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Oak Wise Is a Leading Producer of Quality Oak & Oak Derived Products Supplying a Diverse Section of the Beverage Industry


  • Raw material of high quality sourced from the same forests as for barrels
  • Technical and customized advice by our team of product specialists
  • Consistency achieved by total control of the production process
  • Full traceability guaranteed from raw material to the finished product delivered

We buy oak in France from the same forest auction origins as do all participants in the French Barrel industry who are not sourcing in Eastern Europe. We transport fresh cut oak to the company owned facility in Nivolas Vermelle which lies between Lyon and Grenoble. Our French oak is sourced from the center of France (Allier, Never and Bourgogne regions) and from the Vosges region.

Our American oak is sourced from forests in Missouri, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Fresh cut material is stored in our company owned facility in Winchester Virginia.

News Archive

Natural Aqueous Oak Tannins
24 April, 2019

Oak Wise NAT Premiere and Finissage can be used as finishing hydrolysable ellagic tannins and are appropriate for use in white, red and rose wines. They are recommended for addition up to 48 hours prior to bottling. These products offer easy adjustments of mouthfeel and enhancing flavors, aromatics, and other organoleptic and structural elements in wine. 


Premiere is a range of oak tannin enhances the oak profile in a finished wine. Made from the same high-quality American and French Oak we supply in our oak alternates. 


Finissage is a range of oak tannins which improve the structure, weight and length of a wine.


Please contact Mel Coronado at or (209) 224-5353 for pricing and questions or if you'd like more detailed technical information and samples!




Showcasing Natural Aqueous Oak Tannins
18 January, 2019

We will be showcasing our Natural Aqueous Tannins at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. We will also be discussing the results with our oak adjuncts and NAT products. We will also be happy to offer technical advice and discounts for new customers visiting our booth. There will be sample kits available, as well as printed information to take with you.

Also be sure to drop off a business card for our raffle. One lucky winner will receive an Oak Wise Timbuk2 Vault Backpack! We will be at booth 2003!

Oak Adjuncts for Your Winemaking Needs
16 November, 2018

Oak Wise will be showcasing our Natural Aqueous Tannins at the WIN Expo on December 6. We will be discussing our results this year with our oak adjuncts and NAT products.

Be sure to stop by booth #108 for samples and available exclusively to our booth visitors we are happy to offer a 10% discount on any orders over $250 and an additional 5% off any order over $500. We will have sample kits available, as well as printed information to take with you. Our technical staff is happy to assist you with your winemaking needs.

Use our promo code (OAK106) for free access to the trade show floor. Register here

Give Your Wines the Oak Profile They Need with Toasted Oak Dominoes
19 October, 2018

Age your wines with quality oak barrel alternatives with easy to use oak dominoes packed in 22lb immersion bags. 

Available in French and American oak in our different toasts: House, Classico, HiVan, Complex, Mocha

We recommend adding 1 bag per 1000 gallon of wine for 3-6 months extraction. 





Order today and receive 25% off our list price!

Email Mel Coronado to place your order : 

Office Phone: (209) 224-5353






 Oak Wise is a leading producer of quality oak and oak derived products supplying a diverse section of the beverage industry with an extensive range of oak alternates in formats from oak chips to tank staves and barrel inserts. 

Enhance the Fruit Character of Your Wine with Untoasted French and American Oak Chips
28 August, 2018

Wines containing vegetal or microbial notes often can benefit from the enhanced structure that high quality untoasted oak can provide. The compounds from untoasted oak chips can serve to integrate and increase the fruit character of wine at fermentation and when added at the crusher, can benefit white and red wine by:

1. Improving the flavor of your final wine by enhancing fruit character and mouthfeel

2. Masking reductive, herbal and vegetal aromas

3. Stabilizing color

4. Managing and mitigating smoke taint

Oak Wise currently offers 30lb poly bags of French and American Untoasted Fine Chip and 50lb poly bags of American Oak dust.

Please email Mel Coronado at for pricing and questions today!

Or phone the office at (209) 224-5353

Oak Wise is a leading producer of quality oak & oak derived products supplying a diverse section of the beverage industry with an extensive range of oak alternates in formats from oak chips through to tank staves and barrel inserts.

Good Manufacturing Practices
14 May, 2018

Oak Wise is committed to ensuring their customers not only receive the best customer support as possible but also a consistently well made product. Our customers will come back and order from us because our product is going to be the same this year as it was when they purchased it last year. To ensure this we make sure to go above and beyond in house with our own sensory trials, laboratory analysis, and specific recipes, however, it is important to not rely on only one set of eyes. 

Having a third party audit is important as it brings a separate unaffiliated and unbiased party to the production facility to find any gaps and to make sure we are honoring our commitment to manufacturing our best possible product. Oak Wise has a well established HACCP system in place as well as recorded good manufacturing practices. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP, is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe and designs measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level. By finely going through our production steps, identifying any possible hazards and critical control points we are allowing ourselves to think all the ‘what ifs’ and prevent them. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in any production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product. 

Here at Oak Wise we know the importance of standing behind our quality and will take every opportunity to ensure it. 

Winemakers: Always Choose the Best Product Match for Your Wine with Oak Wise Bench Trials
16 March, 2018

Oak Wise believes in the importance of not only taking the time to introduce our products but also to give the opportunity to showcase our products. Trialing products is growing more important in such a diverse oak market. Winemakers are often discouraged and will simply ask what products could best suit their wine; and while we can always offer suggestions, every wine is unique and special and what might work for one might not work for the next. 

Taking the time to lay down a bench trial with a range of products allows winemakers to be properly introduced to the products in their own. This also allows for the winemaker to be introduced to the flavor profiles available from us and allows for the best match for the varietal. 

We’d love to hear from you! If you have an interest in our products and want to get started with the trial we’d encourage you to stop by our website and request some samples. Let us know what sort of profile you might be interested in or perhaps other wines that have been your inspiration and we can create a kit to suit your needs. Or we can send just a regular variety to introduce the possibilities available. Allow Oak Wise to help bring complexity to your craft beyond the barrel.

Oak Wise 100% Natural Aqueous Tannins
05 February, 2018

Oak Wise 100% Natural Aqueous Enological Oak Tannins represent a quantum leap in the science and efficacy of oak additions for beverage production. They are a family of liquid oak tannins which give winemakers, brewers and distillers complete control over all the organoleptic and structural elements that oak provides to beverages.

Our tannins are suitable for use in beverage production and comply with 27 CFR 24.246 of the Alcohol, Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) Electronic Code of Federal Regulations e-CFR when used at our recommended dosage rates.

Premiere is a range of structuring aqueous oak tannins. In wine, they can be added at primary or malolactic fermentation and aging. Premiere will assist in binding pyrazines, aid in color fixation, and tannin polymerization. In wine, the recommended dose rate for Premiere  is 0.2 ml/L – 5.0 ml/L added as late as 48 hours prior to bottling. In spirits, Premiere can be added before bottling or during alcohol dilution prior to barrel aging.  For use in spirits, we recommend using Premiere up to 20% of the makeup of water volume.

Finissage is a range of clear finishing tannins for use in finished wines or to adjust the astringency in cider, beer or spirits. Finissage will soften mouthfeel and increase the fruit aromatics. In wine, the recommended dose rate is 0.2 ml/L – 5 ml/L. In beer and spirits, we recommend adding Finissage to the finished product between 0.5 ml/L to 5 ml/L. Finissage can be added up to 48 hours before filtration or bottling.

Premiere CT is a range of concentrated aqueous oak tannins. CT will assist in increasing the aromatics of oak characteristics such as toast, spice and the complexity of any beverage. CT will help produce a final product that denotes extended barrel aging. Dose rates from 0.1 – 2ml/L

Oak Wise Goes to WINEXPO!
10 November, 2017

Only 20 days left until the 2017 WINEXPO trade show & conference at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.Come check out Oak Wise at Booth# 108 for our first attendance at WINEXPO!

Oak Wise will have samples for live presentations as well as samples for you to take with you.

All new customers will receive a special 10% off #Expodeals!

Please use promo code OAK714 to get free trade show access!

Register today at

We're excited to see you all there!

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Natural Aqueous Tannins (NAT)
Oak Wise 100% natural aqueous oak tannins give winemakers, brewers and distillers complete control over all the important organoleptic and structural elements that Oak brings to beverages. Our tannins are suitable for use in beverage production ...
Oak Adjuncts
Introducing Our Different Toasts…… By combining four elements in the toasting of oak for oak alternates – temperature, duration, humidity, and air-flow, Oak Wise is able to offer beverage makers five distinct flavor ...