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Eclipse Black: The dark horse of wine labeling

When it comes to labeling, the difference between black paper stocks is like night and day. UPM

Raflatac’s Eclipse Black™ has a midnight hue that leaves no room for compromise – or printing surprises.

The elegant Eclipse Black™ is shutting down the competition, as renowned vintners decide to go black

label for their award-winning wines.


This premium ultra-black paper provides a stark visual palette that opens up a world of colorful branding

opportunities. Imagery and text pop on this super smooth 60# paper face. And consumers, dazzled by

brand owners’ commitment to quality, are filling their shopping carts with Eclipse Black™-labeled premium

wines. The Eclipse Black™ product construction is also a real sustainability pro with a face stock that’s

comprised of 30% post-consumer waste and a recyclable PET liner.


• Designed for specifically for Wine & Spirits labeling

• Unrivalled in the marketplace for smoothness and color richness

• Provides a premium canvas for label designers

• Supports wine makers’ sustainability goals