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Our Mission: To be the multi-use tank that eases your job.

At Oenotank, we work hard to make your job easy. We believe production equipment should be your best friend in the cellar, be there when you need it and help you make your life easier. We heartily believe in doing things in a simple and easy way! Who wants complexity? That's why our wine tanks are reliable and flexible. Oenotanks bottles and stackers can be used through all your wine making process, from fermentation to transport. Combined with LBarriQ barrel oak, they are perfect for maturation. You can go from white to red wine and red to white. Yes, with Oenotank, that's possible.

We care about what goes in your wine. That's why Oenotank is nasty free. Oenotanks are made of specially selected polymer that is 100% food grade. They are BPA free and won't give any residual colour or odor to your wine.

We like a good glass of wine. We hope Oenotanks will help you produce thousands of liters of it!




Oenotank is designed for winemaking

Oenotank is especially designed for winemaking and features our patented oxygen permeable polymer technology. It ensures wine gets a constant ingress of oxygen and that no nasties will interact with it. Our wine tanks and bottles are made of food grade polymer and is BPA free. Thanks to their low oxygen permeability, they have a performance similar to a neutral barrel and prevent wine oxidation.


Oenotank is ideal for

  • Fermentation
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Blending
  • Maturation


Oenotank is the easy tank

  • Easy to move - Oenotanks can be moved around your winery with a forklift or a pallet jack. The best is that they can be accessed from all angles.
  • Easy to clean - To clean your Oenotank, use cold or warm water, BUT NOT HOT, with a 2% solution of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) or similar. Follow this step by a good rinse with plenty of fresh water and finish with citric acid. Is that easy!
  • Easy to store - No need for sunscreen, Oenotanks are UV stabilized and, when empty, can be stored outside.
  • Easy to fit - Oenotanks are ready for your stainless-steel winery fittings. The 300 Gal and 240 Gal stackers already include a stainless steel 50 mm ferrule (BSP/TC). Other accessories are available separately.


Oenotanks are designed for winemaking
Oenotanks are designed for winemaking
Oenotanks are perfect for transporting grapes or wine, fermentation, maturation, blending, storing and so easy to clean.
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Sales Manager Cameron Black 707-295-9552
Oenotank 240Gal Stacker
The Oenotank 240Gal Stacker has you covered. It is flexible and always ready when you need it around the winery. Oenotank is perfect for transporting grapes or wine, fermentation, maturation, blending, storing and so easy ...