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About Pall Corporation

Pall Corporation has always had a very strong presence in the world of winemaking.

We have installations filtering wine in every region of the world at many of the largest wineries, but also at the smallest boutique producers. 

We have been at the forefront of new developments in wine processing for well over a century and our brands are often seen as benchmarks for wine and lees filtration.

Seitz® filter sheets were first sold to wineries over 130 years ago. Since then, it is estimated that more than a trillion liters of wine have been filtered using our flat filter sheet media.

More recently our Oenoflow™ wine filtration systems changed the way wine is clarified. With over 1,500 installations, the Oenoflow system continues to be the leader globally for crossflow filtration. 

To learn more about Pall products please visit our website.

In US and Canadian wineries Pall is proud to be represented by Scott Laboratories, for more information please visit their US website or their Canadian website.

SUPRApak™ vs Filter Sheets - Set up times
SUPRApak™ vs Filter Sheets - Set up times
Timed setup of SUPRApak versus an equivalent surface area of filter sheets
SUPRAdisc™ II Module Assembly
SUPRAdisc™ II Module Assembly
A quick illustration of how to correctly install SUPRAdisc II modules into their housing
SUPRApak™ vs Filter Sheets - Water hold up
SUPRApak™ vs Filter Sheets - Water hold up
Side by side comparison of water hold up volume (dead volume) of SUPRApak and traditional filter sheets
GeneDisc® System: How to Run an Analysis
GeneDisc® System: How to Run an Analysis
GeneDisc® Cycler makes qPCR a breeze. Discover the easy setup of real time PCR analysis, and automated data interpretation with GeneDisc Cycler.
GeneDisc Cycler with Components
GeneDisc Cycler with Components
Introduction to the GeneDisc® system for rapid microbiology testing, an easy-to-use, reliable and accurate tool for diagnostic. Applications include food safety testing, beverage spoilage monitoring and quantitative testing of pathogens in water.

News Archive

Lees Filtration: Better Quality, Higher Yield
27 September, 2017


Recover Higher Value Wine and Juice from Lees

Recovery of wine and juice from lees represents one of the most challenging forms of filtration faced by wineries. The high concentration and variability of the suspended solids limits the suitable filtration technologies, while strict environmental regulations and sustainability programs are increasing pressure to reduce waste volumes. The Oenoflow™ HS system is a crossflow filtration system designed specifically for recovery of wine and juice from lees producing higher quality product more efficiently and economically. 

 Lees, the sediment at the bottom of juice, fermentation or fining vessels, can represent up to 10% of a winery’s total volume. With solids concentrations typically in the range of 20 –30%, lees still contains a high percentage of recoverable product. The Oenoflow HS system is a new crossflow filtration system designed specifically for lees processing. The hollow fiber system overcomes the typical drawbacks associated with the existing Diatomaceous Earth (DE) based lees filters, producing higher quality product more efficiently and economically. In addition to lees filtration, the system can also be used for post fermentation wine clarification expanding overall cellar capacity. With these combined capabilities, the Oenoflow HS system has the flexibility of three systems in one.

Traditionally, lees filtration is performed with DE based filtration systems like rotary vacuum drum (RVD) or chamber press filters. While these systems can handle high solids, the open design allows for oxygen pick up which can affect quality. Recovered wine often needs further processing, and is typically downgraded in value and used in blends instead of added back to the original batch.

 In many small and mid-sized wineries, the lees volume from a single batch is often too small for processing with an RVD. In such cases, the wineries will delay processing the lees and wait to accumulate an appropriate volume, hence the potential to recover high value product is lost. DE based technologies can also require large volumes of filter aid. This increases the winery waste, disposal, labor, and losses; all factors contributing to high operating costs.

 The Oenoflow HS system is a new hollow fiber crossflow filtration system designed specifically for lees processing to address the disadvantages of traditional systems. The hollow fiber system is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the individual winery requirements and conditions.

The Final Step to Clear and Bright Wine: Final Filtration
02 August, 2017

The objective of final filtration is to ensure the removal of wine spoilage organisms that can cause re-fermentation, off flavors or turbidity post bottling.  The typical wine spoilage organisms include the bacteria Oenococcus oeni and Acetobacter as well as some yeast including Zygosaccharomyces and Dekkera (formerly called Brettanomyces).  As the final filter is the last filtration step prior to bottling it is the most critical filtration step in the process ultimately ensuring brand protection. 

Filtration is a key unit operation in wine-making to ensure clear, bright and stable wine. While clarification, stabilization and pre-filtration stages remove particles and haze and reduce yeast and bacteria, final membrane filtration is critical to remove wine spoilage organisms that can result in off flavors or ref-fermentation after bottling.

Pall’s recommended membrane filters are laboratory challenge tested to qualify or determine typical retention to wine specific microorganisms like Oenococcus oeni and Dekkera bruxellensis. Furthermore, these final filters are fully integrity testable in situ, providing assurance of product performance.

In addition to standard filter cartridge configurations, Pall recently introduced a new high area, high flow membrane filter solution, the Imperium MSB filter that is designed to improve costs, flexibility and process security.

Imperium™ MSB Filter

The Imperium Platform is the next generation of microfiltration technology, for food & beverage producers who truly value the importance of product quality, process optimization and continuous improvement.

As the final control step prior to packaging, the Imperium Microbial Stabilization (MSB) Filter removes spoilage organisms which can adversely affect taste and quality, providing stable wine with excellent shelf-life. Laboratory challenge testing has been performed on new and unused filters to qualify or determine typical retention to various microorganisms. These final filters are fully integrity testable in situ, providing assurance of product performance.

The patent pending design with 10 m² newly developed Supor® Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane and an 88% reduction in material junction points, together with the Imperium integrity test approach and modular housing configuration, result in up to 30% reduction in operating costs, reduced risk of product contamination and complete process flexibility.

In addition, Pall’s Supor® beverage filter offers wineries a standard configuration cartridge filter options for final filtration.



Supor Beverage Filter

Supor Beverage filter cartridges are hydrophilic membrane filters designed for reliable retention of spoilage microorganisms in the final filtration wine.

The cartridge is constructed from one layer of 0.45 micron polyethersulfone (PES) membrane in a laid-over pleat configuration. The single open ended (SOE) configuration is designed to fit into sanitary housings to ensure effective microbial reduction and assembly integrity.

Supor Beverage filter cartridges are suitable for exposure to repeated hot water sanitization and in situ steam sterilization cycles for longer service life. The laid-over pleat configuration combined with optimized support and drainage materials, provide increased mechanical strength during operation, repeated hot water, chemical and steam sanitization and thus, high throughput.

For mid and large wine producers and bottlers, Pall offers the Oenofil system. This system utilizes Pall’s extensive experience in cartridge filtration to automate filtration and optimize cartridge filter life.

The Oenofil System

Controlling the filtration process is a key element in achieving quality wines. The Pall Oenofil system is an automated filtration system designed specifically for wine pre and final filtration prior to bottling.  The Oenofil system combines years of process filtration experience, advanced automation and superior cartridge technology to provide cold microbiological stabilization of wine with the highest level of process control, security and brand protection.

Optimal filtration flow rate, selection of cost saving pre-filtration and installation of membrane filters validated for removal of wine specific organisms are all critical factors for successful wine microfiltration. However, proper rinsing, cleaning and sanitization to ensure complete system hygiene are just as critical. The Oenofil automated cartridge filtration system design incorporates these principles.

With Pall’s experience in filtration and understanding of how each stage is interrelated, our Oenofil system enables wineries to reduce filtration costs without sacrificing quality. Streamlining filtration, rinsing and sanitization with optimized protocols can provide up to 30% increased filter service life. Additionally, the flexible working sequences can be combined for cycle programming allowing unattended system operation for reduced labor and downtime.

Depending on the individual customer circumstances, the Oenofil system can be equipped with a Clean in Place (CIP) system to provide proper cleaning, sanitization and storage at the recommended flow rates, chemical concentrations and temperatures. This system, if required, can also control downstream washing and sanitization of the filler and auxiliary equipment, like the bottle washer, for complete process control via a single interface and operation independent of the winery conditions.

Pall OenoFlow XL Filtration System: Clarifying Wine Filtration
28 June, 2017


Filtration is critical to removing yeast and other contaminants that can result in off- taste, color or odor, however, it is also essential to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the wine. Clarification is the primary filtration step in the winemaking process. Yeast and other particles from fermentation and fining are removed to reduce turbidity and improve downstream filterability.

Wineries are under more competitive pressure to improve quality and reduce costs while satisfying more stringent safety and regulatory requirements. The wineries are challenged with selecting filtration techniques that are easy to use, less labor intensive and more environmentally- friendly, while maintaining the wine’s characteristics.

Clarification is the primary filtration step in winemaking for removal of yeast and other solids from fermentation and fining and to improve downstream filterability. Traditional clarifying filters include Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters.  However, over the past two decades, Pall’s Oenoflow™ filtration systems have become the preferred technology in the wine-making industry.

The Oenoflow system is a membrane based system that allows wineries to clarify their wines in a single step without the need for any pre-treatment, filter aid or centrifugation.  Pall currently offers 4 models of Oenoflow XL systems making it the optimal solution for wineries of all sizes.


By eliminating the drawbacks of traditional diatomaceous earth filters, Oenoflow microfiltration systems have become the preferred technology in the wine-making industry. The hollow fiber system enables wineries to remove suspended contaminants from wine in a reliable, reproducible and single process step.

Clarification is achieved without the need for filter aids, centrifugation or interference with the chemical, physical or organoleptic components of the wine. Cost savings is realized by reducing wine loss, consumables and labor. Furthermore, with a DE-free process and no solid waste for landfill, both environmental and operator safety are improved.  

Pall’s large diameter Oenoflow XL modules incorporate proven PVDF membrane with approximately 145% more filter area. With 21.5 m2 of surface area the XL modules have at least twice the area of typical competitive hollow fiber membranes. These high flow modules allow Pall to manufacture more compact and therefore more economical systems. With a smaller footprint and less water and chemical consumption, Oenoflow XL systems are in line with many wineries sustainability programs.

Additionally, Oenoflow XL modules utilize a symmetric membrane giving them a high mechanical strength that protects it from risk of failure even after many years of continuous operation. A back pulse during operation enables optimal throughput performance and long operating cycles.

For more information, click here

Pall Corporation Introduces Rapid and Flexible Solution for Beverage Spoilage Yeasts
09 May, 2016

Pall expands its GeneDisc® product range for process monitoring with the introduction of a new solution for spoilage yeasts. This flexible solution is designed to answer the specific needs of the beverage industries to detect and identify spoilage yeast in a timely fashion.

Customized informative method - This new solution offers two testing options, with different levels of information, to fit all types of sample and testing strategies. The first one is a yeast screening test. The second one is a yeast identification test for the 12 major beverage spoilage yeast species and genera, including Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus and Brettanomyces bruxellensis.

Accelerated decision-making - For yeast slurry testing and colony identification, results are available in only 2 hours. To determine the presence of down to one microorganism in the sample, the test is performed in as fast as 30 hours. “Spoilage risk is greatly reduced as users obtain results faster and earlier in their process. As an example, with only 2 hours from sample to result, breweries can prevent pitching contaminated yeast” says Sirine Assaf, Director of Pall GeneDisc Technologies. “In addition, beverage producers including breweries, wineries and wine bottlers can now consider next day batch release controls. Main benefits include total peace of mind, avoiding costly recalls and reducing storage costs”.

Fast corrective actions- This informative and rapid solution accelerates root cause analysis when contamination is detected, consequently reducing its financial impact.

This easy-to-use solution can be implemented at beverage producers from small to large across different industries and complements the existing GeneDisc solutions for the detection of beer and TAB spoilage organisms.

Find further information on

Give Your Wine the Respect it Deserves
01 September, 2015

Creating a wine's unique bouquet while respecting the taste and intensity of flavor from bottle to bottle is a delicate balancing act. Clarification and stabilization, polish filtration, yeast and bacteria removal, final filtration for microbial stabilization and utility water and gas filtration are all vital to maintaining that balance.

Contaminants such as particles, crystals, treatment residue, organic aggregates, bacteria and yeast can jeopardize the wine's taste. Applying Pall's technology and expertise to the art of wine-making can remove risk and maintain total process control.


For more information on Pall's technology and filtration system click here



OenoPure Filter Cartridges For Wine Final Filtration
03 August, 2015

Oenopure filter cartridges are developed specifically for cold microbial stabilization of wine.

The Oenopure cartridge is Pall Corporation's most advanced solution for membrane filtration of wine. The cartridge is constructed from a highly inert media ensuring that the level of organoleptic and colloidal interference is negligible. The polyethersulfone membrane is configured in a laid over pleat configuration for increased mechanical strength, filter area and exposure to repeated hot water and steam sanitization cycles for longer service life. The cartridges are available in single open ended (SOE) configurations to fit in sanitary housings to ensure effective microbial removal and assembly integrity.

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Pall Helps Bring Clean Water to Remote Haitian Village
23 June, 2015

Thrilled to partner with the Suny Broome team to bring clean water to a remote village in Haiti with our Pall Aria™ ‪waterfiltration‬ system. The system is able to filter 22 gallons of river water per minute, providing the village with much needed bacteria and pathogen-free water. Check out the full article here


The Pall Aria(TM) water system treats river water to bring clean drinking water to the remote village of Grande-Saline. (Photo: Business Wire)

CadenceTM Inline Concentrator from Pall Life Sciences to be Showcased at ACHEMA 2015
03 June, 2015

Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL), a global leader in filtration, separation and purification, will showcase its Cadence™ Inline Concentrator (ILC) at ACHEMA 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. Designed to simplify downstream processing, the Cadence Inline Concentrator was recently named Best in Show during the inaugural awards at INTERPHEX 2015 this April. It was selected as the winner for its unique ability to achieve continuous concentration of biomolecules in a single-pass mode, eliminating the recirculation loop traditionally associated with tangential flow filtration. Users report improved product recovery with optimized downstream processing (DSP) steps, reduced buffer usage, and lowered resin costs.
The Cadence ILC’s proprietary flow path comes with a pre-assembled module that does not require a holder, greatly reducing footprint, as well as work and hold-up volumes. The single pass-through design allows for continuous concentration with less protein shear.
“We were thrilled to have the Cadence Inline Concentrator selected as “Best in Show” by industry experts at INTERPHEX,” said Michael Egholm, President of Biopharmaceuticals at Pall Life Sciences. “This is a product that delivers results, and is unlike others on the market. Customers have recorded up to a 31% decrease in cost of goods sold, and up to 66% capital investment savings with the Cadence ILC. Wins like this keep our team focused on innovating solutions to continuously improve bioprocessing, and enable our customers to improve global health.”
The Cadence Inline Concentrator can be coupled with other DSP steps, including pre- and post-chromatography steps, continuous processing or in-line volume reduction, with typical applications including monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments, recombinant proteins and other biological end products.

New Modular Crossflow System Designed for Wine Clarification and Polish Filtration
01 July, 2014

Oenoflow FIT System new for 2014.
The Oenoflow FIT System is a new modular crossflow system specifically designed for wine clarification and polish filtration at small wineries.

Components or “modules” can be coupled together like puzzle pieces to configure systems that FIT the specific working needs of each winery.

Oenoflow FIT Components
The base system, constructed of stainless steel employs two high flow, high area hollow fiber micro filtration membranes.
The fully automated unit has “Cycle” programming so that systems can be operated and cleaned with minimal operator interaction.
To tailor the system to specific winery conditions, additional modular building blocks can be added to the base system.
The modules that can be added are;

1. Chemical dosing for easier clean-in-place also minimizing the handling of chemicals.
2. T1 tank for concentration of retentate solids.
3. T2 filtrate tank for operation independent of downstream conditions.
4. Extension manifold to double available surface area from 43 m2 on the base system up to a total of 86 m2.

Please call Ian Rickard at 707-951-8417 for more details or email

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Pall Corp. Acquires Filter Specialists Inc.
02 May, 2014

Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL), a global leader in filtration, separation and purification, today announced it has acquired Filter Specialists Inc. (FSI), a worldwide supplier of filtration products and solutions based in Michigan City, Indiana.

“The addition of FSI’s products and technologies to our existing portfolio of filtration solutions is a great fit for Pall. FSI’s offerings are very complementary and add solutions to our existing addressable markets, in addition to covering markets where we currently don’t have complete solutions,” said Larry Kingsley, Pall Chairman and CEO. “The FSI products and markets tie nicely to our current plans of creating value for our customers, particularly in the oil and gas, chemical, and other industrial markets.”

FSI is a recognized leader in filtration, operating primarily in the industrial paint, chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, and food and beverage markets. Pall will be acquiring FSI’s unique and well known Polyweld®, Polymicro® and BOS filter bags, along with its extensive line of both steel and plastic filter vessels.

For more information about Pall’s products and services, visit

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Pall Corp Celebrates Sale of 1000th Oenoflow™ Filtration System to the Wine Industry
13 May, 2013

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., May 9, 2013 - Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL), today announced the sale of its 1000thOenoflow™ filtration system to the wine industry. The Oenoflow system protects wine characteristics while significantly reducing winery operating costs. It also alleviates environmental concerns associated with traditional processing methods that utilize Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and basic depth sheet filtration.

Introduced in 1998, the Pall Oenoflow system has become the global standard for wine clarification with installations in over 30 different countries representing every major wine producing region of the world.

“Pall developed the Oenoflow system to eliminate the use and disposal of filter aids like DE and provide operational benefits that include reductions in wine loss, utility usage and labor. Receiving our 1000th Oenoflow system order is a notable milestone. It represents significant change in wine production worldwide during the last decade and is a strong testament to the benefits of the Oenoflow system.’” said Jonathan Pratt, president, Pall Food & Beverage and Laboratory.

Oenoflow systems have streamlined the winemaking process by replacing the combined DE and sheet filtration operations into a single process step. Clarification is achieved without the use of filter aids, centrifugation or interference with the organoleptic components of the wine. Using high area, hollow fiber microfiltration membranes, the systems efficiently remove suspended solids, yeast and bacteria that can impact wine quality. As an automated system, minimal labor is required during operation, significantly reducing winery costs.

The 1000th system was ordered by California based Sutter Home Winery, Inc., DBA Trinchero Family Estates, the 4th largest winery in the United States.

“In a competitive environment, wineries are under pressure to increase production yields and ensure quality while satisfying increasingly stringent environmental and food safety requirements. Pall’s Oenoflow systems are a proven means to help wineries achieve these goals,” Mr. Pratt said.

To learn more about Oenoflow systems visit

Pall Food and Beverage

Pall Food and Beverage is a global leader in filtration and separation solutions for the food and beverage market. It serves the needs of the beer, wine, spirits, dairy, soft drink, bottled water, enzymes, food ingredients and associated industries. Pall's solutions help to ensure product quality and protect consumers while lowering operating costs and minimizing waste.

About Pall Corporation

Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL) is a filtration, separation and purification leader providing solutions to meet the critical fluid management needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry. Pall works with customers to advance health, safety and environmentally responsible technologies. The company’s engineered products enable process and product innovation and minimize emissions and waste. Pall Corporation is an S&P 500 company serving customers worldwide. Pall has been named a “top green company” by Newsweek magazine. To see how Pall is helping enable a greener, safer, more sustainable future, follow us on Twitter @PallCorporation or visit


Pall Announces Appointment of New Wine Market Sales Manager for North America
05 June, 2012

Pall Food and Beverage is pleased to announce the appointment of Ian Rickard to the position of North American Wine Market Manager.

Ian has more than 20 years of wine industry experience. This experience includes a very strong grounding in global wine knowledge as well as wine production knowledge. He spent many years working in the cellars of various wineries in both hemispheres. Recent years have been spent as an industry sales professional promoting crossflow filtration and clarification systems in North America.

Pall’s SUPRApak™ Technology Wins SITEVI Innovation Award
12 October, 2011

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., October 06, 2011 - SUPRApak™ technology, a new alternative to conventional sheet filters for wine from Pall Corporation (NYSE: PLL) has been awarded a silver medal in the SITEVI 2011 Innovation Awards Program. Honored in the category of new innovations for winemaking/oenology under processing of wine, Pall’s SUPRApak module minimizes wine production losses while improving process security and product quality.

SUPRApak Depth Filtration Module (Photo: Business Wire)

SUPRApak Depth Filtration Module
(Photo: Business Wire)

SUPRApak modules are constructed using the same proven depth media as classical sheet filters; however, the media is configured into a modular format that fits easily into an enclosed housing for safe, simple and hygienic operation. SUPRApak has a unique flow configuration that optimizes the adsorption, surface and depth filtration mechanisms to increase capacity by up to 250 percent.

“While filter sheet use is a tradition in the wine industry, increasing demand for sealed systems and product quality has intensified the need for alternative solutions," said Jonathan Pratt, President Pall Food & Beverage. “Sheet filters in a plate and frame assembly are open to the air resulting in drip losses, and can potentially expose the wine to contamination and oxidation. In contrast, SUPRApak modules use enclosed housings eliminating the losses, hygiene concerns and dramatically reducing maintenance needs.”

The high packing density and modular design of SUPRApak allows for extremely high surface area in a compact footprint. Up to 85 percent reduction in floor space can be achieved when compared to the horizontal chassis design of most flat filter sheet assemblies. Additionally with minimal components and replacement parts, filter change-out times can be reduced by 65 percent.

SUPRApak modules are also used in other food and beverage applications including spirits filtration, olive oil clarification, polishing of sweeteners, gelatin, yeast extract and flavors, and fine filtration of beer.

To learn more about Pall’s award-winning SUPRApak technology, visit Hall 234 Booth D 58 at the 2011 SITEVI Exhibition in Montpellier, France from November 29 to December 1.

Pall Food and Beverage is the global leader in filtration and separation solutions for the food and beverage market. It serves the needs of the beer, wine, spirits, dairy, soft drink, bottled water, enzymes, food ingredients and associated industries. Pall can provide a complete solution to customers’ fluid management needs. Pall's solutions help to ensure product quality and protect consumers while lowering operating costs and minimizing waste.

About Pall Corporation

Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL) is a filtration, separation and purification leader providing solutions to meet the critical fluid management needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry. Pall works with customers to advance health, safety and environmentally responsible technologies. The Company’s engineered products enable process and product innovation and minimize emissions and waste. Pall Corporation, with total revenues of $2.7 billion for fiscal year 2011, is an S&P 500 company with almost 11,000 employees serving customers worldwide. To see how Pall is helping enable a greener, safer, more sustainable future, follow us on Twitter @PallCorporation or visit

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New Pall Filtration System Increases Profitability for Wineries
07 July, 2011

 A new crossflow filtration system from Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL) enables wineries to recover high quality wine that can be lost in the production sediment, or lees. The Oenoflow™ HS system utilizes Pall’s hollow fiber membrane technology to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional DE (diatomaceous earth)-based filters, increasing the yield of high quality product and improving profitability for wine producers.

Oenoflow HS-A System. (Photo: Business Wire)

Oenoflow HS-A System. (Photo: Business Wire)

The Pall Oenoflow™ HS is a closed filtration system that minimizes oxygen pick up and maintains wine color, aroma, acidity, and flavor characteristics. This ensures that product quality is retained, enabling the recovered wine to be returned to the original batch at a significantly higher value than product recovered with traditional methods.

By eliminating the need for filters aids such as DE, the system reduces cost and waste, and eliminates the labor associated with operation, clean up and disposal of traditional DE filters. These benefits result in a very short winery return on investment, typically less than two years.

“The Oenoflow™ HS filtration system improves the efficiency and profitability of wine production. The quality of the recovered wine is exceptional, with the system also providing valuable operational and environmental benefits,” said Nicole Madrid, Pall’s Global Marketing Leader for Wine & Spirits.

Pall Food and Beverage is the global leader in filtration and separation solutions for the food and beverage market. It serves the needs of the beer, wine, spirits, dairy, soft drink, bottled water, enzymes, food ingredients, and associated industries. The Company can provide a complete solution to customers' fluid management needs. Pall's solutions help to ensure product quality and protect consumers while lowering operating costs and minimizing waste. For more information, visit

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Title Name Email Phone
Global Marketing Manager Wine & Spirits Ian Rickard 707-951-8417
Sales Manager - West Coast. USA Stephen Mullen 209-836-9266
Sales, Southern CA Sherman Tu 626-506-0313
Sale Manager - Canada Stephane Lamontagne 514-332-7255
Sales, Northern CA Ethan Malas 415-310-3391
Sales, Pacific NW Jake Janofsky 503-250-4881
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