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VANTREO Insurance Brokerage has been exclusively endorsed by five Sonoma County winery associations to provide all-lines of insurance in a special program that identifies coverage gaps through a full audit and almost always saves our clients money too. Our brokerage strives to be the "go-to" insurance brokerage for all wine and ag businesses. We have highly trained experts who have been credentialed in farm and ag designations and our agency has received the top credential from Nationwide/Allied, the largest ensurer of the wine/ag industry in the USA. We represent over 150 A rated insurance carriers for property & casualty, workers compensation, life/key-man insurance, health benefits, and crop insurance.

Our wine biz team is comprised of high level insurance and operational professionals who are educated, resourceful, creative and fun to work with. We bring the personal touch to our client relationships. 

You may also want to know that we are

  • a full service brokerage offering a broad range of property/casualty, employee benefit, financial services, personal insurance program, and risk management solutions;
  • experts in working with rapid growth, multi-location, and risk challenged businesses
  • California North Bay's Business of the Year in the mid-size category.
  • voted North Bay Business Journal Best Place to Work for the past 2 years
  • reducing workers compensation claims cost our CompZone division just passed the $1,000,000 mark in negotiated claim reserve reductions on our clients behalf
  • originator of the annual Latinos in the Workforce conference which seeks best practices in addressing workplace diversity
  • endorsed by several CA trade associations for exclusive products & solutions
  • able to provide plenty of references as to the success of our approach


Our goal is to leverage your time in achieving the professional results you want.


License # 0F69776




An all lines, wine business insurance program exclusively endorsed by five winery associations including the Sonoma County Vintners Association

With this program, over 350 Northern California wineries are working together to change the way insurance is being purchased with pretty amazing results .

In our initial Beta test we met with winery owners and reviewed all three lines of insurance (that includes workers compensation, property casualty and employee benefits) specifically for coverage adequacy and saving potential.

The results we increased coverage ineverycase and identified up to 30% in savings potential at the same time.

We actually work with associations throughout Northern California generating savings with a similar approach. At this point, 82% of the businesses we have met with have signed up for the program.

We're wine business specialists and the key to the competitive advantage is in wine businesses working together to create purchasing clout in the marketplace.

Sonoma County Vintners Testimonial
Sonoma County Vintners Testimonial
Honore Comfort, Executive Director of Sonoma County Vintners, praises VANTREO Wine Business Insurance services and programs for their ability to customize to the needs of both large and small wineries and help improve their bottom line.
Vantreo Inman Family Wines
Vantreo Inman Family Wines
Kathleen Inman, Owner/Winemaker of Inman Family Wines, explains how VANTREO Wine Business Insurance services and programs made her administration easier and cheaper by packaging all her insurance needs together and providing her with excellent wine business advice.
Vantreo Garagiste
Vantreo Garagiste
Serena Lourie, Owner, and Alan Baker, Winemaker, of Cartograph recommend VANTREO Wine Business Insurance services and programs as a trusted resource of service, advice, and expertise for small and growing wineries.
How Businesses Can Stop COVID-19 at the Door

A 7-year old stands at the backdoor. He pauses to remove his wet, muddy boots. As he cautiously manages the task, his 3-year old brother, who is equally muddy, runs past him into the house and onto the living room carpet, shouting "Hey Mom! I need a drink!"  Mud is everywhere.

Like muddy boots, the solution to COVID-19 spread is to stop it at the door.

We'd all like to believe that the people in our community understand the rules, and the importance of those rules, in preventing virus spread. Most people do and are doing what it takes.

Unfortunately, there are still too many people out there who are either unaware of their social responsibility, immature about their role, or just plain careless.

As a result, the virus continues to spread making people sick and threatening the businesses we are all working so hard to grow.

When COVID-19 walks through the door, we also find ourselves playing a time consuming and expensive game of "whack-a-mole" in clean-up and response activity. No one wants the people we know, love, and want working, to get sick.   

Here's an available, fully automated system to help stop COVID-19 at the door...

1.  Employees receive a daily text  - To help people take 100% personal responsibility for their COVID-19 obligations, every employee is asked by daily text message to confirm they are free of exposure and symptoms. The text wording is simple and asks them to reply Yes or No. With a Yes response (meaning there has been exposure or symptoms), the employee is advised not to go to work and invited to speak to a telehealth physician to find out how he/she can be cleared to return.

2.  Work clearance telehealth appointments are automatically set - Where applicable, employees receive a link via text message to a telehealth work clearance appointment site.  

3.  Physicians update the employer's Wellness Tracking Dashboard -  All physician responses are tracked on an employer wellness tracking dashboard. This gives HR leadership, at each location, real time access to employee wellness data. Daily reporting supports state requirements.

4.  Cleared Employees receive a color-coded QR code by text - This code is submitted for inspection at reception or security.

5.  The daily self-certification process is ongoing until the virus hazard lessens - The need for this service is assessed monthly. The service is provided on a monthly basis and can be easily discontinued without penalty.

The financial investment to implement this proactive solution is typically $3 per employee, per month, plus $90 for each telehealth physician clearance. There may also be additional cost for COVID testing. Fees may be less for larger groups. Some costs may be covered by insurance.

 If you're interested, it's worth taking an online tour. To schedule a tour, just reply here.

News Archive

Protocol to Help Ensure the Workforce Re-Enters Healthy and Stays That Way
30 April, 2020

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the world’s newest workplace risks…a risk surrounded by great expectation.

Employers are now generally expected to have a COVID-19 protocol in place to help ensure that the workforce re-enters healthy and stays that way. People want to know that the employer’s protocol can be verified and that it aligns with CDC guidelines.

In addition, the question of how COVID-19 claims will ultimately be considered related to workers compensation is still largely unanswered. What we do know is that once the shelter-in-place orders have been lifted, employers who are good at minimizing the risk of COVID-19 exposure, and who have a very low incidence of workplace infection, will certainly benefit.

To facilitate that outcome, we’ve put together an easily implemented, affordable, telemedicine solution that gives our employers a documented protocol to guide the returning workforce.

The Process

1. Worksite Criteria - The first step is to make sure the employer is following CDC workplace requirements regarding physical distancing and sanitation protocols. We can assist if you need specifics.

2. Health Review – Employees may return to work if they have been without symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.) for at least 10 days since the date of their first symptoms. Taking temperatures daily can assist here at least in the early phases of re-entry. If an employee has been ill, a back-to-work-form should be required.

3. 24/7 Telemedicine Call – If an employee is ill, this physician service provides immediate consultation to determine how the illness should be handled. The service is accessed through an 800-number and a website link that prompts (7) questions that follow CDC guidelines.

4. COVID testing – There is a “testing” path and a “non-testing” path related to COVID-19. Before recommending a lab test, the telemedicine team determines if there is reasonable access to a testing site for the employee. If there is reasonable access, they will guide the person to the testing site. If not, they will prescribe the proper non-testing path. Of course, the availability of testing is growing exponentially every day and the physician team is staying current with the availability. The lab test is now required to be at no charge per Federal legislation H.R. 6201.

As the workforce transitions into the re-entry phase, the issue of testing will likely be moving from one of an early test (to clear the team member to continue working)… to obtaining an antibody screen (a finger-prick test) prior to a team member’s return to the workforce, 7 days after recovering from illness. The FDA announced, last week, that they expect to be approving an at-home test in the next week or two. We expect to know more in the days ahead as information becomes available.

5. Back-To-Work Release - If the employee can return to work, the Back To Work release form will be issued to the employee by the telemedicine physician.


The pricing we have negotiated for this service is $.60 per employee, per month, plus a “per consultation” fee of $29.00. For example, at 100 employees, the total monthly cost is $60.00 plus $29.00 for every consultation that has occurred.

As you can see, this solution not only supports any employer in need of a documented COVID-19 protocol, but also helps mitigate this unprecedented risk.

As a side note, the online physician service not only provides national COVID-19 consultation but can also serve your team members who need to talk with a doctor about any minor, common medical condition. This is often helpful for part-time workers (and their families) or anyone else who does not have medical coverage.

VANTREO is here to help. If you have questions or would like to explore enrolling in our COVID-19 Workforce Protocol, just reply here.

For information on VANTREO’s free, paperless platform to onboard furloughed employees and facilitate their benefits enrollment, etc., just reply here.

Supervisor Basic Training - March 5
24 February, 2020

Learn essential leadership traits, lead a diverse workplace, deal with "attitude" issues and more!

Contact Karen O'Brien ( to waive the fee! 

10 Important Facts about Employment Practices Liability Insurance
12 February, 2020

Key coverage provisions to understand before something happens

Things are changing.

In 2008, most employment practices claims came from wrongful termination. By 2012, the majority of claims were the result of retaliation, and race & sex discrimination (including harassment and pregnancy discrimination). Since 2017, wage & hour claims have moved to center stage.

Today, employment practices issues continue to rank high as the most popular and dangerous workplace claims. Understanding  a few key facts about employment practices insurance can help not only reduce risk but also align expectations should a claim occur.

What is Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)? 

EPLI is the insurance that covers wrongful acts arising out of the employment process such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, invasion of privacy, emotional distress, wage & hour violations, Americans with Disabilities Act violations, and more. Wrongful acts made by non-employees are excluded unless specifically endorsed for coverage.

10 Important Facts about Employment Practices Liability Insurance

  1. Wrongful Acts (as defined by the policy) are included for coverage. Intentional acts are excluded.
  2. Wage & Hour damages are excluded. Defense cost coverage for Wage & Hour claims may be included with a sublimit (typically not more than $100,000) if endorsed.
  3. Punitive damages (damages exceeding simple compensation and awarded to punish the defendant) can be an optional coverage. It is subject to state law. California, for example, does not allow insurance to cover punitive damages.
  4. The insurance company chooses the attorney who will defend the lawsuit on the employer’s behalf. The chosen attorney typically comes from a pre-selected panel of approved attorneys who are employment law specialists. In some instances, the employer’s counsel may be used if the choice of counsel was approved by the carrier in advance.
  5. EPLI policies typically include a self-insured retention (SIR) instead of a deductible. An SIR is an amount which the policyholder must pay out-of-pocket for defense costs/losses in the early stages of a claim before the insurer is required to pay anything. This differs from a deductible which is subtracted by the insurer from its total claim payment and then becomes the policyholder’s responsibility.
  6. A claim is “triggered” by a written demand for relief, charges brought before an agency such as EEOC, service of a summons or lawsuit, or regulatory investigation. If a claim is not reported when triggered (or within the timeframe specified in the policy) coverage may be denied.
  7. The policy often includes a provision, called a Hammer Clause, that states that if the  insured does not agree to the first settlement opportunity recommended by the carrier, the carrier’s liability may be capped at the amount for which the claim could have settled, plus defense costs as of the date of the settlement opportunity.
  8. Breach of contract is generally excluded unless brought with other allegations. The reason for this is that if the insured enters into a contract, it is assumed that the terms will be carried out. If they are not carried out, the assumption is that the company’s violation was intentional.
  9. The policy form will be “Claims Made” instead of “Occurrence.”. This means that the policyholder can only receive benefits if they are covered at the time the claim is filed with the insurance carrier.
  10. It is wise to notify the carrier of facts that have surfaced that may give rise to a future claim (but for which no current claim exists). Putting the carrier on notice of an unrealized possibility does not typically impact the cost of the policy renewal but can secure important protections under the policy should a claim actually materialize later.

VANTREO is here to help. If you would like more information on Employment Practices Liability Insurance, just let us know. Reply here. 

Top 5 Health Benefits Solutions for 2020
15 January, 2020

How to make it simpler and more relevant this year!

Human Resources (HR) is the linchpin to managing not only healthcare but just about every aspect of the most important asset of any company, its employees. HR teams across the country are relied on to handle more and more responsibilities.  

Easing that burden is the key to success.

We ease the burden with an updated approach to meeting employee needs and by simplifying the process for everyone through technology.

We’ll focus on just 5 key solutions.  

Top 5 Health Benefits Solutions for 2020... (view expanded version)

1. Control Costs – “Awareness” fuels cost reduction. At the risk of over-simplifying an extremely complicated subject, "awareness" is key to helping control health benefits costs. Awareness empowers us to make better decisions. It gives us confidence and courage to do things we might have thought impossible.

For example, learn how to live healthy ...and increase the odds of living longer and spending less on healthcare.

Perhaps, learn how to use a Health Saving Account, fund a large HSA deductible...and eliminate financial anxiety when a health emergency arises.

2. Maximize Technology –  According to a recent survey from Aflac, half of employees spend 30 minutes or less making benefit selections during open enrollment each year. This means employers have a short window of time to educate employees and make sure they're armed with the right information to feel confident in their benefit selection.

To do this effectively, HR needs to move past brochures, handouts, lengthy employee packets and paper applications and look for ways to meet employees where they live... online.

Maximize technology to save time and win talent.

3. Satisfy Diverse Benefit Expectations - The workforce now includes people living a wide variety of lifestyles. There are more single women than ever. Same-sex marriages are increasingly common. Careers are lasting longer, and many people have several careers in a lifetime. This diverse mix of people represents new realities for employers.

Yes, employees are more diverse than ever before and they want to be recognized as the unique, multidimensional, and "whole" people that they are.

Employees want a broader definition of benefits that are more tailored to their needs. They want more accessible benefits expertise and a clear explanation of benefits, and they want a simplified enrollment and engagement experience.

4. Empower Work/Life Wellness - A recent MetLife employee benefits study reported that today's employees put increased focus on happiness at work. Personal well-being and satisfaction can be as important as the numbers on their paycheck. To that end, employees look to employers to help safeguard them against work-life stress, anxiety and to provide wellbeing programs that reward healthy behavior (even if the employer does not pay for them).

Wellness plans may be included in health insurance programs or stand alone. These plans may include, but are not limited to tobacco cessation, exercise, weight management, or other behavior modification programs. It may also include the opportunity for flex hours and/or to work remotely.

While participation in many wellness programs is voluntary, employers may offer incentives for participation or even disincentives for non-participation.

5. Manage Regulatory Compliance - The easiest way to stay in regulatory compliance with the Affordable Care Act is through technology. Eligibility tracking, employee changes, open enrollment, and even employee self-service capabilities are easily done online. Safety and OSHA requirements are also best tracked online. Enter an incident once to submit the First Report of Injury form, prepopulate OSHA logs, and run customized trending reports.

With VANTREO, your benefits program comes wrapped in technology that not only simplifies HR on-boarding and benefits administration, manages ACA compliance, and includes unlimited reporting capability, but this technology also offers a digital experience that employees actually enjoy.

Not only that, but since our online capabilities are embedded in our service program the platform comes at no additional cost to you.

VANTREO is here to help. If you would like more information on any solution here or would like to tour our technology, just let us know. Reply here.

October Workshops and Events
20 September, 2018

High-performing solutions. Measurable results. Your place or ours. 

We offer a short list of uniquely designed workshops and events that are proven to reduce risk, increase profit, and help grow companies. If the workshop you want is full, do contact us for possible overflow offerings. 

October 4, 8:30am - 11:30am Santa Rosa

The Highly-Engaged Workforce with Don Phin

  • Understand the financial impact of "inspiration" in today's workfoce
  • Your responsibility to employees
  • Set expectations vs. agreements
  • Create a learning culture 
  • Get employees to take ownership of their performance
  • Avoid the pitfalls of self-deception

Complimentary to VANTREO clients - Use Promo Code VIB160

Register Here



October 10, 8:30am - 10:30am Santa Rosa 

October 18, 8:30am - 10:30am Walnut Creek

Supervisor Basic Training 2 - IIPP Compliance and Safety Attitue 

  • This workshop empowers managers and supervisors to reduce the cost of injuries by connecting team members with key Injury & Illness Prevention Program compliance requirements. This workshop is a game changer that often ends up improving productivity, turnover and litigation rates at the same time. When it comes to safety, it is easy to become complacent. To keep safety a top priority, we must address "what's in it for me" for every team memmber. 

Complimentary to VANTREO clients - Use Promo Code VIB160

Register Here for Santa Rosa

Register Here for Walnut Creek 


Don't see the workshop you want listed above? Not a problem, we can provide the following worksops at your location or ours.

  • Extreme Performance
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Defensive Driver Training
  • Supervisor Basic Training 1 - The Claim Free Workers Compensation Strategy
  • Supervisor Basic Training 2 - IIPP Compliance and Safety Attitude
  • Supervisor Basic Training 3 - W.I.N. Leadership

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage Now Endorsed by the Sonoma Valley Wine Association
31 May, 2018

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage is now endorsed by the Sonoma Valley Wine Association and will be providing numerous seminars on insurance related topics throughout the year. 

We will present seminars on Pre-Harvest Safety Check-List, Workers Compensation, Crop Insurance, Insurance Audits, Key-Man Life Insurance, etc.

Stay tuned for details! 

Indispensable Time Management Advice
12 December, 2017

The workshop is over. People are filing out of the room. One insurance client who's attended before, lags behind. I assume he has a question, so I ask him, "Was this helpful?" He responds, "Oh yes, but I thought I should tell you something you might want to know." Wondering whether I had some wardrobe malfunction or made an error in my presentation, I ask, "What is it?" He replies, "Under this suit and tie, I'm completely tatted." I'm speechless for a second. "O...K..." I find myself saying slowly, eyes wide open, never expecting what he'd reveal next.

He continues, "Do you remember at Extreme Performance (a workshop I teach around team goal achievement), you talked about how to "forward your state?""

Let me interrupt here for a minute and explain. This concept is something I learned from my friend Darren Hardy. He rarely seems to let life's upsets bother him. So I asked him about it one day. He told me that whenever something goes wrong or feels unfair, he asks himself how he'll likely feel about it in 3 weeks. If it will be over and forgotten, he just simply forwards himself to that state now. It eliminates drama and adds hours of productive time to life.

The ability to "Forward Your State" is incredibly valuable. I use it often and share it with as many people as I can.

My tatted friend continues, "Well, the ability to forward my state has changed my life, both personally and professionally. So I wanted a constant reminder." He pulls back the sleeve on his right arm to reveal the initials F Y S tattooed on the inside of his wrist and says, "Whenever I'm in a meeting and something starts to bother me, I just look down at my wrist and immediately adjust my state. It has made me a better leader. I bet no one has ever tattooed something they learned from you on their body!"

"No, not as far as I know." I'm still somewhat surprised yet strangely honored at the same time. I would say a tattoo is certainly much higher praise than any good marks on a survey card. So I decided to pay it forward today to you.

Wine Business Insurance: Are You Covered for Harvest?
19 June, 2017

Kathleen Inman, Owner/Winemaker of Inman Family Wines, explains how VANTREO Wine Business Insurance services and programs made her administration easier and cheaper by packaging all her insurance needs together and providing her with excellent wine business advice.

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage Announces 120 Wineries Have Now Joined Their Insurance Program
15 May, 2017

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage announces 120 wineries have now joined in an insurance program sponsored by Sonoma County Vintner's Association, along with seven other winery and agriculture associations. The program provides members a free consultative policy audit, training and seminars, risk management services, and more. Property/Casualty, Health Benefits, Workers Comp, Crop Insurance, Bonds, and Life insurance products are all part of the program.

For more information, click here or contact:

Pamela Chanter - Vice President

Phone:  800-967-6543 Ext (223)

Wine Industry Seminar November 17th - All About the Wine... Business
03 November, 2016

Join us for an informative presentation to benefit your company's bottom line and its future. Limted seating please register at

Wine Industry Seminar - All About the Wine... Business
08 September, 2016

Join us for an informative presentation to benefit your company's bottom line and its future. Limted seating please register at

Exclusive California Workers Compensation Insurance
01 June, 2016

Effective June 1st, 2016 Vantero, a Santa Rosa based insurance carrier and brokerage has been approved for an exclusive group program by The State of California Workers Compensation Insurance Board Insurance brokerage. This program is designated for wineries and grape growers and offers highly competitive rates and many safety services. Vantreo also provides many management and a safety training services for the program members.

Save hours of insurance shopping and contact us now! 


Save hours of wine insurance shopping!
20 March, 2016

Leading wine industry associations: Sonoma County Vintners, Alexander Valley Winegrowers, Dry Creek Valley Winegrowers, Wine Road, Sonona County Winegrowers, Wine Grape Commission, Sonoma County Farm Bureau and Sonoma Valley Wine have partnered with VANTREO to develop a wine insurance program (with over 25 insurance companies surveyed) to save hours of insurance shopping and protect wine business with a simple process. This program includes property/casualty, workers compensation, life and employee benefits coverages.

And check out our exclusive new work comp plan and rates! For more information, email us at


Winery and Ag Insurance Program Continues to Garner Endorsements!!
08 December, 2015

The exclusively endorsed insurance program for wineries and the ag industry now has over 100 new members since it's inception just two years ago. This program offers a full line of insurance products and services; Workers Compensation, Property and Casualty, Health Benefits, Key-man Life Insurance, Crop Insurance, and much more. In addition to the five Sonoma County AVA's that initially endorsed the program, the Sonoma County WineAg Commission and the Sonoma Counry Farm Bureau have  endorsed the VANTREO insurance program.

Wine Business Insurance, Are You Covered?
10 August, 2015

Kathleen Inman, Owner/Winemaker of Inman Family Wines, explains how VANTREO Wine Business Insurance services and programs made her administration easier and cheaper by packaging all her insurance needs together and providing her with excellent wine business advice.

VANTREO finds you savings you didn't even know you had!
21 July, 2015

Former Executive Director of Sonoma County Vintners, Honore Comfort praises VANTREO's Wine Business Insurance services and programs for their ability to customize to the needs of both large and small wineries and help improve their bottom line.

New Workers Comp program with killer rates and services!!!
24 June, 2015

Looking for great Workers Comp rates? We have them through a NEW exclusive program that has been endorsed by:

Sonoma County Vintners, Wine Grape Commmsion, Sonoma County Farm Bureau, Alexander Valley Winergrowers, Northern Sonoma County Wine Road, Russian River Valley Winegrowers, Winegrowers of Dry Creek, and Sonoma Valley Wine.

Call VANTREO Insurance Brokerage...Pam Chanter 707-546-2300 Ext. 223  or Joe Sucatre 707-546-2300 Ext. 247

Cyber Liability Has Never Been Greater!
11 June, 2015

Cyber data breach is not just for big corporations and governments. Wineries and wine clubs have hundreds if not  thousands of client's data that can be stolen or hacked.

Pam Chanter of VANTREO Insurance was quoted in the North Bay Business Journal, explaining the need for Cyber Liability Insurance. This product  needs to be in  your insurance porfolio because it provides protection that every winery, wine club, and web-based retail sales organization  has exposure for.  From hacking and breach of security, computer malfunction /human error releasing customer data, to theft of laptop with data, there is exposure to customer information being taken. The cost of loss,  litigation, and expense to contact customers is provided in this product. VANTREO is the expert in protecting wine businesses!

Be sure your data is protected through Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage. Please call Pam Chanter at VANTREO Insurance Brokerage for more information: 707-546-2300 Ext. 223

Wine Business Exclusive for Workers Compensation
09 June, 2015

Vantreo offers a wine business exclusive for workers compensation including:

-Wine Association group premium rates

-No premium down payment

-No interest or finance charge

-24/7 access for loss reporting

-Pharmacy benefit management

-Nurse case managers

-Fraud support and special investigation unit

-Supervisor training workshops

-On-demand webinars and podcasts

-HR resources, tools and hotline

-Exclusive to qualified Association members

-Simple online platform for easy, wow! service

-Employee benefits and property/casualty specialties


The power of association!

Visit our website for more info.



Cyber Exposure A Big Deal For Wineries
30 December, 2014

Cyber data breach is not just for big corporations and governments. Wineries and wine clubs have hundreds if not  thousands of client's data that can be stolen or hacked. Be sure your data is protected through Cyber Liability Insruance Coverage. Please call Pam Chanter at VANTREO Insurance Brokerage for more information: 707-546-2300 Ext. 223

Winery insurance program participation now over 80 members
17 December, 2014

The Sonoma County Vintner's President's Circle including five other Sonoma County winery associations, are proud to announce that there are now over 80 wineries participating in their insurance program. The program is managed by VANTREO Insurance Brokerage of Santa Rosa, CA. Very soon a new product will be introduced exclusively for this winery group, so stay tuned!! This program provides a full audit free of charge and all lines of insurance are provided. Contact Pam Chanter at 707-546-2300 Ext. 223 for more information.

Napa Earthquake Increases Awareness, Earthquake Insurance for Wineries and Storage Facilities
25 August, 2014

The Napa Earthquake has increased awareness of the need for Earthquake insurance for wineries and storage facilities. There are two ways to protect yourself from this type of catastrophic event:

 1. Traditional Earthquake coverage protects the owned buildings and the stock - either cased, barreled or in tanks. It can also include coverage for Loss of business Income up to a specified amount. The deductible is typically 5-25%, with premium decreasing as the deductible rises.

 2. Stock Throughput coverage differs slightly between insurance carriers, but typically it covers wine stock on an “All Risk” basis at any location or in transit. All risk includes; Earthquake, Flood, Leakage, Contamination, Temperature Change, and other coverages all in one. The deductible is a fixed amount starting at $50,000 and the settlement value is the selling price of the wine.

 For more information contact Pam Chanter or Joe Sucatre at VANTREO Insurance Brokerage at  707-546-2300.


Vantreo Named to North Coast Business Journal Best Employers List for 7th year
21 August, 2014

VANTREO has a lot of celebrations. For the 7th year we have been selected as a Best Places To Work employer, by NBBJ. We will also be a major sponsor for the Sonoma County Wine Country Weekend held over Labor Day. And we now have over 80 wineries in the SCV's President's Circle  insurance program!



Insurance for wineries, farms, and ranches and related industries!!
07 May, 2014

Our  exclusive Insurance program for wineries and endorsed by five winery associations has now grown to 77 wineries! In addition, we are the  insurance broker for the Sonoma County Vintner's Assocation and Sonoma County Tourism.  The wineries, farms, and ranches we insure are located in Sonoma,  Napa, Mendocino, Santa Barbara, Oregon, etc.  This program includes: Property & Casualty, Workers' Compensation, Crop, Employee Benefits, and Life insurance. We also provide insurance for ALL wine-related industries. Let our consultants help you .

707-546-2300 Ext. 223

W.I.N. Leadership - Supervisor Basic Training 3 Workshop May 15, 2014
22 April, 2014

 W.I.N. Leadership - Supervisor Basic Training 3

 Back by Popular Demand - May 15, 2014

The key to success in any endeavor is the ability to lead others successfully.  John C. Maxwell, author and leadership authority, says "Change the leader, change the organization."


This workshop is back by popular demand and allows you to explore your leadership potential - as it relates to both your own personal growth as well as its effect on others.


Join us and learn....

  • essential leadership traits
  • to create a winning corporate culture
  • to coach others in "personal accountability"
  • powerful "constructive feedback" skills
  • to deal with "attitude" issues
  • to upgrade your communication skills
  • how to "raise the bar" in your organization
  • SKIM performance management 

To join us or for more info, call 800-967-6543, email, or go to, click "Courses and Workshops".


Details are in the link below. Reservations required, space is limited!  

SBT 3 All about Leadership 5-15-14 


VANTREO Insurance Brokerage announces 75 wineries have now joined in an insurance program
18 March, 2014

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage announces 75 wineries have now joined in an insurance program sponsored by Sonoma County Vintner's Association President's Circle, along with five other winery associations. The program provides members a free consultative policy audit, training and seminars, risk management services, and more. Property/Casualty, Health Benefits, Workers Comp, Crop Insurance, Bonds, and Life insurance products are all part of the program.

 For more information contact:

 Pamela Chanter- Vice President

 Phone:  800-967-6543 Ext (223)

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage announces 70 have now joined in an insurance program.
17 February, 2014

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage announces  70 wineries have now joined in an insurance program sponsored by Sonoma County Vintner's Association  President's Circle including five other winery associations. The program provides members a free consultative policy audit, training and seminars, risk management services, and more. Property/Casualty, Health Benefits, Workers Comp, Crop Insurance, Bonds, and Life insurance products are all part of the program.

 For more information contact:

 Pamela Chanter- Vice President

 Phone:  800-967-6543 Ext (223)





Visit Our VANTREO Insurance booth #172 at the W.I.N. December Conference
21 November, 2013

Visit our VANTREO booth. Learn more about our services for Wineries, Ag, Farm, and related wine busiensses. We also provide all lines of insurance for manfufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, and other services related to the wine industry. Our risk management, safety and management training  programs are the best in the industry!

Affordable Care Act Seminar July 11th in Santa Rosa, CA
18 June, 2013

VANTREO Insurance has been the leader in providing up to date information on healthcare reform. We have conducted a series of seminars throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our next seminar will be held in Santa Rosa, on July 11th. it will be well worth your time!  To attend please contact:

Pam Chanter or 707-546-2300 Ext. 223

Workers Compensation Seminar "How to Reduce Costs" - May 2nd Santa Rosa, CA
09 April, 2013

You are invited to attend a seminar that will cover the secrets to saving money through claim management and cultural safety  tips...

Where:  Sonoma County Vintner's Board Room  - 3637 Westwind Blvd. Santa Rosa, CA 

When:  May 2nd       Ttime:  9:00  - 9:30 AM

RSVP:  Pam Chanter, VANTREO Insurance Brokerage 707-546-2300 Ext. 223  or


Insurance for ALL Wine Industry Businesses!
26 March, 2013

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage is your premiere wine-country provider of insurance for all your needs. We have over 250 insurance carriers that paroivde  covearges for; manufacturers, hospitality, warehousing, shipping, wineries,  professional services, and farm clients. We'll see you at the W.I.N. Wine Expo!

Health Care Reform For All Employers
26 February, 2013

Do you know the new the "Safe Harbor" guidelines? Do you understand the Employer Shared Responsibility Provision? Are you familiar with what Exchanges will offer? Are you ready for Health Care Reform? Let our staff of experts help you understand the new guidelines and options.

Contact:  VANTREO Insurance Brokerage.  Pam Chanter  707-546-2300 Ext. 223  or

Winery associations continue to exclusively endorse VANTREO insurance Brokers for ALL lines of insurance!
12 February, 2013

54 wineries have recently joined VANTREO's insurance program exclusively endorsed by Sonoma County Vintner's , Alexander Valley, Sonoma Valley, Russian River, Wine Road, and Dry Creek associations. We also provide insurance to any related business of the wine industry. VANTREO offers all lines of insurance; Property & Casualty, Workers Compensation, Employee Benefits, Life insurance, farm, homeowners, and auto. View our testimonial videos on this site. Call us for a free insurance audit or for our winery exposure survey results: Pam 707-546-2300 Ext. 223 or

Workers Compensation Changes for 2013
08 January, 2013

Effective January 1, 2013, many significant changes to Workers Compensation benefits will take place. A few highlights:

- Permanently disabled workers will receive more benefits.

-Disputing workers must resolve their disputes through an Independant Medical Review (IMR) process.Appealing the IMR decision will be more difficult under the amended statutes.

-Only direct results industrial injury will apply for psychiatric disorders, sexual dysfunctions and sleep disfunctions.

-Chiropractors will no longer be considered a treating physician.

For more information on the changes, please contact: Pam Chanter, Vice President, VANTREO Insuance Brokerage 707-546-2300 Ext. 223


More Wineries join VANTREO Wine business Insurance Program
09 November, 2012

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage of Santa Rosa, CA, announces 41 new wineries have joined the insurance program, including  Health Benefits, Workers Compensation and Property & Casualty lines. The free audit process for all prospective clients has uncovered million of dollars in uninsured "gaps" from inventory loss to leakage exposures. Please contact VANTREO for the results of these audits, or for more information call:  707-546-2300  Ext. 223  Pam Chanter. 

Cyber Liability Has Never Been Greater!
28 September, 2012

Pam Chanter of VANTREO Insurance was recently quoted in the North Bay Business Journal, explaining the need for Cyber Liability Insurance. This product  needs to be in  your insurance porfolio because it provides protection that every winery, wine club, and web-based retail sales organization  has exposure for.  From hacking and breach of security, computer malfunction /human error releasing customer data, to theft of laptop with data, there is exposure to customer information being taken. The cost of loss,  litigation, and expense to contact customers is provided in this product.  VANTREO is the expert in protecting wine businesses!

MUST attend workshops on HR issues and OSHA Compliance Sept 6th and Sept 20th
17 August, 2012

Sept 6th - OSHA Compliance Basics  8-10:30 AM  - led by  mark Stainer, Cal/OSHA Consultation Unit -  Santa Rosa CA

Sept 20th - People, Profit, and Protection  8-12 Noon  - led by nationally reknown employer advisor attorney Don Phin - Santa Rosa CA

To RSVP:   707-2300 Ext. 0   or

For more information contact:  Pam Chanter at 707-546-2300 Ext. 223  or  pchanter@vantreo,.com


People, Profit, and Protection (Workshop)
02 August, 2012

Powerful strategies to grow business “drama-free!”


  •          How the “death and control” affects your company and your relationships
  •          How to calculate the bottom line impact of your HR practices
  •          How to get the “right people on the right seats of the bus”
  •          The simple strategies that generate innovative thinking
  •          To protect the company from destructive claims
  •          How to get employees to take ownership of their performance
  •          How to prevent unwanted employee turnover
  •          How to stay “off stage” and eliminate energy sucking dramas!


When:                  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2012
A 3 ½ Hour Workshop
8:00am: Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 am to 12 noon: Workshop

Where:                FINLEY COMMUNITY CENTER – Person Auditorium
2060 West College Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA

Presenter:          DON A. PHIN, Employer Advisors Network, Inc.
Developer of the HR That Works Program
Author, Consultant, National Speaker

RSVP to:               707.546.2300 ext 0. or
by September 14, 2012

Cost:                      $70 per person
(complimentary to VANTREO Clients)


Santa Rosa-based Insurance Brokerage VANTREO Voted Best Brokerage in North Bay
08 June, 2012

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage, exclusively endorsed by five wine industry associations, has been named by the North Bay Biz Magazine's Reader's Poll as the BEST insurance brokerage in the North Bay for the third year in a row! For decades the agents of  this large Santa Rosa CA insurance brokerage have served the winery and agriculture industry of Northern California. 

Insurance Program for Wineries and Ag Business Expands!
27 April, 2012

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage has added the Rhone Rangers Association to it's list of endorsed winery associations, providing all-lines insurance. Crop, Cyber Liability, Property & Casualty, Workers Comp, Health Benefits, Bonds, Fiduciary Liability, Key-Man Life Insurance, and more are all available through the program.

A free audit of your exisiting insurance program is included in the program. 30 wineries have joined in less than 12 months!

Call Pam Chanter 707-546-2300 Ext. 223

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage receives Master Farm Certification Designation
03 February, 2012

VANTEO Insurance Brokerage of Santa Rosa, CA, announces that Joe Sucatre and Briana Birch have  received the designation of Master Farm Certification from Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Company.  Our commitment is to provide wineries and growers the highest level of professionalism and service. This certification tells them that we keep investing in training to be sure we are positioned to help protect them now and in the future. VANTREO Insurance  Brokerage provides; Crop Insurance, Property & Casualty, Workers Compensation, Health Benefits, and Life Insurance products.

Insurance Programs Endorsed by Winery and Ag associations!
23 January, 2012

VANTREO Insurance Brokerage is the exclusively endorsed insurance brokerage for five winery and ag associaations and provideds insurance for; Crop Insurance,  Property & Casualty, Health, Workers Compensation and Key-Man Life Insurance. VANTREO is a member of the Sonoma County Wine Grape Commission, Farm Bureau, and the Sonoma County Vintner's Association, among others. We will audit your policies at no cost to identify premium savings and gaps in coverage. Call us today! 1-707-546-2300 Ext.. 223

CROP Insurance Seminar
14 October, 2011

Learn from the experts how you can be protected by CROP insurance.. Vantreo Insurance Brokerage of Santa Rosa CA is hosting a seminar Novermber 16th 2011. For details please call 707-546-2300 Ext. 230 Vanteo is endorsed by five wine busienss associations and provides all-lines insurance; workers compensatio, property & cazsualty, employee benefits to the winery and grape growers of Northern California.

Cyber Liability for Wineries Now Available!
27 May, 2011

Wineries that do business over the internet have exposure to cyber theft and fraud. Wine clubs are especially vulnerable. Vantreo Insurance offers a new product that is broad in coverage and reasonably priced.  This product is essential to your complete insurance program; property & casualty, workers compensation, health benefits, crop insruance and life insurance.  Call Today 707-546-2300 Ext. 223.

Winery Insurance Expertise!
29 April, 2011

Vantreo Insurance Brokerage of Santa Rosa CA announces that the Wine Division team has completed the Univ. of California Extension course "Health & Safety For Winery Operations".  This follows all team members completing the Nationwide/Allied  Farm Certified Agency designation. Deep Knowledge to better serve winery clients!

Sonoma County wine associations join in endorsement of insurance program
29 April, 2011

Vantreo Insurance Brokerage of Santa Rosa CA has been endorsed by Sonoma County Vintners Assoc. , Wine Road Northern Sonoma County, Alexander Valley Winegrowers, Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley, and Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers.... 19 new wineries have joined the insurance program in four months. The new insurance audit program has saved  thousands of dollars and uncovered gaps in coverage for the associations' members in their workers compensation, health benefits, and property & casualty inurance. Amazing results!

Vantreo Insurance Programs Receive Endorsements from Sonoma County Wine Industry Associations
12 January, 2011

Vantreo Insurance Brokerage of Santa Rosa’s programs for property & casualty, workers compensation, and employee benefits have been endorsed by several of Sonoma County's major wine industry associations including: Alexander Valley Winegrowers, Russian River Valley Winegrowers, Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers Alliance, Sonoma County Vintner’s Association, and the Wine Road.

Contact us for information about all of the programs that Vantreo offers.

Covering the Wine Industry
12 January, 2011

Vantreo has received the Nationwide Insurance Farm Certified Agency designation. Vantreo provides ALL insurance product lines for the wine industry. We also provide safety and management training, bi-lingual services, and have a large network of trusted advisors in law, accounting and banking.

15 September, 2010

California farmers and ranchers now have the legal defense capability to fight alleged violations of environmental regulations they believe are unfounded.   The Agricultural Regulatory Services (TARS), is a legal defense insurance policy that offers agricultural business owners up to $250,000 in coverage to pay for a legal defense. This policy is affordable and carries no deductible. It is offered through VANTREO Insurance Brokerage, exclusive insurance provider for Sonoma County Vintners Association.

Title Name Email Phone
Vice President Pam Chanter 800-967-6543 Ext (223)
Assistant Vice President, Main Street Joe Sucatre 800-967-6543 Ext (247)



Wine business is steeped in complexity and tradition. The approach to insurance and managing risk needs to be broad and sustainable. Our SUSTAINABLES process is a perfect blend of priority, planning and implementation.

The forward taste

Identify risk and needs

Engage a critical outside perspective

Establish priorities

Implement a deep-rooted plan

The perfect finish

A proper plan in place "before something happens"

An effective ownership exit or transition plan

Generational solutions

A sustainable wine business

Your VANTREO SUSTAINABLES team specializes in providing balanced solutions for wine business and the people we serve. We nurture you through the process to improved profitability, protection and sustainability.

Why VANTREO? For a sustainable wine business!