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Prosurix Patented Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

Prosurix: A patented technology designed to help secure your products and give your customers fast and easy information to make better purchasing decisions.

Our Mission: Eliminate counterfeit merchandise sales with our patented NFC technology and to give your customers a more engaged buying experience.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management has long been a pain point in the spirits industry.  With Prosurix, you will now be able to track a bottle from the time of bottling to the retail purchase of your bottle.  Each bottle has a unique Prosurix tag attached at the time of bottling and encoded with its unique encrypted ID. 

As the bottle travels from bottling, to distribution, to retail, and ultimately to the consumer, the Prosurix tag is scanned at every entry and exit so you can track your inventory in real time.

The benefits are clear; bottlers can track their inventory, distributors can know where every case is at any given moment, and retailers know exactly how many bottles they received and how many they sold.  Retailers and distributors can work together on reorder thresholds and execute fill-in orders automatically.

To make the process even more efficient, every scan of a Prosurix tag is appended with GPS information.  This additional layer of information helps the marketing department as well as distribution.

Prosurix St Michelle
Prosurix St Michelle
Our innovative near field communication (NFC) technology allows for product information to be stored and shared like never before. Products featuring our patented NFC tags are secure and protected to ensure authenticity. Our tags have an extra layer of encryption so you can remain sure that your products are well protected.

News Archive

New Marketing and Patented Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Touches Consumers at Point of Sale and Guarantees Authenticity
22 December, 2017

Visualize, if you may, that you have just released a superior vintage wine. You have received great industry reviews and are excited to see how consumers will take to your new offering. In the past, you would have to wait to see how sales are doing to gauge consumer interest. Your sales reps would have to speak to retail staff to drive purchasing and there was no way to make sure that YOUR marketing message was getting through.

Now envision that you can deliver your marketing message directly to a consumer at the exact moment that they are holding your bottle. Flash forward a decade and imagine that your vintage has become legendary enough to attract counterfeiters. Further imagine that a consumer can determine, with 100 percent certainty, that the bottle they are holding is legitimate and deserves that high auction bid.

Such is not the substance of dreams any longer. It is, in fact, an accurate description of the cutting-edge service now available through Prosurix, a company that has perfected an innovative, near field communication (NFC) technology that both protects product authenticity and stores information in a way that has never before been realized.

According to Steve Glamuzina, Prosurix Founder and CEO, the patented NFC tags embedded in the product code contain an encryption that cannot be replicated, offering unparalleled protection against counterfeit and fraud.

“The NFC chip that we have developed cannot be counterfeited,” confirms Glamuzina. “There is no way to access our unique algorithm, which guarantees both producers and buyers complete authenticity of the product.”

In addition to its ultimate security guarantees, Glamuzina is excited about the unprecedented marketing opportunities that Prosurix tags create for brands to communicate directly with their customers at the point of purchase.

“The producer can direct a pre-programmed message with a product description, rebate or other POS information and a promotional video right onto the bottle,” explains Glamuzina. “All of these attributes attached to the message are built into the algorithm, which can be accessed when the code is scanned by the consumer, and all of it is completely protected.”

Glamuzina explains that consumers have easy access the system. All they do is install the application from, then touch their phone to the NFC tag on the bottle to be taken directly to vintner content.

“This is real-time market research tool that can lead to incredible cost savings decisions by producers and give them unheard of control over their supply chain management practices at the same time,” Glamuzina notes.

Prosurix, a relatively new company, received its unique, algorithm patent in 2017 and currently has a pending patent covering additional products in process, which Glamuzina is confident will be approved early next year.

“Every day there’s less brick and mortar and more Internet,” Glamuzina points out. “Information is your best friend. The more you have, the better. Prosurix offers companies what they need for success in the market place; a fail-proof system to protect their hard-earned investments and their products in a cost-effective, very efficient manner. We’re excited to be able to provide it.”

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Anti-Counterfeiting and Marketing in One
22 November, 2017

Guaranteeing authenticity and managing the supply chain are the core foundation of the Prosurix app.  In addition, Prosurix is the first app to use the barcode already printed on wine labels to help vintners deliver a marketing message at the retail location.

The Prosurix marketing and authenticity engine that was built for NFC technology has been expanded to scan UPC codes and deliver relevant messages to consumers and actionable analytics to manufacturers.

A scan of the UPC at a retailer can bring up a store-based promotion or a vintner sponsored video, or any digital asset that is relevant to the shopper’s experience.

Our innovative near field communication (NFC) technology allows for product information to be stored and shared like never before. Products featuring our patented NFC tags are secure and protected to ensure authenticity.  Our tags have an extra layer of encryption so you can remain sure that your products are well protected.

Bottle fraud detection system and method.

Our patent was recently issued and describes our proprietary process of authenticating and tracking wine and spirit bottles.

We have built in many safeguards and features that will help you make sure your authentic wine stands out and reduces counterfeiting.  In addition, our technology is built with marketing and distribution in mind.  Marketers love that we can ‘speak’ to potential customers at the point of sale.  Logistics people love that we are able to track each bottle at every step of the process.

Every tag is one-of-a-kind and encrypted so it is impossible to clone one of our tags.