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Also available: uv-vis & scanning spec. models - Inquire for specifications & pricing

Unitech Scientific

‘Laboratory Intelligence for Wine’ Since 1996


FOCUS:   Unitech Scientific serves the Wine / fermentation industry.  We manufacture enzymatic reagents in Southern California and ship direct throughout North America; we also have regional US & International Distributors. Unitech Scientific offers wine analyzers, microbiology and other key products. 

SYSTEMS:  We take a systems approach to marketing and technical support, for example providing reagent kits, standards, analyzers, and applications for automation.  We have earned a reputation for excellence in customer and technical support.

REAGENT KITS:  A complete line of enzymatic reagent kits to assess the fermentation, vinification processes: Glu/Fru, L-Malic, Acetic, Free & Total Sulfites, phenolics and nutrient status.

What distinguishes our Reagents:

G/F UniTAB Reagent KitAcetic Acid UniFLEX Reagent Kit

*  Superior Quality, Easy To Use Protocols

*  Choice Of Kit Sizes (30-, 75-, & 250-Tests)

* Overnight Delivery

*  Excellent Technical Service




Unitech Scientific V120 Spectrophotometer   ORDER



     EnoLyzer wine analyzer          

EnoLyzerTM  Semi-automated, flexible, affordable



ChemWell-T for WineTM  Accurate, Precise automation for mid-size lab


ChemWell for WineTM  Sets the standard for enzymatic automation


SERVICE: We have a small dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals who look forward to working with you.  Unitech Scientific’s customer focus is expressed in our quality products & literature, attentive customer service & online ordering, expert technical support, and on-site Preventive Maintenance and training programs.   


Contact us for more information:    Phone: 562-924-5150 



Unitech's  Enzymatic Reagents


Superior Quality * Easy To Use Protocols * Excellent Technical Service

Choice Of Kit Sizes (30-, 75-, & 250-Tests) * Overnight Delivery


Acetic Acid 75 test kit (AA F150)



Wine Analyzers & ELISA Instrumentation

from Awareness Technologies Inc.

1. CHEMWELL for Wine  AUTOANALYZER for enzymatic and ELISA wine testing

Unitech Scientific's ChemWell for Wine autoanalyzer offers random access automation with continuous sample loading. ChemWell performs the assays, prints reports for customized requirements and frees the technician for less routine tasks. Several assay protocols can be run simultaneously, up to 96 samples at a time. Turn-key applications for the Unitech line of reagents (see our reagents section), with flexible, open software for custom assays.
Difference:ChemWell automates enzymatic and EIA assays and is efficient and inexpensive to operate. It performs 10 times more tests per kit vs. manual, automatically washes cuvettes and offers several calibration options. Unitech offers our famous, responsive technical service.


3. EnoLyzer Wine Analyzer from Unitech

You pipet & time reactions,EnoLyzer guides your analysis & calculates results

4.  Unitech Scientific V120 Spectrophotometer– our NEW, most cost-effective ($1550) instrument: improve your wine quality and significantly save on outside testing costs. Use any of the 30 reagent kits from Unitech Scientific; simply dial-in the wavelength and start your assay.  User’s manual, dust cover, power cord and 1-year warranty are included.  

Also available: uv-vis & scanning spec. models - Inquire for specifications & pricing



new   Wine Spoilage Micro Test in 2hr

Simultaneous (MultiPlex PCR) detection of:  Pediococcus, Oenococcus, Acetobacter, Gluconobacter, Lactobacillus, Brettanomyces, Zygosaccharomyces, Saccharomyces

  • Limit of Detection:  1 cells/sample

DESCRIPTION:  The Micro Test consists of:

  • Concentration by centrifugation (or optional enrichment media)
  • PCR (multiplex polymerase chain reaction) amplification, and
  • Visual Detection by Lateral Flow (LF) strips

Also Available:  Portable Thermocycler ($700), Pipettors & tips, 1.5 & 2mL polypropylene tubes, 50mL conical tubes, high speed Microfuge, Autoclave, Incubator

Optional:  Wine Spoilage Enrichment Media, Distilled Water [for media preparation]


OurSartorius 100-Monitors make microbial concentration easy, reliable and affordable.

Plus, the Sartorius line includes 17 types of traditional food & beverage media in convenient ampulized and ready-to-reconstitute dry disk formats; e.g. the Differential WL media provides the traditional Wallerstein-cycloheximide media for bacteria/Brett assessment.


Wine Meters

Unitech Scientific's collection of Wine Analysis instrumentation

Dissolved Oxygen MetersFrom YSI - wine bottle probe for bottling lines,

pH Meters, Conductivity Meters and more

Refractometers from Atago-USA:

The multi-parameter autotitrator has 9 wine applications. Unitech offfers free installation and training and a choice of dissolved oxygen meters, providing wine bottle oxygen checks for every budget.


  1. Digital PocketPAL-1 and Traditional Refractometers

  2. PAL-2, PAL-3, and PAL-alpha meters for juice and concentrates

  3. Conductivity meters - scroll for the details on NEW products. Then, click the PRODUCTS button at the top for all ATAGO product details



Phone: (562) 924-5150 Fax: (562) 809-3140

SO2 test using Unitech Scientific's EnoLyzer
SO2 test using Unitech Scientific's EnoLyzer
Step by step photometric wine analysis procedure
Total SO2 (Sulfite) Assay
Total SO2 (Sulfite) Assay
Product demonstration of EnoLyzer wine analyzer testing wine or Total Sulfite. Includes pipetting techniques.
FrSO2 (Sulfite) Assay
FrSO2 (Sulfite) Assay
Part 2 of 2 sequential assays along with LMA Assay. Product demonstration of EnoLyzer wine analyzer testing wine or Free Sulfite
L-Malic Acid Assay
L-Malic Acid Assay
Part 1 of 2 sequential assays along with Free SO2 assay. Product demonstration of EnoLyzer wine analyzer testing wine or L-Malic Acid

News Archive

Wine Spoilage Micro 2 Hour Test - Quality & Big Savings
03 July, 2018

Winemaking is both creative and demanding. Great wine requires the right team ready with the right tools. Among the challenges, you need to anticipate and react quickly to signs of wine spoilage.

Here is how Unitech Scientific's new Wine Micro 2-hour test can improve wine quality & save money!

Unitech V-120 Spec - Save Time and $$ this Harvest
15 June, 2018

Are you spending $800 or more each year on outside testing?  Replace your old spec, or let us help you gear-up for in-house testing.  

Reliable wine results – fast!  

Unitech Scientific, the California-based developer of wine-testing products, announces

Unitech V-120TM Spectrophotometer

    Only $1550!

Over 25 wine testing kits available

Unitech V-120 is perfect upgrade for your old spectrophotometer, an easy solution to expensive outside lab results.  Improve your winery efficiency, broaden your test menu for this harvest and beyond.  

Measure Glucose/Fructose, Malic Acid, Acetic Acid, Ammonia, NOPA, Sulfites and more.

Wineries love:  

  • The power of a broad test menu with a single system!
  • The low initial investment and low operating costs.
  • The accuracy of enzymatic testing – the state-of-the-art wine industry method.   

Lab technicians love:

  • To batch 20 or 30 wines, to log results within half an hour (use our FlexCalculator spreadsheets)
  • The touch screen interface, PC data Capture option available.
  • Power-up, select the wavelength
  • Prepare reagents & cuvettes and complete your test per reagent kit instructions. 

Contact us to discuss options and supplies: sample tubes, adjustable pipettors, cuvettes, etc. Request a quote, or order today.

Look to Unitech for superior quality, fast delivery and excellent technical service.

For more information contact us at or (562) 924-5150.

Other Unitech Scientific wine analyzers

ChemWell for WineTM, ChemWell-T for WineTM & EnoLyzerTM

Watch Unitech Scientific's EnoLyzer Testing Total SO2 (Sulfite) Assay
19 January, 2018

Watch the product demonstration of EnoLyzer wine analyzer testing wine or Total Sulfite, including pipetting techniques.

Here are some of the EnoLyzers testing capabiites:

  • Enzymatic Tests (G/F, Malic, AMM, NOPA, Acetic, Sucrose, Lactic, Ascorbic, Citric, and more)
  • Free & Total Sulfites
  • Anthocyanins, Total Phenols, Wine Color
  • Tartaric & Potassium

EnoLyzer Semi-Automated Wine Analyzer - 2017 Harvest Discount
06 July, 2017

Unitech Scientific, the California-based developer of wine-testing kits, announces a new 2017 Harvest Discount on EnoLyzers:  Reliable wine test results in your winemaker’s hands fast, and now at lower price. 

New EnoLyzers:  Save 10% before August 31st

Limited quantity of pre-owned EnoLyzers available

EnoLyzer, the semi-automated wine analyzer, is the perfect upgrade for your old spec. and the easy solution to expensive wine lab results.  Improving your winery efficiency for the 2017 harvest and beyond. 

The EnoLyzer uses the spectrophotometer technology and the same Unitech Scientific reagent kits that the wine industry has enjoyed since 1996. Unitech’s enzymatic tests  measure GF, Malic Acid, Acetic Acid, Ammonia, NOPA, Sulfites and more wine components routinely monitored during harvest & vinification.

Wineries love: 

·      The power of a broad test menu – test over 25 wine components with a single system! 

·      The low initial investment and low operating costs.   

Lab technicians love:

·      Running a batch of 20 or 30 wines simultaneously, logging results within half an hour

·      Touch screen technology, stored protocols, on-board printer & PC data Capture option.

From the RUN TEST menu, simply Select your test, prepare your reagents and cuvettes per on-screen prompts.


For more information contact us at or (562) 924-5150.

Unitech's System Approach to Wine and Food Testing
31 May, 2016

Unitech is proud to distribute the ChemWell autoanalyzer worldwide to the food and wine industries. We have developed ChemWell wine analysis applications for many of our reagents.  Have a look at our analyzer and our systems approach to wine testing. 

ChemWell Autoanalyzer

ChemWell for WineTM Autoanalyzer


ChemWell is an "open" system, i.e. it can use either all Unitech reagents or your current enzymatic reagents.

ChemWell Brochure

Uniquely among chemistry analyzers, ChemWell is able to run ELISA assays (in coated micro-strips).  We currently offer  Histamine ELISA & Ochratoxin A ELISA. 


Our ChemWell analyzers have automatic custom filters permitting analysis of wine tests in addition to the typical 340nm analysis used for most enzymatic tests.  And ChemWell uses very little reagent, so you can drop your reagent costs to about 1/10 of what you currently spend.


The ChemWell 2910 autoanalyzer offers:

  • Complete enzymatic automation & Ochratoxin & other EIA's automation

  • Customer training at installation includes customized Wine Protocols

  • Washes cuvettes, Pipets, Times, Calculates & Prints out concentrations automatically

  • QC Tracking


Unitech Scientific has developed a Cost Justification worksheet that gives some structure to the process of calculating the reagent savings (7 times the tests from each reagent kit) and labor savings that your laboratory would expect by adding a ChemWell autoanalyzer. 


*Compatible with Windows 10, 7, Vista and XP.


Contact us if  you would like this worksheet, or a quote.

New Tests
10 August, 2015

New Tests:

Unitech offers the COMPLETE LINE of

Enzymatic Wine Tests

UniTABTM & UniFLEXTM Enzymatic Kits


Glu/Fru, Malic, Acetic, Sulfites, Citric, Tartaric, Phenolics, Anthocyanins & more


New Meter Introduction Spotlight


BRIX + Total Acid - BXF2 meter


Meter & Titrator Supplies

Hanna & YSI: pH Meters Mini-Titrators

DO Meters Bentonite/Turbidity

Email us: 'I need Electrodes & Supplies'


Wine Microbiology Spotlight

Brett & WL Media

Sartorius Monitors


Lab Automation Spotlight
ChemWell for WineTM & EnoLyzer


ChemWell for Wine, the industry standard

ChemWell-T for WineTM a fully automated wine analyzer designed for lower throughput winery labs EnoLyzer, the semi-automated affordable alternative to a spectrophotometer.

Learn More


EnoLyzer Training Videos &

Technical Bulletins


Click here for more info

Testing Wine on Your EnoLyzer Wine Analyzer
07 July, 2015

Three New youtube demos:

Testing wine on your EnoLyzer Wine Analyzer

Total Sulfites plus pipetting technique

L-Malic Acid

Free Sulfites

EnoLyzer’s software is ideal for the modern winery laboratory

Touch screen interface, Superb optics

o   Compact & economical

o   Stores protocols

o   Calculates & Prints Results (single Standard or Best Fit Curve), Flags out-of range results for further testing

o   Transfers data to your PC



What is ChemWell-T for Wine?
08 June, 2015

ChemWell-T for WineTM is a fully automated, random access wine analyzer for Biochemistry and lmmuno-Turbidimetric assays, designed specifically for lower throughput labs, specialty labs, and to serve as a dependable backup analyzer.

ChemWell -T

ChemWell®-T features

  • User-programmable open system.
  • Performs Biochemistry and Turbidimetric assays.
  • 100 tests per hour throughput.
  • PC-controlled.
  • Complete QC package.
  • Reaction Volume >200uL
  • Reflex testing.
  • Self-monitoring mechanicals and optics.
  • Liquid sensing probe tip.
  • Create custom reports.
  • IAD filters.


Email us for more informtaion or a quote!

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US V-120 Spectrophotometer
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EnoLyzer, semi-automated wine analyzer
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