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231 XTRA – Non Chlorinated Caustic Cleaner with Sodium Percarbonate

231 XTRA is a superior heavy-duty alkaline powder detergent for use as a tartrate remover in winery tanks, hoses and pipes. Formulated for quick effective action on the heaviest soil loads, 231 XTRA uses unique dispersants plus Sodium Percarbonate to remove hardened tartrates, wines stains, and brighten stainless steel. 231 XTRA is equally effective on concrete as well as stainless steel surfaces. Physical Properties • 231 XTRA is white, non-dusting, somewhat deliquescent and granular. • Fast wetting with controlled foam, 231 XTRA penetrates soils rapidly. • A 1% solution, 231 XTRA has a pH of 13. Methods of Use Stainless Steel Tanks, Hoses and Pipes • For de-tartrating use 231 XTRA at a concentration of 2 oz. per gallon of water used. Calculate the amount of water to be used carefully before adding detergent to reduce waste. Circulate until clean and rinse with clean water. Fermentation Equipment and Floors • A concentration of as much as 3 oz. per gallon may be needed to clean fermentation equipment depending on soil load. • To clean floors, dissolve 4 oz. per gallon of 231 XTRA in a plastic pail and apply this solution evenly over the floor. Scrub and then let solution set for approximately 15 minutes, rinse with clean water. Caution: Add this product slowly to cold water to avoid boiling or spattering. Never add anything else to 231XTRA. Available Sizes: • 450# Drum • 250# Drum • 130# Drum • 50# Pail