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About Us

360Winery is brought to you by a committed team that is led by the seasoned entrepreneur, Achamma Mathews. A wine connoisseur herself, Achamma is a visionary with 3 decades of experience in developing software products for the food and agriculture industry.

Her brainchild, Harvest IT was a niche product for agri-businesses that received the global award for

Best Business Solution – Asia & South Pacific from Microsoft Fusion.

Achamma worked closely with Australian wineries to release the first version of her winery software in 2005. She has now rolled out the upgraded 360Winery software with unique features to help winery owners and managers around the globe run their wineries efficiently.

Why Winery Software

360Winery is a user-friendly and end-to-end winery software that helps you track costs and manage all aspects of your winery business – from vine to wine!

In addition to the robust cloud-backed software, the 360Winery mobile app and the unique offline mode allows you to carry your office with you wherever you go!

By accommodating operational optimization, traceability and regulatory reporting, 360Winery helps build loyalty among your customers and increases sales in your winery.

In short, 360Winery automates your winery’s process with a 360 degree view. Does your winery software watch out for your winery? Take the 360Degree Test below to make the right choice.

News Archive

A Vine to Wine Software That Reduces Costs and Heightens Traceability
20 November, 2019

360Winery is an intuitive and cloud based software that reduces costs, heightens traceability, eliminates need for many manual processes, and much more. Available both on and offline, 360Winery is an easy-to-adopt, vine to wine system that looks after your complete business from logistics and inventory to sales, distribution, and loyalty programs. Let us take the burden of technology and communication between the various functions of your winery so that you can get back to doing what you love most: making and distributing fine wines. 

Come see us at WIN Expo for demonstrations of our software! 

360Winery is a one-of-a-kind software solution for the Wine world. It offers cohesion and communications between all the functions of your winery, including our Point of Sales system, wine club, warehouse management, and so much more! 

How the Right Tools Can Help Push Your Winery's Profits - 360 Winery
10 July, 2019

Partnering with the right winery software is not only necessary for the efficient running of your winery, but also for boosting your winery’s profitability. A well-designed software can help reduce your expenses, while helping you push your wine sales up.

Check out these seven ways in which a winery management software can help your winery cut costs and increase its profits:

1. Increase wine club memberships:

The math is pretty straightforward: more wine club members = more profitability! After all, a wine club is crucial to your Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) marketing strategy, with an average margin of 50% per bottle made on each club shipment. Not just that, a wine club is also the best way to ensure a regular and guaranteed income for your winery.

A good winery software manages multiple wine packages, records customer data, tracks orders and shipments, and automatically processes payments. In doing so, it can help you offer better service to your members, increase club sign ups and save time and money otherwise spent on keying in data, paperwork, processing credit cards etc.

2. Support multiple sales avenues:

Today, wineries have an unprecedented opportunity to sell their products across a proliferation of sales channels – right from their tasting room and local markets to wholesalers and international markets! A reliable winery software will support multiple sales avenues, including wholesale, export and license. This will not only make the management of your wine sales efficient, but also increase your B2C sales.

In fact, the 360Winery software lets agents and customers buy at their convenience via its mobile app and wine club module. Further, this software enables a smooth follow up on pending payments, commission calculations and shipments.

3. Reduce capital expenses:

Everybody’s moving to the cloud! Seventy percent of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have been able to reinvest money saved by moving to the cloud, into key business areas.

Yes, that’s right! Cloud-based winery software can help your winery save substantial money. How? By eliminating the need for any hardware upgrades, maintenance costs or accounting fees! Moreover, most cloud-backed software like 360Winery offer regular updates, at no extra cost.

Did you know that SMBs that leverage the cloud see a 50% reduction in internal IT resources? Less staff = more money saved!

4. Enhance staff productivity:

The right winery software can save your staff a significant amount of time otherwise spent on physical stock-taking and data-entry verification. A cloud-based winery software gives employees remote access to winery data and programs – on any device connected to the Internet! In doing so, it greatly reduces the scope for errors.

In addition, a fully integrated winery software will streamline the overall management of your winery. This will enhance your team’s productivity by drastically cutting down the time taken to get different jobs done.

5. Allow you to work on the go:

A winery owner like you needs 24/7 access to your winery’s inventory levels, account status, analysis reports and other important data. With a software that leverages the power of the cloud, your winery operations can continue seamlessly at all times.

360Winery goes a step further with its mobile app and unique offline mode, which allow winery owners to work without an Internet connection. Now, you can make smart business decisions and close deals on the go!

6. Real-time tracking of costs:

Tools that offer complete traceability give you an insight into your true cost of production – all in real time! This can help you take timely action to reduce expenses.

For example, 360Winery is designed on an Activity Based Costing (ABC) system that tracks operational activities on the parameters of man, material and money, in real time. This can save you from last-minute surprises!

7. Equip you with reports for in-depth analysis:

Winery owners like you need access to in-depth reports about the different aspects of your winery. Therefore, a software that frequently whips up reports on every detail of your business and inventory is critical for making smarter decisions.

Moreover, manually pulling out sales and other reports not only costs wineries time and resources, but also leads to incorrect reporting of data. However, a tool that automatically reports to you will increase data integrity and free up your winery’s resources. Further, an analysis tool that tracks the budgeted vs actual costs for each winery operation, will give you better cost control.

These are just some of the ways in which a well-designed software can help your winery save money. What are some of the other cost-saving features of a reliable winery software?

360 Winery has helped many wineries save thousands of dollars on operational costs. Our software can certainly help your winery enjoy reduced expenses and higher profits. In fact, you can find out the potential savings of your winery right now! Take the 2-minute 360Degree Test to calculate how much your winery can save.

" \\\"We were an early adopter of the 360 Winery system, when it was in it\\\'s early stages of development. We have worked with the 360 Team to further develop the software and interfaces to other 3rd party software systems.\\\" "
- Ross Wilson, Ernest Hill Wines
" \"360 Winery helped automate my winery\'s functioning, even when offline! If my internet/Wifi is down, then 360Winery switches over to offline mode instantly and I continue without any hindrance.\" "
- Johannes Braun, Norman Hardie Winery
" \"We have been using 360 winery from 2016 onwards and appreciate the benefits in processing the Wine Club through the Batch system, along with the integration to our website store, bank and freight system saves time and expense.\" "
- Amanda Tulloch, Keith Tulloch Wines
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