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Enartis Ferm MB15

On behalf of Bannister Wines, 2.5% of proceeds from the sale of new yeast Enartis Ferm MB15 will be donated to Alliance Medical Center in Healdsburg, CA.

Pinot noir isolate from Campbell Ranch Vineyard, outside of the town of Annapolis, in the Sonoma Coast Appellation. Enartis Ferm MB15 respects varietal character and terroir, while enhancing floral, fruit and spice expressions. It contributes to both excellent complexity and structural enhancement as well as helps with polyphenol extraction and color preservation. Wines produced with Enartis Ferm MB15 are distinguished by bright and dense color, balanced mouthfeel and aromatic finesse. From Sonoma to Temecula, from Italy to Spain, several wineries trialed this yeast with excellent results and a common comment on its performance: “Great and distinctive aromatics.” Isolated in collaboration with Bannister Wines.