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Vista Broadband Networks, Inc., headquartered in beautiful Sonoma County, is a full service business class ISP specializing in guaranteed speeds, symmetrical bandwidth, and low latency transport through it's infrastructure. All business class service is backed by a standard service level agreement (SLA), 24x7 local engineering support, and 24x7 proactive service monitoring.

 Whether by the powerful flexibility and rock solid stability of our fixed microwave, or by the raw speed of our standard business fiber, Vista has been able to deliver amazing scalability, flexibility, and symmtrical speeds from 2.5Mbps to 10Gbps!  All of this while improving costs over it's competitors!


Why settle for old T1 service over an aging copper infrastructure, or pay the high costs for a fiber circuit? Call now and take advantage of the blazing fast speeds of fixed microwave. Our service delivers a premium dedicated Internet circuit with the same quality of service expected of business class fiber! Whether you are in the city core or in the hard to reach rural areas of beautiful Northern California, our microwave is a perfect fit to update and improve your online productivity!


Fast, reliable, and affordable. Our fiber service comes standard with an SLA, 24x7 local engineering support and proactive service monitoring. We invite customers to call us with their old fiber contracts to see how we can save and improve your current speeds.

- Business Class Internet service from 2Mbps to 10Gbps.

- Guaranteed, symmetrical speeds.

- High reliability service level agreements at 99.99% uptime.

- 24x7 local support team. - Flexible wireless and fiber solutions.

- Temporary circuits for events and emergencies.

- Service delivered in 10 business days or less for most wireless installations.


News Archive

Reflecting Back on 2018 and Two Decades of Operation
18 December, 2018

2018 has flown by and our team now looks forward to many exciting things for 2019 and beyond. As we close the year we reflect back on the large number of projects undertaken to continually upgrade the redundancy, reliability and capability of our microwave and fiber optic network infrastructure. With the Butte County fires coming under control, we are sadly reminded of our own local fires just over a year ago and those of us that lost homes. A single positive takeaway from the fires is that as the sole internet provider to continue uninterrupted service throughout the fire, we were able to proudly provide much needed Internet to our first responders during the fire.

As the only fully redundant, privately owned infrastructure in Northern California we emerged from this validation of our infrastructure with new vigor and drive as we reinvested immensely into capital projects to bring multi-gigabit to so many places throughout our infrastructure's vast coverage area. In addition, with new features in the works such as VoIP and other similar cloud productivity services, our team proudly charges forward to shape and evolve Vista to best serve you, our valued customers. It is this innovative and proud culture tradition within Vista Broadband Networks that drives us to push for excellence, an operational philosophy best said by our own CEO, Scott Mindemann but embraced wholeheartedly by the entire Vista team.

Happy Holidays and may 2019 bring great things!


Your Friends at Vista Broadband Networks.

Vista Broadband Increases Network Capacity in Cloverdale Area
19 June, 2017

The close of 2016 brought improved bandwidth capacities for Vista Broadband in the Cloverdale area. As part of its ongoing infrastructure improvement protocol, one of its key core sites responsible for serving northern Sonoma County was upgraded with improved fiber optic and microwave capabilities. This improvement allows Vista to deliver unprecedented speeds and reliability to customers in remote locations that are otherwise out of reach of conventional telco providers. In addition, to further enhance the reliability of its service offerings, Vista has also implemented a secondary/redundant network path out of Cloverdale as part of its commitment to high reliability. 

Vista has slated many such infrastructure upgrades across its Northern California plant for 2017 as it moves to continually support the growing bandwidth demand placed on its facilities. While Vista can deliver Gbps fiber Internet to its core areas, it’s better known for its ability to deliver equivalent commercial class wireless Internet to remote business locations such as wineries. This service comes with a standard SLA that easily rivals fiber optic performance while staying extremely competitive against pricing typically found in the middle of the city.

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We're expanding our wireless service into your neighborhood!
08 August, 2016

Vista Broadband is expanding its network of wireless broadband data into northern Napa Valley. It plans to increase coverage and capacity in Calistoga with high–speed Internet service in the 300 megabit-per-second range for uploads and downloads. The upgrade is scheduled to be available to customers in the area by late 2016. This upgrade sets up the possibility of delivering gigabit Internet to certain locations, the company said. For more information, please feel free to contact us for details:

Ranked #1 As We Continue to Our Improve Network
30 March, 2016

Last year Vista Broadband Networks was ranked #1 in the North Bay Business Journal's annual List of Internet Service Providers. The company has made big moves to earn that rank. 

Since it was founded nearly 15 years ago, Scott Mindemann, Vista's CEO has been vigilant in ensuring its steady and calculated growth. "I knew we had tapped in to a true source of gold," said Mindemann, on the formation of Vista's unique infrastructure and products, "and I knew that the sky was the limit. But quality is more important than quantity. I wanted to be sure that we could provide the best product out there, along with the best service, before we grew too quickly."

It was this mentality that formed Vista's exceptionally strong network and customer focused team. With multiple back hauls over fiber optic lines and high capacity FCC licensed links (known as diverse path and diverse media), Vista's infrastructure design has demonstrated itself to provide the most flexible, economically scalable, and reliable Internet service in North America, boasting the capability to deliver high quality circuits into areas where other conventional providers fall short. 

 2015 also brought about the exciting addition of a tertiary upstream provider at Vista Broadband’s headquarters in Santa Rosa, California. In addition to adding capacity to the overall network, the third upstream provides a deeper layer of redundancy for Vista’s innovative, diverse media core.


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Vista Delivers Live Streaming Capability for Biggest High-Tech Wedding in History
16 June, 2015

The Knot's Dream Wedding took place a few weeks ago at Chateau St. Jean in Kenwood. Vista Broadband Networks, Inc. provided the high-speed Internet service which enabled the production crew to stream the wedding live on a global scale. Vista is a local ISP that serves all of Northern California. 

The Knot's "Dream Wedding" was held at the picturesque estate of Chateau St. Jean Winery in Sonoma County's Wine Country. With the high-speed Internet provided by Vista the wedding was able to stream the event live on a global scale. The wedding was designed to showcase various cutting edge devices and Internet based technology, creating a high tech experience for everyone involved. Among others, the showcase included multiple drones, a mobile robotic camera, a robotic bartender, GoPro cameras, and discreet heart monitors to record the bride and groom's emotional states throughout the event. 

With the 30 Mbps symmetrical Internet provided by Vista the event was seamlessly broadcasted live to an estimated 300,000 viewers worldwide. Three cameramen were on site delivering video feed over Vista's network to a live stream on The bride, groom, and officiate of the ceremony all wore wireless microphones that delivered the audio for The Knot's live stream. 

Anja Winikka, Site Director for The Knot commented, "It's important to have a wedding that reflects the couple. There are many useful technologies that we could highlight and showcase, but we wanted to focus on what mattered to the couple most, and what was most practical to the wedding." The Knot truly created a personalized experience for the couple when they brought in a robot by Double Robotics. The robot attended the ceremony in place of the bride's mother, who was ill and unable to attend in person. The robot delivered live video and audio feed to the mother who watched remotely nearly 500 miles away. The bride's mother was also able to control the movements of the robot, allowing her to feel as though she was right there with them. 

The high-speed Internet circuit provided at the event is part of Vista's Event Services product, which is available to businesses all throughout the North Bay, even in remote locations. It features the ability to deliver high-speed Internet to a location for short-term use. This is a service that compliments the beautiful wine country and the various events that take place year-round. This service has also proven valuable for disaster recovery, or emergency circuit needs. 

"I've worked with Vista in the past and was always impressed," said Mary Jo Dale, Chateau St. Jean's Senior Brand Director. "I knew that we could rely on Vista to power this key event. They enabled the bride and groom to truly enjoy their dream wedding." 

The high-speed circuit was delivered wirelessly via Vista's AirFiber network. This wireless connection backhauls into a fiber optic core that allows Vista to deliver fiber optic grade Internet at a fraction of the cost. Because it is delivered wirelessly Vista is able to reach remote locations, like Chateau St. Jean, and deliver reliable high-speed circuits to those locations.

Not All Wireless Is The Same
03 February, 2015

Not all service is the same, and not all providers put the same philosophy into their operation. While any provider can put up equipment and charge for an uncertain level of service, Vista understands that true guaranteed delivery requires the best equipment, careful infrastructure engineering, and the absolute know-how to maintain premium service levels. At the end of the day it's not just our network and team we are proud of, but your success and satisfaction as well.

Emergency Internet/Temp Service for Earthquake victims!
25 August, 2014

Emergency Internet/Temp Service through Vista Broadband can be an effective way to get your operation back up and running through disasters. Because wireless is so flexible, often times our team can bring rapid deployment to bridge the gap until your primary service is restored. This service also works great for temporary command centers and camps focused on dealing with emergency scenarios.



A WINner of a deal for Wine Industry Network Members
02 April, 2014

Receive free installation on any service level with proof of WIN Membership! **Offer valid for new Vista subscribers. Required 36 month term only and is subject to availability. Certain conditions apply. Expires May, 7 2014. 

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