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Fabien Machard de Gramont

The Culture of Winemaking

Oenofrance's history with winemaking and enological products began in 1943 near Paris, France. Step by step, Oenofrance took on a national identity by purchasing famous companies like Chevallier Appert, SAF, CGO, Boland, Vander Borght.

Oenofrance, now based in Bordeaux, has six laboratories in the major French viticultural regions. Today Oenofrance has a staff of 40 individuals, among which more than half are enologists.

In France, our network is made up of more than 100 distribution points (analytical laboratories, consultants, agencies, distributors) proposing a full range of winemaking products (yeasts, malolactic bacteria, tannins, enzymes, fining agentsâ¤|). We are also present in the key wine producing countries through Oenofrance Chile and Oenofrance Italy, but also have distributors in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Luxembourg, Argentina, Australia, and now the United States of America with Oenofrance USA.

Here at Oenofrance USA, we strive to develop and manufacture the finest products available to winemakers. In this spirit, we worked diligently and attained the highest level of quality guarantee through the implementation of HACCP in our production and distribution chains. Additionally all of our products are certified ISO 22000 (Food Grade certified).

Oenofrance is solidly anchored in the history of winemaking innovations since we developed the first specific yeast for aromatic white wines, produced the first gelatin by enzymatic hydrolysis with unique control of hydrolysis degree, took part in the finalization of freeze-dried malolactic bacteria production protocols and were a forerunner in the selection of enzymatic activities for winemaking. Since 1986, Oenofrance has been working on developing specific yeast products (hulls, specific soluble fractions, selected polysaccharidesâ¤|).

Mission Statement

Oenofrance USA is dedicated to developing and producing highly specific enological products for every winemaking situation, in every winemaking area of the world. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of technical advice and products through constant sharing of information between our different agencies, therefore finding solutions for every winemaker and winemaking protocols. We are able to accomplish this goal by upholding values of excellence and direct relationships with our customers. We value contributing to the winemaking community and the ongoing success of the company.

Proximity, Innovation, Passion: Oenofrance's recipe for YOUR Success Story

The 3 pilars that are guiding our company's philosophy are the following:


  •  We are present in the heart of the vineyards of France and other countries worldwide.
  •  Specific, customized oenological products that bear witness to our knowledge of the specific characteristics of each region and wine-making process.
  •  Oenology consultants provide technical support and customized advice to every winegrower.


Oenofrance was the first company in France to offer a yeast specifically designed for the production of aromatic white wines. In 1981, Oenofrance used enzymatic hydrolysis to produce the first gelatins with proteins of controlled molecular weight. Similarly, Oenofrance developed freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria, and was at the cutting edge in the selection of enzymatic activities in oenology.

Very recently, we reaffirmed our forward-looking approach when we launched Phylia EPL R, the result of several years of research carried out in collaboration with Hochschule Geisenheim University, and which is a clear alternative to traditional fining agents of animal origin.


 Our teams are passionate about oenology. They comprise a diverse range of complementary profiles who are able to provide solutions in all areas of oenology, and adapt them to every vintage.

These 3 core values can be found in the research and development of each and every products that we offer to our customers, with complimentary consultations to make sure the technical decision you reach aligns with your winemaking goals.

Please contact us so we can schedule your first consultation.

We look forward to talking to you soon!

The Oenofrance USA Team

News Archive

Extract all the thiols with our newly selected yeast SELECTYS® THIOL
13 July, 2020

SELECTYS® THIOL is a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisae isolated in Italy and selected by our R&D department using an innovative genetic identification program.

The goal of the program was to verify that this strain would carry the nucleotide sequence (+ 38 bases) on the IRC7 gene coding for the protein connected to thiol expression (β-lyase activity).

After three years of trials to validate the strain with 20 renowned estates located in the wine-growing regions most recognized for their production of wines with thiol character, and thanks to the OENOFRANCE®’s R&D department, we were able to verify its superior abilities to bring out aromatic notes of:

  • 4-Mercapto-4-Methylpentan-2-one (4MMP): boxwood, broom, blackcurrant bud, tomato leaf
  • 3-Mercapto-1-Hexanol (3MH): passion fruit, pineapple, grapefruit
  • 3-Mercapto-Hexyle acetate (A3MH): exotic fruits, guava, citrus zest

Recommended fermentation temperature for thiol expression:


H2S production: low

SO2 production: low (< 20 mg/L)

Production of volatile acidity: low < 0.25 g/L (at 12% vol.)

Production of glycerol: medium 5.7 g/L (at 12% vol.)

Tolerance to alcohol: > 14.5 % vol.

Phenotype: Killer K1

Sensitivity to copper: high

Although SELECTYS® THIOL’s nutritional requirements are average, in order to enhance the desired aromatic profile, appropriate amino acid nutrition at the start of fermentation is recommended (VIVACTIV AROME).

Additionaly, we do recommend using DIWINE THIOL in conjunction with SELECTYS® THIOL to further enhance the aromatic extraction of thiols AND their preservation since wines treated with DIWINE THIOL have shown to be exceptionally more resistant to oxidation and aromatic loss over the years.

Our team of winemaking experts is at your service should you have any question!

Unified 2020 is a Wrap! Onto The Oregon Wine Symposium next!
10 February, 2020

We are very grateful to everyone who came by our booth, recounted their experiences, and shared future plans using our winemaking protocols.

We appreciate the trust you put in our protocols and are delighted to see how satisfied you are with the results (though we knew you would be, just like so many of our customers are across the globe!).

From bulk winemaking styling to more specialized needs (such as bases for sparkling wines, rosés, and much more), our team of experienced advisors will discuss with and help you tailor the best technical approach to reach your winemaking goals.

Whether you want to produce a specific aromatic range, increase longevity, design and execute your aging and oaking profile with the help of our patented Dynamic Infusor, or even mitigate smoke taint, we can craft a customized solution to make sure your wines receive the acclaim your estate deserves.

Join us at the Oregon Wine Symposium, Booth # 319, to meet with our winemaking advisors to see how we can assist you! We will be demonstrating the Dynamic Infusor and how it can get your wines oaked to perfection in as little as 6 days, with perfect integration!

We look forward to speaking with you there. If you cannot attend, please feel free to contact us any time at +1 (707) 971-8270 or and schedule a complimentary assessment with our team.

We wish a a wonderful day!

The Oenofrance USA Team

25 July, 2019


Media Contact: Bernadette Trevias

(415) 279­-5070 |

Release Date: July 24, 2019


[July 24, 2019 — PETALUMA, CA] Oenofrance USA is happy to announce the hiring of Carmen Giuffré as a part of the Technical Advisory and Consulting Winemaking team. Her career includes extensive laboratory work as an enologist at Joel Gott Wines (St. Helena) and as a lab technician at E&J Gallo (Healdsburg). Most recently, Carmen was a harvest assistant winemaker at Simi Winery in Healdsburg, California. 

“I am very excited to be working with Carmen as her approach to winemaking is very much in alignment with Oenofrance’s spirit of innovation,” said Fabien Machard de Gramont, OFUSA Consulting Winemaker and Sales Manager. “We look forward to introducing her to our clients as harvest gets underway.”

Carmen has over 10 years of experience in Viticulture and Enology, along with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering from the National University of Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina. She will be primarily covering the Napa and Sonoma region. For additional news updates, please visit

About Oenofrance USA:

Founded just outside of Paris in 1943, Oenofrance began its story with winemaking and enological products. Today, the Bordeaux­-based group is comprised of a global network of winemakers, analytical laboratories, agencies, and distributors, all focused on designing high quality, award­winning wines. Since 2014, the company’s US office is based in Petaluma, CA. With a robust range of winemaking supplies from yeasts to tannins and everything in between, Oenofrance USA is committed to bringing new products and innovations to the US market while providing winemaking advice and continuing to help raise the quality of wines in the Americas.


16 May, 2019

French winemaking product supplier announces dates for West Coast 

(May 16, 2019 - PETALUMA, CA) - Oenofrance USA has opened registration for their Pre-Harvest Technial Meeting series, designed to assist winemakers in gearing up for the upcoming harvest season. This year’s program will cover topics such as nutrition and aromas, volatile acidity management, microorganisms management, color extraction and stabilization, oak and oak alternatives, and step by step guides on how to make award-winning rosé wines. These seminars will be led by guest speaker Vanille-Charlotte Achaintre, part of the Innovations, Research & Development team at SOFRALAB, one of the world’s leading oenological laboratories. 

This will be Ms. Achaintre’s second time as the guest speaker for this event, and offers her knowledge gained from working alongside the manager of the experimental cellar, drafting protocols, and overseeing and implementing trials that result in new technologies released by the company. “Oenofrance focuses on educating our clients and empowering them to make the appropriate choices for their wines,” says Fabien Machard de Gramont, OFUSA Consulting Winemaker and Sales Manager. “Having Ms. Achaintre here to answer questions and provide insight directly from the lab is a unique opportunity and we hope that our winemakers will benefit from her expertise.” 

The Pre-Harvest Technical Meetings will commence on June 13 in Temecula, CA, and will have additional dates in Paso Robles (CA), the Sierra Foothills (CA), Santa Rosa (CA), McMinnville (OR), and Walla Walla (WA). For a complete list of dates and to obtain free tickets, please visit

About Oenofrance USA: 

Founded just outside of Paris in 1943, Oenofrance began its story with winemaking and enological products. Today, the Bordeaux-based group is comprised of a global network of winemakers, analytical laboratories, agencies, and distributors, all focused on designing high quality, award-winning wines. Since 2014, the company’s US office is based in Petaluma, CA. With a robust range of winemaking product - from yeasts to tannins and everything in between - Oenofrance USA is committed to bringing new products and innovations to the US market while providing winemaking advice and continuing to help raise the quality of wines in the Americas.

Get Your Tickets - Sparkling Tour Kicks Off in 30 Days!
26 March, 2019

Are you currently making sparkling wine or thinking about venturing into sparkling production?  

Then you'll definitely want to attend our annual Sparkling Tour, hosted by Oenofrance USA in conjunction with Station Oenotechnique de Champagne. This short, informative seminar will cover theory, practice, and tips for both Charmat and Traditional Methods of sparkling wine production, featuring French winemaker MAXIMILIEN BERNARDEAU, who currently consults for some of the world's most famous Champagne houses. 

Just 30 days until we head to our first location in Baja California, and from there, we'll be traveling across the US to the cities listed below. Tickets are still available! Got questions? Send us a message:


April 23, 2019Baja California, MXGet Tickets
April 25, 2019Paso Robles, CAGet Tickets
April 26, 2019Santa Rosa, CAGet Tickets
April 29, 2019McMinnville, ORGet Tickets
April 30, 2019Pasco, WAGet Tickets
May 2, 2019Stonewall, TXGet Tickets
May 6, 2019Charlotte, NCGet Tickets
May 7, 2019Charlottesville, VAGet Tickets
May 8, 2019Rochester, NYGet Tickets

SPARKLING TOUR 2019 Returns with More Dates and Locations!
28 February, 2019

Back by popular demand, our 3rd annual Sparkling Tour returns with more dates and locations!

French winemaker and sparkling expert Maximilien Bernardeau works with some of the most renowned Champagne houses in the world, and is bringing his years of expertise to the 2019 Sparkling Tour, presented by Oenofrance USA and Station Oenotechnique de Champagne. Geared towards winemakers and producers, this seminar will cover secondary fermentation using Traditional and Charmat methods.

At this seminar, you will hear about techniques for:

  • Base Wine Elaboration
  • Alcoholic Fermentation
  • Fining
  • Blending
  • Tartaric Stabilization
  • Secondary Fermentation (and more!)

You will also have a chance to speak to Mr. Bernardeau about issues you may be experiencing with your own production, and we invite you to bring a bottle of your current sparkling release for tasting and on-site review.

Coffee and light refreshments will be provided.


April 23, 2019Baja California, MXGet Tickets
April 25, 2019Paso Robles, CAGet Tickets
April 26, 2019Santa Rosa, CAGet Tickets
April 29, 2019
McMinnville, OR
Get Tickets
April 30, 2019
Pasco, WAGet Tickets
May 2, 2019
Stonewall, TXGet Tickets
May 6, 2019
Charlotte, NCInquire
May 7, 2019
Charlottesville, VAInquire
May 8, 2019
Rochester, NYInquire

21 September, 2018

All of us at Oenofrance USA are proud to announce that we have moved our warehouse and offices to 1180 Holm Rd, Suite D, Petaluma, CA 94954. The new location allows us to have our customer stop by to pick-up their orders, discuss and run trials in-situ. We are also in the process of setting a space where we will be able to host up to 20 people at a time for our winemaking and wine treatments seminars.

New Harvest, New Products:

Our Innovation, Research and Development department is once again pushing the limits of winemaking by releasing a throve of new products this year, and amongst them:

  • SELECTYS® ITALICA CR1SELECTYS® ITALICA CR1 is a yeast that is suitable to produce wines with high alcohol potential. It always succeeds in enhancing the typical aromatic characteristics of grape varieties and of the terroir, without masking varietal aromas. It respects the polyphenol structure of red wines without lessening their color. High production of glycerol and release of cell wall polysaccharides in the final stages of fermentation guarantee a positive contribution to roundness in the mouth.

2 new products in the DIWINE® RANGEspecifically for red wines: 

  • DIWINE® PRÉVENTION: The composition of DIWINE® PRÉVENTION allows optimum control of alcoholic fermentation, with the aim of obtaining fruity red wines free of defects caused by reduction or oxidation. This control is made possible thanks to:
  1. The detoxifying effect of DIWINE® PRÉVENTION: the elimination of heavy metals as well as CO2, components that are toxic for yeast. This makes it possible to achieve smooth, complete fermentation kinetics.
  2. The redox potential regulation effect of DIWINE® PRÉVENTION: the protective effect of yeast derivatives, which buffer the wine’s redox potential (limits oxidation as well as reduction).
  • DIWINE® AFFINAGE:The composition of DIWINE® AFFINAGE specifically targets the phenolic acids that cause astringency in red wines. DIWINE® AFFINAGE also softens tannins and helps to protect color due to a protective colloidal effect caused by the polysaccharides contained in its formulation.

We also expanded our range of enzymes to include the following:

  • LYSIS UC: a clarification enzyme in powder form for extended shelf life, very concentrated in pectinase activity that reacts quickly to endure a fast clarification of must, and a very good compaction of the lees for easy, time saving processing of your musts prior to fermentation.
  • LYSIS GRENAT: for use on red free-run, red presses or post fermentation on red wines with harsh tannins, this clarifying pectolytic enzyme preparation helps with the development of color and fruity aromas.
  • LYSIS FIRST: a microgranular enzymatic preparation, rich in pectinase and cellulase, derived from Aspergillus niger used for extracting and stabilizing color of red wine naturally rich in tannins which need to be rounded.
  1. Increased extraction of color and tannins
  2. Stabilization of color by extracted tannins
  3. More supple and less bitter tannin perception by the release of polysaccharides
  4. The presence of secondary protease activities alters proteins likely to react with and precipitate the coloring matter.
  5. As such, the color of the harvest is not only extracted, it is likewise preserved.

Our Team of seasoned winemakers/ technical advisors is available to assist you in the choices you need to make all along your winemaking process, from selecting the right yeast and nutrition protocol, to choosing the right tannins and yeast products to complement or enhance your wines ‘structure, and up to the final touches prior to bottling.

Feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation!

Sparkling Tour is Back! Join us for a 4 hour Seminar on Base Wine Optimization and Different Ways to produce Rose Sparkling wines
26 March, 2018

After leading our first Sparkling Tour in 2017 and participating in Effervescence Tasmania last summer, Champagne-based Winemaking Consultant Maximilien Bernardeau is returning to California to speak about the particulars of making Sparkling Rosé wines, and the techniques used to optimize the quality of base wines.

Join us for a 4 hours seminar, followed by a lunch and sparkling wines tasting.


Reserve your seats by clicking the appropriate date below:


Event Schedule:

  • 8:30-9:00 AM - Registration
  • 9:00-10:15 - Techniques for the optimization of base wines for sparkling production
  • 10:15-10:30 - Break
  • 10:30-12:00 - Award Winning Sparkling Rose wines: Keys to Success
  • 12:00-1:00 - Lunch and Sparkling Wine Tasting


The seminar will conclude with a Wine Tasting of commercial wines made by our existing clients.


Seating is limited, Register Today!!!

Yeast Derivatives for Wine Stabilization and Pre-Bottling Operations
11 March, 2018

Professor Michel Feuillat, from the University of Burgundy, spent his life’s work researching and advocating that the work of yeast does not stop at the end of the alcoholic fermentation, but continues with the influence of yeast lees on the evolution of wine, in particular its mouthfeel, the stabilization of its color and the diminution of the astringency brought by the tannins.

Following this path, Oenofrance has spent the last few decades understanding how inactivated dry yeast and yeast derivatives contribute to the stabilization of all wine types. The PHYLIA range was born from those efforts and is declined in several products for specific uses:PHYLIA LF

PHYLIA® LF is a preparation made of yeast hulls rich in mannoproteins and polysaccharides that regulates the reduction and oxidation steps the wine undergoes during the maturing process. The wine is therefore protected from reducing derivatives (at the origin of the mercaptan content) or oxidative (possibly leading to ethanal).

PHYLIA®LF is a qualitative tool for correcting reduction or oxidation. Combined with a reasoned lees-stirring program, PHYLIA®LF not only contributes to a better aging of your wines but also to better mouthfeel and improved color stability.

PHYLIA®LF is also recommended for use in synergy with oak chips or staves: it will bring out coffee, vanilla and toasted notes, structure and length.PHYLIA CYS

PHYLIA® CYS is an association of specific inactive yeasts (rich in amino acids in small reducing peptides) and selected microcrystallin cellulose.

Due to its high antioxidant capacity, when added before the start of alcoholic fermentation, PHYLIA ®CYS effectively protects aromas against oxidation.
PHYLIA®CYS also prevents the premature aging of white wines and rosé wines. Indeed, their aromatic evolution is slower, and the freshness preserved.

PHYLIA®CYSis alaso recommended for use in synergy with oak chips or staves: it increases fruity aromas, volume, structure, sweetness perception and length.PHYLIA EXEL

PHYLIA®EXELis the result of a partial autolysis procedure enabling obtaining polysaccharides (mannoproteins) and proteins. PHYLIA®EXEL interacts strongly with the wine matrix to help increase the efficiency of tartrate stabilization, but also helps in reducing the harshness of tannins and decreasing the acidity for white and rosé wines.

Used at the finishing stage of wine, PHYLIA®EXEL quickly develops volume and fatty mouthfeel (less than 1 week compared to maturing on lees several months).

PHYLIA®EXEL likewise contributes to gaining complexity, freshness and fruity aromatic expression in the wine.PHYLIA EPL

PHYLIA® EPL is the fruit of almost 3 decades of research focused on fining musts and wine using exclusively yeast based proteins. PHYLIA® EPL is based on an innovative industrial process which enables the extraction, concentration and storage of these indigenous yeast proteins.

PHYLIA® EPL is used for fining musts and is a more extremely efficient alternative to gelatin in flotation processes. In Europe, PHYLIA® EPL is authorized for the fining of all wines since it specifically eliminates tannins which cause bitterness thus creating a fining and maturing procedure duly respectful of wines.

Lastly, and due to its origin, PHYLIA® EPL is an "Allergen Free" and Vegan fining product, and is thus not concerned with the labeling of its allergens.


For the wines ready to be bottled, and especially those made from grapes grown during really hot vintages, consider using a specific enzyme with high pectinases, LYSIS FILTRABcellulases and β-glucanase activities like LYSIS® FILTRAB to facilitate your filtration and finishing operations:
LYSIS® FILTRAB is a specific liquid enzymatic preparation for the clarification and filtration of musts and wines. It can also regenerate filtration membranes quickly with no risk of alteration. 

When used at the end of alcoholic fermentation regardless of the vinification type, it prepares the wine for fining, starts the ageing process, participates in static clarification and improves filterability.

On finished wines before filtering and bottling, LYSIS® FILTRAB clearly improves filterability, increases filtration yields, and optimizes consumption of filtration media (less filtration sediment, increased membrane life span). It can also be used for cleaning of crossflow membranes (protocol upon request).


Feel free to contact us if you would like some samples. We are also avaialble to assess your wine and help you define trials designed to elevate your wines.

The Oenofrance USA Team.

Optimizing Oak Extraction and Integration: Synergy of Oak Alternatives and Yeast Derivatives
25 February, 2018

It has been long known that O2 (mOx systems) in combination with oak alternatives helps with color stabilization, oak aromas, flavor extraction and integration. Our R&D team researched and concluded that using yeast derivatives in synergy with oak alternatives, and along with mOx, helps integrate and extract the oak flavors and aromas much faster than traditional soaking.


No more harsh pencil shavings taste, no more bitter and green tannins! We have a solution for faster, more durable integration!

We ran extensive soaking trials and our current selection of oak alternatives is perfectly suited for use with two specific products from our Yeast Derivatives PHYLIA® Product range:



  • OENOQUERCUS®(chips, dominos, staves, barrel inserts) of French (fresh wood, light toast, medium toast, heavy toast) and American (medium toast) origin, or a combination of the two with our yeast derivatives.



  • PHYLIA® CYS- is a mixture of specific inactivated yeasts rich in amino acids and reducing peptides for protection from oxidation and preservation of aromatic freshness. In synergy with oak alternatives it increases the fruity aromas, volume, structure, sweetness perception and length.



  • PHYLIA® LF- is a preparation made of yeast hulls rich in mannoproteins and polysaccharides. PHYLIA®LF regulates the reduction and oxidation steps the wine undergoes during the maturing process. In synergy with oak alternatives it will bring out coffee, vanilla and toasted notes, structure and length.




Next time you soak your oak samples, do not forget to trial PHYLIA® CYSand PHYLIA® LF with them, we have samples available.

If you have any questions, or need help setting up the trials, feel free to call us to set-up an appointment!

The Oenofrance USA Team is here to help reach your winemaking goals!

15 January, 2018

Once again after the celebrations of the Holiday season, it is time to gear up for an exciting Unified Wine and Grape Symposium.

The Oenofrance Team has some fantastic news as we welcome a new team member and we cannot wait to talk to you about our new products!

Come meet us at booth #2511, on the 3rd floor of the Convention center, right behind the registration desks, and chat about our new sustainable, vegan and organic ingredients, or exchange on sparkling and rosé wine techniques with our winemaking technical advisors.

New Team Member:

JELENA RUMOA, Consulting Winemaker – Technical Advisor:

Jelena Rumora graduated from the University of Zagreb with a B.S. in Viticulture, Enology and Pomology and joined Rutherford Wine Company in 2011 where she stayed six years starting as their Enologist and later on Assistant Winemaker.

Born and raised in Croatia, Jelena fell in love with winemaking from her early age helping her grandfather make wine on the island of Hvar which has kept her curious year after year.

One of her favorite part of making wine is setting up trials to farther her discovery and understanding of fermentation sciences.

With a big smile on her face, she will admit her love for native Croatian variety Zinfandel, and has a weak spot for Merlot and Chenin Blanc.

When she is not setting up trials around the country, you will find her advising wineries in Napa and Sonoma Valleys, Washington State, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, as well as Mexico.

New Products to be looking for:

  • NOQERCUS Range:A new way to oak wines in a controlled and quick manner through the use of 100% soluble tannins and polysaccharides. The integration of the oak is almost instantaneous and leaves no residue after treatment.
    • NOQUERCUS: Has been specially formulated to respond to wine-makers needing to make early and fast corrections on modern red wine with volume, body and very supple tannins. In addition, NOQUERCUS provide a touch of freshness to wines.
    • NOQUERCUS BLANC: The active components of NOQUERCUS BLANC are more quickly available compared to when using fresh wood. In addition, NOQUERCUS BLANC is easy to use and generates no residues after usage.
    • NOQUERCUS DOUCEUR: Allows early, rapid rectification of modern white and rosé wines with a desired aromatic profile of volume, fatness and aromatic freshness.
  • OENOVEGAN Range: As part of our technical approach to reduce the use of SO2 and animal products in wines, we have developed 2 specifically designed preparations to control microbiological activity in fermenting of finish wines.
    • OENOVEGAN MICRO: Eradicate Brettanomyces populations, along with other spoilage organisms, with a 100% vegetal preparation.
    • OENOVEGAN FINESSE: Also prepared with a chitin-derived molecule called chitin-glucan from Aspergillus niger, KTS Clear was designed to eliminate undesirable compounds produced by the development of spoilage organisms.
    • Combining the use of OENOVEGAN MICRO and OENOVEGAN FINESSE guarantees the absence of microorganisms and undesirable compounds in wines.

We look forward to seeing you at booth # 2511!

The Oenofrance USA Team

18 December, 2017

The Team at Oenofrance USA wanted to thank you for another successful year in spite of many challenges. We have some great news for the coming year and we cannot wait to share it with you in the New Year.

To celebrate all this, we would like to offer you a special 15% discount on all our products if ordered before noon Friday 12/29.

We have a fantastic selection of oak alternatives in the OENOQUERCUS  range (Chips, Dominoes, Staves, barrel inserts) and a team of oak specialists to design the best protocols to meet your goals.

Also available for the first year in the US, our innovative range of fully soluble oak alternative NOQUERCUSNOQUERUS BLANCand NOQUERCUS DOUCEUR in particular can be added after fermentation for a gentle and controlled oak flavoring of your wines, without the pain of dealing with soaking bags, etc. Just add to your wine, mix your vessel and wait a week for full integration.

Also brand new in the US, our OENOVEGAN range to eradicate Brettanomyces populations and remove their off-flavors.Contact us for more info.

Moreover, our team of Consulting Winemakers is always available to offer you our signature complementary counsel, and help you reach your winemaking goals in the most confidence.

We look forward to talking to you soon, and wish you some very Happy Holidays!

The Oenofrance USA Team.

Rebuilding Together - Oenofrance USA is here to help with our Winemaking Consultant team at your service
23 October, 2017

We are at loss for words to express our sadness for all who have been impacted by the fires this season. We would like to help by donating 10% of all our proceeds until the end of the year to the North Bay Fire Relief Fund. 100% of all the money raised through this campaign will go directly to aid relief efforts and victims

Additionally, we wanted to reinforce that our Winemaking and Technical Consultant team is always available to assist winemakers with the decisions they need to make in order to move forward, rebuild, and keep producing the most exceptional wines possible.

Whether you would like to create, develop or increase your production, both for still and sparkling wines, our team of experts is ready to accompany you, free of charge, to meet the production standards you set for yourself.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Best Wishes,

The Oenofrance USA Team



Sparkle with Confidence with SOEC and Save 15% off your Tirage Products by Pre-Ordering NOW! Offer valid until 10/13/2017.
11 September, 2017

Harvest is going full steam in the middle of an atypical season but you can now plan ahead AND save money while concentrating on your fermentation by pre-ordering your adjuvants, riddling agents, yeast autolysates and riddling tannins from a most trusted outlet that is STATION OENOTECHNIQUE DE CHAMPAGNE®

From Methode Traditionelle to Charmat Method, STATION OENOTECHNIQUE DE CHAMPAGNE® has been established for more than 45 years as a creator of sparkling wines by developing innovative enological solutions and is working historically with many famous champagne and sparkling houses worldwide.

Our most demanded tirage products include ADJUVANT MC, ADJUVANT 92, AMPLITAN TIRAGE or CLAR T TIRAGE

To know more about STATION OENOTECHNIQUE DE CHAMPAGNE®, click here

To place an order, or inquire about our products, please contact our consulting winemaker. Dont delay, this offer is only valid fro the next month!

We look forward to talking to you soon!

28 August, 2017

When dealing with Bulk and short cycle wines, every wine maker is trying to find the best compromise between a short schedule and making the best quality in order to maximize hers or his revenue.

Thanks to our close partnership with our clients, our prolific R&D team successfully developed 2 lines of products to be used during the primary fermentation, specifically designed to quicken your turn-around while sustaining your quality requirements.

  1. DIWINE® RANGE:The DIWINE® range of product is made of 3 fermentation product and 1 fining preparation originally designed to remove the oxidative components in must and wines responsible for the loss of aromatic expression. All products in that range also contribute to a better perception of mouthfeel and increasing the shelf life of the wines.
    1. DIWINE THIOL® – according to its name DIWINE THIOL is specially designed to enhance the production of thiol aromas by protecting their precursors from oxidation.
    2. DIWINE AROME® – This preparation is especially efficient in enhancing esters and norisoprenoids (those red fruit aromas) in red, rosé and white wines.
    3. DIWINE SR® is a versatile preparation custom-made for rosé producers and will react with the yeast strain used to enhance their unique characteristics.
    4. DIWINE 2+/3+®: the only curative treatment in that range as shown to remove up to 90% of excess heavy metals in wines. We recommend it after copper sulfate treatments to remove any chance of late release of mercaptans inside the bottle


  1. NOQUERCUS® RANGE: A mix of toasted oak tannins and polysaccharides, those 3 products are to be used during primary fermentation for a better integration and contribute to the long lasting and elegant perception of oak profiles in wines. They are 100% soluble which makes them extremely easy to use, and prevent the necessity to enter the tanks to remove other types of oak alternatives.
    1. NOQUERCUS® – the original product in this range is designed to replicate the use of fresh oak chips during vinification. It is used to protect your polyphenols from oxidation and preserve the freshness of your wines
    2. NOQUERCUS BLANC® - like NOQUERCUS, NOQUERCUS BLANC helps prevent oxidation in white wines while enhancing the aromatic freshness of wines.
    3. NOQUERCUS DOUCEUR® - the most recent addition in this range, it was developed specifically to provide more volume and mouthfeel while enhancing the wines sucrosity.

We have samples available if you would like to try those products and see how they can help you meet both your technical and financial requirements, so please feel free to contact us!

HARVEST 2017 - A Fresh Approach to Premium Winemaking - NOP CERTIFIED and VEGAN Friendly products available
31 July, 2017

With harvest around the corner, now is the time to select new products for your trials or adopt enhanced vinification protocols. Our innovations are here for just that purpose:

  • MUST PREPARATION – The DIWINE®Range: If you would like to maximize the aromatic potential of your grapes, protect your juice from oxidation and ensure a longer wine shelf life, DIWINE products are THE SOLUTIONS FOR YOU! – Click here for more info!


  • YEAST – The SELECTYS® range: Whether you are looking for TERROIR EXPRESSION with SELECTYS L’AUTHENTIQUE, enhanced RED FRUIT and LESS VEGETAL notes with SELECTYS LA RAFFINEE, exceptional FINESSE and DISTINCTION for BARREL FERMENTED WHITE WINES with SELECTYS L’ELEGANTE, outstanding  THIOL EXPRESSION with SELECTYS L’ECLATANTE, or simply need a RESISTANT strain to RESTART stuck ferments or conduct your SPARKLING PROGRAMS WITH SELECTYS LA MARQUISE, our carefully conducted yeast selection – focused on lower nitrogen requirements and very low H2S production - brings you the best of Nature to craft your wines with the utmost confidence.

L'AUTHENTIQUEwine profile1LA RAFFINEEwine profile 2L'ELEGANTEwine profile 3  L'ECLATANTEwine profile 4  LA MARQUISEwine profile 5

  • NUTRITION – The VIVACTIV® range: Our Nutrients programs rely heavily on the use of Organic Nitrogen – by opposition to mineral Nitrogen – that is provided by amino-acids and vitamins (1mg of organic nitrogen is roughly equivalent to 3mg of mineral nitrogen) and allows for more qualitative and regular fermentations, with less reductive accidents*. Each product in the VIVACTIV range has a specific action, be it to help REVEAL AROMAS (VIVACTIV ARÔME), enhance the MULTIPLICATION of cells during rehydration (VIVACTIVE PREMIER), supplement IMPORTANT YAN DEFFICIENCIES (VIVACTIV PERFORMANCE& VIVACTIV ACTION), DETOXIFY your wine mid-AF to ensure COMPLETE and SAFE fermentation (VIVACTIV CONTROLE), or even to supply nutrients needed by your ML BACTERIA to jumpstart their metabolism (VIVACTIV MALO).



*results depending on nutrition program


  • Most of our products are NOP certified -We also have a whole range of Vegan friendlywinemaking products, and much more! -  contact us for a detailed list!


Feel free to Contact our Consulting Winemakers TODAY to inquire about our TRIAL SPECIAL PRICING!



Harvest Prep Seminar and Pre-Bottling Operations - Reserve your COMPLIMENTARY Consultation TODAY!
19 June, 2017

After last Month’s achievement of the very first “SPARKLING TOUR CALIFORNIA”, we are about to cloture 2 weeks of the very successful DIWINE TOUR/HARVEST PREP SEMINAR.

For those who unfortunately could not make it, please feel free to contact us if you would like to receive a copy of the presentations.

On another note, this is the time to prepare yet another bottling campaign and here are a few tools for last minute corrections:

  • PHYLIA EPL: Your wine is fantastic diamond in the rough that needs a little polishing but you are afraid that fining it will take away a lot of its greatness? This product natural yeast derivative can help you remove the harsh, green and bitter tannins without impacting your color or good tannic structure.EPL


  • GOMME SR: Your wine has the right structure and acidity, but you think it could use a little more mouthfeel? Or your whites and rosés could use a little sweetness to make them more palatable, but you don’t know if you should take the risk to add sugar to it and get bottle re-fermentation? Look no further. GOMME SR provides that extra rich layer to your wine without compromising its stability. The best part? It comes in liquid form and is already micro-filtered down to 0.2 μm for easy-peasy additions before or after crossflow filtration.GOMME SR


  • LACTIC ACID: Whether you would like to enhance the length of your wine, give it an extra acid boost to bring it back in balance, or even decrease its ‘hotness” due to high alcohol, you will see an immediate impact with our liquid lactic acid. It is great on its own but remarkable while working in synergy with GOMME SR.

As always, we are at your service to help you decide what the best course of action is. Should you choose to get our winemaking expert’s opinion, feel free to contact us to request one of our free consultations! Don’t delay, our schedule id filling up quickly!


We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Oenofrance USA Team

There is Still Time to Register for the DIWINE TOUR 2017 - Don't delay, Seating is limited!!!
05 June, 2017



  • Temecula, CA – 6.12.17
  • Lodi, CA – 6.15.17
  • Santa Maria, CA – 6.16.17
  • Santa Rosa, CA – 6.19.17
  • McMinnville, OR – 6.21.17


Planning for harvest is always a complicated time in a winemaker's year.

You can avoid headaches and and be fully prepared by joining Oenofrance USA in our 4 hour seminar where we will present our latest technologies and protocols for ultra-premium winemaking.

During this 4 hour seminar, Oenofrance’s R&D Director Céline Sparrow  flew specially from our Headquarters in France to present you the following:

  • New ways to increase aromatic and mouthfeel intensity in your wines while enhancing their shelf life
  • How to manage color extraction and stabilization for more vibrant and intense wines
  • Improved Yeast Nutrition for more secure and complete fermentations
  • No Added SO2 Wine Making Techniques
  • How to reduce the impact of spoiling micro-organisms and how to resolve their impact in wine.

Seating is limited, Register today!

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Oenofrance USA Team

DIWINE TOUR 2.0 / Harvest Prep 2017
22 May, 2017

After successfully launching on Monday the first Sparkling Tour, Oenofrance doubles down and invites you to attend our Diwine Tour 2.0/ Pre-Harvest Seminar.

During this 4 hour seminar, Oenofrance’s R&D Director Céline Sparrow will present you the following:

  • New ways to increase aromatic and mouthfeel intensity in your wines while enhancing their shelf life
  • How to manage color extraction and stabilization for more vibrant and intense wines
  • Improved Yeast Nutrition for more secure and complete fermentations
  • No Added SO2 Wine Making Techniques
  • How to reduce the impact of spoiling micro-organisms and how to resolve their impact in wine.

Save the dates!

  • 06/12/2017 -  Temecula, CA
  • 06/14/2017 – Paso Robles, CA
  • 06/16/2017 -  Lodi, CA
  • 06/19/2017 -  Sonoma, CA
  • 06/21/2017 – Willamette, OR

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to

Correcting Vegetal Notes Using Oak Alternatives, Yeast Derivatives and Reasoned Oxygen Additions
27 March, 2017

Many winemakers are now familiar with the use of Oak Alternatives and micro-ox to tune down wines displayig green and overly vegetal caracter.

The innovation in our approach lies in the use of different types of Yeast Derivatives - according to the wine profile - to integrate the oak faster and more durably, while protecting your wines against premature aging and/or redox issues. At the same time, these Yeast Derivatives will actively contribute to enhance the fruity aromas, and mask negative after tastes (bitterness, volatil phenols).

For personalized protocols, or to set-up a trial please contact us.

Wine Stabilization and Pre-bottling Corrections – Efficient tools for the fastest integration
13 March, 2017

Our close relationships to our clients are the pillars upon which we are built, and we work hard to design enological products that are quick to act and easy to apply so you can focus on more important things!

One area where I never seemed to have enough time was the pre-bottling process: verifying that your wines are heat and cold stable can take a while, but it becomes complex when you also have to manage to manage tannin, acidity or mouthfeel adjustments…

The following products were designed, like all our range of enological ingredients, in close collaboration with our customers to answer specific winemaking requirements and time constraints:

PHYLIA EPL: Allergen free fining product, extracted from yeast after 25 years of research. The proteins that were selected in the composition of this product are highly specific of green, harsh and bitter tannins. Therefore, the product has virtually no impact on the aromatics or color of your wines. It is the poster child for gentle fining solutions!

PERFORMA: One of the most efficient bentonites on the market. Low usage rates, little to no stripping effect AND a rehydration time of 1-3 hours – in cold water- makes it a must have for quick protein stabilization. Its low addition rate guarantees less sediments, which in turns means more wine to bottle!

KYOCELL: Why spend weeks, even months and a lot of electricity to cold stabilize your wines, when you can do it in just 48 hours using KYOCELL? KYOCELL is a cellulose gum known as CarboxyMethyl Cellulose, used to prevent the growth of tartaric crystals.

GOMME SR: Liquid Arabic Gum, micro-filtered to 0.1 micron in order to help you immediately achieve the mouthfeel and sensation of sweetness without compromising the sterility of your wine. Because it was micro-filtered, you can add this gum just before bottling and will not have any clogging issues!

LACTIC ACID: Another product that integrates to your wine instantly. Lactic Acid is recommended to adjust acid perception in wines judged flabby or lacking balance since it is naturally stable both in solution (no crystal formation) and in terms of micro-biology (will not ferment). High alcohol wines can use a few g/L to reduce the sensation of heat, bring aromas forward and lengthen mouthfeel!

PHYLIA EXEL US: Specially formulated to answer the needs of the US Wine market, and designed to help enhance tartaric stabilization, PHYLIA EXEL US was found to also reduce notes of bitterness in wines and participate to the increase of mouthfeel. Dissolving instantly, its integration into wine can take up to couple days.

OENOTANNIN VB TOUCH: A finishing tannin from vacuum-toasted oak helps re-invigorate your wine aromas while providing volume and mouthfeel. Minimum contact time prior to bottling: 10 days. Recommended contact time: 1 month prior to bottling

OENOTANNIN VB 105: Like its younger sibling VB TOUCH, VB 105 was designed to provide some boost to your wine’s tannic structure. VB 105 was specifically selected to increase mid-mouth structure and can be applied a minimum of 2 weeks prior to for best results.

OENOTANNIN FRAICHEUR: For wines that got a little tired during aging, OENOTANNIN FRAICHEUR will help you regain some aromatic freshness! Extremely adapted to use with aromatic white wines, you can also use it on rosés and red wines.


All products are available in sample sizes. Please contact us to receive yours!

UNIFIED 2017 - Come celebrate a sparkling, aromatic New Year with our COO, Ramon Bel - Booth #2522
16 January, 2017

Cheers to one more successful harvest under our belts and some fantastic results from the use of DIWINE THIOL. The 2016 wines treated with DIWINE THIOL show amazingly powerful aromatics, increased mouthfeel and resistant to oxidation and browning, making it a revolutionary product for the treatment of musts!

This New Year brings more novelties and innovations directly from our R&D department, for the benefit of winemakers everywhere, in our effort to support and advise wineries concerned with lasting sustainability and increasingly qualitative wines. We are developing the DIWINE range to include DIWINE AROME for norisoprenoids, terpenes and esters forward wines, along with DIWINE SR, specially designed to craft award winning rosé and white wines.

The new NOQUERCUS range of products allows winemaker to get all the benefits of oak products with a shortened contact time- straight from the primary fermentation - for wines designed to hit the market early on.

We are also delighted to announce that Oenofrance USA will now be distributing the sparkling Station Oenotechnique de Champagne (SOEC) products (previously distributed by Enartis USA). Just like the Oenofrance brand, SOEC is part of the SOFRALAB – The Oenology Company Group, whose headquarters are located near Epernay, Champagne.

For nearly a century, SOFRALAB has been a pioneer and reference with regards to enological products and services. Our motto, "Evolving in order to resolve tomorrow's winemaking challenges", is the driving force behind our continual quest to develop more respectful enological ingredients. Our focus is now on products derived from the fermentation and aging processes, for a more sustainable approach to winemaking.

Please join us at Unified to talk more about our winemaking vision and get to know our winemaking advisors. We will be happy to welcome you at ourbooth # 2522 to discuss new ways to reach your winemaking goals.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Oenofrance USA and SOEC team.

Let The Wine Flow - Happy Holidays from Oenofrance USA!
19 December, 2016

We wanted to take advatage of the Holiday Season to express our gratitude for the trust our clients put in our products and our counsel.

We do what we do and always thrive to innovate thanks to your motivation to make exceptional wines for there is no greater reward than accompanying the growth of an estate and seeing your wines receive medals and high scores, years after years.

Your desire to establish a sustainable estate is our drive to research, develop and bring to you the latest and most respectful ingredients available for crafting your wines, along with the knowlegdge of our team members to assit you in taking the best decisions.

A value at the core of our phylosophy is Honest Dialog. We believe this is the only way we can understand precisely what we can do to provide you the best service possible, and make the most educated recommendations. It is also a way to learn what specific needs you may have and develop solutions that uniquely cater to your requirements.

We will be sabering some Champagne and Sparkling wines to wish you and those around you a very Happy Holiday Season, and celebrate some exciting news for the New Year!

All the best,

The Oenofracne USA Team.

Fining, Volume and Structure Enhancement: Essential Finishing Steps for Award Winning Wines
05 December, 2016

Fining is an essential step when preparing wines for bottling. It ensures their physico-chemical stability, corrects certain defects and allows for sufficient clarification in order to limit the impact of traumatic filtrations on the structure and quality of wines.

In addition to helping with proper fining procedures (mainly to prevent over-fining, or to ensure quick floculation), the use of tannins along the maturation period is beneficial in many ways:



  • ADAGI’O BIO is a certified organic pure egg white powder. used for the clarification of red wines matured in barrels or for those wines rich in polyphenols. 1 kg of ADAGI'O BIO corresponds to 32 egg whites.
  • PHYLIA EPL is the fruit of many years of research focused on fining musts and wine using exclusively yeast based proteins. PHYLIA EPL is based on an innovative industrial process which enables the extraction, concentration and PHYLIA EPLstorage of these indigenous yeast proteins. PHYLIA EPL is used for fining musts as well as white, red and rosé wines. PHYLIA EPL eliminates tannins which cause bitterness thus creating a fining and maturing procedure duly respectful of wines. Lastly, and due to its origin, PHYLIA EPL is an "Allergen Free" fining product, and is thus not concerned with the allergen labelling requirement.



  • COLLE DE POISSON is THE clarifier specific to white wines. It gives the wine an unmatched shine and preserves all the finesse of the aromas. COLLE DE POISSON is made from very high molecular weight (140,000 Daltons) proteins extracted from sturgeon teguments. It should be used with wines which do not require specific fining for excessive tannins, proteins.
  • PERFORMAPERFORMA: selected among the purest natural bentonites used for pharmaceutical purposes, PERFORMA develops a very high adsorption area, which considerably reduces the dosage and its rehydration time, for a simple and efficient use in the cellar. PERFORMA presents a very high affinity with unstable proteins and shows less stripping effect than similar products on the market.VINIFICATEUR SR
  • VINFICATEUR SR: This adjuvant of vinification, associating Sodium-based montmorillonites and PVPP, yields remarkable results in fining of white and rosé wines, by adding volume and removing harsh and bitter tastes.


  • OENOTANNIN VB TOUCH underwent an innovative treatment which allows it to improve the harmony between tannic structure and the mouthfeel of the wine.OENOTANNIN PERFECT
  • OENOTANNIN PERFECT has a low degree of polymerization. Very reactive with polyphenols in wine, it is used before malolactic fermentation or at the beginning of maturation. It initiates the condensation between tannins and anthocyanins, along with the polymerization of tannins beneficial to the color and the softening of astringency.OENOTANNIN VELVET
  • OENOTANNIN VELVET, moderately polymerized, finalizes the tannin-anthocyanin condensation process, and brings volume and structure during maturation. It gives the wine long aging potential and stabilizes the color over time.


For specific protocols or a free consultation regarding the use of these product, please contact us.

Innovative Uses for Yeast Derivatives – Integrated Winemaking Solutions for Exceptional Wines
21 November, 2016

For now more than 30 years, OENOFRANCE works tirelessly to improve yeast derivative products and their use in winemaking. In close partnership with Professor Michel Feuillat from the University or Burgundy, OENOFRANCE developed the first partial yeast autolysate. Indeed, Professor Feuillat highlighted the many benefits of aging on lees, specifically on colloidal stability and on the organoleptic richness of Burgundy wines. Thanks to a lot or research and new knowledge acquired since then, OENOFRANCE kept developing products that are 100% made from yeast, in order to answer the many technical issues encountered by winemakers:  

  • Improving antioxidant properties
  • Refining the smoothness of wine mouthfeel
  • Softening the finish
  • Building the body or mouthfeel
  • Preserving of flavor / aroma
  • Reducing bitterness and / or astringency
  • Contributing to the complexity of wine

OENOFRANCE is once again leading the innovation effort by offering a wide range of extremely reactive yeast derivatives, the PHYLIA® range, to answer very specific technical issues along the winemaking process:PHYLIA CYS

  • WINEMAKING: PHYLIA® CYS is an association of specific inactive yeasts (rich in amino acids in small reducing peptides) and selected microcrystalline cellulose. Due to its high antioxidant capacity, when added before the start of alco­holic fermentation, PHYLIA® CYS effectively protects aromas against oxida­tion. PHYLIA® CYS likewise prevents the premature ageing of white and rosé wines. Their aromatic evolution is slower and the freshness is preserved.
  • WINE AGING:PHYLIA® LF is a preparation made of yeast hulls rich in mannoproteins and polysaccharides.PHYLIA® LF regulates the reduction and oxidation steps the wine undergoes during the maturing process. The wine is thus protect­ed from reductive (at the origin of mercaptan production) or oxidative deviations (possibly leading to ethanal). Above and beyond natural and pro­tected maturing,PHYLIA® LF is a qualitative tool for correcting reduction or oxidation.EPL
  • FINING: PHYLIA® EPL is the fruit of many years of research focused on fining musts and wine using exclusively yeast based proteins. PHYLIA® EPL is based on an innovative industrial process which enables the extraction, concentra­tion and storage of these indigenous yeast proteins. PHYLIA® EPL is used for fining musts as well as white, red and rosé wines. PHYLIA® EPL eliminates tannins which cause bitterness thus creating a fining and maturing proce­dure duly respectful of wines. Lastly, and due to its origin, PHYLIA® EPL is an “Allergen Free” fining product, and is thus not concerned with the allergens labeling requirements.PHYLIA EXEL
  • PRE-BOTTLING:PHYLIA® EXEL is the result of a partial autolysis procedure enabling the obtention polysaccharides (mannoproteins) and proteins.PHYLIA® EXEL interacts strongly with the wine matrix thus reducing the harshness of tannins and decreasing the acidity for white and rosé wines. Used at the finishing stage of wine,PHYLIA® EXEL quickly develops volume and fatty mouthfeel (less than 1 week compared to maturing on lees several months).PHYLIA® EXEL likewise contributes to gaining complexity, freshness and fruity aromatic expression in the wine.

Beyond those specific uses, our Consulting Winemakers have worked with many estates to put in place precise aging protocols to use these yeast derivative products in synergy with oak alternatives like oak chips and different types of tannins, combined with micro-oxigenation.

The results produce Ultra Premium wines with fantastic organoleptic characteristics (less vegetal, more fruit forward, with complex aromas and mouthfeel) in record times, leading to a quicker turn-around time from harvest to bottling and huge savings on your oak program.

To know more about our products and specific protocols, please contact your local Consulting Winemaker.

Specific Tannin Origins for Specific Actions – How to Pilot Wine Maturation Precisely
07 November, 2016

OENOFRANCE has always been close to its customers and dedicated to resolve the technical challenges they encounter.

For this reason OENOFRANCE is the only oenological products company to offer pure tannins of one specific botanical origin. Indeed, for several years we studied the chemical and biochemical properties of different tannins that could be found on the market. This study showed that each individual tannin (in terms of botanical origin) brought special characteristics to wine (oxidation resistance, color protection, increased structure, strengthening of the redox potential, etc.).

OENOFRANCE then chose to develop a full range of pure tannins products so that each could respond optimally to different issues that winemakers may have to address.

There are many issues that can be resolved with the use of the right tannin at the right time. We must therefore understand the specific characteristics and constraints of these issues, then choose the tannin or tannins that will solve the problem.

For your convenience OENOFRANCE USA has carried out a more specific selection, to meet the challenges inherent to the US wine industry:

OENOTANNIN® PERFECT: grape seed extract, OENOTANNIN® PERFECT consists of tannins with a low degree of polymerization, which are highly reactive with wine tannins. This high reactivity allows it to initiate polymerization in the wine and stabilize color for the long-term. With a strong anti-radical activity, it limits oxidation and protects the color.

OENOTANNIN® VELVET: Also extracted from grape seeds, OENOTANNIN® VELVET consists of pro-anthocyanidic tannins with average polymerization degree, which brought in during or at the end of the maturation process, strengthen the structure of the wine and its aging potential. OENOTANNIN® VELVET quickly helps to stabilize color.

OENOTANNIN® VB TOUCH: produced using an innovative manufacturing process, OENOTANNIN® VB TOUCH is a pure oak tannin. Used during aging, it provides volume to the wine while strengthening its aromatic potential. 

OENTOANNIN® FRAICHEUR: Specially formulated to improve and maintain over time the aromatic freshness of wines, OENTOANNIN® FRAICHEURis a blend of complex tannins from one type of exotic wood, Tara (Caesalpinia spinosa). The combination of condensed tannins, gallic and ellagic limit the oxidation of the wine consuming dissolved oxygen and maintains freshness by reducing the redox potential. OENTOANNIN® FRAICHEUR be used on all types of farming or wine before starting. 

The following table is here to help you integrate each tannin properties and the best time and way to use them:

 Tannin Table

All of our tannins are available in sample size. Please contact us to receive yours! Your technical advisor is always available to help you set-up a trial or discuss your options regarding your tannin addition program.

We look forward to talking to you soon!

The Oenofrance USA Team

Final Adjustments in an Instant – Quick Corrections When You Are Weeks Away From Bottling
23 October, 2016

To enhance the aromatic potential and the volume of your wines while preserving stability, you may want to consider the following:

  • OENOTANNIN VB TOUCH To harmonize the structure and volume, OENOTANNIN® VB TOUCH is ideal when aging white, red, and rosé wines. Pure tannin extracted from oak staves, it enhances the aromatic potential of your wine while bringing a definite sucrosity.
  • On musts or wines,LACTIC ACID confers a soft acidity. Besides its corrective action on the acidity - key stage of the winemaking process – with very little impact on pH, LACTIC ACID is very stable in regards to the microbial metabolism and does not precipitate as an insoluble salt, contrary to tartaric acid. While it is mainly interesting to use it on red wines in order reduce high alcohol sensation and increase mouthfeel, LACTIC ACID is also recommended to boost the freshness of rosé and white wines that could be a little “tired” before bottling.
  • PHYLIA EXELA powerful tool to refine your wines, PHYLIA EXEL strongly interacts with the wine matrix, decreasing the harshness and astringency of tannins in red wines and the sensation of acidity of white and rosé wines. This translates into a silkier and ample mouthfeel, with a greater aromatic complexity. PHYLIA EXEL also participates in the tartaric stabilization of wines. While another use is to diminish the perception of bitter phenolic compounds in wines, it contributes to the formation of finer, more stable bubbles when integrated during the “tirage” of sparkling wines.


For more information on these products and their multiple uses, please contact us!

We hope to see you soon!

BACTELIA CRESCENDO, Direct Addition Lactic Bacteria for All Types of Wines
10 October, 2016


BACTELIA CRESCENDO is a lactic acid bacterium of the genus Oenococcus oeni used for co-inoculation (24H after the addition of yeast) or for sequential inoculation (post FA).

It allows conducting malolactic fermentation of both red and white wines. This specific strain of bacterium adapts very well to many limiting conditions: pH> 3.2, high alcohol (<16%), or wines made from difficult varieties.

It is important to respect the conditions of total and free SO2 to promote the healthy development of bacteria.

The addition of a specific nutrient favorizes optimal results.VIVACTIV MALO is a nutrient made up of yeast derivatives, and provides amino acids needed to the selected micro-organisms in order to optimize the course of malolactic fermentations.


For more information about about this product, our co-inoculation or early inoculation protocols, please contact us.

Reds Are Here! A Complete WinemakingToolbox to Help You From Vineyard to Barrel
12 September, 2016

This season has seen a lot of ups and downs but one thing is sure: colour is not going to be an issue! With record levels of free anthocyanins and pro-anthocyanidic tannins observed in the majority of field samples, we are on for a harvest that promises deep and intensly coloured wines.

Since a blessing always comes with a price, we also see high Brix and potassium levels, meaning that we can expect some difficult fermentations and acid defficiencies.

Therefore, we chose to offer you the following products as part of a toolkit designed to help you reach all your technical expectations for this harvest:

  1. In areas affected by botrytis and other fungi, the use of OENOTANNIN MiXTE MG, a micro-granunaled -and therefore very soluble - chestnut tree tannin is a very efficient and cost effective solutuion to protect your musts early and curb bio-chemichal forms of oxydation.
  2. Even if color is present in the grapes, you will want to make sure to extract the most of it and LYSIS ALLEGRO is our top enzyme to do so with high pectinase, cellulase and hemicellusase activities, reinforced by protease acitivties to ensure color stability.
  3. DIWINE THIOL, our most recent innovation is the perfect fining agent to increase even further the quality of your juice prior to fermentation. Its unique activity will remove highly oxydable components, therefore protecting your aromas and color, while boosting the metabolism our your yeast, resulting in wines desplaying extraordinary complexity and deep color.DIWINE
  4. The use of Medium Toasted French Oak chips during fermentation has been advocated for many years in the early stage of the winemaking process in order to reinforce color stability by co-pigmentation, prior to anthocyanins being stabilized further by pro-anthocyanidic tannins during the maturation phase. Our OENOQUERCUS FR MT performs this function while integrating lightly toasted oak aromas early for added complexity.OAk Chips
  5. Nutrition is a critical step in rehydrating your yeast, and VIVACTIV PREMIER brings organic nitrogen in the form of readily available amino-acides from yeast autolisate, along with growth and survival factors for a strong fermentation straight from the start.VIV PREMIER
  6. VIVACTIV PERFORMANCE is our complete yeast nutrient, allowing for reliable fermentation and very good organolepticqualities. it is recommended for fractionned additions, the first 24 hours after the start of fermentation, and the second around mid-fermentation.VIV PERF
  7. Our SELECTYS LA MARQUISE yeast, is THE yeast to always keep in your cellar due to its huge versatility and formidable fermentation abilities. It will ensure a reliable fermentation, even in the most difficult conditions. Its resistance to high alcohol and low nitrogen levels makes it a perfect solution to conduct fermentation on high Brix juices and finish stuck fermentations, reinforced by its fructophile type. Its resistance to pressure also makes it a perfect yeast for Sparkling wines.La Marquise
  8. After devatting, we recommend using LYSIS ALLEGRO on free run wine, and LYSIS FLASH D on press wine to help clarify  the wine and allow for the discarding tof gross lees prior to maturiation, whether in tanks or in barrels.AllegroFLASH D

Every one of theses products are time tested and used by the most reknown wineries worldwide. We recommend them as part of the winemaking protocols we design during our consultations with estates accross te world, for reliable and sustainable award-winning wine making.

For more information about our products, please consult our website. For more information about our protocols or for a free consultation, please contact us here 

A YEAST TO REMEMBER: SELECTYS LA MARQUISE - Say goodbye to sluggish or stuck fermentations, say hello to elegant and stylish wines.
15 August, 2016

There are little things more nerve-wracking than sluggish or even stuck fermentations during harvest. Just the amount of time wondering if a wine will finish its primary fermentation is a source of anguish...

In order to take away that worry, OENOFRANCE selected a specific strain of yeast that was originally very efficient in the making of sparkling wines, but also showed tremendous results for all types of still wines that were otherwise affected by sluggish or stuck fermentations.

SELECTY LA MARQUISE is a Saccharomyces bayanus (renamed Saccharomyces galactose -) isolated for its incredible winemaking characteristics, allowing it to develop and ferment rapidly under the most difficult solutions.

With low YAN requirements to ferment efficiently, it is perfect for juices that are naturally nitrogen-deficient, wines with a potential for high alcohol and for stuck ferments.

Since it was originally developed for the making of sparkling wines, SELECTYS LA MARQUISE produces very elegant wines, respectful of the characteristics of the vineyard, and is therefore perfect for terroir-focused wines.


  • short latency phase
  • fast fermentation kinetics
  • tolerance to alcohol: 15,5%
  • low nitrogen needs
  • consumes Volatile Acidity during is multiplication phase - ideal for stuck wines for which the VA is increasing
  • very elegant aromatic profile and respects the typicity of the varietal


  • Elaboration of sparkling wines according to the traditional , ancestral or Charmat methods: to carry out alcoholic and bottle fermentations
  • Elaboration of still white, red and rosé wines that respect the characteristics of the grape
  • Elaboration of still white, red and rosé wines under difficult conditions (low temperature, highly clarified musts, very mature grapes)
  • Elaboration of a yeast starter to restart a stuck alcoholic fermentation

Selectys La Marquise


For more information about SELECTYS LA MARQUISE, please click here

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Procrastinating Special - 10% Off Your Harvest Order / EXTRA: Flash Release Enzyme Now 25% Off
01 August, 2016

Not to make it a habit but sometimes it pays off to procrastinate!

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Trust Oenofrance, the most innovative network of laboratories with your harvest needs! All our products were developped by winemakers, for winemakers to answer specific winemaking challenges.

  • Yeast
  • Nutrients
  • Enzymes - Flash Release Enzyme are 25% off right now! The are also very effective to settle red juices, prior to fermentation.
  • Vinification & Aging Tannins
  • Must and wine auxilliaries, to enhance the quality of your harvest - Try DIWINE THIOL to boost aromatic production and reduce Oxidation risks.
  • Oak Alternatives, both for fermentation and aging
  • Yeast derivates to stabilize and enhance organoleptics
  • Fining agents
  • Protein & Tartaric Stabilization agents
  • Sparkling products
  • and many more...

Check out our website, or contact us directly to get in toucch with our cunsulting winemaker and find the solution that fits you best!

We look forward to talking to you soon!

Our Experience at your Service - Schedule your Free Pre-Harvest Assessment Consultation today!
18 July, 2016

Harvest is only a few weeks away, so we wanted to reach out to all winemakers and offer a free assessment consultation to review your processes.  With this consultation, we can provide some insight in order to fine-tune, adjust, and ultimately, help you reach your winemaking goals.

With over 90 winemakers consulting wineries across the world, Oenofrance strives to dedicate its knowledge and experience to your service.  Winemaking consultation is our original mission – we developed our range of winemaking products in order to equip our clients with the most innovative tools, providing custom solutions to specific challenges they shared with us.

Combining ancestral know-how with technological innovations is what Oenofrance does every day, helping wineries produce the best wines they possibly can, while considering ecology, economy, and the ability to maintain these practices in the long term. This is the essence of our mission statement: To provide advice and means to craft your wines in a sustainable manner, according to your own vision and with your customers in mind.

Our Free Pre-Harvest Assessment Consultation sessions are built around the following axes:

  • Discovery of your winemaking goals and processes
  • Review of processes in regards to objectives and past results
  • Recommendations
  • Building custom-made protocols to fit your winemaking style and targets

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20 June, 2016

Harvest is fast approaching and it is time to finalize your winemaking product orders. Oenofrance USA is there to accompany you during this rush and allow you to reduce the stress that is harvest season.

Our 2016 catalog is showing new inventory and many innovations designed to make your job easier, while respecting and improvig the potential of your wines. 

Oenofrance USA invites you to discover the following innovations, now on American soil:

New Vinification and Maturation OENOTANNIN range

  • OENOTANNIN MIXTE MG - a micro-granulated Chestnut tree tannin designed to combat bio-chemical oxidations, and increase co-pigmentation during fermentation. VERY EFFICIENT FOR REDUCED SO2 WINEMAKING PROTOCOLS. Please contact us for detailed protocol.
  • OENOTANNIN FRAICHEUR - Untoasted Oak Tannin produced to increase aromatic freshness in rosé and white wines. Recommended use during maturation or just before bottling to combat oxidation and increase the vibrancy of aromas.

New Yeast strains, specifically adapted to New World wine production:

SELECTYS L'ECLATANTE -   a natural yeast selected by Sofralab for making aromatic, very intense with stable over time aromas for white and rosé wines. The aromatic profile of wines vinified with SELECTYS L’ECLATANTE are complex while combining varietal aromas (thiols, terpenes) and fermentation aromas. Specifically recommended for Sauvignon, Sémillon, Riesling, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Marsanne, and Pinot gris.

SELECTYS LA MARQUISE -  a S. cerevisiae galactose – (formerly bayanus) yeast selected for its capacity to make elegant and balanced sparkling wine in due respect with the typicity of the vine variety. its resistance to extreme conditions make it very well suited for the following

  • Elaboration of sparkling wines according to the traditional , ancestral or Charmat methods: to carry out alcoholic and bottle fermentations
  • Elaboration of still white, red and rosé wines that respect the characteristics of the grape
  • Elaboration of still white, red and rosé wines under difficult conditions (low temperature, highly clarified musts, very mature grapes)
  • Elaboration of a yeast starter to restart a stuck alcoholic fermentation
  • Very well adapted for reduced SO2 winemaking protocols

Complete range of nutrients - the VIVACTIV range:

Whether you are looking to increase the aromatic potential of your wines directly during yeast rehydration (VIVACTIV AROME), providing organic-only nitrogen to your yeast during fermentation (VIVACTIV PREMIER), detoxifying the medium and delivering that needed boost so your yeast can finish the fermentation without delay (VIVACTIV CONTROL), or providing a much needed supplement to nitrogen deffiecient must (VIVACTIV PERFORMANCE), Oenofrance USA has you covered!

DIWINE range: 

Oenofrance is the only company in the market to offer this type of specialty to winegrowers today. The products in the DIWINE range are not just ordinary fining agents. They form part of a new generation of vinification aids with multiple properties. This is because they are the only agents that act at five different levels of vinification: protection against oxidation, optimization of aroma production, improvement of yeast metabolism, removal of heavy metals and enhancement of the organoleptic profile.For more information on DIWINE, please go to

New Malo-lactic Bacteria strain:

BACTELIA CRESCENDO is an Oenococcus oeni lactic bacteria selected for carrying out malolactic fermentation for all red and white wines, even those with limiting conditions (low pH, high % alcohol, wine made from difficult grape varieties). BACTELIA CRESCENDO was specifically selected for its very high affinity with all the OENOFRANCE SELECTYS YEASTS range and both are recommended for co-inoculation protocols.

Fining Agents:

If you are looking to maintain the color of your rosé wines while preserving their organoleptic qualities and prevent "pinking" in white wines (VINIFICATEUR SR) or just looking to remove or prevent oxidatons in wines without the use of casein (FORMULE 1-CF), we have a solution for you!


Our wide range of enzymes called LYSIS will alllow you to extract color (LYSIS COLOR), aromas (LYSIS INTENSE), settle musts quickly (LYSIS ALLEGRO), and even treat juices that have gone through Flash-Release process (LYSIS FLASH-D), just to name a few. please check our website for a complete list of enzime specialties.

Oak Alternatives:

Our completely unique process to mature and toast our OENOQUERCUS range place them amongst the most aromatic and long lasting chips, dominos, staves and barrel inserts on the market. Please contact us for details

There is a reason 7 out of 10 winemakers entrust their wines to our products - we are winemakers too, and always look for the best, most gentle and respectful ways to produce the finest wines in the world. Please contact us to schedule a personalized interview with our technical advisor to see if we can provide any help.

DIWINE®: A new generation of multi-purpose winemaking tools for more vibrant, long lasting wines!
09 May, 2016

Diwine® is a range of enological products formulated on the basis of research carried out by OENOFRANCE from 2003 to 2007 by using a complex that chelates heavy metals in musts and wines. A patent application has been taken out on this innovative method, which was also adopted by the OIV and the EU in 2015. In the USA, the complex (PVP/PVI) is approved by both the FDA and TTB ( 21 CFR 173.50)

Today, OENOFRANCE is the only company in the market to offer this type of specialty to winegrowers. The products in the Diwine®  range are not just ordinary fining agents. They are a completely new generation of winemaking tools with multiple properties. This is because they are the only agents that act at five different levels of winemaking: protection against oxidation, optimization of aroma production, improvement of yeast metabolism, removal of heavy metals and enhancement of the organoleptic profile.



• Optimum revelation of thiols
• Increases the aromatic potential (fermentation esters and varietal aromas)


• Color stability
• Stability of polyphenols
• Freshness of aromas


• Compliance with regulatory requirements of marketing
• Decreases the risk of bottle casse


• Aromatic sharpness
• Roundness in the mouth
• Elegance


• Early completion of the alcoholic fermentation
• Decreased risk of organoleptic deviations (H2S, volatile acidity...)

Contact us here to request your free sample and get more information about Diwine®

New and Improved Website Celebration Sale - Order today and save 15% on your purchase of ultra premium winemaking additives!
11 April, 2016

We just launched our brand new, user friendly website!

To celebrate the occasion, we invite you to take advantage of an exceptional sale on all your winemaking products, whether you require protein and tartaric stabilizers, desire to do some last minute finishing touches prior to your bottling, or simply if you are planning ahead for the harvest.

Mention this ad or code OF0416 when contacting us to make sure all discounts are applied! Don't delay, this special sale is only valid through April 30th, 2016!

Click here to access our new website -  learn more about us and the most innovative technologies in winemaking!

Here are a few examples of the exceptional products we have developed in partnership with our client winemakers in order to answer specific issues and technical questions all of us are experiencing in the cellar:


  • Performa_picFor efficient, respectful protein stabilization : PERFORMAis the purest form of bentonite for low dosage rates and extremely low organoleptic impact. In fact this pharmaceutical grade bentonite is so pure it will take only 3 hours or less to be ready for addition. Not only will PERFORMA preserve your aromas, but it will also allow you to save up to 5% more volume of wine, after treatment! More wine, with better aromatic intensity, lower dosage rate and a time saving preparation will make PERFORMA your favorite bentonite for stabilizing your wines.


  • KYOCELL_picFor cost efficient, time saving and long lasting tartaric stabilization : the use of metatartaric acid and cold stabulation are known to be unreliable and costly, so much so that many wineries choose not to cold stabilize their wines, at the risk of putting customers off. There is now a very efficient way to stabilize tartrates in wines, that only takes between 48 to 72 hours and can be done right before bottling. This product is called Carboxymethyl Cellulose, or CMC for short. Oenofrance’s CMC is called KYOCELL and is offered in the US in powder form only for better efficiency and lower dosage rates. At a rate of 10g/hL - 0.8 lbs/1000 gal - KYOCELL will ensure long lasting tartrate stability in your white and rose wines.


  • GOMME SRFor last minute acid correction, lowering the sensation of “heat”, or "boosting" aromas: the use oflactic acid is widespread in Europe to remedy all of those issues. In fact it is really one issue, which is about obtaining the perfect balance in your wine between alcohol, tannin structure, and acidity. Being a lower acid, lactic acid  will feel much smoother on the palate than tartaric and will contribute to increasing the length of the mouthfeel, while bringing the aromas back in focus. Moreover, Lactic Acid comes in liquid form and is completely stable in wine, making it easy to add just before bottling without risks of precipitation. Our lactic acid product called ACIDE LACTIQUE has a great synergy effect with our micro-filtered gum arabic GOMME SR, for enhanced mouthfeel and vibrant aromas with no impact on filtration.


  • For efficient heavy metals removal while preserving the aromatic and structural integrity of wines: Heavy metals are increasingly present in our environment, soils, water, etc. They can come from various sources and will migrate to your grapes. In fact, copper and other heavy metals were found at average concentrations of 2.3 mg/L in musts all over the world.While being perfectly safe for consumption since most heavy metals will be eliminated during the fermentation, musts displaying heavy metal concentrations as low as 1mg/L will produce less aromatic wines since heavy metals are catalyzers of the oxidations of thiols and terpenes. For this reason we developed the DIWINE product range, based on a new co-polymer reacting exclusively with heavy metals and oxidizable compounds in musts. In the U.S,  two DIWINE products are available:
  1. DIWINE THIOL - for the fining of fermenting musts in order to protect the creation of thiols, and favorise the removal of all oxidizable components. Can be used on red, white and rose wines for brighter aromas and more intense stable color. 
  2. DIWINE 2+/3+ - for the removal of heavy metals. Particularly adapted to the removal of copper after treating wines for mercaptans.


We have many other specialties that were hand-picked to respond to technical questions in the US. Please contact your local winemaking technical advisor for information and recommendations. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tartaric Stability: The case for using CMC instead of Cold Stabilization
14 March, 2016

A winemaker's skill is measured by her/his ability to make both great wines but also to stabilize such wines over a long period of time.

Tartaric stability is one major component of wine stability in modern winemaking, but more for an esthetic aspect and how the consumer perceives your product than for a winemaking issues.

For years now the most efficient (but still not 100% efficient) way to stabilize tartrates was to chill down your wine, with the help of cream of tartar, and let it sit for weeks at a time at those low temperatures.

This process can get expensive very quickly, and this is just just considering electric costs...

In order to remove this burden and uncertainty from your operating costs, many winemaking additive companies started experimenting with a well-known food additive called CMC, or Carboxymethyl Cellulose, also known as E466 and used in various food preparations to prevent crystallization.

In wine, CMC averts the precipitation of tartrate crystals by stopping the growth of such crystals, thus preventing them from reaching critical mass and precipitating.

The use of CMC in winemaking has been perfectly mastered since 2009and has helped countless wineries put a halt to costly stabilization treatments worldwide.

To sum it up,treating your wines with CMC has the following advantages, compared to Cold Stabilization:

  1. Cost: 2.2 lbs of CMC will treat 2,642 gallons for less than $90*.
  2. Duration: CMC treatment is most efficient 48-72 hours before the last filtration and bottling
  3. Range of application: CMC is highly efficient on white and rosé wines before the last filtration, on sparkling wines at least 48 hours beore tirage or during disgorging, and can also be used on red wines provided that you ensured both protein and color stability prior to using CMC in coordination with gum arabic**


OENOFRANCE developped a CMC product called KYOCELL (available in the USA in powder for only). this powder preparation is considered 99% pure, while liquid preparations are only 20% concentrated, meaning you will need more product to get the same results if you are using a liquid CMC.

KYOCELL needs to be rehydrated and thoroughly mixed in a small volume of wine (1/5 dilution) prior to being added to the tank, and the target tank needs to be homogenized well after addition, in order to ensure a good repartition of KYOCELL in the wine.

Bench trial and treatment protocols are available upon request. Please contact us for more information on this product.


*Price indication only valid for Oenofrance's KYOCELL CMC product, in powder form only.

**Please contact us before considering using CMC on red wines, as a specific trial protocol is necesasary to ensure best results.


Winemakers demand constant innovations – Oenofrance Delivers
29 February, 2016

The last few months have been busy with all the tradeshows going on and some good news!

We are releasing time-tested and winemaker approved products that are here to help every winemaker save time, money and produce the best wine their vineyards can produce.

As bottling season is underway, here are a few products that will ensure the stability of your wine in bottle, whether it is meant to be consumed in the next few months or after a long “garde”:

  • PERFOMA, our ultra-pure, super-activated bentonite will ensure protein stability at very low dosage (2 to 10 times less depending on your current bentonite) and without the heavy stripping effect on aromas usually associated with Bentonite treatments. During efficiency and organoleptic impact trials PERFORMA always comes up on top!
  • If you are burdened by tartaric instability and are tired of the hefty electric bills resulting from prolonged cold treatments, consider using KYOCELL, our CMC (micro-crystalline cellulose). It comes in powder form and 99% pure, because we don’t think you should pay for water. This product requires your wine to be protein stable. For use on red and rosé wine, you also need to make sure your color is stable. Each 1kg bag will treat 2640 gallons, and your accountant will thank you for the reduced electric bills!
  • Is bottling right around the corner but you found your wine might be lacking in acidity and volume, or that the alcohol is covering up the beautiful aromas you worked so hard to extract? You can now lower this sensation of “heat” with lactic acid and increase the sensation of volume with ultra-filtered arabic gum GOMME SR.Both products come in liquid form for instant dissolution into your wine and won’t impact your filtration! Try them right now and see the immediate positive impact they have on your wines.
  • Not sure how to remove those harsh, bitter and green tannins? We might just have THE solution with our extremely gentle fining product PHYLIA EPL.Much more gentle than egg whites, and with no effect on the color and the aromas, this product will allow you to fine all your white, rosé and red wines without  compromising their structure and organoleptic compounds.
  • Sparkling winemakers - Are you done with your base wines but find slight bitterness/phenolic aromas to them? Our extensive trials all over Champagne but also with Prosecco and Cava wines show that PHYLIA EXEL will allow you to erased those unwanted notes, and enhance the brightness of your wines.

For more information on those products, please contact us.

New Products to Discover at Unified!
17 January, 2016

Come see us at booth 2521 and check out the latest additions to our catalog. Take advantage of our Early Bird offer and get 5% off your order!

SELECTYS® L’ÉCLATANTE is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast selected for the production of very intense, aromatic white and rosé wines, with aromas that are stable over time. The aromatic profile of wines vinified with SELECTYS® L’ÉCLA­TANTE is complex, combining both varietal aromas and fermentation aromas. It provides optimum expression of varietal aromas (thiols and terpenes), thanks to its pool of enzymatic activities. SELECTYS® L’ÉCLATANTE also develops fruity and floral aromas during alcoholic fermentation and is thus suitable for a wide varie­ty of neutral or aromatic grape varieties. It is the phenolic maturity of the grapes that will direct the wine's aromatic profile either towards fresher, more vegetal aromas or towards more exotic, riper aromas.

DIWINE 2+/3+ fixes and causes the precipitation of heavy metals with decreasing affinity starting from copper going up to zinc.

Cu2+ > Au2+ = Ag+ = Hg2+ > Fe3+ > Al3+ > Ni2+ > Co2+ > Zn2+

Its action prevents casse in bottles and can easily replace the copper and iron removal treatment with potassium ferrocyanide in white wines or iron in red wines using calcium phytate.

DIWINE 2+/3+ significantly re­duces the concentrations of iron and copper allowing the red wine and the two Mistelles to comply with marketing con­straints.


DIWINE THIOL optimizes the expression of thiols and maintains the aromatic freshness of wines by act­ing on two levels: 1)Removal of heavy metals, particularly copper, responsible for fixing the S-H groups of thiol (4MMP, 3MH, A3MH) resulting in a loss of aromas and typical features of wines. 2)Long-term protection of aromas and polyphenols against oxidations.

DIWINE THIOL increases the con­centration of 4MMP, A3MH and 3MH respectively by 27%, 63% and 140% in Sauvignon Blanc and it significantly improves the organoleptic profile of Colom­bard.


OENOTANNIN FRAÎCHEUR is a tannin complex specially formulated to enhance and maintain the aromatic freshness of white and rosé wines over time. The combination of gallotannins, ellagitan­nins and condensed tannins limits the oxidation of wines by consuming dissolved oxygen, and maintains freshness by lowering redox potential. OENOTANNIN FRAÎCHEUR can be used on all types of maturing wines or before bottling.


OENOTANNIN MIXTE MG is a purified micro-granulated extract from chestnut tree tannins and is used during fermentation. It is very reactive with proteins and has an antioxidant role. Added to must and wine prior to fining, OENOTANNIN MIXTE MG improves the fining process while avoiding the thinning of wine.


PHYLIA EPL is the fruit of many years of research focused on fining musts and wine using exclusively yeast based proteins. PHYLIA EPL is based on an innovative industrial process which enables the ex­traction, concentration and storage of these indigenous yeast proteins. PHYLIA EPL is used for fining musts as well as white, red and rosé wines. PHYLIA EPL eliminates tannins which cause bitterness thus creating a fining and maturation procedure respectful of wine. Lastly, and due to its origin, PHYLIA EPL is an allergen free fining product, and is thus not concerned with the labeling of its allergens.


KYOCELL is a cellulose gum (E466) used for stabilizing wine with regard to potassium bi­tartrate. KYOCELL is made from cellulose extracted from wood. Its main characteristics, viscosity, degree of polymerization and degree of substitution, are particularly adapted to enology.


LYSIS FLASH D is a liquid enzymatic preparation with high pectolytic activity to be used for the dep­ectinization of must produced from Flash Release. These musts are difficult to clarify and make low juice yield after pressing. LYSIS FLASH D can significantly improve this yield.


We look forward to seeing you! For more information, please call (707) 321-6363

Increase Complexity and Improve Color Stability with Cellaring Tannins
26 October, 2015

Every type of tannin, depending to its botanical origin, has different properties and will have a different effect on wine. Before using tannins, it is necessary to know their composition and to identify the problems for which they will be used.  

It is in this context that Oenofrance has developed a range of pure origin tannins (1 tannin = 1 botanical origin) to respond as precisely as possible to the goals of the winemaker.

This article will focus on three types of tannins: Two tannins from grape seeds, including one with a small degree of polymerization (2-3 subunits), Oenotannin Perfect, and another with an average degree of polymerization (5 units),Oenotannin Velvet. Finally we will be talking about one type of oak tannin which undergoes a special heat treatment calledOenotannin VB Touch.

Tannins from grapes are the only ones able to react with grape polyphenols (anthocyanins and tannins) to form stable and durable bonds over time. The lower the degree of polymerization of the tannin, the quicker these reactions will happen.

Therefore, we focus the use of Oenotannin Perfect for color stabilization on wines straight out of the press. The high reactivity of this tannin with free anthocyanins, coupled with oxygen supplied during pressing, allows for the rapid formation of covalent bonds that will stabilize wine color.

In addition to this, Oenotannin Velvet, which is less reactive due to its average degree of polymerization, will help increase the structure of wine during aging. The controlled supply of oxygen during this step and the average capacity of Oenotannin Velvet to react with other tannins will allow the initiation of a slow polymerization process between tannins resulting in an improvement of structure and smoothness of wines. We can thus describe Oenotannin Velvet as "fuel for aging" by consuming dissolved oxygen and helping to improve wine structure.

                                                                  Grape Seed Tannins                                Oak Tannins

                                                         Oenotannin Perfect  Oenotannin Velvet             Oenotannin VB TOUCH

Polymerization degree                               2 to 3                             5                                       N/A

Reactivity to anthocyanins                          ++++                            ++                                     N/A

Reactivity with tannins                                  +++                           ++++                                  N/A

Consumption of dissolved oxygen                ++                              +++                                  ++++

Action on oxidation                                       ++                               +++                                   +++

Action on reduction                                        +                                +++                                   +++


Table: Summary of main properties of tannins


Ellagitannins (from oak) such as Oenotannin VB Touch cannot form covalent bonds with wine polyphenols. However, their ability to trap excess oxygen and prevent oxido-reduction variations in wine makes them a must-have tool for oxidation-sensitive wines, or wines with tendencies for reduction. In addition, the special heat treatment that Oenotannin VB Touch undergoes brings an aromatic complexity, volume and sweetness to wines similar to oak barrels toasted with high heat.


If you would like to know more about our our tannin range or get a trial sample, please email us or contact our technical advisor at (707) 321-6363.

The path to successful and complete fermentations
12 October, 2015

If you are experiencing the anguish due to sluggish or stuck fermentation, we strongly recommend 2 products to quickly get out of “sticky” situations:

SELECTYS LA MARQUISE is a yeast strain that was specifically selected in Champagne for its high fermentation capacities, always with very low H2S and the utmost elegance, even in extremely limiting parameters (low YANs, highly clarified musts, low pH, high VA, high potential alcohol, etc.).

All this makes it the best yeast to use for restarting fermentations, especially since the strain has been shown to use VA in its multiplication phase! The best part is that you can also use La Marquise for the following types of wines, making it one of the most versatile and must-have yeast on the market:

  • Base wines

  • Sparkling wines

  • White and Red wines with maximum terroir expression

  • Rosé wines

  • Wines without SO2

VIVACTIV CONTROLE is a complex nutrient that ensures both the detoxification of your wine thanks to yeast cell envelops (hulls) and the reactivation of alcoholic fermentations thanks to its high amino acid content released by yeast autolysates.

VIVACTIV CONTRÔLE also releases vitamins and trace elements that support yeast metabolism during fermentation. When added at 2/3 of fermentation completion, it prevents sluggish and stuck fermentations.

VIVACTIV CONTRÔLE is strongly recommended to restart the fermentation of wines containing residual sugars and to ensure a good yeast starter multiplication thanks to the thiamine it contains.

PERFORMA and DiWINE: Reduce bentonite dosages and preserve aromatics even with high levels of unstable proteins.
28 September, 2015

 This season displayed elevated temperatures during maturation, which means the potential for increased levels of unstable proteins in all types of wine. As white and base wine fermentations are coming to a close, we have some great news for winemakers dealing with the age-old dilemma of removing unstable proteins at the expense of aromatic intensity.

First, we developed an extremely purified and active form of bentonite called PERFORMA, which is a completely new product available on the American market with the following benefits:

  • PERFORMA dissolves in cold water by itself in less than two minutes, so you can retire that paint-mixing wand and drill!

  • Rehydration time is cut-down to only 2-3 hours instead of the usual 12-24 hours with competing products ;

  • Depending the level of unstable proteins, add rates may vary between 0.7 and 2.3 lbs/1000 gallons, tremendously reducing the amount of bentonite needed to treat your wine;

  • Less bentonite means less, more compact sediment after treatment, increasing your volume of wine by up to 5%!

For more information about PERFORMA, click here.

We are often asked about the organoleptic impact of bentonite on wines. It is true that removal treatments such as bentonite will affect, to different degrees, the organoleptic qualities of treated wine.

However, a comparative study has shown that amongst all bentonites, PERFORMA has the least organoleptic impact since its very selective adsorption capacity allows it to remove proteins while greatly minimizing its effect on aromatic characteristics.

We also discovered that our newest product DiWINE, when used in combination with PERFORMA - at half the dose of PERFORMA - completely cancels the aroma removal effect of bentonite treatment. In certain cases, it turns out wine treated with both PERFORMA and DiWINE showed extremely lower levels of unstable proteins but also more intense aromatics than their untreated controls.

DiWINE is a very specialized formulation containing PVI/PVP, originally designed to remove heavy metals, prevent oxidation at early stages of winemaking and to increase the production of aromas in wines by freeing aromatic precursors previously bound by heavy metals and other oxidizing compounds.

For more information about DiWINE, click here

This harvest, choose the dynamic duo of PERFORMA + DiWINE and cut your bentonite doses in half or even more while preserving the aromas you worked so hard all year to get!

To order or for more information, please email us at

Reducing the Impact of Smoke Taint in Your Wines
14 September, 2015

This season has seen a high concentration of wildfires all along the West Coast and many winemakers are worried about the impact of smoke taint on this year’s crop. Indeed, wines made with smoke tainted grapes can develop ashy, burnt meat or campfire aromas. Smoke taint has been traced to volatile phenols originating in wildfire smoke and being absorbed by grapes and all the vegetative parts of wines.

In order to reduce the extraction of those phenols during the winemaking process, a few precautions have to be taken:

    • Harvesting must be done manually to ensure berry integrity and allow for a drastic sorting of other vegetal parts (remove leaves and branches) that can release those unwanted “smoky” compounds;

    • Keep the fruit as cool as possible (50 degrees F) to limit the extraction of unwanted compounds;

    • Reduce the maceration time by using extraction enzymes (LYSIS COULEUR for red wines, LYSIS INTENSE for white and rosé wines) to increase the extraction of positive compounds and juice yields at the press. Less maceration time equals less undesirable compounds in the musts;

    • If the stems are ripe, consider pressing in whole cluster, as it has been shown to reduce the expression of smoke related aromas;

    • Manage your press cycles closely, by ensuring low pressure extraction, limiting the number of rotations and, last but not least, segregation of pressings – free run and press wines NEED TO BE SEGREGATED.



    We always recommend performing a fining trial to determine the accurate doses needed to remove of-flavors in juice or wine.

    • The use of specific mesoporous Active Charcoal (CHARBON GOTA –20g/hL) has shown to be the most effective treatment against smoke taint. Mesoporous active charcoal ensures phenols and toxins removal without harming the colour of your wines;

    • Using special mix of PVPP and bentonites (VINIFICATEUR SR – 30g/hL) or PVI/PVP (DiWINE – 20g/hL – 24 hours after fermentation starts) can also improve juices and wines, by removing volatile phenols and heavy metals present in smoke;

    • Increase the elimination of phenols that could be trapped in juice lees by using a settling enzyme (LYSIS ALLEGRO).



    Yeast inoculation is done at 25g/hL (2lbs/1000 gal) and use aroma production booster nutrients such as VIVACTV AROME (30-40g/hL):

    • For Red wines:

      • LA RAFFINÉEproduces fruit forward wines though ester production while respecting the character of each varietal;

    • For White wines:

      • LA PERSANEenhances thiol production andproduces stone fruits and tropical fruits aromas, depending on varietal


    • Add PHYLIA LF (10g/hL) in combination with OENOTANNIN VB TOUCH will ensure a great mouthfeel and make sure that harsh polyphenols will be smoothed into more enjoyable tannins. They should be added at the end of the AF, preferably right after devatting.



    Choose a malolactic strain selected for enhancing mouthfeel and inoculate as soon as possible, preferably at devatting or as a co-inoculation;





    Smoke taint characteristics can occur in bottles over time as wine ages so early consumption is recommended.

Grape Growing During A Drought – How To Reason Your Vinifications To Make The Best Wines In Difficult Conditions?
31 August, 2015

High heat and water stress induce a lot of physical responses in the vines and will impact the quality of the grapes. It has been shown that water stress and high heat trigger a thickening of the skins, a concentration of the content of the berries and a stop of defect of phenolic and technologic maturity.

Here are a few suggestions to ensure a hassle free winemaking campaign:

  1. During harvest, use a mix of potassium meta-bisulfite and gallic tannins in order to protect your crop from the increased risk of oxidation;

  2. Use maceration enzymes (LYSIS INTENSE) for white wines in order to optimize juice and aromas extraction, and extraction enzymes (LYSIS COULEUR) for red wines to improve color extraction and reduce maceration time to limit green and harsh tannins extraction. Add grape seed tannins (OENOTANNIN VELVET) so compensate any deficiency in ripe and qualitative tannins;

  3. In juice displaying low acidity and high pH, use Tartaric Acid to enhance balance and mouthfeel. Adding tartatric acid also contributes to a better efficiency of SO2and future bentonite treatments;

  4. Use a product based on PVPP (FORMULE 1-CF) for settling, in order to further reduce the risks of oxidation;

  5. Grapes exposed to water stress and high temperature have a tendency to produce a higher amount of unstable proteins, therefore requiring a bentonite treatment (PERFORMA) either at settling or 24-48 hours after fermentation starts;

  6. The risks of oxidation being detrimental to the production and preservation of aromas, it is recommended to add inactivated yeast products (PHYLIA CYS) that will protect the aromas in your wines against oxidation – this needs to be added prior to inoculation;

  7. Higher temperature and water stress usually mean higher levels of alcohol, so it is recommended to use selected yeasts (LA MARQUISE, L’AUTHENTIQUE, LA RAFFINEE, LA PERSANE) that resist to higher levels of alcohol in association to a nutrient designed for the rehydration of yeasts (VIVACTIV PREMIER);

  8. Water stress can induce nitrogen deficiencies and should be remedied by using complex nutrients preparations (VIVACTIV PEFORMANCE. VIVACTIV CONTROLE) that will add yeast available nitrogen in both mineral and organic form either at the onset of fermentation of mid-fermentation;

  9. For white wines, manage your SO2 addition quickly and closely at the end of fermentation in order to prevent MLF.  For red wines, consider co-inoculation or early inoculation (right after press) of your ML bacteria strain;

  10.  Before bottling or during aging and if you notice some bitterness, greenness or dryness, consider fining your red wine (PHYLIA EPL) and white wines (COLLE DE POISSON OF) in order to remove those undesirable tastes.

  11. In case of atypical aromas or tastes, you can also use a deodorizing active charcoal (CHARBON GOTA) to remove all depreciating flavors, without stripping color or good aromas.


For more information, or for a custom made vinification protocol, please feel free to contact us.

We wish you all a great and safe harvest!

Tips For Dealing With Botrytis Contamination
17 August, 2015

The first grapes are being brought in and high humidity and heat have spawned the development of botrytis in certain regions and vineyards.

To counter the negative effects of this crop-altering threat, a number of precautions should be taken to ensure the quality of your wines and reduce headaches down the line:

- Protection against oxidation: tannin addition in conjunction with SO2(of grapes AND must). Gallic tannins are recommended since they have the highest anti-oxidant capabilities (add rate of 2 to 20g/hL depending on type of wine and level of botrytis contamination).

- Thoroughly separate press juice from free run juice in order to treat them separately, especially in the case of white wines.

- It is advisable to add enzymes quickly using LYSIS ALLEGRO then settle with FORMULE 1-CF,especiallyfor rosé wines which are particularly at risk for oxidation and discoloration, followed by a racking to eliminate gross lees prior to fermentation. If the must tastes bad, treat with deodorizing active charcoal such as CHARBON GOTA.

- Inoculate rapidly with active dry yeast, carefully observing the recommended dose of 20 g/hL to prevent any development of native yeast that can trigger organoleptic defects when in contact with Botrytis (high VA in musts). In case of high VA, we recommend the active dry yeast LA MARQUISE, proven to consume VA during its multiplication phase.

Adding our most complete nutrient formulation VIVACTIV PREMIER to the fermentation optimizes yeast metabolism in these difficult conditions and ensures its establishment.

- During yeast inoculation, add THIAMINE to the must. This vitamin is otherwise quickly consumed by native yeast and the risk of spoilage is even greater in bad sanitary conditions.

-During yeast inoculation, also add PHYLIA CYS,an antioxidant yeast product rich in amino acids and small reducing peptides, for further protection against oxidation.

-Finally, at the end of AF, treat with LYSIS FLITRAB to degrade glucans from Botrytis and improve filterability of wine. Glucans in concentrations as low as 3mg/L can have damaging effects on clarification, and subsequently on filtration by clogging filtration membranes prematurely.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions, or feedback regarding the vintage!

We wish you all a good and safe harvest!


For more information about our products, please folllow the links, check our website or contact us directly!

Protect the full aromatic potential of your wines: ensure early removal of heavy metals from your fermenting musts!
03 August, 2015

Many studies now exist, showing the negative impact of heavy metals - and copper in particular – on the production of wine aromas. In effect, these heavy metals act as catalyzers of oxidation reactions (polyphenol –oxidases) that are linked to loss of aromas, loss of color and sometimes browning of juices in the cases of rosés and white wines.

Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Riesling and Gewurztraminer, but also Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Grenache are most affected by the loss of aromatic intensity as heavy metals are especially detrimental to the production of thiols. More specifically, copper, lead, aluminum or even iron will bind with thiols and precipitate them irreversibly, removing these aromatic compounds from the juice. More than just impacting the production of aromas, it has been proven that heavy metals are also toxic to yeast and can lead to difficult fermentations.

These issues has been plaguing wine producers not only in regions where the use of copper is widespread to combat mildew, but also in appellations where no copper was thought to be present. Studies revealed that even copper present in soil can migrate to grapes and trigger copper contents in juices ranging from 10 ppm to 1000 ppm.

It is therefore becoming good winemaking practice to test harvest juices for heavy metals and take appropriate actions to insure proper removal.


Please welcome our latest innovation, DiWINE! OENOFRANCE has spent many years researching this issue and, by working closely with grape growers, winemakers and universities across Europe, we have developed a brand new blend of products that ensure safe and efficient metal removal, which is now available for the first time in the United States!

DiWINE is a blend of PVI/PVP and yeast derivative rich in reductive elements that actively protect the synthesis of thiolic aromas and stimulate the production of additional aromatic compounds.


 PVI/PVP (polyvinyl-imidazol/polypirrolidone) is a co-polymer that binds metals making them ineffective against thiolic compounds and, by reacting with hydroxyl-cinnamic acids, preventing them from triggering oxidative reactions responsible for aromas loss, browning or loss of color.

Yeast derivatives rich in reductive elementsrelease amino acids and small reducer peptides which protect fermenting musts from oxidation (aroma protection and production), and mannoproteins that contribute to mouthfeel improvement.

We recommend adding DiWINE the day after yeast inoculation. Since the co-polymer is insoluble, its metal binding action will be reinforced during active fermentation. Once fermentation stops, the product will precipitate and can be eliminated through racking.


For more information on DiWINE, please contact us or visit our website at



THE BEAUTY AND THE YEAST: LA MARQUISE! Or How to Ensure Complete Fermentation with Elegance and Style.
05 July, 2015

The beauty of this yeast is its incredibly high fermenting abilities combined with low H2S, low VA production and neutral character that will enhance the expression of your terroir.

LA MARQUISE is a selected yeast developed in joint venture between the CIVC in Champagne and Oenofrance. Why a new yeast strain, you ask? Due to new technical challenges during harvest, the objective of finding a yeast strain with excellent fermentation ability is, simply put, no longer enough.

LA MARQUISE guarantees a near-perfect fermentation, always with very low H2S and the utmost elegance, even in extremely limiting parameters (low YANs, highly clarified musts, low pH, high VA, high potential alcohol, etc).

LA MARQUISE is therefore recommended for the following types of wines:

  • Base wines

  • Sparkling wines

  • White and Red wines with maximum terroir expression

  • Rosé wines

  • Wines without SO2

  • Fermentation re-starts

For more information about LA MARQUISE or any other of our products, please visit our website or contact us.

22 June, 2015

Oregon Winemakers rejoice! We are thrilled to announce that Oenofrance winemaking products are now available in Oregon, and exclusively at Davison Winery Supplies.

Since our debut on the American market last harvest, our network has been growing steadily and is now including Davison, the highly regarded and trusted outlet for winery supplies and additives based in McMinnville, OR.

At Oenofrance we thrive to bring the very best, most efficient technologies and solutions to winemakers, taking care to respect both terroir and grape typicity. At the same time, we understand the time constraints of wine production and integrate that aspect in creating easy-to-use, hassle-free additives that save you time and money.

Davison Winery Supplies shares this philosophy and their complete commitment to the local wine industry, sustained by top-grade technical knowledge, exceptional care for their customers, and delivery timeliness makes them the perfect outlet for winemakers to get their Oenofrance products.


For our complete line of winemaking supplies, please visit


For more information, please contact:

Fabien Machard de Gramont

D: (707) 321-6363


Finishing touches to your wine: last minute corrections for increased mouthfeel
11 May, 2015

“Is my wine ready for bottling? Is there anything else I can do?”

Every winemaker has those questions the closer he/she gets to bottling time.

You know you did a great job during harvest, picking the fruit at optimal maturity; you monitored your tanks like they were your own children, obtaining the most beautiful wine you have ever made (so far!)

But now it is almost time to get them ready to be sent into the world… and like a parent wishing the best for your kid, you find yourself hoping that this sweet nectar lingered a tad more on your palate... that the heat you feel was a little more subtle, because that fruit is just so absolutely awesome!

Well, we selected Gomme SR and Acide Lactique (lactic acid) to answer those specific issues.

With just 2 very simple additions directly into the wine (no dilution or preparation required) you can get the following results:

  • Increased mouthfeel and rounder tannins
  • Fuller and more complex aromas
  • Reduced alcohol (heat) sensation

Gomme SR is THE reference in terms of ultra-filtrated gum Arabic, used on wines before filtration or bottling to stabilize wines with regards to precipitation and cloudiness, also providing a sensation of sweetness in white and rosé wines, and roundness in red wines. And because it is already micro-filtered, it will not clog your filters.

For the product’s technical data sheet, please click here

Acide Lactique is natural lactic acid, produced from the decarboxylation of L-malic acid. It gives a smooth acidity to wines without lactic character, re-balances wines in regards to alcohol (heat) sensation and allows for a longer finish. Moreover, this acid is completely stable in wine.

For the product’s technical data sheet, please click here

Both products can be added directly - separately or one after another according to desired results - to the wine being treated, provided good homogenization is ensured. We recommend bench trials beforehand in order to determine the precise dosage to use in regards to the expected results.

KYOCELL: Effective, Practical, Durable Tartrate Stabilization
23 April, 2015

Since 2009, the use of Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) for tartaric stabilization of wine has been allowed in winemaking.

Oenofrance USA offers an efficient and convenient CMC, KYOCELL. Its main characteristics - purity, degree of polymerization and degree of substitution - are particularly suited for wine treatment. Moreover, KYOCELL is directly soluble in wine!

KYOCELL is made from cellulose extracted from sustainable wood and is intended to permanently stabilize white, rosé and sparkling wines. KYOCELL prevents formation of potassium bitartrate microcrystals and inhibits their growth.

Unlike physical processes, the use of KYOCELL does not require a large consumption of water (electrodialysis) or energy (cold stabilization), and is therefore an easy-to-use and cost effective solution.

KYOCELL is to be used on wines that are protein stable and ready for pre- bottling filtration, at a maximum add rate of 10g/hL.

To know more about KYOCELL, please click here


15 March, 2015

Your wines are displaying high levels of copper residues and you are now looking for a way to get rid of it quickly, efficiently and without breaking the wallet? Oenofrance USA now has the answer for you with our brand new product DiWine.

DiWine is an innovative tool for premium winemaking. It associates the properties of two compounds that work in synergy: PVP/PVI and inactive dry yeasts rich in reducing elements.

By associating these two compounds, DiWine combines several remarkable properties into a single product:

  • DiWine acts as a chelating agent and removes any excessive copper , or any other heavy metal present in your wine;
  • DiWine also protects protect the must from oxidation (aroma protection) and prevents premature ageing which may occur in certain wines with ageing potential.
  • DiWine selectively adsorbs polyphenols likely to oxidize or cause bitterness.
  • When used on juice and must before fermentation, DiWine enhances and protects the production of aromas in finished red, rosés and white wines, particularly in varieties rich in thiol-type aromatic molecules;
  • DiWine reacts with quinones, thus avoiding that they generate complexes with polyphenols and/or volatile thiols causing precipitation (browning)

Whether you are looking to easily remove copper from your wine, or your goal is to maximize the aromatic profile, DiWine™ is THE solution, from crush to bottling, for stable, clean and aromatic wines.

For more information, please visit our website.

Oenofrance’s Organic Certified products showcased at Oregon Wine Industry Symposium - booth # 413
13 February, 2015

The Oregon Wine Industry Symposium is approaching fast and we are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting and presenting our range of products including those certified for the production of organic wines. Please come see us at booth # 413 for more information!

The Organic approach:

Customers are getting increasingly concerned with the quality of products they consume. The demand for organic wine has increased and the percentage of vine growers who produce organic wine grows substantially every year.

OENOFRANCE endeavors to contribute to the development of the organic wine industry through delivery of services and oenological products with expert advice by our staff of consulting winemakers, all of which translates to:

  • Expert technical assistance for winemaking in accordance with European organic regulations and American NOP (National Organic Program) regulations
  • A large selection of OENOFRANCE oenological products in accordance with European and American organic regulations
  • ECOCERTcertified oenological product range.


ADAGI’O BIO is a certified organic pure egg white powder. ADAGI’O BIO has the same technical properties of ADAGI’O. Particular attention is paid to keeping all natural qualities of egg whites when making ADAGI’O BIO. ADAGI’O BIO is recommended for the fining and clarification of organic red wines.

KORDOFAN BIOis a certified organic natural Arabic gum in powdered form made from Acacia Verek (or Acacia Senegal). The harvest and manufacturing conditions for KORDOFAN BIOmake for an ex­tremely pure gum and very efficient for the colloidal stabilization of organic red wines.

The list of products authorized by organic winemaking regulations (EU organic wine regulation, NOP (USA), DEMETER) is available on our web site at

Excessive copper in wine? Remove it with DiWINE™:

Grape growing often means using copper sulfate and other preparations containing heavy metals to protect the vineyard. This can lead to copper and heavy metal residues at harvest, which will prevent – even at the lowest concentrations - good metabolism of aroma precursors, therefore reducing dramatically the production of aromatic thiol molecules.

OENOFRANCE decided to address this issue, and after many years of research, developed DiWINE™, a specific and groundbreaking preparation to remove copper and other heavy metals from grape juice and wines. While primarily designed to treat musts before fermentation, studies have shown that DiWINE™, is a great and economical solution to remove copper from wines previously treated with copper sulfate in order to eliminate reductive aromas.

We will be present at the Oregon Wine Industry Symposium on Feb 24-25th 2015 and would love to see you there and answer any questions you may have. Please find us at booth # 413!


PERFORMA: Efficient, Gentle Bentonite
19 January, 2015

Selected from the purest natural bentonites, PERFORMAmeets the most stringent requirements for food use and stability.

Traditionally, PERFORMA is used in top-shelf products from cosmetic formulations to pharmaceuticals.

PERFORMA develops a very large and selective adsorption surface which considerably helps reducethe required addition rate and minimizes effectson aromatic characteristics of treated wines

PERFORMAhas high reactivity with unstable wine proteins including low molecular weight fractions.

Whether it is used in robust, fruit-forward red wines or on aromatic whites, PERFORMA preserves the physicochemical and organoleptic components of each type of wine.

Different applications of PERFORMA:

  • Protein stabilization ;
  • Removal of unstable color compounds;
  • Removal of blush (slight pink color) from musts and white wines.


For more information on this product, please click here

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CHARACTERISTICS KORDOFAN BIO is a certified organic natural gum arabic in powder from made from acacia verek (aka. acacia Senegal). The harvest and manufacturing conditions for KORDOFAN BIO make for a extremely ...
CHARACTERISTICS ADAGI’O BIO is a certified organic pure egg white powder. ADAGI’O BIO has the same technical properties of ADAGI’O. Particular attention is paid to ...
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High-quality activated sodium bentonite CHARACTERISTICS Selected from the purest natural bentonites, PERFORMA meets the most stringent requirements for food contact and stability. Traditionally, Performa is used in top-of-the-range products, from cosmetic formulations to pharmaceuticals.  ...