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VA Filtration is a global mobile wine service company.  We have developed and continue to develop a range of process equipment for the specific removal of taints from wine including VA reduction, 4EP/4EG reduction, smoke and other taint reduction, lees filtration, crossflow filtration and TCA/TBA reduction.  We also offer an alcohol reduction facility where we use reverse osmosis and vacuum distillation for ethanol reduction purposes in wine.  Our ultrafiltration systems are unsurpassed in that we have multiple molecular weight cut-offs to suit any project.  Why not test it out using our SWEETSPOTTER. 

At VA Filtration we don't just offer mobile services.  We also design and manufacture all our own equipment as well as equipment for sale in American Canyon.  We are the only wine related company in America, and perhaps the world that designs, manufactures and operates all of its own process equipment.  When you purchase from us, you know that you are purchasing a tried and tested piece of equipment.  

Our alcohol reduction service has now added the Memstar process for mobile and in-house alcohol reduction needs.  We also generate and sell High Proof alcohol that is of extremely high quality. 

At VA Filtration we are continually dreaming of new ways to aid the winemaker and our success is your success!


VA Filtration USA offers the following services to the US wine industry:

  • VA REDUCTION (Patented Process - US patent number 7 651 616)
  • 4EP/4EG REDUCTION (Patented Process - US patent number 7 828 977)
  • ALCOHOL REDUCTION - American Canyon facility.
  • SMOKE TAINT AND OTHER TAINT REDUCTION (Patented Process - US patent number 7 828 977))
  • LO-CROSS-FLO FILTRATION (Gentlest "Crossflow" wine filtration in the industry today)
  • SWEETSPOTTER - For 1-5 barrel services as per above
  • ULTRAFILTRATION - wine concentration, bitter tannin removal etc
  • FOSMOS Juice/MustWine concentration pouches

We also offer equipment sales - VA Reduction, Ultrafiltration, Alcohol Reuction, Carbonation and crossflow filtration machinery.  

Our VA reduction equipment utilises our patented nanofiltration process for purposes of reducing VA in wine.  Our prices are competitive and our equipment is extremely efficient - 30% reduction on a single pass guaranteed! 

Our low cross flow filtration process is THE GENTLEST in the industry.  Ask your service provider if he can maintain TMP's of less than 12 psi during the entire filtration run.  We might not filter as fast, but we are quality focused. 


In-line diffusion based carbonator
FOSMOS - Alc or conc trial forward osmosis pouch
FOSMOS - Alc or conc trial forward osmosis pouch
FOSMOS Reusable Pouch
Microflow - CF8-2-200M
Microflow - CF8-2-200M
Manually operated 110V, single phase crossflow filter for rental or purchase.
Memstar - 50 pg/hr alcohol removal system
Memstar - 50 pg/hr alcohol removal system
Memstar add-on for the on-site removal of ethanol from permeate
2 Membrane crossflow system - semi-auto
The Benchspotter
The Benchspotter
Laboratory scale unit for testing wine improvement processes.
VA Filtration at WIN Expo 2018
VA Filtration at WIN Expo 2018
VA Filtration is the global leader in filtration solutions that are highly effective, unobtrusive, energy efficient and fast. Our constant innovation in membrane technology, commitment to quality, and exceptional service make us the preferred solution for both wine filtration and specialized process filtration.

News Archive

What offensive compounds is VA Filtration USA capable of removing from wine?
13 July, 2020

For the past 20 years, VA Filtration USA has been diligently pursuing the reduction and removal of offending compounds from wine.  The number of compounds we are capable of reducing or removing has grown extensive and includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Acetic Acid (VA)
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • 4-ethyl phenol (Brett)
  • 4-ethyl guaiacol (Brett)
  • Ethanol (Alcohol reduction)
  • Smoke taint (free and bound form)
  • TCA
  • Mercaptans
  • Sulfides
  • Disulfides
  • Pyrazines
  • Eucalyptol
  • Rose taint
  • Heavy metals including zinc and copper
  • Water
  • Bitter tannins
  • Color

All the above compounds can be removed AT YOUR WINERY using our fleet of mobile treatment systems.  If you have an offensive aroma or taste in your wine, give us a call.  We have many smaller systems capable of running trials.  We are fairly certain that with the correct membrane/secondary treatment stage we will be able to reduce the compound.  

We also offer mobile crossflow and lees filtration services.  

New Crossflow Membrane Technology - Liqui-Silc - Silicon Carbide
01 May, 2020

VA Filtration is excited to announce the roll-out of our new crossflow membrane technology - Silicon Carbide (Liqui-SilcTM)!  Unlike other materials that are currently used in crossflow machines, the benefit of using Silicon Carbide is incredible!  It's everything a winemaker is looking for when searching for a crossflow system.  The benefits of the membrane technology are simply amazing:

  • Extreme chemical resistance - Can tolerate pH conditions from 0-14.  
  • Completely inert material - no polymer or aluminum present in the structure. 
  • Long membrane life - we estimate 15 years.
  • Fast cleaning cycles
  • Minimal water hold-up during start-up - no dilution
  • Thermal shock resistant - no cracking of breaking of material when exposed to 150F differential temperature.  
  • High porosity - reduced pressure drop through the membrane wall.
  • Flow channels available in 2mm and 3mm sizes.
  • Low water use for cleaning due to fast rinse times.
  • Low fouling rates

VA Filtration USA offers a range of Liqui-Silc systems depending on your budget,  All systems are fully automated but vary depending on required features from simplified automated systems to advanced systems for wineries that filter large volumes.  

We are currently offering free demo's to all prospective customers.  If you are looking for a crossflow unit, this is a technology you do not want to miss!

Give us a call today!

Hand Sanitizer - Now available in 1/2 Gallon size
17 April, 2020

VA Filtration USA is manufacturing hand sanitizer to WHO standards.  The product is 80% v/v ethanol and contains glycerol, hydrogen peroxide and water.  We have plenty of stock available to meet demand.  

To order 1/2 gallon sizes, please download the complete the form below and return to for processing.

1/2 Gallon Hand Sanitizer Order From

We can also supply 5 gallon, 55 gallon or bulk quantities if needed.  

90% Ethanol for COVID-19 disinfection available
23 March, 2020

As wineries are considered essential businesses during the Covid-19 epidemic, it is essential to protect employees and prevent the further spread of the virus. Disinfecting common surfaces is an absolute must! Ethanol is a highly effective "people friendly" surface disinfectant when used at the correct strength. VA Filtration USA has 90% by strength grape based ethanol available for immediate shipping or collection. 

How to use ethanol for disinfection?

We would recommend the following protocol for disinfection:

Dilute 90% ethanol down to 70% strength by adding water (7 parts 90% ethanol to 2 parts water). The dilution lengthens the evaporation time of the mixture, allowing sufficient time for the ethanol to disinfect the surface (60 seconds minimum contact time).

Add the mixture to a spray bottle and spray on surfaces ensuring complete coverage and wait for a minimum of 60 seconds. Wipe surfaces with a clean dry cloth if needed.

How effective is ethanol against Covid-19?

“Ethanol at concentrations between 62% and 71% reduced coronavirus infectivity within 1 min exposure time by 3.0–4.0 log10,” according to investigators with University Medicine Greifswald and Ruhr University Bochum in Germany whose study ran as an article in press in the Journal of Hospital Infection (JHI)


What the above means, is that 99.9% - 99.99% of the effectiveness of the virus is reduced in 60 seconds when in contact with 70% ethanol.

Can it be used on hands?

Yes. It is safe to use on exposed skin but can lead to drying of the skin. Use a personal hand cream to keep skin from drying out after using the spray.

To purchase, simply e-mail or call us. Note that excise taxes may apply when using the ethanol as a disinfecting agent.

Filtration Technology Focused on Wine Quality
14 February, 2020

For more than 18 years, VA Filtration has distinguished itself as a leader in providing rapid, effective, unobtrusive and energy efficient filtration solutions to wine industry professionals around the globe.

Specializing in crossflow systems since 2005, VA Filtration has mastered the art of utilizing spiral wound elements to deliver an extremely gentle filtration process designed to protect the integrity and quality of wine.

“Our systems have always focused on quality,” confirms VA Filtration CEO Bryan Tudhope. “Wine tastes better after crossflow than before.”

Mobile crossflow unit

Consistently on the cutting edge of new technologies, VA Filtration now also offers silicon fiber, a hard, porous material used in the construction of the filtration membrane itself, to enhance the rate of filtration per square meter of surface area.

“Traditional spiral wound membranes filter about 15-20 liters per square meter an hour,” explains Tudhope. “With silicon fiber, it increases to 45-60 liters per square meter an hour. That’s more than three times the flow rate per m2 of membrane surface area.”


Tudhope points out that the increased flow rate from silicon fiber is a huge benefit to wineries filtering bulk wines at high volume. He notes that the material has superior thermodynamic properties, a membrane life that is three to five times longer than polymer systems and reduces overall water and chemical use for system cleaning.

VA Filtration offers multiple service options with maximum flexibility to accommodate all winery filtration needs, including:

  • Mobile service – a full range of crossflow machines are available for onsite filtration, offering guaranteed service with expert technicians.
  • Medium and long term rental – VA Filtration offers all of its crossflow equipment on one to three month or one to five year rental terms. System stays on site at winery on a pay-by-use basis.
  • Daily rental – ideal, cost-effective solution for small lot winemaking. Two options for rental available in 110V single-phase configurations.
  • Machines for purchase – VA Filtration designs and manufactures systems of any size and configuration to address specific winery site and process requirements. All models have been extensively tested in the field.

VA Filtration systems are proudly designed, manufactured and operated in American Canyon, USA.

For more information contact to schedule a discussion on how VA Filtration can help with your filtration needs or visit


Crossflow unit

New Multi-Pronged Smoke Taint Removal Process Patented
03 January, 2020

Climate change presents real challenges to wine producing locations when wildfires strike where wine grapes are grown. Essentially sucking in the smoke compounds floating in the air through their skins, wine grapes are then able to pass this into the wine being made. VA Filtration USA offers a brand new process, removing not only the free taint creating the smoke aromatics, but also the bound taint from affected wine, eliminating the “rebound” effect.

VA Filtration currently holds US Patents* for free taint removal, as well as the nanofiltration-based processing of VA reduction. Working last spring to help Napa Valley vintners remove taint from the 2017 fires, VA Filtration’s newest and recently developed three-pronged process is now in trials in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake Counties in Northern California. Providing scientific results by using a combination of proprietary MWCO membrane elements and adsorption columns, they are able to reduce the glycosides considerably per filtration pass. The following example analysis of a wine processed using this new method indicates the new level of reduction achieved in the first pass through the system (all analysis performed by the AWRI):

Smoke taint removal data table

The glycosides (Gentiobiosides and rutinosides) are the culprits of the bound taint. This new process lowers their levels significantly at each pass through the process. As a benchmark, non-tainted oaked cabernet sauvignon shows the following peak baseline numbers (as provided by the AWRI baseline survey for Australian Cabernet Sauvignon wines):

Syringol Gentiobioside4.5
Methylsyringol gentiobioside1.1
Phenol Rutinoside4
Cresol Rutinoside4
Guaiacol Rutinoside7
Methylguaiacol rutinoside4

The old process often included a pre-enzymatic treatment on the wine two to three weeks prior to the action. Then came a crossflow filtering of the wine prior to taint reduction, then the taint reduction process itself. Finally, some winemakers opted for a final concentration of the wine post taint reduction using UF.

With their newest process, the wine undergoes an on-premise, three step procedure. To start the process, your wine goes into a membrane system, which separates the liquid into two parts, a retentate stream and a permeate stream. It is the permeate stream which contains both the bound and the free form of the smoke compounds. The permeate stream is then sent through an adsorption column, where the free form of the smoke aromatics are reduced. The same permeate stream then goes into a secondary treatment column, where the bound form of the smoke taint is reduced (glycosides & rutinosides). Depending on the level of taint, VA Filtration experts can recommend the number of passes which will give you the best results for your product. Wine with lesser taint may undergo fewer passes through the system, while wines with heavier taint may need up to five passes or more. Each client only need contract for the number of passes that suit the level of taint.

Capable of processing 1500 gallons per hour, VA Filtration has the bandwidth to process anywhere from one barrel to large amounts. Trial tests are available on amounts from one gallon up, but results are more conclusive the larger the trial sample, providing a great benchmark for testing.

VA Filtration is a mobile wine service and equipment manufacturing company, with patented procedures. VA Filtration specializes in all forms of membrane processing systems. 

Contact to schedule a discrete discussion on how VA Filtration can help you present your best wine or visit for more information.


VA Filtration USA logo

TA and pH Adjustment
15 November, 2019

VA Filtration USA offers mobile membrane processing skids able to adjust the pH and/or TA of the wine quickly and efficiently.  We DO NOT pass the wine directly through resin canisters, a process we feel is detrimental to the wine.  The process employed is a membrane/resin based system, with none of the color and minimal flavor compounds reaching the resin columns.  Flow rates of up to 1800 gph are possible, making our new systems the most efficient in the field. 

This process is capable of rapid tartrate stabilization too with on-site testing to ensure stability.  

Other services available from VA Filtration USA

  • VA Reduction 
  • Ethyl Acetate Reduction
  • Alcohol adjustment
  • Tartaric Stabilization
  • Wine Concentration
  • Smoke taint reduction (free and bound)
  • Pyrazine Reduction
  • 4EP/4EG Reduction
  • Carbonation

Call us at 1 800 577 1220 or


Stuck ferment? High VA, high pH?
21 October, 2019

If its VA that is causing the stuck ferment, VA Filtration USA can remove it.  Effectively, quickly and accurately!  

Our mobile technicians are by far the best in the business!  We never leave our machinery unattended or left to run overnight on your wine. Our operators are always around to liaise with the winemaker and make suggestions that improve the overall VA/EA reduction experience.  As a winemaker, you have high expectations.  As a service provider so do we.  Our goal is excellence in all customer interactions. If you are not happy, we are not happy!

Give us a call.  We are the most experienced and cost effective mobile service company in the USA.  

Other mobile services available:

  • 4EP/4EG Reduction 
  • Smoke taint reduction
  • Crossflow filtration
  • Alcohol Reduction
  • pH Reduction without tartaric acid
  • Machinery rental for small lots (VA/EA /4EP and Crossflow)
  • TCA/TBA reduction
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Wine Concentration

Grape Based 165 Proof Ethanol for Sale
04 October, 2019

VA Filtration sells 165 proof, high quality, grape based ethanol.  Available in volumes from 5 gallons to any volume you need.  We can also deliver if needed or you can collect from our offices in American Canyon.   

Call Edward at 707 552 2616 Ext 106

No D.E. Lees Filtration - Dynamic Crossflow Filtration
20 September, 2019

VA Filtration is now offering ZERO D.E. lees filtration using dynamic crossflow. Benefits of the process are as follows:


  • No D.E. required
  • Little to no oxygen pick-up
  • Flow rates from 50 to 150 gph recovered product, depending on solids to liquid ratio
  • Up to 70% recovery of product from juice (depending on starting solids content)
  • Removal of ALL yeast and bacteria (stops fermentation)
  • Product typically shows NTU of less than 0.3 NTU
  • Rates as low as $1.50 per gallon of recovered product


Before and after images of recovered wine and juice from the DCF.  

Juice lees recovery

Red Wine Lees Recovery

Remove bitterness from heavy press AND adjust pH - free trial!
06 September, 2019

VA Filtration has perfected its process for the removal of bitterness and color from heavy press juice fractions.  The recovered ultra filtered juice fraction is typically added back to the primary juice fermentation without any adverse quality effects.  It's so effective that one of our customers has made it protocol each season and processes all their SB, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris this way.  As an added benefit, we can adjust the pH of the juice prior to returning it to the fermenter.  So not only are you recovering high quality product from what was previously low quality product but you can reduce the pH for an even better quality wine!  No more having to ferment the heavy press fraction separately or not recover the heavy press at all for fear of bitterness or excess color.  Let VA Filtration handle things for you!  

Give us a call if you would like to trial the process or for more information.  Its easier than you think!  We are offering free trials on a first come first serve basis.  

VA Filtration Launches its 2-On-1 Crossflow system
10 January, 2019

In an industry first, VA Filtration USA has successfully mounted two full size crossflow systems on one trailer bringing the total number of full size crossflow systems in our mobile fleet to 12.  This has added an entirely new flexibility for crossflow filtration at wineries with multiple lots.  By having two machines on one trailer, it allows two lots to be filtered simultaneously, cutting filtration times by half!  It can also be used to filter larger lots at higher capacities saving time and not compromising on quality.  

The two crossflow systems mounted on the trailer make use of VA Filtrations Lo-Cross-Flo technology, the gentlest crossflow technology available in the wine industry! The filtered wine quality is outstanding on our systems, with little to no stripping effect noticeable on the filtered product.  We always believe in quality first!

In business in the US since 2001 and as a designer, manufacturer and operator of all our filter systems, VA Filtration USA has the MOST experience and largest fleet when compared to other wine service providers.  With our experienced, knowledgeable and long service technical crew, when you use VA Filtration you get the highest quality wine filtration service and peace of mind that your wine is in expert hands!

One Man’s Idea Becomes Leading Filtration and Remediation Solution for Wine Industry
11 December, 2018

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone

VA Filtration USA, a 2018 WINnovation Award Winner

For Bryan Tudhope, the CEO and founder of VA Filtration USA, solving problems through chemistry has always been second nature.

It started back in 1998 when he was a chemical engineer for water purification systems in South Africa. An engineering colleague asked him if he knew how to remove vinegar from wine and he decided to give it a try.

The method Tudhope developed worked so well, he started VA Filtration South Africa in 1999 to focus on vinegar removal for wineries in the Western Cape. 

Two years later, he and his two partners decided to expand the business to the USA.

In 2002, VA Filtration USA was officially born and it has evolved into the leading provider of filtration and remediation services for the North American wine industry.

“I started with just one machine, running around California and couldn’t keep up with demand,” Tudhope recalls. “I hired a tech to help me, and the business just grew. It turns out a lot of the hardware used to remove vinegar can also be used to address other problems.”

Bryan Tudhope

The ’other problems‘ Tudhope refers to include VA/EA reduction, Brett character reduction, green character reduction, cork taint removal, smoke taint reduction, alcohol reduction, and CO2 addition/O2 removal.

Tudhope’s mobile system also provides wineries with crossflow filtration, lees filtration, and a system known as Sweetspotter, a rental unit developed specifically to address problems in small lot wine production.

“Our systems are capable of handling a lot of different operating procedures,” Tudhope explains. “We have different membranes and other elements that we load into the systems for high level filtration, as well as to the handle the critical, second stage processes that capture exactly what it is that you want to eliminate from the wine.”

The benefits of Tudhope’s technology are numerous. Among them, he lists:

  • Zero oxygen pickup
  • Filtration to .2 microns, resulting in complete removal of bacteria
  • No DE needed in the newest Dynamic crossflow system
  • No heat pickup

“Everything is mobile, mounted on trailers so that we can take it from facility to facility,” Tudhope adds. “We’ll take it to wherever you want, for whatever it is you’re trying to remove.”

VA Filtration USA is one of the winners of the 2018 WINnovation awards. Introduced by the Wine Industry Network (WIN) in 2013, the WINnovation awards were set up to honor companies that have developed groundbreaking products or practices contributing to the advancement of the North American wine industry.

VA Filtration USA was selected this year because of its commitment to designing, manufacturing and operating all products in-house, in the U.S. The company was also lauded for its outstanding technological achievements and its overall positive impact on the quality of winemaking.

When asked to describe the philosophy behind what he and his company have done to receive recognition as a leading wine industry innovator, Tudhope is very clear that it comes down to two basic principles.

“Number one is that we pride ourselves in offering excellent service in terms of the processes we deliver,” Tudhope affirms. “A good wine is a winemaker’s pride and joy. If it’s (filtration, remediation) not done correctly, you can really mess that up. But done correctly, the full effect of the wine comes back out.”

“The second thing,” he continues, “is really listening to what winemakers need, and even figuring it out before they need it … that’s what drives the innovation.”

Tudhope, who has been working with filtration and remediation for 18 years, did not know that VA Filtration USA was under consideration as a WINnovation Award winner.

“It’s exciting, I had no idea. This is quite a surprise,” he admits. “It’s nice for the staff too, being able to share this with them. For us, seeing what you’re able to achieve just by removing a compound – and being able to offer that service and repeat it day after day – it’s really important.”

BENCHSPOTTER - Taint removal goes micro
05 November, 2018

VA Filtration USA is proud to introduce its latest offering - the Benchspotter! 

The Benchspotter is a laboratory scale unit capable of trialing multiple membrane based processes available from VA Filtration USA.  Weighing in at only 60 pounds and with a small foot print and removable tank, this unit is an ideal fit in every lab wanting to tweak wines for improved quality.  The Benchspotter is able to run the following process solutions:

  • Wine Concentration trials
  • Ultrafiltration trials (bitterness or color removal)
  • Smoke taint reduction trials
  • 4EP/4EG removal trials
  • pH Adjustment trials
  • Alcohol adjustment trials (for Sweetspotting)
  • Crossflow for generating filtered samples of wine for sa

The system has been designed with modularity in mind.  Purchase the base unit and then add the alcohol component or the resin component as needed.  Multiple membrane offerings are also available to help in your process selection.  Produced from stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials, the Benchspotter allows winemakers, willing to invest the time in improving the quality of their wine, that added edge.  

The Benchspotter will be on display at the WIN Expo trade show in Santa Rosa.  Booth 513!

Why use VA Filtration for your service and equipment needs?
04 May, 2018

  • We are highly experienced with over 18 years of manufacturing and process experience in the removal of taints and filtration of wine.  
  • We employ a team of highly experienced technicians, with an average 10 years experience within the wine industry.
  • We are constantly researching and developing new processes designed around wine industry needs.  
  • We carry a fleet of more than 20 mobile systems carrying our full complement of services.
  • We are local and all equipment manufactured and used in our processing systems is manufactured in-house in American Canyon.
  • We offer a full range of equipment and services including Crossflow, VA Reduction, Smoke and other Taint Reduction, Carbonation, Lees filtration, Ultrafiltration, Wine Concentration and Sweetspotters for small lot processing.
  • We NEVER compromise on quality.

Smoke taint processing begins in earnest
20 April, 2018

Processing of 2017 wines for smoke taint reduction began in earnest at the beginning of April. With our latest 3 stage process capable of processing at up to 1500 gph, we are moving through volume fairly quicky.  If you would like to see the affects of the processing on the wine, please call us. We have before and after samples of most wines processed to date. We feel this is the best way to fully appreciate the positive affects of the processing.     

Some recent observations and processes to consider:

  • Enzyme treatment on the wine prior to taint reduction with a 2-3 week contact time
  • Crossflow filtering the wine prior to taint reduction after enzymatic treatment
  • Concentration of the wine post taint reduction using UF

Of course there is no magic bullet as yet but we have seen complete removal of the smokey nose and retro nasal pallet from Napa Cabernet's.

R&D Position with VA Filtration
05 April, 2018

VA Filtration is seeing a full time/part time employee to fill an R&D position for a 6-12 month period. The successful candidate should preferably have chemistry experience and should show an aptitude and passion for engineering research and development in cutting edge technologies.  Daily tasks will include, but not be limited to, operation, testing, reporting and recording of data related to R&D projects currently under development.  The position might include field work wherein the successful candidate will move equipment to customer facilities and set up equipment trials. It is recommended that the successful candidate have at least 3 years of laboratory experience or a background in chemistry/chemical engineering or process control related businesses. 

  • Pay rate will be based on experience
  • Matching 401k, health insurance and other benefits provided

Please do not call.  Send all resumes to

Best Regards,

Bryan Tudhope


Volatile Acidity and Ethyl Acetate Reduction
26 February, 2018


VA Filtration offers the wine industry 18 years of experience in the removal of volatile acidity from wine.  With our team of highly experienced field technicians and fleet of mobile systems based on nanofiltration technology, we are always striving to improve where possible.  That is why we monitor membrane and resin performance on each machine on a daily basis.  If a membrane is compromised, we replace it!  If resin is taking too long to rinse, we replace it!  Quality can never be compromised!  

We offer the option of removing acetic acid only or acetic acid and ethyl acetate if required. All machinery is set up for the specific compound to be removed from the wine.  We don't use taint removal setups for volatile acidity removal and vice versa.  


We never leave our machinery unattended.  Our techs are always there to lend a helping hand.  Our machinery offers the highest throughput when compared with our competitors.  What the means to you as a winemaker is that the process is continually monitored and the wine spends less time being handled.  


All VA systems are designed and manufactured by VA Filtration is the USA.  We have 10 mobile systems available to meet the needs of the industry, along with a large fleet of rentable systems.  We always strive to improve quality and efficiency.  We continually test new membrane elements and implement changes when we believe that quality improvement is significant.


When using VA Filtration, you have peace of mind knowing that it will be done right!

New Precision Carbonation System from VA Filtration
23 February, 2018

VA Filtration has just introduced its new precision carbonation system at the Unified Symposium. The PreCarb system, called the Carbonator, is a diffusion-based CO2 addition system that allows the winemaker precise control over the level of CO2 in wine, cider, or beer.

“The biggest difference this machine offers is the precise level of CO2 you desire without beating up the wine,” says Bryan Tudhope, President and CEO of VA Filtration. “You don’t lose the unique aromatics of the wine by rolling or sparging tanks and no oxidation occurs in the closed system.”

The system measures the amount of CO2 in the wine as it exits the machine using infrared technology, based on a level that is set on the control panel by the winemaker. The Carbonator can also be used to remove CO2 and dissolved oxygen from the wine when operated in a vacuum phase.

It is completely automated, so no sparging or frequently checking numbers is required. The machine also operates in a closed system so no loss of aromatics or outside oxidation occurs during the process.

The Carbonator is an addition to VA Filtration’s multitude of services to directly add quality and value by gentling removing undesirable components or taints from your wine on site. Operating mobile services in most of the best wine regions in the world including USA, Australia, Europe, and South America; VA Filtration not only brings the service to you but promises to do so in a fast, efficient, and quality-focused method.

VA Filtration is a global leader in the design and manufacture of membrane-based wine processing equipment. With more than 16 mobile and rental machines available and more than 8 service offerings, VA Filtration has the largest and most diverse fleet of mobile wine processing equipment.

For more information, contact or visit


Precise In-line Carbonation
16 January, 2018

Are you lookign at freshening up white wines prior to bottling?  

Are you looking to add CO2 to your wine at a controlled level prior to bottling?

Would you like to do this without using an archaic sparging process that strips the wine of volatiles?

Would you like to remove dissolved oxygen with or without adjusting CO2 levels?  

In-line Carbonator

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then VA Filtration has the system for you.  We have designed and manufactured, in the USA, a carbonation system that makes use of a diffusion process to add CO2 to wine/cider/beer or any beverage.  By utlizing in-line carbon measurement, this system can accurately control the levels of CO2 being added to the beverage.  With flow rates from 5 to 30 gpm, the system can easily keep up with most bottling lines and with a simple PLC set and forget, the system will adjust the level of CO2 to your desired set-point value without batting an eyelid.  No more guess work required! 

  • Flow rate : 5-30 gpm
  • CO2 addition : 0.5 to 7 g/l possible
  • Control : Automated PLC control
  • CO2 in-line monitoring : Yes

You can purchase or rent the unit as required.  Just give us a call to trial it out!

Smoke Taint and the handling of wine that may be impacted
18 October, 2017

To our employees, friends, customers and vendors impacted by the recent wild fires, we are grateful to be part of such a strong and unified community.  The losses incurred by some are unimaginable and our hats go off to the outpouring of help, love and support from all during these difficult times. As a company involved in the removal of taints from devastating events such as these, we want to make sure that the information that you are seeking is relevant and honest.  If you have any questiosn at all related to smoke taint, please do not hesitate in calling on us. 


This article serves to present the facts regarding smoke taint and offers potential solutions for dealing with this problem based on the most recent information available to the industry. For those wanting more information on the exact mechanisms of smoke taint adsorption, detection and handling of the fruit, there are some great links at the end of this article. 

What is Smoke Taint?

Smoke taint is made up of numerous compounds present in smoke that in simplistic terms enters the fruit/wine via the skin. The historical markers for smoke taint were generally Guaiacol and 4-Methylguaiacol. Guaiacol, however, is naturally present in some grape varieties, especially Syrah (8), and 4-methyl guaiacol is also present in wines aged in oak barrels, which complicates their use as markers for smoke taint potential. Latest research suggests other components being present including o-cresol, m-cresol, p-cresol, syringol, 4-methyl syringol, 4-ethylguaiacol and others (Hayakasa et. al. 2010, J. Agric. Food ; Parker et. al. 2012, J. Agric. Food). These compounds are now also monitored as additional indicators of smoke taint risk. It must be noted, however, that these markers do not necessarily indicate the extent of the problem but are used to identify a potential issue with the fruit. Often smoke taint isnot detectable based on a sensory evaluation of crushed fruit. 

Smoke taint compounds are bound to the glycosides within the juice via a glycosidic bond. During fermentation and aging, these gycosides break down and relaease the volatile smoke taint phenols into the wine, which are then easily identifiable via a sensory evaluation of the wine. Interestingly enough, if one was to take a measurement of the guaicaol concentration before, during and after fermentation, one would see a steady rise in these volatile phenolics. This was evident in 2009. These glycosides also continue to break down through hydrolysis at wine pH as the wine ages. This is one of the suggested reasons as to why the taint comes back when a wine is processed too soon for phenolic taint removal. 

The levels of taint are typically much higher in red wines than in white wines. The evidence points to a concentration of the smoke compounds within the skin of the fruit. Since red wine requires extended skin contact, it is reasonable that these wines would see higher levels of taint. 

Treatments for Smoke Taint in wine

It has been shown that membrane treatment in combination with adsorption is an effective means of dealing with smoke taint – see Fudge, A. L.; Ristic, R.; Wollan, D.; Wilkinson, K. L. (2011) Amelioration of smoke taint in wine by reverse osmosis and solid phase adsorption. Aust. J. Grape Wine Res. 17 (2): 41-48. 

The experience gleaned by VA Filtration USA from 2009 fires was invauable in dealing with the issue of smoke taint. At one facility, where over 500,000 gallons was treated in multiple lots of wine, approximately half of the wine treated showed no sign of smoke taint within one year of processing. The other half showed smoke taint at levels that were a lot lower than the original levels but were still detectable! There is also anecdotal evidence that indicates treatment is more effective later in a wines life. This might be due to a slow-down in glycoside breakdown as the wine ages. Theoretically at that point, the process of smoke taint removal would be more effective and limit the chance of a reoccurrence. There is no hard evidence to back this theory, but it was definitely a trend when dealing with the 2008 harvest smoke taint issues. 

Some Suggestions regarding aging

If you want to barrel age the wine, I strongly suggest using neutral oak barrels for aging purposes. Toasted oak barrels add a smoky component to the wine that exacerbates the perceived levels of smoke taint.  We do not have any evidence or knowledge of barrels being contaminated with smoke related phenolics.

For those of you with no alternative but to get the wine to bottle and on the shelf, treatment will be necessary early in the wines life and bottle aging might not be possible if this is the case. 

The Treatment Process

The most effective process of treating smoke tainted wine involves the use of VA Filtration patented nanofiltration membrane in combination with adsorption process. Typically the wine needs to be passed through this process at least 2-4 times, depending on the severity of the problem. In 2009 wine required an average of 3 passes through the system, although some wines took 6 or 7 passes to reach undetectable levels. 

References and further reading material related to smoke taint



High pH and/or TA giving you headaches?
26 September, 2017

We can help!

VA Filtration USA introduces our latest state of the art systems for the adjustment of pH and TA in wine.  After 6 months of testing and successful deployment in the field, our new mobile membrane processing skids are able to reduce the pH and/or TA in the wine quickly and efficiently.  We DO NOT pass the wine directly through resin canisters, a process we feel is detrimental to the wine.  The process employed is a membrane/resin based system, with none of the color and minimal flavor compounds reaching the resin columns.  Flow rates of up to 1800 gph are possible, making our new systems the most efficient in the field. 

Our new generation of membrane systems are also able to carry out the folllwing services:

  • Tartaric stabilization
  • Wine Concentration
  • Smoke Taint reduction
  • Pyrazine removal
  • Other taint removals

Give us a call today to schedule your service or to ask about trials. 

1 800 577 1220


21 October, 2016


VA Filtration offers the wine industry 17 years of experience in the removal of volatile acidity from wine.  With our team of highly experienced field technicians and fleet of mobile systems, we are always striving to improve where possible.  That is why we monitor membrane and resin performance on each machine on a daily basis.  If a membrane is compromised we replace it!  If resin is taking too long to rinse, we replace it!  Quality can never be compromised!  


If you have a STUCK FERMENT and VA is inhibiting yeast performance, we can lower the VA allowing the yeast to kick in.  Speak with us for ways to do this without needing to filter the wine.  


We never leave our machinery unattended.  Our techs are always there to lend a helping hand.  For 2017, all field technicians will carry their own VA analysis test kits. Just an extra service addition that allows improved quality and performance of our service. 


All VA systems are designed and manufactured by VA Filtration is the USA.  We have 6 mobile systems available to meet the needs of the industry along with a large fleet of rentable systems.  


When VA Filtration is called on to reduce VA you know that it is done right!

Call or e-mail for your service requirements.!

10 October, 2016

VA Filtration is proud to be one of the only wine industry filter companies designing and manufacturing membrane based filtration equipment for the US wine industry.  With a 12,000 ft2 manufacturing facility in American Canyon and a dedicated team of highly skilled fabricators, VA Filtration has taken membrane wine processing equipment to a quality level that matches the best process equipment in the world.  

We don't only manufacture the equipment, we also operate the very same machines on a daily basis allowing us constant technical feedback from the field. From our VA machines to our rental fleet, all equipment is manufactured in American Canyon.  We can also custom manufacture equipment around your needs.  

What do you get when purchasing equipment from VA Filtration

  • Highly competitive pricing
  • 14 years of design, processing and manufacturing experience
  • A system designed to the highest engineering standards possible.  
  • Electrical control panels designed to NEMA codes
  • All parts in contact with the wine manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel
  • All parts, where possible, are sourced from local manufacturers or suppliers
  • Technical support is just a phone call away
  • Replacement membrane elements are the most cost effective in the industry

At VA Filtration we are proud of our team of engineers and fabricators taking US manufacturing to a new level.  If you are looking for a new piece of membrane filtration machinery give us a ring or visit our website



23 September, 2016

VA Filtration designs, sells, rents and offers for service pH reduction systems for wine or juice.  Using a combo membrane/ion exchange process or direct ion-exchange, there is a system to suit every budget.  The ion exchange systems are offered as a single column manual system or fully automated dual resin column skids capable of treating up to 1,000 gallons per hour on a continuous basis.  Note that the flow rates and run times shown below assume a potassium loading of 2200 mg/l and a 99% removal rate. 


Ion exchange systems offered are as follows:

  • pHC200S (Single 200 liter column manual regen) - 500 gph and up to 2,000 gallons treated per regen
  • pHC400S (Single 400 liter column manual regen)  - 500 gph and up to 4,000 gallons treated per regen
  • pHC400D (Dual 400 liter manual columns in duty/stand-by configuration) - 1,000 gph and up to 4,000 gallons treated per regen
  • pHC800S (Single 800 liter column with manual regen) - 1,000 gph and up to 8,000 gallons treated per regen
  • pHC800D (Dual 800 liter manual regen columns in duty/stand-by configuration) - 2,000 gph and up to 8,000 gallons treated per regen

Automation Options for dual versions of above system

  • On skid pump
  • pH indication
  • Conductivity indication
  • Electronic flow meter
  • Batch control
  • Automated purge/regen and service cycle

Regeneration Requirements

Columns can be regenerated using hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid.  Hydrochloic acid regeneration will require a PVC manifold whereas sulphuric acid regeneration allows 316 S/S pipe manifolds. 


Note that a prefered way of pH Reduction makes use of nanofiltration followed by ion exchange onthe permeate.  This service is offered using our expert trained technicians. 

03 June, 2016


VA Filtration has added another 2 large machines to its mobile fleet, bringing the total number of machines available for rental or purchase to 8. 


Mobile crossflow is now available in Oregon. 


VA Filtration offers a number of ways you can access crossflow machinery.  We offer a mobile service where our fleet of machines and technicians will filter the wine for you.  We also offer rental equipment for smaller or larger lots allowing you to operate the equipment yourself - after a little training of course. 


If you are in need of a crossflow but dont want to buy a machine, VA Filtration has a long term rental option.  We supply you a machine, you operate it and you only pay for the wine that is filtered.  We take care of service and maintenance for 3 or 5 years. 


If you prefer to purchase equipment, then VA Filtration manufactures and sells equipment is a full range of sizes.  Machinery can be supplied in semi or fully automatic configurations. 




02 March, 2016

VA Filtration has introduced the capacity for small lot alcohol reduction using the patent pending Memstar process at its facility in American Canyon.  With the capacity to treat lots as small as 250 gallons with minor alcohol adjustments, this capacity adds a level of alcohol reduction quality for small lots that is unmatched in the industry today.  If you have a DSP facilit, we offer this same level of quality on a mobile basis. 

The Memstar process is a patent pending alcohol reduction process that removes the ethanol from permeate generated using reverse osmosis. This results in the highest quality and lowest loss alcohol reduction process available in the world today. 

Note that we can also de-alc large lots of wine and we have capacity to lower the alcohol by 8 points per 6000 gallons of wine within 24 hours. 

Call Vickie Wahlstrom today to schedule your alcohol reduction needs.  707 552 2616 Ext 106

VA/TA/pH/Smoke Reduction for stuck ferments or finished wine
11 October, 2015

2015 has been an interesting harvest to say the least!  We are getting calls for stuck ferments, high pH and high TA.  Not a problem though, VA Filtration has processing equipment that is able to correct all these issues - all at once or individually!  With 14 mobile machines at our disposal, we are a phone call away from resolving most issues related to VA/EA, pH or TA. 

Our expertly trained mobile technicians are by far the best in the business!  With attention to detail and the continued pursuit of excellence, they are always around to liase with the winemaker and make suggestions that improve the overall treatment being carried out on the wine.  Winemakers have high expectations and as a service provider, so do we. Our goal is for excellence in all customer interactions. If you are not happy, we are not happy!

Give us a call.  We are by far the most experienced and cost effective mobile service company in North America.  

Other services available:

  • 4EP/4EG Reduction
  • TA adjustment
  • pH adjustment
  • Crossflow filtration
  • Alcohol Reduction
  • Machinery rental for small lots (VA/EA /4EP and Crossflow)
  • TCA/TBA reduction
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Wine Concentration

17 August, 2015

With all the wild fires about, the question of smoke taint is on every winemakers lips.  Is it in the fruit?  Will it affect my wine?  How do I remove it?  Based on 2008 experience, excessively tainted fruit can make some very ashy, astringent, bacony wine (think of drinking red wine around a smokey camp fire).  If your wine is contaminated, there are options for dealing with the issue.  

How do I deal with smoke taint?

Juice Stage

The BIG question is how to deal with this problem.  There are several helpful tools in dealing with it, but no "magical" cure.  One option is to flash the resently harvested fruit (reds only) to remove as much smoke taint from the skins before it has a chance to integrate with the juice.  It is suspected that the smoke taint is concentrated in the skins of the berry due to some interesting observations of the contamination process in 2008.  Juice samples that showed little to no sign of smoke taint in 2008 resulted in highly tainted wine after ferrmenattion and whites showed lower levels of smoke taint due to limited skin contact.  Since the flash process wasn't used much in 2008 to deal with the issue, we have limited knowledge on the success of this processing option, but if it reduces the guaiacol levels by more than 50% right off the bat, then you are half way through dealing with the issue.  

Wine Stage

During fermentation, the level of smoke taint increases as the sugar is broken down during the fermentation process.  This is due to the smoke compounds being bound to the glycosides within the liquid.  As these glycosides break down, the smoke compounds are released.  To find out if wine is contaminated, a guaicaol analysis will prove its presence and show the level of taint.  This level can range from 4 ug/l to as high as 200 ug/l. Note this analysis needs to be done before any oak products are added to the wine.    VA Filtration was able to successfully treat wines with Guaiacol levels of up to 80 ug/l, but beyond that, the results can vary dramatically.  It is also known that the treatment has a 50% long term success rating.  In around half the wines treated in 2008/2009, the smoke taint returned within a year.  The levels were diminished, but it was definately there.  This return affect is again due to the break down in the glycosides, where the smoke taint compounds are attached, as the wine ages.  A "fire" sale might be necessary if it is found that wine has smoke taint.  

The Treatment Process

VA Filtration has the only patented process for dealing with smoke taint.  Using nanofiltration in conjunction with phenolic removal media, the guaiacol and related smoke taint phenolics are removed from the wine gently and efficiently.  We successfuully treated over 2 000 000 gallons of smoke tainted wine in 2009.  This year we have dedicated machinery designed for rental or servicing in case of smoke taint.  

04 July, 2015

VA Filtration offers its trialed and tested Ultrafiltration process for the removal of color and bitterness from heavy press juice fractions.  Typically used in Pinot Grigio, it has also found use in other white varietals.  

Benefits are two-fold - if the heavy press fraction is too dark it is typically discarded or used in lower cost blends.  VA Filtrations Ultrafiltration process allows for the recovery of up to 80% of that press fraction at the same quality and higher than the free run or low pressure fraction.  The concentrated product can also be used as co-factor in other fermentations.  Win win situation.  

The success of the process does depend on the pre-filtration of the juice.  The cleaner the juice the higher the recovery.  We recommend rotovac or filter press followed by crossflow.  

Give us a call or e-mailus for further information.  

VA Filtration USA : 707 552 2616 Ext 101 or Ext 104

The MEMSTAR Process advantages for alcohol reduction
08 May, 2015

With the recent acquisition of Memstar, VA Filtration USA is making on-site alcohol reduction easier than ever.  The patent pending MEMSTAR process is the highest quality process available for on-site ethanol reduction.  The process in a nutshell is the removal of low boiling point ethanol via a membrane contactor on permeate and NOT wine.  The process uses a strip water which carries the removed ethanol away for distillation off site.  The quality of this process is unsurpassed by anything else on the market today. 

What is a Membrane Contactor?

A membrane contactor is a hydrophobic membrane that allows the passage of vapor but not liquid.  Think GORETEX ski jackets.  These keep one dry in the rain but allow water vapor from perspiration to escape keeping you dry.  Exact same technology, except ethanol is the vapor! 

How does the Memstar process compare to other on-site options out there?

  1. Highest quality- The Memstar process removes the ethanol from the PERMEATE in the membrane contactor.  Other companies offering this service send WINE directly through the membrane contactor which results in excessive aromatic losses.  The strip water is also often tinged pink, which means that wine is being lost within the contacting process or the contactor has hydrophilic pockets.  Not good!
  2. Faster process- because the Memstar process removes the ethanol from the permeate, it becomes possible to use temperature to substantially increase the removal rate of the ethanol.  The boiling point of ethanol increases with an increase in temperature.  This means more vapor generation and removal is possible through the membrane contactor.  The Memstar process uses this advantage due to the permeate being passed through the contactor and not the wine.  Competitors can't offer this advantage since they would be applying heat directly to the wine. 
  3. No wet out - The weakness when it comes to membrane contactors is that they can become hydrophilic over time.  This is due to the components within the wine causing this wet-out phenomenon and results in the passage of water into the wine and vise versa.  Because the Memstar process only sends permeate through the contactor, this is not an issue. 

VA Filtration is making the option of utilizing this service easier than ever.  We have lease programs that allow wineries to use the machine over a pre-determined period of time without making the substantial investment of owning the machinery.  We have many other options too of providing this technology, just give us a ring or send an e-mail to!

VA and Alcohol adjustment combined
24 April, 2015

Ever wondered if you can reduce VA and ethanol in a wine at the same time?  Well yes you can - as long as this takes place at a DSP facility.  VA Filtrations latest alcohol reduction facility in Napa County has the option of multi-processing.  It is possible to reduce VA, pH or any other taint while at the same time reducing ethanol!  We are one of a few facilities in the United States capable of offering this all-in-one service.

We also offer the following state of the art mobile processes at your facility:

  • Patented VA Reduction using Nanofiltration
  • Crossflow filtration using Lo-Crossflow technology
  • Patnted 4EP/4EG Reduction using Nanofiltration
  • TA Reduction
  • PH Reduction
  • FOSMOS - Forward osmosis pouches for alcohol bench top trials
  • Sweetspotter and crossflow rental systems

Give us a call today. 707 552 2616

MEMSTAR - The gentlest option for on-site alcohol reduction
13 February, 2015

  • Do you have a DSP license?
  • Would you like to have the ability to reduce alcohol in wine on-site? 
  • Do you want a system that focuses on wine quality and efficiency?  

With the US patent pending MEMSTAR system, on-site alcohol reduction for existing DSP facilities is an ideal option.  The MEMSTAR system is far superior to other on-site alcohol reduction methods due to the fact that it removes the ethanol from the permeate AND NOT FROM THE WINE.  By running wine cirectly through the osmotic distillation process on other systems, aroma loss is huge.  With the MEMSTAR system, aroma loss is minimal due to the wine first being separated via a nanofiltration membrane.  The MEMSTAR system also gets the ethanol content of the strip water above 7% and higher theerby minimizing water use.  

We have options to supply complete integrated systems or machinery that can be added to already existing wine concentrators.  


FREE Alcohol Reduction
24 October, 2014

The festive Season came early this year!

VA Filtration is offering FREE alcohol reduction services through to the end of 2014.  All you pay are the shipping costs plus a $700.00 per lot handling fee and we take care of the rest! 

Call us today to book your alcohol reduction services.  

707 552 2616 Ext 106 and speak with Vickie

Stuck ferment? High alcohol level? High VA?
13 October, 2014

Do you have stuck ferments with high VA's and high alcohol levels?  

If so, send them over and we will reduce both the VA and the alcohol at our facility in American Canyon.  We have equipment available that minimizes losses and we are experts at handling smaller lots.  

We also have full size high volume equipment available that can process much higher volumes where necessary at your facility!  

07 July, 2014

In an exciting move for the company, VA Filtration has opened a service facility in Paso Robles.  This facility will service the Central Coast, South Coast and Southern Central Valley Wine Industry.  It will be managed by Chris Koegelenberg and will offer the following services:

Mobile Services

  • Crossflow Filtration
  • VA/EA Reduction
  • Wine Concentration
  • pH Correction of wine (up or down) without checmial addition

Equipment Sales

  • Crossflow Filters
  • Concentration Equipment
  • Ultrafiltration Equipment
  • Sweetspotters

Equipment Service and Repair

  • All makes and models of membrane based equipment including Crossflow filters and wine concentrators

110V Equipment Rental

  • Sweetspotters for VA/EA/4EP and Wine Cocntration
  • Crossflow filters - 200 gal/hr trhoughput

Enological Products

  • Yeast, tannins, fining agents and neutrients


The Paso Robles office and Chris Koegelenberg can be contacted on 805 835 4860

Mobile Crossflow Filtration Services
12 May, 2014

VA Filtraton has a fleet of mobile crossflow filter systems available for on-site wine filtration.  Using the low crossflow principal, these machines are gentle and efficient - and we guarantee the wine to be ready for 0.45 micron botling line cartridges!

With 6 machines available for mobile servicing or rental, we always get the job on time and within budget.

The benefits of using VA Filtration for your wine filtration needs are numerous:

  • No hidden fees!
  • Highly skilled technicians who care about your wine.  
  • Minimal losses with our wine recovery loop.
  • Gentlest machines currently available on the market.
  • We guarantee our work.
  • Only company to offer 110V rental crossflow filters utlizing the same filtration technology as the larger equipment
  • No hidden fees!

We always have spare capacity available for your needs.  

Give us a call - 707 552 2616 Ext 1

Budget Cross Flow Filtration is Here!
25 April, 2014

  • Are you tired of using pad filtration to get your wine bottle ready?
  • Do you need a filter for small lots as low as 1 barrel?   
  • Would you like a robust system that is easy to use?  
  • Would you like a system that is made in America?
  • Would you like a reasonably priced system for only $22 500.00?
VA Filtration USA has the answer - the CF8-2-200M small crossflow unit capable of filtering 200 gal/hr of wine.  

CF8-2-200M - Cross Flow Machine
CF8-2-200M Iso Right
Lets face it, pad filtration is frustrating, loses a lot of wine and requires several stages of filtration to get the wine bottle ready.  The CF8-2-200M is a simple alternative to the headache of pad filtration.  
Advantages over Pad Filtration
  • On-board self-priming feed pump.
  • One step filtration down to 0.45 microns
  • No oxygen pickup.
  • 200 gal/hr Flow Rate
  • Losses as low as 2 gallons per 500 gallons wine filtered.
  • 110V Power requirement
  • Very easy to use - no pads to load.
  • Minimal operator intervention required while system is filtering.
  • Nothing to throw away - membranes are chemically cleaned.
  • Can not over pressurize the system.
  • Extremely robust - all stainless steel construction
The CF8-2-200M is THE most robust and cost effective crossflow filter on the market today. By making use of flat sheet membrane elements as opposed to hollow fiber membrane elements, this small crossflow unit has a robustness that is unmatched in the industry. The membrane simply can not be damaged by over-pressurization.  
Its vertical orientation and piping design minimizes losses as much as possible.  Its 110V operation means you can operate this system in areas where 3 phase power is not available. Its filtration capacity is ideal for small lot filtration (as low as 1 barrel) and its price is unmatched in the industry.  
The systems are designed and manufactured by VA Filtration in the USA using locally sourced components where possible.  We have systems available for evaluation purposes if necessary.  
If your preference is to rent, we have a fleet of systems available for rental from our American Canyon warehouse facility on a per day basis.

Call Bryan Tudhope for further information on these fantastic systems
707 552 2616 Ext 101

21 March, 2014

VA filtration, a global leader in wine processing technology is pleased to announce the successful commissioning and start-up of its new alcohol reduction facility featuring the latest in distillation column technology. 

American Canyon, CA – March 24th 2014.

VA Filtration announced today that it has begun processing wine at its facility on Dodd Court for the purpose of reducing the ethanol content of wine.  According to Bryan Tudhope, general manager, the facility features a state of the art vacuum distillation system that has the capability of processing both wine and/or permeate.  The distillation column features deep vacuum operation, indirect water heating and a very small hold-up volume making it ideal for both large and small batch wine or permeate processing. 

DSP Manager for the facility, Vickie Wahlstrom, with over 15 years of alcohol reduction experience, is very excited to be part of this latest service offering.  “I like the fact that not only can we process wine for alcohol adjustment, but we can also perform services including VA reduction, crossflow and other taint removal services - making VA Filtrations facility a one stop shop”. 

In addition, VA Filtration will be launching a new mobile service related to its alcohol reduction service which will allow wineries to send a “low color wine fraction” to the American Canyon facility for processing.  With an approximate 1-2% ethanol-in-product return, this process will be the most efficient wine ethanol adjustment service in the US, saving wineries the stress of sending out high color wine and at the same time reducing shipping volumes. 

This latest alcohol adjustment service offering from VA Filtration USA confirms that they are leaders in technology dedicated to the improvement of wine processing technology.

For further information on the alcohol reduction service, please contact Vickie Wahlstrom on 707 552 2616 Ext 106 or e-mail

14 February, 2014

If you would like to produce your own high proof, then VA Filtration has the solution for you.  We design and manufacture continuous distillation columns for the production of ethanol.  Systems can be designed to distill wine, permeate or any fluid containing ethanol depending on your preference. Smaller columns are electrically heated and larger columns are steam heated.  We can manufacture 5 to 500 pg/hr columns in both vacuum and atmospheric configurations..  

Remove the VA/EA from your stuck ferments
17 January, 2014

VA Filtration USA has the only Nanofiltration based process system around that can effectively deal with the reduction of acetic acid and/or ethyl acetate.  Our system is simple, cost effective and extremely gentle on your wine.

Our mobile technicians are by far the best in the business!  We never leave our machinery unattended or left to run overnight on your wine. Our operators are always around to liase with the winemaker and make suggestions that improve the overall VA/EA reduction experience.  As a winemaker you have high expectations - as a service provider so do we.  Our goal is for excellence in all customer interactions. If you are not happy, we are not happy!

Give us a call.  We are by far the most experienced and cost effective mobile service company around today.  

Other services available:

  • 4EP/4EG Reduction
  • Crossflow filtration
  • Alcohol Reduction
  • pH Reduction without tartaric acid
  • Machinery rental for small lots (VA/EA /4EP and Crossflow)
  • TCA/TBA reduction
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Wine Concentration


12 October, 2013


Due to some enormous wildfires this year, the lingering smoke might have left its mark on the grapes.  How will you know if you have smoke taint?  If there are some smokey aromas present in your wine after fermentation then a simple test showing the levels of Guaicaol present in the juice/wine BEFORE oak addition will indicate the level of smoke taint present.  

Is there anything you can do?  Well yes - VA Filtration can help.  We offer the ONLY mobile service in the USA based on our patented nanofiltration process designed for the optimum reduction of smoke taint compounds from wine.  

Will the taint come back?  Well that depends on a number of factors.  In some cases yes, and in some cases no.  We learnt a great deal on dealing with smoke taint from the 2008 harvest and that knowledge has been transferred into our process.  


VA Filtration has developed a 180 gal/hr crossflow filter that can be rented for the filtration of small lots of wine.  This is THE ONLY RENTAL CROSSFLOW  available on the market today capable of operating off 110V single phase power.  It is extremely simple to operate and very robust. Give it a try today!

Small lot crossflow filters for rental or purchase
22 July, 2013

VA Filtration introduces its latest crossflow system for rental or purchase  - the Microflow CF8-2-200M.  This filter is unique in that it is desigend to filter small lots of wine while minimizing losses to 8 gallons per lot.  It can be rented and self-operated with ease - with no fear of damaging membrane elements.   The Microflo operates using 110V, single phase power, filters at 150 gal/hr to 200 gal/hr of wine to under 0.8 NTU and can easily fit in the back of a pick-up truck.  


  • Rental - $550.00 per day
  • Purchase - $22 500.00

24 May, 2013

Have you ever wanted to see what your wine would look like with 2%, 5% or 10% concentration?  

Ever wanted to carry out your own alcohol Sweetspot trials?  

Well now you can - on as little as 1000 ml of wine using the FOSMOS single use pouches and all for only $6.00 per pouch!  It has never been simpler.  The pouches use forward osmosis technology along with a cocnentration gradient to allow water and ethanol only to cross the membrane barrier - leaving the color/tannin and phenolics behind.  

Just drop the pouch in a 1000 ml of wine and within 4 hours your wine will be 10% more concentrated.  Then calculate your concentration level  by volume measurement or weight and blend back with the original wine creating your ideal Sweetspot concentration.  Ideal for the 2011 harvest.

Once you have dialed in your concetration level, VA Filtration can concentrate larger volumes of wine legally using Ultrafiltration on either our full scale equipment or our Sweetspotters.  

Give us a call now - we have pouches in stock ready to go.  

Gentlest wine processing on the Planet!
29 April, 2013

VA Filtration designs, manufacturers and offers the gentlest wine processing equipment on the planet!  

All of our services use a technology that minimizes the handling of the wine and assures maximum efficiency during processing.  The key to our technology is the diaphragm pumping system involved in moving and pressurizing the wine.  Other suppliers make use of multistage centrifugal pumps that shear and heat the wine and force them to operate their equipment at single pass efficiency of less than 10%.  That means only 10% of the VA/4EP will be removed on a single pass through the machine.  VA Filtrations full scale continuously supervised equipment operates at a target removal rate of 30% of the taint per pass - meaning less handling of the wine overall.  This same technology carries over into our crossflow systems - where we minimize re-circulation of the wine as much as possible.  

VA Filtration is able to design and manufacture as well as offer a mobile service for the following:

  • VA Reduction
  • 4EP/4EG Reduction
  • Pyrazine reduction
  • DES Reduction
  • pH Correction
  • Stabilize wine with respect to tartrate precipitation
  • Crossflow Filtration
  • Alcohol Reduction
  • Wine Concentration
  • Small lot treatment options - The Sweetspotter

Give us a call.  We are still the most competitive service company on the market today and all of our systems are designed and manufactured in the USA.

12 April, 2013

VA Filtration is offering 500 gram packs of Lysozyme for $70.00 each.

Normal price is $120.00!

We have limited stock and we are clearing this item to make way for new stock.

29 March, 2013

The 2011 harvest left some wines a little short on concentration and high in methoxypyrazine characters (green, vegetable character). It has recently become possible to measure IBMP in wines in the US - which is great to see what levels are present.  Sometimes these levels can be 5 times threshold - which makes reduction very tricky.  It is however possible to lower the levels of IBMP using membrane technology, but considering the intensity of processing required on the high IBMP wines, this is not always practical and can do more harm than good.

VA Filtration has done a lot of work over the last 6 months on these greener, thinner wines.  The results have been spectacular - with intense vegatative character disappearing almost entirely.  The treatment method involves a combination of technologies - including IBMP reduction and/or concentration and/or addition of our pre-selected Predel tannins. 

We recommend trials be carried out at your winery by using the Sweetspotter system and some sample tannins available through VA Filtration.  The Sweetspotter is able to both lower the IBMP levels as well as concentrate the wine.  Once the removal/concentration is complete - our enologist, Milan Vujnic, is able to help you with the addition trials for further masking of the green character.

As a side note - the concentration of wine is perfectly legal according to TTB codes and regulations.  You are essentially separating the wine into a high color/low color fraction, with the high color fraction being the concentrated portion of the wine.  The low color fraction is separated out and kept separately as wine.  You have to use ultrafiltration membrane technology for the process and stay under certain operating pressures.  VA Filtration will ensure all treatment follows the TTB codes.  

Give us a call and we would be happy to help you get the best out of your wine.  

Buy your own VA Filtration system - Made in the USA!
15 March, 2013

VA Filtration is a US based manufacturer of all systems related to membrane processing.  

We currently manufacture reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration systems for the wine industry right here is the USA.  Current models include our smallest manually operated single barrel Sweetspotter systems for VA/Taint removal through to fully automated crossflow systems for bottle ready filtration and everything inbetween.

We are also able to offer distillation columns for ethanol removal from permeate.  

We recently added 4000 ft2 of manufacturing space in American Canyon to keep up with our current back-log of machinery on order.

If you are in need of membrane processing equipment or distillation equipment, give us a ring.  We are able to custom manufacture anything you may need or think you need.  

27 November, 2012

VA Filtration manufacturers a range of wine crossflow filters that are easy to use and even easier on your budget.  Our systems utlize spiral wound membrane technology - so there are never any integrity failures from broken straws!  The membrane elements are manufactured in the US and are 1/3rd the cost of our closest competitors to replace.  

All systems are manufactured in American Canyon using US sourced components where possible.  We supply manual, semi-auto and fully auto systems.

Our latest design is a manually operated 2 membrane system (CF8-2-200M) capable of filtering up to 200 gal/hr of wine.  Ideal for the smaller winery and at only $22 500.00, it will fit most budgets.  Our 6 membrane semi-auto system sells for $65 000.00.

The technology used in the above systems is the same as that of our mobile service.   

06 September, 2012

Do you know how much value is in your lees?  Let's say you had 1000 gallons of accumulated lees over the course of harvest.  At 80% recovery, this equates to 800 gallons of wine.  Even if you got $8.00 per gallon for this wine, thats $6400.00 worth of product!  Yet you are willing to sell this stored lees for $1.00 per gallon to lees recovery companies???  Makes no financial sense at all. 

The cost of lees filtration averages between $1.00 and $1.80 per gallon of product recovered.  Whatever you recover can be made into decent wine and sold on the bulk market or used in your current programmes.  Thats what the lees recovery companies are doing.  They take your lees, filter it, blend it and sell it on the bulk market.  

Worried about the quality? Keep it chilled until we can get to it, then just process the recovered wine/juice and process it as a separate lot.  

Give it a try!  Its worth the effort.  


20 August, 2012

HAR 17 is a blend of bayanus and cerevisiae.  This yeast is ideal for the fermentation of high brix fruit and or re-starting stuck fermenations.  It is tolerant to 17% alcohol.

It is also recommened for the fermentation of Chardonnay due to the naturally occuring high content of mannoproteins.  

ONLY : $30.00 per 500 grams OR $490.00 for 10 kg

29 May, 2012


The TTB recently approved the use of CMC's for the tartaric stability of wine.  Our CMC (carboxy methyl cellulose), called STABICELL, is typically added to white wine in the form of a 21% strength liquid (STABICELL 21LV) or as a micronized powder at 98% strength (STABICELL Micro).  This product is not suitable for red wine tartaric stabilization or for white wines that are not protein stable.

STABICELL acts as a protective colloid.   It hinders the formation and growth of tartrate microcrystals, thus preventing the precicipation of tartaric salts, potassium bitartrate or calcium bitartrate.   

With a cost of treatment as low as $0.012 per gallon, the ENERGY and financial SAVING over traditional methods IS ENORMOUS.  

STABICELL samples are available for trial purposes from our offices.

19 April, 2012

Current methods of reducing alcohol on-site (assuming you have a DSP license) involve the use of large volumes of water to remove alcohol from permeate or wine.  This water - along with the ethanol - ends up in ponds or municipal waste systems or requires significant transport costs to get it back to a distillation facility.  About as far from sustainable practices as you can get!

Well what if you could remove the ethanol from your wine at 170 proof and eliminate your waste water problem as well as transport issues?  


VA Filtration is proud to introduce the first of its kind mobile vacuum distillation system capable of reducing ethanol on-site and recovering that ethanol in the form of high proof.  The system is completely self contained and operates off electrical power only.  No need for gas boilers or the like.

Got strip water with 8% ethanol content?  We can treat that too!


Average removal rate of ethanol from wine : 1000 gal/hr lowering from 15% to 14% ethanol. 

Average volume of 85% ethanol produced per hour : 15 gal

Power requirement : 2 x 480V, 30 amp outlets

Impact on the environment : Zero waste discharge

Our system will be operational in June 2012.

16 March, 2012

The FOSMOS is a forward osmosis membrane pouch designed to remove water and alcohol from wine on a laboratory scale.  Simply place the pouch in a flask of wine on the bench and it will draw in water and alcohol through an osmotic pressure differential process. 

You can draw as much as 250ml of water/alcohol solution from the wine per pouch.  The concentrated portion of the wine can then be back-blended with the original wine to make up any number of wines with different concentrations.  This is an invaluable tool for winemakers - especially after the 2011 harvest.

The FOSMOS is available from our offices for $6.00 each.  

PYRAZINE - IBMP & IPMP Reduction in wine
06 January, 2012

PYRAZINE Reduction

Yes we can remove Pyrazine or herbaceous/vegetable qualities that are present in wine.  Our patented process utilizes nanofiltration technology coupled with adsorption.  The success of the process depends on starting levels though.  Since the threshold for IBMP is 2 ng/l and common levels are in excess of 8 ng/l, getting to threshold requires multiple passes.  As usual you can trial with the Sweetspotter to be sure this is going to work for you. 


09 December, 2011

VA Filtration USA is proud to announce a new service for 2012 - FLASH PASTEURIZATION - for the deactivation of laccase in wine. This process guarantees 100% reduction in the laccase enzyme activity.  Can also be used to kill brettanomyces yeast strains that might also be present. 


  • Flow rate: 800-1000 gal/hr
  • Clarity of wine required: < 100 NTU
  • Feed wine temp: <55F
  • Cooling required at the winery: Water or glycol
  • Configuration: Tank to tank (Clean tank necessary for processed wine)

This process has been used extensively in 2011 in Australia for laccase treatment.  It is guaranteed to be 100% effective and is minimally invasive on the wine.  

Now taking orders for January treatment.  

NEW and REVOLUTIONARY method of juice/must concentration
20 September, 2011

 FOSMOS* for Juice/Must Concentration

VA Filtration USA introduces the FOSMOS*.  A new and innovative way of concentrating juice or must without pressure!.  The FOSMOS is a reusable or single use pouch that can be added to juice or must to raise sugar content.  The bag uses the principal of forward osmosis to draw in the water from the juice.  NO PRESSURE is needed.  It works at ambient temperature and pressure conditions - net result - the gentlest form of concentration EVER!

FOSMOS* for laboratory de-alc trials - a must for any wine laboratory

The pouches can be used for de-alc trials in the laboratory.  Simply add 750 ml wine to the pouch, seal and submerge in a draw solution.  After 6-12 hours the wine will be more concentrated with a lower alcohol content. Simply decant, add back water to the original volume and use the final wine for Sweetspot trials.  Can reduce the alcohol in wine to less than 1% if necessary.  

 We are excited to release FOSMOS to the US wine industry first.  This product is not available anywhere else in the world at this point.  Just another tool for winemakers to increase wine quality at the end of the day in keeping with our motto that gentler is better!

*Patent Pending

Predel Oenological Products
30 June, 2011

VA Filtration USA is pleased to announce that they are now offering Predel oenological products in addition to their filtration services and systems. Founded in 1989 in Bordeaux, France, Predel Oenologie has developed a well recognized expertise in the field of winemaking.

Predel offers a wide range of products catering to all winemaking needs. Strong partnerships and constant interactions with winemakers as well as an extensive research allow continuous improvement and development of Predel’s winemaking products.

Predel is present in all top French and European wine regions as well as in South America, South Africa and Australia. VA Filtration is the sole distributor of Predel winemaking products in The United States. All Predel Oenologie’s products are in conformance with the International Oenological Codex.

For more information or to request samples, please contact Milan Vujnic at 707-315-9224 or

24 March, 2011

A simple, cost-effective way to cold stabilize wine in a hurry! 

  • Flow rates up to 1000 gal/hr. 
  • Guaranteed success.
  • Very gentle on the wine.
  • pH shift nominal, or what you would find using traditional methods. 
  • Pricing from $0.25 to $0.35 per gallon (excluding set-up fee), depending on volume to process. 
  • Cost effective when compared to traditional methods. 

Sweetspotters re-designed to be more robust and user friendly
17 March, 2011

VA Filtration in association with D'Vine Intervention has re-designed its Sweetspotters to be more efficient and even more user friendly.  Changes include cleaning ports, hot water cleaning capabilities and a revised industrial pumping system.  The larger of the models - the SS4-4-40 is capable of reducing the VA on 800 gallons in a 10 hour period by 30%.  We still have the smaller models available, which have also undergone a significant face lift.  We now have more Sweetspotters available for rental than ever before as well as numerous processing options.  Ask about our rapid cold stabilisation. 

VA Filtration is granted a patent for all forms of wine taint removal involving the use of nanofiltration & adsorption.
11 November, 2010

In an exciting development, VA FIltration USA has been granted US patent number 7828977.  This patent pertains to the removal of all taints from wine involving nanofiltration followed by adsorption.  These include 4EP/4EG reduction, smoke taint reduction, pyrazine reduction and any other taint removal possible involving these two processes. 


Please contact us directly for pricing on our range of products and services.


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pH Reduction Equipment for Wine and Juice
VA Filtration designs, manufactures and sells a full range of ion exchange equipment for purposes of pH reduction in wine or juice.  Please review our brochure for more information.  
High Proof Alcohol
160 Proof Wine based alcohol.  VERY high quality!.  Available in 5 gallons up to 6000 gallons.  Quantity discounts available.