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P&L Specialties

P&L Specialties is a comprehensive manufacturer of winery grape reception & processing equipment. Providing design, engineering, R&D, fabrication and installation services.  Located in Santa Rosa Ca. we serve  North America and the world. The company was founded in 1984 and the founders were determined to produce only the finest quality equipment. This unwavering commitment has remained the cornerstone of our operating principles. This achievement has only been possible by listening to our customers and employing the finest craftsmen and artisans. Every product we build is covered by the 2 year P&L warranty, if it breaks - we fix it right now, no problems, end of story.

P&L SpecialtiesGrape reception products include: 1/2 ton bin dumpers, vibratory dosing hoppers, cluster sorting tables, destemmer feed conveyors, destemmers, whole-cluster metering with Cluster Thruster
™ and Consista-Hopper™, the PATENTED LT MOG removal machines (5-75 TPH), The Rake Air Knife MOG system, post destemmer sorting tables, stand alone crush rollers, must pumps, presses, picking lug washing machines, receiving hoppers, hoists, catwalks, belt and screw conveyors, rotary screens, mixers and other specialized food equipment.

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P&L Specialties designs and builds complete array of crush pad, grape reception and sorting  equipment for wine industry. 

P&L Specialties
has propelled itself to a position of leadership in the industry because of our adherence high standards for quality and value. The machines, devices and fixtures that we design, build and install are tested in the field with thousands of hours of client input and inspiration.
Every product we build is covered by the 2 year P&L warranty, if it breaks - we fix it right now, no problems, end of story.

P&L Specialties Grape reception products include: 1/2 ton bin dumpers, vibratory dosing hoppers, cluster sorting tables, destemmer feed conveyors, destemmers, the PATENED LT MOG removal machines (5-75 TPH), The Rake Air Knife MOG system, post destemmer sorting tables, stand alone crush rollers, must pumps, presses, picking lug washing machines, receiving hoppers, hoists, catwalks, belt and screw conveyors, rotary screens, mixers and other specialized food equipment.


We are in the business of developing solutions to our customer's problems. If you are having some challenges and don't see what you are looking for here, please contact us to discuss your situation.


P&L Specialties offers complete equipment installation and repair services. We are licensed contractors in California (#803431), Washington (#PLSPELS923BZ), and Oregon (#180330). Our experienced field team has the skills and ability to satisfy your installation requirements.

We schedule the installation around your schedule and requirements to minimize any disruption to your operations. We have formed lasting strategic alliances with several excellent general contractors to streamline the construction process if it is required as part of the installation.

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Crushpads: Fixed and Mobile
Crushpads: Fixed and Mobile
A look at some of our fixed crushpads
Barrel Washer and Steamer at WIN Expo 2018
Barrel Washer and Steamer at WIN Expo 2018
P&L Specialties is a design, engineering, fabrication and service company that has been producing the highest quality stainless steel equipment & aluminum structures since 1984. We design, build, integrate and support equipment in many service applications
Press Feed and Destemmer Feed Conveyor
Press Feed and Destemmer Feed Conveyor
This is a press feed and destemmer feed conveyor
Cluster Thruster
Cluster Thruster
Easy Metering for Whole Clusters
Whole Cluster Metering Hopper

News Archive

Crushpad Essentials from P&L Specialties
07 July, 2020

P&L Specialties Incline Sorting Table with Dosing Hopper

  • Perfect for whole cluster sorting.
  • 30” W x 12’ L food grade belt.
  • Dosing hopper approximately 40” W x 42” L.
  • Discharge elevation up to 110”.
  • 230 V / 3Ph 60 Hz.
  • Equipped with 8” stainless steel swivel casters.

P&L Specialties’ LT™ (Le Trieur™) M.O.G. Removal

Item #B000542

  • Patented design. Gently remove shot berries, jacks, raisins and MOG.
  • Equipped with a VFD, can process from .25 – 3 tons per hour.
  • Footprint: 76” x 34” with a 24” wide bed.
  • Easy to clean and made entirely of stainless steel.
  • 220 V / 3 Ph 60 Hz.
Call 707-573-3154 or email today!

P&L Specialties Customized Processors
19 June, 2020

P&L Specialties' Cluster Thruster
Item # B000580

  • The answer for macro bin processor seeking high quality output and higher speeds.
  • Processes 2- 30 tons/hour in a gently and efficient, evenly metered flow of whole clusters, no auger needed.
  • Serial #: 215159A
  • Year: 2015
    See complete information here.

P&L Specialties' Incline Sorting Table
Item # B000579

  • Designed to efficiently convey whole clusters and work perfectly with all popular destemmers and presses.
  • Ozone and UV resistant food grade belt, belt scraper, 6” swivel casters, 12’ long belt, 230 V 3 / PH.
  • Serial #: 215159IST
  • Model: IST 3012
  • Year: 2015
    See complete information here.

Crushpads: Fixed and Mobile
12 May, 2020

Presented at Unified Symposium 2020: a look at some of our fixed crushpads: Michael David and Kenwood Vineyards and mobile crushpad Kenzo Estate Winery - using our Optical LT with a WECO Optical Sorter. Machines are titled - but please contact us with questions on equipment right for your output.

Are You and Your Press Ready for Harvest?
13 March, 2020

M.A.S. Replacement Press Membranes for all major OEM Press Models

Making wine is a serious business, so protect your investment.

Nothing is as precious to your success as your wine, so don’t risk a downed press and all the chaos that it causes.

Just like tires on your car, press membranes are a wearable item with a limited life span - that must be replaced.

M.A.S. Press Membranes are a Wise Investment:

  • 3 year warranty - an industry best
  • Competitive Pricing (let us quote you today)
  • Guaranteed production and delivery from our secure facility
  • OEM fit
  • Proprietary woven fiber
  • High-frequency welded seams for durability
  • No stitches that create bacterial growth
  • All major OEMs

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Throwing Back Prices on P&L Incline Sorting Table
27 February, 2020

Do you want to save money on quality equipment? We're throwing back prices on crushpad equipment!

P&L Incline Sorting Table with Crusher Rollers - B000525


  • Year: 2005
  • Voltage: 220 Volt / 3 phase


  • Incline grape sorting table 30" W x 20' L
  • Frame is all stainless steel tubing, angle and sheet.
  • Drive is internal drum pulley, with VFD controls and remote emergency stop.
  • VFD controls and remote emergency stop in a NEMA 4x high-impact plastic enclosure.
  • Belt is white food-grade material.
  • Includes a full length juice pan with tri-clamp drain.
  • Unit equipped with 8" stainless steel swivel casters with brakes.
  • Stainless steel platforms and steps installed on both sides of the conveyor for sorting.
  • Stainless steel handrail on both sides of conveyor sorting platforms.
  • Deckings has aluminum I-bar grating.
  • Crusher rollers attached to unit. Crusher can be pushed out to bypass.

For more information click here.

Call 707-573-3154 or email today!

P&L Specialties, Manufacturers of High Performance Crushpad Equipment
17 January, 2020

Since the 2020 Unified Symposium is going to be very different this year, (a new location) P&L Specialties, manufacturers of high performance crush pad equipment, will follow suit. This year, along with exhibiting our groundbreaking “dump and run” metering hopper, the Consista-Hopper™; P&L will give you an entertaining birds-eye view of our large-scale fixed crush pads on our large screen monitor. We will also have a relaxing area with a surprise. We invite you to The Pavilion Building at Booth L7: where you can enjoy our video entertainment or talk with our qualified staff about upcoming projects. Take a Break – P&L has you covered. Sign up for our regular newsletter and receive our own Waterjet manufactured Big Foot Key Chain (while supplies last). We are looking forward to seeing you!

P&L Specialties
UWGS Booth: L7

P&L Specialties custom manufactures high performance crushpad equipment. Located in Sonoma Wine Country, P&L has been designing crush equipment both large and small for over 35 years. When you visit most North American wineries, you’ll find P&L Crush Equipment in their facilities. A master innovator, P&L continues to develop new products to help wineries save time, labor and energy. Visit P&L Specialties at Unified 2020 Pavilion Booth L7 or online at or calling (707) 573-3141.

Will We See You at These Upcoming Shows?
08 November, 2019

Is it Trade Show Time Already? We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming shows. Please stop by & say Hello!


December 5 - WIN Expo Booth #309

Sonoma County Fairgrounds
1350 Bennett Valley Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Use our promo code PNL305 to visit our booth for FREE


February 5-6, 2020 - Unified Wine & Grape Symposium 
Pavilion Bldg. Booth #L7
New Location for 2020: CAL Expo
1600 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95815

P&L Specialties Berry Sorting Table for Sale
17 October, 2019

Contact Andrew Wooler for inquiries 
707-573-3141 x 102 


  • Year: 2008
  • Voltage: 240, 3 phase
  • Post-Destemmer Sorting Table 24" W x 12' L
  • Frame to be all stainless steel tubing, angle and sheet
  • Drive to be internal drum pulley with VFD controls and remote emergency stop
  • All electronic controls to be housed in a stainless steel NEMA4 enclosure, UL listed control panel
  • Belt to be white food-grade material
  • Unit to include a full-length juice pan with tri-clamp drain

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11 September, 2019

Happy 2019 Harvest. We wish the best for everyone.

If you should need us, we are here to help.

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P&L General Manager of Sales
Andrew Wooller 
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Welcoming Our Regional Representatives:

Oregon / Washington / Idaho
Matthew Dodson 
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California Central Coast
Joel Crosbie
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P&L Incline Sorting Table w/ Crusher Rollers
16 August, 2019

Two Incline Sorting Tables by P&L Specialties. Contact Andrew Wooler for inquiries 707-573-3141 x 102


  • Year: 2005
  • Voltage: 220 Volt/ 3 phase
  • 30"W x 20'L
  • Frame is all stainless steel tubing, angle and sheet
  • Drive is internal drum pulley, with VFD controls and remote emergency stop
  • VFD controls and remote emergency stop in a NEMA 4x high-impact plastic enclosure
  • Belt is white food-grade material
  • Includes a full length juice an with tri-clamp drain
  • Unit equipped with 8" stainless steel swivel casters with brakes
  • Stainless steel platforms and steps installed on both sides of the conveyor for sorting
  • Stainless steel handrail on both sides of conveyor sorting platforms
  • Decking has aluminum I-bar grating
  • Crusher Rollers attached to unite. Crusher can be pushed out to bypass



  • Year: 2008
  • Voltage: 480 Volt/ 3 phase
  • 30"W x 12'L
  • Frame is all stainless steel tubing, angle and sheet
  • Drive is internal drum pulley, with VFD controls and remote emergency stop
  • VFD controls and remote emergency stop in a NEMA 4x high-impact plastic enclosure
  • Belt is white food-grade material
  • Includes a full length juice an with tri-clamp drain
  • Unit equipped with 8" stainless steel swivel casters with brakes
  • Stainless steel platforms and steps installed on both sides of the conveyor for sorting
  • Stainless steel handrail on both sides of conveyor sorting platforms
  • Decking has aluminum I-bar grating

It's Service Season! Schedule Your Service Appointment
13 June, 2019

P&L Specialties, your high-performance crushpad equipment manufacturer is NOW SCHEDULING Pre-Harvest Service Appointments for the summer. Ensure a smooth harvest by having your crush equipment inspected, tightened, lubed and ready to run.  

Contact Rudy today at 707-890-8371 to get ’er done.

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Then a call for prevention is worth a steady harvest and a sound night’s sleep.

Sonoma County Exploring Ways to Upgrade Manufacturing Technology to Boost Local Innovation
11 March, 2019

Dustin Holbrook, an 8-year employee of P&L Specialties stands at a computer screen, tracking the preprogrammed path of what is essentially a liquid blade made of water and garnet that cuts through a sheet of metal as if it were wood.

Blasting at 50,000 pounds of force per square inch, and with extreme precision, the abrasive water jet cut out door frames for a local designer and builder.

Holbrook, who only six years ago was working on P&L’s production line, had to learn quite a bit of computer-aided design to operate the machine, which is primarily used to cut metal sheets and pieces the Santa Rosa company uses to make its crush pad equipment for wineries.

Back then, Holbrook was using a saw and tape measure rather than a $300,000 computerized water jet. But even with high-tech machining, Holbrook maintains a human touch.

“I can tell how it’s running by listening to the machine,” he said as the jet nozzle, submerged in a large basin of water, hummed across the sheet of metal.

The barrel washing, grape conveyors, sorting tables and grape hoppers P&L has been making for decades are not what you would consider the sort of high-tech equipment associated with places like Silicon Valley. But the processes used to fabricate and assemble them are anything but low-tech.

Whether it’s making wine grape hoppers or producing anti-reflection coatings for a cancer doctor’s super-high resolution imaging display, those who make things in Sonoma County say a fertile business landscape that bridges high-tech and manufacturing is crucial.


As a result, county economic development officials and industry leaders are exploring the creation of a manufacturing alliance or business cluster that would bring together local manufacturers to help identify common needs and exchange ideas. Potentially staffed by the Sonoma County Economic Development Board, the alliance would assist local companies in addressing the manufacturing industry’s biggest challenges: continuing to implement advanced technology which is key in all manufacturing being the most critical thread tying together all the hurdles.

To that end, among the most common obstacles are employment recruitment and retention, internal training and retraining in order to adopt new technology in manufacturing processes. Equally important is the need to address the local housing crisis that pushed rents and home prices for workers and potential hires to levels comparable with other Bay Area communities and thus has made Sonoma County less appealing.

“Manufacturing and technology are key to our future — they foster innovation, economic diversification and provide good jobs with benefits,” said Ben Stone, executive director of the economic development board.

Stone said the idea of forming a manufacturing alliance came out of focus groups with manufacturing representatives that were convened as part of the five-year economic development plan called Strategic Sonoma.

Ed Barr, president of P&L Specialties, has a background in aviation manufacturing, acquired P&L Specialties in 1999 and has since bought related companies TomBeard Company and Revolution Equipment Sales.

Barr said when he joined the local Workforce Investment Board 16 years ago to help improve vocational and secondary education related to manufacturing, he did not anticipate the cost of housing reaching a pricing level on par with East Bay and South Bay communities. That makes it a lot more difficult to attract outside workers who may be looking for more affordable housing than they might find in Oakland, San Jose or San Francisco, he said.

Educating and training Sonoma County residents like Holbrook with existing ties to the local community could lead to a more stable workforce.

“They have reason to be here,” Barr said. “I would focus on enhancing our educational opportunities, whether vocational, at (Santa Rosa Junior College) or postsecondary at Sonoma State. See what we can do to grow our own workforce.”

Holbrook, a native of Santa Rosa, said he’s thankful for the opportunity Barr gave him to train to operate the water jet cutter. He’s become proficient in the machine’s proprietary OMAX computer-aided design software, which can easily convert other computer designs, including AutoCAD and Solidworks.

“It was a little intimidating at first, to tell you the truth. I didn’t even know what a water jet was,” said Holbrook, who now has no trouble visualizing and executing cuts as narrow as four-thousandths of an inch.

The total number of manufacturing jobs in Sonoma County, nearly 25,000 positions as of November 2018, make up only 11.7 percent of the county’s total workforce of a little more than 211,000 people, according to federal labor statistics compiled by Moody’s Analytics.

That share of the total county workforce has declined significantly from a high of 16.7 percent in December 2000. High-tech manufacturing, excluding high-tech services, plunged from more than 10,300 jobs in December 2000 to about 4,200 in November 2018. The job losses are primarily a result of local medical device and electronics testing companies shedding thousands of jobs in the past two decades.

Meanwhile, during that same period the total number of local food and beverage manufacturing jobs went from 8,800 to 14,100 positions. The food and beverage manufacturing sector now comprises nearly 57 percent of all local manufacturing jobs, compared with only 28 percent at the turn of the century.

Last year, for the first time, more than $1 billion of computer- related equipment was exported from Sonoma County, “a remarkable achievement for a semirural county like Sonoma,” Stone said.

“As they export products, they bring new money into the county,” he said. “This new money translates into a better standard of living and opportunity for local residents.”

A key factor in growing the local manufacturing industry, especially the high-tech sector, is cultivating manufacturing and engineering offerings at local colleges and universities, said Farid Farahmand, chair of the Sonoma State engineering department. Farahmand said the SSU engineering department remains small compared with other Bay Area universities.

Sonoma State’s engineering program only offers undergraduate and graduate courses in electrical engineering. The school has about 150 undergraduates and 20 graduate students in engineering.

Compare that to San Jose State University, which has engineering undergraduate and graduate programs in aerospace engineering; aviation technology; biomedical engineering; chemical and materials engineering; civil and environmental engineering; civil engineering; computer engineering; electrical engineering; industrial and systems engineering; and mechanical engineering.

At San Jose State, there were 7,171 students enrolled in the school’s Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering last fall. The school’s industrial technology program, which includes concentrations in manufacturing systems and computer electronics and network systems management, now has 349 students enrolled. No wonder the university’s tagline is “Powering Silicon Valley.”

Local companies often find themselves competing for the same pool of local employees unless they recruit from outside the county.

Farahmand said large manufacturers in Sonoma County are struggling to attract and retain talented employees from other states. Many of these people have no ties to the local community and some often use a Sonoma County technology job as a stepping stone to their next job elsewhere in the Bay Area.

“They come here for two years, then they leave,” he said, adding that county residents educated locally are more likely to stay here. “If an institution can locally train, these students tend to stay.”

Farahmand said Sonoma State is well-positioned to collaborate with the county’s manufacturing alliance to help grow the college’s engineering programs. Stone said Sonoma State’s engineering program, started 20 years ago, was the product of manufacturers and tech firms persuading the school to start a program.

“Now this new (manufacturing) alliance can build on this and work with SSU and SRJC (Santa Rosa Junior College) to enhance and diversify courses to meet emerging needs,” Stone said.

Tom Chambers, vice president of operations for Mac Thin Films, a Santa Rosa optical coating company, said local manufacturers are crucial to the economy, whether they are involved in optical coating, cannabis, medical devices, fabricators or the wine industry. He said although product lines vary greatly, all producers would benefit from coming together and focusing on the common issues.

The county is planning to convene a luncheon this month with local manufacturers to further explore the formation of the alliance.

Chambers, a former Healdsburg mayor and city councilman, said there have been efforts in the past to bolster manufacturing through the formation of industry groups. He said he’s eager to see what new angle or approach the proposed alliance might take.

“Having a unified group that reaches broadly across the county will hopefully provide support for large, small and startup businesses and provide advocacy for manufacturers,” Chambers said.

Article published in the Press Democrat here

You can reach Staff Writer Martin Espinoza at 707-521-5213 or On Twitter @renofish.


Complete Sorting Line on Sale!
19 February, 2019

Our sister company, Revolution Equipment Sales, is throwing back prices on this complete sorting line featuring our MOG Sorter and Berry Sorting Table! Here is the complete list of equipment:

Sorting Table with Receiving Hopper - B000461

  • Variable Speed Controls
  • Forward/Reverse
  • 240 voltage, 3 phase
  • Mobile Frame

Diemme Kappa 15 Destemmer - B000462

  • 240 Voltage, 3 phase
  • Stainless Steel Cage
  • Year: 2002
  • Process Rate: 8-13 Ton X Hour

P&L Specialties Le Trieur MOG Sorter

  • Includes a stainless steel perforated collection basket for MOG waste and stainless-steel pan with tri-clamp drain for juice collection.
  • Frame legs are height-adjustable.
  • Unit to include variable speed control operated with remote pendant controller. 

P&L Specialties Berry Sorting Table - B000464

  • Post-Destemmer Sorting Table 24" W x 12' L
  • Frame to be all stainless steel tubing, angle and sheet.
  • Drive to be internal drum pulley with VFD controls. 


Contact or call 707-890-8370

Tom Beard Barrel Washer & Steamer Displayed at the WIN Expo
11 December, 2018

Check out the video of the Tom Beard Barrel Washer and Steamer. P&L Specialties is a design, engineering, fabrication and service company that has been producing the highest quality stainless steel equipment & aluminum structures since 1984. We design, build, integrate and support equipment in many service applications. We believe that value is a combination of quality, service and price. As you get to know us and our products, you will discover that we truly understand and respond to the unique needs of our clients.

Revolution Equipment Sales Features P&L: "Steel" of the Week
16 November, 2018

Check out our sister company's "Steel" of the week featuring our equipment!


P&L Specialties Bin Dumper


  • Remote foot pedal switch.
  • More resistant to water; provides better protection of electric contacts.
  • Hi-Impact Nema 4X and UL listed enclosure provides better protection of the electronic controls.
  • 240 Voltage, 3 phase
  • (We can re-wire to 480 voltage if needed!)
  • 1-year warranty
  • Year: 2008

$10,000.00 OBO


P&L Specialties Pump Over Carts

We utilize the highest quality rolling stock for smooth maneuverability. The sump is designed with a recessed drain-well for thorough draining and sanitation. The rim of the unit is fabricated by forming two 90 degree bends, creating a very strong damage resistant inverted U shaped edge. Our craftsmen hand build these carts so you can be sure that the finished product is as stunning as it is functional.


90 gallon portable pump over cart (2’W x 3’L x 30″H)



120 gallon portable pump over cart (3’W x 3’L x 30″H)


The P&L Specialties Pump Over Cart provides the ultimate in value. It’s the details that make all the differences! You can buy other carts for the same price, but why? Check out the differences – our carts feature fully welded internal seams to ensure sanitary conditions. 



Contact or call 707-890-8370


Sign up for the "Steel" of the week!



P&L Specialties Offers Waterjet Cutting Services
02 November, 2018

Our state of the art waterjet machine makes it possible to produce very accurate parts with minimal setup time and the ability to cut almost any material up to 6 inches thick. Our OMAX 60120 has the ability to directly import any DXF, PDF or CAD file with no need to redraw it. Parts can also be scanned-in using the machine itself, allowing prototypes and limited runs on a short deadline, easy to achieve. 

PRECISION. Waterjet cutting is a precise, quick, clean procedure that produces parts with no added stress or heat, and with the little to no burrs that typically require further processing. Our waterjet machine produces a .08mm jet of water and garnet. Waterjet cut parts can be closely nested together with minimal wasted material.

CUTTING EDGE FINISH. As we have a long history in the welding and fabrication industry, we are able to see the requirements for cutting edge finish and can assign a faster or rougher cut to an edge that may be getting welded later. We have found this can dramatically cut the cost of your parts. We can also offer machining, press break and welding services to your parts

HIGH QUALITY. P&L Specialties is a growing company that has kept its Small Company Care for our clients. We remain dedicated, providing the highest quality and the most cost-effective solutions to your needs, while maintaining the fastest turn around possible. Professional graphic design services available.


Find more on Facebook: P&L Specialties Waterjet


Contact Halley for more information

(707) 890-8370


Competitive Prices and Fast Delivery: Press Membranes and Parts!
02 October, 2018

Harvest is underway! Find yourself needing press membranes and parts? We've got them! 

We are selling press membranes and parts (for most models) through our sister company Revolution Equpiment Sales. Our prices are extremely competitive and offer fast delivery! 

Contact Halley for a quote! 

(707) 890-8370


We have supplied the wine industry with high quality, handcrafted membranes to fit all major manufacturers, models and sizes of pneumatic presses. 

Our membranes are constructed of highly resistant materials offering supperior durability and flexibility, featuring specially formulated material bound to a proprietary woven fiber matrix.

Utilizing high frequency welded seams and design reinforcements, our membranes have earned an outstanding reputation for strength, fit and economics for our customers. 


Our membranes have a slick surfce on the product side, with no welding reliefs and no stitches, providing exceptional ease of sanitation and a perfect seal.

See P&L Specialties at The Show!
09 November, 2016

We are excited about another exciting Tradeshow Season for new equipment and programs.
Hope to See You!

December 1, 2016                           

WIN Expo   (NCWIE North Coast Wine Industry)
Location: Sonoma County Fairgrounds  - 1350 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

P&L Specialties + Tom Beard Company  Sharing Booths: 305, 307, 309, 410, 412, 414
Revolution Equipment Sales: Booth 311 (right next door)



Jan 24-26 2017

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium  
Sacramento Convention Center    1400 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814

P&L Specialties – Booth F1
Tom Beard Company – Booth 612
Revolution Equipment Sales – Booth 1918 in West Lobby

MORE INFO:      

Feb 7-9, 2017

Washington Assoc. of Wine Grape Growers
Kennewick, WA   / 7016 West Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick WA 99336

P&L Specialties / Tom Beard Company / Revolution Equipment Sales – Booth 62



Feb 17-18 2017

Texas Wine & Grape Growers Assoc. Conf.
San Marcos, TX   /  1001 E McCarty Ln, San Marcos, TX 78666

P&L Specialties / Tom Beard Company / Revolution Equipment Sales – Booth 214



FEB 21-22 2017

Oregon Wine Symposium
Portland, OR   777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

P&L Specialties / Tom Beard Company / Revolution Equipment Sales – Booth 610



MARCH 2 2017

I+Q Innovation + Quality
Charles Krug Winery, Napa / 2800 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574

P&L Specialties / Tom Beard Company / Revolution Equipment Sales – Booth 202



MARCH 15 2017

WIVI Central Coast Wine Industry Conference
Paso Robles Event Center /  2198 Riverside Ave, Paso Robles, CA 93446

P&L Specialties / Tom Beard Company / Revolution Equipment Sales – Booth 325




SUSTAINING A COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY: P&L Specialties and Tom Beard Company Qualify for Their THIRD Green Business Certification
14 September, 2016

SANTA ROSA, CA Local Manufacturing Leaders have recently re-certified for a Third Time as Sonoma County Green Businesses since the program became available. 

P&L Specialties, custom manufacturers of precision grape processing equipment and Tom Beard Company, recognized innovator of water-saving barrel washing systems are proud to maintain a public commitment to our local county, employees and What's Right.

A stringent process is involved for the certification.  Activities to improve internal systems such as paper use and printing, disposal and recycling programs, water flow and use, upgrade of all lighting sources in offices and shops,  and employee rush-hour transportation solutions, are a few to maintain. The process and the entire companies’ involvement communicate our commitment to doing the right thing, the first time.

To learn how to certifiy your business, visit For more information on P&L Specialties and Tom Beard Companies innovative processes and energy saving solutions, visit their respective websites: and

P&L Specialties Now Distributing M.A.S Pneumatic Presses
17 June, 2016

The M.A.S. Mythos Presses were selected for their high quality, reliability and universal talent of grape pressing.

M.A.S. uses a proven technology of vertical juice channels made of stainless steel and a large lid opening (almost the length of the entire drum).  This larger lid allows easy, time-saving loading, with clear effective fre run of the mash after maceration - withou turning the drum.

A flexible and easy to use touch-screen helps to perfectly adapt every grape variety and every processing method to the winemakers plan. M.A.S Mythos Presses are available in sizes 26, 34, 43 and 52 hl.

Contact Andrew Wooller to order and learn more.



P&L Facebook Page
08 June, 2016



We finally got our Facebook Page going...  and look forward to being an Education Resource for the Industry.
Please check it out either by Searching "P&L Specialties"  or by going there directly:

Let Halley (Marketing) know what you think or if you have suggestions on what you would like to see. Email me at

P&L Waterjet assist Celebrity Designer to Win SF Garden Show
21 March, 2016

P&L Specialties Waterjet helps Celebrity Designer Take SF Flower Show
21 March, 2016

Healdsburg landscape designer and contractor Jake Moss, who mastered the wizardry of creating overnight landscapes on the DIY Network and HGTV, has won the top honor at this weekend’s SF ...  CLICK HERE to read the full story

Crush equipment in stock, ready for immediate delivery!
20 May, 2015

P&L Specialties has crush equipment in stock, ready for immediate delivery!

While there’s no way to be sure about the weather, you can still count on 

P&L Specialties to provide:

• Crush equipment in stock NOW.

• Guaranteed delivery dates.

• Financing available (for purchases by July 2015).


Don’t wait to scramble in the heat of the Summer, get prepared now and stay cool!


Contact our Representative for Details


Andrew Wooller joins P&L Specialties Family of Companies
23 March, 2015

P&L Specialties and the Tom Beard Company, industry specialists in the manufacturing of customized wine processing and barrel-washing equipment, are proud to welcome Andrew Wooller as their Sales Engineer.  Mr. Wooller grew up in the wine industry and has been involved with various sales and service roles serving the industry for the past 15 years. Mr. Wooller’s primary focus will be sales of P&L Specialties and Tom Beard Company products.  In addition, he will support the sales effort of Revolution Equipment, a sister company specializing in certified pre-owned equipment for the wine, beer and craft distillery industry. 
Andrew Wooller can be reached at 707-573-3141 x 102/

P&L President Honored with Top Manufacturer - COMMUNITY Award
05 August, 2014

P&L Specialties’ president Ed Barr was honored at the North Bay Business Journal’s 2014 Top Manufacturing Awards for Community Giving.  Not as a business motive, but as a human being, Ed Barr’s altruistic focus has set an example for others.

Since 2002 he has served on the Workforce Investment Board, twice as chair, with a goal of using federal funds to train and retrain dislocated youth and adults. Ed recalls, “Initially I got involved with WIB because we needed welders for our stainless steel work and realized that helping people is what I really wanted to do.”

Ed Barr serves on the advisory committee with the Sonoma County Youth Probation Camp on vocational programs in woodworking and welding making benches, fire pits, barbecues for the public and culinary use. His role has been to help source tools, equipment and other resources for the camp. Mr. Barr also serves on the Petaluma Peoples Services Board that acquired the Bounty Farm in Petaluma providing food for Meals on Wheels, the food bank and local restaurants.

In 2006, he started giving free guitar lessons to high school and junior college students who could not pay for instruction. “All I ask is that they show up on time and practice as they expand their understanding of music. Now we have a Battle of the Students among those who play in a band together with a used drum set and PA system. Mr. Barr has been fortunate to have great mentors, especially his dad who guided him in the business.

Empowering young people and being passionate about vocational training is what drives him.  “No one gets anywhere without someone helping them,” Barr said. “I genuinely like people, think the best of everyone and maintain a positive outlook. I believe if you give someone a fine reputation to live up to, they will.”

Ed Barr, President of P&L Specialties, Tom Beard Co.

P&L Specialties Presents 2+2 MOG Separating System with Innovative Design
24 June, 2014

P&L Specialties’ LT™ (Le Trieur™) is mounted underneath or downstream from the destemmer, this machine's innovative design allows unripe "shot" berries, stem jacks, raisins and Material-Other-than-Grape (MOG) to pass through a wedge-wire screen.

LT's™ gentle shaking motion then allows the whole, ripe berries to easily pass onward. This technology dramatically reduces the labor required for post-destemmer sorting. As featured in a recent Wine Business Monthly New Products section, “The LT™ means a giant leap forward in the quality of must going to your fermenters!”

Manufactured entirely of stainless steel, and equipped with a VFD for complete range of speed control. The LT™ is very easy to operate, clean and allows juice to be captured. The LT™ can be designed to fit into your existing line or, of course, will integrate easily into a new P&L Specialties’ processing line.

NEW! –

-Hi-Impact Nema 4X and UL listed enclosure provides better protection of the electronic controls.

-Remote control pendant with ‘on/off’, speed ‘up’ and speed ‘down’ buttons on 25’ tether.

-Optional parallel screens available in 3/16” , 5/16th”, 7/16th” gaps. Allows you to sort specifically to your fruit variety and/or condition. We have had repeated success sorting in a broad range from .25 ton/hour to 4 tons/hour. Results vary with condition of fruit, degree of separation/sorting needed and production speed you require.

In production in California, Washington and Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Canada this season we saw dramatic reduction of shot berries, petioles, leaf, unripe green seeds and insects. P&L Specialties is seeking patent protection for this proprietary design.

Revolution Equipment Sales Creates a New Market for Used Winery and Brewery Production Equipment
24 June, 2013

Revolution Equipment Sales is open for business. The new company specializes in the purchase, servicing and resale of high-quality used winery and brewery production equipment. According to Revolution Equipment Sales President Ed Barr, “Wineries and breweries were telling us they needed a reliable partner to help them with their high-quality production equipment that no longer fit their operation. They wanted to recoup any value in the equipment so they could invest it elsewhere. Since I was also being asked if I knew of sources for reliable used equipment, it dawned on me there was a business opportunity and knew I could help.”

Each piece of equipment purchased by Revolution Equipment Sales is thoroughly checked out for any operational issues. Then it is serviced and refurbished to assure reliable performance. Barr adds, “Our business model is similar to certified pre-owned car sales. People want to buy quality used equipment and they want assurances it will perform. We make sure the performance is there and go a step further by backing everything with a warranty. We also offer equipment maintenance programs for anything we sell. We have contractor licenses for California, Oregon and Washington so we handle installations or removals.”

Revolution Equipment Sales has launched a full-feature website to support sellers and buyers. Sellers can submit details and photos of equipment they want to dispose of and buyers can see existing inventory. Buyers can also put in a “help me find” request for a particular piece of equipment. This fall, Revolution Equipment Sales plans to add an auction function that will allow buyers to bid and reserve a piece of equipment online to streamline transactions even more.

More information is available at the Revolution Equipment Sales website – or by calling 707-573-3154.

P&L Specialties and Tom Beard Company Are Certified as Green Manufactures
23 February, 2011

P & L Specialties and Tom Beard Company,Santa Rosa-based manufacturers of Winemaking equipment, received the "Green Business Certification" from the Bay Area Green Business Program on February 2,  2010. The 6-month certification process in Sonoma County is administered by the Economic Development Board and the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors confers the certification.

Receiving this certification was a real accomplishement for both companies. Employees participated in making the necessary adjustments and changes and were involved in the implementation of here to read the entire article...


30 April, 2010

Santa Rosa Ca. based P&L Specialties has received a US Patent for its Grape Berry Sorting Machine, the LT™ (Le Trieur). The patent was awarded to Ed Barr (President/CEO) on September 1st, 2009. P&L Specialties is an equipment design, engineering, fabrication, and service company that specializes in grape reception, handling, and sorting machinery systems for wineries worldwide.

The LT™ and the larger volume LT 2+2™ machines represent the first and only US Patented machinery for the removal of M.O.G. (Material Other than Grape) in grape sorting process says Barr, “These machines were born from the collective input of preeminent winemakers whose unstoppable desire for improved wine quality drove our product development”.

P&L Specialties has been manufacturing the LT™ machines during the Patent process and has delivered over 150+ machines to USA and Canadian wineries. P&L Specialties designs and builds all of their equipment at their Santa Rosa Ca. headquarters.

“We are proud to have achieved the recognition of the US Patent for our LT™ machine but we are more elated with the performance and the customer satisfaction of the 150+ machines we have delivered to the wine industry” says Barr.

P&L Specialties celebrates their 25th anniversary this year and has several other industry innovations currently in process. “P&L Specialties has several new machines in Beta test mode at wineries this harvest season. We share the same passion as our clients and we see it as our mission to build machines that help winemakers achieve their vision and express their individual creativity” adds Barr.

If you would like more information on this subject or to schedule an interview please contact Ed Barr at 707 573 3141 or


Mog Monster -Largest-Ever Mog Removal System goes to Canoe Ridge
by Bill Pregler

The Mog Monster is President Ed Barr's name for P&L Specialties latest creation. It is easily the largest, domestically built mog separator ever made. Designed and built at their custom fabrication facility in Windsor, California, the mog removal system was recently delivered to the Canoe Ridge crush facility in Paterson, Washington.

It is based on their newly patented Le Trieur separator, but this one is big. At six feet, 4 inches wide and 14 feet long, it is eight times larger than their standard machine. It is rated to process up to sixty tons of grapes per hour.

"We wanted to improve quality at a fairly large crush facility and needed someone who could custom fabricate," said Bob Bertheau, senior director of winemaking at the 7,500 ton per year crush pad. "We were familiar with the Le Trieur mog removal equipment and so we approached P&L to explore the possibilities."

Bertheau added, "75 percent of our grapes are processed in three weeks so we are designed for speed. This addition, however, is about improving quality on a large scale." Bertheau concluded, "Our vision is to make Canoe Ridge a premier red winemaking facility in Washington state, for both value and quality of red wines. We want it all; we have a great production crew, grape resources, and have upgraded the facility to accomplish our goals."

In design phase for two years, Barr's creation contains many of the Le Trieur features, including the six exchangeable screens of wedge-wire separators. Triangulated with wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, each wire allows for mog to separate from berries and then drop. Canoe Ridge will be using the ¼ inch and 3/16 inch wire spacing to accommodate the Bordeaux varietals at the facility.

For Barr the most difficult aspect of the design was how to handle the sheer mass of moving parts. The 100 percent, 304 stainless receiving bed alone weighs 1,200 lbs. If the winery is operating at full capacity and processing 60 tons per hour, this means at any given time the bed is rapidly vibrating over one and a half tons of mass. At 300 bed strokes per minute or 5 per second, the amount of inertia generated by the rapid motion-reversal is huge. The answer was to design a flywheel and counter balance system to offset the inertia.

In conjunction with the mog separator, P&L Specialties also designed and fabricated a new receiving hopper which can accommodate five ton bins. In order to meter this amount of fruit evenly, the screw conveyor has a graduated pitch from 12 inches, to 18 and finally 24 inches. Next the fruit passes to a P&L incline-conveyor and then to a destemmer. The final stage is the Mog Monster and must sump.

St. Michelle is one of the few premium wineries in the world with two state-of-the-art winemaking facilities, one devoted to whites and another to reds. The white wines are made in Woodinville, 15 miles northeast of Seattle. Chateau Ste. Michelle's red wines are made at the Canoe Ridge Estate Winery in Eastern Washington.




New Partners

P&L Specialties carries Demoisy’s New Generation Galeo destemmer, the Vega mohno-style must pump and the unique Multi-Cone Crusher Roller. These fine products are easily integrated into an existing, or, new line of sorting equipment.

Cellar-Tek Supplies
P&L Specialties is proud to have Cellar-Tek Supplies as our exclusive Canadian distribution agent. Cellar-Tek opened their doors in 2004 and pride themselves on their excellent products and service. We are pleased to have Cellar-Tek providing our premium equipment to the wine industry in Canada.


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Service & Sales Ed Barr 707 573-3141 Ext (100)
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Does your business need precision cut parts?
Do you need a dozen, a hundred or thousands? 
Do you need multiple types of parts cut from the same material? 
Do you need a vendor to produce prototypes? 

Call us. Our OMAX CNC WaterJet Cutting Machine uses 50,000 PSI garnet water pressure creating a jet stream capable of cutting material from .0005 thick to 6 thick.  Available for contract cutting jobs in a wide variety of materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Hardwood, Stone, Granite, Glass, Ceramic, Acrylic and Composites. All water is recycled and never leaves the building.

Applications for WaterJet CuttingWaterjet Precision
Mechanical parts, gears, tracks, flanges
Assembly frames
Decorative pieces
Signs, letters, logos, symbols
Custom counter top and floor inlays


For more information please call 707-573-3141 x 113 or email us:

Vist our FaceBook Page: P&L Specialties Waterjet


Rotary Screens - Superior Liquid/Solids Separation developed by P&L Specialties in 1987, the Rotary Screen is a cost-effective improvement over sedimentation tanks and drag screens in primary treatment applications.

The P&L Specialties Rotary Screen is a robust piece of equipment that features an all stainless steel construction and heavy gauge materials for extreme durability. The Rotary Screen is designed to be virtually maintenance free. This advanced design produces excellent material separation results and significant reductions in maintenance and operating cost over typical separation methods.

The P&L Specialties Rotary Screen uses a rotating stainless steel screen with wedge wire or perforated screen to reduce suspended solids and B.O.D. (Biological Oxygen Demand) concentrations prior to secondary treatment. Total suspended matter can be reduced by as much as 60% (90% settle-able solids) and insoluble B.O.D. removals of up to 40%.

Separation characteristics can be further tuned by adjusting drum RPM and angle, thus allowing fine tuning. Our engineering team can design a Rotary Screen to meet your specific separation requirements. Many wineries are successfully using our rotary screens as pre-drain screens for pomace prior to pressing. They have found that this simple step saves them countless hours of press time, dramatically increasing the efficiency of their operations!

Applications include: Wineries, Breweries, Food and Beverage processors, Canneries, Pulp and Paper, Textiles, Waste Treatment, Poultry Processors, Agriculture, Dairy, Rendering Plants

 Rotary Screen


Food Processing Equipment

A few of the units that we have designed, engineered and built include:

• Stainless steel platforms
• Sorting tables
• Cookie sugaring conveyors
• Product Conveyors
• Masa Conveyors
• Rolling Tables
• Ingredient mixers/conveyors
• Slicing Machines
• Cooking Kettles and lids
• Labeling conveyors
• Ribbon blenders
• Vegetable scrubbers

Food Processing Equipment

Contact us for consultation (707) 573-314.