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Nexternal Solutions and the Wine Industry

We are a web-based sales technology platform, which supports online, POS, and club transactions for wineries of all sizes. Our comprehensive suite of business tools will help wineries sell more wine through the direct to consumer channel, while streamlining their fulfillment process and overall data management. Click here to learn more and how we can help your wine business thrive.


We’ve been partnering with hundreds of alcoholic beverage companies, such as Hanzell, Martin Ray Winery, and Lewis Cellars, the past 16+ years helping them take their sales to the next level, while creating far more efficiency with day to day operations. Our modular (pick and choose what meets your business needs) platform can help your sales performance in a following areas:

Mobile iPad Point of Sale (POS) 

  • Perfect for any in-person transactions in the tasting room and offsite events
  • Take orders around the property and have those orders packed, labeled, and ready for pickup when visitors are ready to leave the tasting room
  • Product data instantly loads from Nexternal database into the point of sale device for an extremely fast setup and ongoing control

Click here to learn more about HighJump Engage


Club Management 

  • Launch and grow a successful club helping you to maximize stronger customer loyalty, as well as recurring and expected revenue 
  • Club members can conveniently update their mailing and billing information online
  • New members may conveniently sign-up securely online. Our system will pre-validate shipping addresses at the time of registration, which will also impact a higher order success rate at the time of generating the upcoming cider club shipment
  • Club members can also automatically redeem member pricing for online orders increasing even more sales

Click here to learn more about club management


Shopping Cart/eCommerce 

  • Our feature-rich shopping cart will enable you to sell more online by having access to a suite of marketing tools to market your products and drive traffic to your site
  • Nexternal retains all customer order history, which will enable you to remarket to customers based on purchasing behavior
  • Nexternal addresses the many complexities of selling alcohol online (compliance, county level sales tax, shipping restrictions, preferred customer pricing, age verification, DOB requirement, mixed case discounts, event ticket sales, etc.)
  • Integrated fulfillment tools will enable you to efficiently process orders with just a couple clicks (capture funds, generate shipping labels and send tracking numbers to customers automatically).

Click here to learn more about our eCommerce platform


We are confident our sales technology platform can help improve all areas of your sales channel from security, marketing, fulfillment to overall data management. Feel free to click here to see why so many of your colleagues have chosen to partner with us to run their successful sales channel.


Additional features we offer to compliment your sales channel include (full list):

  • Complimentary and dedicated customer support
  • Feature-rich eCommerce/shopping cart
  • Club management including custom and pre-set programs
  • Integrated Social Media tools with Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. to help drive traffic back to your site
  • Shipcompliant integration
  • QuickBooks export via .iif file and EDI
  • Mailchimp integration to manage email campaigns
  • Integration with UPS and FedEx to streamline fulfillment process
  • Several proactive security measures to minimize security vulnerabilities
  • Order Pickup enabling customers to choose to pick up their ciders in addition to shipping their ciders. Can also set event tickets to Pickup Only so there is no confusion if tickets will be shipped to them
  • Complimentary ongoing Software Updates to provide robust software to accommodate the changing eCommerce landscape
eCommerce & Wine Club Software for Wineries
eCommerce & Wine Club Software for Wineries
Nexternal provides a robust ecommerce platform with wine club management capabilities and has been working with wineries since the year 2000.
Nexternal - ShipCompliant
Nexternal - ShipCompliant
Nexternal and ShipCompliant have integrated their systems so it is easy to use both together.
Nexternal eCommerce Platform Overview Webinar

In this fun and informative webinar you will learn how the Nexternal platform will enable you to: 

1.)  Extend your brand throughout your customer's entire shopping experience. 

2.)  Engage your customers with the platform's integrated and included marketing and social media tools. 

3.)  Manage all of your orders (B2C, B2B, Mobile, Amazon, Subscriptions, etc..) in a unified Order Management System. 

4.)  Leverage built in shipping tools and sales tax calculators while automating data flows to your accounting software. 

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Thursday Sept 19th
11 a.m. Pacific (2 p.m. Eastern)

News Archive

Changing Sales Tax Nexus Rules: What They Mean for Online Sellers in 2019
05 June, 2019

Please join us with Avalara on Thursday June 13th 11 a.m. Pacific (2 p.m. Eastern) for our webinar.

Understanding where your company has sales tax responsibility is dictated by nexus rules that have undergone significant changes over the last year with the Supreme Court ruling in the case "South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.” As a result of the ruling, more than 30 states and Washington, D.C. have adopted “economic nexus” policies, increasing the responsibility of online sellers. Join us to find out what the fallout from the Wayfair decision could mean for your business. 

In this webinar, we'll cover:
•    An overview of the economic nexus ruling (South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.) and what it means for your business
•    Why it makes sense to leverage software for streamlined sales & use tax calculation, returns, and certificate management
•    Overview of the Avalara and TrueCommerce Nexternal solution to simplify compliance

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eCommerce Case Study: Channing Daughters Winery
15 March, 2018

Using the Microworks POS and Nexternal eCommerce Platform Integration


  • Streamline purchase order processing and reduce manual effort and IT overhead by replacing a legacy EDI system with a robust and easy-to-use EDI solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics AX


  • Implement a fully embedded EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX that addresses current and evolving EDI needs


  • Increase overall productivity
  • Faster, simpler order processing workflow with fewer errors
  • Reduce IT management time and administrative effort


Channing Daughters is a winery located on a beautiful plot of land in Bridgehampton, NY that contains twenty-eight acres of vines, their winery, and tasting room. They are currently producing about fourteen thousand cases of wine a year spread across nearly three dozen different bottlings. They do everything by hand in small batches with lots of love and attention in order to fulfill their commitment to quality wine in the bottle.


Channing Daughters has been working with Microworks’ wine club and point of sale software for 12 years at their winery location and tasting room. Their previous eCommerce platform had completely stopped working and they were unable to take online orders for weeks. This presented a large loss of revenue as a growing number of their orders were being processed online and being shipped out of state. Channing Daughters not only needed a dependable eCommerce platform to handle all their orders, but they wanted to inject some efficiencies into their online order processing methods.


Point of Sale and eCommerce Platform

Channing Daughters was looking for a combination of best of breed solutions that could handle all their transactional needs without needing to manually enter customer and order data from one system to another. “The integration between Microworks and Nexternal provided us a seamless flow of data, which ultimately enhanced out customer experience,” said Allison Dubin, Partner and General Manager at Channing Daughters Winery. “We used to have to manually create the order in Microworks with our last eCommerce platform. Now, all sales and customer data is updated immediately.” If someone joins the wine club in the tasting room, an online account is automatically created for the new member’s convenience. Likewise, if someone joins the club online, a new wine club member is created in Microworks. Furthermore, if a wine club member updates their primary ship-to address online, their existing record is automatically updated in Microworks which reduces a lot of phone calls.


A major key to success for Channing Daughters was the teamwork between the Microworks and Nexternal teams in setting up the integration. The two companies came together to make the process as seamless as possible for Channing Daughters, without disrupting any sales. The teams worked together to not only get the integration up and running, but to do the proper testing to make sure everything was working properly before go-live. They monitored all data exchange to ensure integrity. “They were very helpful and involved in making sure everything went smoothly for us,” said Allison.

“The integration between Microworks and Nexternal provided us a seamless flow of data, which ultimately enhanced our customer experience.” – Allison Dubin, Partner and General Manager


TrueCommerce revolutionizes trading partner connectivity, visibility, and collaboration by linking suppliers, retail hubs and end consumers in one global commerce network. From the factory to the warehouse, from distributor to retail storefront, achieve new levels of business connectivity and performance with the world’s most complete commerce network.

Connect. Integrate. Accelerate.

Ecommerce Case Study: Foxen Vineyards Grows Sales Almost Instantly
14 November, 2017

Who They Are

Foxen is a well-known small production Santa Barbara company that's known as much for its personality as it is for its wines and vineyards. The laid-back winery is home to two very popular tasting rooms, including the solar-powered Foxen tasting room opened in 2009 and the nearby beloved historic Foxen 7200 tasting room known as "The Shack," which was featured in the Academy Award®-winning film Sideways. Since the winery's beginning in 1985, it has consistently committed to a "minimalist" approach to producing sustainably-farmed wines.


A key foundation to Foxen's internal operating systems is its POS {point of sale) system, VinNOW. Winery staff uses the system heavily on a daily basis in its tasting rooms for on-site sales, to process wine club orders and as its master customer database. Ever since the winery started using VinNOW, Foxen wanted an eCommerce system that could communicate with VinNOW to save time and increase efficiency. Thus, beginning in the late 2000s, the winery found an eCommerce system that was able to do so, and set up their online store. Foxen did get some of the online and integration experience they were seeking with the system, but there were still plenty of pain points.

Although they could transfer eCommerce orders to VinNOW, customer record synchronization options to VinNOW were limited, forcing the staff to manually manipulate customer records, which is exactly what they had been trying to avoid with integration. In addition, Foxen produces several coveted wines that are in high demand but very low supply. The winery wanted to make these wines available on the website for their loyal club customers to purchase, but they were unable to restrict access to club members only and automate enforcement of those availability policies. Thus, the staff had to regularly review every web order, and occasionally cancel orders, resulting in disappointed customers.

From a general usability standpoint, Foxen also felt their site was not very user-friendly. The system lacked features to help customers navigate through the products and easily find their desired wine selection{s). All products were lumped into a single category, and Foxen was unable to separate the red wines from the white wines, for example, and offer further category delineations, like so many other wineries offer their customers online. And while social media had long-proven its power, Foxen's store had no built-in features to encourage social sharing of their products on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites on which so many customers like to share their preferences with their friends. Finally, Foxen was unhappy that their store was not well optimized for search engines.


Since VinNOW was so integral to daily operations, the primary criterion was to find another eCommerce system that was integrated with VinNOW in a more thorough manner to suit their needs in updating customer records as well as passing order data. Foxen also wanted the new online store to offer a clean look and easy navigation for customers, social media and search engine options, and more winery-specific tools and features to help them run their business more efficiently and increase their online sales. With a limited staff, superior technical support was also essential.


After careful consideration of all systems available to them, including consideration of enthusiastic reviews from Foxen members who had worked with Nexternal in the past, Foxen decided to switch to Nexternal, concluding that Nexternal met, and even exceeded, their expectations regarding all of their criteria.

Within ten days of signup, the Nexternal designers had set up Foxen's new online store, coding in the winery's existing colors, fonts and other branding features into the online store for a completely continuous branding experience.

Guided by their dedicated Nexternal Account Manager, Foxen staff plugged in settings, keys and passwords into both Nexternal and VinNOW to ensure the proper ï¬ow of data. Foxen took advantage of the controls that allowed them to exclude certain products from in the online store, but to keep a wider array of vintages available for sale in the tasting room. "Getting our information into the system was easy!" said Kielly Lewis, Shipping and Social Media Administrator for Foxen. "Once the products were in, all I had to do was make little adjustments to make it perfect."


Foxen is delighted with the upgrade to Nexternal. "Nexternal does every little thing I wished it could do," says Ms. Lewis. She says the integration with VinNOW is extremely reliable, and eliminates previous customer update headaches. Now, when customers change any of their personal information in their online profile, such as a credit card or address, Nexternal synchs to update the customer information in Foxen's VinNOW database. And when wine club members sign up for the club in one of Foxen's tasting rooms, they are automatically recognized as club members when they log into Foxen's online store, so they can enjoy their club exclusives and club discounts while shopping online. Also, using Nexternal's ShipCompliant integration and other features which allow the winery to set alcohol volume limits by state, Foxen now has the ability to check online orders for compliance in real-time, minimizing the risk of inadvertently breaking any laws. Limited production releases are also much easier to manage. "We are not only able to release wines exclusively to our club members, but we are also able to enforce limited allocations per customer, and it's extremely easy," says Lewis.

At the time of this case study, the Foxen Nexternal web store has been active for only six weeks, and the winery reports that it is already several thousand dollars above its projected sales as a result. The winery says they are delighted to be working with Nexternal and to be able to give customers a "Foxen experience" online.

See How Transcendence Wines Grew Retail Sales with Nexternal's mPOS Solution
24 August, 2017

Check out this case study we did with Transcendence Wines. They needed to find an afforbale, easy-to-use. all-in-one point of sale and eCommerce system to automate manual sales and customer relationship processes to help grow retail sales. 

See how TrueCommerce Nexternal help them find a solution to this problem.

Read more here.

eCommerce Solutions for B2C and B2B Sales
20 July, 2017

We are here to turn the complex, often unpredictable world of the online marketplace into ecommerce solutions. At Nexternal, a HighJump company, our ecommerce platform keeps you at the forefront of your industry with the latest in merchant software innovations. We provide a complete ecommerce solution by presenting simple, straightforward answers to the challenges presented by today's online marketplace. Users can customize their experience based on the needs of everyone on both the user and customer end of Nexternal's dynamic ecommerce platform. The purpose of Nexternal's ecommerce software solutions is to combine the latest advances in merchant software technology with practical sales solutions.

Ecommerce is not ever going away. If anything, the technology is becoming more pervasive with each passing day. Merchants are under immense pressure to keep up with the latest developments in ecommerce. Solutions that apply to e-commerce platforms should address market issues in a way that is both comprehensive and easily adaptable, keeping you focused squarely on the moving target that is the modern online marketplace. Nexternal's ecommerce platform gives users access to a multitude of options that empower them to operate as a single, unified front. Ecommerce platforms put a collection of marketing tools within easy reach of the user. By utilizing our ecommerce software solutions, you can integrate our vast array of useful features that will benefit both you and your customer without over-complicating the sales process.

How Your Market Needs Affect E-Commerce Platforms

Each market presents its own unique challenges. Your needs can vary greatly, depending on how your company interacts with your customer base. How you customize and utilize ecommerce software platforms will differ depending on your own unique approach to your market. Each market requires a slightly different set of tools to provide the most appropriate solutions. Ecommerce can be broken down into three major marketing models, each of which will present a unique set of challenges for e-commerce platforms. These are Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), and Consumer to Consumer (C2C).

The Ecommerce Solution for Business to Consumer Sales (B2C)

The B2C model is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think of online sales. Although this term can refer to any process that involves a business selling directly to consumers, it most often refers to retail sales. Many of the largest online vendors sell to individual end-users. Customers expect products to be easy to locate and appropriately priced, with a relatively simple path from selection to finalizing their purchase. The typical sales transactions in the B2C marketing model have a relatively short buy cycle. Retail customers make many of their purchasing decisions in the heat of the moment. Competition between retail online vendors can be particularly intense. Many of these customers can be better motivated if more attention is focused on getting them from the start to the finish of a sale expediently.

It is important for companies that focus on B2C sales to make the kind of marketing and implementation decisions that will hold the attention of their customers. Customers should feel unimpeded from the first click to the final step of their purchase. In order to have effective online B2C sales, your product should appear in front of your customers early and often. Products should be easy to search for or locate by category, with updated inventory and pricing.

Once your customer has found what they are looking for they will place it in their virtual shopping cart, a simple yet powerful ecommerce solution that allows users to queue up products as they explore a virtual store. This software should remain constantly in view and be very easy to operate, enabling the purchasing process instead of slowing it down. Anything that requires a steep learning curve or additional steps is less likely to be successful in the fast-paced world of B2C sales transactions.

Your B2C customers need a product that is only a click or two away from purchasing. What you want to do here is limit the number of steps between your customer's decision to buy and when you collect your payment. This creates a positive experience while reducing the number of missed sales. Incomplete sales are a well-known phenomenon called shopping cart abandonment, which involves customers lining up a series of purchases in their shopping cart only to abandon their purchases at the last minute. Simplifying the purchasing process as much as possible will allow you to maximize sales while increasing customer satisfaction.

Utilizing SEO to optimize the Internet Presence of Your Brand with Nexternal

Nexternal's ecommerce platform was built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind, allowing you to maximize traffic that is directed to your site. By targeting the factors that increase your rank in organic search engine listings, Nexternal's ecommerce solutions bring you that much closer to the customer base you seek. We provide the ability to establish a data-rich web presence for search engines that rank based on these kinds of qualifications, giving your company priority and a greater online presence. The modern internet revolves around social media integration. When people like something, they often want to share it with others, too. Social media integration in Nexternal's ecommerce platform allows customers to spread the word about your brand to their friends, associates, and subscribers. Nexternal's ecommerce software platform incorporates intuitive sharing functions directly into your store, allowing customers to put your brand into circulation with everyone around them.

Provide Incentives

Many online businesses provide incentives to retain customers beyond a single impulse purchase. Loyalty programs allow you to reward customers for sticking with your brand. Motivated customers are more likely to make larger and more frequent purchases. Loyal, satisfied clients also provide positive feedback that brings your brand the best kind of attention while significantly widening your base of potential customers. Your incentives should be thought out and carefully implemented if you want to keep the largest number of customers interested. Retaining brand loyalty can be difficult but rewarding. You need to take advantage of every source of sales, not just the ones that visit your own website. Our integrated affiliate program tracks your affiliate sales. This allows you to keep tabs on which marketing partners are working best, and reward them accordingly. We also use automated daily marketplace feeds, which can be updated on a nightly basis, to put your product in front of more customers.

The Ecommerce Solution for Business to Business Sales (B2B)

While B2C sales account for the majority of online business, individual business to business (B2B) transactions tend to involve much greater quantities and higher sums. B2B sales are built on an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship between companies. These relationships tend to last longer than those in the more fast-paced B2C market, but they also require a great deal of time and effort to maintain. The pace of dealing with B2B customers can be slower than the kind of quick turnover that is seen in most B2C sales. The extended buy cycle in B2B tends to pay off with the higher returns.

While B2C and C2C transactions involve only one or two people, B2B transactions may require a greater number of individuals to weigh in before a decision can be made. Sometimes half or all of a company can become involved.

Ironically, this is why B2B customers require more personalized attention. Businesses tend to make more rational, long term decisions. This requires a much greater investment on their part as well as yours. Business customers need to see their vendors as convenient, reliable, and highly stable. Although business customers can be more inquisitive or demanding at first, the rewards of a good relationship with your customers in a B2B market are manifold. There is a higher intrinsic value for each individual lead in B2B sales models. There is also a much greater need for retention in this market. Once you've show your customer what you can do, we're here make it easier to keep them.

Nexternal's B2B ecommerce platform module is the ecommerce solution for your businesses. Our ecommmerce software platform allows for easy updating that enhances the exchange of information on both sides of the virtual isle. We can also provide updates for pending orders that both your customers and your team will appreciate. Nexternal can accommodate large and custom orders with ease. Customers have the ability to request and activate their quotes online. These quotes can be controlled from a central location. You can also limit when quotes can be received by customers and set expiration dates to keep pricing competitive. Batch Processing allows multiple orders to be placed at once. This is a vital feature for high volume merchants. Orders can be sorted based on successful payment or other search criteria, then processed together. Packing slips and invoices can be generated in bulk, as needed, to get your product moving on your own timetable.

Business customers can stay on top of their purchasing needs by using our anytime ordering, which allows them to purchase from you on their own schedule. The best ECommmerce platforms specialize in providing up to the minute pricing and inventory tracking. By creating a responsive, highly permissive environment for business customers, you can meet the exact demands of the customers who need you the most, without sacrificing the business relationship you've worked so hard to build.

The Ecommerce Solution for Consumer to Consumer Sales (C2C)

Unlike the more traditional market models, the C2C business model enables customers to sell or trade to one another with the assistance of a trusted third party. A good third party intermediary will engender trust between customers by using tools such as rating systems to establish a more secure, reliable environment than customers would expect were they to go it alone. Like the B2C model, C2C sales typically have a short buy cycle. Most C2C services collect a fee for the sales they enable by listing items, providing promotional features, and assisting to complete sales transactions. C2C markets benefit from an ecommerce solution that maximizes individual sales.

The C2C business market model allows a large number of mutually interested buyers and sellers to interact at a relatively low individual cost. By doing this your business attracts a diverse group of potential customers, potentially a larger or more diverse base than one would expect in a purely B2C or B2B marketing model. Previous to the advent of an online C2C ecommerce solution, private buyers and sellers were often limited to the classified section of their local newspapers, or attending time-consuming auctions.

With the rise of auction sites like Ebay, and online retailers such as, which draws on many aspects of the C2C business model, the popularity of C2C ecommerce solutions has risen dramatically. These days, customers take advantage of a C2C web interface to facilitate communication with far more individuals than they could ever hope to find locally. Nexternal provides a C2C ecommerce solution that is beneficial to buyers and sellers alike. Similar to the B2C market, social media is also vital to C2C businesses.

When individuals share information about potential sales and sellers in a C2C market they also increase awareness of your brand, which in turn brings more sellers to an even greater number of potential customers. Integration with popular social websites is just as important for these markets as it is for B2C sales. E-Commerce platforms should provide social media functionality, which can benefit anyone who really wants to get the word out about their brand. C2C markets should not be underestimated. Using an enthusiastic customer base to help promote and complete sales with a guaranteed collection on each transaction has been the smart way to go for some of the largest online sellers.

Ecommerce Solutions

Whether you are seeking a B2C, B2B, or C2C solution, ecommerce software from Nexternal has your answer. Ecommerce solutions can be tailored to any of the various marketing models. Avoid the need to use multiple ecommerce platforms to meet your needs. E-Commerce solutions come easy when you harness the power of today's ecommerce solutions. Nexternal gives you all the tools you need to reach your customers.

Click here for more information. 

TrueCommerce Announces New Architectural Design and User Interface of Its Cloud-Based Transaction Manager
13 June, 2017


The new browser-agnostic version provides enhanced user experience, offers comprehensive services infrastructure to optimize trading partner connectivity

PITTSBURGH, PA (May 25, 2017)—TrueCommerce, a global provider of trading partner connectivity and integration solutions, has announced today the next generation of Transaction Manager, its flagship product that ensures seamless connectivity between trading partners. Built on HTML5, the new offering is browser-agnostic, delivers an enhanced user experience and offers seamless access to other applications, including e-commerce, analytics and warehouse management.

“The velocity of business today demands full visibility into the health of the key metrics within the enterprise,” said Michael Gross, TrueCommerce Vice President of Product Strategy and Development. Transaction Manager now coalesces enterprise efficiency with the consumer applications’ ease-of-use providing anytime and anywhere access to time sensitive information.”

New Transaction Manager features include:

  • HTML5 architecture with multi-browser support including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari
  • Streamlined layout and responsive design
  • Alternate transaction detail views for easier navigation and review
  • Enhanced paging, sorting and filtering functionality
  • One-click access to your favorite screens using configurable menus customization of home screen location

“The next generation Transaction Manager is designed to support the needs of today’s supply chain,” said Ryan Tierney, TrueCommerce’s Director of Product Management. “TrueCommerce has significantly enhanced the front-end to deliver actionable information to our customers that helps eliminate supply chain disruptions and lowers the barriers of achieving effective integration and collaboration with trading partners. This significant upgrade of our key product demonstrates our vision and commitment to continually invest in our products and services, delivering state of the art technologies to our customers.”

TrueCommerce is an end-to-end platform solution that fully automates the process of integrating business documents exchanged with customers, suppliers and logistics providers. Transaction Manager seamlessly connects with TrueCommerce’s global commerce network, offering rapid onboarding of business partners and support for EDI, XML and other global data standards.

TrueCommerce’s Global Commerce Network includes over 23,000 pre-connected retailers, distributors and logistics service providers. A true managed services provider, TrueCommerce manages the onboarding process for new trading partners as well as the ongoing management of trading partner specific mapping and labeling changes.

About TrueCommerce

TrueCommerce revolutionizes trading partner connectivity by linking suppliers, retail hubs and end consumers in one global commerce network. With our flexible, integrated and fully managed service solutions, customers of any size can easily connect with any trading partner while enjoying the peace of mind of a proven service platform that reliably handles tens of millions of transactions annually without the need for any customer interaction.

From the factory to the warehouse, from distributor to retail storefront, achieve new levels of business connectivity and performance with the world’s most complete trading partner platform.

TrueCommerce: Connect. Integrate. Accelerate.
For more information, visit

Maryhill Winery’s New eCommerce Platform Pairs Well with Online Sales
24 April, 2017

"Maryhill Winery drinks up an 82% increase in web sales after switching to an e-commerce platform from Nexternal."

Read more about the challenges Maryhill Winery had that they solved using Nexternal on Digital Commerce 360 here.

Check Out This case Study on Maryhill Winery!
10 April, 2017

Sales Go “Off the Charts” and Order Management Automation Improves Dramatically When Maryhill Winery Switches to the TrueCommerce Nexternal eCommerce Platform.

Read more here.

See What Nexternal Can Do for You
27 March, 2017

Hundreds of successful brands trust the Nexternal eCommerce Platform for online sales, phone orders, customer relationship management and efficient order processing. The Nexternal platform enables you to: 

•Extend your brand identity throughout the entire online shopping experience. 
•Expand your customer base and increase brand loyalty with powerful marketing tools. 
•Log in to one system to manage b2c, b2b, mobile, phone, Amazon, and Subscription orders. 
•Automate your business by exchanging data with other applications. 

This live demo will give you a strong sense of the benefits of Nexternal’s eCommerce Platform and how it will help you grow your online business.

Thursday, March 30, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

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Check Out Our Video Tour
27 February, 2017

Our development team has been adding features to our eCommerce platform since Nexternal began in 1999. If you're looking for a specific feature, there's a good chance that we've got it. The fourth page of our tour provides a complete list of our features. Of course, if you give us a call, we can help you quickly determine if Nexternal will fulfill your needs.

Take a look at our video tour here.

We Have Your Wine Club Needs Covered
23 February, 2017

Some benefits of running your wine club with us include:

  • Managing your wine club and online orders in one system
  • Compatibility with ShipCompliant
  • You can also offer a Member Choice Club (click here to learn more)

These are only a few of the many benefits we offer you. Click here to learn more about what we can do for your wine club and for tips on best practices for runnng your wine club.



Channing Daughters Winery Case Study
13 February, 2017



Using the Microworks POS and Nexternal eCommerce Platform Integration.


Channing Daughters has been working with Microworks’ wine club and point of sale software for 12 years at their winery location and tasting room. Their previous eCommerce platform had completely stopped working and they were unable to take online orders for weeks. This presented a large loss of revenue as a growing number of their orders were being processed online and being shipped out of state. Channing Daughters not only needed a dependable eCommerce platform to handle all their orders, but they wanted to inject some efficiencies into their online order processing methods.

Read More Here:

Two Important Google Changes Every Online Merchant Needs to Know for 2017
01 February, 2017

Announcement #1:
If you missed it, last November, Google announced mobile first indexing. Mobile internet usage had been gaining on desktop usage for years, and finally in 2016 mobile & tablet usage passed desktop usage worldwide.  Most web searches are performed on mobile and tablet devices.  Thus, Google decided it was appropriate respond in kind in several ways. One way was to begin evaluating pages based on their displays of mobile content (and other factors), rather than primarily on desktop content. Specifically, Google said it would “use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site, to understand structured data, and to show snippets from those pages in our results”.
Read more on our blog post here

Nexternal eCommerce Platform - Live Demonstration
16 January, 2017

This live demo will give you a strong sense of the benefits offered by Nexternal's eCommerce Platform. From robust marketing tools to streamlined order processing, we've got you covered.

Thursday January 26th
11 a.m. Pacific (2 p.m. Eastern)
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Nexternal eCommerce Platform Overview Webinar
28 December, 2016

Hundreds of successful brands trust the Nexternal eCommerce Platform for online sales, phone orders, customer relationship management and efficient order processing. The Nexternal platform enables you to: 

  • Extend your brand identity throughout the entire online shopping experience. 
  • Expand your customer base and increase brand loyalty with powerful marketing tools. 
  • Log in to one system to manage b2c, b2b, mobile, phone, Amazon, and Subscription orders. 
  • Automate your business by exchanging data with other applications. 

This live demo will give you a strong sense of the benefits of Nexternal’s eCommerce Platform and how it will help you grow your online business.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST

Going to WINExpo? So are we! See what we can do for you
28 November, 2016

We will be exhibiting at the North Coast Wine Expo (WINExpo) at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds on Thursday, December 1st.  Please stop by booth 509 to learn how we can help you boost your DtoC sales and get more of your wines into your customers’ hands!

Walk Through Our eCommerce Platform
21 November, 2016

Hundreds of successful brands trust the Nexternal eCommerce Platform for online sales, phone orders, customer relationship management and efficient order processing. The Nexternal platform enables you to: 

•Extend your brand identity throughout the entire online shopping experience. 
•Expand your customer base and increase brand loyalty with powerful marketing tools. 
•Log in to one system to manage b2c, b2b, mobile, phone, Amazon, and Subscription orders. 
•Automate your business by exchanging data with other applications. 

This live demo will give you a strong sense of the benefits of Nexternal’s eCommerce Platform and how it will help you grow your online business.

Thursday December 8th
11 a.m. Pacific (2 p.m. Eastern)

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Introducing BridgePay: The Only Payment Gateway That You’ll Need
14 November, 2016

Have you been meaning to leverage Nexternal’s powerful mobile point of sale (POS) application, HighJump Engage, but are hesitant to secure funds to a different merchant account than your traditional web orders? If so, then enter BridgePay: the first and only payment gateway that offers full point of sale and eCommerce processing to Nexternal clients with a joint merchant account, all under one roof.

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5 Successful Holiday eCommerce Promotions Brunch for SoCal Businesses
08 November, 2016


You're Invited to a Brunch & Learn:5 Successful Holiday eCommerce Promotions

We know it’s a busy time for you... but you deserve a break! So come join us for a delicious brunch and the opportunity to get inspired as you push through the holiday season. This quick “brunch and learn” session will cover five successful holiday promotions to help you boost sales and improve efficiency.

Ecommerce experts from HighJump and Avalara will share their tricks of the trade and some creative ideas to get you feeling fully inspired as you head back to work to conquer the day. Bring your teammates and join us for this educational (and delicious) presentation.

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Nexternal eCommerce Platform Overview Webinar
31 October, 2016

Hundreds of successful brands trust the Nexternal eCommerce Platform for online sales, phone orders, customer relationship management and efficient order processing. The Nexternal platform enables you to: 

•Extend your brand identity throughout the entire online shopping experience. 
•Expand your customer base and increase brand loyalty with powerful marketing tools. 
•Log in to one system to manage b2c, b2b, mobile, phone, Amazon, and Subscription orders. 
•Automate your business by exchanging data with other applications. 

This live demo will give you a strong sense of the benefits of Nexternal’s eCommerce Platform and how it will help you grow your online business.

Thu, Nov 10, 2016 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST

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Best Practices for Managing Your Wine Club Software
27 October, 2016

Our eCommerce Platform is used by more than 300 wineries. Numerous features have been added to the platform specific to the wine industry.

One of the great advantages of using Nexternal's cloud based wine club software is that members can log in and update their preferred shipping, billing, and credit card information online. Club member data and customer data is all housed in one location. Additionally, tracking information is automatically emailed to customers which reduces customer service calls.

Here are some best practices for managing wine club memberships and wine club orders within the Nexternal system. The process can be broken down into five components:

  1. Setting up customer types to identify club members
  2. Setting up a club membership sign-up as a product in the store
  3. Processing a club membership order
  4. Creating a club shipment (wine club order)
  5. Processing wine club orders

You can read more about these components here.

5 Design Tips for Your Nexternal Online Store
20 October, 2016

Here are a few tips you can use to improve your Nexternal Online Store. 

  1. Above the fold
  2. Make it clear of what you're selling
  3. Keep right
  4. Quality images
  5. Fast-loading images

To read more about these tips in detail, visit our blog post here.

Wine Leverage Integrates With Nexternal Solutions
19 August, 2011

Wine Leverage, the leader in relationship marketing for the wine industry, is proud to announce that they are now fully integrated with Nexternal and their client wineries.

Wine Leverage prides itself on seamlessly representing their winery clients.  Winery representatives are focused on building the feeling of goodwill between the winery and its club and mailing list customers, which ultimately results in wine sales. The integration with Nexternal has streamlined this process.

Adam Lawson, Wine Leverage’s VP of Operations, stated, “Wineries have been excited to have our reps call on their behalf. However, the process of manually entering hundreds of orders is a major task. Over the past 8 months we have been working to integrate our system with the wineries accounting and POS systems. Now with the integration of Nexternal, our client wineries are now able to simply pull a report from Nexternal of all orders that have been placed by our reps.”

“‘When we engaged Wine Leverage to call our Wine Club members, we were thrilled at the amount of business they were able to generate on our behalf. However, it didn’t take long for us to become overwhelmed with the burden it created for our staff to not only enter the orders, but also to deal with issues such as declined credit cards”, Ruth Fevre, Wine Club Manager at Andretti, stated, “Now, all orders are seamlessly passed into our Nexternal Order Management System and we simply fulfill the orders. What a pleasure to have this partnership with Wine Leverage and Nexternal.

Highway 12 Winery and Andretti have already run successful, fully integrated campaigns with Wine Leverage and many more wineries are following their lead. Ryan Tharp, President of Custom Web Apps was the integration vendor for Wine Leverage.  He was happy to state, “It has been very rewarding to come in and provide the background service that allow Wine Leverage to be an even greater value to their winery clients. In addition, working with Alex Gile and his team at Nexternal has been an outstanding experience.”

“It’s a winning approach for everyone.” Lawson stated.

Nexternal Solutions Webinar -
04 March, 2011

Nexternal Solutions will be hosting a free webinar entitled "Winery E-commerce Software Webinar" on Thursday, March 10, 2011.

The webinar will showcase it's e-commerce software to the wine industry.  The first 45 minutes will be spent demonstrating how Nexternal can help wineries increase their direct sales volume, streamline their fulfillment process and data management, as well as discussing how Nexternal works in conjunction with partners such as Shipcompliant, VinNOW POS, Provino, etc.  The last 15 minutes will be for questions and answers.

When: Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time:  10.00am - 11.30am PST

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Selling online using Nexternal and  

Winery & Nexternal Solutions Ecommerce Software Webinar for VinNOW POS Users
30 July, 2010

Nexternal is hosting a webinar to show case it's ecommerce software which integrates directly with the VinNOW.  You can now seamlessly sync all Nexternal orders and customers into the VinNOW POS system to get a complete overview of customer purchasing history, fulfillment, etc.

The first 45 minutes will be spent going through our winery specific demo and the last 15 minutes will be for questions and answers.

Title:         Winery ECommerce Software Webinar for VinNOW POS Users
Date:        Thursday, August 5, 2010
Time:        11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Please contact Nexternal for pricing information at 800-914-6161

Please visit our Winery Testimonials page to read about the success of Nexternal Solutions and the Wineries which utilize Nexternal's Shopping Cart Software.

Title Name Email Phone
Sales Representative Doreen Davis 8009146161 Ext (707)
President Alex Gile 8009146161 Ext (229)