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Trysk Print Solutions: your one-stop shop for labels, print, and packaging.


Why Trysk? What do we do?

We sell sticky paper: but that’s only the tip of the iceberg*. We challenge you to find another label and packaging company who can take your project at any stage - whether it’s a doodle on a napkin or a full set of art files – and run with it to impeccable completion.


We also bet you’ve never experienced service like this before. We’ve built a tight-knit team with decades of experience in the packaging business and beverage industry.

Nights? Weekends? We’re available around the clock because we know first hand the hours of hard work it takes to craft a fine wine, beer, or spirit.

And ultimately, we’d like to think we’re pretty fun. Let’s have a drink soon!

Focus. Create. Deliver.

*Seriously. Ask us about IceBreaker! 


Nothing impacts customer decision-making for your product like a quality label. With our experience and option list there is no project we can't help with.


Flexible Packaging

Pouches, bar wrappers, cold seal and more. Even compostable options are now available!



Everything from from small single item containers to multi-pack gift boxes including specialty touches like Soft Touch and UV spot varnishes.



Rack cards, multi-fold and pocketed brochures are a click away.


Extended Copy Labels

Need a lot of information placed onto a small area? ECL's and promotional IRC's are the way to go.


Shrink Sleeves

For the container that just refuses to be labeled or a design that demands attention and surface area shrinks are the way to go.



Deciding on how best to showcase your product in the market's ever-increasing battle for unique containers? Check with us to see if we can help you find that special bottle.


Business Cards

Looking for a stand-out card unique to only you? Trysk knows how to maximize your one chance to visually impress at a face-to-face meeting with new clients and partners.



World-class designer information and our knowledge-base for aesthetic improvements are a click away.

News Archive

Trysk, the Gold Standard for Labels and Packaging
17 January, 2020

We sell sticky paper: but that’s only the tip of the iceberg*. We can take your project at any stage and run with it to impeccable completion. Nights? Weekends? We’re available around the clock because we know first hand the hours of hard work it takes to craft a fine wine, beer, or spirit. *Seriously. Ask us about IceBreaker! We have the latest HP digital presses, flexo presses, foil stamping, emboss/deboss, spot-gloss, & rotary screen print.

Trysk Print Solutions
UWGS Booth: C1439

Trysk combines extensive print and packaging experience with the desire to innovate and evolve. Our fresh approach to every project ensures that the final product always exceeds expectations.

Trysk was founded on the belief that what’s on the outside should be as good as what’s on the inside. That principle still guides us today.

We started out as a wine label specialist in Washington State in 2008. Over time, we expanded to serve winegrowers up and down the West Coast, and eventually throughout North America. Today, Trysk is the gold standard for labels and packaging across all industries in the United States and Canada.

Glitter Overlaminate now in stock!!!
21 January, 2019

Looking for that extra little sparkle to your labels without the cost of more expensive papers or foils? We have now tested and run projects using the acpo Gold Glitter laminate. "This 1.0 mil Clear Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) is ideal for decorative labels and packaging. Also provides additional overall stability. Product 521A also offers excellent acid, chemical, oil and scuff resistance. Add pizzazz without the mess, acpo glitter overlaminate will not rub, scratch or flake off." We worked with the fine folks over at ELEVEN WINERY to create this eye-catching label for their soon to be released sparkling wine! Visit us at to request a sample of this cool new laminate! imageGlitter laminate - REQUEST A SAMPLE TODAY!!!

The Gold Standard for Labels and Packaging
27 September, 2018

Trysk combines extensive print and packaging experience with the desire to innovate and evolve. Our fresh approach to every project ensures that the final product always exceeds expectations.

Trysk was founded on the belief that what’s on the outside should be as good as what’s on the inside. That principle still guides us today.

See what our customers have to say about us!

Trysk Knows Wine: The Outside of the Bottle Should Be as Good as the Inside
26 September, 2017

We can print and package anything, and we have. But wine? Well, wine is our first love. If you love wine then you understand.

Ask us about materials, volumes, unit costs, and we’ll have an answer. Tell us about your target demographics and budget and we’ll have an insight. When it comes to wine labels, we’ve done it all.

Digital Press: The Future Is Here

The breakthroughs in digital printing over the past few years have been nothing short of jaw-dropping. Our stable of HP Digital Presses ensure the right fit for any order, any size, any price, at a level of quality that you won’t believe. Small runs finish offline, large runs enjoy semi-rotary finishing, and no project is out of reach. Ask us, “Can I really print this?” and we’ll answer, “Of course, how can we get them to you quickly?”

Flexographic: Go Old School

Flexographic printing is often a good choice because of its versatility and price savings on large runs. This is what we did before we went digital and nobody “runs flexo” like we do. It’s perfect for faux surfaces, inline foiling and embossing, metallic inks, dual-sided printing, and more.

Materials: See What We're Made Of

The wine and beverage industry demands materials that are at once beautiful and durable. We have them ready for you.From standard Wet Strength materials to Wet Stick adhesives to our newly released IceBreaker with AquaLoc 100™ we have you covered. Seeking a no-look approach? Clear poly is a perfect solution. Even textured surfaces from the paper mills to something you create specific to your brand, we can help.

Waterproof: Off the Duck's Back

Yes! We don’t just have waterproof materials, we encourage them. Trysk recommends a new, proprietary material construction called IceBreaker with AquaLoc™ adhesive. We spent 4 years on R&D to get to the final product in order to solve the unfortunately common problem that paper labels face while in refrigerators or ice buckets.

We can also use a simple poly material with a plastic look or a regular wet-strength paper stock.

Specialty Treatment: Sky's the Limit

If you can imagine it, we can do it. Let Trysk bring your idea to life.

Foil Stamping: Inline, Flatbed, Semi-Rotary, Hot and Cold, even ink treatments on top.

Embossing and Debossing: A great method to make your logo or texture leap from the bottle, draw the eye artfully, and convey excellence and subtlety. Inline, Flatbed, Semi-Rotary, and Sculpted available.

Variable Images or Numbering: Selling a limited edition wine or beverage? We can number those bottles for you – but that’s just the beginning. Digital printing means that you can have a different image on every single label and the printing cost doesn’t change at all.

Tactile Varnishes: Whether it’s using one of our proprietary super matte UV varnishes for a suede feel or a super-gloss spot hit on an image to make it jump off the label we have solutions for every design.

Metallic Inks: True metallic inks are available for both flexo and digital projects. Let us advise which is best for you based on the project’s goals.

Click here for more information. 

Printing in Wenatchee, We Meet Awdience
08 February, 2017

Time for a shoutout to one of the best design teams in the Northwest!

Awdience sets the gold standard for label and packaging design. Elena and Aaron Payne (assisted of course by their new son Marlin) started their Wenatchee-based business in 2011 and have been helping regional wineries put their best foot forward ever since.

Awdience and Trysk collaborated on a project for Crayelle Cellars, based in Washington’s Columbia Valley.

Crayelle produces very small batches for highly-educated wine drinkers – between 60 and 140 cases a year! They felt their old label was not representing the quality of their product or the identity of their winery. Like we always say, the outside of the bottle should be as good as the inside!

Awdience embarked on a total renovation of Crayelle’s visual identity, beginning with their logo, transitioning into labels, and finally porting into their web site and all collateral and packaging.

Crayelle’s new logo projects quiet confidence and elegance. The subtle curves of the label top and logo components seem to say, “We took our time, because we wanted to get this wine exactly right.”

Another collaboration was for Wenatchee local heroes Pybus Public Market.

Pybus Public Market hosts local shops and seasonal farmer’s markets in a renovated steel mill. The structure has stood for many years and its renovation was a really big deal for the Wenatchee community. That’s why the market wanted to celebrate their big opening with a privately branded wine:

The historic photograph takes center stage for this project. The layout and font choices flow from there, reflecting the building’s industrial history and mimicking the architectural shape of the pointed roof and big, broad floor.

We asked Elena what makes a collaboration with a printer successful, and she said:

Open lines of communication. Discussing ideas early keeps the job successful, beautiful, and affordable. I can design to the client’s budget and do more with less.

If you need a top-notch designer for your next wine or beverage project, look no further than Awdience.

Early Collaboration Makes Magic
10 November, 2016

Two Mountain Winery regales in the warm days and cool nights that typify the fine vineyards of the Yakima Valley. Brothers Patrick and Matthew Rawn took the plunge into winery ownership in 2006 and connected with us in early 2014 to assist with their main lines and new projects.

When they rolled out their Barrel Select “Brothers” line they knew they needed a label that pushed the envelope. As Matthew Rawn put it, “We wanted to push the size of the label, the thickness of the paper, and the emboss/deboss aspect, all with a minimal clean design. We wanted the physical attributes to say more than the design or copy.” And they knew they needed an understated elegance that reflected the character of the wine.

The Rawn Brothers went with Turnstyle Design in Seattle for their creative graphic expertise and called us in for an initial concept meeting. They knew what they wanted visually and so our job was to contain production costs while preserving the elegance of the idea. As printing experts, that’s what we do!

We helped  identify the right materials to emphasize their favorite effects while enjoying a wide-ranging creative discussion. In the end we decided that a combination of emboss/deboss, pearl foil stamping, and spot varnishes would be the base while leaving an area open for the Rawn Brothers to add their signature by end. Pretty classy stuff.

Early collaboration makes magic.

The red dot on the label is gloss varnished as well as debossed, meaning sunk in towards the bottle, and the silver logotype is embossed, or protruding. Each bottle is hand-numbered and hand-signed to further the bespoke profile of the varietal (and they only made a few hundred).

This was a wonderful collaboration between Trysk, Two Mountain Winery, and Turnstyle Design in Ballard who handled the graphics work. Oh, and the wine is delicious too!


Work the Line: How Small Wineries Bottle
23 September, 2016

Corvus Cellars is a longtime Trysk client and proud member of the Red Mountain AVA. When they called their old friend Stephan Martinez, Founder and CEO of Trysk, to volunteer at their annual bottling party, we decided it would be great to take some pictures and really show our readers how the process of getting wine into the bottle works.

Only the biggest wineries actually own their own bottling facility. Smaller local businesses like Corvus hire a bottling-plant-on-a-truck.

This impressive achievement of engineering represented a massive shift in affordability and convenience when it first came onto the scene. An entire bottling line in the back of a semi!

Randall Hopkins, Owner and Winegrower of Corvus, recruits a team of friends and family to volunteer on the line. Step one? Caffeinate the crew! 

Step two: assign responsibilities. Duties break down into different repetitive jobs, just like any other assembly line:

  • Unload the empty bottles
  • Load the bottles into the machine
  • Drop a capsule onto each bottle after fill and corking
  • Keep an eye on the labels
  • Pack cases with full bottles
  • Run the cases through the tape machine
  • Palletize the cases for storage

With this intelligent delegation, a dozen people can bottle a thousand cases in four hours!

Martinez says, “If the labels aren’t cut right, or if the liner doesn’t work, it can really ruin everything. It’s really fast! It’s kind of like I Love Lucy with the chocolates!

Martinez volunteers on a bottling line as often as he can to remind himself that this process is the end goal of a labeling business like Trysk. “I regret not doing it earlier in my career,” he adds, “Now we send new employees to a bottling line as soon as we can.”

Corvus owner Randall Hopkins says that the best part of bottling day is the camaraderie. “There’s music playing, good people are talking and having a good time, and at the end of the day you have this real and tangible thing in front of you. It feels like a real accomplishment.”

Hopkins throws a big celebratory dinner at his home to culminate the day. This year’s menu was short ribs, indulgent selections of library wines from his personal collection, and the new Corvus Cellars Rosé:

The perfect way to celebrate this fast-paced and high-stakes annual project.

Profile of a label: Revelry Vintners
08 August, 2016

Revelry Vintners soared through Wine Advocate’s 2014 Review , boasting 90+ scores on a half-dozen of their Washington wines, as a reward for their years of focus on place. From


“In 2005 we started with a goal to make three wines sourced from vineyard
sites across the Columbia Valley and to do those wines simply, and very well.
For three years we stayed the course and honed our craft on these wines. By
2008, we had made our way into a few particularly exceptional vineyards –
sites by all rights we lucked into due to the fact that they were either already
incredibly sought after or, in a few cases, plantings that were just old enough
to produce fruit at that time which are phenomenal now. Nobody knew at
that time the real potential in those locations.”


Terroir and a strong sense of place in Eastern Washington are so important to Revelry’s owner, 

Jared Burns, that they’ve been decorating their bottles with maps for years.

When Jared asked us to expand our work from their famed AERIALS line to their new line, RANGE, 

we knew right away that Revelry’s emphasis on terroir had to stay. Maps represent everything 

wholesome, sophisticated, and authentic about their top-flight winery.

But we still needed to find a fresh direction and new insights.

The standard sepia tone map has been done to death. We wanted art that looked like an old 

35mm slide, silvery and shiny, and so we looked into adding silver foil to a rough paper stock 

and printing ink directly on the foil. Trysk invested several months of research and development 

into the method and we love the result.

Here’s the map of Horse Heaven Hills that Revelry keeps on their web site:

Horse Heaven Hills

And here’s the beautiful packaging rendition, with the year and varietal floating atop the mighty 

Columbia River: 

Classic, instantly recognizable, and unique to the terroir of Revelry’s sources. A good label brings 

the inside to the outside.

Trysk Tonic "Topper" Testing
02 May, 2016

Scrappy's BittersBartending is hard. Fast-moving drink-slingers need to know exactly what they’re grabbing, in the dark, while people are shouting at them, making more drinks in ten minutes than a normal person can make it two hours.

Bitters are a bartender’s product. Great bitters blend seamlessly into the cocktail and enhance the experience like so much magic pixie dust. High-end bitters like Scrappy’s help set the great bartenders apart from the merely good.

So when Scrappy’s did market research for their product launch they got one comment again and again: label the top of the bottles, not just the sides, so we can see what we’re grabbing from every angle. It was an obvious but crucial insight.

Most bitters are only labeled on the sides, which bartenders found to be a huge time-sink. Scrappy’s Operations Manager Kia Karimi noted, ”In a dark bar, lights are slow, slammed at the well, normally you’ve gotta pull every bottle out of the bitters well and figure out which flavor you want.” They set out to solve the problem.

Sounds easy, right? Drape a sticker across the top of the bottle, so it looks like this:

Scrappy's BittersBut take a closer look at that purple sticker, or “topper”. It crosses both plastic and glass. Those two materials have very different surface energies. And both materials are sloping convex edges.

The trick with this job was to find an adhesive that would work with both surfaces, on that difficult shape, so the topper stayed attached to the cap for as long as possible. This adhesive needed to work in highly varied and often wet environments.

Where did we go from there? Lots and lots of trial and error, at times resembling a basketball bracket. We called every paper vendor we knew, tried five things, threw out two, tried three, threw out two, and finally were left with a clear winner.

It was a lot of time but it was worth it. Scrappy’s quickly achieved elite status within the bartending community and their brand-new company grew quickly. Trysk will never shy away from investing in our clients.

IceBreaker Waterproof Labeling by Trysk Print Solutions
12 April, 2016

Fill a cooler with ice and roll it down to the waterfront. You’re looking to impress your party with a collection of carefully chosen 22oz beers.

As the hours pass, and you get on with your cookout, what happens to the label on the bottle?

It peels off. It’s bubbled, distorted, or smeared. You can’t really tell what beer you’re drinking anymore!

This has been normal for a long time. But for us, it always seemed like an unacceptable design flaw. We expect a product’s packaging to persist in its natural environment.

Wine, beer, and beverage companies put a ton of work into their labels. The label is an absolutely crucial component of a beverage’s brand identity. And, frankly, we got tired of watching all our hard work float to the bottom of a cooler!

That’s why here at Trysk, we developed a new kind of paper called IceBreaker with AquaLoc 100™.

We collaborated with a paper supplier to re-evaluate every aspect of the labeling process, including materials and application, to create labels that stay where they belong. We tested them in laboratory and real-world conditions for months.

Here’s a real IceBreaker project for Black Raven Brewing in Redmond, WA: 

IceBreaker is ideal for 22oz bottles, growlers, and other containers that are competing with wine for aesthetic attention. Larger bottles sit individually on the shelf, label out, and bear the burden of communicating premium quality to go with their higher cost.

We connected with Black Raven via their superb graphic designer and friend of Trysk, Blind Tiger Design.

Black Raven knows that their beers often wait in the fridge for a special occasion. 22oz bottles are often served or shared, possibly with other craft beer enthusiasts, and they needed their label to maintain beauty while gathering condensation in personal refrigerators.

There’s a concept in packing design called “secondary marketing” that occurs in the home. Brand impressions don’t end with the purchase. As the beer waits in the fridge for a dinner party or gameday, it must continue to make a positive visual and tactile impression to encourage repeat purchasing.

Black Raven decided that the incremental cost increase of an IceBreaker label was worth the investment in secondary marketing. And we are so proud to have delivered this beautifu bottle!

Wine, beer, and beverage companies put a ton of work into their labels. The label is an absolutely crucial component of a beverage’s brand identity. And then your customer puts the bottle in ...