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About Us

Precision Wireless Service was created to provide customers a New Era of Wireless Communication Solutions and exceptional customer service. Our 25 years of experience coupled with products like Motorola, Kenwood, and other popular wireless devices have saved companies many thousands of dollars. Precision Wireless Service specializes in Two-way Radio Solutions, i.e., portable hand held radios, installed mobile radios into vehicles, base station equipment in offices and facilities. We also specialize in Hands-Free Cellular Car Kits and Cellular Signal Boosters, Public Safety Radio products, Wireless Vehicle Management and Wireless Vehicle Location Solutions.

Along with providing our many products and accessories to the end user, we service, repair and maintain everything we sell, along with complete installation services. We come to the customer location for service and installation of equipment. If we do not repair a unit on site, we will pick it up and deliver it repaired. All installation is always done at the customer premise. This saves many hundreds of dollars for the customer because they do not have to take the time and personnel to bring a piece of equipment to our facility in Windsor.

What We Do

Two-way radio solutions  
In-building, on campus, wide area
Portable-hand held    
Mobile-in vehicle    
Base stations-in office  
IP capabilities/ROIP (radio over IP)
Radio equipment rental  
Wide area radio coverage footprint
Parts and Accessories  
Portable radio batteries  

Mobile Resource Management
Vehicle and asset location tracking-real time using GPS
Reports for management decision making  
Time on job-start/stop (increase billing revenue)
Vehicle maintenance service alerts  
Idle time-fuel consumption    
Automated IFTA Reports    
Increased customer service    
Increased driver efficiency and profits  

Hands-Free Cellular Car-Kits  
Drive hands-free and LEGAL    
Car-kits for many phones    
Bluetooth enabled products    
Power boosters for cell phones    
External antennas for extended coverage  

BDA-In Building Amplifiers    
For cell phones and IDEN (Nextel)  
Public Safety Communication Products  
Vehicle Console Systems    
Vehicle Mobile Data Terminal Systems  
Wireless Modems      
Light and Siren Products    
Headset systems and Installation  
Fire Engine and Ambulance    
Dispatch Console Solutions    
P25 Radio Products

News Archive

Precision Wireless Service Is Open for Business
09 April, 2020

We are an essential service serving the wine industry for many years. We specialize in providing on-site and wide area two way communications. Many of our customers in the wine industry utilize our expertise to design systems that will work during power outages and natural disasters. We have radio batteries, parts in stock and offer repair service. If you need to talk on your property (in your caves) or throughout the bay area, we are available to meet your needs.

Please contact us at:707-836-6855 or visit us at

Keep in touch with vineyard & production staff
13 August, 2015

Good communications between vineyard & production staff is the lifeblood of a profitable and well run winery in today’s business world - especially during the busy harvest season. We supply unbeatable customer service in order to stay competitive. This is done by listening to our customers, listening to our employees, and listening to our suppliers. Winery & Vineyard applications for two-way radio equipment include:

  • Bottling and production
  • Warehouse operations
  • Winemaking and cellar operations
  • Winery events and tours, tasting
  • Seamlessly link users located in separate, multiple facilities
  • Equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Equipment moves, truck dispatching, truck and equipment locations
  • Personnel locations and job tracking
  • Harvest coordination and communications
  • Reduce fuel and employee costs with tighter, better coordination of resources

Enjoy a Smoothly Run Event or Operation with Top Quality Two-Way Radios
28 May, 2014

“Whether it's hosting special events, managing the tasting floor, serving customers in your restaurant, or communicating with maintenance, vineyard, or cellar staff, your operation will run smoother with timely communication in your busy season!

And that's where two-way radios can make a difference to your bottom line. In remote areas you may not have many cell phone towers for reliable cell phone coverage. Not to mention your monthly bill if everyone has a cell phone…”