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Selectrocide® 1G

The Selectrocide 1G generates 2 liters of 500 ppm ultra-pure ClO; and is intended for applications that require small amounts of pure ClO in a convenient format. The 1G product is similar to the 2L500, but without the pouch. Therefore this small sachet can be generated directly in sprayers or other application devices for ease of use. The 1G is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide and falls within the lowest toxicity categories. The 2L500 is also recognized and registered with the Organic Materials Review Institute. The product is commonly used for hard, non-porous surfaces, food contact surfaces, and general sanitization. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Can easily be generated directly to use concentration Very light and portable Easy to use Cost effective Can be generated directly in sprayer or applicator Can be used with automatic dilution systems INDUSTRY USAGE Greenhouses Indoor & Outdoor Agricultural Facilities Hydroponic Facilities.

2 x 1G sachets in a 5-gallon tank/carboy of water will generate a 100ppm disinfectant strength solution for use against Covid-19.