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Packaging Line Automation for Cans, Bottles & Composites

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Ska Fabricating™ automates packaging lines for craft businesses, specializing in depalletizing, repalletizing, conveyance, rinsing, drying, fill detection and date coding. With over 500 installations worldwide, we have the products and experience to help you increase your production while saving expense.

Our original small footprint depalletizer was designed for the craft brewing market and quickly became the most widely used automatic depal for craft breweries worldwide. As our reputation grew, our product reach expanded to many other industries. We have experience in handling multiple sized containers for beer, wine, cider, kombucha, coffee, tea, water, pharmaceuticals and food. Give us a call and we'll help you find an affordable solution to your bulk handling needs.



Ska Fabricating Product Family

Infinite Monkey


Ska Fabricating™ has a complete line of products for packaging line automation. Our can depalletizer is the original, small footprint, semi-automated depalletizer. Our bottle and glass depalletizer is low level with a small footprint and is available with numerous configuration options to best fit your space. We build a custom height depalletizer that is available in multiple configurations and sizes. It handles aluminum, plastic or composite materials. The Half Pint mobile depalletizer is designed for mobile canners and wineries with tight space restrictions. It's lightweight and comes on castors for easy movement. Ska Fabricating™ brings our depalletizing expertise to the other end of the line with our semi-automated can repalletizer.

Once you have your cans or bottles depalletized, we'll move your containers with our complete conveyance solutions.  We offer a full line of conveyors from single filers to mattop accumulation tables. Our twist rinse cages are widely used as a prerinse and our rinsing and drying systems will remove excess liquid from the containers after filling. Ska Fabricating™ will also help you with our quality control products from date coding to low fill detection, we've got you covered.

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Ska Fabricating Product Line
Ska Fabricating Product Line
The Ska Fabricating product line video.
Half Pint Mobile Depalletizer
Half Pint Mobile Depalletizer
See the Half Pint mobile depalletizer in action.
Infinite Monkey Theorem Customer Testimonial
Infinite Monkey Theorem Customer Testimonial
Ben Parsons, Owner and Winemaker discusses his experience canning wine and how the Ska Fabricating depalletizer improved his businesses.
Ska Fabricating Can Depalletizer
Ska Fabricating Can Depalletizer
Operating up to 400 CPM, the industry leading, Ska Fabricating Can-I-Bus Depal is the original slim-profile, semi-automated can depalletizer.
Ska Fabricating Bottle & Glass Depalletizer
Ska Fabricating Bottle & Glass Depalletizer
From the genius minds at Ska Fab comes the improved low-level, bulk glass, semi-automated depalletizer. This baby can depalletize up to 300+ BPM.
Ska Fabricating\'s Depal Re-Pal Combo
Ska Fabricating\'s Depal Re-Pal Combo
Ska Fabricating brings you the highly anticipated Re-Palletizer (Palletizer... what have you). This stellar combo running is running at 200CPM and is starring at RB Dwyer Shrink Sleeve Printing out of Anaheim, CA
Exhibit A Brewing Testimonial
Exhibit A Brewing Testimonial
Matthew Steinberg, owner of Exhibit A Brewing, talks about the benefits of working with Markem-Image and Ska Fabricating for his Date Coding, depalletizer and packaging line.
The Magic Bus: A fully automated can depalletizer
The Magic Bus: A fully automated can depalletizer
Ska Fabricating is thrilled to announce the release of our newest machine: The Magic Bus, a fully automatic can depalletizer with pallet management that makes moving a high volume of cans quick and easy. A standard two-pallet infeed pulls pallets of cans into a depalletizer, where they are automatic

News Archive

Canned Contest Benefiting Environmental Charity
15 June, 2020

This is normally the time we would be telling you to dust off your mountain bike and throw your favorite 6-pack in that beach bag – but summertime is looking a little different for all of us this year. We aren’t flocking to public gatherings en masse or planning trips across the country anymore, but we’re supporting our favorite local breweries more now than ever by purchasing their goods to-go. Because one thing that hasn’t changed is the thing that goes with all of summer’s outdoor (and indoor) fun: a portable, crushable can of your favorite beverage. 

We know you’ll be enjoying the great indoors or out and about (while respecting nationwide social distancing rules) with some cool cans this season, and we want to see them. For this year’s summer edition of #SexyCans, we’ve got a stellar selection of prizes, and your submission could be your ticket to win.

So go on, help support your favorite beverage makers, show us your #SexyCans and let’s dive into summer!

  • First prize: a donation of $1,000 made in your name to Plastic Oceans, a Ska Fab custom YETI Tundra® 45 hard cooler filled with Ska Brewing beer, Oh Hi CBD seltzers, and a Ska Fab merch kit
  • Second prize: a donation of $500 made in your name to Plastic Oceans, Ska Fab hoodie, shirt, hat, koozie, and socks
  • Third prize: a donation of $100 made in your name to Plastic Oceans, Ska Fab hat, koozie, socks
  • Participation: every entry is eligible for a free #SexyCans koozie and a pair of Ska Fab socks

Here is how it works:

– Take a great photo of your favorite can (or cans) wherever you’re enjoying them – your couch, a hiking trail, a socially distanced happy hour in your backyard, inside of your tent on a camping trip, anywhere!

– Post it to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account with the hashtag #SexyCans and include @SkaFabricating in your comment – share on all 3 for maximum visibility.

– You can submit as many photos as you want, but they need to be YOUR photos.

– Must be 21 to enter.

– Tell all of your friends, coworkers, and customers to like your post so that it stands out from the crowd!

– Our esteemed panel of judges will pick the winners and announce via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on August 1, 2020.

For more information, click here!

Ska Fabricating Debuts Magic Bus Fully Automated Can Depalletizer
13 April, 2020

DURANGO, CO—  The latest product from Ska Fabricating, the Magic Bus, joins the fabrication company’s portfolio of canning options today. The Magic Bus is a fully automated can depalletizer with pallet management capable of speeds up to 600 CPM. It is ideal for any application where speed is important, increased automation is needed, and operator involvement can be minimized, and is now available to beverage companies worldwide.  

The Magic Bus is all about two things: speed and true automation. Gone are the days of pouring time and labor into the manual handling of pallets, top frames and tier sheets on canning lines— the Magic Bus allows packaging teams to “set it and forget it” by simply loading cans, debanding, and pressing start. A standard two-pallet infeed pulls pallets of cans into a depalletizer, where they are automatically emptied, stacked, and have their top frame and tier sheets removed and stored. Learn more about this radical new machine in this video

Two craft breweries have already implemented use of the Magic Bus in their canning operations. This new product can be found in the wild at Allagash Brewing in Portland, Maine and Maui Brewing on Maui island in Hawaii. 

“It’s a pallet loader that lets us queue up a full pallet of empty cans in an infeed system that will then automatically index that next pallet into the depalletizer rather than waiting for a fork lift driver to do it. It’s one more way of making sure we keep the filler running and don’t starve it of cans. We were the first to install one of these systems from Ska.” - Sean Diffley, Engineering Director at Allagash Brewing Co.

Join the Ska Fabricating team for The Magic Bus virtual release party on Friday, April 24 at 10am MST, with a live demonstration of this new product followed by a q&a segment with Ska Fab’s fabrication experts. 

Ska Fabricating is now accepting orders for the Magic Bus. Contact for more information.


Founded by Ska Brewing Co-Owner Matt Vincent, Ska Fabricating automates packaging lines for craft businesses, specializing in depalletizers, palletizers, conveyance systems, rinsing, drying, filling and date coding products. With more than 800 customers worldwide, Ska Fab has the products and experience to help you increase your production while saving expenses. Learn more at

Ska Fabricating Debuts the Half Pint OD Mobile Depalletizer
13 September, 2019


In their never-ending drive to pioneer the industry’s leading packaging line solutions, Ska Fabricating is proud to announce the new and improved “Half Pint OD” mobile depalletizer.

The OD (Orbital Discharge) features the same lightweight, low-footprint spirit of the original Half Pint with a new patent-pending rotary table design. This machine’s 30” wheel is the first of its kind, allowing for more accumulation, higher line speeds, a smaller footprint, and a better drop angle for the rinse cage. The wheel can run clockwise or counter-clockwise, making it possible to install two discharges for different container sizes with little to no changeover.

Small, challenging spaces are no problem for the OD, with removable gates that allow for over 180 degrees of flexibility for discharge and rinse cage placement. It still comes on wheels and can be easily moved in and out of the canning line area. And the noisy vibrator is gone, so this machine is essentially silent.

"The Half Pint OD is a breakthrough design when your situation calls for a fully automated solution that fits in a small space. The higher discharge height and much smaller footprint adds a huge amount of options." says Jim Mackay, CEO of Ska Fabricating.

The product has been tested and proven under working conditions, and the innovative design was driven by customer feedback Ska Fab’s commitment to engineering solutions for packaging line automation. You can see this machine’s debut at CanLand as a part of the California Craft Beer Summit in Long Beach, CA Thu, Sep 12, 2019 – Sat, Sep 14, 2019. It is available for order and shipping as of October 29, 2019.

For more information about the Half Pint OD, please visit their website.

Infinite Monkey Theorem - Customer Testimonial
12 August, 2019

Ben Parsons, Owner and Winemaker at Infinite Monkey Theorem, discusses his experience canning wine and how the Ska Fabricating depalletizer improved his businesses.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
31 May, 2019

How’s spring cleaning going at your winery? As you’re sorting through your space and coming up with ways to maintain this productive streak, take note of the gear and processes that are slowing you down. Are you still hand-loading pallets onto your line for filling? Have you started to outgrow your mobile canner’s capacity? Are you working with equipment that makes your job more difficult? If you’re familiar with any of these production obstacles, it’s time to invest in some machinery that will help you and your team work smarter, not harder.

Ska Fabricating provides long-lasting packaging line equipment that makes your job easier, increases production, saves money and generates growth. If there’s an inefficiency or gap in your current packaging process, we have the products, experience, and technical aptitude to provide a solution tailored to your exact needs. We have over 700 happy customers all over the world that can attest to that.

Our talented team of engineers and fabrication experts never stop thinking of ways to improve and enrich our customers’ projects. We're passionate about innovating on behalf of our customers and consistently produce new pieces of machinery in response to their needs. This summer, we are thrilled to introduce our Zero Footprint Rinse or ZFR (pronounced Zephyr)! The ZFR is a pre-fill can rinser that makes it possible to run a smaller footprint canning line than ever before, designed to save space in smaller production spaces without sacrificing the power of a full canning line. 

Our full range of packaging line automation products has given our customers a proven advantage over their competition. You can learn more about our machinery, customers, and what we are all about on our website. For more frequent updates and an upcoming chance to win a trip to Durango for Ska Brewing’s 23rd Anniversary BBQ, give us a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ska Fabricating Installs 500th Depalletizer
11 March, 2019

Durango, Colorado— March 7,  2019 —  Ska Fabricating is pleased to announce the installation of their 500th Can-i-Bus Depalletizer, a testament to their status as the industry leader in craft packaging line equipment.


“This is a huge milestone for our company,” said Jim Mackay, CEO at Ska Fabricating. “Our first Can-i-Bus is still pushing cans and now we are installing our 500th depalletizer at AleSmith Brewing Company in San Diego. That speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of our equipment and our reputation in the industry.”


Worldwide Installations


Ska Fabricating’s Can-i-Bus depalletizer is the best-selling sub-400 CPM can depalletizer in the world. It was an immediate success in the craft beer market and has now gained a significant amount of patronage in the craft ready-to-drink markets for wine, cider, kombucha, coffee, tea, spirits, and water. The first Can-i-Bus depalletizer was sold to Austin Beer Works in Austin, Texas, and was eventually sold to Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company in Houston when ABW purchased a newer model. Ska Fabricating has customers located in 48 states in the U.S., 8 Canadian provinces and 21 countries.


Designed by Matt Vincent (Founder)


Matt Vincent, the third partner in Durango’s largest and most award-winning craft brewery, Ska Brewing, invented and built dozens of devices over the years to help the brewery achieve efficiencies in the production, packaging, and distribution of their beer. The strong demand for one of those machines, the can depalletizer—a steel-framed machine that automatically lifts layers of empty cans from the pallets that they arrive on and feeds them onto the canning line’s conveyor belt—inspired Vincent to start a new company, Ska Fabricating. “At Ska Brewing, we found ourselves solving a lot of problems that you couldn’t buy solutions for,” said Vincent. “We put in the time to make these things work just right, and what we ended up with were solutions that were created by brewers, for brewers, and proven in a brewery. That’s something other breweries just couldn’t find, and there’s a huge amount of value in it for them.”


A Celebration is Planned at AleSmith Brewing Company


A reception is planned in San Diego at the brewery on March 22 from 5 to 9PM to celebrate this historic occasion. Customers and various businesses interested in Ska Fab depalletizers have been invited from the California area to join the festivities. If other companies would like to attend, please contact Ska Fabricating.



Ska Fabricating

545 Turner Dr., Suite A

Durango, Colorado 81303

(970) 403-8562

Ska Fabricating "NEW" Dual Twist Rinse Cage
19 October, 2018

Do you fill 12 and 16 ounce cans? Tired of changing over your rinse cages and resetting your photo eye? Well then, you should love our latest addition to the Ska Fab family. Introducing the “Double Barrel” dual lane rinse cage. All you do is slide over the rinse cage you want, no tools required!

Our Dual Twist Rinse Cage makes changing can sizes a breeze. No tools are needed. You simply slide the rinse cages from one side to the other and you're ready to go. The dual twist rinse incorporates integrated can height controls. A sensor detects the active side of the rinse cage and controls which photo-eye to use so no adjustment is required. An automatic valve switches the water supply from one side to the other saving water and eliminating the need to unhook your water source. Saves time and money.


Standard Features:

  • Integrates with all canning lines running up to 120 CPM
  • Available in multiple can sizes
  • No tools required
  • Integrated can height controls
  • Guide rails made from 1/4" stainless rod
  • Stainless enclosure with easy access to the cage
  • Can be configured straight off the conveyor or off to the side for tight spaces


Dual Twist Rinse Cage

Ska Fabricating™ Announces New Mobile Depalletizer
26 June, 2018

Ska Fabricating is pleased to announce the Half Pint, a new Mobile Depalletizer
“This is a fully automated depalletizer that has been proven under mobile working conditions” said Matt Vincent, President and Co-Owner at Ska Fabricating. “The original design for this new depalletizer was developed by Owen Lingley at Craft Canning & Bottling located in Portland, OR for use in his mobile canning business. We really liked some features of the original design so we purchased it and we are excited to show it off with our new modifications.”
Designed for Mobile Canners or Tight Spaces
The Half Pint is ideal for mobile canners or wineries with space restrictions. The unit is made of stainless steel and lightweight aluminum, making it lightweight but durable.  It works with half high pallets of aluminum, plastic or composite containers. It incorporates an automatic container sweep which loads the containers onto a chute which then feeds through a rinser to the filler. One rinser is included with the mobile depalletizer. It works for canning lines from 15 to 60 CPM, is available in multiple power configurations and is CE compliant.

This mobile depalletizer is also a great option for wineries with tight space restrictions and equally tight budgets. It is mounted on casters and is easy to move in and out of storage or shuttling around multi use spaces. It is specifically designed for low clearance applications such as box trucks or low ceiling heights. The product design was driven by customer feedback and Ska Fabricating’s commitment to providing industry leading solutions for depalletizing. It is available for order now.
Founded in 2012, Ska Fabricating is the worldwide leader in small footprint depalletizers. Co-founder Matt Vincent designed the first small footprint depalletizer catering to the Craft Brewing market. Ska Fabricating has a worldwide presence with customers in 18 countries and 48 states.


Half Pint Mobile Depalletizer

Ska Fabricating™ has proudly installed hundreds of Depalletizers in locations all over the world. We appreciate our customers and the hard work it takes to run a business. We thank each and every one of them and look forward to serving them in the future.

Click here to see our customer map:



Title Name Email Phone
Technical Sales Rep Jake Kolakowski 8773402337 Ext (700)
Sales Associate Ethan Deffenbaugh 8773402337 Ext (701)
Can Depalletizer
The Ska Fabricating™ Can Depalletizer is the original, small footprint, semi-automated depalletizer. It is designed with space and cost in mind and is capable of depalletizing multiple sized packages of aluminum and metal containers. ...
Dual Twist Rinse Cage
Our Dual Twist Rinse Cage makes changing can sizes a breeze. No tools are needed. You simply slide the rinse cages from one side to the other and you're ready to go. The dual twist ...
Bottle & Glass Depalletizer
Our bottle and glass depalletizer is very similar to its cousin the Can-i-Bus Depalletizer. When we designed our low-level bottle depalletizer we kept the same recipe of a slim-profile, semi-automated depalletizer with numerous configuration options ...
Mobile Canning Depalletizer
The Half Pint mobile canning line depalletizer is designed for wineries and mobile canners with tight space restrictions. There is no installation required, making this depalletizer a great option for craft wineries and international ...
Custom Height Depalletizer
When we designed our custom height depalletizer we were thinking of canners with space restrictions. The depalletizer handles half pallets of aluminum, plastic or composite materials, with a mobile option available. Standard Features: Capable of ...
Can Palletizer
Ska Fabricating™ brings our automation expertise to the other end of the line with our bulk can palletizers. Designed for companies specializing in can sleeving, labeling, printing or decorating. With simple operation and proven ...
Can Rinsing & Drying
The Ska Fabricating™ can rinse and drying system is a perfect addition to your canning line. The system uses Republic® air knives combined with our custom designed can rinser and enclosures.  Our ...
Conveyance Systems
Ska Fabricating™ works with industry partners to bring you comprehensive post fill conveyance. Offering custom conveyance configurations and optional modular components for rinsing, drying, date coding & low fill detection. Tabletop Conveyors Modular Conveyor ...
Twist Rinse Can Rinser
The Ska Fabricating™ Twist Rinse can rinser integrates with our Can Depalletizer, Custom Height Depalletizer and our new Mobile Depalletizer. STANDARD FEATURES • Integrates with all canning lines running between • 20-100 CPM • ...
Ionized Air Rinser
A&E Conveyor Systems pioneered the waterless rinsing technology. They were the first company to introduce a commercially acceptable system for replacing conventional water rinsing systems. Historically the canning industry has used a simple ...