Talk about disruption. A fundamental shift in the beverage alcohol industry has been underway, under our noses, for more than a decade, and it’s largely due to new producers who have broken all the rules and challenged the status quo.

Whenever the world changes it’s because someone, somewhere is challenging our understanding of how things work. They step forward and present a different way, something new to believe in. Call them The Challengers.

“Who will win in the New Normal?”

Jeff Bezos of Amazon challenged retailing, envisioning an online store that would one day sell everything, long before he’d sold his first book. Uber is challenging the taxi industry and puts a personal driver in everyone’s pocket. And every day, scores of brands and businesses in the beverage industry challenge conventional wisdom to create “the New Normal,” an industry that looks so different ChallengerBrandsthan the past that it forces us to ask, “what are the new rules today?” And “who will win in the New Normal?”

So at US BevX 2016, we decided to ask eatbigfish, who coined the term “Challenger Brand” back in 1999 with their influential best seller, Eating The Big Fish.Eatbigfish has been studying the common practices of dozens of successful “little fish” who grew into “big fish” , and they’re excited to meet and work with such a elite group of producer/challengers.

Mark Barden, partner at eatbigfish, will join us at USBevX in 2016 to share with us what he has learned from working with some of the most successful challenger brands of the last decade, and he’ll help you understand how to punch above your weight, and to achieve more with less. He’ll explain to us:

  • How experience is overrated and how to maintain “intelligent naivety” as you grow
  • The power of creating a brand built on personal conviction
  • Why systematically breaking the conventions of the category is a sure fire way to succeed

With inspiring stories about successful challengers and practical tips on how to apply the lessons to your own business you’ll walk away with the belief that you, and your brand, can be a successful challenger able to write the rules of New Normal.

Come to the USBevX 2016 Conference, and let’s keep the disruption going!

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