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We put small boutique cooperages on big wine maps. Our barrels, new, French and East European, are made by coopers with a long and proud history of handmade barrels in their families. All of them are small companies willing to be part of the global wine industry. We are able to customize, to manufacture, to deliver barrels fit to winemakers' preferences. We do keep a buffer of around 45 barriques all year round and we take orders from one barrel to as many as you need.

We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine (Eduardo Galeano, wine journalist). We couldn’t say it better…

This is why our business is wine, your wine.

We are your friends if you love oak, if you enjoy the richness of wood flavors, if you wanna taste your wine years from now and last but not least, if you know how to balance grapes and wood.

We may be  your partners too since we distribute oak barrels from the best woods in the world. France, US, various European countries contribute to the first barrels hub in born in Georgia.


At the end of the day it is all about wine… All we do is to provide a tool. An exceptional tool, without a shadow of a doubt, but still a tool. Our input comes at the end of a work done by many people, each and every one trying his or her best, aiming for the best. Our goal is to match those efforts and to add as much quality as we can to what we all love so much: our wine!

New barrel preparation for immediate use

  1. Fill the barrel with 5 gallons of hot water over 175°F and tighten the bung in place.
  2. With the barrel standing on end, rotate the barrel on its head a minimum of two complete rotations. Flip barrel and repeat on other head.
  3. Place the barrel horizontal on its bilge and rock from side to side while slowly rotating the barrel to get complete coverage with hot water. Continue rocking & rotation motion for four complete barrel revolutions.
  4. Remove the bung and allow barrel to drain completely, now you are ready to go.

New Barrel preparation for tomorrows use

  1. While the barrel is standing on its head fill barrel it half way with of water, now fill the head with water and leave it alone for 6-8 hours.
  2. Empty the barrel, then rinse once with fresh water and allow to drain completely.

New barrels stored dry before using

  1. Check to see if any off-smells are found in cardboard & plastic wrapping of barrel.
  2. The best storage conditions occur when these listed below are met.
  3. Try to keep your cellar at about 70-80% humidity
  4. Try to keep the cellar doors closed and air movement to a minimum
  5. Try to keep the room as dark as possible throughout storage, again for dry new barrels.

Used barrels Cleaning and Storage

  1. To clean the barrel, winemakers have several options including hot water barrel jet nozzles, Ozone machines, Sodium Percarbonate rinses, citric acid washes, and soda ash washes. Each procedure has its uses. Normally we prefer the less chemical usage route of hot water jet nozzles such as Gamajet, or the Tom Beard system.
  2. Our experience with ozone cleaning is increasing. The standard suggested process with ozonated water is to first perform a hot water rinse until the water runs clear, followed by a three minute rinse with ozonated water.
  3. A sodium percarbonate wash (Proxycarb™) is the best option for cleaning of off-flavors. Citric acid washes are used to neutralize residual chemicals.
  4. Soda ash washes are primarily used to remove tartrates but are generally considered a harsh barrel treatment.
  5. Once the barrel has been cleaned allow the barrel to dry completely on a rack with the bunghole facing down.

Once dry here are 4 methods to store used barrel until there next use.

  1. Barrel must be dry, Burn 10-20 grams of sulfur wick per barrel.
  2. Use gas SO2 and inject about 5 seconds per barrel and ok if slightly moist to dry.
  3. To keep the barrels moist for a longer storage time try 5 gallons of H2O 50 grams Tartaric Acid & 50 grams or Potassium meta-bisulfite. Roll the barrel around and then leave it alone. Seal the bunghole with a paper cup, wooden bung, or a silicone bung. Repeat re-sulfur monthly.
  4. After a good rinsing try procedure above put 2oz. of Vodka, seal then roll it around, repeat monthly until you need the barrel. Water rinse then fill with wine.


Getting our barrels ready for your wines is the key for your wine to reach their full potential.

  1. The toast is a crucial process which heightens all the wood’s potential, in terms of aroma and flavor.
  2. Thanks to our innovations and all the efforts made, our cooperage masters this stage fully and produces casks that meet the precise needs of each customer.
  3. Thanks to the precision of our toasting system we can elaborate several profiles. Each type of toast optimizes the required input of aromatic notes and enhances the fruit.
  4. The different toast profiles combined with the wood origins and grain types, results in customized casks that match the distinctive features of each wine and the precise duration of maturing required.
  5. The regularity in terms of quality of is guaranteed by our toasting system, which also assures the reproducibility of the profiles.
Barrels Hub Will Donate to You One of their Remaining 2019 New Barrels in Stock!

I hope your whole winery is safe and away from the Virus!

We know wineries are struggling to survive during this crisis. As in any other industry, the small ones have the most to suffer. I am thinking about the small to medium winemakers, about family operated wineries without a distribution system in place, other than the tasting rooms.

We, as barrel sellers, depend on your wellbeing. We cannot exist without you! Therefore we feel it is time for us to do something too. Truth is, there is not much a small company like ours can do to help but we will do what we can. Make no mistake, it is a hard time for us too…

We cannot buy wine to support you, but we can do something, and this is how:

We will donate to you one new barrel, from our 2019 stock (French or Romanian oak, Bordeaux or Burgundy), on a first come first served basis until our stock runs out!

We only have medium toast levels remaining. The barrels are stored in American Canyon, at the Orion Warehouse. You will need to contact us with a day & time that you want to pick up your barrel

All you have to do is email!

Tell us your first choice:

[ ] French – Bordeaux – 59 gal [ ] Romanian – Bordeaux – 59 gal 

[ ] French – Burgundy – 60 gal [ ] Romanian – Burgundy – 60 gal 

There is always a catch… We would like to receive back one case of wine to share with possible new customers as to your results.

Next big request is our 30-gallon program since we have had lots of interest in it. If you are remotely interested in a 30-gal barrel, Romanian ($375) or French ($425), med plus toast get on the list now. Contact Kaz with your 30-gallon request at

What is the best way for us to contact you?

[ ] Email [ ] Set up a meeting [ ] Cell Phone Text 

[ ] Call into our main phone number [ ] Cell Phone Call [ ] Snail Mail

Profile consultant Rick Kasmier / Kaz: or cell 707-478-3995

GM: Marius Girlea:

Kaz will be the one to handle your options and the availability of that barrel type. One small request, to protect against overzealous spam filters: be sure to add and to your email contact list.

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WIN Expo Floor Pass Is on Barrels Hub This Year!
14 November, 2019

Really hope the 2019 season was a good one for you! I also hope you’re able to get a day to attend North Coast Wine Industry Expo: December 5th, 09-16, at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, (directions here)!

I would like to invite you to the Expo & hope that you will come visit us at booth # 101.

Please use the promo code: BAR101 to gain free trade show access (good for unlimited free trade show floor passes). Please note the promo code expires Dec. 2nd so register sooner or register today!

We have two expo deals you should take advantage of. Both are redeemable exclusively at WIN Expo 2019, booth #101!

Enter to win a new 59 gal French oak barrel

Enter your business card at Barrels Hub's booth #101 for a chance to win a brand new 59 gal French Oak barrel. The one you’ll see at our booth. You may opt for an East European one!

$50 Off all orders day of show

Any order received at the show for new 59 or 60 gal French and / or East European oak barrels will get a discount of $50 per barrel, regardless of the number of barrels ordered.

Register now, get free access, use our promo code: BAR101