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Everything You Need to Sell DTC

Our cloud-based platform allows you to manage your direct-to-consumer (DTC) business across multiple sales channels (ecommerce, POS, and wine club), all while enjoying a single view of the customer. With simplyCMS as its foundation, the company has been around for many years and our existing customers come in all shapes and sizes, from small wineries to large multi-brand/multi-site wine businesses.

Founded by a team of wine industry veterans, we’re committed to building a culture of service excellence, where everyone is consistently working to create value for our customers.

Our platform includes everything you need to provide an excellent experience for your customers: content management, CRM, marketing tools, ecommerce, wine club, a contemporary mobile point-of-sale, an advanced shipment manager, and compliance tools.

truvi integrates with a number of industry providers including a Platinum ShipCompliant partnership and two-way MailChimp sync. We also connect to Stripe, CardConnect,, Google Analytics, UPS, FedEx, and GSO.  In addition, our integration with Zapier and our API’s will allow you to easily connect to other providers.

We invite you to visit our website or signup online for a quick chat or regularly scheduled product demo.

We Minimize the Complexity so that You Can Focus on Sales

The truvi team combines decades of experience in customer service, product development, and marketing and we have a history of putting our customers first - both in terms of service and product development. Our current feature set is a result of many, many conversations with our customers about their DTC needs. When working with truvi, you’ll find that we listen.


From start to finish, our ecommerce platform is designed to boost conversions, with responsive templates, in-cart marketing prompts, tools to manage abandoned carts and declined cards, shipping costs that are presented early in the process, and more.

Learn more about our ecommerce features.

Wine Club

Do you dread club management?  Do you start processing at the end of the day and monitor from home so as not to tie up system resources? If that’s the case, then truvi is here to help. It’s simple, fast, and flexible:

  • Easily process hundreds of orders per minute
  • Allow your customer to select a club option that is simple and intuitive
  • Offer membership benefits to spouses, partners, and designated family members
  • No problem if your customer changes his or her mind, your staff can easily edit the order prior to shipping
  • Credit card updater tool that is free of charge
  • Consolidate club packages with orders from other channels (point-of-sale or ecommerce) for shipping efficiency

Learn more about our wine club features.


Commerce ready at any location - take your smartphone or tablet to the customer with our contemporary mobile POS.

  • Shipping options set at the product level. This means that your tasting room visitor can elect to take one bottle home while shipping another. truvi automatically decrements the appropriate inventory group.
  • New customers are added easily via the POS interface and new addresses, credit cards, and notes can be added to existing customer records
  • Optional setting allows you to control whether or not a tipping prompt is displayed to the customer
  • Accept two or more payment types in a single transaction

Learn more about our point-of-sale features

Shipment Manager

Our integrated shipping tools make it easy to manage orders and shipments across all of your sales channels.

  • Built with the wine industry in mind, our warehouse management tools use logic to create the most cost-effective shipments for you.
  • Address validation at checkout to prevent fees associated with carrier corrections
  • Integrations with UPS, FedEx, and GSO allow you to get real-time negotiated rates from the carriers
  • Ability to print labels fast, automate tracking and display status to your customers

Learn more about our shipment manager features.


We offer robust reporting tools to analyze performance across different sales channels. Many of our reports can be filtered by date (purchase date, settlement date, or shipment date) to aid in month-end accounting reconciliations.

Superior Security Measures

Few things are more important than security for your online presence.

At truvi, we tokenize credit card information to eliminate the risk of data theft. Far better than encryption alone, a tokenization solution immediately sends encrypted payment data to a secure vault, where it is stored and swapped with a mathematically unrelated token.  Tokens stolen during a data breach are useless to hackers since they can’t be reverse-engineered to identify account information.

In addition, all areas of your site that contain sensitive customer information are encrypted with a 256-bit SSL certificate to ensure the safest transactions.

White glove support

What really sets truvi apart is the fact that we treat our customers as partners; building relationships that are based on honest and transparent service.  With truvi, you receive the highest level of customer and technical support, including a dedicated account manager through onboarding and beyond, training demos for your team, email support, a customer success portal with knowledgebase and community forum, and more.

Visit truvi commerce to learn more

News Archive

More Shipping, More Scrutiny, Oh My! Best Practices for Successful, Compliant Holiday DtC Wine Shipping
24 October, 2019

It's no secret that the holiday season is also the busiest shipping season. And, at a time when scrutiny from regulators and carriers has heightened, we want to make sure you stay on the "nice" list. 


Join truvi and ShipCompliant as we provide best practices and tips on how to have a successful holiday season!

Register for this Webinar to:

  • Hear the latest on the compliance and audit landscape from ShipCompliant’s beverage alcohol regulatory counsel
  • Learn why it pays to be twice as prepared (and twice as protected) during the busy holiday shipping season
  • Pick up best practices around maximizing corporate gifting and other tips for (compliantly) making the most of the holiday gift-giving season


Our Speakers

Alex Koral, Regulatory Counsel, ShipCompliant by Sovos

Alex Koral is Regulatory Counsel for ShipCompliant by Sovos. He actively researches beverage alcohol regulations and market developments to inform development of Sovos’ ShipCompliant product and help educate the industry on compliance issues. Alex has worked with the company since 2015, after receiving his J.D. from the University of Colorado Law School.

Jennifer Arie, Director of Customer Success, Truvi Commerce

With more than 20 years of experience in customer service and account management, Jennifer is passionate about delivering a superior customer experience and helping to ensure clients maximize their success. Before joining Truvi, she was at WineDirect. She was most recently the Director of Professional Services, leading the onboarding, data, and training teams. Jennifer earned the respect and trust of clients and was a true advocate for them during her nearly five years of tenure there.

Top 5 Reasons to Select truvi
21 February, 2019

There are many reasons why we feel Truvi is a leader in the winery ecommerce space. We've chosen our top 5 to share with you!

1. Our Cusomer Philosophy

We all know how frustrating it is when you need help right now, and no one answers the phone. We're at your service: via email, phone, live chat, or our knowledge base.







2. Our Team

Combined, we have decades of experience in compliance, logistics, ecommerce, and technology. And we've worked on both the winery and vendor side of the wine business. We understand the challenges your face in running your business and we're here to make your life easier!





3. Our Features

When it comes to features, truvi's loaded. That's important regardless of the size of your winery, You know where your DTC business is today, but you might now know where it'll be 2 years from now. You can rest assured that we'll have the features you need, even if you don't happen to need them yet.






4. Our Partnerships and Integrations

We mean it when we say "Everything you need to sell DTC!" We integrate with the carriers, top fulfillment providers, comliance companies, payment gateways, MailChimp, Google Analytics and others. And we provide API's to easliy connect your data to other applications. 






5. Security

At truvi, we use tokenization, which adds an extra layer of security to your customers' credit card data. Because nothing is more important than your customers' data.







For more information, check out our website or contact Stephen Munch at 800-280-

Great News – You Can Now Offer FedEx “Hold-at-Location” Addresses at Checkout
30 January, 2019

We’re delighted to share the news that we’ve rolled out an additional delivery option for your customers. When checking out or joining a wine club they can now select a FedEx retail location and avoid the inconvenience of having to be home to sign for delivery.  Their wine will be held securely at a FedEx location of their choice for up to five business days - at no additional cost.

The adult signature requirement has long been an impediment to gaining better traction in DTC, and at truvi, we’re proud to be one of the first to offer this option to wineries up front – at the point-of-purchase.

Rob McMillan shed some interesting light on recent trends in the wine industry during his annual SVB State of the Wine Industry webcast.  According to his research, DTC accounts for 61% of the average family winery’s revenue today. And the combination of tasting room, wine club, and onsite events accounts for approximately 82% of the direct sales mix. However, in many parts of the country tasting room visitation has been trending down over the last few years. It is now more important than ever for wineries to find ways to increase online sales.  

In order to do that, one of the first things we should be looking at is the delivery experience. Consumers have been conditioned to expect delivery to be fast and convenient.  According to a recent survey commissioned by FedEx, 50% of those surveyed have abandoned a shopping cart because they weren’t happy with the delivery options.  Unfortunately, wine requires an adult signature and that requirement interferes with the convenience factor. One way around that is to suggest shipping to a business; but that option doesn’t work for everyone. Some larger employers actually discourage it. We feel that adding Hold-at-Location to the checkout experience is an ideal compromise. 

How it Works

1. When shopping online or joining a wine club, your customer is prompted with a message similar to the following:

    “If you’re not going to be home to sign for your wine, you can select a convenient FedEx location.”

2. truvi presents three options for the customer to choose from, with a map for convenience. 


3. Once the order arrives at the FedEx location, your customer receives a notification. 

4. The order is held behind the counter until he or she arrives and shows an I.D. 

Many wineries use workarounds, like allowing the customer to redirect a package after it has shipped using the FedEx Delivery Manager program.  That’s okay, however, allowing them to select a retail location up front is far more convenient. 

For compliance purposes we’ve taken some additional steps in the back-end including: 

  • We present multiple options and allow the customer to choose (i.e. you don’t choose for them)
  • The language presented at checkout indicates that these are carrier (not winery) locations
  • The options presented don’t cross state lines (i.e. we limit them to the same state)
  • We’ve made the HAL options configurable in the back-end to allow for the exclusion of certain retailers in certain states  
  • We store all three addresses (billing, shipping, and Hold-at-Location) so that the proper address can be used for compliance reporting

For wineries, there are several benefits: 

  • You are able to minimize returns and redirect fees. Because of the adult signature requirement, we know that return rates can run as high as 2% to 3% for the wine industry.
  • You avoid residential surcharges. A large portion of wine orders are currently shipped to a residence. 
  • Your customers are happier. Many customers will avoid shopping online if they are not happy with the delivery options.

his new feature is available to customers who use truvi’s Shipment Manager module.  If you plan to be at the Oregon Wine Symposium, please be sure to stop by our booth to see Hold-at-Locations in action. If not, we’d be happy to give you a demo. 

truvi commerce Integrates with Pack’n Ship Direct, VINGO, and ProNimbus to Provide a Complete DTC Package for Wineries
18 January, 2019

The integration enhances the customer experience through automated order fulfillment, expanded delivery options, and full visibility into delivery status.


NAPA, CA — JANUARY 18, 2019 — truvi commerce, which provides a popular suite of services to make it easy for wineries and wine retailers to launch and grow their DTC programs, announced today that its platform now offers a seamless integration with service delivery platform ProNimbus and fulfillment providers Pack’n Ship Direct and VINGO. The integration delivers a simple and cost-effective way for wineries to manage their DTC businesses, with services covering the spectrum from marketing and sales all the way through to delivery. 


Through its Shipment Manager module, the truvi platform includes advanced tools for managing inventory and shipments. Traditionally limited to customers who handle their own shipping, these tools are now available to mutual customers of truvi and Pack'n Ship or VINGO, unlocking flexibility and scale for those customers.


The integration offers numerous advantages, many of which are not available elsewhere:


  • The ability to consolidate shipments before they’re sent to fulfillment. For example, if a customer places an online order this week, that order can be held and combined with a club order that is planned for next week.  
  • Flexible order management tools. Orders can be sent to fulfillment either as they occur or in batches, to allow time for the customer service team to review. If an address is used across multiple orders, truvi will automatically consolidate those orders into a single shipment before that order is sent to fulfillment.
  • The ability to split orders in the tasting room. As an example, truvi customers can allow a tasting room visitor to carry out one bottle and have another shipped via Pack’n Ship or VINGO. The proper inventory group is then decremented and tax is calculated based on the tasting room location for items carried out and shipping address for items shipped. 
  • The ability to manage orders at the line item. This feature provides many advantages, including the ability to ship some items now and others, such as futures, later.
  • Inventory management tools. In addition to truvi’s standard inventory features which allow customers to create and track inventory groups for each sales channel, customers now have the ability to view inventory activity at Pack’n Ship or VINGO via their truvi admin panels.
  • Address validation at the point-of-purchase. This popular feature reduces costly carrier address correction fees. 
  • Full visibility into tracking information. Customers can track shipment status via their admin panels and display shipment status to customers.


“Our customers have been searching for a complete DTC solution that helps them grow their businesses effectively and economically,” said Karin Ballestrazze, Managing Partner of truvi commerce and seasoned logistics professional. “With this integration, we are pleased to offer a truly seamless experience that delivers access to the industry-leading fulfillment services of Pack’n Ship and VINGO.”


The integration provides numerous advantages to truvi’s customers: 

  • Temperature controlled service. As one of the only service providers in the DTC industry with its own fleet of temperature-controlled trucks, customers can rest assured that their products are protected from both hot summers and cold winters. At the same time, they benefit from real-time tracking and en-route monitoring.
  • Multiple fulfillment centers in California. Customers can take advantage of long-term deep storage, computerized inventory management, an easy-to-use client interface for shipping, inventory management, and customer service, and a team of experienced wine handling specialists.
  • Quick service throughout the United States. The company’s expansive network of warehouse and distribution centers is strategically positioned across the country to offer forward staging opportunities, shorter delivery times, and reduced shipping costs.
  • Data-rich warehouse management system. With the proprietary ProNimbus Warehouse Management System, both Pack’n Ship and VINGO offer real-time order processing, inventory monitoring, and system-wide tracking and visibility throughout the entire package lifecycle.
  • Expanded shipping and delivery options.  In addition to temperature-controlled shipping and forward staging opportunities, the companies offer direct-to-trade and wholesale consolidations, as well as support for FedEx Hold-at-Location or UPS Access Points.


“By aligning the truvi sales and marketing tools with our ability to reach customers quickly and cost-effectively, Pack’n Ship and VINGO continue to move the industry toward better delivery experiences,” said Truman Reynolds, Chief Strategy Officer. “With this partnership, we’ve created a complete DTC solution for wineries of all sizes. truvi customers who use Pack’n Ship or VINGO to quickly and reliably deliver wine to their customers will benefit greatly from our shared customer-focused philosophy.”


truvi commerce recently announced that its mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution, with preferred payment processing and gateway partner CardConnect, a First Data Company, is EMV-ready.


For more information visit:

Blog Post:



About truvi commerce

truvi commerce is a cloud-based multi-channel technology platform that enables direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales for wineries and wine retailers. Clients use the software to manage their businesses across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, wine club, and tasting room; all with a single view of the customer. With a full suite of tools to manage customers, orders, inventory, and fulfillment, truvi provides everything they need to grow their DTC programs. truvi’s founding team combines decades of experience in DTC with a passion for providing honest and transparent customer service.  truvi proudly puts customers first!


About Pack’n Ship Direct

Pack n’ Ship Direct is a full service, end-to-end Fulfillment Company focused on the direct-to-consumer wine industry. We offer winemakers and marketers a comprehensive solution for all of their business needs, from the vineyard to the supply chain to the marketplace.


In business since 1996, our experience, resources and vast network of strategic relationships offer an unrivaled level of fulfillment capabilities, multi-channel market opportunities, performance and operational excellence.



VINGO provides unprecedented logistics and distribution solutions on a national and international level for a wide range of wine shipping customers.  From our headquarters in Napa, California, the VINGO team manages a multi-tiered offering of specialized services and support designed to bring you the very best fulfillment capabilities in the business, no matter the size of your operations.


Press Contact

Sheri Hebbeln




Start Accepting EMV Chip Cards with the truvi commerce Point-of-Sale Solution
09 January, 2019

We’re happy to announce that the truvi mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) is EMV-ready. This means that you can purchase EMV compatible hardware and begin accepting chip card transactions as of today. Our new EMV readers will accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and other NFC-based payment methods. And as an added bonus, you can elect to use one merchant ID for online sales and a separate merchant ID for in-person point-of-sale transactions. This has been a frequently requested feature and we’re happy to announce that it’s live with our upgrade to EMV-enabled payments.

By now you’re likely very familiar with the U.S.’s transition to the more secure EMV payment standard. At this point in time, nearly all consumers have chip-and-PIN cards and as of December, 60% of transactions are “chip-on-chip”, or in other words, chip cards processed by merchants using EMV-enabled technology.

truvi offers the most secure EMV solution available. Rather than capturing and passing credit card information to the payment gateway, we pass order details to the devices, which then use Point-to-Point Encryption to pass sensitive information directly to the payment gateway. truvi, in turn, receives tokens and transaction IDs, which will then allow you to add cards to the customer record, process orders, or issue refunds and voids (including same day).

Here's a high-level list of features:

  • Multiple Payment Methods: Your tasting room visitors can swipe, use a chip card, or pay with a mobile wallet like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay
  • Dual Merchant Accounts: Take advantage of better rates for in-person orders by using one merchant ID for online sales and a separate merchant ID for POS transactions
  • Connect Through a Variety of Options: Our compatible devices connect wirelessly, through Bluetooth, or wired to iPhone, iPad and Android devices running the truvi Point-of-Sale
  • Tipping: A configurable tipping screen allows for tipping if desired • Greeting: Write your own welcome and thank you messages
  • Security: As with our online transactions, we use tokenization to ensure the safety of sensitive customer data

You can visit our customer portal and knowledge base for more specific information about getting started.

Also, if you plan to be at the DTC Symposium later this month or at the Oregon Wine Symposium in February, be sure to stop by for a demo of our EMV-enabled mobile Point-of-Sale.

All-in-One Direct Marketing Platform
12 December, 2018

Truvi is an all-in-one direct marketing platform designed to simplify selling wine direct to consumers, backed by a team with a history of putting customers first. We were recently at the WIN Expo on December 6, 2018 showcasing our platform. Check out the video of Stephen talking about our product!

Wine industry veterans Karin Ballestrazze and Sheri Hebbeln join forces with Stephen Mutch, founder of simplyCMS, to launch truvi commerce
25 September, 2018

Napa, CA - September 16, 2018

The truvi all-in-one direct-to-consumer (DTC) platform is backed by a team with a history of putting customers first, both in terms of service and product development

Karin Ballestrazze and Sheri Hebbeln, long-time wine industry executives, have teamed up with Stephen Mutch, a former colleague and founder of simplyCMS, to launch the next generation commerce platform.

The cloud-based truvi platform allows winery customers to manage their businesses across multiple sales channels, including the wine club, tasting room, web, and mobile; all while providing a single view of the customer. Some of the platform’s advanced features include robust reporting tools to analyze performance across different sales channels (many of the company’s reports can be filtered by purchase date, settlement date, or shipment date to aid in month-end accounting reconciliations), a streamlined subscription module with the option to allow customers to modify their own wine club selections, an advanced shipment manager which is integrated with UPS, FedEx and GSO, marketing tools to help them develop deeper customer relationships, and a full set of API’s and best-of-breed integrated partners.

Seeing the problem and offering a solution, truvi proudly puts customers first

After speaking with numerous customers, partners, and vendors about what was needed to deliver something of extraordinary value to the industry, the team realized that customer service was the missing link.  As a result, one of the company’s core values is to start with the customer, or “walk a mile in their shoes.”  The founders have placed a strong emphasis on building what they like to refer to as “the DTC Dream Team” and the company’s business model places the people who are on the frontline with customers first - building systems and processes around them to ensure their success.

truvi was founded by industry veterans committed to delivering an innovative product and exceptional customer service

Karin Ballestrazze, with over 25 years of experience in operations and customer success, is passionate about building strong partnerships based on respectful and honest communication and listening to the needs of customers. Her focus is on building a team dedicated to delivering absolute best-in-class service. She came to truvi following 10 years at WineDirect, where she was Senior Vice President of Fulfillment Operations and Customer Success.

Sheri Hebbeln has 30 years’ experience in marketing and finance roles, primarily in ecommerce and DTC.  She founded a successful online luxury retailer in 1994, was a co-founder of eWinery Solutions (now VinSuite), and joined the truvi team following 10 ½ years at WineDirect, where she served as CFO. Sheri’s passion lies in expanding DTC capabilities through measurement, analytics, and marketing, to deliver bottom line results.

Stephen Mutch is a commerce expert with a passion for customer-centric product development that meets the expectations of modern, connected and empowered consumers. In 2011, Stephen founded simplyCMS, the foundation of the truvi platform. Prior to that, he was VP of Client Services at Inertia Beverage Group (now WineDirect), where he worked closely with Karin and Sheri.

Joining the truvi founders as Customer Success Manager is Dereka Binstock. With 10 years’ experience in ecommerce and client services roles, Dereka is a powerful customer advocate who is highly respected and admired by the customers she supports. She is involved throughout the customer lifecycle to ensure that all customers have an excellent experience with truvi. Dereka’s experience includes 5 years at Crimson Wine Group and 5 years serving clients at WineDirect.

 “This is an incredibly exciting time for us,” commented Stephen Mutch. “Between us we have deep roots in developing world class commerce applications for the wine industry. Our goal with truvi is threefold: 1) to build an amazing team, 2) to build a great product with faster development cycles, and 3) to make sure we are always in lockstep with the needs of our customers.”

New branding, website, and strategy

simplyCMS’ software forms the core technology of truvi. As part of the launch and revised strategy, customers will immediately benefit from:

  • Quick and intuitive setup coupled with a responsive (and growing!) support team to help them get started with truvi
  • A full selection of integrated partners. At launch, truvi integrates with CardConnect,, Stripe, ShipCompliant, UPS, FedEx, GSO, and Google Analytics. A two-way integration with MailChimp allows customers to dynamically sync new customers and corresponding data to their email marketing lists. In addition, a full set of JSON REST API’s means customers can easily connect data to other platforms.
  • Streamlined club tools that are simple, flexible, and fast. Current customers easily process hundreds of orders per minute.
  • A secure platform that was engineered for reliability and scale, with uptime of 99.9%. truvi also employs superior security measures, including tokenization of credit card information to prevent data theft.

For more information regarding the truvi platform visit, or to schedule a demo, visit

About truvi commerce

truvi commerce is a cloud-based multi-channel technology platform that enables direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales for wineries and wine retailers. Clients use the software to manage their businesses across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, wine club, and tasting room; all with a single view of the customer. With a full suite of tools to manage customers, orders, inventory, and fulfillment, truvi provides everything they need to grow their DTC programs. truvi’s founding team combines decades of experience in DTC with a passion for providing honest and transparent customer service.  truvi proudly puts customers first!

Press Contact

Sheri Hebbeln

Our prices vary depending on your monthly sales volume and the features you need. We typically bill monthly, but also offer a discount for customers who select the annual payment option.  All of our packages include support and training. 

Customers pay a flat fee (no percentage or per transaction fee.)  If you are interested in learning more, we would be happy to help you choose the perfect plan to suit your needs. 

Phone: Schedule a quick, 15-minute call.


Title Name Email Phone
CFO Sheri Hebbeln
CEO Stephen Mutch
COO Karin Ballestrazze
Director of Customer Success Jennifer Arie
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