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Bottling and Packaging Engineering for Today's Wine Industry

As production requirements grow, you may need to upgrade equipment or establish entirely new facilities. PAMC has the expertise to help.


We’ve managed projects throughout the winery, from bottling lines to crush pad and cellar installations, as well as individual focused projects such as package design execution and machine upgrades. We’re familiar with all aspects of winery facilities.


When packaging and automation needs stretch beyond the capacity or expertise of your existing engineering team, it’s important to work with a firm that brings industry experience into the project.


Here are a few of the ways some of the top names in the wine industry have taken advantage of our expertise:


  • Manage specification of high-capacity bottling line equipment. Research and vet vendors within and outside the wine industry to supply equipment that best met the customer's requirements
  • Define scope outlining all equipment, facility, and utility requirements for multi-use facility
  • Create specifications and manage installation of packaging and process equipment
  • Specify design and performance requirements for each piece of equipment on a 12,000 case per day contract bottling line
  • Identify and specify tenant improvements for an entire facility
  • Act as Owner’s Representative to developer/contractor

What does your project entail? Feel free to give us a call at 925.997-4626 to discuss your unique circumstance.



PAMC is Heading to WiVi!

Heading to WiVi tomorrow; lot's to see and hear about - If you would like to meet this evening or during the show, please contact me to talk about how we can help you or your in-house engineering staff tackle your project challenges,. 

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Complete Project Management

When an equipment purchase or production line implementation is beyond your in-house expertise, we’ll handle the whole project – on time and on budget. 

Our extensive experience in project management for Wine,

Food & Beverage companies allows us to lead projects from developing user requirements to defining scope, to implementation, startup, and validation.

Affiliations with additional experienced resources and our familiarity with equipment suppliers often allow us to execute on a project more quickly than in-house teams that are less specialized. Review some representative projects, or schedule a complimentary Engineering Project Assessment.

Deep industry and engineering expertise allow us to come up to speed quickly, immediately easing the workload on your engineering team. 


Using PAMC for engineering staff augmentation allows you to maintain the lower overhead of a smaller engineering team while knowing you can handle additional projects when demands require.

Here are just a few of the ways we may be able to help:


  • Define scopes for expansions and new facilities
  • Act as owner’s representative to contractors
  • Develop project plans for executing capital equipment projects
  • Manage purchase, installation, and start-up of custom-designed systems for bottling, packaging and processing
  • Develop best practices documentation
  • Perform efficiency studies on existing equipment and processes
  • Prepare specifications for new equipment to be purchased

Because of our experience in engineering staff augmentation in the Wine, Food & Beverage Industries, we are able to become productive members of your engineering team quickly.

Feel free to give us a call at 925-997-4626 to discuss your unique circumstance.

Project Manager for fully-automated, high capacity bottling line for WBM Top-30 winery.  Incorporated project tenants of flexibility, quality, efficiency, synchronization, and automation to identify innovative, leading edge equipment capable of running cased and bulk glass.

Project Engineer for Scope Definition phase of a greenfield, multi-use winery facility comprised of bottling, warehousing, and barrel handling operations in the Napa Valley. Developed detailed scope definition documents outlining all equipment, facility, and utility requirements for this state-of-the-art installation. Specified design and performance requirements for each piece of equipment on the 12,000 case per day contract bottling line. Identified and specified tenant improvements for the entire 150,000 s.f. facility. Acted as Owner’s Representative to developer/contractor.


Co-leader of project team that executed the complete redesign of a full line of wine packaging for a large Napa Valley winery. Responsible for equipment specification, procurement, and installation. This package earned an AmeriStar Package Award.


Project Manager and Engineer for the design and installation of a new bottling line created by combining equipment and conveyor components from three existing lines.


Production Engineer responsible for coordination and execution of multiple projects ranging in scope from package design and testing through packaging and process equipment specification, acquisition, and installation for a six-million plus case winery.


Project Engineer for winery cellar and crush pad expansion. Cooperage project added 4 million gallons of refrigerated cooperage on two sites including catwalks, wine transfer lines, and associated structures. Quintupled press capacity with the largest multiple grape press installation in the industry to that date; eight 50,000 liter bladder presses fed by a progressing cavity pump and extensive pomace discharge system.


Project Manager for installation phase of fast-track project to upgrade spirits processing facility in support of new products. Scope included adding stainless cooperage with associated pumps and instrumentation, new product transfer lines, modifications to existing piping, new RO filter, and modifications to hot water boiler system.


As Project Engineer, developed User Requirements Document for new bottling line equipment from de-casing through load building. Document clearly defined equipment requirements for a line capable of bottling full range of 750 ml package configurations including CIP-capable filler, cold glue and pressure sensitive labeling, cork and ROPP closures, label and case coding, and all conveying systems.