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Wine Routes - Reinvents Wine Country Travel

Santa Rosa, CA (Oct, 30th, 2018): Wine Routes, a new mobile and desktop platform helps users plan trips and travel to wine country, has reinvented the wine country experience. The app, developed by Sonoma County based technology company Grapexchange, is a dual-purpose platform delivering highly integrated services to both consumers and wine businesses, allowing them to connect and grow like never before.
Anyone in the industry knows, there is a disconnect between brands and consumers that has significantly hindered wine lovers in their search for wineries that fit tastes and vacation plans. “Historically, consumers have found it difficult to differentiate wineries based on price, ratings, reviews, amenities and varietals served“, said Adrian Tamblin, Wine Route's CEO and Co-Founder, “This disconnect has made it nearly impossible for consumers to find and plan trips to nearby wineries without the help of professionals, guided tours, or informal recommendations from friends.”
Wine Routes elevates the wine travel experience for users and brands alike. Using Wine Routes’ wine country trip planner, consumers are able to explore wine country locations based on amenities, varietals served, price level, and reviews. Additionally, they can curate and share their very own wine routes with the community, allowing them to customize their perfect wine country experience.


When a user arrives at a winery, the app allows them to interact with wines currently being served. They can quickly add descriptive tags and reviews, storing their personal taste and experience of the wine. Saving wines and following wineries creates a connection between that user and the brand, helping them stay engaged and informed of new wine releases, special offers, and experiences long after their trip ends.
This streamlined integration of travel planning and consumer-brand interaction is a first for the wine industry. “What sets Wine Routes apart is that we have brought all brands and experiences together into one community, providing consumers a single platform to access on-demand information about their trips to wine country. Additionally, brands now have the ability to interact with consumers who have shown direct interest in their wines and winery,” said COO Ian Scales. This not only builds brand awareness for wineries, but also deeply emphasizes brand identity and expands the general winery narrative.
Wine Routes is committed to making wine travel easier and more fun for consumers. The very nature of our mobile and desktop platform encourages tasting room visitation and provides unparalleled benefit to brands struggling to make meaningful relationships with their consumers. We are actively raising the quality of the consumer brand relationship and want to provide a cohesive integrated approach to consumers and brands alike. We want all wine lovers, regardless of State, AVA, or understanding of wine, to enjoy their wine tasting experience.
Let’s transform the way we travel to wine country. Join the community to explore wineries near you and plan your next trip today!

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Wine Routes makes it easier for wine lovers to plan, build, save, and share the perfect wine country experience. We embrace the social nature of wine travel, encouraging consumers to visit tasting rooms, engage with the wines they taste, and stay connected with new releases and experiences from their favorite brands.

Our goal at Wine Routes is to drive more traffic to tasting rooms, share unique experiences with qualified consumers, and ultimately bring more people into the market. To get started, claim your free profile and join the growing community.

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Wine Routes gives wine lovers access to detailed winery profiles, interactive wines and tastings, and fully integrated navigation tools. Claim your winery to get started and see how Wine Routes can help you better connect with your visitors and provide an elevated tasting experience. Contact us with any questions or if would like to learn more about how we are changing the way people experience wine country travel.

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Wine Tasting goes digital
Wine Tasting goes digital
Find wineries like the pros, search, share, discover, explore with Wine Routes

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Wine Routes - Reinventing Wine Country Travel
20 November, 2018


Click and Sip with Wine Routes
09 November, 2018

While technology has impacted practically every business and social interaction, wine tasting has remained relatively unchanged. Visitors tend to land in a tasting room either through a recommendation, by seeing a sign or advertisement, or on impulse during an outing. The customer, if they like the wine enough, may join a wine club or at the very least a mailing list, building a relationship between the winery and the consumer. This type of customer engagement has been transpiring in the same way for decades, with little change.

In almost every other consumer product industry, technology allows smaller retailers to compete with big name stores in the online space, and continuing consumer interaction is easy and relatively inexpensive, even while reaching customers from all over the globe.
A local company is aiming to help wineries enter the digital age through developing a new app, called Wine Routes, giving wine consumers a platform to find what they are looking for, and giving wineries a new way to engage and follow up with customers. Furthermore, the platform provides valuable tools for both consumers and brands, supporting the wine experience from exploration and discovery to purchase and retention.

“Small, boutique wineries now have equal footing to reach the consumer when before they just couldn’t compete,” says Adrian Tamblin, founder and chief executive officer of Grapexchange LLC, a Santa Rosa-based technology company that created the Wine Routes app. “With the marketing of wine the smaller brands struggle to get their brands noticed. Wine Routes allows a small producer to tell their unique story.”

The catalyst for the idea came out of Tamblin’s personal frustration in trying to plan wine tasting excursions that fit his desired requirements. Especially when asked by an out-of-town friend to help her plan a trip to the Wine Country, he hit a wall in attempting to plan a route that would meet all her criteria and wishes, and spent hours putting together a plan.

“The idea was conceptualized from my own frustration with planning trips to wineries based on amenities that the wineries had as well as the varietals of wines that they sold,” says Tamblin. “One of the problems I started to see as I looked further into it was a disconnect between the consumer and the brand. There were no useful tools for the end consumer to figure out and plan a trip to wineries. On the flip side of that, what struggles do wineries—especially direct to consumer producers—have, many of which don’t have distributors? Many of the handcrafted wines that consumers seek can’t be found in a restaurant, big box store or local grocery store. It means consumers have to go to the cellar door and visit that location. The challenge for the producer is how to build brand awareness in a sea full of competitors trying to do the same and all making great hand crafted wines. How can they build brand awareness and engage with that consumer pre, during and post visit.”

When Tamblin’s aunt presented him with a customized journal for a birthday several years ago that allowed him to keep track of favorite wineries, wines, and varietals, he had a light bulb moment and the idea for Wine Routes was born.

“On my 30th birthday I was gifted a wine journal and in that journal I could remember the different varietals of wines that I tasted and the different locations that I went to, so I could make better recommendations to my friends,” says Tamblin. “That’s when I thought, there has to be a digital solution to this. I searched and couldn’t find anything online that had to do with trip planning to wineries on scale.”

While Tamblin and his business partner, Ian Scales, found other localized applications, the resources available were static, inadequate and impractical.

“There are winery directories, and there are association maps,” says Scales, chief operating officer of Grapexchange LLC. “There are very localized, very one-trick pony solutions that don’t actually help wineries or users connect, engage, and close the loop from beginning to end.”

Furthermore, many of the winery websites available are not mobile friendly and haven’t been updated to showcase the type of information consumers demand. Many smaller producers are essentially farmers, and not tech-savvy when it comes to on demand information or mobile and website best practices.

After two-and-a-half years of planning and building the platform and interface, Wine Routes officially launched in September, last year. The app helps users plan trips and travel to Wine Country, as well as wine areas and tasting rooms in the United States. Amazingly, there are approximately 4,300 tasting rooms across the country, in all fifty states.

“For the first time wineries can digitize their menu and allow customers to interact with the wines they drink. Wineries benefit by telling the story of each wine, and conversely, consumers get to save the wines they drink back to their personal profile,” says Tamblin.


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