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A Tradition of Leadership

Wright Global Graphics is far more than a print shop. We’re thinkers and craftsmen balancing more than 50 years of experience with cutting edge innovation. We offer creative designs, state of the art production and a worldwide distribution network.

Specializing in pressure sensitive labels, retail fixtures, large format graphics, digital marketing and mobile apps. Our capabilities include digital and conventional print technology, finishing options such as hot stamping, cold foil, embossing, rotary screen, variable data and more.

Standing behind these capabilities is a highly skilled staff who are eager to get to know you, your needs and your goals. With four domestic locations and one in China, we deliver exceptional value, regardless of your product’s final destination.


Advanced Capabilities

For over 50 years, Wright Global Graphic Solutions has developed award-winning graphic solutions for its customers. From handset letterpress to state of the art digital printing technology, we have the passion and experience to help meet your printing needs.

  • Offset Printing – 6 colors perfected + Aqueous Coating
  • Digital Offset Printing
  • Die Cutting, Perforating and Scoring
  • Punch and Fold Stringing
  • Woven Labels
  • Woven Cut and Fold Labels
  • Flexographic Printing – 8 colors (Web width 7” to 17” – max repeat 25”)
  • Digital Roll Label Printing
  • Variable Data Sheet Fed Printing
  • Variable Data Roll Printing
  • Mark Andy P5 custom outfitted press
  • Cold Foil
  • In-Line hot foil stamping and embossing
  • Off-Line Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing
  • Sheet fed Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing
  • Rotary Screen for Tactile Coatings and Opaque White
  • UV Inks and UV Varnish Over-Coatings
  • Roll, Sheet, Pinfeed & Fanfold Finishing Options
  • Automatic Butt-Splicer and Turret Rewind for large volume printing
  • Large inventory of House Die Shapes (over 3000)
  • Special Techniques – Varnish, Aqueous Coating, UV Coating
  • Servo Driven Die Cutting
  • Tamper Evident Labels
  • Doming – Crystal Lens and DomeTEC
  • Letterpress Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Dye Sublimation Printing
  • Cut and Sew
  • Heat Transfer
  • Slitting
  • Fusing
  • Vutek Wide Format Printing with 3 meter width capacity
  • Router
  • Plotter
  • Laminating
  • Large inventory of in-stock materials
  • Bar Codes, QR Codes, RFI
  • Mobile Apps - RetaiLive
  • Fulfillment
  • Retail Display
  • Quality Control
  • Managed Inventory Options

News Archive

4 Tips for Designing Product Packaging and Labeling
25 November, 2019

Since Wright Global Graphics was founded more than 50 years ago, we’ve been helping our customers create memorable branding materials that stand out in a crowded market – a concept we like to call “Retail Curb Appeal.” Successful marketers know the first thing in a store that grabs a buyer’s attention is product packaging and labeling. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping at a supermarket, liquor store – or even for a new mattress – people buy with their eyes.  And a product’s label is the first thing to make an impact on the consumer.  It shares a story and tells the buyer how your brand differs from your competitors. We know you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into the creation of your product, so design your label with that same focus and determination.

Creating the right label begins with identifying the customer you want to attract and considering how the product will be displayed. You have 5-8 seconds to capture and keep a consumer’s attention. It’s important to design memorable packaging and labels that stand out from the neighboring competition, while representing the quality and price point of your product. Today’s hottest label trends incorporate innovation, color, design and even a wide variety of textures and materials. Incorporating these trends into your design can help your label work as the ultimate salesperson on the store shelf. Below are a few of our favorite things to work with:  


Whether working with a design agency, or with our in-house creative team it’s important to develop your brand label early in the product/development process. It takes time to create a something that is beautiful and that represents the heart and soul of your product which is key to telling your story.  From asymmetrical patterns to gradients or “color transitions,” to a creative serif on the font, a design’s objective is to attract attention. Considering size, contrast, whitespace, and position of the elements in your design can help direct a shopper’s attention to your product and communicate your brand message more effectively. Different approaches to design can highlight your brand’s story.  For instance, a minimalist design can be clean, effective and empowering – allowing the product to speak for itself. A vintage design evokes longevity, authenticity and reliability by bringing back memories.

Most importantly, involve your printer early in the process to ensure your design can be produced as envisioned.


Color is one of the most powerful ways to create brand identity. Think Starbucks green, Tiffany blue, Home Depot orange, etc. Color is a non-verbal way to communicate with consumers because they can be associated with moods, feelings, and emotions. A color will be noticed before any text on your label is read and can instantly grab a shopper’s attention. We often use color as a way to help differentiate variations of products within a family of products. For example, when designing for the craft spirits industry, vodka and gin are typically represented with lighter, cleaner colors, while more complex products such as whiskey, use richer colors to help communicate the depth and personality of the brand. It is also important to use the same color palette for all marketing material to help keep your brand message consistent. 


The (label) world is not flat. Texture creates visual interest, especially when combined with shine. Adding foil-stamping, embossing or varnish strengthens the product engagement with the consumer by attracting attention in an otherwise boring shopping experience. We get a great response when we introduce people to our DomeTEC process – a visually appealing alternative to embroidery in the furniture world and an eye-popping way to give food or beverage labels dimension and shine. Another way we create interesting textures is with our woven labels, a perfect way to brand apparel, home furnishings or any soft surface product.

New Materials

When shopping, nothing piques our interest more than something unique…something different from all the rest.  In addition to today’s popular label trends like leather, cork and sustainable materials, WGG knows it’s important to match the label material with the brand, and the end use.

We offer many unique material techniques such as FlexTEC which creates labels that look and feel like athletic apparel, and our fuzzy, fabulous FiberTEC labels which offers dimension in a flexible label. It is important that your labels are not only visually striking but perform well under specific conditions. For example, a boxed mattress requires a label with great memory to “bounce back” when the mattress is unrolled while chilled beverage labels need to perform well under wet and cold conditions. Our team members understand these end use requirements and work to make sure materials are selected appropriately.

There are so many things to consider when designing that perfect brand label. Why not partner with us to make your vision a reality? We work closely with our clients to ensure that design, color, texture and materials work together to create labels that evoke your product’s personality and draw attention to your product and ultimately, help close the sale.

Why Wright Global Graphics Is the Right Choice for You
16 September, 2019

Customers value the experiences they have and the way they feel over products and services. We believe in going beyond standard expectations. We are constantly raising the bar when it comes to delivering best-in class service. 

We go beyond standard expectations. The white glove service we provide with every order is a premium touch to show our customers that we hold our work with high regard. Every order is inspected, counted, bundled up and boxed appropriately to prevent any damages during shipping.

Contact Wright Global Graphics to get started on your next project! (336) 472-4200


Trade Show Season Is Coming Up. Refresh Your Booth's Look!
16 August, 2019

Trade shows don't have to be overwhelming. Proper planning can help turn any event into a showcase for your business. Consider who you are marketing to so you can build a booth that grabs attention and pulls the right customers into your show space. 

Trade shows can play a major role in growing your business. Shows and events are the perfect venue for discovering new trends, developing connections and keeping an eye on the competition too. We can help make your next trade show a success with wall and floor graphics, SEG displays and much more! 

Contact Wright Global Graphics to get started on your booth! (336) 472-4200 

Tips for Making Your Packaging and Brand Stand Out
26 June, 2019

When designing your product packaging, there are several key things to consider. These tips can help you effectively reach your ideal consumer with packaging that generates interest and drives product sales.

Know Your Target Audience – Who is purchasing your product? When you know the demographic, or the statistical characteristics of your target consumer, you are better able to communicate the personality of your brand using appropriate graphics and messaging. Knowing the age, income and location of your buyer, allows you to customize marketing and product descriptions in a way that resonates best with your consumer.
Make Sure Your Package Matches Your Product – Many times the label sells your first buyer and your product is what brings your customer back for more. Be authentic but be honest about your product and about what the consumer will receive when they open your package.
Be Willing to Invest in Your Brand with Good Design – A professional designer can take an ordinary product and turn it into an irresistible treasure, incorporating the latest trends with your brand messaging. Work with a designer that understands your product to create your brand personality, or who can refresh your existing look. An updated label can help transition an interested shopper into a happy buyer.
Use the Right Label on Your Packaging – The type of label you use can make a big difference in how the consumer views your product. Your label should meet all necessary regulations and use the proper adhesive for the surface of your packaging, so it doesn’t fall off or become damaged by factors like temperature change. We can help you meet all labeling and end-use requirements while recommending what type of label will work best on your packaging materials.
Stick Your Label in the Right Spot – Where your label appears on your packaging can greatly impact your sales. Your brand and product name should be easily recognizable when your product is on display, not a detailed ingredients list. Wright Global Graphics can help you with the best spot, shape, and size for your label on your product packaging, so you can spend less time worrying about compliance and more time focusing on production.


Why Choose Wright Global Graphics for Your Packaging Labels

At Wright Global Graphics, we take the personality of your brand and turn it into something potential customers can’t resist. Our in-house creative team can take your ideas and turn them into award-winning packaging concepts. Or, we are happy to partner with your designer to provide clear, captivating labels for all your packaging needs. Our packaging products labels range from prime labels to premium labels, from temperature regulated TTB approved wine and craft beer spirit bottle labels to functional apparel packaging. We want to turn your ordinary product packaging into an attractive marketing opportunity.

We also offer insight on what messaging needs to be added to your labels to remain compliant with specific industry regulations such as TTB regulations and UL Certified labels. Together, we can revolutionize your labels for all of your packaging needs.


Contact Andy Kraft to get your wine label design started!

(336) 472-4200 or

Wright Global Graphics Visits Southern Distilling
02 October, 2018

"I was pleasantly surprised to find that Wright had someone with the expertise to answer any question. From service and design to post sale support. We had tried a freelancer but he just couldn't seem to take our vision and turn it in to something tangible, Wright Global Graphics did just that." - Vienna Barger


We love helping make our customer's dreams come true! From concept, to labeling, to after sales support, to our first taste of a truly well-crafted product! For more information click here!

Keep Your Look Polished and Your Message Fresh
07 February, 2018


For over 50 years, Wright Global Graphic Solutions has developed award-winning graphic solutions for its customers. From handset letterpress to state of the art digital printing technology, we have the passion and experience to help meet your printing needs.

  • Offset Printing – 6 colors perfected + Aqueous Coating
  • Digital Offset Printing
  • Die Cutting, Perforating and Scoring
  • Punch and Fold Stringing
  • Woven Labels
  • Woven Cut and Fold Labels
  • Flexographic Printing – 8 colors (Web width 7” to 17” – max repeat 25”)
  • Digital Roll Label Printing
  • Variable Data Sheet Fed Printing
  • Variable Data Roll Printing
  • Mark Andy P5 custom outfitted press
  • Cold Foil
  • In-Line hot foil stamping and embossing
  • Off-Line Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing
  • Sheet fed Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing
  • Rotary Screen for Tactile Coatings and Opaque White
  • UV Inks and UV Varnish Over-Coatings
  • Roll, Sheet, Pinfeed & Fanfold Finishing Options
  • Automatic Butt-Splicer and Turret Rewind for large volume printing
  • Large inventory of House Die Shapes (over 3000)
  • Special Techniques – Varnish, Aqueous Coating, UV Coating

Click here to see the full list of capabilities. 

Thomasville Has The Big Chair And Wright Global Graphics
01 September, 2016

Take a walk down any grocery store wine or beer aisle, and chances are you’ve seen the work of a Thomasville company, and didn’t even know it.

Inside Wright Global Graphics of Thomasville, there’s a smell of ink, and machines hard at work cranking out label after label.

The Triad company, started by two men 55 years ago in 1961, is a staple in the downtown area.

There’s just something about small town charm...READ FULL STORY

Wright Global Graphics Wins Record Number of Awards for Creativity & Innovation
23 June, 2016

Printing and branding solutions company Wright Global Graphics took home 11 awards at the recent Printing Industry of Carolinas Awards (PICA) celebration in Concord, N.C. The recent citations bring the company’s total number of awards to 38 in recognition of its printing excellence

“We have always strived to bring greater creativity and innovation to our clients and we couldn’t be prouder of the honors bestowed on our team for their fabulous work this year,” said Greg Wright, president and CEO of the Thomasville, N.C.-based company. “The talent each of our employees possess is incredible, and this recognition is affirmation of their commitment to printing excellence. What an honor to celebrate such accomplishments with our industry peers.”

             Wright received four “best of” awards, four “special judges” awards, two awards of excellence and the Mark Andy Best Flexography award for its production of a beer label for Charlotte, N.C.-based Sugar Creek Brewing Co.’s Mocha Java Porter. The label features an ebony background with striking graphics and copy showcased in peach and tan tones.


TAKE 2-2-2-2-2

 This year, the PICA Awards attracted more than 630 entries from 47 printing companies, along with more than 125 entries from five graphic arts high schools and seven college graphic arts programs from across the North Carolina and South Carolina. Now in its 50th season, the PICA Awards competition remains one of the largest printing contests in the nation.

            The company is no newcomer to the PICA Awards’ stage. Last year, Wright won seven awards, and the previous year brought home six PICAs. The most recent awards give the company a grand total of 38 PICA Awards over the last five years.

A panel of judges with experience in printing and print production examined and critiqued the entries on a broad range of criteria, including registration, crossovers, clarity and neatness, sharpness of halftones and line drawings, richness and tonal quality of paper and more.

Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., PICA is a trade association for the graphic communications industry in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Bill and Tom Wright founded Wright of Thomasville, now known as Wright Global Graphics, in 1961 on the idea that printing was a creative medium and the believe that “a promise made is a promise kept.” The Wright brothers focused their attention on providing exceptional printing for the home furnishings, carpet and rug industries. The Wright family continues that tradition today to include solutions for the Action Sports and Beverage Industry by providing one-stop, turnkey creative solutions for their clients’ graphic needs. Today, the company is run by Bill’s sons, Greg, Don and Ron. With more than 192 employees and four domestic facilities, as well as a Wright Global Graphics plant in China, the company delivers on its promise of exceptional value and accurate delivery regardless of the product’s final destination.

Wright Global Gets 7 Printing Awards!
05 May, 2015

Printing and marketing solutions provider Wright Global Graphics was recently honored with seven awards during the Printing Industry of the Carolinas Awards celebration.

Wright received three best of category for digital printing: tags & labels, foil stamping, embossing or debossing, and wide format printing: display graphics. In addition, Wright won four special judges awards. Two were for digital printing, one for wide format printing: display graphics and one for wide format printing: signs & banners.

“Earning these prestigious awards year after year is truly an honor and would not be possible without the creativity and dedication of ... CLICK HERE to read the full story

Wright Global Graphics on Talk Business 360
17 October, 2014

Wright Global Graphics on Talk Business 360. Get an in-depth look at Wright Global Graphics. See the high quality printing and innovative branding solutions that has made the company successful for over 50 years. Look for this video on US Airways and American Airways flights throughout December and January!

Wright Global Graphics is Honored to Help Raise Money for Hungry Kids
11 September, 2014

Makes us feel good to know so many kids will benefit from our efforts! Wright Global Graphics Solutions of Thomasville raised $3,000 to feed 15 children all year eliminating their weekend hunger. What an amazing gift!

Wright Labels takes home 6 different awards from the Printing Industries of the Carolinas (PICA)
01 May, 2014

Printing Excellence in the Carolinas Recongnized  

The Printing Industry of the Carolinas (PICA) has announced that Wright Global Graphics of Thomasville is an award winner in the 2013 PICA Awards Competition. The announcement was made April 26, 2014, during the 2013 PICA Awards Banquet in Concord, North Carolina, with more than 200 industry professionals in attendance. The PICA Awards competition is one of the largest printing contests in the nation. Click here or the image to read the full press release!


See the list of awards won by Wright Labels Below:

Best of Category for Digital Printing - Tags & Labels: Belle Isle Moonshine Label (Customer – Belle Isle Craft Spirits, Inc.)

Best of Category for Single Stationery Item: WGGS Business Card with NFC Technology

Special Judges Award for Digital Printing – Tags & Labels: Ironweed Bourbon Whiskey Label (Customer - The Albany Distilling Company)

Special Judges Award for Digital Printing – Tags & Labels: Wicked Dolphin Florida Spiced Artisan Rum Label (Customer – Cape Spirits, Inc.)

Award of Excellence for Digital Printing – Tags & Labels: Virginia Sweetwater Moonshine Label (Customer – Appalachian Mountain Spirits, LLC)

Award of Excellence for Digital Printing – Tags & Labels: Whistling Andy Hibiscus Coconut Rum Label (Customer – Whistling Andy, Inc.)


For more information, call Vicki Fishman of Wright Global Graphics at 336‐472‐4200








We are growing!
20 February, 2013

We are pleased to welcome Dennis Rifanburg and Shelley Henson to our sales team. Dennis will cover territories in Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and New Jersey. Shelley will focus efforts in Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia. Cheers to Dennis and Shelley!

Today it is fashionable to be a tree hugger, and all we can say at Wright Global Graphics is it's about time!

In 1995, our company started reviewing our waste stream and looking for ways to reduce our footprint. Back then, we didn't know what a footprint was, but we knew that wasteful consumption was probably not good for the earth. So we started using recycled products whenever possible, and recycling our waste. Fortunately, the rest of the world is catching on and our options for earth-friendly solutions increase daily.


  • Print jobs are sequenced by size and color in order to save time and reduce ink waste.
  • Computers are ACPI (Advance Configuration Power Interface) to reduce power consumption.
  • Direct to plate prepress eliminates film use.
  • Skylights in warehouse utilize natural lighting and all incandescent bulbs have been replaced with energy efficient fluorescent bulbs.


  • We purchase only recycled copy paper and all paper waste is shredded for packing material.
  • All skids and roll cores are returned for reuse.
  • We purchase only all-recycled printing solvents.


  • We recycle 18,000 lbs. of corrugated cardboard annually.
  • All fluorescent lamps and digital press ink canisters are recycled.
  • We recycle 14,362 lbs. of printing plates and more than 450 lbs. of leaf plates annually.


  • We use renewable soybean based inks.
  • We constantly test and develop greener products.
  • We meet or exceed all environmental regulations.
  • We maintain a nature trail for employees' use.
  • We subsidize employee wellness programs and support charitable needs within our community.
  • We base our supply chain decisions on this simple philosophy:
    • 1st Choice - products that are both 100% PCW (post consumer waste) recycled and 100% recyclable
    • 2nd Choice - products that are majority PCW recylced and 100% recyclable
    • 3rd Choice - products that are easily recycled
    • 4th Choice - products that improve your product