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Paul Mabray

Powering Social Intelligence for the Wine Industry

VinTank powers Social Intelligence for the wine industry through a platform that was developed to connect their consumers interacting on various social channels. Currently the system processes over 2 million conversations per day and has taken in over 300 million conversations with over 30 million conversations about brands, varieties and regions across more than 10 million social wine consumers. Our goal is to allow all wineries and wine companies the ability to leverage the software to gain insightful information and analytics about online conversations and interactions and apply it against their their social customers.

VinTank Social Connect - The Wine Industry's best tool for connecting your customers within the social ecosphere.


Social Connect is the only Social Media Monitoring platform that has an intense focus on the wine industry, allowing you access to millions of conversations and consumers that are currently talking about your wines. Unlike other social media monitoring tools you may be familiar with, our tools recognize the full context of true wine conversations and their impact as a wine consumer. We take in over 1 million wine conversations a day and actively analyze:

  • 170,000 social sites including Twitter & Facebook
  • 15,000 wine-focused blogs
  • 90,000 forum sites
  • 10 million social customer profiles
  • Location Based platforms like FourSquare, Yelp and more
  • Major tasting note platforms and applications like Cellar Tracker, Drync, WineLog and more

All these conversations and customers are then presented to you in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Whether you produce 100's of cases or 100's of Thousands of cases we have a solution that will fit your business needs

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Paul Mabray
Paul Mabray
Paul Mabray Chief Strategy Officer Paul has been in the wine and spirits industry for over sixteen years. He has worked for Napa Ale Works, Niebaum~Coppola, WineShopper/ and also was the North American Beverage Consultant for Sumitomo Corporation of America from 2003 through 2005. He founded Inertia in 2003 as one of the first major companies established to bridge the barrier between wineries and their customers. Paul Mabray was CEO from 2003 until 2008 creating the largest and most powerful e-commerce platform for the wine industry, the Rethink Engine. Under his leadership, Inertia created incredible new products for the wine industry to help open up the ability to sell and market direct including the innovative Direct to Trade, ReThink Compliance, Brix Open Source CMS, Marketplace Enablement, and many more. For his last six months at Inertia, Paul was Chief Strategy Officer and EVP of Business Development in charge of creating key strategic direction, business development, and mergers and acquisitions. VinTank is a continuation of his desire to help revolutionalize the wine industry through e-business and innovative digital products and marketing. A key contributor to the Inertia blog, a two time American Wine Blog Awards finalist, he has also been a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, UC Davis and many other symposiums, seminars, blogs, and periodicals for his leadership in the wine industry. Paul formerly sat on the Board of Directors for the leading wine business social network,, and the Board of Advisors for Paul is currently on the Board of Directors for and the Board of Advisors of He lives in Napa with his wife Sherry, and his son Finn.
Evan Cover
Evan Cover
Evan Cover Chief Operating Officer As the Chief Operating Officer, Evan is responsible for ensuring the successful day-to-day operating activities for both our customers and the team within the organization. He also has a key focus of maintaining all winery. technology and business development partnership relations. He acts as project manager for most of the clientele projects ensuring the accuracy and timeliness for project outcomes. while also assists in the role of driving the company's strategic direction and growth. Evan was one of the original founders and CEO of Cruvee prior to the merger with VinTank. As his role of CEO he was able to successfully transform the company from a traditional social networking company and platform to what is becoming the de facto BI and Social tools the wine industry has ever seen (with the help of a great team and the recent merger). He has over 20 years of marketing, strategy and operational experience in the hospitality industry, As a veteran entrepreneur, Evan was previously CEO at EMC Solutions, a digital marketing consultancy for the golf industry. Prior to that, Evan consulted for top hotel holding companies and helped form online marketing and operational strategies for their brands. Evan is the proud father of his daughter Riley!
James Jory
James Jory
James Jory Chief Technology Officer As the Chief Technology Officer, James is responsible for all product development and technology advancements for the company. The company's top technology executive, James plays an integral role in the company's strategic direction, development, and future growth. James brings over 20 years of experience as a technologist, the last 15 of which has been building scalable web-based applications. As the Chief Architect and later Director of Software Development at Kurant, he led the development of a cross-platform e-commerce application that is used by thousands of small businesses. After being acquired by eBay, James stayed on to guide the platform integration between eBay and ProStores, providing a valuable off-eBay sales channel for top eBay sellers. James combined his passions for wine and technology in 2005 when he built Scrugy, a search engine and blog aggregation site for wine. At that time, there was no good place online to find quality information about wineries and wine or to read what the burgeoning wine blog community was talking about. With over 20 million pages indexed and content & articles from thousands of winery and blog sites, Scrugy showed the potential for a vertically focused search engine and the emerging value of monitoring the conversations occurring on blogs. In 2009, James joined forces (and platforms) with Cruvee and as CTO led the re-architecture of Cruvee into the wine industry's most powerful social listening platform. To date Cruvee has evaluated over 200 million online conversations about wine and delivers matched conversations to thousands of wineries using the platform. James lives in Napa with his wife and 3 children.
Introduction to Location Based Marketing
Introduction to Location Based Marketing
Event held at VinTank Offices with Aaron Strout and Michael Schneider
Unfiltered with Aaron Strout and Michael Schneider
Unfiltered with Aaron Strout and Michael Schneider
Thought leader interviews with 2 of the smartest LBS gurus!

News Archive

Balzac Communications Chooses VinTank for Social Customer Relationship Management
16 March, 2012

Napa, CA – Balzac Communications has chosen VinTank for its social listening and social customer relationship management needs.

“We looked at a myriad of other solutions at all price points. VinTank not only offered the best in terms of features, but also had a thorough understanding of the wine industry,” said Michael Wangbickler, Balzac Senior Account Executive.

Balzac will now have deep access to analytics that will give them detailed information about their clients’ customers and conversations related to the brands they are managing, while measuring their successful interactions and media programs put into action.

”Having the visibility into my clients’ social conversations across millions of channels and millions of consumers was reason enough to select VinTank," Wangbickler said "But their recent release of SCRM features that allow us to manage our clients’ Facebook Fan Pages and append, organize and manage the customer information set them apart from any other solution available in the market today."

Most wineries and wine companies are convinced of the value of social media, but struggle to find ways to best manage, and leverage the influx of conversations that surround wine and their brands. Others, like Balzac, are now at the point of trying to identify their direct and indirect consumers in order to target their marketing and engagement efforts.

“It is an honor to be selected to help Balzac manage social media and social customers for their winery customers,” says Paul Mabray, Chief Strategy Officer of VinTank. “We plan to keep enhancing our platform to even better serve the wine industry and professional firms like Balzac.”

Wineries, wine companies, PR agencies and more can sign up for free accounts to VinTank’s social listening platform as well as upgrade their accounts to access these same customer and management features at

Are you hearing your customer’s conversations about your company?
14 February, 2012

VinTank’s Social Connect is now focused on the things we see as the most important functions of social today for wineries: brand conversations and customers. We just made the biggest upgrade to our software ever. This one was filled with years of understanding how you use it (or don’t) and where we see the future of social media and the wine industry going.

Brand Conversations:  It is our mantra that no matter what you do in the social arena, you NEED to know if someone is talking about your brand (good, bad, indifferent).  This is the most essential aspect you can be doing with Social Media.  It is your choice how you want to deal with those conversations (Customer Service, Customer Acquisition/Retention, PR, Sales, Biz Dev, etc).  However, if you don’t hear them, you can’t respond.  In our recent release we highlight the conversations about YOUR brand and report to you on those key dialogues differently from your other monitoring.

So what does our software do for you?  Here is a simple metaphor: we are the digital answering machine for your brand.  We take in all the conversations from six categories:

  1. Microblogs: Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  2. Blogs: We monitor over 100K blogs that discuss wine.
  3. Forums: We monitor over 100K forums where wine is discussed and pay special attention to key wine forums like
  4. Tasting notes: We work closely sites like CellarTracker, Drync and more to listen to wine conversations by serious wine aficionados.
  5. Media: We scour the web for pictures and videos of your brand through sites like YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Instagram and more.
  6. LBS: We keep close attention to conversations and check-ins from sites like Foursquare and Yelp.

What do we do with these? We digest and sort more than a million conversations about wine per day and present them to you in one single dashboard for you to understand, engage, and report.   Like I said, your digital answering machine.  It is then your choice if and how you want to respond to people talking about your wines.

Want to learn more?  Contact us at (800) 605-8265.

To and Fro – Predictions For Wine & Tech in 2011
06 March, 2011

We meant to get this gigantic presentation* out on our two year anniversary of being in business.  It is a combination of the things we are most proud of contributing to the wine industry from VinTank, a few projects we are very excited about, and predictions about wine and tech in 2011.  Enjoy and please share.  We are really looking forward to hearing your comments.

*apologies about the giant size of the file – we just like images so much . . .

To and Fro from VinTank



There are 3 levels of the Social Connect software system:


Basic Account - FREE

The basic account is intended for all wineries and wine companies that are in the listening stage. We offer deep social listening for your brand(s) with introductory levels of engagement, customer insights, analytics and reporting. Some of the features include:

Social Monitoring - 
  • Brands campaigns only 
  • up to 5,000 matches
  • Campaign reports 
Email notifications 
  • Campaign Management 
  • Commenting/Tagging 
  • Twitter Engagement Tool 
Social Customers 
  • Top 10 customers

Sign Up Here


VinTank Lite

Completely take control of the conversations and customers through the media channels that you own including, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and more. Never before have you been able to gain access to so much information about your social customers as well as finally save and manage your time by not having to log in to multiple social networks, platforms or other software programs.

The SCRM Lite plan contains all of the rich features and listening capabilities that is offered in the basic version of the Social Connect software. However there are key advanced features that our winery partners have been asking to have developed to enhance the experience and software capabilities. Some of these features include:

  • Manage Facebook- connect your Facebook Fan page and manage the conversations and interactions directly from inside the platform.
  • Facebook Customers- annotate, organize, and report at a DEEPER level on all your Facebook interactions.
  • Customer Details  you can see ALL your social customers and annotate, categorize, and follow-up on them.
  • *Facebook Customer Reporting  ability to build reports based on your top social customers' interactions on your Facebook Fan Page.
  • *Facebook Insights  Rich analytics on your Facebook fan page, customer interactions and more.
  • *Customer Segmentation  segment all your social customers based on tags, categories, and notes.
  • *Add Owned Social Channels- connect additional channels including your brand's Twitter and Foursquare accounts.
  • *Mobile  access and answer conversations on the go.

*coming soon

The cost of the SCRM Lite program is $35 per month (billed annually) for each brand that you represent. To gain access to all of these great Facebook and customer features you can sign up for a basic account and then upgrade to these features.

Sign Up for the Free Account Here - then upgrade your your account to the LITE version. 


SCRM - Pro (coming soon)

Integrate your e-commerce, club, tasting room, e-mail customers into the software allowing you to see how many times your club members are talking about you, customer ROI, Lifetime customer values, and more.

Email Us for more Information















who they are


Cruvee's mission is to provide business intelligence and performance management services for the wine industry. With unparalleled abilities to assimilate and warehouse massive amounts of dynamically generated data, Cruvee can intelligently parse through this information to get key business insights and help make better business and marketing decisions. This means beyond data warehousing, it has become possible to use technology to apply organization and context to the data and how it is being mined.

Project Tags: Strategic Consulting, Business Development

Wine Industry Sales Education

WISE which stands for WINE INDUSTRY SALES AND EDUCATION provides students with the only wine industry education, training and certification program dedicated solely to direct-to-consumer sales.

 Project Tags: Digital Strategy

WTN Services

WTN Servicesâ"¢ is financially stable, pro-active, innovative and a recognized best in class wine industry leader. WTN Servicesâ"¢ applies it years experience daily to ensuring their clients gain and maintain a competitive edge in the direct to consumer wine market.

WTN Servicesâ"¢ provides their clients with timely and reliable direct to consumer supply chain solutions through proactive account management, technology, key strategic partnerships and a bi-coastal warehousing network.

WTN Servicesâ"¢ powered by 1800Flowersâ"¢ is the preferred fulfillment leader specializing in the winery and retail wine industry.

Project Tags: Strategic Consulting, Business Development

eCommerce Solutions for your Wine Business

Vin | 65 offers solutions for managing winery websites including website design, ecommerce, content management, and customer relationship management. Driven to leaders in winery ecommerce, Vin | 65 develops websites that are tailored for higher performance and higher return.

Project Tags: Strategic Consulting

Oregon Wine Board

An organization focused on everything wine related in the State of Oregon. The Oregon Wine Board serves as a resource of information for the wine industry as well as a resource of travel tips and news for wine lovers. They are dedicated to seeing the Oregon wine industry grow and succeed and sharing that success with the rest of the world.

Project Tags: Strategic Consulting

Capozzi Winery


A family owned winery in the Russian River Valley, Capozzi winery is run by Josh Hermsmeyer and his family.

Project Tags: Strategic Consulting & Business Development


iWineAdventure is an iPhone application under development.

Project Tags: Strategic Consulting, Business Development

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Chief Technology Officer James Jory 916-717-9726
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