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About Us:


Located in Marin County California we have provided services in the wine industry for more than 6 years.   


Redtie is a multi-channel communications SAS text (SMS) based service that drives winery DTC sales and consumer loyalty.  Consumers naturally granite to loyalty and rewards programs, with Redtie you have the option to include a micro-reward along with text messages.  Messages with a reward create a high read, react, and response rate.  Include a link in your message and it drives consumers to events, special offers, and back to your website and social media.  


Redtie is a product of our partner company EphronTech.  At EphronTech our passion is about your success and we are dedicated to making your business stronger. The foundation of our success is delivering solutions using AWS and Ethereum. 


Take Redtie for a test drive, send a few text messages, we think you’ll be happy with the results.  For more information go to


About Steve Knaebel

Steve is the President of Redtie International and the Managing Partner at EphronTech. 


multi-channel communications platform supporting SMS/Text, Voice Call, Email, Rewards, Chat, Social, Web and Mobile channels. Used by thousands of businesses.  Redtie solves the problem most businesses have, incorporating all communications channels into a single platform and accessed by multiple employees.  This easy to use cost-effective feature-rich platform is used across all industry verticles like; Financial, Construction, Medical, Food Service, Education, and Beverage Industry.



                                                                                           Read More  


Include A Reward To Your Messages:

Use Redtie to add a reward to your message. The wine industry is a relationship business where personalized communications build consumer loyalty and result in sales. Consumers naturally gravitate toward rewards. Including a micro-reward with a text message creates high read, react and response rates.  You can brand your reward to align with your marketing program or as WineRewards.  Adding a reward to your messaging is an easy to use cost-effective solution that will increase direct to consumer sales.   



Benefits Of Adding Rewards To Your Messaging 


How Texting Can Help Your Business: Texting (SMS) has emerged as the clear leader in read and open rates versus email that’s overrun with spam.  Also known as “snail mail” it has an open rate of only 9% with a click-through rate of just 2%.  On top of that, today’s email technology automatically dumps 1 of 5 incoming emails in the spam folder.  Where text messages have an open rate of 98%, are read in 2 minutes with a  response rate of 45%. Over 8 trillion text messages are sent every day worldwide. Today, a majority of Americans are using text messaging to stay in contact with friends, family, and colleagues.  Smartphone users spend 22% of their time on their phone texting but only 10% of their time using email.  78% of US consumers say receiving a text message is the fastest way to reach them.






Steve Knaebel, President Redtie International
Steve Knaebel, President Redtie International
Redtie is a one-stop premier omnichannel messaging platform built for any business. Helping businesses manage text, email, voice, and chat in a single platform. Redtie is the only messaging platform where micro-rewards can be attached to messages. Redtie is built on the latest blockchain technology making it a reliable and cost-effective solution. Wineries using Redtie will see an increase in DTC and consumer loyalty. Go to
Get Noticed Using Redtie With A Reward
Get Noticed Using Redtie With A Reward
Learn how Redtie works

News Archive

QR Codes Are Making a Comeback Find Out Why
08 July, 2020

QR Codes Are Making a Comeback Find Out Why

Don’t underestimate the power of QR Codes, using them lets you 

connect directly with customers no matter where they are 

QR Codes are everywhere, they are on labels, packaging, business cards, and painted on buildings. QR Codes simplify the way consumers access information. When scanned it will open a webpage or trigger an action like; send a text, show a video, or tell a story. The possibilities for using QR Codes are endless. All of today’s smartphones have a built-in scanner so scanning a QR Code is simple.

Adding a QR Code to Your Wine Label Is a No Brainer

Your bottle is your roving billboard, it represents your brand, your product, and about you. Adding a QR Code to your label is easy and gives almost endless options on engaging your consumers.

About QR Codes:

QR is short for Quick Response; they work just like barcodes at the supermarket and consist of black squares and dots which represent pieces of information.

Scanning a QR Code With A Smartphone: 

It’s simple. Open the camera on your smartphone like you're taking a picture, point it at the QR Code “don’t take a picture” your camera will automatically scan the QR code. It’s that simple.

Give it a try, scan this QR Code and it will bring you to the Wine Industry Network home page.

One of the biggest barriers for consumers is, requiring them to download a new app on their smartphone to do something. But that’s not so with QR Codes, smartphones have built-in scan functionality. 

Three Use Cases for Using QR Codes: 

Pairing Wine with Food at the Grocery Store: 

It’s a very typical situation where a consumer is at the grocery store, they pick up something for dinner then go searching for a bottle of wine. They are having fish and decide to look for White Zinfandel or Sauvignon Blanc. So many choices on the shelf but a catchphrase on a bottle next to the QR code catches their attention. The catchphrase says “Best with Fish scan to see our recipe”. Curious the consumer scans the QR code, reads the recipe has it sent to their email, reads about your winery, and signs up to receive notifications from you.

Introducing the Winemaker at a Dinner Party

A consumer is having a dinner party. They bring out a bottle of your wine, it’s a bottle of one of your high-end reserve wines. The catchphrase next to the QR Code says “Meet our Winemaker” the customer scans the QR code and it pops a video and the Winemaker tells a story about your wine.

Teaching Consumers How To Taste Wine

You have a couple of friends over and pull out a bottle of wine. The catchphrase next to the QR Code says “Learn How to Taste Wine”. When scanned it pulls up a video that’s posted on your website on the best way to taste wine.

The Technology behind a QR Code Gives You Endless 

Options to Interact With Your Consumers

Scanning A QR Code Can Trigger Almost Any Event: 

  • Send a text or email to a consumer
  • Pull up a discount code or coupon
  • Call the consumer with a message
  • Show a Winery video tour
  • Automatically calendar an event
  • Sign up for a Newsletter
  • Automatically connect to Wi-Fi

Some Technology behind the QR Code 

Add Geofencing: 

If you want to put a geographical limit on where consumers can trigger an action by scanning a QR Code you can add geofencing. Geofencing only allows users within a predefined geographical area to receive a response when scanning a QR Code. As an example, there’s no point in giving someone a free tasting if they live 2,000 away from your Vineyard. 

Add Location Tracking: 

You can track the number of people who went to your website by scanning your QR Code.

Using QR Codes Is Just Good Marketing

QR codes are everywhere, they are the gateway for customers to get to know more about you, your products, buy from you, and build consumer loyalty. You can use QR Codes in many creative ways, the possibilities are almost endless. Don’t limit the QR code to your bottle include them to your brochures and tasting room menus. Give it a try and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the result.

About the Author: Steve Knaebel, President, Redtie International

Every Winery Needs A YouTube Channel, Here's Why
24 June, 2020

Every Winery Needs A YouTube Channel

If you’re a Winery and you don’t have a YouTube channel you need to start one. Here’s Why: 

Video attracts attention and is processed by your brain 60,000 times faster than text. Overall 65% of people are visual learners, a one minute video equals around 1.8 million words. Video is a simple and effective way for people to absorb large amounts of content quickly. 

YouTube is the number one search on Google: 

Reasons to Start a YouTube Channel

Videos Are Easy To Create: Today’s technology makes it simple to create and publish videos. It can be as simple as using a cell phone or taking video and editing it with an online tool and post to YouTube.

Creates A Personal Connection:

Video creates a level of familiarity with your brand, products, and reputation. Watching a video builds trust and engagement. The more personal and spontaneous the video the better.

A Source Of Income:

You own the content and viewers on your YouTube Channel mean revenue. Leverage the content you have and regularly post new content. As a YouTube influencer, your channel will be paid by promoters and advertisers.

Video Is Essential For Your Winery:

Video has been around for a long time and it is no longer an option to a marketing program, it’s essential. Customers wanting to get to know you and your products expect it. It’s the best way to see you without talking with you in-person.

It’s Builds Your Contact List:

Encouraging viewers to subscribe, turn on notifications, and leave feedback. It gives you a way to connect with and viewers while building your contact list.

Keep It Fun and Engaging:

Many Youtubers start contests to keep viewers engaged and coming back. Contests get a lot of attention. The easiest contest is to give something away. There are tools available that support YouTube giveaways. Go to YouTube and watch some to the hundreds of the how-to videos and pick a giveaway strategy that works for you.

Make it Your 2020 Goal:

If you don’t already have one getting started on YouTube can be scary. However, the benefits of being on YouTube outweigh the downfalls. Video content can reinforce your branding efforts and show off your business expertise and is a great way to entertain, educate, and connect with people.

About the Author: Steve Knaebel, President, Redtie International.

Video Texting Just Works
10 June, 2020


81 % of businesses are now using video for marketing (Hubspot). Customers will tell you that video is one of the most engaging forms of media. Video provides a visual and audible representation of your brand. It gives customers a chance to see and hear you, understand your brand, products, and services. More importantly, the personalization of video messaging creates long-lasting relationships. 


A VideoText is A video clip attached to a text message.




  • Text messages have an open rate of 98% and viewers retain 95% of a video message


  • 90% of consumers say that video helps them make the decision to purchase products (Social Media Today)


  • Wyzowl claims that 74% of people who get an opportunity to see a product in action via an explainer video          buys it.




Create a VideoTexting plan: Your plan should include the topic, text, and video content, who from the winery will send the text video and the frequency. Messages should be somewhat spontaneous and as personalized as possible. Video texting is easy to do and lets you stay connected and engaged in a very personalized way.


Some Examples:


  • Send a personalized video text to each of your top 10 wine club members letting them know that you look forward to seeing them at your exclusive pick up party. This lets your top customers know that you value them as a customer and are thinking about them.


  • Send a video text to all your customers of a short walk-through of your vineyard telling them you’re looking forward to seeing them at an upcoming event. It lets them see you and how excited you are to see them.





Video texting services are available and some have the option for more than one employee to log in and with a separate username and password. This lets you monitor messages you have sent by each employee and to what group of customers.





You can use a professional to create your videos or with today’s technology, there are so many DIY options. For personalized messages, it is always better to have a person representing your brand behind the message. People want to associate a video message with a person. Video clips with a real person have better viewership than videos without.


Types of Video Messaging:


  • Text messages with video clip

  • Video posted on your website

  • Emails with video

  • Social media updates with video clips





For Example:


  • Increasing Direct to Consumer Sales

  • Building Brand Recognition

  • Retaining Customers

  • Increasing Customer Loyalty




The most popular form of content in the world is video. Users crave the connection and personal touch of videos. Video tells your story in the way you intend it to be told. Real-life context is so powerful.

It’s not only fun but videos are the best way to get up close to your audience and give them a real look at what your business is and what you’re doing. Look beyond the profit and your product, show them something about your values, share some information, or tell a story. The more your consumers know about you the more likely they are to be long-lasting customers.


About the Author:


Steve Knaebel, President, Redtie International.


The Compelling Benefits of Texting
28 May, 2020

The Compelling Benefits of Texting 

Wineries are in hyper drive rethinking their marketing and outreach strategies in an effort to stay competitive to meet sales targets. Typically, wineries use email as the tool of choice to communicate. Times have changed and this tried and true method of emailing just isn’t good enough to keep customers engaged.

The majority of Americans use text to stay in contact with friends, family, and colleagues

Smartphone users spend 22% of their time on their phone texting but only 10% of their time using email

Next to talking with someone, sending a text message 

is the most effective way to communicate


Consumers Prefer Texts: 

Most consumers prefer texting over almost all other forms of communication. This is why they like it:

                   1) Takes seconds to read a text

                   2) Messages are short and to the point

                   3) Easy to respond

                   4) Messages are organized by phone number

                   5) Some messages contain links to read more

Mobile numbers rarely change but email addresses change with the seasons. Consumers change their email addresses to avoid all that spam. 

Best Practices:

               1) Messages should be short and personal

                    2) Always send customers back to your website, social media or a link to a video

                    3) Give them something for opting-in, like a discount

                    4) Send messages only during business hours

                    5) Encourage a response by asking a question

                    6) Don’t send more than 1 to 2 messages a week

                    7) Focus on your best customers

Make It Your 2020 Goal:

With the slowdown in the wine industry and predicted flat sales in 2020 it’s a good time to evaluate implementing texting for your winery. With little planning on an opt-in strategy, creating message content, texting is easy to add to your existing marketing strategy and you’ll be surprised with the results.

About the Author: Steve Knaebel is the President of Redtie International.

Learn more about Steve @

How Wineries Use SMS to Build Customer Loyalty
14 May, 2020

Increasing consumer loyalty by 5% can increase profitability by 25% or more.  It’s no secret that return customers buy more over time, future purchases can be up to 10X the value of their first purchase.  “It costs $75.00 to $150.00 to acquire a customer outside of the winery using e-commerce,” says Paul Mabray, CEO of data analytics company Emery. “That's a lot of money to recover over time.”  Another benefit of loyal customers is they will recommend your winery to their friends.    

SMS (texting) is one of the most effective ways for businesses to interact with customers.  Text messages have an open rate of 98%, are read in 2 minutes, and have a 45% response rate.  Over 8 trillion text messages are sent every day worldwide. A majority of Americans text to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues.  In the US 78% of consumers say receiving a text is the quickest way to reach them.  

Text is clearly mainstream across all demographics and ages


Make Your Text Messages Conversational:

Conversational style text messaging builds the business to consumer relationship, compelling customers to keep coming back to buy from you.  Here’s an example; Hi it’s Susan from ABC Winery bring a friend the next time you visit us and enjoy a complimentary tasting.  Your messages should be written in a way that represents your brand and values while building loyal customers.   


A well-crafted personalized message will give you the return you’re looking for 

Seven Tips on Getting Your Customers Attention:

1. If you don’t already have one start a texting program. There are many services available that are cost-effective and easy to use.

2. Sign-up your existing customers first.  

3. Promote your events, your Wine Club, and specials.    

4. Encourage new sign-ups.  

5. Incent them to sign-up.  

6. Be consistent in the way you communicate.   

7. Find what works and continually improve.  Pole your customers to see what they want and expect.    

Start Conversational Texting: 

In this very competitive industry bolstering your marketing outreach, promoting your brand, and increasing consumer loyalty is more critical than ever before.  With little planning, an opt-in strategy, and creating message content, texting is easy to add to your existing marketing strategy.  Done right you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. 

Add conservational texting to your 2020 marketing goals. Check us out at

About the Author: Steve Knaebel is the CEO of Redtie International. 






Rates are published at 

Redtie is a multi-channel communications platform supporting SMS/Text, Voice, Email, Rewards, and Chat.  







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