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Portable Wine Tank Mixer

Pulsair wine tank mixer options for cap management and wine mixing provide flexibility for wineries of any size including easy to operate portable hand-held models.  The TM/PTM-2002W portable tank mixer series can be used from the top of an open tank or through a racking port or drain valve with especially designed access probes.

The stainless steel open-top probe includes a seed bed extension and can be customized to fit any size tank.  The racking port “Hot-Tap” probes allows the wine maker to access a closed top tank through a ball valve on the racking port.

Benefits of Pulsair’s Wine Tank Mixer

1. Aerates wine juice and blows out mercaptans and other undesirable sulfur compounds
2. Reduces labor cost (less time to mix caps than other traditional methods)
3. Helps with stuck fermentation – quickly adds in much needed oxygen
4. Enhances color, tannins and flavor extraction
5. Huge time saver – mixes grape caps faster than other methods freeing up time to focus on other
6. mportant tasks in the cellar during fermentation
7. Helps eliminate hot/cold spots and provides uniform temperature in the fermentation tank
8. End result is a better tasting wine
9. Provides uniform yeast distribution
10. Helps avoid bacteria and mold from growing on top of grape caps
11. Reduces need for additives, nutrients etc
12. In tank mixing eliminates spills and cross contamination

Features of Pusair Portable Wine Tank Mixer

  1. Simple & easy to use
  2. Powerful & versatile
  3. Adjustable speed & power settings
  4. Robust rugged construction
  5. All-pneumatic – operate on compressed air/gas alone