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Glamping Lifestyle Image by Outshinery
Glamping Lifestyle Image by Outshinery
Place your own bottle in place of this placeholder! We have hundreds of Lifestyle Images to choose from. Get a FREE test shot at:
Daffodils Lifestyle Image by Outshinery
Daffodils Lifestyle Image by Outshinery
Place your own bottle in place of this placeholder! We have hundreds of Lifestyle Images to choose from. Get a FREE test shot at:
Smith Story Pinor Noir Lifestyle Shot Created by Outshinery
Smith Story Pinor Noir Lifestyle Shot Created by Outshinery
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Beauty Shot of Metzker\'s 2018 \'Rose of Syrah\'
Beauty Shot of Metzker\'s 2018 \'Rose of Syrah\'
Beauty Shots are a great way to show off the fine details of your design work.
Perfect Together - wine and food pairing marketing kits
Perfect Together - wine and food pairing marketing kits
Custom-branded food photography & recipes featuring YOUR wine. Inspire your audience to bring your product out of the online world and into their kitchen.
Reach Out and Touch - Lifestyle Image by Outshinery
Reach Out and Touch - Lifestyle Image by Outshinery
Place your own bottle in place of this placeholder! We have hundreds of Lifestyle Images to choose from. Get a FREE test shot at:
Mi Sueño - 2018
Mi Sueño - 2018
Announce your new branding or products with cinematic releases like this one.
Kiepersol - Flight
Kiepersol - Flight
Animated label designs bring your bottles and cans to life.
Claudine - Signature Proprietary Red
Claudine - Signature Proprietary Red
Whether your brand is elegant, whimsical, upscale, or rustic, Outshinery has got you covered.
Vineyard36 - The Black Aces
Vineyard36 - The Black Aces
Tease your new releases with quality product videos.
Free Summer Marketing Kit | Planning Calendar + Instagram Stories Sticker Pack

There’s enough to share during this bountiful season. Stay in touch with these charming and effective wine marketing tools.

Farmers markets, picnics, a cooler on the boat, a basket from the garden… Summer social season is all about bounty and having enough food and wine to share with the people that matter most. Get your free marketing calendar to help plan ahead for all the important wine days and celebrations, as well as opportunities for your brand to shine.

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There are currently 1 billion active Instagram users, and these people spend nearly one hour every day browsing the platform. Tap into this audience with your best foot forward. Instagram Stories stickers add summer personality to your posts. They are artist-designed originals that you can use to promote your wine and make people smile.


Summer social season Lifestyle Images
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News Archive

How to modernize your wine club for 2020 and beyond
08 June, 2020

We woke up one day and the wine world was different. We’re not in 2019 anymore… so become the winery with the best benefits in a virtual, new world.

It’s not always easy to accept it: but things have changed.

Some of what we all loved about the wine industry has escaped us, and it may not come back. Most of this is obvious, right? Tasting rooms have been closed and as they reopen, they won’t be the same, at least for now. This is monumental and implies a waterfall of missed moments and revenue.

Meanwhile, people’s lives are upset and their wine club probably isn’t a priority. Those discounts on tastings are equal to nothing. The top-tier invitation to the patio party is gone in the wind. The exclusive VIP access is inaccessible. At least for now, so hold that thought. But what to do in the meantime?

This doesn’t mean that the wine club model doesn’t have benefits. It’s just gotten complacent. In fact, your wine club is actually one of your most powerful tools right now and it’s time to wake it up!



Your wine club is the oracle. People that signed up have shown you that they trust your brand. Not only did they buy something, they have given you something with lasting value: their contact information. Here’s what that is worth to you right now.

1) Subscription. Subscription. Subscription.

It’s time to look at the success of other industries to understand how people buy a product again and again, with loyalty. The wine club is stepping in the right direction, but it needs to dial it up a few large notches. This is done by converting some of your website language and purchasing options. Instead of a “buy now” button for each wine, get creative with your packages and use a “subscribe and save” button. Subscribing means a better price, but it also comes with benefits, and these benefits = convenience.

Check out what Macari Vineyards offer their customers. It’s a delight!  “This summer, don’t wait until we sell out! We’ll ship rosé directly to your door.” Customers can choose to have  3, 6, or 12 bottles shipped monthly, for themselves or for a gift. How fun is that?

Far Niente family of wineries has recently rolled out Hosted at Home, a unique subscription service that sends 2-3 curated bottles each month. Subscribers can then choose from a set of pre-scheduled virtual tasting events with winery educators

2) Segmentation is power.

Segmentation allows you to double down on all the tactics listed above. This means getting the right message to the right person. It’s personalization+.

Let’s say your offer is free curbside pickup. It’s important that curbside isn’t offered to people that live far away, since it’s irrelevant and just adds noise to the reader’s inbox. Don’t give anyone a reason to unsubscribe altogether!

Segmentation is easily applied to email communications. Let’s say you sort your contact list and discover everyone that canceled their wine club during the past two years. Perhaps now is the time to reach out to them with a new offer, explaining how your wine club has changed and what the new benefits are.  Or sort your list and email all the local residents, letting them know that you have free herbs from your winery garden, and if they swing by for a bunch they get a recipe to pair with your pinot noir. When they show up, they can buy the wine from your roadside stand at a special price. How disappointing for the folks across the country, if they got this message and couldn’t join in.

Want to further understand segmentation? Check out our interview with Emetry’s founder Paul Mabray. He’s jamming with Keltie On the Spot, in our Facebook Live series about segmentation, data, and consumer relationships for the wine industry.

RSVP here:

3) You can offer something unexpected! 

In the past, wine clubs never thought they had to compete with retail shelves, but right now they do.

Consider making a special spin-off wine that still bears the stamp of trust inherent in your brand, but has a margin you can absorb. This doesn’t have to devalue your brand. Instead, make a creative label, market it in a unique way, and use it as a tool to reach out to current customers and new customers. In other words: price it right and use it to start conversations.

Or go way out there and really make someone’s day. Or week, year, or lifetime as Ed Feuchuk from Tank Garage Winery did. Check it out:

These suggestions all require a shift in thinking to consider what people consider benefits now. When tasting rooms open back up, then throw in the bonuses that bring them out to enjoy wine on your property. But until then, don’t lose them. You can also use this advice to attract new customers as more people turn online to purchase and discover new wines. If you need visuals for your ecommerce site, or to print and mail to people that buy your wine, browse Outshinery now.

For more resources on how to leverage tools that sell more wine, check out Outshinery’s On the Spot Facebook live events. Join in each Wednesday at 10 am PST (1 pm EST) on Outshinery’s Facebook page.

Comparing online marketplaces and DtC tools in 2020 (Part 2)
25 May, 2020

Sales channels every winery can consider (or reconsider) now and in the days to come.

Not that any of us should be headline chasers, but it’s hard to ignore the news that more people are buying online now than ever before.

If you aren’t selling as much wine online as you’d like right now, that’s understandable. It can be hard to go from a thriving tasting room to all online or home delivery nearly overnight. But there is opportunity here, filled with the possibility of both short-term and long-term gains.

According to Silicon Valley Bank’s State of the Wine Industry Report wineries can experience growth in several main ways:

  • Getting exposure to consumers who live elsewhere and don’t know you
  • Finding ways to sell to them — digitally and in person, where they live
  • Building your brand regionally by evolving the concept of experience away from the winery

This report came out in January 2020, months before the impact of COVID-19 accelerated the need for these avenues, all of which rely on digital communication. This same report says that 61 percent of a winery’s income originated with consumers who had been to the tasting room via on-site sales plus wine club and mailing list purchases. What about all those other people? The potential customers that aren’t part of your tribe already? That’s the opportunity!

Broadly speaking, there are two approaches here. The first is to beef up the direct to consumer channel that you likely already have in place: self-distributing through your website. This is what we looked at in Part 1 of our comparison. The other, which we're exploring today, is to engage a third party marketplace to help connect you with their consumers. Let’s take a look at some of the options available to you.


Rabobank says that the wine arm of this business experienced sales growth of 9% in 2019. Obviously the impact of COVID-19 will prove influential on this number for 2020, but what we do know is that in 2019 the majority of online DtC wine was purchased by people that had previously visited a tasting room and later purchased wine or signed up for a club, directly from the winery’s website.

This means that your website is essential, not only to keep your current customers but to reach new customers. New customers, ones that find your wine without stepping into your tasting room, are an audience that your website communications may not have tapped, so investing in improvements there has the potential to grow your business. 

Wineries, according to Commerce7 (mentioned below) are missing out on their share of global ecommerce website retail sales, which are expected to hit nearly $4.9 trillion dollars by 2021. “With many wineries still not selling online, there’s a big opportunity to set yourself apart by providing an easy, interactive online shopping experience for your consumers.”

According to WineDirect, which you’ll learn about below, 20% of wineries account for nearly 90% of ecommerce sales. Interested in becoming one of these high-performers? Check out your options.

Kramer vineyards – WineDirect


The Winery’s Champion

About: End-to-end DTC solutions for wineries of every size.

WineDirect offers a suite of tools and resources to capture growth in wine club, winery point-of-sale (for when you welcome them back), ecommerce, and marketplace integration. Not only does this company help create a seamless experience for your customers, they also work every angle to ensure that you have the right channels to stay personally connected to them. WineDirect has an extensive resource library, available for free now.

Cost: Plans and pricing start at around $80 a month + 2% of sales, but custom options are available, depending on your needs.

Brooks winery – Commerce7


Ecommerce Platform

About: Customer centric commerce for the alcohol industry.

Commerce7 is a leader in wine club, winery point-of-sale (for when you welcome them back), ecommerce, reservation management, and CRM. The company prides itself serving businesses of any size to improve the customer experience online, with an understanding that shoppers will be making decisions without the help of winery staff or the charm of a physical tasting room.

Cost: Plans start economically with Commerce7 NOW, which has $0 Setup Fee, $0 Monthly Fee, $0 Preset Template. This can be live in less than 24 hours for US based wineries. For this Commerce7 earns a 2% transaction fee on sales. From there options move up the scale, with three tiers based on your needs. There is also a choice of designer-made templates.


Subscription Commerce for Craft Producers

About: Managing and growing your memberships has never been easier

VineSpring’s membership-focused ecommerce, allocations, and club management solutions easily integrate with the systems you use to serve your customers, including mobile-responsive shopping options. “Technology agnostic” is how VineSpring describes how they merge platforms to empower their clients.

Cost: Plans start at $99/month for club management tools connected to an online store and move up the scale to adapt to your integration needs.


You Sell Wine.

vinSUITE makes it easier.

About: Integrated DtC software suite, including eCommerce websites, point of sale, and wine club.
vinSuite offers an all-in-one solution package that features many integration options. vinSuite states that it is the “largest, complete direct-to-consumer software available in the market.” They offer unique free, online training for clients so they can always be up to speed the benefits that vinSUITE offers.

Cost: Prices start at $199 a month plus set up and extend to enterprise solutions on a custom basis.


A growth platform for modern wineries.

About: Everything a growing winery needs, all in one package

BLOOM supports wineries with custom websites, unified ecommerce, wine club management, and point-of-sale solutions. Winery clients enjoy multiple sales channels, data integrations, and a full suite of consulting services. Design, development, photography, and marketing services are also available from BLOOM as well as Shopify site design and development (available at additional cost).

Cost: Prices start at $99/month with several options including a custom enterprise option.

Comparing online marketplaces and DtC tools in 2020 (Part 1)
11 May, 2020

Sales channels every winery can consider (or reconsider) now and in the days to come.

Not that any of us should be headline chasers, but it’s hard to ignore the news that more people are buying online now than ever before. If you aren’t selling as much wine online as you’d like right now, that’s understandable. It can be hard to go from a thriving tasting room to all online or home delivery nearly overnight. But there is opportunity here, filled with the possibility of both short-term and long-term gains.

According to Silicon Valley Bank’s State of the Wine Industry Report** wineries can experience growth in several main ways:

  • Getting exposure to consumers who live elsewhere and don’t know you
  • Finding ways to sell to them — digitally and in person, where they live
  • Building your brand regionally by evolving the concept of experience away from the winery

This report came out in January 2020, months before the impact of COVID-19 accelerated the need for these avenues, all of which rely on digital communication. This same report says that 61 percent of a winery’s income originated with consumers who had been to the tasting room via on-site sales plus wine club and mailing list purchases. What about all those other people? The potential customers that aren’t part of your tribe already? That’s the opportunity!

Broadly speaking, there are two approaches here. The first is to beef up the direct to consumer channel that you likely already have in place: self-distributing through your website. The other is to engage a third party marketplace to help connect you with their consumers. Let’s take a look at some of the options available to you.

Today, we are sharing a round-up of online marketplaces to help your winery connect with prospective customers.  Next week, we'll be sharing a round up of DtC tools.


Marketplaces don’t retain any products, but serve as online shelves to sell what retailers (including wineries) have to offer. These don’t hold a liquor license and aren’t selling their own products, so they are a favorable platform for consumer choice as well and competition.

According to Rabobank, “This channel has created new pathways for brands to gather consumer data and build awareness for online sales on the back of their websites, digital ads, and social media feeds.”

It is expected that these will continue to grow at a double-digit pace over the next five years and leapt up 60% year-over-year in 2019*. Here are companies that can help you tap into this growth:


Distribution Reimagined

About, according to LibDib: The place to buy and sell innovative wine & spirits brands.

LibDib is for any licensed producer or importer of wine and spirits. Wineries get access to LibDib through an online account, where they list their products and set prices. LibDib has transparent information available on their website, which we see as a plus for wineries that want to consider this option. Check out the Maker Intro Guide for a full explanation.

Cost: According to LibDib, they earn an average of 14 – 18% margin on each sale, but there is no cost to list your winery. Wineries are responsible for shipping costs.


Old World Wine & Spirits Meets New World Tech

About, according to Yahyn: Rare and exotic wines, plus usual favorites, at the right prices with the click of a button.
This is a relatively new company, and for now they are invitation only. But Outshinery clients interested in joining can learn more by emailing Yahyn is pretty straight forward in their arrangement with wineries. There are no contracts and no upfront costs.

Cost: When your wine is sold, Yahyn charges 12%. Wineries are responsible for shipping costs.


Buy Craft Beer Online

About, according to Bevv: Premium beer and cider shipped from the brewery to your front door.

Bevv is an online e-commerce and logistics solution for mainly breweries and cideries. Capacities include online storefronts, customer service, marketing, and shipping support. They also offer compliance guidance.

Cost: Plans start at $25 a month and Bevv charges 15% commission on sales for all plans. Breweries may be responsible for shipping costs.


Buy the right wine

About, according to Vivino: The world’s largest wine community.

Vivino’s app is one of the most popular for wine lovers, with over 40 million users. Wine drinkers scan and rate wines they’ve consumed, contributing to a crowd-sourced database that is then used to help others discover new wines. The app also makes suggestions based on each user’s preferences and entries. With a click, people can then connect with retailers. merchants, and wineries and purchase wine directly from these sources.

Cost: To determine if Vivino is a fit for your winery, contact its team online here.

Wine Routes

Your personal guide to wine country

About, according to Wine Routes: Plan your route, explore unique destinations, discover new experiences.

Wine Routes is known for helping travelers plan winery tasting room visits, via interactive profiles that offer visits a range of useful information. Though tasting rooms are closed right now, wineries benefit from the wine listings feature. This allows them to showcase their bottles, collect drinker reviews and link back to their ecommerce site so users can purchase directly.

Cost: It’s free for wineries to claim their profile. A premium option is available for $49/ month ($44/month if paid annually). This gets you additional winery details, links to book a reservation, and buy now buttons for your wines.

Note: You may have heard of marketplaces like Drizly and Instacart, and while it’s possible that your wine can flow through these channels, they are largely tied to retail. If your wine is in a shop or grocery store, these can be a tool to bridge that final mile from the shelf to people’s homes.


For Part 2, we'll be sharing DtC tools your winery should consider in 2020. Stay tuned!

Real talk with wine industry pros: "On the Spot" every Wednesday on FB Live
27 April, 2020

Introducing: On the Spot, our new weekly series where you can listen in on perspective from wine industry professionals. Join Outshinery for free on Facebook Live to learn what wineries, wine marketers, and ecommerce teams are talking about in 2020.

Put the pros “On the Spot” and get on-point perspective to run your business, sell more wine, and be more in tune to what your audience needs in 2020 and beyond.

Join Outshinery’s Facebook Live chats with wine industry experts, each Wednesday at 10 am PST (1 pm EST) on Outshinery’s Facebook page.

Week 3 (April 29): Simon Solis-Cohen, Highway 29 Creative

"Use Food Pairings & Lifestyle To Market Your Wine"


Week 4 (May 6): Ben Salisbury, Salisbury Creative Group
"Why evolution is essential"


Week 5 (May 13): John Lawlor, Label Analytics

"How to leverage your label"



DId you miss our first two FB Live events? For the full recap videos, click here.

Week 1 (April 15): Megan DiCicco, Solutions on 2nd LLC
"Re-evaluate your messaging for relevance and sensitivity. Consumers need to be met where they are at this moment in time."

Episode resources:

Week 2 (April 22): Reka Haros, Reframe Wine

Episode resources:

Reserve your seat for future events. Subscribe now.

New Lifestyle Images: The “wine from home” series
14 April, 2020

You may be separated physically from your customers now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want your wine. 

In fact, wine sales in some segments are up, particularly online*. It’s the perfect time to promote home delivery and wine club options from your winery.

New Lifestyle Images: The “wine from home” series

Highlight people enjoying door-to-door delivery of bottles to satisfy days and evenings at home. You will also find the perfect WFH (work from home or wine from home?) scenes for people on their screens now more than ever. Also available: incredibly soothing tablescapes and domestic scenes to increase the cozy factor of your wines. And as a bonus, you’ll also find Spring delights to announce the new season. Feature your bottles in these backdrops with flawless results, better than anything else available. No physical samples are needed, and the process is all online, backed by a friendly team of artists and professionals. Best of all, get ready-to-go visuals in as little as 48 hours.

Get your first Bottle Shot + Lifestyle Image for FREE from Outshinery

  • These Lifestyle Images can feature any bottle shape (we match yours perfectly, even custom details and finishes). 

  • They can accommodate “single bottle” or “multiple bottles” setups. (Demo bottles shown are simply suggestions, so you can get a sense of what the final result looks like.)

  • And NEW: Some options can accommodate shippers, can be six- or twelve-packs. 

In other words, what you see is a model, but you can make it your own, to suit your needs NOW.

These images are ideal to:

  • Promote your virtual tasting

  • Remind customers to buy wine online

  • Announce free or reduced shipping 

  • Suggest your wine as gifts for isolated friends

  • Accelerate your brand’s digital transformation

  • Get your brand in front of new customers fast


Things to keep in mind: Images are available in a limited quantity, to prevent overlap among neighbors. Secure yours now to get exactly what you want. 

Times are strange... and Outshinery understands you’ll be needing an on-going flexible source for imagery as we all navigate the next weeks. Because of this, we’ll roll out new visuals weekly as we work with our photographers for additional timely Lifestyle Images.


Free wine marketing visuals for you (get a Bottle Shot + Lifestyle Image on us)
30 March, 2020

We are truly living in unique times. If you need visual assets to sell your wine online, Outshinery is offering a complimentary Bottle Shot + Lifestyle image to help you transition or bolster your digital presence. 

It's on us. No strings, no hassle, and you'll get it delivered online in as little as 48 hours.

Get your wine Bottle Shot in a Lifestyle Image like this (varied options available)



What you get with Outshinery:

  1. Flawless wine bottle photography
  2. 100% online, no physical samples necessary
  3. Optimized + ready to use
  4. Delivered in 48 hrs or less

Offer valid for first-timers only.

Click HERE to claim your free Bottle Shot + Lifestyle Image.

We're all in this together.

Winery communication advice during coronavirus
18 March, 2020

As winery tasting rooms close temporarily and customers keep distance, get advice to communicate with your audience and make authentic connections that go beyond coronavirus (COVID-19) messaging. Now is the moment to communicate with your customers and audience.

Winery communication advice during coronavirus

It may not seem like the right time to try to get their attention, but the truth is, they want to hear from you. Your winery is one of their happy places. You are able to provide one of life’s pleasures that can still be enjoyed: wine. Most of us are on screens much more than we typically would be, and our remote connections are indispensable ties that bind. We know that this is a difficult time, but it’s also a time of opportunity, a chance to tell your winery’s story beyond the fact that you may be closed or geared down because of coronavirus. The Outshinery team always works remotely, and we understand that being apart physically doesn’t actually mean being apart in ways that matter. If possible, social distancing could be reconsidered as simply distancing, with the social element celebrated, not deleted.

We are the global team behind Outshinery and we continue to be open, ready, and here to support you with our online services during this time.


The Outshinery team got together on Tuesday morning, as we always do, over Skype, and talked about ways that wineries can reach their customers. Our group lives in eight different countries, and yet the time zones and boundaries dissolve as we come to understand we are all living with the effects of this pandemic.  We don’t have all the answers, and like everyone else, we are floating in unknown waters. But here are some suggestions that perhaps you can use now. From our virtual home to yours!

Think over the delivery chain

For scheduled shipments and new orders, be sure to collect an accurate address for delivery. Many of your customers may use business addresses for wine shipments, and those could be closed doors at the moment. Your customers will most likely forget this detail, so double-check with them personally to be sure the wine will arrive where they are!

Tone of voice

This is a big deal. Think about how your audience is feeling right now, and try to imagine what they need, what they want to hear. The time they take to interact with your winery online should have the same goal as the tasting room experience: it’s about them. Sure, you can (and need) to share the logistics of the situation, but also let them know that you are thinking of them. Write less about “we” and more about “you”—for example: instead of "we deliver" think about your customer’s experience and try "you receive wine at your door.” This goes right into your audience’s experience. It’s powerful.

Nurture relationships

Besides online messages through general means (newsletter, email, social media) consider picking up the phone or sending a personalized message. We predict that actual phone conversations will make a comeback and help break up boredom with the interaction we crave. Some of your customers or members (or suppliers, partners, employees) have been with you for quite some time. Now is the opportunity to let them know that you consider them to be a friend. 

Make it easy to buy

Customers want to buy wine—make it easy on them. If you sell online, then be sure your ecommerce system is sharp and ready for action. If you aren’t there yet, make it easy to call or email. Don’t forget to ensure that they can buy gift cards. If for some reason you can’t ship wine now, let them make a purchase to support the future.

Offer something useful

Consider resources you have at your disposal that might entertain or educate people while stuck at home, hopefully with your wine. Does your tasting room manager have a cool trick to open a bottle without a corkscrew? Does your winery dog do something cute every two seconds? Does your winemaker have an interesting way of explaining her process? Take a quick video and share it. What about a virtual wine tasting? Either impromptu or with a few prearrangements? It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Amp up the benefits

Your wine club would absolutely dig a little extra love right now. Can you throw in a deeper discount or reduced shipping? Can you let them share a “friends and family deal”, available to nonmembers for a limited time? Can you give them a two for one ticket to an event that’s planned for later this year?  Get creative and remind them why they chose your club.

Adjust your landing page

People are cooking at home more these days—use your website as a source for recipes, pairing ideas or mini cooking challenges. What about maps, book recommendations or movie suggestions for wine lovers? Make your page a hub, a resource, a go-to for meaning and joy.

We’ve been around since…

You probably have an ‘about’ page somewhere, now could be the time to expand on that. Tell customers a bit more about your winery and your team. Look back on what you’ve learned, and share something meaningful from your experience. Everyone loves old photos, maybe now is the time to show off some memories from the early days. By showing your history, you intrinsically express that we will all weather the storm. It will mark us, but it won’t be the end of us.

Life doesn’t stop at the tasting room

In fact, there is lots of life in your vineyards, where the virus is invisible. In the northern hemisphere, Spring is here and vitality and nature keep going. Share signs of vines thriving and the vineyard team at work. For those following along from cities or isolated in their homes, seeing that greenery growing will feel so very good!

Share the love

Start a virtual game of tag with your neighbors and friends, and keep humans as the focus. If the restaurant down the street had to close temporarily, send some social media love their way and ask them to do the same for someone else. If your delivery person always comes wearing a smile, call that out online. Is the winery across the road experiencing a closure too? Lob a team photo their way and ask them to send one back. We may be isolated, but in a way we are isolated together. This chain is endless—we can’t wait to see what you do.

In conclusion

If this all seems a bit overwhelming, we get you. Pick one or two that feel right and move forward with a generous heart. Meanwhile, we’ve pulled together some links and further resources you can use right now:

How to use images as turnkey marketing solutions: why visuals matter for online wine sales
02 March, 2020

How to use images as turnkey marketing solutions (and spread joy while you do it)

Outshinery founder, Laurie Millotte, is here to tell you a secret. Actually, it’s not a secret, but that’s because Laurie really believes in what you are about to learn. In fact, she’s spent a portion of this quarter traveling with the Commerce7 roadshow and as a DTC Wine Symposium panelist sharing her expertise.

It’s all about delighting your customers (and selling wine) with visuals.

Below is a preview of some of the slides Laurie shared in her presentation. Access the full presentation HERE.

People make super-quick decisions based on what they see. In fact, humans know if they like something within 50 milliseconds of looking at it. This means that your customers have formed an impression of your website, social media page, or ecommerce platform at first sight.

If customers are absolutely delighted by your product and the experience you give them, they'll start talking about it and help you achieve organic, exponential growth.

Human beings are driven by emotions and often make decisions based on them.  Establishing an emotional connection with users through delight is an easy way to add value to customer interactions.

If you’d like a way to hack this moment where their eyes meet yours (digitally speaking, of course) download the rest of the presentation HERE. 

Inside you’ll discover:

  • What shoppers want online

  • 3 common pitfalls in online wine marketing

  • Tips on how to stay out of those pitfalls

  • Tools to resonance with and delight your audience

  • Real life examples that worked

  • A free offer + how to get started

Actionable marketing tips for your winery or wine club in 2020
18 February, 2020

When it comes to marketing your winery, it's all about the consumer. That's the one theme that sums up everything we gathered from last month's Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium in California. Or, at least it should be, according to insights gathered by Outshinery founder, Laurie Millotte. Laurie was a featured speaker at the symposium as well as at the Commerce7 roadshow. She was on tour spreading insight on how wineries can add delight to their communication. If you’re curious about the topic, check out the recap resources here

Click to get Laurie's take on why visuals count in online communication + how to avoid 3 common pitfalls in your own wine marketing.


Laurie was surrounded by peers from the wine industry—wineries big and small as well as businesses that serve them. Think: tech pros, designers, consultants and more. Laurie says that regardless of background, wineries are facing an opportunity in 2020: “How to do more with less in a way that really resonates with today’s consumer.”

There isn’t any bulk solution to the idea of resonating with the shopper. In fact, hopes of a single silver bullet in the form of demographics or a sales-y approach are exactly what today’s wine shopper doesn’t want. Instead, Laurie gleaned from conversations and panelists, “all people in this hyper-connected world want it to be all about them.”

“What’s the best way to do this, especially for wineries with a “small and hustling team?” Laurie says it’s time to leverage technology in order to offer customer service that represents the wine world’s sense of hospitality, yet captures best practices outside of the industry.

One way forward is to rethink the traditional wine club. In the modern version, consumers expect customization, similar to other subscriptions found in their lives. “The wine club model is old and antiquated,” says Laurie.  

Laurie’s opening slide at the DTC Wine Symposium - click to access the full presentation

One way to step up to this challenge is to change how shipments are arranged for and scheduled. Rather than do a few big shipments every few months, wineries should consider that batching predetermined orders isn’t the best customer service. And, contrary to popular belief, it may not be the most effective or generate optimal income. “When you leave the opportunity to adapt and modify their order, the value of the package goes higher and people tend to top-up with more expensive wines,” says Laurie, based on data she picked up from Commerce7. 

Personalization isn’t only important with wine club members,— it should be the guiding light on every winery’s website, tailored to visitors by displaying the preferences of that individual customer front and center. Raising the bar on a customer’s online experience is one of the best ways to capture sales and build trust and engagement with new and potential shoppers.

According to Commerce7, wineries can drive 16.5 times more “add to cart” clicks by adding personalization to their communication.

People decide if they like what they see in 50 milliseconds - click to access the full presentation

This is referred to as segmentation, and it boils down to offering the right messages to the right people, based on what you know about them...either from what they tell you or what you come to understand from their behavior on your site or with your product.

Laurie says that delighting customers, with particular attention paid to the audience, can make meaningful connections. Human beings are driven by emotion, so if people are absolutely delighted by a product and the experience shopping for it (or using it) gives them, they’ll start talking about it. This is how wineries achieve organic exponential growth.

“Human beings are driven by emotion, so if people are absolutely delighted by a product and the experience shopping for it (or using it) gives them, they’ll start talking about it. This is how wineries achieve organic exponential growth.”

If the idea of employing technology sounds mystifying (like: how do I do that?) it’s time for wineries to realize they shouldn’t be performing this all by themselves. They should use 2020 to invest in what Laurie and others in the industry call a “tech stack,” a suite of technologies that, when built together, create a packaged solution. In this case, it’s direct to consumer wine sales. See an example created by Paul Mabray of Emetry here, to visualize the mojo of a tech stack.

While this may seem newfangled to the wine industry, it is best practice in many others. Employing these ideas “democratizes” wine, according to Laurie. “Technology can reach more people, more genuinely, and that gets me excited.”

Access the entire presentation here.

How to get compelling wine photos that are ready when you are ⏰
03 February, 2020

Meet this season’s fresh batch of Lifestyle Images.

February and March are packed with opportunities to show off your wine in a timely, seasonal manner. Outshinery's new timely seasonal photos + evergreen looks offer versatile solutions when you need them, in as little as 48 hours ⏰


There are big sporting events and awards nights, when your customers gather (or at least put their feet up in front of the screen) to enjoy wine, snacks, and friends. There’s also Valentine’s Day, and there’s nothing better for romance and appreciation than a choice bottle of wine. 

But, on the other hand, this is often considered the quiet season for wineries in North America… 

Here’s how to use this time to communicate with your tribe, even if they aren’t in the tasting room.  

These new Lifestyle Images hit the seasonal high points, but are also curated for plenty of delight and energy that can be deployed now and all year long.  

💡And here’s the highlight:

if you need visual content fast (think: wine club shipment or last-minute marketing opportunity) we can turn these around with lightning speed.  

In as little as 48-hours you can have exactly what you need. We take any of your wines and drop them into these scenes. The demo bottle you see is just a placeholder until the real star shows up: your bottle.  We can always change the positioning and number of bottles to accommodate your requests, and the bottle will fit your specifications exactly. Liquid color, shape, closure, label details, and more will all be flawlessly true to life. 

So don’t wait, explore this new batch of Lifestyle Images. You'll find photos inspired by Hygge, romance, tidy tablescapes, and spring-is-coming. These Lifestyle Images charm your audience with all the feels. 

“My experience with Outshinery has always been terrific. If I need something in a hurry, they always get it done for me. And they are kind, fun and professional. I love working with people like this!”

Click here to: GET STARTED NOW.

How to fix your wine photography
20 January, 2020

The numbers tell part of the story, but what really makes us proud is our relationships. Since Outshinery was founded in 2016 we’ve served 350+ clients and 800+ brands and we are thankful for each and every one. 

What else has happened since our first days as a visual asset creation agency for the wine industry? Here’s a look at the past four years by the numbers.

When Laurie Millotte created Outshinery, she had dinosaurs on her mind.


Walking home after watching Jurassic World at the cinema in 2015, an idea hit her: “If computers can make dinosaurs look that realistic, surely we can do the same for a wine bottle!”

At the time, Laurie was working as a designer, creating beautiful wine labels for her clients. The bottles would be stunning, but when the likeness appeared in marketing efforts, she could see that her clients were often disappointed by the lackluster visuals. Glare, shadows, reflections—these distractions polluted the images and made her clients’ bottles look, well, prehistoric.

“With the future in mind, Outshinery was born. Laurie and her team leverage the same 3D artistry that makes Hollywood movies visually dynamic but thanks to the 350+ clients Outshinery has partnered with since the company was founded in 2016, this tech has a permanent place in the wine industry. ”

Here is the “dino label” from our friends at The Hatch in case you’re curious!

The numbers tell part of the story, but what really makes us proud is our relationships. 

Inspired to join the wine photography revolution? Let’s do it! Click HERE to fix your wine photography problems with Outshinery.

How to kick off 2020 with a delightful marketing plan
07 January, 2020

Be on track for January, February, and March milestones with this free downloadable calendar + expert tips. Build your 2020 marketing plan around key reminders and social media days, the smart way. 

Access your free wine industry marketing calendar

55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.* Perhaps your brand has a blog, or maybe your focus is on sharing blog-like content for social media, newsletters, and email campaigns.  Regardless of how and where you publish marketing messages, you simply must have to have a plan for when to publish them. It’s a new year and now’s the time to prepare your best-foot-forward calendar and gather the resources you’ll need to make all of your communication delightful. 

Build your plan around visual content and maximize the message. Studies show that people have the ability to recall 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later.

To glean top-shelf advice on starting a digital marketing plan, we reached out to Megan Megan DeCicco, founder of Solutions On 2nd, LLC, a project management team out of Santa Barbara, California. DeCicco says that having a document to keep goals in sight is a key element for success. “There is one primary workbook we utilize for each client throughout the year: the annual digital marketing workbook,” says DeCicco. She calls it a “masterpiece” of information that helps her clients prepare for the upcoming year with material that can be transferred to digital media at the ideal moment.  DiCicco says that the plan should include an approach for social media and blogging, and be centered on major and minor holidays that are meaningful to your brand and support monthly themes. (Hello! All those wine days!)

To make this easy and fun for you, we’ve used Megan’s guidance to craft a downloadable, printable calendar (our own little “masterpiece”) for your wine brand.

Complete with all the handy hashtags, visual inspiration, and seasonal reminders you need.

Here’s what we’re thinking.  Hints and highlights for the months to come:

Download your free 7-page PDF here.

Want to learn more about delightful communication? 

Laurie, Outshinery’s founder, is taking off in January 202 with the Commerce7 roadshow and she’ll also be at the DTC Symposium. Meet her there to sit in on one of her panels (packed with perspective on delight + communication) and be sure to say hello. 👋

DTC Symposium: January 22-23, 2020 at the Hilton Concord Hotel in Concord, California.

How to promote your wine as the season’s top gift
08 December, 2019

🎄 🎁 Here's a list of marketing plans to put your bottles under the tree this year.

It can be intimidating to find the right gift for a wine lover, even if you work in the wine industry. “Now, imagine how your next door neighbor, your aunt, and your recently-of-drinking age nephew feel?”

It’s hard to know what the recipient will like and even more challenging to add a meaningful touch to the idea of a bottle of wine. The holidays are the time of year when shoppers make an educated guess about what their loved ones might consider tasty or desirable.

Nevertheless, you want people to consider your product THE gift of the season. For anyone and everyone. Help them out by artfully promoting curated options from your portfolio. Keep it simple by stealing these themes and visual hints to guide your tribe through their full gifting list.


Your reserve or premium tiers are the ace in the hole for impressing any recipient.

Best for: top clients, bosses, in-laws, romantic interests…


The height of elegance and taste, dessert and port-style wines are draped in the essence of special occasions.

Best for: friends (especially if they share), host gifts, parents, siblings…

On point.

Our sources tell us that wine shoppers are searching out wine gifts for the holiday season. Offer a direct-to-gift-receiver solution so people can shop and ship right from your website. Be sure to provide a customized message option.

Best for: clients, neighbors, Millennials, childhood and college friends…


A new year is coming! Celebrations abound! This is the ultimate time for the bubbly to flow. Double down: promote these wines as gifts and entertaining absolute must-haves. Bottles to keep, bottles to give.

Best for: host gifts, coworkers, neighbors, best friends…

Go pro.

How cool would it be to have a customer order several cases to use as corporate gifts? Make it crystal clear that you have the ideal bottles. Let them choose three from various price ranges, to make budgets happy.

Best for: clients, employees, vendors, partners…

Box it. 

Any wine appears elevated when presented in a stunning gift box. Outshinery has visuals to make this suggestion come alive.

Best for: coworkers, bosses, nannies, spouses…

Mix it.

There are, in fact, some lovely holiday cocktails based on wine. Position one of your red wine bottles as a treat for Glögg or your bubbly as part of a killer rosemary pomegranate spritzer.

Best for: romantic interests, aunts and uncles, siblings, parents…

Move it.

Let’s be honest. There is probably a release or two that you’d like to move from your stock. Perhaps there’s a lot of it, or you need to free up space for the next vintage. In this case, you choose what you want to sell and highlight it.

Best for: wild card, teachers, last-minute presents, hairdressers and the like…

Easier than shopping online, browse our Ivy & Sparkles Lifestyle Image collection to see many more holiday visuals.

Curious what your product would look like in these scapes?

Click HERE to try Outshinery now, get your first Lifestyle Image for free.

No Pain, All Gain: Drive engagement, conversion, retention, and sell more wine with photography
04 December, 2019

Photography that knocks your socks off, without you breaking a sweat!

When it comes to achieving excellent results in life, hard work is rewarded. “No pain, no gain,” right? Well, maybe not. What if, with very little effort, you could forget about the tedious work of bottle photography, and still reap the benefits of that marketing asset for months, if not years, to come? 

60% of Instagram users discover new products while they enjoy the scroll. Amp your brand in the social media environment with minimum time and effort outlay. Learn how Outshinery takes care of the three main hurdles behind in-context photography and makes it extremely easy for you to access high-quality lifestyle images that increase sales and engage viewers

Behind-the-scenes of the fall lifestyle photoshoot. #safetyfirst

1 – We curate and bring the talent together for you.

Benefit from a one-stop shop that works hand in hand with the best creative directors, photographers, prop stylists, and designers around the globe. Outshinery collaborates with a crew of passion-driven individuals that bring their expertise to the table.

Say goodbye to endless Pinterest searches, creative blocks, and lack of resources. Outshinery has you covered. Everything we create is designed with you - the wine or beer marketer - in mind. Take this job off your plate and go grow your business!

Take a look at the “Make it Pop!” capsule created by artist Amy Shamblen, a creative director specializing in creating colorful images and animations for fun brands. 

From Outshinery's 'Make It Pop' collection developed in collaboration with Amy Shamblen

2 - We take the risks, you reap the glory.

No need to take a gamble with an expensive custom photoshoot. Instead, safely rely on Outshinery’s expertise. Outshinery fronts all the associated costs involved in making lifestyle images a reality. No initial expense, no massive production budgets, and no rolling the dice on the final results.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Browse our Lifestyle Images collections and envision the demo bottles as your own product in the picture. These galleries are ever-evolving and include seasonal and steadfast context for the full year.

  2. Place your order online to specify which product(s) you want for each of your Lifestyle Image choices. The easy-to-use form is directly on the gallery page. No fuss at all!

  3. Approve and receive your Lifestyle Images with your products in the picture. All of this, online backed by a team of friendly professionals.

LEARN MORE: A free guide to discover why high-quality Lifestyle Images are an investment that pays off. 

 Our creative team uses 3-D software and Hollywood technology to create images of your product.


3 - We move fast, so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

Have your visual content ready in a matter of days instead of weeks! Finding a photographer, organizing a photoshoot, editing images, and so on, make for a lengthy process. More often than not, you need visual content much faster than that. Outshinery can provide you with  Lifestyle Images with your products in them within 3-5 business days, putting you in a position to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves - even the last minute ones, even on products that have yet to be bottled!

Got questions? 
Here are answers to some of the most common ones we get:

🤔 How does this whole thing work?

This is the exciting part, the real revolution. Our creative team uses 3-D software and Hollywood technology to create images of your product. It's a combination of artistry and tech. But the beautiful part is this: you don't have to know how to use the software (you don't even have to use a camera). Your role in this takes a few moments, all from your computer. A quick (like, 5 mins or less) questionnaire allows you to tell us precise details about your product. Then you provide your label artwork (something you already have, for your printer). That's all we need to get to work! You'll get proofs in a few days. Approve those and get high-resolution files that you can use anywhere.

What you don’t need to do is go to the warehouse and ship us physical samples of your product. You can let that one go!

First-timers can even try it for free here!

🗂️ What do I need to provide to get started?

The only actual file we need is your label artwork, but here's a bit about the process, which takes about 5 minutes at your computer:

Basically, we need you to answer a short yet detailed questionnaire about your product. You'll indicate elements such as your specific bottle shape, the color of the glass, the color of the liquid, and the type of closure you’re using. Then, you’ll be prompted to upload your label artwork — the same files you sent to your printer for production. That’s it!

No physical samples needed. You'll get proofs to approve before receiving the final deal: high-resolution images you can use anywhere.

🌅 How will you put my bottle into a Lifestyle Image?

Great question. First we make a Bottle Shot of your product. Getting your standard Bottle Shot is like casting the right actor for your film — she’s essential to everything that comes after. Once you’ve found her, the rest of the movie falls into place around her, like a set. Without the actor, the set is a bit empty!

It’s the same thing with your Bottle Shots! They are the “actors” in your imagery. Once we’ve created your bottle image with the perfect product color, paper texture, and other finishes, it’s ready to be placed in any Lifestyle Images, Animated Labels, and Product Videos!

💵 How much does it cost?

We have plans and pricing to meet your needs! Our currency is Shine Credits, which are purchased in annual or month-to-month subscription plans. Annual subscriptions offer the lowest prices on our services and come with exclusive privileges — for when you really mean business!

Visit our pricing page to see your options and choose a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Get festive with gift boxes!
13 November, 2019

There’s a darling little wine shop nearby that has found a way to attract customers and sell more wine in multiples this time of year. They offer authentic wooden wine crates as a bonus with the purchase of a case. It may seem like a little thing, but people love the extra finesse of detail, the thrill of a little something special. They’ll even add a bow to present the box as a tasteful holiday gift.

Here’s how you can capture the potential of your wines in gorgeous gift boxes and show off seasonal flair.

Promote your wine as the show-shopping center of holiday deliveries for business as well as personal gift-giving. 

Wine gift boxes—on their own or as a component of sumptuous wine-themed gift baskets—make impressive corporate gifts

This is an ideal way to build up excitement around less obvious wines (think: those varieties that need a little more introduction). 

Gift boxes also enable you to suggest couples of wine boxed together, say a well-heeled red and white combo, or a set of reserve releases. Two bottles of bubbly, one for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, for example, look delightful together.

It’s time to start marketing these options now, in wine club mailers, on social media, newsletters, and tasting room materials. Choose visuals that boost your brand’s image and help customers choose the perfect gift (from your portfolio) for all the festivities this season.

Outfit your portfolio with gift boxes. Get Outshinery to create the visuals.

Click HERE to talk to our team. 

How to market one wine bottle three ways for fall & winter sales
28 October, 2019

Celebrations call for wine, and with the flurry of the upcoming season, you can take advantage of the excitement, without doubling down on effort.

The average American adult makes an incredible 35,000 decisions every day. 

Do you identify with the chaos of all those choices? As a business owner or decision-maker, you are constantly evaluating ways to elevate your brand. Meanwhile, your customers are dealing with the same overwhelming avalanche of information when they head online to make a purchase. The fall and winter seasons add an extra layer of fluster to the mix. In the wine world, October, November and December - also known as OND - mean harvest, wine club shipments and numerous holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkuh, Christmas and New Year’s Eve!). It’s a crucial time of the year for your business and a moneymaker opportunity when it comes to customer buying habits.

One way to make this season come together is to streamline your marketing to take advantage of the excitement, without doubling down on effort. 

Here’s an idea: take one bottle and visually present it three ways. This approach keeps you organized and efficient, and relieves the dreaded feeling of being empty-handed during this ideal selling season. It works for all products, across your full portfolio, and it elevates your brand to the top.

One Bottle, Three Ways

In the array below it becomes easy to see how one bottle shot can be used year around with an evergreen effect, while lifestyle images are relevant and evocative for a particular season. Portray your brand as timely and fresh with super minimal effort. A few moments of planning at the beginning of the season will outfit your bottles for the final quarter of the year. The peace of mind of being prepared frees you up to focus on other tasks, meanwhile your images work non-stop for you.

Lifestyle images help your customers view your wines and gift sets as ideal for their celebrations and gift-giving occasions. There are a number of ways to incorporate this imagery into your marketing efforts.

For example, create a One Click Offer using WineDirect's promotional tools. These offers allow your customers to click on an image in a marketing email - or even on social media - that takes them directly to the checkout page with a pre-filled shopping cart. Fewer clicks for them, more online sales for you! 

You can also target customers with up-sell and cross-sell tools through WineDirect's platform. With well chosen promos, you can entice customers to spend a little more with each transaction.

Here are some examples of how to make this work for your portfolio:

  • Put your wine in context of big spending days with a trio of attention-getting visuals for Black Friday, Giving Tuesday, and Cyber Monday. On Black Friday, make your wine the respite after a long day of shopping. Cyber Monday means your wine is right there by the computer, top of mind when shoppers hit purchase now. On Giving Tuesday, show your wine as an element of your brand’s charitable efforts, or as a symbol that brings family and friends together during the giving season.

  • Consider all the meals and snacks that are elemental during the fall and winter seasons, show your wine on the table with perfect pairings that suggest how to partner your releases with the fall harvest season, Thanksgiving meals, and winter holiday feasts.

  • Suggest that your wine is the perfect gift, from hostess tokens to premium holiday treasures, by conveying your bottles in several settings. Convince your customers that the winter holidays aren’t the only time to present your wine as the ultimate in generosity and good taste — fall needs presents, too!

Make it Happen

The first step is getting a flawless bottle shot, using the latest 3D technology by Outshinery. Consider it like casting your actor (your wine) and then welcoming them to a performance-ready stage (the lifestyle scene). We need to get that star flawlessly ready first!

The results can not only be used to craft festive lifestyle images, but employed right away for ecommerce to improve your email marketing efforts and winery website, wine club communications, print materials and much more. (For more on bottle shots, check out Wine Lifestyle Photography and Bottle Shots: What Options are There? and High-quality Bottle Shots: an investment that pays off.)

Order bottle shots for every wine in your portfolio or at the very least, just the ones on which you want to focus in October, November, and December. 

Maybe it’s simply red wines, or library wines, or bottles at the most premium level. Perhaps you want to highlight wines that you have in large supply, or customer favorites. Decide areas to place focus on and consider the style of the labels too, using color and texture inherent in the design to set a mood for your visuals. After that, the sky's the limit. Select lifestyle images from an ever-evolving gallery organized into collections for easy sorting. If you need advice on how to roll out a seasonal marketing plan featuring these images, download your free playbook from Outshinery here, Seasonal marketing: A guide for family wineries.This guide helps you break up the tasks involved in marketing for a particular season (or two). Imagine the possibilities on social media -- this stuff is solid gold!

You can also refer to WineDirect's holiday checklist for tried and true tips on making the most of this busy holiday sales season, or check out numerous holiday tips and articles featured in their Knowledge Center.

Last but not least...

Here’s a little gift to get you started: a complimentary lifestyle image for first-time test shots! If you've already claimed your image with Outshinery, you can get another one with any new paid orders as a friend of WineDirect. Just use code WINEDIRECT at checkout, through December 31, 2019. You can browse lifestyle images on Outshinery's website. Set yourself up for success this fall and winter holiday season. Time to get festive!

Free Webinar: Upgrade Your Holiday Marketing with Dazzling Visual Content
15 October, 2019

Upgrade Your Holiday Marketing with Dazzling Visual Content

We're hosting a FREE wine marketing webinar in partnership with VinSUITE, a DtC software provider for the wine industry. Upgrade your marketing this holiday season with dazzling visual content brought to you by Outshinery. Join us for tips and tricks on how to use visual content to boost engagement in emails and social media in OND and finish the year off strong. 💪💪💪

Webinar time: Join us on Wednesday November 6 at 11am PST.
Registration Link:

Words from our founder Laurie Millotte:

"Lifestyle Images open up a whole new world of possibilities with just a few clicks!  The cliché “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds true: neuroscientists discovered that the brain processes images in as little as 13 milliseconds (much much faster than text!).   With Outshinery Lifestyle Images, the entire alcohol industry can now feature any products into varied evocative scenes. Customers can picture how your drink would fit into their lives, and become more inclined to tap the ‘purchase now’  button."

In the meantime, here are a few Lifestyle Images to get you excited about the upcoming holidays.

For more information about Outshinery, visit: or claim your FREE test shot from us at

9 Ways to Elevate Your Business (Listings) and Improve Local SEO
30 September, 2019


Chances are, even if you do nothing, your business will likely appear on search engines and review sites. 

So you might be asking yourself:

“Why should I care about business listings?”


That’s a great question.  Say you just learned that your town has a new eatery called Juno’s Delicatessen. You don’t know much about it, other than the general location, and you decide to look for more information online. What do you do?


I can tell you what I’d do. I’d go straight to Google, type in ‘Juno’s Delicatessen Santa Barbara’, and see what popped up. 

Even when the website is known, it’s not uncommon for users to search by keyword or business name instead of going direct. That’s because search engines make it so easy to find the local businesses we are looking for!

This is why you should care about business listings.

Think about how users are finding your business. If they use Bing or Google to search your business name, does a business listing appear next to the search results? 

If not, proactively creating your business listing will help your audience find you when they search for your name and location! Did you know that 50% of Google searches are from people looking for local businesses? And get this: 50% of those searches result in a call to a business that same day.

If so, is your URL included so they can get to your branded website? Are the photos listed for your business accurate and appealing? Are your hours and contact information correct?

What if they aren’t familiar with your business specifically, but instead are using search terms like ‘wine tasting’, ‘vineyard’, or ‘cabernet sauvignon’ in your neighborhood? Will they find you in the top results?

Here’s the reality:

The search provider wants to meet the user’s needs, so they are going to prioritize the results based on information accuracy — collected from multiple data points — and the frequency with which similar searches provided relevant results for similar seekers.

The more information you provide to these platforms, the more likely your customer is to find you when using them.

Simply existing on the platform isn’t enough. Here’s how to elevate your listing. 


The basics: Verification, contact info & hours

If you’ve been in business for a while now, crawlers have probably already indexed your business information and designed a listing for you. It may just need to be verified, or is waiting for you to optimize it. 

If you are a brand new business, you can kick-start your marketing by initiating business listings yourself. This way web crawlers start searching for you sooner, and customers can find you faster!

The first step is verification. 

This is how you can unlock full access to the listing.

Verification is done. Now what?


Next stop: accurate contact information. Start with a NAPU: your Business Name, Address (with the pin on the visual map in the correct place), Phone Number and URL.

Be sure you use your exact business name and not a variant of it. This could hurt search engine discovery and should be consistent across the web. Look at the detail in this example.

  • Correct: Appa’s Vineyard & Winery. 

  • Incorrect: Appa’s Tasting Room OR Appa’s Vineyard OR Appa’s Winery OR Appa’s Wine Tasting.

Given the rise of ‘Near Me’ searches, best practices suggest using your local number instead of toll-free. Whichever you use, make it consistent across your website and various business profiles on the web.

Don’t have a website? Use the link to the social media platform your brand is active on and can be reached through!

Don’t forget your business hours!  

They are an important part of your business profile. If your office closes midday for a lunch break, you can account for that in your business hours online. 

This is important because if a potential customer is looking up your business and the hours aren’t listed, they may go to the next recommendation on the list. By comparison, if hours are listed but the customer goes to your business and you are closed, they could report your closure to the referral site and impact your business information moving forward.


Some services will even send you texts and email reminders to add or update holiday hours automatically, making it easy to communicate upcoming changes to your schedule.


Elevate your listing: Going beyond the basics

Once you’ve got your foundation built, consider the following “Extra Credit” opportunities to further enhance your list and attract new guests!



A detailed business description

  • A messaging option (either by email or SMS)

  • Add labels, keywords and/or tags (each platform calls these something different, but they help customers find you when they use general search terms)

  • Add photos of your exterior, interior, products and people

  • List products (if applicable/available)

  • Incorporate news and special offers

Consider photos, which are a huge part of consumer perception. As a verified profile manager, you can flag irrelevant photos for removal from your business, but you can’t really control unflattering photos. 

There are certain criteria from which you can request a photo to be removed from your profile: content that is not relevant, poor quality photo, privacy concerns, sexually explicit, profane, regulated goods, copyright, illegal, hate speech, and harassment. 

So if it’s a photo of your dirty bathroom, your request to remove it will likely be declined. The best thing to do is to upload your own relevant and appealing photos to the various profiles, and keep new content coming so the less desirable images aren’t prominently displayed.

Top of the class: Engagement & analytics

Finally, let's talk about how to take your listing beyond basic communications and out to your potential audience. Discover how it’s the perfect tool to collect information.


Reviews & Engagement

Most listing sites have a review program or the ability to ask questions about the business. By verifying your listing you can streamline the management of these engagements by setting up email alerts to notify you when new customer comments or questions get added to your profile. If a review is posted, respond and let them know you received it. Thank them for coming in, and welcome them back.

Some profiles also have a questions section where anyone can respond — not just the verified owner. It’s important to monitor these and interject if misinformation is being spread or to thank the users who answer correctly on your behalf.  A little bit of appreciation for a brand advocate goes a long way, and will hopefully encourage deeper advocacy and business support!




Each platform will have its own version of available analytics, but it’s a good idea to review your listing performance and identify any key takeaways that can better support your marketing efforts.

Google My Business will tell you how and where visitors found you and what actions they tool. It will also tell you what keywords were searched when users found your listing. Facebook Business Page will provide follower demographics, optimal times of day to post and on-page actions taken by visitors.

And if all else fails, just remember…

“The best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

Whether you want it to be or not, your brand exists in places beyond your social media accounts and company website. It’s a big, big world out there, and as a small business, you want to do everything you can to stay in touch with it. 


5 Ways to Use Lifestyle Images to Amp Your Wine Brand
16 September, 2019

With a myriad of other wine brands vying to captivate a similar audience, it’s important that the images you use are high-quality, engaging, and available when you need them.

We asked Amy Shamblen, featured artist behind our “Make it Pop!” collection for her experienced advice — as a creative director and photographer — on how brands can super optimize Lifestyle Images .Lifestyle Images save time and money and create consistency throughout various platforms to build brand awareness—AKA long term success for your brand.  Here are Amy’s must-do tips for successful Lifestyle Image use (and reuse!).

1. Blog posts

High-quality Lifestyle Images are perfect for adding visual texture to your blog. 

And this is important: did you know that we’re more capable of recalling information if there’s a picture along with it?

Sprinkle Lifestyle Images throughout your blog help to break up the text and make it easier to digest. Use loads of on-brand visuals throughout your blog that people can share or re-pin. 


Hot tip: align with seasonal moments throughout the year and help your audience visualize your wine in their lives with recipes, tips, and how-to’s.



2. Hero images on your website

Find the right photo to fit your style and the seasonal vibe, and it will feel super cohesive (consistent) and work perfectly for brand promotion or e-commerce. Welcome users to your site with flawless visuals that let them know you are all about quality and customer-friendliness. Flat-lay images are great for this because they can create an ideal space for layering messages for your website header. You can also piece images next to each other to create a collage of wines side by side — the possibilities are endless!

3. Social media posts

It’s hard keeping up with social media since it moves so quickly. Instead of constantly trying to produce new content (and take away from your other precious business time), use eye-catching Lifestyle Images to start a conversation with your audience.  Remember, not all of your social media posts should be self-promotional. Tell the story of your brand and create excitement by engaging your audience through stories and questions. Do you have cause your brand supports? Tell your customers about it and spread the love by tagging them.  Have a case of wanderlust? Chat about places that inspire or where members of your team plan to go next! Engage your audience and show them you’re not here to sell to them, but to connect and inspire them—that’s what social media is all about.


4. Events

Hosting a tasting room event or wine club member party? Perhaps it’s time to launch a new product? Create some buzz around your event and a lil’ mystery to keep people coming back to see the big reveal! Try adding text or a countdown number to Lifestyle Images to hint at your future release.  Get people excited to check back by choosing visuals that hint at what’s to come. Maybe it’s a new fall wine that will pair well with harvest veggies? Show a photo of your wine in this setting. Maybe it’s a bottle with a certain gift-giving appeal? Show off the pizzaz of opening a package containing this bottle.



5. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can be a wine marketer’s best friend.  Maybe Mondays are your motivational days—create a reusable template and overlay a new, inspiring quote each week. A lot of people are drawn to quotes and will often repost them, which can drive your brand awareness and loyalty. Don’t be afraid to mix and match photos too! Carousel images are perfect for that. Lifestyle Images are also a great option if you want to run a story ad campaign. First impressions are crucial—especially when we’re quickly tapping through stories—so make sure your images stand out right away.


Check out our guide to making the most of this fun social tool to work your brand’s storytelling potential.

High-Quality Bottle Shots: An Investment That Pays Off
03 September, 2019

The wine industry is a unique playing field: Farming is married to fickle weather. Selling to multiple generations requires multiple approaches. Wine has a fine margin. There’s little room to catch up if any element in the chain crashes.

This is a reality that Simon Solis-Cohen understands as the founder of Tasting Merchants, an e-commerce site that offers consumers handcrafted, naturally farmed, small-batch wines. He also runs a creative agency, Highway 29 Creative, where his team provides wineries with a boost to enter the digital landscape to acquire customers and engage their loyal fans.  He’s got some perspective on what it means to sell wine online. In this two-part series, he opens up about his investment in Outshinery visual content, both for Bottle Shots and Lifestyle Images. Every Tasting Merchants partner winery is vetted by experts. Every wine sold on the Tasting Merchants website is captured with Outshinery imagery. Solis-Cohen sees this as a must: “With e-commerce, you have to look pro. Consistency is the barrier to entry.”


Elevate products in a digital environment

Selling wine online is the way forward for wineries in 2019 and beyond. It’s awesome to make customers happy in the tasting room and, no doubt, wine club members are gold, but without a robust and appealing e-commerce channel, wineries are sorely missing out on revenue.


“In an increasingly digital world, what industry would insist that its consumers first come to its place of business to buy its wares?”



Solis-Cohen advises clients and Tasting Merchants partners that super high-quality visuals are an investment that pays off because they remove the pressure to simply compete on price. Consistent and appealing images bump products to the top in a digital purchase environment, particularly for Google Shopping which pops products in front of customers that are likely ready to buy. 


Tasting Merchants got “more click-throughs and better relevance because of visuals, not price,” says Solis-Cohen. “We had a very tiny budget, on average only $0.20 - $0.30 cents per click. With all of this against us, we quickly rose to #2 on Google Shopping with our ads,” recalls Solis-Cohen after just a week or two of entering this marketplace with their new images. “We were right behind, but ahead of massive companies such as Total Wine and Wine Library.”


Google Ad display performance for Tasting Merchants


Simon-Colis verifies that quality visuals are about more than looking good, they help the customer see the value in wines depicted with Outshinery images. 


“It’s clear that our Bottle Shots are unique and stand apart from the typical photographed white background shots. Consumers are seeing our images and clicking through.”


Versatile collateral with a long lifespan

Google Shopping is just one avenue that pays off for Tasting Merchants’ visuals. “There’s so much you can do with these images,” says Solis-Cohen. “Even a single photo is evergreen for multi-channel marketing.”  Use visuals in print ads, newsletters, postcards, wine club collateral, social media, tasting room materials...what may start as an e-commerce advantage can be utilized at every turn in the sales and communication process.


Yesterday is today...move quickly

In today’s mobile environment speed is king and, according to Solis-Cohen, “yesterday is today.” With Outshinery’s delivery model, clients can actually have images before the product is bottled (or canned). “The speed of return is impressive as heck,” says Solis-Cohen, recalling the ability to set up visuals for a product in time for on-demand email blasts or product releases. This is particularly helpful for custom crush wines (those that don’t have their own winery) and virtual wineries that don’t have a tasting room.


The ability to produce images digitally steadies marketing goals and preserves them from disruption due to production lags. Digital images also remove the cost and coordination with photographers, consolidating your talent spend and shrinking delivery timelines.


The ideal look

An ideal Bottle Shot is “more about what it doesn’t have” according to Solis-Cohen “A bad photo is full of glare, shadows, and uneven light” which distracts customers with unappealing details. “Computer-generated imagery is a sandbox, you can do whatever you want with it,” says Solis-Cohen. “That just can’t be done with traditional photography.” This is especially apparent in bottles that have intricate or deluxe details. Outshinery technology can capture the texture of the paper, the capsule, the embossing. “Even a basic bottle looks great with Outshinery, but if a bottle has a special finish, it’s a no-brainer,” says Solis-Cohen.


Get your free test shot with Outshinery by clicking HERE.


100% computer-generated bottle shots by Outshinery for Tasting Merchants. Simon never even had to ship physical samples to Outshinery to get all of those!




Bottle Shots are the first step, used on their own or as the starring element in a Lifestyle Image. “Lifestyle Images totally change the game,” says Solis-Cohen. When a client starts using Lifestyle Images, they are “waking up to what’s possible.” 

Check out Part Two of this series to learn how Tasting Merchants uses visuals to truly connect to current and potential customers to “wake up to what’s possible”.

Get Colorful Lifestyle Images and Animations for Your Wine Brand Designed by Artist Amy Shamblen
19 August, 2019

Social media from brands is the real deal. 60% of Instagram users discover new products while they enjoy the scroll. People spend time on Instagram checking in with friends and family, but they also peek at people, places, and things they find inspirational... or aspirational. Outshinery’s fresh and fab new Lifestyle Image collection has a little secret sauce that will nab attention on social and all over the place! 

Outshinery partnered up with artist Amy Shamblen for a whimsical series of Lifestyle Images in our "Make it Pop!" capsule collection that beg to be noticed on social media and beyond! Amy Shamblen, a creative director specializing in creating colorful images and animations for fun brands, including Benefit Cosmetics, Almay, PepsiCo and now Outshinery! When you choose from her collection, it's like instantly hiring a creative director for your brand. Can I get a hooray for that?! 🎉

With Outshinery, you can replace any of the below demo bottles with any of yours. Click HERE to see the full collection or order a FREE CUSTOM TEST SHOT.  


Here's an example of how our client a Bricoleur Vineyards has used Outshinery's services to put their Bottle Shot in our Lifestyle Image:


This capsule collection represents a new embarkation for Outshinery & our clients. Collaborating with visual artists from around the world, we aim to expand what wine communication can be and bring a level of creativity never before seen in the industry.  Embracing our Eureka moment after leaving the movies: “if we can do CGI dinosaurs look that realistic, surely we can do wine bottles!”, Outshinery is just getting started… and we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride!

Join hundreds of our winery clients from around the world who are creating their images from Outshinery.  Try us out today with a FREE TEST SHOT.  

How Branded Entertainment Builds Consumer Loyalty (+ a Free Guide!)
06 August, 2019

Guest post for Outshinery by Tim Smith, founder and creative chief of Wily Knight Productions

It’s been a busy day. You get home, desperate to steal a couple of minutes to yourself and jump on YouTube to escape. But before you can indulge in your guilty pleasure, up pops that trusty old pre-roll ad, as reliable as death and taxes.


Avoid the click-away

Cue the easy-listening violins. The shot slowly pans across a tastefully lit bottle of wine, perched atop an aged oak barrel next to a wedge of artisanal cheese. A smooth, velvety voice swoons…  “Our vineyard’s rich history of... ”.

(CLICK!) Your finger hammers down on the skip button faster than a keyed up Jeopardy contestant. 

Who made that wine? Who cares!? You’re not here for that. You’re here to watch reruns of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, darn it!



And get right to the point with the PDF summary of this article.


Instead, get people talking

Here’s the thing: in today’s media landscape, the explosive growth of “Video On Demand” services, like YouTube, has made choice king.

“If an ad is getting in the way of instant gratification, then it simply must be instantly interesting or it gets skipped lickety-split.”


As younger generations mature into primary consumer demographics and cord-cutting trends continue across all age groups, people are flocking to the web for all their entertainment and information needs. Anything and everything is only a search bar away and if an ad is getting in the way of instant gratification, then it simply must be instantly interesting or it gets skipped lickety-split.

So, what does that mean for a small business trying to grow its wine or beer brand? The good news is you don’t have to pay for expensive TV time anymore! But, if you want consumers to care at all about what you’re trying to sell, then it's time to put on a creativity cap and have a crack at making some cutting edge branded entertainment that will get people talking.


Game of War: Fire Age promoted its mobile game with a short comedic sketch about a mythical gaming figure. “TheLegend27” became a viral meme sensation in gamer culture and earned over 168 Million views.


Branded entertainment is the content that connects viewers to a brand’s ideals and values. It’s the hot new kid on the advertising block and according to studies done by IPG Media Lab & Nielsen — it performs better, elicits more engagement, and generates more brand recall from audiences than any other form of online advertising.

New brands need to learn how to utilize the power of branded entertainment or run the risk of getting left behind in this fast-paced industry. 

Entertainment is gold

Online platforms are oversaturated with content. Earn attention by genuinely connecting and giving people a giggle at the same time.

A 30-second spot with a hard sell on “robust flavors and notes of orange peel” is forgettable. A funny sketch about a mom’s desperate need for a tall glass of merlot at the end of a manic child-rearing day…THAT is something that will make a mom snort-laugh and share the clip with her mothers' group chat.

When people are genuinely entertained, they ask, “who made this?” and will search for more. You have just struck branded entertainment gold. These videos will bring audiences to your doorstep as they become your followers, your subscribers, your customers, and your advocates.


Vat19 used a warehouse business full of novelty products to build a marketing content giant with over 6.5 Million Subscribers & 127 Million monthly views.

Is there an impact with influencers?

Making great content isn’t the only hurdle you face — you still need to draw the masses to your awesome content. Luckily, there is a force you can harness to help reach new fans.  Tap into the power of The Influencer. Ah yes, Influencer Marketing. Another buzz word that’s thrown around the hallowed halls of Madison Avenue ad agencies. What’s not to love!? Get some social media star with a million followers to take a picture with your bottle of wine in the background with a liberal sprinkling of #livingmybestlife and PRESTO! Sales galore! Right?

Actually, no… not at all.

Influencers build their audiences over time by developing a personal connection to their fans. They have forged a relationship of trust, offering fans their “authentic self” with an unspoken agreement that they won’t steer them wrong.

When a brand injects itself into that dynamic, more often than not, the sponsored content is considered a tolerable annoyance by fans. They don't mind sitting through a 90-second dry copy read because they appreciate that their person is getting paid. 

But something tells me, “being tolerated” is not the brand impact you’re looking for.

Get them to tune into the show

Now, consider what a YouTuber could do with a bit of professional production budget and creative support? Those same 90 seconds become an upscale comedy sketch, made possible by an innovative wine sponsor, who understands what the fans want to see. 

Creative integration of your brand’s core themes into an entertaining sketch will connect you with fans and more importantly, potential customers.

By doing it in an original way, you are immediately elevating yourself above your competitors.


Take Jordan Winery, for example. 

A 47-year-old, family-owned winery from Sonoma, California that had failed to keep up with the times. The current head of marketing, Lisa Matterson, said Jordan Winery was in danger of becoming a “stuffy, faceless brand”. In 2007, Jordan Winery undertook a bold rebranding effort, centered around producing their own video content for YouTube. The goal was to show people the personality behind the brand, so they focused on creating content engaging enough to earn organic attention from online audiences and industry folk alike. They took viewers behind the scenes of their winemaking processes, gave helpful food tips from in-house chefs and delivered laughs with playful parody videos.



CEO John Jordan says that the marketing payoff for this investment was abundantly clear. It resulted in an across-the-board rise in sales, winery visits, social media interactions, earned media, and direct sales. Today, Jordan Winery enjoys the fruits of its labor, having built a strong reputation as a company who is “doing it right” on social media and boasts over 152,000 loyal followers across a variety of platforms. 

That’s a stellar example of how it’s done. When capturing people's interest, you motivate them to learn more about the company behind that killer content. How do you bring that engaged audience over to your front door? And how do you keep them coming back for more?

All about consistency

Building brand awareness isn’t a one-stop-shop — it’s a matter of consistency. 

By setting up your own Youtube channel with regular content offerings, you’re giving people a reason to come back and see what’s new.

For example, producing a simple, recurring segment around your love of wine or beer will give customers a direct line to the heart of your brand. It’s an ongoing conversation that will consistently strengthen their bond to your brand. It doesn’t have to be flashy, just be honest and fun!

Your own channel allows you to constantly communicate with fans. It may not be very big at first, but when we start making some noise with cutting edge, eye-catching branded entertainment… then, my friends, we’re really cooking with gas.


In 2015 SquattyPotty took a chance on a silly ad concept about pooping unicorns. The gamble paid off to the tune of 36 Million views and a 600% increase in sales.

Why epic tales matter now

For too long, producing film content for marketing purposes has been positioned as something you can only afford once you’re big enough, like Budweiser-Superbowl-Big-Enough. Decades of big, fancy agencies offering mythic creative expertise for quarter-million-dollar starting costs has made the entire enterprise seem unattainable. 

I’m here to tell you that that simply is not the case. If an 82 year old grandmother can gain legions of fans fighting dragons on her computer, you can get people excited about beer and wine, which is something people are already happy to get pretty passionate about.

There is now a new wave of professional creative thinkers who are motivated by the opportunity to do something different with a bold brand willing to do things differently.

Find those that will match your passion and push those boundaries. 

It is those who are bold that will take the lead in tomorrow’s digital landscape. 

So go forth and be bold! Your epic tale is dying to be told!

Get a Free White Wine Bottle Shot + Lifestyle image in Support of the #WhiteWineEmoji Campaign
22 July, 2019

Research shows that 78% of regular wine drinkers in the U.S. drink white wine. So why is there no emoji to support? Kendall Jackson Wines, along with winery supporters from around the world, is on a mission to change this. They've taken the initiative to send a proposal to the Unicode Consortium petitioning for the world's first #WhiteWineEmoji

If you also have your fingers crossed for a white wine emoji, we at Outshinery would love to thank you for your support by offering you a FREE Bottle Shot + Lifestyle Image of your white wine.  Eliminate the need for DIY photography, expensive for-hire talent, and shipping samples.  Instead, experience next-gen imagery entirely online. Click HERE to get started.

Since this offer is only for first-timers to our online photography services, here's a brief explanation of how it works:

  1. Answer a few questions about your wine bottle
  2. Upload your label when prompted
  3. And we'll do the rest! The results show up straight in your inbox a few short days later.

Here's some of the #whitewineemoji supporters that we've created white wine Bottle Shots for.

White Wine Bottle Shot for Freemark Abbey

White Wine Bottle Shot for Murphy Goode

White Wine Bottle Shot for King Estate

White Wine Lifestyle Shot for Kendall Jackson

What are you waiting for? Get your FREE TEST SHOT today!

How to use Instagram Stories to tell your winery's story
08 July, 2019

How to use Instagram Stories to tell your wine brand's stories

Tease. Release. Amplify. 

It's how we break down the steps to making Instagram stories work for your winery. Sounds easy right?  It is, when you understand how to leverage this dimension of one of the world's most popular social media channels. Marketing on Instagram leverages your product and charms would-be customers and visitors. 

Combine imagery with motion: zoom + magnify, rewind + play, stop-motion + boomerang. It's as fun as it sounds.

Our free printable playbook includes an Instagram glossary, best practices checklist, and a free offer.

Access resource here.

FREE Calendar: Get the most of your wine marketing this summer!
25 June, 2019

You know the emotion that arises when you hear the song ❄️Let it Snow in July 🏖️? It feels out of place and for many of us, frustrating and annoying. Instead you want the sound of waves crashing or beachy bongo drums, tunes with a surfer vibe. Or at least the silence of a tucked-away hammock on a summer afternoon.

Your customers feel the same way. 

Timely visuals and messages put your product in the thick of where they are right now and (perhaps more importantly) where they want to be. Did you know? Content with visuals gets 94% more views than words alone!

When you use Lifestyle Images featuring your products, on social media and beyond, you make your band relevant in consumers' minds.  You've the power to break the mindless scroll and turn your viewers into buyers. Dazzle them with bottles waiting on the dock or sitting by the pool. Tempt them with bottles peeking from picnic baskets or chilling by the grill.

We have two resources that'll help you stay on trend and in-season with your customers:

  1. Get ideas and make it work for you: check out Outshinery fresh collections of Lifestyle Images inspired by meals to share, travel, and the lure of shimmering water under summer sun.
  2. Stay on track and release your marketing on schedule with our free printable summer marketing calendar. Easy on the eye and actionable, all the steps for Summer 2019 are laid out for you. Find reminders, hashtag suggestions, and turnkey plans to deliver your most effective summer marketing campaign ever.  

Rock summer '19 by charming customers and have fun along the way. Now that's something we can cheers to!

Free Webinar Video: Seasonal Marketing for Family Wineries
10 June, 2019

Marketing your wine doesn’t have to feel overwhelming! In this free, on-demand video webinar, VingDirect x Outshinery present a guide about seasonal marketing for family wineries.

Get actionable tips on how to plan ahead and execute your most successful seasonal marketing campaign to date.


 Click to watch our free webinar


Watch and discover…

  • How to leverage data already available to you

  • The best tips for planning ahead

  • How to create and gather your visual assets


Ready to try Outshinery for yourself? Get your first image FREE!  Mention the webinar and we'll even give you some extra love. 😍 See below for some of our Lifestyle Images to support your upcoming summer marketing campaigns.




What Is a Bottle Shot?
03 June, 2019

What is a Bottle Shot?

A Bottle Shot is a straightforward image of your wine or beer product on a plain or transparent background. It is the standard picture ID of your product that gets reused over and over again on your website, in wine catalogs, marketing materials, sales brochures, and more.


Raw Vino's Commerce7 'Shop' Page 

When utilized correctly, high-quality Bottle Shots can help drive traffic to your online shop and boost ecommerce wine sales in the following ways:

1. Bottle Shots are your online shopper’s first impression of your brand

On average, it only takes a fraction of a second to form an opinion strong enough for a shopper to determine if they’re interested in further browsing your portfolio. 67% of ecommerce shoppers say that product image is “very important” in their purchase decision, even more so than product description (54%) or ratings and reviews (53%). Just like in real life, online first impressions are crucial, and a well put-together appearance enables trust in your brand.  


Raw Vino says it best:

“As an online wine retailer, we don’t have the benefit of a tasting room or in-person experience. This makes high-quality imagery as a means of showcasing our products an especially critical component in our website design; something on which we simply weren’t willing to compromise.”


 In the absence of a staff member to talk up your wine, it's imperative that your Bottle Shot sets a good impression on your website. 



2. Bottle Shots acquire new search traffic for your website

Using simple to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, Bottle Shots can be used as an acquisitional tool for bringing potential customers to your website. For example, alt tags and title tags are small pieces of text that can be added to the file information of images on the internet to help Google (and other search engines) to sort through them. When your Bottle Shots are correctly tagged with proper descriptions and keywords, you increase your chances of ranking (showing up) highly in search engines.

3. Bottle Shots help move shoppers through your online sales funnel

Did you know that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive?  Bringing a shopper to your website is only the tip of the iceberg. Once you have them through your digital “doors”, you still have to convince them to make a purchase.  A good ecommerce platform optimizes for visual appeal. Encourage online shoppers to move through your sales funnel by delighting them with beautiful images and minimal distractions.  


“As the next generation of our family business comes into the fold, we felt it was time to invest in a better ecommerce and DtC experience. On our new site, we’ve upgraded our platform to Commerce7 for a better look and feel, and to leverage the awesome images we receive from Outshinery.  This approach allows our customers to visualize our story, instead of just reading it, helping them to feel more connected with our brand and the people that make it special.”


So, how do I get a great Bottle Shot?

At Outshinery, we’ve devised a method for creating picture-perfect Bottle Shots every time. Using Hollywood-inspired 3D technology and CGI (computer generated imagery) software, we are able to create any product image in a perfectly controlled digital environment, offering you consistency and brilliant results, time and time again. Your bottles need to be visually appealing if your website is to succeed at generating online sales, and Outshinery is here to help. Try us out with a FREE test shot.


For an in-depth guide on how to use Bottle Shots to drive ecommerce sales, check out Volume 2 of our Outshinery Playbook.  We explore exactly why it is so difficult to photograph wine and beer bottles and break down the anatomy of a perfect bottle shot.  We also offer digital marketing tips and actionable steps on how to merchandise your ecommerce wine or beer store, how to tag your images to increase discoverability by search engines, and suggest more creative visual alternatives to Bottle Shots including Beauty Shots and Lifestyle Images.

90+ summer Lifestyle Images for your wine marketing (and get a free test shot on us!)
23 May, 2019

Imagine cooking gazpacho with shrimp + packing a suitcase + relaxing on the lake — all while toting a couple of bottles that look like they are, naturally, along for the ride. 

Ha! That's not happening.

But with Outshinery's Summer 2019 Lifestyle Image collection, you can choose from 90 luscious decors that place your product right in the middle of all the good stuff. 

“It’s summer, and we are out and about with a range of images that reflect a life lived in relaxing style. In designing these collections, I drew inspiration from travel, waterscapes, and the abundance of the summer table.”

These are totally fresh images that capture the aspirations of your potential customers with the added perk of centering the attention on your product. 

Here’s a peek at our latest Lifestyle Images, all of which are perfect for putting your wine in the center of any summer activity.  As always, our services help you create your wine Bottles Shots, then put them into our Lifestyle Images.  Everything is done online -- no shipping samples, expensive photographer, or shopping around for props. It's as if you have an on-budget visual department with a few clicks.

Love what you see? Click HERE to try us out and get a free test shot. 

Free Webinar: How to Leverage Seasonal Marketing in the Wine Industry
15 May, 2019

Free Webinar: How to Leverage Seasonal Marketing

You know that phrase: "I could have kicked myself!" 

It’s what people say when they miss an opportunity. And it happens all the time. We get it, busy days turn into busy months. It’s easy to look back and think we’ll do it next year.

It’s the worst when a bit of complacency costs you money. Ug.

But here’s the thing: you don’t have to wait until next year to try this marketing win if you plan seasonal campaigns. Because, frankly, there’s always a new season. Your customers are always thinking about their lives as they live them. They’ve got plans in the works, things they want to do...

Like now, for instance. 😎 Summer is coming, and your customers are all about vacation, sitting by the pool, getting the boat on the water. 

So, we at Outshinery are presenting to you a FREE webinar to make this happen: Their boat, your wine ⛵

Tap into the appeal by placing your wine into their sight line when they search for summer stuff. (And for real: wine makes all of those experiences better, right?) We’ve partnered with VingDirect on this webinar because they know how to take seasonal messages and pop them in front of your most ready buyers by tapping into the data you already have. Seriously, there are secrets hidden in what you know about your customers, but they often get missed. Kicked aside, you might say.

We know your time is scarce (whose isn't these days?) so put a quick 25 minutes on your calendar on Wednesday, May 29th from 9-9:25am (PST). We'll show you why leveraging seasonal marketing is worth it + how to get started now.

Register here. It’s free, short and sweet. We promise you’ll shut down the webinar with actionable tips to use right away.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

✔ How to leverage data already available to you

✔ Tips for planning ahead

✔ How to create and gather your visual assets

See you there! 

How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Winery or Brewery
03 May, 2019

Thanks to social media, what was once known as a ‘pound sign’ on your phone is now ubiquitously known as a hashtag. In your scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you’ve likely come across #wine, #winemarketing, or #napavalley. You know they do something because every winery and their #winerydog is using them, but how do you strategically use hashtags for marketing your wine or beer?

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags were conceived in 2007 by a Google developer, who suggested using the pound symbol to differentiate groups of topics within tweets. Based on his suggestion, hashtags eventually made their way onto Twitter as an official feature and are now commonly used throughout social media.

In 2019, hashtags continue to be a method of categorizing social media content. They are used within a message or caption to identify a keyword or topic of interest. They increase the discoverability of your content by grouping it with similar posts utilizing the same tag.

A recent study showed that tweets with hashtags had two times more engagement than those without and received 55% more retweets. For Instagram, another study found that posts with at least one hashtag have 12.6% more engagement than those without.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to hashtag selection. Picking the ‘right’ hashtags requires a little creative research and a lot of experimentation.

How to use hashtags as a winery or brewery

Instagram shows you how many times a specific hashtag has been used. While it may be intuitive to use a hashtag like #wine or #beer – there’s been an astounding 45.5 million posts tagged with #wine, and even more (58.7 million posts) tagged with #beer. In addition to these generic hashtags, the rule of thumb is to pick one that’s being used by other social media users (its use signifies that others are searching it), but not overused to the point where your image is buried among everyone else’s content.

1. Research and pick relevant hashtags to use

Brainstorm relevant keywords related to your photo and the caption you are posting. It can be the specific type of wine or beer you are sharing (IPA, Merlot, etc.), or something related to the caption you are writing. For example:

  •  Got a cool bottle label? Try #winedesign (20.7k posts)
  • Sharing behind the scenes content? Try #winerylife (55.1k posts)
  • Got a cute photo of a dog with your wine? Try #winedog (32.4k posts)
  • Sharing wedding photos taken at your winery? Try #wineryweddings (10.3k posts) or something more specific like #texasweddingvenue (10.8k) -- if your vineyard is in Texas, of course.

Other tips for picking relevant hashtags:

  • Use a free online tool like All Hashtag or Display Purpose as a starting point for inspiration. Type in a keyword related to your industry -- say, “wine”, “NapaValley,” or “craftbeer” -- and you’ll be presented with a list of related hashtags to consider.
  • If you are a location-based business, like a winery or brewery offering venue rentals, events, tastings, or tours, include hashtags related to your geographic region so people looking for localized content may stumble upon yours.
  • Hashtag not only where you are physically located, but where your customers are, too. For example, if you are a California winery doing a partnership with Tourism Canada, consider using hashtags related to your target audience as well.

Save your most commonly used hashtags to a note on your phone so you can quickly reference your hashtags and copy and paste when posting.  

2. Develop your own branded hashtag

While nobody can own a hashtag, you can develop the habit of using the same hashtag over and over again when sharing your content and encouraging your customers to do the same. For example, we often brand our content with #outshinery — and many of our clients do the same when sharing the Bottle Shots and Lifestyle Images we’ve created for them.

Using a branded hashtag means that we, and other social media users, can take a quick glance through all the visual content that’s ever been shared about #outshinery, allowing us to find and re-share it with greater ease. Client love!

If you have a fairly common brand name, you may have to get creative and find a unique hashtag to use. An excellent example of this is the Vancouver-based craft brewery 33 Acres, who tag all of their content with the hashtag #b33r. It’s a smart and simple play on the numbers in their name and has become so popular that they now even sell sweatshirts featuring the hashtag.

By including #b33r in their Instagram profile description, they’re activating their viewers to follow suit and share their own photos with the hashtag. Over 6,000 results now show up when searching #b33r on Instagram, the majority of which are user submitted, equating to a hefty dose of free marketing for the brewery. When the brand wants to reward loyal supporters, find content to repurpose or find a testimonial, they’ll no doubt be scouting out the #b33r hashtag to find their advocates.

This brings us to our next point.

3. Use hashtags to engage your target audience

Scout for hashtags and followers who have tagged you in their own content. These are your superfans and your most loyal supporters! Follow them, like their posts, comment on their content. 

Consider re-posting their photos on your own social media channels to encourage authentic engagement with your brand. Followers love shout outs from their favorite brands because it makes the customer the hero in your story. As you increase mutual engagement, it will also help build rapport and loyalty. 

In conclusion...

Hashtags are free to use and an easy way to extend the reach of your content. They help to increase brand awareness and discoverability, so you have no excuse not to use them! Whether you’re trying to get clicks to your ecommerce site or foot traffic through your tasting room or brewery doors, hashtags cast a wide net and can drive traffic from unexpected visitors you’d likely not reach through other more targeted channels.

A guide to seasonal marketing for family wineries
14 April, 2019

Data, ideas and action steps for a busy team.

Discover how you can leverage seasonality in your campaigns to drive sales and even have fun along the way! Presented in partnership with DtC experts VingDirect, this free eBook is sure to ignite your marketing strategy.


Download the full book now for free at


The following is a summary of the eBook.


The wine industry is undeniably affected by seasonality. Along with other social trends that occur throughout the year, seasonality provides an excellent opportunity for delivering your message at a time when your audience is primed to receive it. This often leads to higher returns and the easier achievement of goals.


1. Inspire your seasonal marketing campaigns with reliable data


The first step to planning a marketing campaign is to decide when you intend on running it. Take a look at the information available to you, such as tasting room sales figures or website engagement stats from Google Analytics and your ecommerce platform. Are there are any noticeable trends? Perhaps weekday evenings through the summer see the highest volume of foot traffic in your tasting room all year, or your Cabernet Sauvignon is a popular hit every December.


The VingDirect Performance Tracker integrates with the industry’s most popular point of sales systems to keep you updated with real-time and historical tasting room performance results.


If the majority of your sales are still happening in the tasting room, the goal of your campaign might be to get people through the cellar door and drive offline (in-person) conversions. Both digital and traditional marketing channels offer great opportunities here. You could, for example, target your efforts locally with Google Ads, social media, or printed tourism brochures. You could also encourage your visitors to leave Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews.


2. Piggyback existing events and holidays to leverage social momentum


The term ‘seasonal’ needn’t only apply to the four seasons. In this context, we refer more broadly to any event based around a day or period of days on the calendar. This could mean holidays such as Christmas or Easter, industry-specific seasons like harvest season or OND, non-holiday events like St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day, or even more personal milestones such as the anniversary of your winery.


While your own winery data provides a qualitative perspective on seasonal opportunities, there are free tools that offer a quantitative comparison. Google Trends, for instance, allows you to look up historic Google search information.


Worldwide search trends for the term ‘cabernet sauvignon’ from the past 5 years on Google Trends


The spikes you see in the top graph show that Google searches for ‘cabernet sauvignon’ exponentially increase in December of every year. The chart at the bottom shows that these searches are coming most popularly from Australia and North America. With this in mind, December could be the perfect time to dedicate a portion of your marketing budget to Google Ads and social media ads around Cabernet Sauvignon in these countries.


For a list of other national and international opportunities, check out 5Forests’ free marketing calendar. Polly and her team recapped all of the significant wine-related dates of 2019, including World Malbec Day on April 17th, World Moscato Day on May 9th, and Rosé Day on August 14th. Use these days has an opportunity to leverage social momentum and start a marketing campaign.


3. Build your calendar ahead of time


One of the benefits of creating a campaign around a calendar event is that there are predetermined deadlines. Deadlines can be daunting, but they’re often very helpful at motivating us to complete tasks in a timely fashion. In fact, a large part of the argument for marketing campaigns is precisely this. 


While bigger picture marketing efforts may drag on forever and possibly never get completed (we’ve all been there!), campaigns provide a rigid timeframe. When completed, you’ll be able to analyze the results, take those lessons on board, and apply them to the next one.


Companies with a large team and budget often begin planning their seasonal marketing initiatives up to a full year in advance! For smaller wineries, even thinking a month or two ahead can make all the difference.


Need a bit more guidance? Visit our resources page for access to our free Content Strategy PDF and loads of other content. In fact, this post is a synopsis of our monthly marketing eBook of the same name, which is also available for free at the above link.


4. Gather, create, and prepare your marketing assets


So, you've looked at your data, you've chosen which events can be piggybacked, and you've even created a calendar to keep you on top of things. Excellent! The last step now is to gather the resources you'll need to execute your plan. This includes (but is not limited to) things like imagery, copy, hashtags, incentives, and contact lists.


At Outshinery, we’ve created thousands of Lifestyle Images for our clients ranging anywhere from a year to a few days in advance of when they’re needed. We’re able to produce high-quality images with next-to-no turnaround time, and we’re experts on what your audience wants to see. We release our collections months before the time of year they’ll be needed, and our collections from previous years are always available year-round.




For a more in-depth look at seasonal marketing, download our free Playbook: A Guide To Seasonal Marketing for Family Wineries now, presented in partnership with DtC experts, VingDirect.




We’ve included plenty of examples of seasonal marketing done well, and suggestions to help you start thinking about your marketing in this way.

Outshinery regularly releases free resources, like this Playbook. We deep dive into different aspects of marketing for wineries to empower you with actionable steps that drive results. Make sure to leave your contact info when downloading this guide to not miss out on the action!

3 Tips for Valentines
25 January, 2017

The highly anticipated Hallmark holiday is quickly approaching! Review our marketing checklist and use our handy tips to promote your brand.

Here are 9 action-steps we recommend. Follow the ones that suit you the most and celebrate sweet success next month!


Seeing is believing: set the scene for romance, place your product in your customers' minds. If you've got an eye for styling, a set, camera and tripod on hand you'll want to make a shot that says "be my Valentine". Use props like flowers, candy, table decor or wine glasses amongst your product to make the customer want to replicate the scene... 

Sounds like a ton of work AND expensive? You would be right and we hear you! That's why at Outshinery we opted for a different execution entirely: welcome to the boundless possibilities of digital imagery, explore perfectly curated collection of images in which you can place your bottles. 

Nobody would even realize that the images were created entirely online and that you never had to leave your desk to achieve such dramatic results. Browse our Romance Collection and choose your Valentine decor.

Outshinery's peonies shot from the Romance Collection

Outshinery's peonies shot from the Romance Collection

Place the evocative images onto your website.
Just like a Valentines themed store window, your homepage should have a banner image or headline post that let your customers know you are ready for Valentines. Hiring Outshinery for the occasion, Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards proudly displays the perfect gifts for that special someone.



Target customer segments with your newsletter. 
Did you know that your email marketing provider (like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or Constant Contact) let you easily segment your mailing list into specific categories? Separate your subscribers depending on location, orders= history or gender for starters. 

With men spending an average of $104 in 2015 for Valentines¹, why wouldn't you take advantage and let them know what their loved one really wants for Valentines! ;)

Pair your product with chocolate to set the scene. Image from Outshinery's Romance Collection

Pair your product with chocolate to set the scene. Image from Outshinery's Romance Collection

Create a themed shopping guide.
Take the frustration out of the gift selection and make your product the right choice for the occasion. Here are some examples we can think of:

  • His and hers
  • Perfect together
  • Say it with bubbles
  • For the sweet tooth lover

Target readers with specific blog posts.
Keeping in mind the customers segments you created for your mailing list, write content with the same people in mind and see it drive traffic to your site. Why not try "Top Valentines gifts for your man" or "If she loves light red wines".

Show off your product range.
Utilize your product images and group shots to show your customers your entire range. Chances are if they love your red they'll be inclined to purchase your white too! 

Promote "last-minute gifts" to your locals
When time is of the essence customers will do whatever it takes to make their significant other happy. Even if it means spending an extra $50 on a wine that can be delivered on time! Engage via email and social media to tell your delivery times and top wines for this Valentines for the consumer in the area.

Consider an online promotion
For your price sensitive customers you might want to offer a monetary discount or Valentines Package that adds value to their gift!


So now that you've followed all the steps above (HUGE hi-five by the way!), it's time to engage on social media. Check out your top followers accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to discover the trending hashtags. Pay close attention to the comments not just on your social feeds, but also on your established "competition".  Individually respond to all the people that commented on your post, and suggest then your product as much as you can. 

We'll leave you with some wise words from one gorgeous Canadian:

“I don’t expect success. I prepare for it”
— Ryan Renolds, actor

You can do this!


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Put YOUR product in this picture
17 January, 2017


February 14 is fast approaching and now is the time to make your product the perfect gift for Valentines. Using evocative lifestyle imagery taps into your customer's buying options by showing off your product in the right context.

Imagine: your bottle with a beautiful bunch of peonies or paired with luxury sweets... Neat, eh? Even better, you wouldn't even have to tell your customers your wine/beer is perfect for Valentines because they will see it and come to the conclusion themselves!

Snapshot of the engagement received by Mouton Noir vineyards after publishing an image created by Outshinery on Instagram

Snapshot of the engagement received by Mouton Noir vineyards after publishing an image created by Outshinery on Instagram

Be top of mind for the Valentine celebrations with personalized product images that will make your customers swoon with affection.

“Wow! This image looks amazing”
— Andre Hueston-Mack, owner at Mouton Noir Wines, Oregon


Having personalized lifestyle photos at your disposal will make your job of selling wine and beer that much easier! You've been working hard to make your product look and taste amazing so don't let your imagery fall short. 

Let our team at Outshinery make you proud. 100% online, 100% consistent, 100% satisfaction: Outshinery takes care of all your image needs from the comfort of your desk.

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3 Essential Visuals for the Alcohol Industry
10 January, 2017

Images play a vital role in driving your business: Here are the three must-have shots you'll want handy!

These images are vital for engaging your customers all the way from social media to check out, but you don't have to break the bank nor wait forever for them! Learn about the 3 essential types of visuals that will drive your business forward.



Here's your first chance to make your bottle shine. You want your bottle to look as enticing online as it does sitting on a shelf. You need this image to be sharp, bright and accurate. Think of it like the photo id of your product. This is by far the most useful image you'll ever need.
Use product shots for: online shopping cart, press features, magazines, distributor portfolios, print catalogues, order forms.

Making your bottle instantly recognizable drives sales.



Add some glam and show off your attention to detail! You wouldn't want your staff photo to show off your double chin, so why would you take uninspired images of your bottle under flat light? Angled closeup images are terrific to add personality to your brand.
Use beauty shots for: secondary product images, print catalogues, social media, banners, emails.



Judy from Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards knows the importance of showcasing her wine portfolio in enticing selection. Taking note of the season (Christmas, Valentine, etc.), Judy regularly updates her homepage, Facebook and other social media with the perfect wines for the special occasion. Showing off a selection of her products highlights the extent of the product range and gathers interest from more one-of-a-kind varietals.


When your visuals are consistent, you distill a sense of product value and brand interest. If you've managed to hook customers with your Cab Sauv, why wouldn't you want to dazzle them with your soon-to-be released Merlot? 
Use group images for: wine club announcement, website banners, magazines, homepage, social media, emails, posters, flyers.

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything" - George Bernard Shaw

Having these 3 essential types of visuals at your disposal will make your job of selling wine and beer that much easier! After all, you've been hard at work making the liquid gold inside: don't let the last step of introducing it to the world bug you down!

Let our team at Outshinery make you proud. 100% online, 100% consistent, 100% satisfaction: Outshinery takes care of all your image needs from the comfort of your desk. Click here to make your bottles shine!


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Make Your Marketing Content Shine This December
30 November, 2016

Be ahead of the jolly-good-game this holiday season with our (free!) Marketing Calendar for December.

Download the PDF below including our team's expertise marketing summary and your own worksheet to fill out. 


Let your content do all the talking but remember that preparation is only the first step! Set aside at least ten minutes every morning to monitor and engage with your customers on social platforms. You can speed up this process by using listening platforms like HootsuiteBuzzsumo or Cyfe. Replying to questions, comments and tags in a timely manner will assist with sales and improve your brand image. 

Hootsuite's listening dashboard displays various feeds like home, messages, mentions, search keywords and scheduled posts

Hootsuite's listening dashboard displays various feeds like home, messages, mentions, search keywords and scheduled posts

Aside from content (you can give yourself a tap on the back if you can tick this list off already) is our Holiday Check list on the free PDF mentioned above. Displaying this information correctly is key for customers trying to choose a company at check out.

Most importantly on this list is... update your shipping times! For our Canada readers we've included a few Canadian post deadlines but remember to check your local post and communicate clearly with your customers. No one wants to be pleading with the post officer at 4.49pm on Friday the 23rd December... we promise #beentheredonethat!

Struggling for finding the RIGHT images with YOUR products? Click here to find out how we can help! 


In the pursuit of hoppiness with our well known locals @steamworksbeer steamworksbeer #Outshinery #digitalphotography #craftbeer
Our kind of six pack from #Vancouver well known locals @steamworksbeer steamworksbeer #Outshinery #digitalphotography #craftbeer
Save water and drink a beer with our well known locals @steamworksbeer #Outshinery #digitalphotography #craftbeer

What do these images have in common?
23 November, 2016


You may be surprised that none of the three images below were taken with a camera.

Regardless how you take a photo it is whether or not you capture your customer's attention that is important. Ask yourself: Looking at this image... Can my customer imagine my product in their hand or in their fridge?

At Outshinery, we sometimes get asked "will my customers know the photo isn't real?". The answer: "very unlikely". Let us explain three reasons why it wouldn't matter, even if they do.

#1- Appearances are everything. Your customers don't need to know how an image is made, but they need your front stage to sparkle! Let's have a look outside the Alcohol industry, and check other well-established brands like RolexChanel and M&MsThey are ALL using digital photography (also known as 3D imagery). 


#2- Consistency is the key to success. (It's not just your local coffeeshop that needs to nail down every single latte!) When reading your website or brochure: customers will first judge your brand by its images. (We know this can be painful to hear... but bear with us!)  Changes in lighting, angle, sizing and more, create confusion and invite suspicion in terms of quality. Instead, consistent photography makes your brand timeless and trustworthy.

Rolex's website uses exclusively digital images for a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Rolex's website uses exclusively digital images for a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

#3- Colors can't lie. We've all raised an eyebrow when seeing reviews of fashion items that arrive in a different color or homewares items that look 1m tall but are 30cm in the description. Don't let it happen to you! Did you know that the muted green color of a wine bottle is particularly hard to photograph? Make sure the final photo represents what the product is in real-life and avoid any unwarranted shattering reviews.

To conclude, if "fake digital images" are the go-to for the Rolex and Chanel of this world, wouldn't you think it's good enough for you too?

You know it yourself: the better a product looks,
the more likely you are going to buy it! 

Outshinery is bringing this innovative service from the big guys to you: the breweries, wineries and distilleries that mean business. 



Clever Holidays Products
16 November, 2016



With six weekends until Christmas we're excited that the rest of the world is taking the time to sit back and enjoy a drink or two. It's the time of year when it doesn't matter what the weather forecast is because it's the best time to grab a drink and catch up with an old friend. If you're on the Australian side of the globe I suspect the warm weather is kicking in and you'll start carrying a bottle opener in your pocket or an eski/cooler in the boot of your car. If you're on the North-America side, you might be joining us with an abundance of bottle openers or twist cap wines to keep warm or dilute political emotions.


However standing out from the crowd, especially during the silly season, can always be a challenge. We've spotted three companies who are standing out in a very clever way.

Image courtesy of Mikkeller

Mikkeller, an Outshinery client and microbrewery based in Copenhagen, have their annual Advent Calendar Julepakkekalender. Their box includes 24 craft beer surprises best for treating a loved one or getting psyched for the lead up to Christmas.


Central City Brewers + Distillers and Parallel 49 Brewing Company have teamed up again this year with their craft beer calendar 'Seasons Greetings 24-Pack'. A mix of year-round and seasonal favourites in a festive box that we're sure will keep your spirits high!

New District, a BC company know for their local and international selection of wines online have curated an exceptional Advent Calendar including 25 bottles of wine. Each wine varies in style, origin and value with some bottles included valued at $100. Unfortunately though you'll have to wait till next year as this product has already sold out. Though you can still see what the lucky early bird buyers got as they reveal each bottle, day by day, on their website.


We're not saying you should run out and make an Advent Calendar... but it's definitely a good time to start remembering the top shopping moods of your customers!

  • Make sure your stock inventory is correct and can handle the demand. 
  • Start engaging customers online with social media. Nothing better than a little tease that something special is coming!
  • As always, use sharp imagery to put your best foot forward... and if you're asking yourself why your bottle shots don't look great, remember that we've got a free first shot on us right here.


Holiday Ready-to-Use Images
07 November, 2016


The Silly Season is upon us and while we're quietly in disbelief that it's alreadt November, we're pinning our wish lists just in time for the holidays.

We all know that Holiday time means business. In 2015, according to statista.com¹  in the United States:

  • Christmas desktop e-commerce spending amounted to 56.43 billion US dollars
  • Approx. 2.3 billion of the above total was spent online during Cyber Monday, making it the biggest spending period during Christmas that year
  • Finally, 12.65 billion was spent during the Christmas period via a mobile device

These are some big numbers so if your gut instinct hasn't got you planning ahead we hope those numbers will!

You want to get started on your marketing, but... you found yourself endlessly searching for a local photographer and set designer... you tried to snap some photos from your phone with abysmal results... you even desperately browsed stock photography websites and lamented on the lack of personality...

Meanwhile you have a Holiday newsletter to send, a website to update, a media request for a prominent Christmas shopping guide, postcards to your wine club members to write, a writeup on a well-renown blog, social media to adapt, etc.

The list goes on and on!

We want to help and it so happens we know a thing or two when it comes to stunning visual imagery! The team at Outshinery are thrilled to release our Holidays Collection of 'ready-to-use' Styled Images. 


Why waste all your year-long hard efforts by missing the moment to engaging with your customers who want to hear from you and buy your products? You deserve so much more than another stock photo.

Explore our Holidays collection of ready-to-use images and choose your next images for your upcoming email, in-store poster, giveaway promotion, hamper certificate... the possibilities are endless.

The hardest part left for you may be to choose which image you want to see YOUR bottle in!


When it comes to pricing, we like to keep it simple and work off of a credit-based model. 


1 Bottle Shot = 1 Shine Credit

1 Lifestyle Image for screen purposes = 1 Shine Credit

1 Lifestyle Image for printing purposes (heavier file) = 2 Shine Credits


Note that for any bottle you want to place into a Lifestyle Image, Outshinery first needs to create the individual bottle shot at 1 Shine Credit each. This is like getting our "actor" right if you will!


Of course, the more credits you order, the cheaper it gets!


For more information on our pricing, please contact Yana at, or take a look at our free credit calculator tool to determine how many Shine Credits you’ll need.

  • Joseph Phelps Vineyards
  • Scheid Family Wines
  • Tank Garage Winery
  • Kendall-Jackson Family Wines
  • Kiona Vineyards
  • John Anthony Vineyards
  • Macari Vineyards
  • Mark Anthony Group
  • Memento Mori Winery
  • Sparkling Pointe Winery
  • Laurel Glen Vineyard
  • Billsboro Winery
  • Adelsheim Vineyard
  • Alma Rosa Winery
  • King Family Vineyard
  • Avennia Winery
  • Bricoleur Vineyards
  • RAEN Winery
  • Melovino Meadery
  • Modus Operandi Cellars
  • Onx Wines
  • Soter Vineyards
  • Taylor Family Vineyards

And so many more! Join the revolution, you're in good company!

" 5-stars: “The experience is outstanding. Fast. Precise. Easy to navigate through the entire process from uploading files all the way to final validation. It really took so much off of our shoulders and avoided a lot of extra pain. Love it!” "
- Reka Haros, Sfriso Winery, Italy
" 5-stars: “I have worked with Outshinery on several projects, both bottle and beauty shots, and all deliverables have turned out fantastic! Laurie and her team are a pleasure to work with. They are quick to respond, professional and knowledgeable about wine and bottle packaging, delivering the perfect visual each time. I look forward to working with Outshinery on future projects.” "
- Leslie Hallman, Scheid Family Wines, CA
" 5-stars: “These guys are magicians! Highly recommended. They make our wine bottles come alive and have helped us make our website and social media look far more professional. THANK YOU” "
- Jeffrey Maltzman, Continental Divide Winery, CO
" 5-stars: “I literally told the team at Outshinery that wineries are crazy if they don\'t send every single bottle shot to Outshinery. Truly... the process is easy and the bottle shots are exactly the same EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. No variation vintage to vintage, no angle variation, etc. These shots look great side by side, year after year. I can\'t imagine why anyone would use traditional photography for bottle shots ever again.” "
- Courtney Harris, Glint Creative, CA
" 5-stars: “Sourcing high-quality bottle shots and lifestyle imagery is a BIG pain point. WineDirect loves to recommend Outshinery because their innovative photography services are easy, affordable and their work product is outstanding. It’s truly a win-win for everyone: our clients are happy, their websites look great, and they’re able to drive more sales – which is exactly what we want to help them do.” "
- Adrienne Stillman, WineDirect, Marketing Director
" 5-stars: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Outshinery\'s product shots are worth millions.” "
- Sergio Moutela, Melovino Meader, NJ
Title Name Email Phone
Sunshine Officer + Account Manager Yana Kabirova +1 (844) 774-4637
Chief Amazement Officer Laurie Millotte
Adobe Acrobat File

A guide to seasonal marketing for family wineries: Data, ideas & action steps for a busy team

Adobe Acrobat File

How quality Bottle Shots boost ecommerce wine sales: A guide to maximizing the impact of your product imagery

Adobe Acrobat File

Why Lifestyle Photography matters for your brand: A guide on how to use in-context imagery in your communication

Bottle Shots
At Outshinery, Bottle Shots are our thing. By working with us, you get access to faster and better photos than anyone else in the industry can produce! Our 250+ customers can’t be wrong! ...
Lifestyle Images
Lifestyle Images are photos of your products in contextual situations. They help viewers anticipate the experience of your wine in their lives and showcase your brand in its intended environment. They are proven to drive ...
Product Videos
Want to take your imagery one step further? You’ve come to the right place. Why not go beyond Bottle Shots and Lifestyle Images, and have us animate your products with short videos? Bring ...

At Outshinery, Bottle Shots are our thing. By working with us, you get access to faster and better photos than anyone else in the industry can produce! Our 250+ customers can’t be wrong!


Simply complete a short order form and upload your labels when prompted. That’s it! Using cutting-edge 3D-modeling software, we’ll be able to take all that information to create photorealistic Bottle Shots.


In as little as three days, proof the results and receive the final images in any format you need: hi-res TIF print files, transparent background PNGs, white or colored background JPEGs… you name it.


What’s more, for our higher plans, vintage and small design updates are complimentary!


Order a free test shot at


“Not only the Outshinery team is an absolute joy to work with (they bring such joie de vivre to all they do) but the results are fantastic. Every little detail we specify is captured - bottle shape, wine color, light sources, reflections, punt style, fill line, etc. Every nuance incorporated - stock, texture, lighting, embossing/debossing, foils, varnishes - to create the most fabulous photo-realistic images that far surpass what we spent years photographing at great expense then laboriously retouching. The turnaround time is incredible and we are constantly at Outshinery's door asking for our bottle images to be created.”

- Alison Sloga, Mark Anthony Group, Canada

Lifestyle Images are photos of your products in contextual situations. They help viewers anticipate the experience of your wine in their lives and showcase your brand in its intended environment. They are known to drive engagement and, ultimately, sales.



Outshinery releases new collections all year around. Never run out of content. Always have images to use on social media, newsletters and more! These Lifestyle Images are just waiting for your bottles to be inserted into. Take a look at some of the options available to you and imagine your bottle instead of these placeholders at


For a closer look at the importance of good Lifestyle Imagery, download our free Playbook, Why Lifestyle Photography matters for your brand: A guide on how to use in-context imagery in your communication.



“We just ordered lifestyle images for our summer marketing efforts and WOW the images look fantastic! We couldn't be happier. So far they are getting a great response. Can't wait to order holiday images! PLUS... the Outshinery team is fun to work with! I highly recommend giving them a try.”

- Pat Warner, Warner Vineyards, MI

Want to take your imagery one step further? You’ve come to the right place.


Why not go beyond Bottle Shots and Lifestyle Images, and have us animate your products with short videos? Bring your packaging to life and reveal even more of your brand’s story in the medium your audience loves.



Whether you’re going for elevated or whimsy, short Product Videos are a great way to help your products stand out.


Curious? Take a look at some examples on our YouTube channel.


“There once was a time when only big movie studios could afford helicopter shots for their films. Now anybody with a simple drone can shoot cinematic footage. That's how I feel about these bottle shots. We can now take these wines we've worked so hard on and capture product shots and visuals that would make Apple drool...all thanks to Outshinery.”

- Ed Feuchuck, Napa Farm Collective, CA