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Universal Packaging - Partnering with Craft Brands for 35 Years.

Universal Packaging partners with craft brands to help realize their packaging vision. Supplying to the wine industry for over 35 years, Universal specializes in innovative screen-printing techniques and has mastered the art of Applied Ceramic Labelling (ACL) to become a leading glass decorator and packaging provider.

This family owned company provides start to finish packaging out of their Western North American decorating and warehouse facility. They offer glass bottles from around the world, award-winning ACL screen-printing, cartons, Vinoseal glass closures and logistics services. 

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Screen Printing by Universal Packaging. Includes Precious Metal Paint wrapped around the bottle.

From Glass Bottles to Delivery to Your Winery

Universal is truly a start to finish packaging provider. They specialize in screen printing glass bottles, sourcing glass bottles and will work with you to develop your own custom glass. You can use their label design services to develop your unique label for screen printing. Universal also supplies cartons, Vinoseal glass closures and will arrange delivery of your finished bottles.

Meet Universal Packaging
Meet Universal Packaging
Understanding the passion behind Universal Packaging, it's people, process and product offerings.
2020 Best Bottle Decoration: Universal Packaging

Family-owned Universal Packaging started in 1985 in Vernon, B.C., creating screen-printed glass bottles for craft beverage brands. “When people send us designs, we push the envelope. We want to deliver something even better than they envisioned,” says Amy Haselman, creative director. “We also have lots of long-term employees, some who’ve been with us since the beginning.” This level of customer service knowledge and longevity in the industry are two things Haselman cites as reasons for Universal’s success, along with its ability to innovate as time moves forward.

The company’s new website features multiple examples of its bottle decoration techniques. “We have metallic paint; we can do wraps of more than 360 degrees, including the neck and sometimes the shoulder. We also have coatings and frostings that you can see through into the bottle, as well as a wide range of colors,” she says. “For example, we can put two or three different colors on a single bottle, for a sort of ombre look. We can decorate tiny bottles up to 9 liters.”

Today, Universal has two warehouses, one of which holds the new offering of its own glass. It offers plain or decorated bottles, as well as custom-mold bottles. It also supplies Vinoseal closures, label design services, cartons, and more, making it a one-stop shop for your needs.

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Not Your Everyday Packaging Company - Top 4 Reasons
11 June, 2020

Universal Packaging is different than your average packaging supply company. Here they list the top 4 reasons to partner with them and at the same time introduce themselves to the Wine Industry Network.

At Universal Packaging:

  • We’re Artisans. We use our over 35 years in the craft packaging industry to master the art of screen printing labels onto glass. We utilize our own innovative techniques and the latest in paint technologies to offer you bottles that are works of art.
  • We‘re One Stop. You’re busyLet us take care of it. From sourcing quality glass, closures and cartons to delivering the final screen-printed bottles safely to your winery, we’ve got you covered.
  • We’re Good Listeners. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. We listen to what you need with the goal of getting you exactly what you want. Drop us a line or reach out with a phone call, we love to hear from you.
  • Your Friends are Doing it. We decorate for hundreds of wineries in the USA and Canada. We’ve printed award winning packages for smaller wineries and produced thousands of cases for some bigger names in the industry.

Screen Printed Bottles by Universal Packaging