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A Full-Service Supplier to the Wine Industry

TCW Equipment is the leading supplier to commercial craft beverage operations. We supply the trade with the equipment and supplies needed to produce exceptional wine, spirits, beer, kombucha, and cannabis extracts.


Located in Santa Rosa, California, we have been serving customers around the world since 1966.  Contact us with your needs, questions, or suggestions. We look forward to helping you.

We Offer a Complete Range of Equipment and Supplies for All Wineries, Large or Small.

Our equipment represents well-established companies around the world including Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, China, and many products made right here in the USA. Most of our equipment is ordered without motors or electrical devices. We source USA components to meet any electrical requirements.

As we continue our tradition of excellence, we bring you new-tech systems & superior service with competitive pricing.  Our products and systems include:



Announcing Sraml Wine Presses

We're very happy to announce that we will begin to carry Sraml's line of VPe & VP pneumatic membrane wine presses. With sizes ranging from 5 HL to 150 HL and a host of customization options, Sraml's presses represent the highest value to winemakers large and small.

With an already-established US user base, we are ready to provide references from winemakers who've been using Sraml's presses for years.

The Sraml family's focus is on producing two lines of high-quality, customizable presses: the VPe line and the VP line.

Sraml VPe "Eco" Line of Pneumatic Membrane Presses

Although the "e" in VPe stands for "Eco", these presses are anything but basic. VPe presses will satisfy the requirements of any small to mid-size winery. The VPe line represents a balance between affordability and high quality that is unrivaled in presses from other manufacturers. Standard features include:

  • PLC touchscreen control with six pre-programmed pressing cycles
  • Built-in fan for rapid inflation at low pressure
  • Ultra-quiet German-made Becker compressor for high-pressure pressing
  • Large juice collection tray with screened-off drain for
  • Available in sizes from 5 HL to 44 HL
  • Capacities of 5 HL press are approximately .4 tons of whole fresh grapes and 2 tons of fermented red grapes
  • Capacities of 44 HL press are approximately 3.9 tons of whole fresh grapes 18.4 tons of fermented red grapes

Sraml VP Line of Professional Pneumatic Membrane Presses

The VP Line represents Sraml's commitment to high-end professional winemaking, with a number of thoughtful upgrades and a vast array of possible customizations to make harvest proceed seamlessly.

The vast number of possible customizations allow for winemakers to dial in a press perfectly tailored to their wishes and production style.

Standard features include everything found on the VPe line, plus:

  • Extra large dual sliding doors to provide easy interior access for loading, unloading and cleaning
  • Axial loading valve
  • Hinged sides to provide complete access to the rotating drum during cleaning and unloading
  • A vast array of upgrade possibilities to create the ideal press for your winery and production style

Available Upgrades

Customizability sets Sraml presses apart, with a staggering number of options to choose from. Possible upgrades range from the mundane—extended legs for emptying pressed grapes into bins, for example—to the truly groundbreaking, such as the INERTIS system, which preserves delicate aromatics throughout pressing by hermetically sealing the press and completely purging the interior with inert gas.

Thoughtful usage upgrades include allowing complete control of the press by wired or wireless remote, or a motorized wheel that allows a single user to easily move the press around the facility.

Introductory Pricing and Ordering

While you may be hard-pressed (no pun intended) to get an order in for this year's harvest, we will be offering the following discounts for 2021 early birds (and there is the possibility that you'll be able to use it this year, if harvest is a bit late):

  • 15% off the first three orders this year (2020)
  • 10% off of standard prices through October 1st, 2020
  • 5% off orders from October 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2020.

Get a quote now!

Example pricing (not including freight, palletizing, or on-site startup, if requested)

  • VP5e 5HL Eco Press: $15,395
  • VP15e 15HL Eco Press: $24,595
  • VP21 21HL Professional Press: $36,195
  • VP44 44 HL Professional Press: $52,795

News Archive

Change in Will-Call Policy Effective Immediately March 23, 2020
24 March, 2020

Our production and shipping warehouse remain open for will-call by appointment only. We will continue to deliver (by request) within parts of Napa and Sonoma County as well as continue all freight shipping operations. All but a few of our office employees are working remotely. We have an efficient and secure infrastructure in place to ensure that our operations will be largely unaffected by this transition. We are available via phone, text message, and by email to respond to your questions and exchange information.

TCW will now serve customers from the outside of our warehouse/showroom vs. inside our office area. Please call us in advance to prepare your order, and before you come for pick-up so that we can have your order ready for you.

We do this out of concern for the health of our employees and our customers as we attempt to reduce the transfer of the COVID-19 virus. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


All orders must be placed online, phoned, or emailed. We will pick the order and have it available for you at an external pick-up area - either lockers with a code or in the shipping yard. If you give us your cell phone number at the time of order, we will call or text you when your order is ready.

When you arrive, if you have not phoned, faxed, or emailed your order, you will be asked to do so from outside.

Please continue to maintain social distancing of 6’ or more between other customers and employees.

If you are in no rush, we are happy to deliver your order to your production facility or other location if that is suitable for you. We generally make delivery runs throughout Napa and Sonoma County once per week.

Please call/text (707-963-9681), or email if you have any questions or need assistance (or if you're quarantined and just want to chat)

We're standing by to assist you as you make your own adjustments to your operations.

2020 Harvest Planning — Receiving Grapes
09 March, 2020

Imagine it's harvest and your grapes just arrived…now where do you put them?

Forget about "sexy" equipment like presses, let's focus on the nitty-gritty: receiving grapes.

Moving grapes in style

When the bins start coming in fast and furious you may be able to dump direct to you destemmer, but that isn't always the most gentle way to move grapes.

Let's look at some options. We can help you decide, but remember: orders must be placed by April 1st for harvest delivery!

Grapes in motion

Mori's MFV grape trailers allow you to move your grapes from the vineyard to the crush pad. They're a combination trailer and vibratory feeding hopper. The all-stainless trailer can move up to 5 tons at time. When you reach your destination, the trailer lifts hydraulically and turns into a vibrating shaker table. You can precisely adjust the angle of incline and vibration speed to meter in grapes at the desired rates. Read more...

Vibing with harvest

You've seen and maybe used screw conveyors. Vibrating conveyors do the same thing, just more gently.
Mori's VLV receiving hoppers take dumped 1/2-ton bins and feed them on down the line, gently metering grapes onto your sorting table or destemmer. 
Keep reading...

Straight to the top

If all you need to do is take your grapes up, up, up then an elevator's what you need. Mori makes elevators from the mini-size (for loading up the basket in one of their presses) to the massive-size for going up 12 feet or more. Read on...


TCW Equipment - Leader in Winery Equipment and Supplies
24 January, 2020

TCW will be ready for meetings at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, booth L21, to help you plan a new production facility or expanding an existing facility.

During the expo we will demonstrating the TCW semi-automatic bottling line. The table features a Mori bottle filler, Enoltamapan semi-automatic corker, an electro-pneumatic foil spinner stand, and a labeler. We’ll have wine presses, filter housing carts, Mori’s steller crushpad equipment, and the notorious Ragazzini Rotho peristaltic pump (a tool that no winery should be without). This year we’ll also be demonstrating a Ragazzini doser.

TCW Equipment
UWGS Booth: L21

TCW is the industry leader in equipment and supplies for wineries. We work closely with some of the world’s best equipment manufacturers to bring you pumps, presses, filtration systems, stainless steel tanks & kegs, bottling equipment, hoses & fittings and much, much more. Our goal is to streamline equipment and supply purchasing with our modern online store and unwavering commitment to customer service. Visit our website for an easy to navigate, informative, and quick shopping experience.

Craft and Boutique Wine Production Equipment Bundles
02 December, 2019

Introducing our craft and boutique wine production equipment bundles! The bundles are our most popular winery equipment selected and combined with a discount for easy one-and-done purchasing.

Fine Boutique Wine Basket Press Bundle:

  • Receiving Hopper
  • Dynamica 100 Destemmer-Crusher
  • Ragazzini MS3T
  • Mori Basket Press PZ95

Craft Wine Press Bundle:

  • Receiving Hopper
  • Dynamica 60 Destemmer-Crusher
  • Mori V10
  • Mori Basket Press PZ70

Come by to see this equipment as well as filtration systems and corking tools. All orders that are confirmed at the expo will receive a 10% discount. Use our code TCW210 to come to our booth for free!

TCW Equipment
WIN Expo Booth: 210 & 212

TCW Equipment, a local business for over 50 years. We have a wide variety of wine production tools & equipment. Easy ordering, knowledgeable staff, quick delivery, and solid service.

TCW announces free next-day local delivery!
29 July, 2019

TCW is pleased to announce free next-day delivery on all orders $200+ for most Napa and Sonoma county customers! Shop now for free local delivery (Select Will-call for shiping) --->

In other news:


Check out the new low price on our 15.5 gal. 2" TC Kegs. Get 8 for $1,000 or $140 each. Learn more ---->

Custom Fabrication Is Our Speciality
06 February, 2018

Maybe you have an ancient pump that you'd like to have cart mounted so you don't have to lug it from tank to tank. Everyone's bottling facility is slightly different. We make custom stainless steel tables to fit your needs perfectly that will last a lifetime. Our dedicated machine and welding shop can manufacture, repair, maintain, or alter just about any piece of equipment regardless of where you purchased it. If you can dream it up, we can make it a reality.

Click here for more information. 

Mori's Basket Press Gets Updated for 2017 – Old School Look, Modern Amenities
10 February, 2017

Mori's basket press have received form and function updates for 2017, making them more beautiful and easier to use than ever.

The Food-Grade Plastic Basket:

Whenever winemakers walk past a press with a wooden basket in our shop they always stop, do a double-take, and say the same thing: "That's beautiful…but I'd hate to have to clean it". We've long-since transitioned to stainless steel baskets for all but the most aesthetically-obsessed winemakers. Still, there's something about the wooden basket. For 2017 Mori is introducing the option of a basket with white food-grade plastic slats. It's the best of both worlds. Easy to clean, and it would not look out of place in a generations-old Chianti estate. For customer-facing crush pads where the winemaking process is part of the experience, this is a wonderful compromise between form and function.

The "Temporizer" Automatic Press Timer:

One of the most exciting additions to Mori's 2017 basket press line-up is the addition of the "Temporizer" automatic timer as a standard feature on all forkliftable presses 5 HL and larger. The temporizer allows the winemaker to set three parameters:

  1. Pressing time – Mori recommends 5 seconds as a starting point
  2. Resting time – Mori recommends 5 minutes as a starting point
  3. Max pressure – This is entirely up to the user

The user simply moves the pressing ram down to the level of the grapes and starts the "Temporizer" cycle. Using the above settings, the press will move down for 5 seconds, allow free-run juice to drain for 5 minutes, then continue pressing for 5 seconds, and so on until the max pressure is reached, and the press automatically stops. Simple.


Contact us for a quote on a Mori Press now!:

Stainless Steel Tanks are Here + New Bottling Lines from Quinti
25 April, 2016


2016's first stainless steel tanks have arrived. Get ready for this year's harvest with a large selection of variable capacity and fixed capacity tanks. You can see normally in stock small variable capcity tanks here in our online store. We also have a variety of larger conical bottom, sloped bottom, and fixed capacity tanks in stock as well. Call us for details – 707-963-9681.

Sparging Stones on Sale
20 July, 2015

A high quality sparging stone is hard to find. But you needn't look any further.

To effectively sparge you need millions of small, evenly-sized bubbles to maximize the sparging surface area. So the quality of the sintered metal is paramount. That's what forms the bubbles, after all. Our sparging stones are made from medical-grade sintered metal and manufactured here in our Santa Rosa shop.

We have two different tools for sparging that you can attach your stone to: the Sparging Tee and the Sparging Spear.

The spear is a six-foot long stainless steel tube, threaded at both ends. Attach the stone to one end and your gas hose at the other. You can put it into an open top tank for passive sparging. The Sparging Tee is a Tri Clamp Tee with a gas inlet. It allows you to mount the sparging stone in-line for active sparging.

While you are transferring your product you can sparge it at the same time. This can help you sparge more quickly.

Sparging Stones On Sale!

  • 1" Stone - Normal Price $125, Sale Price $95
  • 3" Stone - Normal Price $185, Sale Price $135
  • 4" Stone - Normal Price $220, Sale Price $155 *Best Value!
  • 5" Stone - Normal Price $249, Sale Price $199

Variable Capacity Stainless Steel Tanks on Sale
03 April, 2015

TCW's April deal is stainless steel variable capacity tanks. Last year we sold out of tanks entirely by September, and 2015 is shaping up to be another big year in terms of wine production.With savings up to $600 off, now is the perfect time to prepare. This is the lowest price of the year.

We just got a big shipment of flat bottom stainless steel tanks from 100 to 1000 liters, as well as a selection of conical and sloped bottom tanks with and without jacket from 1000 liters and up.

Flat Bottom VC Tanks w/o Legs:

  • 100 liters: Normal price $313, Sale price $266
  • 500 liters: Normal price $626, Sale price $532
  • 1000 liters: Normal price $1,067, Sale price $907
  • See More

Sloped & Conical Bottom VC Tanks with Manway (Call for Availability):

  • 1000 liters, sloped bottom:
    • Normal price $2,114, Sale price $1,797
  • 1000 liters, conical bottom, jacketed:
    • Normal price $3,335, Sale price $2,835
  • 1500 liters, sloped bottom:
    • Normal price $3,229, Sale price $2,744
  • 2000 liters, sloped bottom:
    • Normal price: $4,100, Sale price $3,488

This deal applies only to stainless steel tanks we have in stock, and is not applicable to special order tanks. Speaking of special order tanks...


Custom Tanks

Need stackable tanks? Forkliftable tanks? Wheeled tanks? Square tanks? Proofing tanks?  We have you covered.

We work exclusively with L-Inox to create custom tanks to meet your facility's needs. Our customers have ranged from the finest wineries in the world to small craft distillers. All have been extremely pleased with the craftsmanship and value of L-Inox's tanks.

 Let us know what kind of tank you'd like a quote on.

Filter Housings On Sale + 2014 Pneumatic Press Pricing Ends Soon
19 December, 2014

TCW Equipment's Introductory Pneumatic Press Pricing Ends December 31, 2014:

It's your last chance to save on L-Inox Pneumatic Presses. During 2014 we have offered very low introductory pricing on all sizes of our new pneumatic presses from L-Inox. Prices will go up significantly starting January 1, 2015. To secure 2014's pricing, you must order before December 31st. Don't miss out!

See our 2014 L-Inox Pneumatic Press Pricing

Our custom-mounted filter housings are on sale for December:

Our custom-mounted filter housings are on sale for December!

Double housings can be used in series, allowing you to do pre-filtration and final filtration in one pass. They can also be used in parallel for twice the throughput.

Please note: our stands are custom-made. Depending on demand, they may take a week or two to be built. Get an order in early!

Custom-Mounted Filter Housings:

  • All stainless steel housing
  • Pedestal-mounted for extra stability
  • 1.5-inch TC inlet and outlet
  • Fits standard P7 twist and lock cartridges
  • Capped 1/2-inch drains on inlet and outlet connections
  • Sanitary sight glass and pressure gauges
  • Available in 20-inch or 30-inch lengths

Pedestal-mounted Housings:

  • 1 x 20-inch:
  • Normal price: $1,074, Sale Price: $859
  • 1 x 30-inch:
  • Normal price: $1,169, Sale Price: $935
  • 2 x 20-inch:
  • Normal price: $2,178, Sale Price: $1,742
  • 2 x 30-inch:
  • Normal price: $2,342, Sale Price: $1,874

Cart-mounted Housings:

  • 2 x 20-inch:
  • Normal price: $2,850, Sale Price: $2,280
  • 2 x 30-inch:
  • Normal price: $3,222, Sale Price: $2,577

Buy A Filter Housing Now

07 November, 2014

Keep your barrels clean and pristine with our barrel washing wands and stands, on sale through November

Barrel Washing Wand

Barrel Washing Wand

Barrel Washing Stand

  • All stainless steel wand and rotating nozzle with stainless steel ball valve
  • Angles into barrels on racks
  • Low pressure (30-90 psi), high flow design.
  • 3/4 inch FPT inlet

On sale for just $173 through November! Buy Now!

Barrel Washing Stand

We build our barrel washing stands in-house for heavy-duty use. Each stand comes equipped with our original design rotating nozzle. Fits in a 1.5 inch barrel bung hole, and runs on 10 to 120 psi water. An in-line ball valve allows you to adjust flow. 3/4 inch female NPT inlet.

On sale for just $350 through November! Buy now!


The SQN 20 Flexible Impeller Pump - $400 Off for September!
29 August, 2014

Our SQN series flexible impeller pumps have been our best selling pump for many years. They are simple to operate, easy to maintain, and spare parts are readily available. Many SQN pumps that we sold decades ago are still in use and being serviced by us.

This month we're offering the SQN 20 for $400 off. Click here to buy now!

The SQN 20 is self-priming up to 10 feet under dry impeller conditions and up to 20 feet under wet. The standard impeller is non-toxic neoprene (fair for ozone), with Nitrile (not for ozone), EDPM and Viton (both good for ozone) available.

  • Direct drive without belts, pulleys, or gear reducers for increased reliability
  • Precision cast head manufactured from 316 stainless steel
  • Variable speed controls in a NEMA 4 enclosure with local speed control, start/stop, forward/reverse
  • 35' remote control, 30' power cord
  • Speeds up to 1800 RPM
  • 1.5" TC inlet and outlet ports (female pipe thread also available)
  • Reversible: either pipe can be used for suction or discharge
  • 30 psi maximum output pressure
  • Mounted on a custom stainless steel cart with tool tray and cord hooks
  • All components in contact with liquid being pumped are AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Sanitary mechanical seal

Normal price: $3275

Sale Price: $2875

Special replacement supplies for Those affected by the Earthquake
25 August, 2014

We are on call for extra hours throughout harvest, and if you need advice on fixing or replacing anything damaged in the recent earthquake. Give us a call if you have questions about your pumps, corkers, hoses, fittings, etc. We keep a wide variety of stock on hand. If you need to replace any damaged kegs, ours are just $130 through Friday when you let us know you saw this through Wine Industry Network. Best, the TCW Staff.

All Remco/Vikan Products 25% Off + Now Carrying Maurivin Yeast
01 August, 2014

All Remco/Vikan Products 25% Off

They say winemaking is 90% cleaning and 10% paperwork. Well, this month we can help make your job 90% easier. There's not much we can do about the paperwork, unfortunately.

All of our Remco and Vikan products are 25% off throughout August.

Remco makes food-grade cleaning products and food-handling implements that are color coded. Color coding helps you prevent cross-contamination, so that certain colors are only used in certain areas. Or you can just get everything in plain old white. We won't tell anyone.

There are hundreds of different products on sale. You can see the full catalog of Remco / Vikan products here.

We've also made a handy ordering sheet with pricing when you're ready to order.

Now Carrying Maurivin Yeast!

We're happy to announce that we now carry Mauri Yeast Australia products like Maurivin, Mauribrew, and Mauri Pinnacle Distiller's yeasts.

Mauri Yeast Australia is one the premier yeast manufacturers worldwide, and their commitment to research and superior technical support made it a great fit for us.

If you're not already using Maurivin yeast, now's a great chance to give it a test. We're certain you'll switch to Maurivin.

You can see our full selection here.

Kegs On Sale! 15.5 Gallon TC Kegs Are $120 When You Order Online
20 June, 2014

We're kicking off our new online store with a deal everyone loves. Our 15.5-gallon TriClamp® kegs are $120 during June. That's $50 off their normal price when you order online: Order Now

This deal is online only, and ends June 30th.

110-gallon pump over carts - June Deal
27 May, 2014

This month we're featuring our 110-gallon pumpover carts on pre-order for $1200 (Normally $1600). They'll arrive for crush in early August, but if you pre-order one now you can save $400. Last year we sold out of pumpover carts quickly, so act fast. 

110 Gallon Pumpover Cart:

  • All 304 Stainless Steel
  • 2" TC Connection
  • 2.5 mm perforated strainer screen catches seeds and skins
  • Sanitary 2B welds & finish inside and out
  • Normally $1600, Now $1200
  • Freight shipping will be required -- these carts are too big for common parcel carriage

  These prices are valid while supplies last and only for the month of June so don't put it off - order now!

Get Ready for the Season: Corker & Pump Tune-ups Pnuematic Press & Pressure Racking Wand
29 April, 2014

After many years of researching and market testing, we're proud to announce that we've found and chosen a horizontal pneumatic membrane press to add to the TCW catalog. Our criteria was that the press must be among the highest quality and it must be priced so that any winery can buy one.

We are ready to introduce: The L-Inox Press. Time is running out to order before harvest, and there isn't a 
pneumatic press anywhere on the market for this price. Who can pass this up?

We're taking orders for the 2014 harvest season through March 9th only, so get in touch with us now to order.

L-Inox Horizontal Pneumatic Membrane Press 
L-Inox's pneumatic membrane presses have been used in wineries throughout Europe for decades. TCW is pleased to exclusively bring them to the US. Right now we are offering special introductory pricing. Click here to see the full pricing list with options.

Available in the following sizes: 5HL, 6.5HL, 8.5HL, 10HL, 12HL, 14HL, 17HL, 20HL, 25HL, 30HL, 40HL, 50HL

Basic Model: 
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Tank press with one door (2 doors on 50 HL)
  • semiautomatic pushbutton control
  • Scotch-brite finish
  • TC outlet
  • Juice collection tray
  • 230v-3ph-60Hz power
Optional Add-ons:
  • Closed or open-tank design
  • Single-phase power (up to 25 HL only)
  • Becker compressor for filling membrane without in-house compressed air
  • 3" TC axial valve
  • Touchscreen Controller
  • Leg extensions for pressing into bins
  • Hopper for dumping
  • Additional loading doors

Click here for Pricing 


Save $150 on Our Pressure Racking Wand !

Our pressure racking wand is designed to help you move liquid gently. It features an external lees depth adjuster, sight glass, and a stainless steel ball valve to help you get clean rackings.

  •     Silicone seal
  •     Externally lees depth adjustment
  •     1.5" TC outlet connection
  •     1" Sight Glass
  •     1" Ball Valve
  •     1/4" FNPT gas valve
  •     1/4" FNPT gas bleed

32" Pressure Racking Wand
Was $753, NOW $599 (P/N 5030SA25-SB-EH)

Corker & Pump Tune-Ups

Let our dedicated machine and welding shop help you maintain and prepare your corker and pump for this season's harvest. We'll get your corker and pump tuned up regardless of where you purchased it. 

Pump Tune-up Was $115, NOW $65


• Clean & inspect impeller
• Replace o-rings and gaskets
• Flush pump-well & test pump
• Inspect cart welds for integrity
• Test remote control potentiometer
• Test VFD programming
• Test any battery back-up devices
• Test & inspect check valves
• Check electrical plug & cord
• Verify voltages are correct

Corker Tune-up Was $115, NOW $65

• Test spring that controls the lock & release of the bottle stand
• Test jaw springs
• Remove vacuum solenoid valve stem, clean & lubricate
• Clean & lubricate jaws & spring shafts
• Clean & lubricate all moving parts
• Remove & clean front/back covers
• Test vacuum

These prices are valid while supplies last and only for the month of May so don't put it off - order now!

Deal of the Month: Rinse/Sparger & Hose
28 March, 2014

Happy spring.

Hey, do you know what kind of socks a winemaker wears? Vineyard Hose. Ha! This month we are offering hose discounts & rinser/sparging discounts. Check our website for all of the details. Plus, we're offering free banding labor on all of your hose purchases during April.

Have a great month,

All of us at TCW Equipment 

Deal of the Month: Kegs & Topping Systems
27 March, 2014

Have Your Keg and Top With it Too.

It's deal time! It's also trade show season. It was great seeing everyone at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento and the Midwest Grape & Wine Conference in St. Charles, Missouri. If you're in the Northwest area, you can find us exhibiting at the Oregon Wine Symposium in Portlandia, Oregon today at booth 448. Our next tradeshow is in Washington; come see us in booth 435 at ADI's Spirits Conference in Seattle on March 31-April 2, 2014.

For our March deal we are slashing prices on stainless steel kegs, stainless steel carts and barrel topping tools. See the full deal details here:


Introducing: The L-Inox Press ~ Special Introductory Pricing for 2014
14 February, 2014

L-Inox's pneumatic membrane press have been used in wineries throughout Europe for decades. TCW is pleased to exclusively bring them to the US. During 2014 we will be offering special introductory pricing. Click here to see the full pricing list with options.

L-Inox Pneumatic Press

The press is available in a variety of sizes and options to meet your facility's needs and budget.

Available in the following sizes: 5HL, 6.5HL, 8.5HL, 10HL, 12HL, 14HL, 17HL, 20HL, 25HL, 30HL, 40HL, 50HL

Optional Add-ons:

  • Closed or open-tank design
  • Single-phase power (up to 25 HL only)
  • Becker compressor for filling membrane without in-house compressed air
  • 3" TC axial valve
  • Touchscreen Controller
  • Leg extensions for pressing into bins
  • Hopper for dumping
  • Additional loading doors

Deal of the month: Filter Systems & Fittings
17 January, 2014

TC fittings:  clamps, gaskets, end caps, tees, etc.  All specially priced for January.

Cartridge Filter Systems:

Go to our website or call for more details.

  • TCW single 20" housing on stand - Was $1074, Now $752

Part #2020SAHL-A1X20

  • TCW single 30" housing on stand - Was $1139, Now $797

Part #2020SAHL-A1X30

  • TCW double 20" housing on stand - Was $2133, Now $1493

Part #2020SAHL-A2X20SP

  • TCW double 30" housing on stand - Was $2265, Now $1586

Part #2020SAHL-A2X30SP

  • TCW double 20" housing on cart - Was $2850, Now $1995

Part #2020SAHL-B2X20SP

  • TCW double 30" housing on cart - Was $3169, Now $2219

Part #2020SAHL-B2X30SP

11 October, 2013

Clean with Sodium Percarbonate at 50% off per 50 lb bag.  All other dry bulk chemicals are 25% off for 50-55 lb bags.  Minimum shipped order is 6 bags.

Store in our stainless, tanks at 25% off while supplies last.

Sale runs for the month of October. 

FREE delivery within Napa and Sonoma counties.

It's time to DESTEM & CRUSH
19 July, 2013

August Promotions:




Every month we have a new promotion.  Sign up through our website and we will email you directly the fabulous deal available each month.  If you don’t want to receive emails from us but want to know what our deal is, you can see the promotion on the website.  We also would like to know what you would like to see on special.

Come take advantage of our sale while supplies last!

21 June, 2013

All HYDROMETERS and Hilo REFRACTOMERS are 30% off and all Hilo FLEXIBLE IMPELLER PUMPS are 25% off for the month of July.

Every month we have a new promotion.  Sign up through our website and we will email you directly the fabulous deal available each month.  If you don’t want to receive emails from us but want to know what our deal is, you can see the promotion on the website.  We also would like to know what you would like to see on special.

Come take advantage of our sale while supplies last!

Hear the bands play . . .
29 April, 2013

. . . no not music.  It's the sound of the banding machine tightening down on the hoses.  We have a fabulous deal for you on hoses and label applicators for the month of May.  All our hoses are 25% off and include band application for free.

We also have a high end and a more economical label applicator - both at 25% off! 

Give us a call or stop by and see us.  We’re pretty sure you will find something that you need.

At your SERVICE!
16 March, 2013

As you are dusting off your stored equipment or resurrecting hand-me-downs, think of TCW Equipment for servicing many different types of winery equipment.  Bring in your pumps now for a checkup.  It is the worst to have a pump fail in the middle of harvest.  Don’t forget about your destemmer crushers, presses and any of your bottling equipment that might need some minor or major adjustments.

Don't forget to stock your backup pump impellers, new hoses, press hydraulic oil, etc.

18 February, 2013


The outrage!  The inhumanity!  The cruelty of it all!

It has come to our attention that we were not included in a recent Wine & Vines magazine article that featured basket presses and suppliers.  TCW Equipment/The Compleat Winemaker has state of the art presses which we have been supplying to wineries for over 40 years.  We are the sole authorized distributor of Mori presses in the USA.  We carry lab size presses to large 18 hecta-liter programmable cycle basket presses as well as various sizes and styles of other basket presses.

As you are planning and budgeting for crush, come by our new show room in Santa Rosa or call Joe Flemate (707) 595-2019 for equipment and supplies.  Watch for our monthly deals as well.

So remember TCW, if you need a press large or small.  We are here to fill your press needs.

07 January, 2013

Start making that list for equipment!  The 2013 wine shows are starting with the biggest one being in Sacramento, January 30-31.   Come see our bottling line in action with all the custom options available but still very reasonably priced. 


January sale includes:

25% off all Graver filters

30% off all Rincing/Sparging units

28 November, 2012

Build or expand a Crushpad at a reduced price by selecting equipment from our end of the year clearance list.  Use all sale units or combine with new.  Ordering by the end of December will lock you into 2012 pricing on the new units.  We have "never used" pieces of equipment as well are refurbished presses, destemmers and pumps.  You can see the clearence list with pricing on our website -  Check and see if there is something on our list that you might need.

Our sales staff has expanded.  Joe Flemate joined our team in July and is here to help you with quotes and information.  Joe is an experienced winemaker. 

We also are welcoming a new salesman.  Charlie Sachsel joined our group this month so we have plenty of people on hand to help you. 

Monthly Sale Items! Come save some money!
18 September, 2012

TCW Equipment is putting something new on sale every month.  Each month we will have one type of equipment and one commodity on sale.  The month of September has:

Equipment:  40% off all manual presses - rachet, hydraulic and hydro - while supplies last.

Commodity:  Remco products are 35% off.

Check us out at: and watch for what will be on sale each month.  You can also get on our email list and we will email you directly what items are going to be on sale.

12 June, 2012

Crush is coming!  Start planning now.  We have presses, pumps, destemmer/crushers and much more to process your grapes!  We carry Remco products for cleaning, kegs and tanks for storage, Graver filters.  We also have an excellent service department to service and revitalize that old equipment.

Don't wait until the last minute.  Order now and pick it up when crush starts.

29 May, 2012


TCW has moved to Santa Rosa!  We have a larger facility and will have a larger selection of wine processing products.  We will have more room for those large bulky items like tanks and presses and destemmer/crushers.  We will continue with our great line of pumps and filters.  Our kegs are still the best price around.  We hope to add to the amount of Hanna testing equipment we keep on hand as we get more requests.

We would love to have you come see our new showroom!  It's beautiful!

07 February, 2012

You know the Mori PZ95 electro pneumatic press.  Now TCW has a new version.


  • Automatic, newly designed and tested PLC
    controlled “breathing” cycles
    that have produced high quality red wines at
    low pressures with short cycles (40 minutes maximum) during the qualification
    test runs in Italy

  • Automatic, customer programmable PLC
    with up to six different pressures (20-180 bar or 7 to 70 psi) and
    six different times

  • Automatic, PLC controlled hydraulic pumps,
    one for low pressure hi-speed ram movement and one for low-speed hi-pressure

  • Simple in-press patented cake-stripping
    without complicated chains, pulleys, rails or gantry basket and pan

  • Fork-liftable stainless steel one-piece basket
    and pan

  • Juice spray screen, built-in and clear

  • Hi-strength steel frame, painted Burgundy

  • Two chromed steel up/down pistons with low
    overall machine height (7’-3”)
    for moving and storage

  • Hi-strength steel platen totally covered with
    stainless steel

  • Fermented red basket capacity of 2.3 tons

  • Extra long stroke ram that extends to within 12”
    of pan to accommodate small loads

  • 5 hp, 208-230/460V- 3 ph electrical

Call for more information.

We need a new Sales Rep!
10 January, 2012

What's new?  We need a new Sales Rep!

We need someone to service existing customers as well as develop new customers for inside and outside sales of TCW products. Successful candidates must have technical and interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively on the phone, in writing, at exhibitions where the company participates and on outside sales calls.  TCW's primary customers are mid sized wineries but also includes olive oil, distilleries and breweries.



  • Education and technical skills required to understand and explain equipment and supplies application and use to existing and potential customers
  • Must have strong interest in winery operations and equipment and on-the-job experience with winery operations and equipment is highly desirable
  • Sales ability is a must with sales experience desirable
  • Computer skills to interface with TCW’s computerized business management systems is required
  • Highly motivated aggressive self starter with people skills to interface with cellar workers, winemakers and customers at all levels
  • Valid drivers license, current insurance, and a good driving record

Call, email, stop by the shop or come see us at the Unified Wine Show (booth F3)!  We would love to see your resume!  We are ready to hire now!

(707) 963-9681 phone (707) 963-7739 fax



Visit our website for an easy to navigate, informative, and quick shopping experience.  See pricing ----->

" Thanks for your great customer focus. "
- Godard's Red Hen Farm, Mineral Hills Winery
" We would like to thank TCW for the Suction Wand we used this crush season. The device worked perfectly. We also thank you for your quick and courteous service. We look forward to doing business again and again. "
- Dave Gaetani, Quattro Goomba’s Winery
" Thank you so much for all your help, you guys are the GREATEST!!! "
- Kimberly Monahan, Bella Victorian Vineyard
Title Name Email Phone
Service & Sales Michael Caviness (707) 963-9681 Ext (1009)
Service & Sales Specialist Nena Gleason (707) 963-9681 Ext (1005)
Stainless Steel Tri Clamp Kegs
Our signature stainless steel kegs with a 2" Tri Clamp port. The 2" ferrule is machine welded on for a smooth, precise fit. These kegs are perfect for barrel topping and storage of small lots. Easy to ...

Our Specialty - Custom Fabrication

Maybe you have an ancient pump that you'd like to have cart mounted so you don't have to lug it from tank to tank. Everyone's bottling facility is slightly different. We make custom stainless steel tables to fit your needs perfectly that will last a lifetime. Our dedicated machine and welding shop can manufacture, repair, maintain, or alter just about any piece of equipment regardless of where you purchased it. If you can dream it up, we can make it a reality.

TCW Custom Fabrication

Repair and Maintenance Service 

Hose Cutting and Banding is available for all sizes and types

Visit us in Santa Rosa, call us at (707) 963-9681, fax us at our 24-hour fax line (707) 963-7739, or e-mail us for Information