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SITECH NorCal: Your Authorized Trimble Dealer

When you partner with SITECH NorCal, you’re partnering with a global leader in the agricultural technology field. The SITECH dealer network includes more than 110 Authorized Trimble® dealers worldwide. With SITECH NorCal, you have easy access to our vast parts warehouse, our Trimble Authorized Service Technicians, and Trimble Certified Trainers. Our innovative, user-friendly solutions help you operate efficiently, save on input costs, and improve over-all crop performance as well as productivity.

SITECH NorCal: Your Trusted Source for Precision Ag Technology

What sets us apart is the Trimble vision—farmers can connect as much or as little of their operation as they choose, with easy options for expanding and upgrading as desired. Trimble precision agriculture solutions can be used on and with most equipment on the farm, regardless of the manufacturer. Our innovative products include:


  • Guidance & Steering
  • Water Management from Concept to Completion
  • Land Leveling/Land Preparation
  • ISOBUS Compatible Input and Control
  • Drones for Agriculture
  • Advanced Positioning
  • Soil Information Systems
  • Variable Rate Technology
  • Flow and Application Control
  • Data Integration
  • Correction Services
  • Yield Monitoring
  • Harvest
  • Record-Keeping
  • Farm Finance Management


Embrace the power of proven precision agriculture technologies from Trimble to enhance your farm operations, while increasing your productivity and profitability by saving on wasted inputs.

Display Systems
Display Systems
Manage your field directly from the display with the Field Manager view - showing fields, AB lines, and boundary information all in one easy-to access screen.
Guidance Control
Guidance Control
Provides positioning and guidance, including AutoSteer.
Trimble® RTX
Trimble® RTX
CenterPoint RTX leverages real-time data from a global tracking station network along with innovative positioning and compression algorithms to compute and relay satellite orbit, satellite clock, and other system adjustments to the receiver, resulting in the real time high accuracies.
CenterPoint VRS
CenterPoint VRS
CenterPoint VRS provides an instant access to RTK level corrections within a fixed network of reference stations.
EZ-Pilot Pro Guidance System
EZ-Pilot Pro Guidance System
The EZ-Pilot® Pro guidance system offers high accuracy guidance across MFWD tractors, 4WD’s and combines. The added benefit of the EZ-Pilot Pro system is that vehicles are now able to be engaged in reverse to allow them to be lined for the next swath (max 15 seconds).
WeedSeeker 2
WeedSeeker 2
Using advanced optics and processing power, the WeedSeeker system detects and eliminates resistant weeds. When a weed passes underneath the sensor it signals its linked spray nozzle to precisely deliver herbicide and kill the weed, reducing the amount of chemical applied by up to 90%.
Trimble xFill
Trimble xFill
Powered by Trimble RTX technology, Trimble xFill provides seamless, centimeter-level back-up corrections via satellite if RTK or VRS signal source is interrupted.
Trimble's Connected Farm
Trimble's Connected Farm
Trimble's Connected Farm is our unified suite of precision ag applications covering all aspects of modern agriculture management.
Trimble Autonomy
Trimble Autonomy
Trimble is leading a technological revolution in agricultural autonomy that is changing the way that farming works.

News Archive

Agricultural Intelligence in Your Hands!
08 July, 2020

Trimble GFX-350 Display installed on a Fendt tractor.


For those new to precision ag, the one technology that can offer the fastest ROI is guidance and steering. Trimble® guidance displays help you accurately monitor and map field information in real-time. Our industry-leading performance and reliability help complete field applications quickly and efficiently. With an array of functionalities and price points, you can select the combination that best fit your farming needs.


Both the GFX-350™ and GFX-750™ displays are powerful solutions when paired with a NAV-500™ or a NAV-900™ guidance controller. Providing cost-effective options for farmers seeking to adopt the latest precision agriculture technology for their daily operations, these display systems feature simple-to-install, roof-mounted guidance controllers with advanced multi-constellation GNSS receivers.


These flexible solutions allow you to select from a range of hardware, software, and accuracy options to meet your specific needs. To determine the ideal combination for your farm operations, download our comparison chart  or contact Tyler Uhlrig at 530-513-2551 and ask about our current trade-up offers!



The Trimble Soil Information System Provides Precise 3D Soil Models for Dozens of Chemical and Physical Characteristics
02 March, 2020

Soil Information System™ (SIS) solution is an industry leading soil mapping technology that uses advanced sensors and intelligent targeting and geo-processing algorithms to produce high resolution, accurate soil and topographic information.   By providing a greater understanding of the physical and chemical characterization of the soil, including how inputs move through the soil, SIS enables farmers’ trusted advisors to implement more effective solutions to resolve the unique challenges of each area of their fields.   

Key Features

  • Assess detailed soil properties for each field such as soil texture, compaction, root zone depth, moisture retention and availability, and soil fertility
  • View soil analysis for the top 48 inches (122 cm) of the field’s surface in 3D
  • Download soil maps into your farm management software application, including Trimble Ag Software or other third-party software systems
  • Create variable rate application maps from the soil information to help maximize plant growth

Types of Maps

SIS offers precise 3D soil models for dozens of soil physical and chemical characteristics including:

  • Root zone depth
  • Soil texture (clay, sand, coarse fragment content)
  • Moisture holding capacity
  • Compaction characteristics
  • Macro and micro-nutrient levels
  • Salt and toxicity concentrations


  • Make better farm management decisions with irrigation, drainage, fertility and amendment applications
  • Understand soil variability to target precise sampling locations, sometimes reducing the number of samples required – thus saving time and money
  • Reduce nutrient runoff by understanding how they move through the soil

The information gained can be used to make critical farm management decisions with irrigation, drainage, fertility, evaluating land before purchase, field prep and design, improving corp quality, increasing output from sub-par field areas, optimizing the use of water, fertilizer, and amendments.

For a visual overview of the system please view the video: 

Or contact Eric Wavra at 541-499-1875

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Sales Manager Eric Wavra 541-499-1875
Sales Engineer Tyler Uhlrig 530-513-2551
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