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New PET and PP metalized films

Get a true reflection of your brand

In addition to our existing high-performance clear and white film products for rigid and conformable containers, we are excited to welcome new PP and PET options to our metalized and foil product family. With their bright, shiny appearance, these materials are the perfect canvas for graphics that “pop” – and offer the ultimate experience in product decoration and shelf appeal. Whether they are metalized on top of the face sheet (PP Chrome TC) or underneath the face sheet (PET and PP Metalized Silver), each of these products provides excellent ink reception and performance for personal care, beverage and food packaging applications.

Make your products shine — Metalization selection guide

Metalization on top of the face sheet (surface metal) is needed when containers are filled and then labeled
– PP Chrome TC

Metalization underneath the face sheet (adhesive side/buried metal) is necessary when containers are labeled and then filled
– PET Metalized Silver
– PP Metalized Silver TC