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About Away2xplore group

South African seasonal labor provider, A way to Explore (Pty) Ltd (Away2xplore) was founded in 2002 by Renè Wegkamp and over the past 17 years have grown into the largest provider of South African seasonal labor to the United States.  Qualifying Carnivals, Amusement parks, as well as Agricultural Farming operations, count on the Away2xplore group to provide them with carefully selected, competent English speaking H-2B and H-2A labor.  Established brands such as:,, and, specializing in the Agriculture market, are all part of a large and established recruitment network in South Africa, which draws thousands of applications from prospective applicants each year. Only qualifying applicants are invited for in depth, face to face job interviews, from which the best ones are selected.  In depth evaluations and risk profiling, as well as  pre-overseas employment orientation training take place at our head office and at over 25 branch locations all over South Africa.


The Away2xplore group is strongly represented in all of the agricultural farming regions of South Africa, where it sources many quality recruits suitable for H-2A Farm employment and H-2B Carnival work alike.  Resulting from evaluating large numbers of applications over the past 17 years, Away2xplore has become the specialist in selecting the most suitable; Ride operators, Riggers, Admin personnel, Concession workers, Electricians, Diesel mechanics, Truck Drivers, Combine Harvester operators, Tractor drivers, Crop spray and Irrigation operators and general English speaking seasonal labor to name but a few.   Since 2002, Away2xplore and Werkoorsee have created golden opportunities for thousands of South Africans working on Carnivals on the H2-B Visa program, but also as the preferred USA farm labor utilizing the H-2A visa program.


The Away2xplore group is also well known by all three of the US consulates in South Africa who issue the work visas and is further known as an established and reliable company, responsibly placing large numbers of South African labor at Carnivals and Farms in the United States .  Careful selection, Risk profiling, Pre-trip training of each prospective applicant helps ensure that the right individuals travel abroad. Those who are the most suitable for the job and work environment. Not only does their proficiency in English make South Africans popular abroad, but often their work ethic, common sense, polite manners and “can-do” attitude, combined with the fact that they are not scared of long hours and doing hard, physical work, combine to make South Africans the number one choice in competent foreign labor abroad.  Ultimately a happy worker and a happy employer is what we strive for, with minimal staff turnover per season.


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Carefully selected H-2B and H-2A farm labor, Turn key

Represented in over 25 locations all over South Africa, A way to Explore (Pty) Ltd has the infrastructure and expertise to select, screen, prepare and deliver small or large groups of H-2A and H-2B workers turn key to your work site.  Utilizing nationwide television  and radio advertisements in South Africa, but also the web, social and print media, we attract large numbers of potential applicants to place abroad.  We also receive a big percentage of our applications through word of mouth, which are mostly referrals by recruits who have been on one of our programs in the US and who refer family and friends to us. Having such a large pool of applicants to choose from each year, plus a strict selection and profiling procedure, has helped to ensure that only the best ones are approved and ultimately fly over to America to take up employment with you, the American employer.  In turn this has proven effective with low "fall out"/ "non-complete" numbers, translating into having minimal workers quit or abscond over a full season, giving you access to a full workforce over the entire season.


Part of our success is that our company controls the entire process from A to Z, from advertising, profiling, selection, pre-trip training, to booking visa appointments and funding and booking flight and travel arrangements.  We have the ability to do this through our corporate agreements which we have with established airlines such as Delta, Emirates and South African Airways.  These agreements with the airlines not only give us good ticket rates, but more importantly they provide availability and flexibility with tickets.  Controlling the entire process from A to Z, allows us to more easily overcome challenges and, or delays compared to others, lacking the infrastructure we have.


We work with a variety of immigration attorneys in the US who can set the work visa wheel in motion for you, the employer, to obtain your agricultural H-2A or non agricultural H-2B work visas.  Should you wish to work with your own immigration attorney, handling your H-2A or B work visas, we would welcome them on board with you. In addition to the above services we offer, we have even helped out as mediators in the event of a misunderstanding or dispute between one of our recruits and the American employer.  


Our management team from South Africa visit our clients / employers in the US frequently to get feedback on the performance of our recruits and to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your requirements and labor needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience, we look forward to having a Skype or conference call meeting with you to discuss your needs and where we may be of service.  




Away2xplore at NAMPO 2019 South Africa
Away2xplore at NAMPO 2019 South Africa
Part of our team at South Africa largest Agriculture show

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South African Seasonal Labor, in the News
02 September, 2019

Finally, South African farm labor provider, Away2xplore's new corporate group website has een activated. With a brand new upgrade, the site now reflects a clear understanding for the American agriculture farm employer, what A2X group and South African Farm labor is all about. Click here  to visit our new website, specifically created for the American H-2A and H-2B seasonal employers.

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