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Bryan St. Amant

VinterActive - Consumer Direct Wine Marketing


VinterActive's SecureWineShop™all-in-one wine sales software helps you sell more wine by accepting secure payments via website, smartphone, tablet and even your Facebook page.

This proven cloud-based ecommerce solution is PCI-DSS validated and uses tokenization technology to maximize customer security, reduce liabilty and simplify  reporting requirements.

Mobile-optimized and responsive to any size screen, SecureWineShop™ can be customized to integrate with any website. 

Based on more than a decade of wine industry experience & customer feedback, SecureWineShop offers a shorter path to purchase, more powerful marketing features, and more advanced management tools than any solution available to the wine industry today.

With years of experience working with wineries of every size, our professional staff can help you deploy an advanced ecommerce solution - or upgrade your existing shopping cart - in 30 days or less.


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SecureWineShop™ all-in-one wine sales software

Caucasian male tastes wine and contemplates SecureWineShopWe began VinterActive with the goal of helping wineries succeed by leveraging the best practices of consumer direct marketing.

Since 2002, VinterActive has served as a trusted partner to hundreds of U.S. wineries and our innovative approach to consumer direct wine marketing has helped more wineries sell more wine than anyone else in the business.

While marketing methods have changed over the years, our commitment remains the same: to deliver the tools, knowledge and service you need to maximize your share of the wine industry's fastest growing sales channel.

Our industry-proven products and services include:

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SecureWineShop™ All-in-One Wine Sale Software
SecureWineShop™ All-in-One Wine Sale Software
A quick overview of SecureWineShop™
Customer Experience - SecureWineShop™ Demo
Customer Experience - SecureWineShop™ Demo
Customer experience in SecureWineShop™
Management Experience - SecureWineShop™ Demo
Management Experience - SecureWineShop™ Demo
Admin experience in SecureWineShop™

News Archive

SecureWineShop™ - New Ecommerce Tools Boost Online Sales 10%- 20%
07 March, 2017

NEW Ecommerce PowerBoost Increases Online Sales 10%-20%

Now you can turbocharge your SecureWineShop™ with three premium features designed to boost your online wine sales 10% to 20% or more. Our optional Ecommerce PowerBoost includes:

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Shopping cart recovery rate 10-20%Industry sources report more than two-thirds of online shoppers add products to their shopping cart but fail to complete their purchase. 

Fortunately, many of these abandoned carts and the sales they represent can be recovered by simply contacting the customer and asking if they wish to complete their purchase. 

Marketers successfully employing these tactics report recovery rates of 10% to 20%...sales that would have otherwise been lost without an effective method for abandoned cart recovery.

SecureWineShop’s powerful new Abandoned Cart Remindermodule gives you all the tools you need to identify abandoned carts, automatically contact their owners with any message you choose, and track the results of your efforts.


Loyalty programCustomer Rewards Program

Returning customers spend more money and generate more profit than one-time buyers, that’s why national brands from Starbucks to Amazon have adopted customer rewards programs to recognize and encourage customer loyalty.

Wildly popular with consumers, industry sources report that customer rewards programs increase overall revenue by 5%-10% and increase both order size and order frequency by 5%-20%.  Additional benefits include standing out versus the competition and the positive word of mouth generated by customers in your rewards program.

SecureWineShop’s flexible Customer Rewards Program give you the ability to award points for purchases online or in-store, then give your customers the option to redeem their points for discounts, special products, exclusive events or gift certificates.


Facebook CommerceFacebook Commerce

Many wineries maintain thriving Facebook pages with active communities of loyal customers.  Now you can make it easier than ever for your winery’s Facebook fans to buy their favorite wine with SecureWineShop’s exclusive Facebook Commerce Module.

Benefits include more online wine sales, a stronger Facebook community and better ROI for your social media spending.


For more information...

Visit or call 1-888-583-9463

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SecureWineShop™ - Added Features & New Low Price in 2017
11 January, 2017

All-in-one wine sales software features new customer loyalty program and lower pricing

Windsor, CA – January 11, 2017 – Consumer direct wine marketing leader VinterActive LLC today announced the first in a series of new features planned for its flagship SecureWineShop™ software in 2017.

New lower pricing was also announced with SecureWineShop™ now available for $995 setup and $199/mo, making it the industry’s most affordable all-in-one wine sales solution.

“We think even the smallest and budget-conscious wineries should be able to benefit from the latest wine sales technology, that’s why we’re lowering prices and adding more features than ever in 2017,” said VinterActive Founder and CEO, Bryan St. Amant.

Combining winery ecommerce, wine club software, tasting room POS, wholesale accounts and real-time compliance in a secure cloud-based solution, SecureWineShop is designed to help growing wineries sell more wine while reducing management costs.

SecureWineShop’s latest wine sales feature announced today is a built-in customer loyalty program which allows wineries to reward long-term customers with points for purchases that can be redeemed for special discounts, events and product offers.

“Research shows that exclusive personalized offers are one of the most effective techniques a winery can use to grow DTC sales.  That’s why we’re including this new feature at no extra charge for all SecureWineShop™ users,” said St. Amant.

Wine industry professional thinks about growing DTC wine sales with SecureWineShop

About SecureWineShop™
SecureWineShop fulfills VinterActive’s core mission of bringing powerful direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine marketing tools to the small and medium-sized wineries that can benefit most from their use.

Top 10 Features of SecureWineShop include:

1)      Mobile optimization adapts to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones with responsive design.

2)      PCI-DSS validation maximizes online customer data security and limits winery liability for security breach.

3)      Wine sales dashboard combines results from every sales channel in a single management overview.

4)      Personalized products and pricing can be offered to unlimited classes of customers – retail, wine club, wholesale and more.

5)      Complete wine club managementincluding bulk order processing, email notifications and Fast Track wine club signup form.

6)      Integrated mobile POS accepts cash or credit for tasting room and event sales.

7)      Built-in real-time compliance including state-by-state volume shipping limits, DOB collection and TaxCloud sales tax services.

8)      Works with any website including VinterActive’s new Squarespace™ winery websites.

9)      Shipping, compliance and accounting integration with UPS, FedEx, QuickBooks and 3rd party fulfillment/compliance vendors.

10)    Personalized customer supportprovided by experienced wine industry professionals.


For more information, winery owners and managers are invited to learn more at and schedule a free demonstration of SecureWineShop™.


About VinterActive LLC

VinterActive LLC is a leader in the research and practice of consumer direct wine marketing. Founded in 2002, VinterActive’s team of direct marketing experts, wine sales advisors, and ecommerce system engineers have identified and developed proprietary techniques for increasing tasting room, wine club and online sales that have proven effective for both large and small wineries seeking to maximize their share of the consumer direct sales channel.  VinterActive’s wine industry innovations include PreferencePro™ email marketing, SecureWineShop™ ecommerce, the VinQuest Consumer Direct Wine Sales Report and SecureWineShop™ all-in-one wine sales software.

VinterActive, SecureWineShop, PreferencePro and VinQuest are trademarks of VinterActive LLC.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.





VinterActive LLC

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VinQuest DTC Wine Sales Seminar - Friday Dec 16th - Healdsburg CA
14 December, 2016

VinterActive LLC (  in conjunction with Wine Road Northern Sonoma County ( will present a 1-hour seminar this Friday December 16th to share the benchmarks and best practices revealed in this year's VinQuest 2016 Consumer Direct Wine Sales Report.

DTC Sales Results from VinQuest 2016 Consumer Direct Wine Sales Report

VinQuest research director and VinterActive CEO, Bryan St. Amant, will share DTC sales results and key industry averages for tasting room, wine club and ecommerce as reported by 224 U.S. wineries of every size. 

Common barriers to DTC sales will be examined and seminar attendees will participate in a crowd-sourcing session to address the #1 obstacle to DTC sales growth. 

Data from the VinQuest report will also be used to identify the best practices employed by tasting room, wine club and ecommerce managers at today's top-performing DTC wineries. 

As a bonus, all attendees will have the opportunity to receive a free copy of the VinQuest 2016 Consumer Direct Research Summary.

This event is FREE and registration is open to members of the Wine Road association who RSVP by calling 707-433-4335.

About VinQuest 2016
The VinQuest™ 2016 online survey was conducted by VinterActive LLC with support from leading winery associations in an effort to better understand the size and dynamics of the consumer direct wine sales channel. Now in its ninth year, VinQuest research has produced one of the largest and most widely used sources of consumer direct sales data in the U.S. wine industry.

Participating winery associations include: Napa Valley Vintners, Sonoma County Wine Road, Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance, Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance, Temecula Valley Wine Growers and Lake County Winery Association. Initial guidance and support was provided by Wine America and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

More information about this year's VinQuest wine marketing report is available at

Now Available - VinQuest 2016 Consumer Direct Wine Sales Report
15 November, 2016

Windsor, CA –Consumer direct sales through tasting rooms, wine clubs and ecommerce continue to fuel the growth of thousands of small and mid-sized wineries in 2016, according to the latest VinQuest 2016 wine industry research just released by VinterActive LLC.

Based on their VinQuest™ 2016 survey of 224 U.S. wineries, VinterActive reports direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales continued to grow at a double-digit pace in 2016 and was responsible for the majority of revenue generated by U.S. wineries producing fewer than 10K cases/yr.

Key findings of this year’s research reveal:

  • DTC Sales Growth Average in 2016: 11%
  • Wine Club share of 2016 DTC Sales: 39%
  • Tasting Room share of 2016 DTC Sales: 33%
  • Ecommerce share of 2016 DTC Sales: 12%
  • DTC share at wineries making under 4K cases/yr: 69%
  • DTC share at wineries making 4-10K cases/yr: 57%
  • DTC share at wineries making 10-42K cases/yr: 42%
  • DTC share at wineries making over 42K cases/yr: 23%

By correlating DTC sales growth with channel marketing practices, this year’s VinQuest report shows top-performing wineries in 2016 profited by targeting high-end consumers with limited-availability premium-priced wines and personalized customer service.

“Private allocations, members-only products, customized wine club shipments and mobile optimized commerce were all winning strategies for DTC wineries in 2016,” according to VinterActive CEO, Bryan St. Amant.

This year’s Vinquest research offers a detailed comparison of tasting room, wine club and online sales at wineries of all sizes from 10 U.S. states. DTC technology trends were identified along with barriers to success.



Pricing starts at $1000 set-up and $199/mo for VinterActive's SecureWineShop™ all-in-one wine sales software.


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