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Process2Wine® is a complete web and mobile app, exclusively designed for wine production.

A solution that is both intuitive and efficient, you track your work and leverage all your technical data, accessible from the Internet on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone.

The result of a collaboration between French technicianswinemakers and oenologists, our software allows you to plan and manage all the work in the vineyard and in the cellar through to bottling and packaging.

The software responds to all the requirements of the French wine producing regions, but also of those in North America. Ertus Consulting International, the Canadian subsidiary of the Ertus Group, is the official distributor of Process2Wine in North America.


Vineyard functions

The vineyard functions cover from the planting up to the picking.

This part of the software enables you to plan all the work done on your plots. You can therefore follow-up each intervention on your vineyard, from the added products, the analysis, the annotation, up to the time spent by your employees.  


Discover the vineyard functions  


Cellar functions

The cellar mode enables you to follow-up each action done on the wine batches, including the inputs, the laboratory analysis, the density and temperature measures, the assemblages…
With the graphic vat map, you can easily check all the information on your wines according to different selection criterion (added products, vintage, appellation…).
Once the actions are recorded you have at your disposal an exhaustive traceability of your wine batches.


Discover the cellar functions


Human Resources functions

This module helps you to manage your employees' organisation. 
You start by defining your employees and their characteristics and then you can manage the planning. You can also have a monthly summary of their time spent that can be exported to your payroll software.


Discover the Human Ressources functions


Logistic functions

Our logistic functions include the purchases, packaging and sales.
You can easily manage the bottle’s dressing (capsule, label, cork…) and give them a batch number for the traceability.
You can also manage your client’s orders and assign bottles to a specific client, package and send them.


Discover the logistic functions


GPS tracking

Thanks to our GPS boxes you can geolocalize on live your tractors. You can therefore follow the work progress or check on the map the preconisation of your service provider.

Discover our GPS tracking functions 


Vineyard Management Service

Thanks to the GPS boxes and the live geolocalization of the tractors on a map you can follow up the work progress at your client’s properties. You are therefore ensuring the traceability of your service.

Discover the vineyard management services functions


Reporting & Compliance

Make the most of preconfigured reports and performance indicators on your winemaking campaigns. Process2Wine also gathers and presents all the data for compliance reports like the TTB Report.

Discover our Reporting & Compliance functions


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How Can You Prepare Your Vineyard & Winery for the Future?
22 July, 2020


Plan, manage and record each step of your wine production


Innovate your vineyard & winery production without sacrificing your budget!


The world is moving faster and becoming more complicated, and you need to find ways to keep your production going without losing time and valuable resources while keeping your budget under control.


Consider implementing a software solution into your production process as a way to protect your biggest investment - your vineyard and winery.


Step-by-Step Solutions from Vines to Bottle


What Our Customers Have to Say...




Esteemed Finger Lakes Winery, Dr. Konstantin Frank, is embracing the technology wave and with fourth generation family member Meaghan Frank as General Manager.



“Their support has been very good. We don’t have a long track record with them, but the trainings have been great. We’ve received specific trainings at every stage, matched to wherever we were in our learning process. Sometimes it’s really difficult to find good support once you make a big purchase"



Process2Wine is present by your side in the office, in the vineyards, and in the cellar. Connected or disconnected.


Technology-Driven Vineyard Management Solutions – Process2Wine®
01 June, 2020

The ability to make decisions based on real data, using the latest technology, is important to the modern wine operation. This is why Allan Delmare of renowned Rappahannock Cellars in Virginia selected Process2Wine as their management system. “We have been using different winery management systems for the last two decades. Finding the right software has been a journey of trial-and-error, but then we found Wine Management Systems, now Process2Wine, for our production management in May 2015.” One of the family owners of Rappahannock Cellars (and chief distiller), Delmare has been moving his family’s business towards technology-based and data-driven decisions for winery production, and now for their vineyards as well.


Presenting not only a complete production system for winemaking and wine storage, Process2Wine offers a unique component that their competitors do not: complete (and mobile!) vineyard management. Exclusively designed for technology-driven vineyard management, decisions are made easier through real-time and actionable information.

“We needed to get our production management up to snuff. They [Process2Wine] approached us about the vineyard modules, and I was excited. They did an online, shared screen demo, then came and did an actual onsite visit,” says Delmare about choosing the Process2Wine system. Rappahannock Cellars purchased the vineyard modules right away and have been implementing them over the past year. Costing the same as his previous software, but providing a whole new scope of pertinent data, Delmare says adding the vineyard modules was a “no brainer”. “We have new capabilities and look forward to putting the rest of the modules into motion.”

Using their vineyard management app, you can open your smartphone, plan and manage visits to record phenology and viticulture metrics saving you a lot of time on data entry with our Cloud technology. While visiting your vineyard, you can drop a location pin where you see a missing vine or a broken post, and share and send in a work order for it to be replaced or repaired. Have a specific need for each block? Draw a perimeter around a specific area of vineyard that needs spraying or mowing, and your foreman can send out a crew to target that area, based on the precise specifications (mow height, chemical mix, location target) that were entered. Going back to the office you will be able to run a report to follow and predict maturity, crop, and yield estimation.

Rappahannock Cellars is inputting their vineyard data for increased productivity, and also using it to interface with and improve their wine production side. They use the satellite overheads of each vineyard, and by electronically tracking a particular block, on a certain harvest date, they create traceability on the winemaking side as well. Whether for block designations, blending purposes, or tracking appellation origin for compliance, Delmare feels that just having that unique capability improved the understanding on the wine production side.

Producing 15,000 cases per year, and with thirty acres under vine, their family vineyard is managed using Process2Wine. As a bonus, they now have a new vineyard manager who is very enthusiastic about this product. He is dedicated to using the modules he’d learned about in a demo of the Process2Wine vineyard components at another vineyard. He couldn’t be happier about the implementation.


Rappahannock Cellars also is planning on implementing this vineyard management on another 30 acres, which they remotely manage within a co-op structure. “It’s a 20-year contract, and we get our same vineyard allotment each year. We need to be able to track and identify what are we going to get out of this particular block every year,” notes Delmare. “This is a significant tool in data analytics. We can track what our expectations should be and can be over time, especially for a 20-year deal!”


On the winery production side, Rappahannock Cellars has been using all of the Process2Wine modules for the past five years. Says Delmare, “They are doing a good job to develop new things and are very responsive.” COO of Process2Wine, Patrick Oates, says that they are looking to help Delmare with his distillery by tweaking some of their operations management components currently used in the winery.

Rappahannock Cellars also runs Dida’s Distillery, and has been able, through GoFundMe donations, to produce hand sanitizer to donate to local organizations in need. “It was my dad’s idea,” says Delmare. “Hospitals were calling us asking for help.” They started making a small batch for donation, and then received $30K in donations. They have been able to donate hand sanitizer to over 100+ locations, including EMS/First Responders, Healthcare, and Public and Community Services.

Process2Wine is pleased to be partnering with trend-setters Rappahannock Cellars, and other forward-thinking wineries across the United States. With affordable pricing, this technology provides cutting-edge possibilities for the new wave of technology-driven vineyard decision making. Visit their website or email for a demonstration.


Esteemed Finger Lakes Winery Embraces Innovative Vineyard & Production Software
23 September, 2019

A growing winery management software company with a unique and highly functional vineyard and cellar module, Process2Wine® is always on the lookout for savvy wineries that are taking technology to the next level. Named after its founder, esteemed Finger Lakes Winery, Dr. Konstantin Frank, is embracing the technology wave and with fourth-generation family member Meaghan Frank as General Manager, they may go even further.

Meaghan’s great grandfather, Dr. Konstantin Frank, began the “Vinifera Revolution” on the East Coast changing the way wine grapes were grown in many areas there. Meaghan wants to keep up the revolution, this time implementing the technological advantages of Process2Wine. “Meaghan has stood out to me. We sought them [Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery] out three or four years ago, as they are one of the best-known wineries in the Finger Lakes,” notes Process2Wine’s Chief Operations Officer, Patrick Oates. “When Meaghan transitioned in, she started contacting us right away to learn more and more about the winery management software.”

Frank explains that although she only moved to Process2Wine within the last year, she is finding it ultra-helpful, “It’s very exciting to see the capabilities of Process2Wine and even more exciting to have access to the components on our cell phones.”

She and the winemaking staff have received the full training set and were impressed by being able to use the cell phone app to input all of the lab analysis; inputting brix and weight levels while at the tank, seeing which tank a particular lot is in and how much juice it’s producing, even down to the detail of noting the condition of the fruit. “It’s all entered right there. We make 36 different wines, so having it all in one place is really nice,” Frank particularly likes that, “This system is very user-friendly and it syncs instantaneously. The interface seems easy to use.”

She says they have two assistant winemakers, one from France and one from South Africa, who are accustomed to tracking different facets of winemaking this way and are happy to see more technology being used. As for Frank, she speaks highly of the app, “Graphically, the interface is very attractive. When we’re bottling, it shows pie charts with our blend components. It’s a good added visual feature that I hadn’t seen before.”

Other features she mentions are used for better understanding their vineyards and the time savings for 702 reports, “So for me, the winemaker knows what’s going on, but we need to have records of everything we do so we can understand our blocks better, and for improve our reporting. A key feature of Process2Wine is that we’re able to generate a 702 report, saving us at least an hour each month.” This represents a major time savings for most wineries.

Frank notes that they’ve had two previous systems, “Dad (Frederick Frank) pushed to have a system in place before I came on board, but we had an early model. Dad understands the value, and so he didn’t need a lot of convincing.” A huge stand-out to her is the education and support that comes with a Process2Wine system. After a large investment, a previous system let them down, giving little to no support, so good follow-up was important this time around. Frank is enthusiastic on this topic, “Their support has been very good. We don’t have a long track record with them, but the trainings have been great. We’ve received specific trainings at every stage, matched to wherever we were in our learning process. Sometimes it’s really difficult to find good support once you make a big purchase. Clement is our support trainer and he’s been very helpful.”

A grandson of Dr. Konstantin Frank is the vineyard manager, “We have 130 acres planted across two sites; the main site where our oldest block is, where my great-grandfather started planting, and our other site, started in 2005, which has a slightly warmer climate. It’s 50 minutes away, so it has its own vineyard manager.” Meaghan hopes that one day they will incorporate the vineyard management component of Process2Wine into their routine as well.

Oates is impressed with this technologically savvy winery, and its cutting-edge General Manager, “Meaghan is definitely one of the up and coming people to watch in that entire area.”

With remarkably affordable pricing, this technology provides vast potential to the new wave of technology-driven vineyard decision making. Contact their team today to demo the software and see how Process2Wine can take you winery and vineyard management to the next level.


Web & Mobile Solutions for Technology-Driven Vineyard Decision Making
23 May, 2019

What if you could open an app on your smartphone, drop a location pin where you see deer damage or broken irrigation in your vineyard, and send in a work order for it to be fixed first thing tomorrow morning? How about drawing a perimeter around a specific area of your vineyard that needs spraying or mowing, and your foreman sends out a crew, based on the precise specifications (mow height, chemical mix, location target) entered?

Process2Wine® has made this a reality with the creation of a complete web and mobile app platform, exclusively designed for detailed vineyard and cellar management.

Watch Your Tractor Spray or Mow in Real Time or Look at Previous Days

Offering a portable system that interfaces with real-time GPS data right from your smartphone, Process2Wine is a complete vineyard management system, ensuring the full traceability of your production. It offers relevant business management tools that are essential for your team, such as allocation of employees’ time, total cost by vineyard or varietal, and productivity per acre.

Offering up a revolutionary new vineyard management platform, you can log on to Process2Wine from your desktop for full usage, or use with 80% unabbreviated functionality through the advanced smartphone app.

Do you have multiple vineyards or even multiple estates? They’ve got it covered, tracking not only all parcels, but using our GPS boxes allows you to geo-locate your tractors in real time. Watch the rows the tractor is spraying, or track the time it takes your crews to get from one location to the next. Some of the other options it can provide include:

  • Comparisons over time, with examples including:
    • How many hours were spent pruning this year compared to last
    • How many times was one block sprayed this year compared to last
    • How much product was used block to block, or by area over time
    • Damage type (customizable: you create your list) by year
  • Assignment by worker to duties
  • Oversight of all work orders from one location
  • Multiple estate integration
  • Multiple vineyard managers can access

Plan Your Work Orders Ahead or Look at Their History on the Calendar

Says Patrick Oates, COO, “Your teams can head down the road to the next block. Your manager will know how long it took them to get there, see the spraying or whatever in real time, with a color-coded satellite map, with all the notes you’ve written. You can look at each block by layers, for example by varietal, or by yield. The ease and functionality for vineyard management is incomparable.”

Your managers can see what work is being accomplished on any given day, and by whom. This vineyard management data is also integrated with cellar data, and the two components can work together to provide a seamless transition from vineyard to cellar, extending your options.

With remarkably affordable pricing, this technology provides vast potential to the new wave of technology-driven vineyard decision making. Contact their team today to demo the software and see how Process2Wine can take you winery and vineyard management to the next level.


European Web and Mobile Wine Production Software Firm acquires U.S. Cloud-based Counterpart
03 October, 2018

Process2Wine acquires Wine Management Systems, Enabling Wineries to Leverage and Afford a Best-in-Class Vineyard Management and Wine Production Management Solution


Process2Wine, the newest best in class Wine Production and Vineyard Management solution, is pleased to announce today the acquisition of Wine Management Systems (WMS), the leading U.S. provider of end-to-end Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that track all winery activities from Weigh tag through Production & Bottling.


The collaboration between WMS and Process2Wine started in January 2018, when Process2Wine was dealing with solicitations from American wineries that wanted to bring their vineyard and winery management to the next level. Process2Wine team, mostly based in France and Canada at that time, was looking for an expert team located in the USA. That’s what they found with the team at WMS, the precursor of cloud-based winery software in the USA. Their expertise on the American wine industry combined with their prestigious background in IT made the collaboration with Process2Wine a success. After receiving positive feedback from several WMS clients that they loved the new functionality provided by Process2Wine the collaboration evolved into an acquisition.


Alain Sutre Chief Executive Officer of Process2Wine, sees on this French-American collaboration “a good way to revolutionize the information system in the wine industry with a combined vision of the old and new world. We are extremely happy to announce the merger with WMS team who are enthusiastic about the collaboration and working with us. Our SaaS solutions will be very complimentary, and we will be dedicated to the US market for the benefit of WMS customers as well. It is a great opportunity for us to be part of WMS business” Sutre says.


By merging with WMS, Process2Wine is making it possible for American wineries and custom crush facilities to afford and leverage the same robust best in class Vineyard and Wine Production capabilities that have long been in use by larger wineries. The web-based solution delivers all of the robust functionality offered by other systems at a lower total cost of ownership, based on significantly reduced IT, license, and upgrade costs associated with traditional Wine Production and Vineyard Management software investments.


Says WMS Chief Executive Officer Patrick Oates, “Process2Wine is leveling the playing field from mid-sized to larger wineries with an ERP software. These companies cannot only manage their Winemaking and Vineyard processes with Process2Wine they can also afford and access the best-in-class, web-based capabilities offered through state of the art Cloud Based Technology for improved, end-to-end business management.”

According to Oates, “For a modest monthly fee, Process2Wine is providing business Wine Production management capabilities that have historically been out of reach from a pricing perspective for wineries. Clearly, this change is revolutionizing business for many wineries that would not otherwise have access to such things as GPS Tracking of Vineyard information as well as managing barcoding. Their Smartphone data entry capabilities are truly game-changing. That is why of all the Wine Production solutions in the winery space we chose Process2Wine”.


Now the two companies have already big plans for the future. Process2Wine intends to become the heart of a digital ecosystem that will include predictive decision-making tools with the goal of facilitating viticulture in response to the environment and delivering efficiencies throughout the winemaking process.


About Process2Wine

Process2wine is the well-established software arm of Ertus Group, founded by Alain Sutre in France. As a famous consulting winemaker in Bordeaux, and President of the company, Alain Sutre has been instrumental in the software’s development, working with a team of dedicated developers to build the software directly from the vision of someone that knows the intricacies of the winemaking process. This allows the software to solve real problems that winemakers and vineyard managers face, while also providing the complete traceability results that they’re looking for. Process2Wine is the only solution that integrates full traceability from the vineyard to the cellar and encompasses major innovations such as the automatic GPS tracking of viticulture operations. The simplicity and power of this software solution is appreciated by more than 250 properties in Europe and North America.


For more information about Process 2 Wine please call 800-280-2708 or contact:


About Wine Management Systems

WMS was founded in 2007 to address the glaring needs of the small to midsize wine producer. At the time there were no affordable software applications available that could assist in tracking every critical activity that occurs in the winery business cycle. Patrick Oates, a former IT executive, recognized the opportunity to leverage the latest technology and software trends to offer smaller wineries the same set of solutions that were only affordable to large wine companies at that time. By partnering with leading software companies in addition to working closely with wine industry leaders in production, and DTC delivery WMS was created and a new benchmark was set for management technology in the wine industry.



For more information, contact:



Innovative Web and Mobile Software Exclusively for Wine Producers
13 August, 2018

When looking at the wine industry, one might get lost in the web of interactions between vineyards, people, tanks, and other necessary operations to maintain a successfully functioning winery. Other than highly skilled operators and staff, winery software has traditionally been the saving grace that keeps these interactions organized and in-check. While some software handles these needs extremely effectively, others clearly fall flat.

Process2Wine is a versatile, cloud-based, software solution with various modules that can be applied for vineyard management, cellar management, logistics, human resources, GPS tracking of tractors, reporting, and is also “compliance ready” as the data is automatically populated to the TTB 5120.17 report (cellar) and the Pesticide Use Report (vineyard). It is highly adaptable to fit any client’s specific needs and flexible enough to be accessed from anywhere via an internet connection, providing ultimate traceability to efficiently track every movement from vine to bottle.

Process2wine is the well-established software arm of Ertus Group, founded by Alain Sutre. As a famous consulting winemaker in Bordeaux, and President of the company, Alain has been instrumental in the software’s development, working with a team of dedicated developers to build the software directly from the vision of someone that knows the intricacies of the winemaking process. This allows the software to solve real problems that winemakers and vineyard managers face, while also providing the complete traceability results that they’re looking for.

Process2Wine already has many prominent and successful clients in European markets including Laurent Perrier in Champagne, as well as Leoville Poyferre and Gruaud Larose in Bordeaux. The software is now ready-to-go and coming to the US market to provide American wineries with the tools they need to succeed in managing their wineries and vineyards effectively and efficiently.

“This software is flexible, accessible, and so easy to use that winemakers and vineyard managers just have to see it to believe the amazing things it can do,” says Patrick Oates at Wine Management Systems. “It’s incredible that you can do 80% of what the software has to offer from your cell phone, in the middle of a vineyard, as long as you have cellular service. It’s truly unbelievable what this software can do to take wineries to the next level.”

The vineyard module is what really stands out in the Process2Wine software, as most competitors don’t have a fully functioning module that focuses on vineyard management. Not only can you track blocks, spraying times, and inventory but you can also manage administrative tasks like assigning work orders, tracking seasonal workers and tractor movements. The software even has a powerful GIS mapping system to fully utilize vineyard mapping capabilities. This automated data entry, coupled with GPS tracking of vineyard mechanical work, tracks which vineyard blocks have been sprayed, the time of application and the duration. It also auto-populates the Pesticide Use Report, without having to do any manual data entry.

Cellar capabilities are also improved, with an impressive graphical tank map and a real-time cellar inventory system. Every action is recorded and followed up by real-time updates for data; additions, lab analysis, temperatures, and blend percentages. It also provides complete management of wine batches and traceability to each part of each blend, all the way back to the vine.

The Process2Wine software can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or any other computer with internet access – it’s a cloud-based system so there are no servers or hardware installations required. The Process2Wine team will even help you transfer data from your existing software and then train you on their platform. If you have a specific process that isn’t already on their platform, the Process2Wine team will add a module that can adapt to any process or operation that you can throw at it. The flexibility and adaptability of the platform is always changing to meet the needs of the clients.

“I think the biggest selling point is simply how much software and management you get for the price,” says Patrick. “You can teach everyone, from the vineyard guys to the CEO, how to use it in no time!”

With a handful of wineries and vineyards already signed on in the US, the company has had nothing but positive feedback from its American clients. Contact their team today to demo the software and see how Process2Wine can take you winery and vineyard management to the next level.


7 reasons to digitize your winery with production management software
31 July, 2018

Wineries have to track lots of complex data throughout the wine production process, from vine to bottle. At a time when more and more companies are investing in ERP projects, many wineries still use paper notebooks or Excel to track their data. This often results in complex worksheets that can become corrupted with time or lost if there is no backup, and are often difficult to decipher when one winemaker leaves and a new one takes the reins. Wineries may keep using traditional methods to track their data instead of using production software because they wish to save some dollars with a free system. But the lack of efficiency of these old-school methods might cost even more than the real cost of production software.

If you are still not convinced, here are 7 reasons why you should throw away your Excel sheets and pieces of paper and adopt vineyard and winery production management software to better manage your estate:

1. Get a comprehensive traceability of your wines on a unique platform

Vineyard and winery software enables you to record on a unique and central tool every step of your wine production, from establishing the vineyard, through harvest, to the bottled and packaged finished product. You don’t have to navigate through different papers or spreadsheets to find the right information or to check the full traceability of a batch or of a bottle; all stages are connected and communicate on the software platform. Thanks to this comprehensive traceability you are always ready for unexpected audits or for product recalls.

2. Optimize the performance of your business with management tools

Winery production software is not only a traceability tool, it is also a management tool. It helps you to establish the right processes for your winery by efficiently planning and managing all operations performed on the estate. Thanks to comprehensive work orders you can organize the work of your employees, and you can even track the time spent on each task and calculate production costs. But planning and recording are not enough. If you are always seeking greater efficiency within your organization, you also need to analyze the work you have performed. Winery software like Process2Wine provides you with reports on your production and on the work of your employees. You can therefore analyze your operations and their results and take the right decision for your future vintages.

3. Improve your margin by tracking your production costs

If you want to improve your margins you need to be aware of your production costs at each step of your wine production. Winery Production software makes it easier to calculate your production costs since every step of production from vine to bottle is already recorded. At the end, you are able to analyze the production costs of a bottle or a wine batch so you can check where margins can be improved.

4. Improve efficient communication across your organization

With cloud based software every production department in your estate works and collaborates on the same platform. Information is updated in real time for everyone, which improves the communication process within your company. Winemakers, for instance, can have a look at the analyses on the grapes before harvesting. Lab staff always have access to wine batch data during fermentations. Human Resources can check hours spent by employees… Your colleagues don’t waste hours finding the information they need.

5. Save precious time on administrative chores

The administrative workload of a winemaker or a vineyard manager is really high. Filling regulatory reports like the TTB tax report in the USA or tracking the time spent by their crews each day are some of the numerous time-consuming administrative chores that winery managers have to deal with. Wine production software helps them to be more efficient on this kind of tasks with an array of ready to use reports (including prefilled TTB tax report) generated at the click of a button. Process2Wine software goes even further regarding timesaving with automatic data tracking in the vineyard thanks to GPS tracking of the tractors. The blocks that have already been sprayed and the time spent by tractor drivers are automatically updated in real-time on the software. By saving precious time on administrative chores, your employees can spend more time on doing what they love and what they are good at: making great wines.

6. Always be connected to your production

Software like Process2Wine is connected with a mobile application. Your production is therefore always at your fingertips. You can check and record any data even if you are far from your computer. When walking in your vineyard, you can instantly check the work order history of a specific block. When working in your cellar, you can instantly record the blends or the additions you are doing.

7. Secure your data

One of the main advantages of cloud-based software is the back-up of your data on your server. If you currently track your operations in a notebook, you always have the risk of loosing the book. If you use an Excel spreadsheet you are not immune to a computer breakdown, which can be very serious if you haven’t any back-up… With a SaaS software, you will always be able to access to your platform through the internet from any computer, and your data will have multiple back-ups.


Implementing production management software in your winery is a big decision that will change the working habits of your employees. However this is a decision that you won’t regret in the long run. It will quickly become your best friend to produce great wines and to manage your business. Say goodbye to the old paper notebook or complicated Excel sheet and enter into the world of connected viticulture and winemaking.

When choosing your winery software you will have to take into account lots of criteria: is it cloud-based software? With a mobile application? Does the system offer full traceability from vine to bottle? Is there a support team that will help you with the first steps and with everyday support?

Process2Wine is vineyard and winery software already used worldwide by 180 estates. The software is connected to a mobile application for day-to-day traceability. Clients benefits from 2 support teams, one in Europe (France) and one in North America, who accompany clients from the set-up of the application, to the training of the users and for the everyday support they may need. More information can be found at: or