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Sandra Blevins


Systems & Space has worked with companies in Northern California for over 25 years, transforming companies in an unexpected way - by creating smarter storage solutions and helping companies uncover the space needed to grow their businesses.

From innovative offices and technology spaces of San Jose and the Silicon Valley and the universities of the San Francisco Bay Area to the many manufacturing hubs all across our region, Northern California has always been at the forefront when it comes to new ways of doing business - and we want to keep it that way.

Spacesaver High Density Mobile ActivRAC System, Day use lockers and Keyless locking solutions

Spacesaver High Density Mobile ActivRAC Systems designed for wine library storage are the perfect solution for your increasingly growing inventory. Maxamise your pre-existing space with rolling shelves that enable you to store more in less space. These systems are customizable to fit your wine library.


With Spacesaver Day Use Lockers, storing your employees personal items is easy and esthetically pleasing. Choose from factory manufactured locks, or try BeCode Keyless locking intelegance. BeCode offers a keypad option that allows management to either assign a locker or allow employees to choose thier own code. Their Keyless Air and Evo locks can easily be integrated with pre-existing RFID cabible badges or chosed FOB's.


Spacesaver High Density Mechanical Assist System
Spacesaver High Density Mechanical Assist System
This high density mobile shelving system is ideal for wine libraries or other inventory.
LevPRO Systems
LevPRO Systems
This Spacesaver Levpro system is ideal for small spaces for storing large amounts of inventory. There is no need for track on this system as the carriages are suspended from above. Store additional items on top such as, pallets and other large items.
Hamilton Casework Solutions
Hamilton Casework Solutions
Customizable Casework solutions for your office, wine tasting facilities and mail rooms. These casework solutions are custom built in the US. Choose from a large variety of styles and laminates.
BeCode Keyless Locking Technology
BeCode Keyless Locking Technology
BeCode keyless locking technology offers security solutions for your employee spaces or offices. Choose from a variety of locking solutions, for example: Day Use, Assigned Use or for Parcel.
Wine Library Storage
Wine Library Storage
Wine Library case storage

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Hamilton Casework Solutions
Modular casework is the intelligent alternative to site-built, traditional millwork for work room interiors. Modular casework lets you create aesthetically pleasing, functional interiors designed around your unique needs. When needs or space change&...
BeCode Keyless Locking Technology
At BeCode USA we believe that the security, accessibility and management of locking systems are vital to the efficiency of the environment in which they operate. We offer advanced locking solutions, manufactured by German designers ...
Spacesaver High Density Mobile Systems
Not everyone can wrap his or her head around the concept of mobile shelving, but we make it simple. With stationary shelving units there is always floor space that is occupied by an ...