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Arthur Morgan

wine-n-gear is an importer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer of fine wine accessories and promotional products. Located in the beautiful Sonoma wine country, we specialize in custom branding Coutale Sommelier French corkscrews for the wine trade. We collaborate with our manufacturers and clients to develop packaging and products that optimize our clients’ brand recognition. As a company, we are committed to reliability, integrity, value, sustainability, and impeccable service.

A block away from the historic Sonoma Square, wine-n-gear embodies what wine-n-gear founder Frédérique Mary saw lacking in the wine accessories industry—a business devoted to the highest quality corkscrews and wine accessories, while maintaining the highest quality service and value. Frédérique has a wide breadth of experience in the wine business, having worked in custom branding and wine accessory importation for more than 30 years. wine-n-gear as a company invests in the customer—known for great customer service and integrity—we can’t wait to work with you!

At wine-n-gear we love what we do!™



All orders are quoted end to end.

  • No Set Up Charges
  • No Engraving Charges
  • No Shipping Charges
  • No Art Charges or Mock Up Charges

Proofing/Mock Ups:

We work up beautiful, photo-realistic mock ups of all our products.

Just email your logo and desired item and we'll have a mock up to you within the hour.


All samples are free of charge. Just request your desired sample at and we will have it fulfilled same day.

Imprinting Capabilities:

Laser Engraving

Screen/Pad Print


Unimprinted, 3-5 working days; Imprinted 14-21 Days. Please inquire about expedited earlier delivery if needed. We can make virtually any cut off date. 

Products Carried: 

*All Products are customizable and logo/brand printed*

  • Entire Coutale Sommelier French Corkscrew Line (exclusive representative of Coutale Sommelier wine keys in the USA.)
  • Authentic Spanish Pulltap's Waiter's Corkscrews
  • "Ah So" Two Prong Corkpullers
  • Acrylic Ice Buckets
  • Metal Ice Buckets
  • LED Ice Buckets
  • 750mL "One Bottle" Wine Growlers
  • Wine Pourers & Stoppers
  • Champagne Stopper "Bouchons"
  • Champagne Sippers/Pourers
  • Acrylic Wine Glasses
  • Acrylic Champagne Flutes
  • Champagne Sabers

*If you are trying to source an item not listed in our catalog please inquire at as we can source virtually any wine accessory or promotional product.


Turnbull Pocket Prestige Rosewood Corkscrew
Turnbull Pocket Prestige Rosewood Corkscrew
Turnbull wanted a corkscrew that was high-end and beautiful, yet strong, durable, lightweight and mobile enough for heavy use in their tasting room. We recommended the Coutale Sommelier France Pocket Prestige Rosewood with Laser Engraved Branding.
JCB LED Light Up Ice Bucket
JCB LED Light Up Ice Bucket
JCB (Boisset Collection) came to us with a special project. They wanted a brand statement piece. An LED Ice Bucket done in a high-end Gold Metal Wrap. We laser cut the JCB logo out of the metal in order to let the white LED shine through.
Beringer Chrome Two-Prong Ah So Cork Puller
Beringer Chrome Two-Prong Ah So Cork Puller
Beringer approached us wanting a niche item - an Ah So corkpuller. They wanted something high end and durable. We opted for a Chrome Ah So with logo branding on the casing.
Kenwood Vineyards Innovation Corkscrew
Kenwood Vineyards Innovation Corkscrew
Kenwood Vineyards asked us to source a high-end yet still price-achievable corkscrew for their distributing and marketing efforts. We ended up choosing the Innovation Two-Step corkscrew by Coutale Sommelier France.
Wolffer Estate 750mL Wine Growler
Wolffer Estate 750mL Wine Growler
Wolffer Estate needed a Wine Growler that could fit their entire Summer in a Bottle Rosé. We opted for a Wolffer Estate branded Rose 750mL Insulated Wine Growler. It fits an entire bottle of Rosé and keeps wine chilled for a full 24 hours.

News Archive

Wine Accessory Spotlight: The Pulltap’s Wood Corkscrew
23 June, 2020

The Pulltap’s Wood corkscrew takes the form and function of the wildly popular Original Pulltap’s corkscrew and elevates it with a heavy stainless steel body, laser engraved logo, and inlayed wood handle. Not to be confused with the Pulltap’s Premium line corkscrew which comes in Gold, Rose Gold, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Matte Black, and Gunmetal colorways, the Pulltap’s Wood comes only in Rosewood or Blackwood (Naturalwood is available as well as a custom order option).

Although both the Pulltap’s Wood and the Pulltap’s Premium line feature laser engraved logos and a stainless steel body the Pulltap’s Wood takes luxury one step further with a 10oz frame, 1-inch thick stainless steel body, and an upgraded foil cutting knife and Teflon-coated worm.

The Pulltap’s Wood is the peak of the Pulltap’s Collection. There is no higher-end model. The Pulltap’s Wood therefore makes a great POS or client appreciation gift. Built for the long-haul, the simple double-lever functionality of the Pulltap’s Wood means it will be both durable and easy to use for just about any client or wine club member.

At wine-n-gear, we laser engrave or print your logo complimentary at all times, without ever charging any set up costs. With that said, the Pulltap’s Wood does feature two distinct laser engraving locations, as you can see below:

“Samsara” Custom Laser Engraved Pulltap’s Wood

This means that both logo locations are available for personalization (complimentary of course!). The options for customization, therefore, are wide ranging. If your logo has two elements we can break them up and laser a different element at each location. Or if your company has multiple brands we can engrave one brand at one location and another at the second location. We could even add an email address or phone number to one of the locations while featuring the logo at the other location.

Please do get in contact with us if you have any interest in customizing the Pulltap’s Wood for your brand. We provide complimentary samples and virtual mock ups, so if you’re interested in seeing what your logo looks like on the Pulltap’s Wood just contact us anytime. And if you’d like to see the corkscrew in person just reach out to us! This is one of our favorite corkscrews at wine-n-gear, and we’d be excited to have to opportunity to share it with you and your brand.

Cheers for now,

Arthur @ wine-n-gear

The Importance of Branded Wine Glassware to a Winery or Tasting Room
28 April, 2020

The importance of custom logo branded wine glassware is often overlooked as part of a functioning winery or tasting room. Often, for one reason or another, custom branded corkscrews, POS items like stoppers or foil cutters, and custom branded wine totes take precedence over custom branded wine glassware.

In my personal experience, only about 20% of wineries I’ve visited have featured glassware with their custom logo engraved or printed.

The importance of branded glassware in a winery or tasting room environment cannot be overstated. During a tasting the glassware becomes the 2nd most connected aspect to the customer – after the wine itself. By branding glassware wineries and tasting rooms take advantage of hundreds of brand impressions throughout a tasting. Customers repeatedly look at their own wine glass and those around them.

Recent Custom Wine Glass Project

This repetition of brand impressions drives home the professionality of the brand while simultaneously engaging the customer in the experience and connecting the wine being tasted to the brand itself. This physical to mental connection is lasting and results in a longer pathway of potential sales past the momentary tasting room experience.

The usage of custom branded wine glassware also furthers the customer’s desire to purchase said wine accessories – often adding up to larger POS sales of overall wine accessories – like the aforementioned corkscrews, foil cutters, stoppers, etc. in addition to increasing the overall wine sales at the end of the tasting. This is of course only relevant if POS sales and a gift shop are part of the winery experience.

Ultimately, when a customer begins a tasting, a non-branded wine glass creates a familiar experience that is undistinguished from other tastings. By instead usurping the trend of blank glassware, and investing in custom branded glassware, wineries can differentiate themselves and create meaningful guest experiences that translate to increased ROI and wine sales.

At wine-n-gear we carry our own in-house line of crystal glassware, made of Krysta, European quality crystal with a transparency index equating to 98.5 greater purity and transparency. This allows our wine glasses to maintain brilliance for more than 2,000 industrial dishwasher cycles. We also carry Riedel brand glasses and more cost-effective traditional non-crystal glasses. Our glassware can be found here.  And you can inquire here for more information.

Custom Champagne Flute for Seattle NHL

We carry Red Wine, White Wine, Champagne Flutes, and Stemless Wine Glasses.

Any questions, mock up requests, sample requests, or pricing inquiries can be sent through our contact form here.

And browse all our Glassware – including Acrylic and Silicone Glassware – here.

Cheers for now!

Arthur @ wine-n-gear

Are “Ah So” Two-Prong Corkpullers the most underrated wine accessory of all time?
24 March, 2020

Few people have ever heard of an “Ah So” or a “Two-Prong” Corkpuller and even fewer have had the opportunity to use one. So what is it? And what makes it so special?

The “Ah So” or “Butler’s Thief” is a two-prong wine opener that preserves older, crumbling or brittle corks, by removing the cork without any form of cork-drilling (like a traditional waiter’s corkscrew would).

The step by step process to use an “Ah So” Corkpuller is as follows:

  1. Place the longer prong between the inside of the neck of the bottle and the cork, don’t push too far down, just enough for the first prong to get stuck (about 3mm).
  2. Push back up on the longer prong just enough so that the shorter prong also inserts between the inside of the neck of the bottle and the cork.
  3. Once both prongs are inserted slowly rock the prongs from side to side interchangeably, slowly and softly (and gently) moving both prongs further and further down the cork and into the bottle.
  4. Once the Two-Prong Corkpuller is all the way in twist and pull out the cork in one fluid motion. The cork will easily come out like butter. Usually takes about 2-3 turns to remove.

Note: Ah So’s are best used with older vintage bottles, if at any point the cork begins to slide down into the bottle while using an “Ah So” switch to a traditional waiter’s corkscrew. This means the cork is still fresh, young, and solid.

Customized “Ah So” with dual-sided “Penfolds” laser engraved logo.

“Ah So” Two-Prong Corkpullers make incredible gifts and promotional items. Even fine dining restaurants often lack an “Ah So” – a tool they need should a customer order or bring their own bottle of older vintage wine. This makes a Two-Prong Corkpuller a superb promotional gift to restaurants or large accounts – especially when custom laser engraved with your winery or brand logo.

With that said “Ah So” Two-Prong Corkpullers also make great wine club membership gifts or POS gifts – and for the same reason – no one seems to have one! Even the most astute wine professionals often lack an “Ah So” due to its niche need and nature.

At wine-n-gear we can help you custom laser engrave or pad print your logo on both sides of our Two-Prong Corkpuller. Our “Ah So’s” come in Chrome, Black Plastic, and Wood Colorways – allowing you to match your brand aesthetic in both material, logo print, and desired price point.

We offer fast mock ups, complimentary samples, and a quick turnaround on all wholesale “Ah So” Two-Prong Corkpuller orders. Reach out to us today with any questions or mock up inquiries!

Wine Accessory Spotlight: Wholesale Wood Wine Boxes
02 March, 2020

Wholesale wood wine boxes are one of our favorite custom wine accessory projects to work on at wine-n-gear. There is something extremely personal about a well made wine box. It tells the story of a brand. Unlike other wine accessories wholesale wood wine boxes have a large imprint space - almost a canvas - with which a brand can paint and illustrate their ethos and purpose. 

Our favorite wholesale wood wine box projects are the ones in which a brand takes full advantage of the canvas in front of them. For instance, on a six bottle wood wine box all 6 sides of the box can be used. Even the underside of the lid can be personalized.

Custom Wood Wine Box Example

A wood wine box also shares a very close relationship to the wine it carries and supports. Of all the wine accessories we customize nothing tells a wine bottle's story better than a personalized wine box. We like to think of the box as an extension of the wine itself. It's no coincidence that wine boxes are often paired with a brand's opus wine. Often the stories that are most worth telling receive the most resources.

When we truly succeed at wine-n-gear is when we collaborate with our clients to build a wine box that is indistinguishable thematically from the wine itself. We want a brand to think "How could this wine be marketed, sold, or distributed without the box." We want the wine to feel naked without the storytelling cocoon, the illustrating aspect of its temporary home. 

That may sound like a lot. But it illustrates how passionate we are at wine-n-gear to get not only your brand story perfect, but to deliver a project that shifts the paradigm surrounding a bottle of wine. As a wine accessory company heavily invested in the future of our shared industry we truly care about pushing brands, and in turn, our industry, forward. 

Wine Accessory Spotlight: Wholesale “Boomerang” Corkscrews
11 February, 2020

Wholesale Boomerang corkscrews are a silent favorite in the wine industry and it’s not hard to see why. The corkscrews are by nature TSA-Approved (check out how they have an integrated foil cutter instead of a knife) and they are very cost effective at wholesale quantities while maintaining high quality functionality.

Wine-n-gear imports the Boomerang corkscrew in a variety of colors (a custom PMS matched handle color is always available on larger order quantities) and can custom logo the Boomerang corkscrew with any color logo print desired. Conveniently, the Boomerang corkscrew has a huge imprint space, check it out:

Black Boomerang Corkscrew w/ Custom “Erath” White Logo

The Boomerang corkscrew is a Napa and Sonoma wine country favorite and can be found in use at many wineries, tasting rooms, restaurants, and homes. The Boomerang’s familiarity with wine country patrons, and its simple design and ease of use, makes it a great POS (point of sale) or wine club appreciation gift. Its wholesale price makes it easier to resell as well. Many wine enthusiasts, especially people new to wine, appreciate the foil cutter and single-lever action of the Boomerang over a more complicated waiter’s corkscrew that would be used by sommeliers or wine country professionals.

Wine-n-gear’s own proprietary Boomerang corkscrews are further differentiated by their teflon-coated worm and 4-Blade foil cutter. Bulk orders of Boomerang corkscrews ship free. And we of course never charge any set up or logo printing costs. If you’d like to request a sample or a mock up check out our Boomerang product page here. Our team will get back to you in 10 minutes or less, promised 🙂

Wine Accessory Spotlight: Wholesale Ice Buckets
23 January, 2020

wine-n-gear built its reputation in the wholesale wine accessory industry on the back of our large wholesale corkscrew selection. As of now we carry 25+ corkscrew models including the popular Coutale Sommelier, Pulltap’s, Boomerang, and Laguiole lines of corkscrew.

What often gets overlooked is that wine-n-gear actually carries the largest selection of wholesale acrylic ice buckets on the market, the majority of which are wine-n-gear proprietary designs – meaning they can’t be found anywhere else.

wine-n-gear Royal & Crown Proprietary Buckets

We have 18+ acrylic ice bucket models ranging from small (1-2 Bottle) buckets to large (6-8 bottle) buckets. The majority of our ice buckets are domestically stocked and available from 100+ units. This means you can get your custom logo printed wholesale ice buckets delivered in as little as 10 days from date of purchase.

Talk about fast!

To note: We also produce Metal and LED “Light Up” buckets. Due to the custom nature of these items we import them from Overseas.

Let us know if you are interested in seeing your logo mocked up on a wholesale ice bucket, need to see samples, or have any other questions. We are here for you as your one-stop shop for anything ice bucket related.

Cheers for now,

Arthur @ wine-n-gear

New wine-n-gear E-Commerce Website Launched! Customized Wine Accessories, Corkscrews, Ice Buckets, etc.
18 December, 2019

Arthur here with some exciting news! 

At wine-n-gear we've been working on a TOP SECRET project these last couple months. 

And although I almost spilled the beans a few times already I can finally tell you today that we just launched our complete wine-n-gear website redesign! 

Customers have been asking me for a while for a better online shopping experience as well as a wider selection of wine accessories. 

That got us thinking at wine-n-gear and we ended up hiring British design firm Mark Design to get us where we needed to be! They're a rocking firm that had worked with big e-commerce brands to great success so we knew they were the perfect fit to take wine-n-gear to the next level. 

Our biggest focus with this redesign was to give our customers more options when it comes to customizable wine accessories. We bumped our total SKU's up from under 20 to over 150! 

But enough talk from me, take a look at the website now! I'm so excited for your reactions and feedback. 

Home PageWholesale Page

By the way! To make things more fun consider this challenge: for every typo or glitch found on our just-launched website we'll take $50 off your next wholesale wine accessory order. Find 10 typos, get $500 off. It's really that easy/crazy! 

All my best for now, 

Arthur @ wine-n-gear

Wine Accessory Spotlight: Laguiole Corkscrew in Black Gift Box
01 November, 2019

Laguiole corkscrews carry a certain cache in the wine accessory community – and not without good reason. Laguiole corkscrews are the epitome of wine opener class, design, and sophistication. Always a single lever, Laguiole corkscrews nonetheless deliver a smooth corkpulling experience while looking equally enthralling on display. The French heritage of a Laguiole corkscrew is never forgotten.

At wine-n-gear we carry the Laguiole corkscrew in both Rosewood and Blackwood with complimentary laser engraved logo on the Stainless Steel Single-Lever.

We also logo the Laguiole Black box complimentary – the best imprint colors being Gold, Silver, or White.

Whether for POS, a wine club gift, or for marketing a wine brand, Laguiole corkscrews in a custom gift box make an election choice. A brand statement piece that is sure to be kept for a lifetime.

Request our Catalog for wholesale Laguiole corkscrew pricing and email us with any mock up requests, feedback, or questions.

Cheers for now, 

Arthur @ wine-n-gear

Wine Accessory Spotlight: 750mL Wine Growlers
02 October, 2019

“One Bottle” or 750mL Wine Growlers made a huge splash when they landed on the Wholesale Wine Accessory scene a couple years ago. The perfect logoed POS item or promotional gift, Wine Growlers made it easy for wine enthusiasts to pack a bottle of Rosé or Sauvignon Blanc to the beach, to a picnic, a concert, or elsewhere – all while keeping their beverage cold for up to 12 hours.

Wine-n-gear carries wine growlers and logo prints or laser engraves them with custom branding for the Wine Industry. For wineries, Wine Growlers represent an opportunity for brand recognition while incentivizing client’s to take their wine on the go – further strengthening the consumer’s relationship with the winery. As a POS item or a promotional item Wine Growlers are excellent. To a consumer a Wine Growler is a high-value item, something to be used for multiple years, further lengthening the brand interaction cycle.

Take a look at some of the Wholesale Wine Growler projects we’ve worked on and contact us if wholesale wine growlers could be a part of your next POS or promotional program.

Double Sided Logo Print - Matte Black Wine Growler

Cheers for now,

Arthur @ wine-n-gear

Wholesale Wine Accessory Spotlight: The Innovation by Coutale Sommelier
08 August, 2019

The Innovation by Coutale Sommelier is the most cost-effective corkscrew in the Coutale Sommelier collection. As a part of the Coutale Sommelier France collection the Innovation is a  workhorse of a corkscrew. A manual double lever, stainless steel body, and the ability to pad print or laser engrave on the handle makes this corkscrew a favorite of large distribution and marketing projects. This week we had the pleasure of working with Lede Family Wines on three different Innovation corkscrews, shown below:

Lede Family Wines decided to stick primarily to the Innovation Stainless Steel, the full-stainless steel Innovation that comes standard with a laser engraving. Only for their “Lede Family Wines” brand did they choose to move forward with the Innovation Black, choosing a white pad printed logo that contrasts perfectly with the handle.


You can visit our Collection of Coutale Sommelier France corkscrews here.


And as always feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions:



707 934 5354

Wholesale Wine Accessory Projects [Week of June 17-21 2019]
17 July, 2019

We had a particularly noir week this week at wine-n-gear; lots of our wholesale wine accessory projects done in dark/noir color schemes. No project more exemplifies the noir theme of our week more than our project with "Solea" Wines. Solea opted for a dual color white/red imprint on both sides of our Coutale Sommelier Premium Corkscrew. The results are below:

Continuing our thread of Black projects is this custom foil cutter we did for "Canihan" and "Exuberance" a family of small-production brands out of Sonoma, CA. These came out particularly well, with Canihan and Exuberance using both complementary logo placements to their advantage. 

Lastly, we had a lot of fun producing the following Matte Black Pulltap's for "Augusta Vin" - a new boutique producer out of Texas. We laser engraved their logo into the Matte Black Pulltap's premium handle. The custom laser engraving contrasts nicely with the Deep Noir of the Matte Black Handle.

That's it for this week!

Browse all our Wholesale Wine Accessories here.

Cheers for now,

Arthur @ wine-n-gear

This Week's Wholesale Custom Corkscrew Projects
25 June, 2019

Although wine-n-gear is a wholesaler and direct importer of all wine accessories, corkscrews have always been our speciality. For one, we are the only Authorized distributor of Coutale Sommelier corkscrews in the USA, and back in 2007 when wine-n-gear came into fruition, that was the only line of products we carried.

Today, of course, our Wholesale Catalog spans 35+ pages ranging from Acrylic Glassware, to Ice Buckets, to Champagne & Wine Stoppers, and even Apparel and Wood Wine Boxes.


Although a lot has changed since 2007 our passion for corkscrews and corkscrew customization has not. Here's a look at a couple fun projects from this week:


Project #1: "Red Soles Winery" Premium by Coutale Sommelier


For this project Red Soles Winery decided they wanted to print their logo in PMS 194 Red on our Premium Black. We worked with them to switch the imprint space to the metal portion of the corkscrew, where the logo would be better represented than on the Black Background (we usually print in white on the Premium).


Project #2: "Grgich Hills" Pocket Rosewood by Coutale Sommelier


Grgich Hills wanted a corkscrew that was traditional, elegant, high-end, and wood-handled. We went with the Pocket Prestige Rosewood by Coutale Sommelier and paired it with a matching custom corkscrew sleeve. The corkscrew logo is laser engraved.


Project #3: "Alma Rosa" Rose Gold Pulltap's


Alma Rosa approached us with a fun project. Find a corkscrew that matched their new Copper and Blue wine label. The solution? This gorgeous Rose Gold Pulltap's corkscrew with "Alma Rosa" pad printed in their trademark blue tone.


Cheers for now,


Arthur @ wine-n-gear

This Week's Wholesale Corkscrew + Wine Accessory Projects
06 June, 2019

We had an eventful week at wine-n-gear this week, sending out quotes and mock ups on a variety of wholesale corkscrew, “Ah So” Corkpuller, and Ice Bucket inquiries. Here are a few of our Favorites: 

Chrome “Ah So” Corkpuller + Chrome Pulltap’s for Hope & Grace Napa Valley

Hope & Grace needed a wine club member gift that was strikingly aesthetic and high-end. They opted for a matching set of Chrome “Ah So” Corkpuller and Chrome Pulltap’s – both packaged in a Black Carton Gift Box with their “Hope & Grace Napa Valley” Logo in Silver Hot Stamp Print. We’d say they made an excellent choice.

4-6 Bottle Custom Ice Bucket for Justin

Justin wanted an Ice Bucket with modern edges that could fit 4-6 Bottles of wine comfortably (and even fit 8-10 if needed). We built this custom ice bucket to their specifications and printed their logo in dual-color on both sides.

Custom Laser Engraved Coutale Sommelier Pocket Prestige Stainless Steel for Bistue Cellars

Bistue Cellars wanted their logo to shine and loved the Pocket Prestige model corkscrew. We recommended the Stainless Steel Pocket Prestige as it has a larger laser engraving space on the spine than the remainder of the Pocket Prestige models (due to its full stainless steel body).

Gold 750mL “One Bottle” Wine Growler for Landmark Vineyards

Landmark wanted their wine growlers to stand out. What better way than to pick a gold wine growler with a striking black logo print?

Custom Pantone PMS 319-C Champagne Flute for Zonin Prosecco

Custom “Papi Wines” Wholesale Accessory Marketing Plan
10 May, 2019

Papi Wines recently reached out to us with a multifaceted branding project. They needed a unique Ice Bucket to pair with Acrylic Champagne FlutesChampagne StoppersChampagne Sippers, and Corkscrews. The color scheme: black. The logo print color: gold.

Side by side with Papi Wines we designed the following Product Marketing Plan:

Large “Unique Design” 4-6 Bottle Ice Bucket (Non-LED):

Matching Acrylic Champagne Flutes:

Matching Champagne Stoppers & Sippers:

Matte Black Pulltap's Premium with Laser Engraved Gold Logo:

Working with Papi Wines was a dream come true. We understood their vision for their product marketing plan from the start and Papi Wines trusted us to execute. Multi-faceted projects like this are what we are most passionate about - executing across multiple product lines on the highest level. We can't wait to work with Papi Wines again - maybe next time on their Rosé line!

Cheers for now,

Arthur @ wine-n-gear

Custom “Korbel” Wholesale Corkscrew + Wine Accessory Project
11 April, 2019

Korbel, the famed California Champagne House (and you can say “champagne” because they are grandfathered in) recently approached us with a complex project. They wanted to do an entire line of wine accessories – wholesale corkscrews, champagne sippers, LED champagne buckets, champagne flutes, and champagne stoppers, all in Korbel’s custom color: Light Green PMS 367.


We love multifaceted and color-matching projects like this as it really tests our wholesale and custom capabilities.


Plus, working with Korbel is exciting in and of itself. For the LED Champagne Bucket Korbel decided on a Large 4-6 Bottle Plastic Bucket in their custom “Korbel Green” with a White LED that would shine through the plastic. Here is an initial mock up:


"Korbel" Custom LED Champagne Bucket:


For the Champagne Sippers, Champagne Flute, and Champagne Stopper Korbel decided to continue the Light Green PMS 367 theme, while alternating between a gold logo and a black “Korbel” logo. The final products looked like this:


"Korbel" Custom Champagne Stopper:



"Korbel" Custom Champagne Flutes:



"Korbel" Custom Champagne Sipper:



Lastly, Korbel decided to go with the French Coutale Sommelier Pocket Plastic corkscrew in (you guessed it) custom PMS 367 “Korbel Green.” Wholesale Corkscrews are of course our forte and Coutale Sommelier is our special line – we import them from France and are the exclusive distributor for the brand in the USA. With exclusivity comes perks – we can customize any Coutale Sommelier wholesale corkscrew into any color. The same goes for Korbel where we created a Light Green PMS 367 Pocket Plastic corkscrew in a white gift box with “Korbel” logo in Gold. The final corkscrew looked like this:


"Korbel" Custom French Corkscrew:


Custom "Ah So" Butler's Friend Corkpuller and Corkscrew Project - Sullivan Rutherford Estates
21 February, 2019

Sullivan Rutherford Estates approached us recently with a custom “Ah So” (also known as Butler’s Friend) Two-Prong Corkscrew project. One of their wine club shipments going out had the theme of “Vintage Wine” – and what better way to enunciate the theme than to include a custom branded “Sullivan Rutherford Estates” Ah So Corkpuller.

“Ah So’s” are generally used for older vintage wines. The reason? The dual prong mechanism grips the cork and extracts it without having to drill into the cork like a corkscrew. This is an advantage when talking about older wines that may have brittle corks. 

Originally Sullivan wanted to proceed with our Bamboo Corkpuller, in a Black Carton GiftBox, and with the “Sullivan” logo laser engraved in the bamboo wood. Photo below:

Custom Wood Ah So Corkpuller

After viewing samples of all three colors of our “Ah So” – Bamboo Wood, Black ABS Plastic, and Chrome Stainless Steel (and seeing mock ups of all three variations) Sullivan decided to proceed with the Chrome Corkpuller featuring double sided (different) laser engraved logos. (Wine-n-gear does not charge for laser engraving or for dual sided laser engraving, so why not take advantage?) Sullivan also proceeded with the Black Carton GiftBox with Goil Foil Hot-Stamped Logo.

Black "Ah So" Mock Up:

Custom Black ABS Plastic Ah So Corkpuller

Chrome "Ah So" Mock Up (Approved for Production):

Custom Chrome Ah So Corkpuller

To go with the “Ah So” Corkpuller Sullivan Rutherford Estates also wanted a corkscrew (for those non-vintage wines). While they initially looked into the Pulltap’s Premium Gunmetal (pictured below) they ultimately decided on the Pocket Prestige by Coutale Sommelier (this was after seeing samples).

Pulltap's Premium Gunmetal:

Custom Gunmetal Pulltap's Corkscrew

We mocked up both the Naturalwood and the Blackwood Pocket Prestige with Sullivan ultimately deciding to proceed with the Naturalwood in a Black Carton GiftBox that would match their “Ah So’s.” Ultimately this project came out great and was a pleasure to work on. The aesthetics and sophistication of the “Sullivan Rutherford Estates” seems to be reflected in the Wine Accessories we’ve delivered, and in the end, that’s our greatest achievement.

Custom Blackwood Coutale Sommelier Corkscrew

Custom Naturalwood Coutale Sommelier Corkscrew

You can view our “Ah So” Corkpullers here.

And you can view the Coutale Sommelier Pocket Prestige here.


Arthur @ wine-n-gear


Case Study: Custom Ice Bucket + Branded Coutale Sommelier French Corkscrew
17 January, 2019

Philippe Dandurand, the gold standard for wine distribution in Canada, recently approached us with a unique project. They wanted to create an ice bucket and a matching custom corkscrew in their trademark Pantone 2935U. At first we discussed the possibilities of the Pulltap’s Spanish corkscrew in a custom Pantone with a matching white gift box. Here’s an initial mock up:


After seeing samples, however, Dandurand ended up preferring the Coutale Sommelier Innovation Corkscrew (similar manual double-lever mechanism to the Spanish Pulltap’s). They weren’t sure, however, whether they wanted to do the corkscrew in White with logo in Pantone 2935U, or the opposite, the corkscrew in Pantone 2935U and the logo in White. After reviewing mock ups (here below) Dandurand decided on moving forward with the Innovation with the custom Pantone 2935U handle, logo in white, with a matching sleeve with “Dandurand” logo in Pantone 2935U. In this way we were able to use Dandurand’s colors to the maximum, increasing brand color recognition.

Version #1:


Version #2 (Approved Version):


For the Ice Bucket Dandurand had an interesting concept. They wanted to do a dual color logo on a Matte Black Ice Bucket – easy enough – but there was a kicker, the interior of the bucket was to be Pantone 2935U, their brand color. Our factory is able to produce virtually any combination of colors and this project was no exception. We were able to produce this dual color bucket with no issues on execution or timing. We started with a Pantone 2935U bucket which we coated in Matte Black paint on the outside. The final touch was the dual color “Dandurand” logo. Here’s the final product, you can judge for yourself if we represented Dandurand's branding well:


All in all we love projects that harness a concept and force us to think outside the box. The Dandurand project was one of these projects. We were able to fulfill Dandurand’s vision through a mixture of creativity and knowhow. We couldn’t ask for anything more out of a wine accessory project.

Get in touch with us if you have a project you’d like us to work on. We can be contacted here.

Cheers for now!

Arthur, Owner


Corkscrew Case Study – The Power of Branded Wine Keys
18 December, 2018

Blackwood Lane Winery recently approached us with a unique corkscrew project. Having just released their Magnum Opus wine – The President – an epic 1.5L Magnum Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec blend priced at CAD $880, they were looking for a packaging solution that reflected both the value of the wine and incorporated a custom laser engrave corkscrew with their "Blackwood Lane" logo.

Our solution: A California Designed and Produced Pinewood Gift Box, coated in a Black Lacquer finish (to reflect the brands black/dark themes), containing a secret corkscrew compartment. The initial sketch looked like this:

imageInitial Wine Box Sketch

Blackwood Lane Winery chose the Prestige Double-Lever French Corkscrew by Coutale Sommelier as their corkscrew of choice. The Prestige is the heftiest and highest-end corkscrew in the Coutale Sommelier line, a statement piece befitting of a $880 bottle of wine. Here are some initial mock ups we worked up for Blackwood Lane of both the Prestige and Prestige Pocket Blackwood with a custom laser engraved "Blackwood Lane" logo:

imagePrestige + Prestige Pocket Mock Ups

Once the initial packaging sketch and corkscrew mock up were approved we moved into production. Blackwood Lane asked for a silver logo imprint on the outside of the Wooden Box. For the Prestige Corkscrew we laser engraved the logo. The final box product looked like this:

imageFinal Single Wine Bottle Box

Blackwood Lane Winery understands that packaging and presentation can sell a wine to an end-buyer the the same degree as the quality of the wine itself. Convincing a consumer to spend CAD $880 on a Magnum bottle of wine is one thing, but selling a consumer on a vision, on a unique one-of-a-kind gift package, especially during the Christmas season, is something else altogether.

Of all the wine accessories Blackwood Lane could've included in the Magnum Wine Box they chose the corkscrew. Of all the promotional wine accessories, the high-end corkscrew still reigns supreme. The combination of high usage, functionality, and repeat logo impression can't be beat. Coutale Sommelier corkscrews, which last a lifetime, get repeat impressions from customers over the course of years - keeping a wine brand relevant in the consumer's mind at all times. 

The Packaging and Custom Corkscrew solution we developed for Blackwood Lane was a highlight of our year. A project that was as fun as it was rewarding; both in sales and in satisfaction for all parties involved.

To view more of our Wholesale Projects visit our Promotional Products Page here.

To view more Coutale Sommelier Prestige project click here.

The Importance of Promotional Products To A Winery’s Bottom Line
13 November, 2018

Imagine this – you’re the owner of a Napa Winery just off of the St. Helena Highway. A couple visiting the Napa Valley comes in – they’re from Louisiana and come once a year to the wine country to taste and bring home some wines. They purchase 6 bottles on their way out and your tasting rooms packages the wine in a nondescript cardboard box. You never see the client again.

Now Imagine this – you package 2 of the bottles in a custom wine tote with your winery logo. The other four bottles are packaged in a logo-branded wood wine crate (the wine is an expensive vintage). Back in Louisiana the couple uses the Wine Crate as a decorative piece in their home and the reusable wine tote is used to bring wine to their friend’s homes and back.

Next year, the couple returns to try more wines. They haven’t forgotten the brand, or how much they enjoyed the wine, even though the wine itself has long been drank.

tote bag

Herein lies the value of promotional products. Promotional products are valuable in numerous ways – they give a brand a certain level of professionalism – imagine a tasting room manager wearing a brand-embroidered North Face Vest vs. a regular Nirvana T-Shirt – but even more so than this, they give a brand long-term client recall. Acquiring clients is hard enough. Once they’ve been acquired, the most important factor is keeping the client loyal and engaged to the brand. When client acquisition cost is high, like it is in the varied Wine Country’s across the US, the importance of keeping a client within a Wine Club ecosystem through brand recall becomes especially poignant.

At wine-n-gear we offer Wine AccessoriesApparel, and Promotional Merchandise to fulfill all aspects of Promotional Product brand management. 

Our custom embroidered and silk-screened apparel keeps staff and employees in professional logoed clothing while doubling as a POS item for a gift shop, tasting room, or Wine Club gift Incentive.


The same can be said of our varied wine accessories. We offer French CorkscrewsWine GrowlersSpanish Pulltap’sAh So’sand more. These make great POS items, brand promotional items to give to distributors, or wine club gifts.

We source, manufacture, and bespoke-build everything else. Need custom wine totes, wood wine boxes, wine roller bags, or acrylic wine glasses? Done. Need any other merchandise for your gift shop or as a Holiday giveaway, just reach out to us.

Wood Wine Box

At wine-n-gear we’ve been trusted with managing the wine accessory and merchandise brand-image of wineries since 2007. We’ve grown a lot in that time but our focus has always remained the same: offering high-end promotional items at a cost-effective value that will boost a Winery’s bottom line and end ROI.

 We can’t wait to work with you.

 Check out our Promotional Products page here.

 You can see all our Wine Accessories by visiting our Wholesale page here.

3 Reasons Coutale Sommelier Wine Keys Are The Industry's Best
31 October, 2018

1. They’re The Original Spring-Loaded Double Lever Corkscrew.

 See the “Patented” metal embossing on the hinge? That’s because Coutale Sommelier French corkscrews, designed by French Vintner Philippe Bernede, are the original patented spring-loaded double lever corkscrew. But what does that mean? Double-hinge corkscrews came to popularity with Pulltap’s and early Coutale Sommelier models. Unlike the prevailing single-lever waiter’s corkscrews of the time, double-hinge corkscrews allowed for two pulls on the corkscrew rather than one. This results in a smoother cork pull and a smaller chance of breaking a cork, especially an old cork. Pulltap’s and early Coutale Sommelier models feature a manual hinge, meaning after the first pull you have to manually push the hinge so that the second pull lines up on the lip of the wine bottle. With Philippe’s spring-loaded mechanism the spring automatically moves the lever back into place, saving the user time and producing a smoother cork opening process.

Coutale Sommelier Prestige Corkscrew

2. They’re Imported From France, and They Look like It

 The French are incredible craftsmen, especially when it comes to wine or wine accessories. Coutale Sommelier corkscrews are expertly crafted and imported from France. On many models we still imprint customer logos in France. Coutale Sommelier corkscrews come in a range of finishes to appeal to all price points. Although all Coutale corkscrews are based on a stainless steel frame we offer full stainless, wood, and ABS plastic finishes in order to market to every price point and brand image. Our plastic model corkscrews can be pad printed in any color while our stainless steel and wood corkscrews are often laser engraved with custom branding. Aesthetically, no corkscrew compares to Coutale Sommelier corkscrews.

Coutale Sommelier Prestige Corkscrew #2

 3. With wine-n-gear Coutale Corkscrews Ship Free, with no Set Up Fees or Logo Printing Fees.

 Wine-n-gear is the exclusive designated importer for Coutale Sommelier corkscrews in the United States & Canada. Anyone who wants Wholesale or Retail Coutale Sommelier corkscrews works with us. We take pride in our customer service, quick email response, and the fact that we never charge set up fees, logo printing fees, or shipping fees. All our pricing is end to end. Contact us to request our full Catalog, mock ups, or any other questions. And visit our full selection of Coutale Sommelier corkscrews here

Coutale Sommelier Premium Corkscrew

Are Champagne Sippers The Most Cost-Effective Wine Industry Promotional Product Of All Time?
25 September, 2018

You might’ve seen a champagne sipper in action before. It looks something like this:

Moet Champagne Sipper

Champagne Sippers, also called toppers or pourers, are a fun, cost-effective way to make a brand statement at any soirée, event, or gala where champagne is served.

Often paired with mini champagne bottles, but available in both mini and regular bottle sizes, champagne sippers can be made in a variety of metallic colors as well as any custom PMS color. At wine-n-gear we include custom PMS matching and double sided logo print standard on all champagne sipper orders.

Here are a couple of wine-n-gear's recent projects below:

wine-n-gear recent sipper projects

Originally designed as a classier way of drinking out of a mini champagne bottle, champagne sippers have made a splash outside of the wine industry and have been featured on red carpets like the Golden Globe awards this past year.

Celebrities using and enjoying champagne sipper

In closing, Champagne Sippers are an extremely effective promotional item for the following reasons:

  1. They are cost effective @$2.95 a unit with wine-n-gear.
  2. They are a unique product and retain the attention of a target audience
  3. They are impossible to buy retail, and thus consumers keep them long-term.
  4. They are a part of an event experience. Not just a hand out.
  5. They are extremely customizable and lightweight for shipping. 

So there you have it. Check out our Champagne Sippers on our wine-n-gear wholesale e-commerce store here.

And refer here for mock up requests, sample requests, and any other inquires into all things Champagne Sipper.

10% Off All Spanish Pulltap's Wine Key Orders - Use Promo Code
28 August, 2018

If you read our blog from last week then you know how important promotional corkscrews are to marketing any wine-industry related brand. 

For the next two weeks (9/1 - 9/14) all our Pulltap's Spanish Corkscrews are 10% off. Check out directly on our e-commerce page and use code "GIVEME10" at check out.

Alternatively, you can email for all mock ups, samples, and order inquiries. Just mention the sale and we'll add the discount to your order.  

We offer Spanish Pulltap's in every color. We can Pantone Color-Match your logo and create a custom Pantone handle if desired.

We never charge set up, logo, or shipping fees. All pricing on website and Catalog are end to end. 

Scroll down to see a few recent Custom Pulltap's Projects Below:

Pulltap's Custom Corkscrew

Custom Pulltap's Corkscrew 

Pulltap's Pricing Sheet  

The 3 Best Custom Branded Promotional Products for Wineries
17 August, 2018

When it comes to selecting promotional products for wineries and tasting rooms it can feel like there’s an infinite number of promotional items to choose from. The benefits of logo customized and brand-personalized items and the impressions they rake in are well-known and oft-repeated. An impression study done by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found that promotional products remained less expensive per impression than all other forms of traditional advertising.

Further, the study found that “The investment in [promotional products] is modest, more targeted and allows for much greater levels of interaction with consumers than other forms of advertising.” More targeted advertising is important in the context of a winery or tasting room’s marketing or retail budget. Unlike a national ad campaign run by a beer or liquor conglomerate with the intent of reaching millions of consumers, wineries on the whole have a smaller marketing budget and smaller, more targeted audience.

With this context established wineries and tasting rooms should ask themselves three questions before selecting a promotional product:

  1. Will my audience retain and use this product over time?
  2. Does the marketing impression generated by this product re-emphasize my brand and industry?
  3. Does this product reflect the quality of my brand?

A promotional item’s ROI increases exponentially with time and usage and its impression is more meaningful when the item correlates to the brand’s industry. For example, a promotional pen with a winery’s brand on it does not re-emphasize wine or wine drinking. With that said let’s examine the three best Promotional Products for Wineries and the Wine Industry:

#1: The Corkscrew

 Custom Branded Corkscrew

The Corkscrew is a winery’s most important promotional tool. It checks off all three requirements of a wine industry promotional product. An impression generated by a high-end corkscrew re-emphasizes a winery brand on every impression due to its association with the opening of wine and the purchase of more wine. A winery’s target audience will retain a high-end corkscrew for years due to the utility and durability of the tool. The winery’s brand impression will occur at every occurrence of wine being opened over that multi-year period. Two of the best corkscrew brands for price to quality ratio are Coutale Sommelier from France and Pulltap’s from Spain. Both corkscrew brands produce high-end, cost-effective corkscrews available at wholesale pricing with custom logo imprints.

#2: The 750mL “One Bottle” Wine Growler

Custom Branded Wine Growler 

The 750mL Wine Growler is a unique promotional tool for any winery or tasting room. A winery’s target audience is usually willing to purchase a Wine Growler due to its utility and novelty. If used as a free promotional product giveaway or purchase incentive clients are sure to retain a favorable view of the brand as a Wine Growler is considered a high-end, lucrative promotional product. A “One Bottle” Wine Growler fits and keeps chilled one full bottle of Rosé, White, or Red Wine. Like the corkscrew, a custom logoed Wine Growler re-emphasizes a winery’s brand on every use. Plus, customers often like to fill their Wine Growlers with the same wine as the branding on the Growler. Wine Growlers often get re-used as water bottles or coffee thermoses and thus create additional impressions.

#3: The “Ah So” Two-Prong Corkpuller

Custom Branded Corkpuller

The “Ah So” Two-Prong Corkpuller, like the corkscrew and the wine growler, emphasizes a wine brand at the perfect time, when a wine bottle is being opened. Like the corkscrew, the “Ah So” is a product a wine consumer loves and retains over time due to its utility and quality. More so than a corkscrew, an “Ah So” retains an “in the know” cache due its uniqueness and relative rarity of use in comparison to a corkscrew. A wholesale “Ah So” is the perfect promotional item for a winery with a very dedicated audience made up of oenophiles and wine collectors. The “Ah So” Two-Prong Corkpuller is the perfect promotional product for the discerning wine collector who already has the basics, like a corkscrew, at home. Two-Prong “Ah So” Corkpullers with a custom printed logo are available wholesale and in a variety of finishes from wine-n-gear.

All pricing can be found in our 2018 Catalog, which can be downloaded below.

Any further questions on pricing please email:

Mock up requests for any items in our Catalog can be sent to:

Many of our Catalog items can be purchased directly off of our website. Please visit:

General questions, less than minimum requests, and everything else please email:

Order Procedure with wine-n-gear:

  1. Request and approve logo mock up of desired item. 
  2. Specifiy desired order quantity and receive cost estimate. Approve cost estimate. 
  3. Receive an invoice payable via CC or pay via Check for NET 30 Terms.
  4. Order goes into production. Tracking will be sent out in 2-4 weeks depending on item ordered.



Our clients include multinationals and boutique wineries. We collaborate with our clients to develop packaging and products that optimize our clients’ brand recognition. As a company, we are committed to reliability, integrity, value, sustainability, and impeccable service. We are passionate about wine accessories, branding, and the story that gets told through branded items. We absolutely cannot wait to work with you!

At wine-n-gear we love what we do!™

Our clients include:

  • Boisset Collection
  • Kendall Jackson
  • The Winebow Group
  • Constellation Brands
  • Freixenet USA
  • Gallo
  • Hahn
  • Paul Hobbs
  • Turnbull
  • Trefethen
  • Liquid Farm
  • Vineyard Brands
  • Atlas Wine Co
  • Ancien Wines
  • Buehler Vineyards
  • Duckhorn
  • Dumol
  • Elk Cove Vineyards
  • Frank Family Vineyards
  • J. Lohr

And many, many more. Big or Small, we cannot wait to tell your brand story. 

" I wanted a luxury branded corkscrew to gift our members at the holidays and was referred to Wine-n-gear through a friend. Wine-n-gear checked all the boxes of great customer experience. The entire process was seamless; from deciding which corkscrew would serve our brand best, to laying out the design, expedite delivery and finally - the quality of the product. Arthur was tremendously helpful and responsive every step of the way. We will be using them in the future and would refer them confidently to any winery looking to have a professional, well made corkscrew that plays to luxury & quality. "
- DD Porush, Westwood Estate Wines
" We have been working with Wine-n-gear for our branded corkscrews for over three years and will continue to do so. Wine-n-gear has gone above and beyond to make sure we are extremely satisfied with the finished product and we couldn’t be more grateful. The entire process from product selection, creation, production and shipping and delivery is quick and efficient. Arthur is great to work with and always accessible. We now work with Wine-n-gear to produce other promotional items other than corkscrews and we love the unique pieces we have been able to create. There is nothing more important than being able to stand out from our competitors and Wine-n-gear helps us achieve this. "
- Joseph Amaral, Trade Marketing Manager, Boisset Collection
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Classic Italian Champagne Stopper
Italian Fantes Champagne Stopper. Logo Prints on Stopper Top. Retro Design. Stopper can be made in any custom Pantone color.
Salesperson Insulated Tote Bag (6 Bottle)
Salesperson Insulated Totes are Logo-Embroidered. Salesperson Insulated Totes are available in 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, and 12 Bottle Iterations Request quotes for Sizes not shown on Catalog Page. Totes are Made of Ballistic Nylon
Wine Roller Bag (6 Bottle)
Roller Bags are available in 6, 9, and 12 Bottle Iterations Request quotes for Sizes not shown on Catalog Page. Bags are Made of Ballistic Nylon
Tablecloth with Custom Embroidered Logo
Our Tableclothes are custom embroidered and custom cut to fit any table size. Perfect for wine tasting events and trade shows.
Wine Chiller Sleeve
Inner Gel Freezes to keep wine cool for hours. Once Chilled, just wrap the gel-infused material around your bottle and hit the road. Available in any custom colored Pantone from 500 units. Logo is printed on ...
Leather Wine Tote
Available in 1 and 2-Bottle Sizes. High-End, Tough, Durable Faux-Leather Logo Customizable with Embossing or Pad Print Metal Handles and Sleek Magnetic Closure
Marble and Bamboo Table Coasters
Marble Coasters measure 4 x 4 inches. Cork Coaster Base Protects tables from scratches Marble Coaster is Pad Printed, Bamboo Coaster is Wood Laser Engraved. Sold in Sets of 4 units
Wide Table Crumber 5.5"
This table crumber is great for sweeping the crumbs from the table after each course. Features a wider blade than most standard table crumbers. Black handle with a silver aluminum blade and a pocket clip ...
Slim Table Crumber 6"
This crumber is made from aluminum, and is ideal for getting unwanted crumbs and morsels off of tables. The attached pocket clip makes it easily accessible for your waiters and waitresses, allowing them to conveniently ...
Stemless Wine Tumblers with Lid (12 oz.)
Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Stemless Wine Glass in Popular Stainless Steel Finish BPA Free Keep drinks Hot for up to Approx. 3 hours Keep drinks Cold for up to Approx. 5 hours Available without Insulation for -$2 at each price break.
Laguiole Corkscrew with Gift Box
Laguiole French Single-Lever Corkscrew Stainless Steel Worm Available in Rosewood, Naturalwood, or Blackwood Finishes Gift Box Available in Matte Black or Wood Finish Available without Gift Box for -$2 at each price break.
Crystal Wine & Champagne Glasses
Krysta, European quality crystal 30% stronger at the rim compared to standard crystal glass Transparency index equates to 98.5 Greater Purity and Transparency Maintains brilliance for more than 2,000 industrial dishwasher cycles We also carry Riedel brand glasses ...
DropStop Wine Pourer Disc
Using state-of-the-art digital printing systems, DropStop wine pourers offer massive creative potential. Fully customizable, DropStop drip-free pourers can be digitally printed in full CMYK colour from as little as 500pcs. From business cards and vouchers, ...
Ice Bag Wine Bottle Chiller
Holds Ice & 1 standard bottle Available in any color both transparent and opaque 2-Bottle Size Available upon request Thick Durable PVC plastic Comfortable handles Perfect Summer POS and Promo Item
Pulltap\'s Premium Edition Spanish Waiter\'s Corkscrew
Authentic Pulltap’s Double Lever Waiter’s Corkscrew Patented Two-Step Hinge Mechanism Teflon-coated worm Stainless Steel Frame Sharp Serrated Knife Pad Printed Logo
Pulltap\'s Spanish Waiter\'s Corkscrew
Pulltap’s are the original Spanish double-lever, two-step corkscrew. Known for its compact size, efficiency, and durability the Pulltap is price-achievable yet elegant when branded. Authentic Pulltap’s Double Lever Waiter’s ...
Pocket Plastic by Coutale Sommelier
Plastic-handle version of the Prestige Pocket Stainless-steel frame with an ABS plastic handle. Patented Spring-Loaded Double Lever. Sharp, serrated knife and Teflon-coated worm. Pad-Printing done in any-color along the spine.
Innovation Corkscrew by Coutale Sommelier
Most Price-Achievable model of the Coutale Sommelier line. Stainless-steel frame with plastic coating. Stainless Steel model fully Stainless. Patented Double-Lever. Patented Knife-Closure. Knife closes when lever is lifted. Sharp, serrated knife and Teflon-coated worm. Pad ...
Pocket Prestige Corkscrew by Coutale Sommelier
The smaller, handier version of the Prestige. Patented Spring-Loaded Double Lever. Sharp, serrated knife and Teflon-coated worm. Engraving done along the spine. Perfect for longer, horizontal logos.
Premium Corkscrew by Coutale Sommelier
Largest printing space of the Coutale Sommelier line. Double Sided Pad-Print Standard. Built on a stainless-steel frame with an ABS plastic handle. Patented Spring-Loaded Double Lever. Sharp, serrated knife and Teflon-coated worm.
6 Bottle Wine Tote Bag
Our largest wine tote size. Fits 6 Bottles of Wine. Custom Logo on front of wine tote is complementary. Complementary ground shipping No set up fees
Wood Wine Gift Box Crate (Two Bottle) Made in California
Wooden Wine Gift Box with Wood-Burned Logo Print. Available in Slide Top (Economical) or Flush Top (Luxury). We offer Wooden Wine Boxes in all sizes (1 Bottle, 2 Bottle, 3 Bottle, 4 Bottle, etc). Box is made of Sustainable Pinewood in San Diego, CA.
California Champagne Saber Co Champagne Sabre
Our Champagne Sabre is built on a base of Solid Stainless Steel. A Polished Wood Handle is attached to the blade and body via gold-coated Steel Rivets. The California State Laser-Cut Logo is then affixed ...
Wood Wine Gift Box Crate (Three Bottle) Made in California
Wooden Wine Gift Box with Wood-Burned Logo Print. Available in Slide Top (Economical) or Flush Top (Luxury). We offer Wooden Wine Boxes in all sizes (1 Bottle, 2 Bottle, 3 Bottle, 4 Bottle, etc). Box is made of Sustainable Pinewood in San Diego, CA.
Wine Bottle Pourer Stopper Set (Stainless Steel)
Stainless Steel Body BPA Free, Food Grade Base Logo laser engraved on both Stopper & Pourer Reusable, Unbreakable, Easily Washable Easy to Ship, Lightweight and Compact Inquire to purchase Stopper or Pourer Separate (not as a set) Varied Gift Box and Packaging Options
Champagne Sipper And Pourer (Acrylic)
Available in any Custom Color Pantone Logo can be Pad-Printed on both Sides Reusable, Unbreakable, Easily Washable Easy to Ship, Lightweight Smaller Size available for mini-champagne bottles BPA Free
French Champagne Stopper Bouchon
French Made Available in any Custom Color Pantone Logo is Pad-Printed on Stopper Top Choice of Silver or Gold Wings Reusable, Unbreakable, Easily Washable Easy to Ship, Lightweight BPA Free
Two Prong \"Ah So\" Corkpuller
Available in Stainless Steel, Wood, or Black Plastic Perfect for removing older corks Custom Logo on both sides of corkpuller Standard Laser Engraving available on wood and stainless steel models Packaged in customizable white box packaging
Reusable Acrylic Wine Glass
BPA Free Available in any custom Pantone Color Logo Print on Both Sides Standard Reusable, Unbreakable, Easily Washable Easy to Ship, Lightweight
\"One Wine Bottle\" Insulated Wine Growler 750mL 25oz
This 750mL (one wine bottle) wine growler makes an ideal traveling companion for keeping wine cold or at the optimal temperature all day. Available in a variety of fun color options ...
Prestige Corkscrew by Coutale Sommelier
The heftiest corkscrew in the Coutale Sommelier line. Patented Spring-Loaded Double Lever. Sharp, serrated knife and stainless steel grooved worm. Double-Sided engraving spaces.
Large Acrylic Ice Bucket (4-6 Bottle)
Our Largest Acrylic Ice Bucket. Fully Brand Customizable this Ice Bucket fits 4-6 bottles of champagne or wine comfortably. Easy to wash and re-use. All Ice Buckets are fully customizable and can be produced in a custom Pantone color with a custom pad-printed logo.