Click Here for Farm & Ranch Brochure .pdf!

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News Archive

Protect Your Liquid Assets
28 February, 2018

Creating wine is both a fine art and complex science.

You rely on experience, knowledge and intuition to manage a fragile set of circumstances with focus on just the right results…a near perfect glass of wine.

Yours’ is a different kind of business with unique challenges and needs. After all of your hard work, why leave anything to chance? Regardless of the scale or individual characteristics of your winery or vineyard, Brandt Insurance will ease your mind to better focus on what you do.

Protecting your property and operation requires a trusted advisor capable of understanding your challenges, risks and investments. Brandt Insurance has been insuring wineries and growers since 1962. You’ve got a unique need, and we’ve got your unique solution.

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Insuring your Growing Wine Business
05 June, 2017

Insuring your business well is one of the key ways you can ensure long-term success. At Brandt Insurance, we have a proven track record of creating custom policies tailored to the specific needs of the wine industry, so you can rest assured you’re only paying for what you need.

Whether you’re a young vineyard or a well-established winery, we can work with you to create a unique package of cost-effective coverage that works for your business. At Brandt, we have 55 years of experience in the insurance needs of wineries, vineyards, farms, and ranches.

Read on to discover some of the exclusive features we offer as part of our insurance plans.

All Risk Coverage

At any and all points in the supply chain, you will be insured for “All Risk” coverage, including earthquakes, earthquake sprinkler leakage and flood, and specific protection in the event of loss of income, since we can promise your stock will be valued at its selling price, should you need to claim.

Our All Risk Coverage offers customized proprietary features that are specifically tailored to the wine industry. The risk management additions allow our clients to maintain high quality standards throughout, and by providing a claims handling process that uses one of the largest wine and grape brokers in the country, we are well placed to give assistance on exceptional wine replacement valuations.

Our coverage includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Contamination from external sources
  • Transportation of grapes to winery
  • Wine leakage
  • Third party errors & omissions
  • Spoilage to grapes in the process to delivery
  • Spoilage of wine due to temperature changes
  • Previously undetected organisms natural to the wine-making process from external sources
  • Wine ready for shipment or during shipment

With over half a century’s experience in insurance, the offer of tailored risk management, and the option of a one-page form to include a Statement of Wine Stock Values, you can rest assured that with Brandt Insurance, your business is in capable hands.

To find out more about how we can help protect your wine business, visit our website today, and discover how to protect your future earnings.

How to Protect Your Winery From Cyber Threats
24 May, 2016

Small businesses are increasingly becoming the target of cyber-attacks; 71% of such incidents involve organizations with fewer than 100 employees. With each attack costing an average $500,000 to fix, it’s an expensive price to pay for being unprotected against cyber threats.

More and more businesses are finding out the hard way just how important cyber security is; at Brandt Insurance & Financial, we have the products in place to protect your business in the event you fall victim to an online attack.

As the threats become more advanced, the more far-reaching your security coverage needs to be. If you want to make sure your small business is protected, follow our five steps to improving your cyber security and safeguarding your livelihood.

Eliminate unnecessary data

Many cyber-attacks are orchestrated with the goal of stealing sensitive information, either about your company or your customers. To reduce the risk to your business and your clients, permanently eliminate any unnecessary data stored if it isn’t used for a specific purpose. Moving forward, it can be prudent to halt the collection of unnecessary data in the future if this information has no benefit to the business, as without any sort of benefit, the data can essentially pose an unnecessary risk. Files should be properly destroyed rather than simply deleted.

Provide security training

It’s essential to make sure that everyone who works at the company is on the same page with regards to cyber security. Providing dedicated training can help educate employees on the importance of safeguarding sensitive information within cyberspace, including on social media. Establish guidelines and rules and circulate these among workers to provide clear instruction on best practice and, where necessary, impose penalties for misconduct and failure to comply with your company’s procedures.

Invest in cyber insurance

Cyber insurance is designed to provide peace of mind that in the event of a cyber breach, any losses will be covered if your business is disrupted. It also covers your liability should a security breach put sensitive client or staff data at risk. We source cyber insurance products that are tailored to your business, with different levels to reflect the size and type of company you operate. The right sort of cyber insurance policy will provide you with the necessary third party liability and first party expenses coverage – speak to us today to learn more about our business insurance products.

Upgrade security software

Because companies are legally bound to protect sensitive information, the implications of data leaks can be extensive; it makes sense, then, to use effective security software to protect this information – as well as your computer infrastructure – from threats. Anti-virus and security software should be upgraded at intervals to deal with sophisticated attacks – failure to update software can leave your business open to threats. There are also specific threat intelligence services you can enlist to add an extra layer to your cyber security efforts.

Establish an action plan

With almost half of all small businesses affected by cyber-attacks, avoiding such an incident is not always possible, despite your company’s best efforts. Having a first response plan of action in place, however, can mitigate the negative effects and ensure the attack is dealt with effectively. Internal and external communication should be a priority, along with efforts to understand the root cause. Contact your cyber insurance provider as soon as possible following an attack to learn more about how to handle the aftermath.

A proactive approach to cyber security can help guard against threats; get in touch with the experts at Brandt Insurance & Financial today to learn more about how cyber insurance can protect your business – and your bottom line.


Title Name Email Phone
President Jack Brandt 707-473-2721
Commercial Lines Agent Todd Brandt 707-473-2723
Commercial Lines Agent Greg Marguglio 707-473-2724

Winery and Vineyard Insurance

Creating wine is both a fine art and complex science. 

You rely on experience, knowledge and intuition to manage a fragile set of circumstances with focus on just the right results a near perfect glass of wine.

Yours' is a different kind of business with unique challenges and needs.  After all of your hard work, why leave anything to chance?  Regardless of the scale or individual characteristics of your winery or vineyard, Brandt Insurance will ease your mind to better focus on what you do.

Protecting your property and operation requires a trusted advisor capable of understanding your challenges, risks and investments.  Brandt Insurance has been insuring wineries and growers since 1962.  You've got a unique need, and we've got your unique solution. 

Here are some of the coverages that a tailored wine industry program from Brandt Insurance can provide:

  • Blanket Policy Limits (Buildings, Business Personal Property, Stock and Caves)
  • Unnamed Locations (Stock)
  • Peak Season - Wine Stock
  • Market Price Wine Valuation (i.e. actual selling price) & Agreed Value Options
  • Contamination
  • Leakage
  • Spoilage
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Wind Drift / Overspray
  • Pollution
  • Liquor Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Special Events
  • Umbrella

Winery Brochure .pdf!

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Wine Stock including Earthquake

Comprehensive Stock-Throughput Program for the Wine Industry

Anywhere in the supply chain you will be insured for "All Risk" coverage, including Earthquake, Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage & Flood, and includes Loss of Income, as the stock will be valued at "Selling Price" should a claim arise.

This is a broad stock-throughput policy with customized proprietary features tailored for the wine industry. Risk management features are added to assist clients to insure the highest integrity in maintaining quality standards. In addition, we will have a claims handling process that involves using one of the largest wine and grape brokers for assisting wine replacement valuations.

The program is best suited for wineries producing over 24,000 cases with multiple locations in or out of the United States.

Catastrophic Capacity Available

Stock value for bulk or cased wine at limits up to:

  • $50M any one location, higher limits available
  • Earthquake, Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage & Flood Limit: Quotes will be at limits or specified per application
  • Contamination from external sources
  • Transportation of grapes to winery: $100,000 (higher limits available)
  • Wine Leakage
  • Selling Price Clause for grapes to finished wine
  • Extra Expense - $1,000,000, higher limits available
  • Property at unnamed location - $1,000,000 (higher limits available)
  • Third Party Errors & Omissions

Broad Form Contamination:

  • Spoilage to grapes in process upon delivery
  • Wine in process due to temperature change
  • Previously undetected organisms natural to the process from external sources
  • Wine ready for shipment or during shipment

Claims Management

37 years of experience in supplying accurate information and valuations about the supply trends of grapes and wine replacement values to leading lending Institutions around the country.

Risk Management

An established process by which quality is determined, certified and quantified on a standard accepted by and within the industry from one of the leading wine testing laboratories.

Simplified Single Page Application

  • One Page form to include Statement of Wine Stock Values
  • Profit Sharing Clause: The insured will be able to participate each annual policy period for potential return premium of 12.5% based on excess of Credit over Debit losses of 65% of estimated annual premium.

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Redwood Empire Vineyard Management has used Brandt Insurance exclusively as our insurance broker since we formed our business 25 years ago. Their service, knowledge, and responsiveness is consistently excellent. They have been right at our side through fires, accidents, and much more. Their personalized service in all aspects of insurance needs are fantastic. Brandt Insurance has always been first-rate in our book when it comes to high-quality service at a fair price. We highly recommend Jack and Joe Brandt to anyone."

— Kevin & Linda Barr, Owners
-Redwood Empire Vineyard Management



“Our family owned fourth generation winery and vineyard has seen many changes over the past 90 years, including the growth and passage of family ownership. It has been a comforting feeling to know that all the way from farming to the commercial marketing of wine, our business has been carefully protected by another family owned business, The Brandt Insurance Co. The professional help from the Brandt family and staff during a time of need has been a bonus above and beyond the excellent coverage received.”

— The Rafanelli Family
A. Rafanelli Winery



“Quality products and quality service is the way of life at Eagle Distributing Company. If you are looking for the same quality commitment for your insurance needs, then Brandt Insurance is the place for you.”

— Mark Gleason, General Partner
Eagle Distributing Company

Wine Industry Focused Team


John F. Brandt "Jack"

Born and raised in Healdsburg, Jack graduated from Chico State University in 1971. He teamed up with his father, Milt Brandt, and became the first of the next generation of Brandts in the insurance industry. After over 40 years, and multiple advanced commercial lines schools, Jack has definitely accrued a vast amount of experience and expertise in nearly all aspects of the insurance industry.

As one of the Agency Principals, Jack heads up the commercial lines division, specializing in wineries, farms, distributors and contractors. He enjoys reviewing insurance programs, building business and personal relationships, and working with his brother Joe, daughter Amy, and son Todd. Jack and his wife of 40 years, Lindsay, love spending time with their four grandchildren. Jack regularly reads The Three Little Pigs Buy Home Insurance to them, and thinks there might just be another generation joining the family business.


Commercial Lines Department

Todd F. Brandt

Born and raised in Healdsburg, Jack's son Todd graduated from Sonoma State University, earning a bachelor's degree in business, and joined the insurance agency 1998. He started assisting in the personal lines department before becoming a producer in the commercial lines department in 2000. Todd is a graduate of a highly regarded commercial lines school based in Texas. He enjoys establishing and building new relationships with local business owners. As a commercial lines producer, he focuses on wineries, farms, and habitational insurance. He also manages the I.T. and technical aspects within the agency. Todd likes to play golf in his free time. He and his wife Nancy have two sons, Milton and Parker.

Greg Marguglio

Raised in Healdsburg, Greg earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Washington, and is a graduate of the National Alliance Commercial Producer School. Greg has over 12 years of sales experience, and spent five years in the lumber industry before joining the Brandt Insurance team. Greg might not have been born with the insurance business bug, but he probably picked it up from hanging around the Brandt house as a kid. As a producer, he focuses on all things business and commercial, with emphasis in farms and wineries. Greg is married to Kristina, and he enjoys being active and outdoors. In 2011, Greg and Kristina welcomed their daughter, Isabella.

Linda Lincoln

Linda joined our team in early 2001 and has 20 years of insurance experience. She earned a bachelor's degree in business economics at UC Santa Barbara. As an account manager in our commercial division, she specializes in wineries, and in placing and servicing large and specialized accounts. Linda loves Sonoma County because it's a place where she can experience the city, the wine country, and the coast all in one day. And if you think that's accomplishing a lot, you should see what she gets done at the office in one day.

Jeanene Pugh

In 1994, Jeanene joined the Brandt team, where she learned everything anyone would possibly want to know about insurance. Working as a commercial lines account manager, Jeanene appreciates the fact that there's never a dull moment. She places new business, works renewals, and upholds an outstanding level of customer service. With her two sons, Kent and Jared, grown and out of the house, Jeanene loves spending time with her dogs, bowling, and shooting pool. Sometimes, the dogs even let her win.

Lynda Collins

Lynda joined the Brandt Team in 2012, with over 25 years of personal and commercial lines insurance experience. She has a bachelor’s degree in business, along with a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter designation.

Lynda was born in Healdsburg and raised in Sonoma County.Married with children (five of them), in her spare time she enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking, gardening and scrapbooking.

Vicki McCartney

Fearing the “Smart Train” wasn’t going to be a real solution for her long commute to San Francisco, Vicki joined the team in April of 2015 with over 15 years of commercial and professional lines experience, reducing her 2 + hrs commute down to 25 minutes each way.She was born in Texas, grew up in Napa on a small farm, and currentlyl resides in Rohnert Park.She has been a member of the Santa Rosa Host Lions club for nearly 20 years and was the first woman president in the history of the club.She is an active member of St. Marks Lutheran Church.In her free time, you’ll find her at the gym, or maybe in a yoga class, or country line-dancing class, strolling the beach/hiking, cooking up a new recipe, doing something crazy like zip lining with friends or just chilling out with her dog and/or daughter.Warning: She is a Cowboy fan. Just proves we are an equal opportunity employer!