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We are the West Coast's Largest Purveyor of Water and Liquid Storage Tanks. We are a WBE Certified Woman Owned and Operated Business located in Santa Rosa CA.

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We handle tanks of all gallon increments from 100 to upwards of 5,000,000. We carry over 11 styles of Tanks including Bolted - Welded -  Fiberglass, for the storage of potable water, wastewater, blackwater, chemicals, food processing, winery & breweries, manufacturing, and much more.

We began in the Napa Valley Wine Industry and developed markets beyond irrigation, expanding our base into chemical containment, wastewater, fire suppression, oil & gas-fracking waste, manufacturing, and more.

We provide our Tanks, our Knowledge, and our Experience to people and projects around the world. We can think outside the box, or stay within strict governmental guidelines. Our approach is fluid but our commitment to quality is steadfast.

That is the short answer... NST is also a company that is vested in working in tandem with our customers to provide solutions to their problems. We are confident and comfortable inside of the many industries and disciplines that require our services.


National Storage Tank - The West Coast's Largest Purveyor of Water & Chemical Tanks offers you choices found nowhere else.

We have the following tanks styles available to suit your needs, from 100 to 5,000,000 Gallons.

Above Ground Fiberglass Tanks

Bolted Steel

Low Profile

High Rib Roof

Flat Roof

Flat Seamed Roof

Collapsible - Folding Tanks

Glass Lined Tanks

Pillow Tanks

Irrigation - Non Potable

FDA NSF Potable

Grey Water Rainwater

Chemical - Fracking Waste


Poly - Plastic - Polyethylene



Septic Tanks



Stainless Steel



Water & Chemical

Cone Bottom

Field Erected

Underground Fiberglass

Potable Water


Fire Protection

Greywater - Rainwater

Welded Steel

Fire Protection

Potable Water

Wastewater - Slurry - Clarifier

Fuel Petroleum UL142 API 650

Stainless (Stainless Steel HOMEPAGE)


Chemical - Industrial

PolyCarbon - Caustic Chemical

Cone Bottom

Dry Storage - Silos

ASME - Pressure Vessels

Field Erected


7,500 Gallon- Welded Steel Tank
7,500 Gallon- Welded Steel Tank
Welded Steel Shop Built Tank- Irrigation
40,000 Gallon- Xerxes Underground Fiberglass Tank
40,000 Gallon- Xerxes Underground Fiberglass Tank
Xerxes Underground FIberglass- Fire Suppression, Irrigation & Potable Water
Pump House and Tank
Pump House and Tank
Tank in a Vineyard
Tank in a Vineyard
10,000 Gallon - Above Ground Fiberglass Tank
10,000 Gallon - Above Ground Fiberglass Tank
Application Featured: Fire Protection
56,000 Gallon - Galvanize Tank
56,000 Gallon - Galvanize Tank
Application Featured: Fire Protection
40,000 Gallon  - Carbon Welded Tank
40,000 Gallon - Carbon Welded Tank
Application Featured: Fire Protection & Potable Water
1,000 - Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
1,000 - Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
Application Featured: Potable Water
10,531 Gallon - Above Ground Horizontal Rectangular Tank
10,531 Gallon - Above Ground Horizontal Rectangular Tank
Application Featured: Potable Water Storage
151,720 Gallon - Carbon Bolted Steel Tank
151,720 Gallon - Carbon Bolted Steel Tank
Application Featured: Potable Water
440,763 Gallon - Carbon Bolted Steel, Open Top Tank
440,763 Gallon - Carbon Bolted Steel, Open Top Tank
Application Featured: Waste Water
Aesthetic Towers, Signs & Tanks
Aesthetic Towers, Signs & Tanks
Local project utilizing a corrugated tank wrapped in redwood.
Green & Sustainable Building Tanks
Green & Sustainable Building Tanks
National Storage Tank specializes in green & sustainable building tanks too!
Secondary Containment Tanks
Secondary Containment Tanks
National Storage Tank offers a variety of secondary containment tanks too!
Grease Interceptors
Grease Interceptors
National Storage tank is pleased to have been selected to represent one of the finest Grease Interceptor providers in the United Stated. A Grease Interceptor or Grease Trap as it is often referred is by design intended capture and provide temporary storage or disposal of FOG materials (Fats, Oils and Grease).
Ponds have historically been an excellent way to store water, and across the drought stricken West there is a major water storage movement in agriculture involving gathering rainwater in large lined ponds and then pumping that captured water into tanks for storage and distribution. We can provide custom pond liners for small scale water storage and retention or very large scale operations which can encompass anything from small areas to many acres in size.
National Storage Tank Overview - Nicole Oblad
National Storage Tank Overview - Nicole Oblad
National Storage Tank (NST) is an exclusive purveyor of water & liquid storage and retention tanks ranging from several 100 gallons to over a 1,000,000 gallons. We are Woman Owned & Run, based in Northern California, all our products are American Made, and we are Licensed General Contractors in the State of California and we operate nationwide as well as internationally.
HVAC - Condensation Capture - Reclaimed Water
HVAC - Condensation Capture - Reclaimed Water
National Storage Tank (NST) is an exclusive purveyor of water & liquid storage and retention tanks ranging from several 100 gallons to over a 1,000,000 gallons. We are Woman Owned & Run, based in Northern California, all our products are American Made, and we are Licensed General Contractors in the State of California and we operate nationwide as well as internationally.
Dr. Roger Boulton - Jess S. Jackson Winery
Dr. Roger Boulton - Jess S. Jackson Winery
Dr. Roger Boulton is the mastermind behind the sustainable systems at the Jess S. Jackson Winery on the UC Davis Campus, the only LEED Platinum Certified Winery in the World.
SCC Rain Water Tank
SCC Rain Water Tank
Building of SCC's Rain Water CorGal Tank
National Storage Tank Made In America
National Storage Tank Made In America
National Storage Tank (NST) is an exclusive purveyor of water & liquid storage and retention tanks ranging from several 100 gallons to over a 1,000,000 gallons. We are Woman Owned & Run, based in Northern California, all our products are American Made, and we are Licensed General Contractors.
NST Tank Styles; Bolted, Welded, Poly, PolyCarbon
NST Tank Styles; Bolted, Welded, Poly, PolyCarbon
National Storage Tank has been serving the Wine & Agricultural Industry for years, as well as the Architectural Community. We specialize in Rainwater Harvesting & Retention - Irrigation – Fire Suppression – Microbrew & Craft Brewing Tanks - Wastewater Tanks – Septic Systems – Commercial Manufacturer
Time Lapse Video
Time Lapse Video
Water Tank Construction

News Archive

What You Should Know About Stainless Steel Wine Tanks
20 July, 2020

Today, we are going to discuss stainless steel wine tanks and what you should know so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing tanks for your winery. 

What are the benefits of stainless steel wine tanks?

What are the benefits of stainless steel wine tanks? There are several benefits, and they include:

  • They provide ideal chilling capabilities especially when using a system that uses a cooling jacket and/or is double-walled
  • Durability offering a long life reduces the cost of replacing barrels every few seasons
  • Imparts no noticeable flavor traits on the wine that you can have with wooden barrels or other tank systems
  • Larger volume than wooden barrels saving money in space and replacement barrels
  • Control the speed of oxidation of the wine that makes a cleaner, fresher wine for early drinking
  • Easy to clean

Purchasing stainless steel wine tanks

National Storage Tank serves the wine industry throughout the US and Canada. Based in California, we are the source of choice for our neighbors in Sonoma County for stainless steel wine tanks in various sizes.

You can purchase a steel tank from a 100-gallon size up to 650,000 gallons for all your winemaking needs. Our stainless steel fermentation tanks come in sizes up to 650,000 gallons with a flat or conical bottom, variable capacity, and floatable lid with a crane arm or rail system are also available. We recommend conical bottom tanks simply because you can rack the higher port and then more easily drain the bottom of the basin of all leftovers and sediments through the drain port on the bottom. However, it is your choice as to which type of tank you choose to use.

Adding steel tanks and steel fermentation tanks can save you money because they are durable and have low maintenance costs. We can design your whole system of stainless steel tanks for your winery with the various sizes that the National Storage Tanks offer.

Many vineyards think of plastic or wooden barrels when they hear water tanks, but stainless steel can be esthetically pleasing. Our tanks can be the focal point or receded in the background of your beautiful vineyard and winery. It is all up to you. Simply tell us what you need, how large the area is, how you would like it, and how we can build your tanks, complimenting your winery and vineyard.

We also have stainless steel tanks for your irrigation, wildfire, and waste for your vineyard. All containers can have various options; options like sample valve or cooling jacket, and a thermometer or thermowell. A thermowell is a stainless steel well that an electronic probe you can place in, to monitor the temperature inside the tank.

Call us 866-970-6763 or visit us to get a quote. We are here to help you make your winery more efficient and cost-effective with durable equipment that reduces maintenance costs and is easy to clean. We can design your wine tanks, fermenter, wildfire, and irrigation tanks to fit your vision of your winery and vineyard.

Square...Rectangular...Cubical...Endless Configurations!!!
07 May, 2020

Up to 2.5 million gallons, high snow loads, extreme weather conditions...fiberglass flat panel bolted tanks are incredibly versatile. NSF61 listed and designed to AWWA D121. The exterior may fool you. These tanks are not individual cubes stacked upon one another. They are completely open inside, utilizing vertical posts for roof support. Ideal in harsh conditions, tight spaces, potable water, fire protection and so much more. Flat panel type tanks have been manufactured and installed globally for many decades and used for desalination, public water and more. These tanks are designed for long life of a minimum 80 years with required maintenance at 40 years. Contact your team of tank experts at for more information in this incredible and unique product!

Tank Experts for Your Vineyard/Winery Project
27 January, 2020

Happy New Year!!! Come and speak with our tank experts about your project as we unveil the industries longest lasting tank. Bolted fiberglass cube tanks! Touch and feel the tank options that you have for your winery, vineyard or business. Steel, fiberglass, plastic and more alternatives available for review and consideration for Fire Protection, Irrigation, Potable water and so much more. Tell us about your projects, and discover all of your options. We are looking forward to meeting you. See you soon.

National Storage Tank, Inc.
UWGS Booth: B1013 

Geodesic Dome Roofs
28 August, 2019

Geodesic dome roofs are commonly used on water and wastewater tanks for different applications. With varying degrees of pitch to handle snow loading, geodesic domes are many times the more cost effective option for large diameter tanks. Most domes are manufactured of aluminum and are customizable. National Storage Tank just completed this 500,000 gallon tank for waste water in the Midwest. Contact our tank experts anytime to discuss the options available for your next project. 

Tank Insulation Systems
19 July, 2019

Tank Insulation Systems are truly a thing of BEAUTY. This 150,000 Gallon Fire Protection Tank was recently completed by National Storage Tank and ready for use. Insulation can be installed on existing tanks as well as new installations, there are many reasons to insulate a storage tank such as heat loss prevention for fuel cost reduction, the maintenance of a required specific temperature, or providing personnel protection. The engineering staff at NST is able to customize any and all design criteria or concerns like high wind loads, expansion and contraction issues, or extreme cold or hot applications. If you have an existing tank that requires insulation our teams can advise on the most cost-efficient process at the most economical price point. As they say in the men’s suit business “Your Going To Love How We Make You Look” and we can say the same thing but about your tank of course. If you need a new tank for your project, please contact us anytime for a proposal. We have fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. Tank insulation systems can be used for many applications, from freeze protection on fire protection tanks per NFPA, or for hot and cold water tanks, potable water storage for municipalities in freezing locations and so much more! 

Please contact our tank experts to discuss your next project. Call us anytime at 888-672-6995

OSHA Approved Tank Ladder
10 June, 2019

Is your new tank ladder feature OSHA approved? National Storage Tank, Inc. stays on top of all regulatory and safety changes including the most recent OSHA change required for all caged access ladders. If you are not sure please feel free to contact us and we can quickly let you know if you are in compliance.

Read our blog here about our Flat Panel Factory Coated Bolted Steel Tank with the new OSHA Ladder!

Flat Panel Factory Coated Bolted Steel Tank with New OSHA Ladder
24 April, 2019

OSHA Approved Ladder on Flat Panel Bolted Steel Tank – National Storage Tank is one of the top providers of Factory Coated Bolted Steel Tanks in the U.S. Our regulatory and engineering teams stay right on top of changes published from any of the agencies that govern installation and safety related features in the storage tank industry. In November 2018 OSHA changed their requirements related to caged ladders which are no longer OSHA approved or meet the new safety requirements. The new regulations require fall protection over 24′ in order to be OSHA approved

In the last 30 days, NST installed this high quality bolted steel tank and is a perfect example of a storage tank installation that includes all of the latest safety features now required and expected on any and all storage tank installations going forward. If you have a tank installation planned anytime soon please take the time necessary to ensure that your tank meets all of the latest required safety upgrades, if you are unsure our engineering professionals at National Storage Tank would be happy to take a look at your plans and can advise immediately if you are going to have issues getting the installed tank approved by inspectors.

Please contact our tank experts to discuss your next project. NST keeps up with the latest codes and requirements and can supply you with mulitple options to fit your project requirements while keeping in mind your budget. Call us anytime at 888-672-6995

166,000 Gallon Fire Protection Tank in California
20 March, 2019

National Storage Tank the premier provider of corrugated bolted steel tanks in the U.S. is pleased to highlight another new Fire Protection Tank successfully engineered and installed in California. This SteelCore 166,759-gallon water storage tank will be used on the client’s property as extra protection against wildfires and other unexpected natural disasters. The unique engineering of this tank required it be seismically anchored and including a side shell manway. Although we are extremely busy with new requests from Cities, Counties, and States requiring massive amounts of capacity for water storage we are also responding to requests from industrial clients, mining and fracking, agriculture and growers as well as a large number of manufacturers requiring onsite expansion of their own water storage resources for fire protection as well as their own wastewater and non-potable water needs.

We are happy to assist with special engineering situations to just provide a second quote to make sure your needs are completely met with any new water storage tank installation. Contact Us

Fire Protection Tanks All in a Row!
11 January, 2019

And what a ROW it is! These SteelCore® Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks (model 1204) were designed for a flat roof with some very special engineering and production needs. These water storage tanks have been engineered to be connected together to draw and fill simultaneously. Our National Storage Tank designers, engineers and installers all collaborated together to come up with the perfect fire protection tank solution for this client.

Some of the unique aspects of the project started with a challenging job site due to the fact that we had a very limited and tight space to work in, with only two inches to spare overhead and tanks that needed to be installed with only 1-foot separating them. The project is a stunning success, client thrilled with the outcome and showing his new fire protection tanks to surrounding business associates.

We are so proud of our teams for the award winning design and engineering on this and many projects. The National Storage Tank specialists are available to assist you with even your most demanding and difficult storage tank needs. As one of the largest and most experienced steel tank dealers in the Western United States we have the resources to help business owners, developers, city and state governments as well as industrial clients to make their next tank project an amazing success. Call and talk to our professionals about your next project, we would love to hear from you and happy to help. 888-672-6995

Wine Storage Tanks: Water, Waste & Wildfire
17 August, 2017

National Storage Tank began in the Napa Valley, Our roots are in wine, and they are deep. We served the needs of the Wine Industry in Napa & Sonoma Counties for years before we began to branch out into other industries. Behind all the prestige and panache involved in the Wine Industry there are two things we always keep in mind; Agriculture and Manufacturing. We never forget neither the farmers nor the vintners, and from field to press and have been facilitating both for a long time.

Water Irrigation is essential, water on demand for crops and frost prevention. Our tanks come in a wide variety of gallon capacities from 5,000 to 5 million, and can be fitted with outlets of any size for maximum water draw, anti-vortex systems are second nature to us as well. Your crop needs a consistent and reliable water source because grapes grow and the weather changes each of its own accord, and vineyards have to be ready at a moment’s notice. But, there is another thing to consider... Esthetics. Our Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks have been widely accepted across the Napa Valley as being complimentary to both the landscape and the visual identity of both the most luxurious and rustic of wineries.

Waste Wastewater & Chemicals require special handling for specific reasons. Until laws change, wastewater generated from the making of wine needs to be siphoned off, and either pumped into a leech field or pond or trucked off premises. Chemicals such as solvents for cleaning, liquid fertilizers, & pesticides for crops require extremely safe containment to prevent spillage or accidental exposure. For small tank wastewater needs we can provide economical Welded Steel Tanks that far surpass any cement tank for wastewater storage. For larger wastewater needs we can accommodate whatever amount of wastewater you produce. In terms of chemical containment we have our PolyCarbon Tanks that are welded carbon steel tanks with a heat fused interior layer of industrial polyethylene. This dual containment wall is superior to other tank options in terms of longevity and cost. We also have a wide range of welded and bolted tanks that have epoxy coated interiors, as well as Potable Water Tanks for underground storage.

Wildfire No one needs to tell any vineyard manager or winery owner that we are in the midst of a historic drought, dubbed a “Mega-Drought” by many scientists, and expected to last a decades. There is a distinct lack of water all throughout the Western and Southwestern United States, and tremendous possibility for fire.

Wildfire in rural areas, farmlands, and forests claim hundreds of thousands of acres every year. The Rim Fire in Stanislaus National Forest (California) alone claimed over 257,314 acres (400 square miles) while it raged from August 17th to October 24th 2013. The forecast for the 2015 Fire Season looks dire.

Protecting your vineyards and winery are paramount. On demand and easily accessible water dedicated to fire protection is an essential part of any vineyard management plan. As any vineyard manager or winemaker will tell you, every inch of soil is essential space in which to grow grapes. The idea of digging a massive leech field or retention pond is not economically feasible when that ground can be dedicated to grapes grown for wine. What is needed is a small footprint-high volume storage alternative, such as a water tank.

National Storage Tank is experienced in protecting the Napa Valley Wine Industry from fire. Our tanks can hold hundreds of thousands of gallons with a small footprint. From Sonoma to Napa you can see our tanks at the world’s most prestigious wineries, and some of the finest boutique labels. We can even provide you with a dual use tank for both fire protection and irrigation.

National Storage Tank also prides itself in being fully update and aware of any changes in NFPA-22 (the fire code governing the use of water tanks) recently there have been changes in NFPA-22 that anyone considering a water tank needs to be aware of.

A Word About Esthetics

So much of wine making is concerned with developing a taste, a brand, a look. Winery Design has become an architectural wonderland, and many tasting rooms rival the some of the finest restaurants. Thus, many vineyard managers and winery owners are reluctant when they hear the word “Water Tank” as the old standard hard plastic tank comes to mind. Having spent so many years creating an “atmosphere” at their wineries and in their vineyards, they do not want to put a Plastic Cup in the middle of a Limoges Table Setting.

At National Storage Tank we can provide you with a tank that will be of a complimentary nature to your structures and landscape. We can bring a tank forward and make it a focal point, of have it recede into the surrounding structure or landscape. It all depends on your needs.

Click here to search all tanks. 

National Storage Tank Donates Tank to Daily Acts
22 December, 2016

National Storage Tank is one of the largest tank suppliers in the Western United States. As a company we are passionate about water conservation and likewise passionate in supporting organizations that share our desire to find solutions to an ever increasing need. We have found one of these amazing organizations right here in California. National Storage Tank is pleased to support Daily Acts a non-profit organization whose mission it is to transform our communities through inspired action and education, which builds leadership and local self-reliance.

This is a very kind message received from Kellen Watson, Senior Project Coordinator with Daily Acts:

The whole team from Daily Acts and Cali Calmécac are so appreciative of National's donation! Here is the testimonial, as promised, as well as some photos from the event.

"We love National Storage Tank! This local, female-owned company truly stepped up to support our community with the donation of a beautiful Bushman 2,650 gallon tank for a great school garden projects. The tank was installed by volunteers at Cali Calmécac Language Academy in Windsor, CA and will now water the students' veggie garden with rainwater captured off of a classroom roof. The tank and adjacent rain garden will serve as educational tools for generations, encouraging students at this wonderful dual-language school to slow, spread, sink, and store our precious rainwater, rather than just let it all runoff. Plus the garden can now thrive through the dry months without time intensive hand-watering, allowing the garden-to-cafeteria program and cooking classes to really expand. With California in it's 5th year of drought, teaching respectful stewardship of our resources is more important than ever, and we are so thankful to National Storage Tank for helping these students and the greater community learn about small actions each of us can take to make a difference. The whole National team was polite, timely, and super helpful throughout the whole process too!"

--Kellen Watson, Senior Program Coordinator, Daily Acts

Petaluma, CA

All my best,


National Storage Tank CEO Envisions Wine Industry “Hub of Suppliers” for Sonoma County
18 July, 2016

When most people enthuse about a passion for wine, images of sparkling beverages in a glass or acres of vineyards covering a rolling hillside come to mind – not an industrial site filled with all shapes and sizes of polyethylene and steel core tanks.

by Elizabeth Hans McCrone, first appeared on Wine Industry Advisor

And yet, when Nicole Oblad, the CEO of National Storage Tank (NST) talks about the plans and inventory at her company’s new location on Santa Rosa Avenue in Sonoma County, she could not be more excited, or more knowledgeable, than a connoisseur discussing the nuances of a fine cabernet.

Nicole Oblad by Tank

“We’re the largest polyethylene tank supplier in northern California,” she exudes confidently during a recent interview and property visit. “And already we’re the largest supplier of corrugated steel tanks around the world … National Storage Tank is a vendor andmanufacturer of Steel Core tanks, which can hold water, wastewater, irrigation waster and even temporary brine water, based on the liners, which are made for those different purposes.”

Oblad has reason to be optimistic about her growing enterprise. It sprung up from somewhat humble beginnings back in 2008 when she and her husband were trying to piece together a rain catchment system for their local residence.

Tank Construction“We had to go to several different tank suppliers. The price points were all over the map, depending on the manufacturer,” Oblad recalls. “We didn’t know the differences and no one could really tell us. It was like wanting a fruit basket, but each supplier carried only one fruit choice.  The process helped me realize that there was really no one who had all the choices available (in one place).”

A year later National Storage Tank opened doors for business. Since then it has become an international company, offering tanks, supplies and installation consultation to all type of business and residential clients around the globe.

Wine industry patrons in particular, make up a significant portion of National Storage Tank’s customer base.  Typically, wineries come to NST for fire suppression tanks, as well as wastewater and large irrigation tanks, pond liners, septic tanks, rainwater catchment systems and the repair or lining of existing tanks.

In addition, Oblad says her team counsels wineries in such areas as tank maintenance, regulation changes, the benefits of partial sales tax exemptions for farming and production, what to look for in a product line and how to maximize returns on investment.

“We offer an educated team of professionals to guide our wine industry clients through their options for tanks for any need,” Oblad declares. “We’re big on education and information.”

Oblad emphasizes that NST is actively recruiting wine-related businesses to rent space at its new location on Santa Rosa Avenue with Highway 101-frontage visibility.

NST Sign 101

“We have the ability to sell product immediately, here in Santa Rosa,” Oblad confirms. “Our plan is to become a poly-tank depot for California, specifically. We want others to join us … we’d love to become the wine-industry hub of suppliers.”

Such ambitions and Oblad’s ease in construction-related trades are an organic part of her upbringing. Her father was a general contractor, so framing walls and pouring concrete were everyday facts of life.

But Oblad says it’s actually her mother who provided her with the real seeds of success.

“I’m one of seven children; four girls and three boys,” Oblad reflects. “She did everything for us, including working on new construction with my father. She taught me to work hard, that I could do more than I ever thought possible and not to be afraid of doing things others may not think I should do as a female.”

It turned out to be excellent advice. NST’s status as a WBENC certified woman-owned and operated company qualifies it to bid on certain government projects, which accepts a portion of proposals from minority or women-owned businesses.

“It’s a lot of paperwork versus the private projects that we do,” Oblad reports ruefully. “But it’s good work and good exposure to have them.”

NST walk byOblad believes that giving back to the community is a critical part of running a successful business. To that end, NST has a formalized relationship with Native American Water Association (NAWA), whereby any water systems project NST does with NAWA can contain a cost reduction clause as a way to assist less-wealthy clients with project expenses.

“Not every sovereign tribal nation has a casino,” Oblad points out. “When we win a bid through NAWA, we can offer a percentage of materials cost back as a way to assist tribes who don’t have those casino assets at their disposal.  It’s not hard to do and it’s been a good connection and relationship.”

Oblad and her team are also committed to assisting animal rescue operations, such as the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) by donating “seconds;” tanks with manufacturing imperfections, for elephants and other animals who need them for water sources. Last week NST donated two such tanks to statewide horse rescue groups and another to Glenn Ellen Horse Rescue in Sonoma Valley.

Through these and other philanthropic endeavors, Oblad hopes to continue to build on National Storage Tank’s reputation as a solid and ethical business, serving a regional, national and international clientele.

“We’ve come a long way in seven years,” she boasts proudly. “And we have big plans. This is just the beginning.”

First Time Tank Buyer? Not Sure What to Ask?
24 June, 2016

That's okay, we all have to start somewhere, and by starting here with National Storage Tank you came to the right place, because we are the largest provider of tanks on the West Coast, and work Nationwide.

What does that mean? We don’t offer you one tank like most companies, we offer you many different styles and sizes of tanks to fit many needs & locations, but most importantly… "your need & your location".

Remember: Every quote we give you on a tank over 10,000 gallons, with the exception of Pillow tanks, is all almost always all inclusive. Quote Prices include, if required: Engineering of Tank – Materials – Delivery- Installation. The only thing we can’t quote is the slab because of soil and seismic requirements each set of slab requirements is different.

If you don’t know the answer to some of the questions below do not worry, call us and we can help you find out. Let’s start at the beginning, and go over a few things…

What do you need to store? Liquid or Dry? Water or Chemical?

How much do you need to store? Gallons? Barrells? Liters?

Where is the tank to be located? Easy or Hard to get to?

Is Seismic - Snowload - Windshear a factor at that location?

Are their specific guidelines your tank must meet?

When do you need the tank?

Do you have engineering?

What kind of warranty will your tank need?

Does your tank need to be painted? (CLICK to see options)

If the tank is for fire suppression do you know about NFPA-22 compliance and recent changes?

What size flanges will you need?

Flanges made of what material? PVC – Galvanized – Stainless?

What other accessories do you need? Anti-Climb? Catwalk? Stairs?

What appurtenances (accessories) do you need for this tank, if any?

Is this a multi-use tank? Example: Irrigation & Fire Suppression

Are there any state or federal financial incentives or deductions available in your area? How about rebates, sales tax exemptions?

Lot’s to think about, but we want your project to be successful, safe, and spot-on in terms of your requirements, time frame, and budget.

EMAIL or CALL us now to speak with a Tank Specialist Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm PST, or go to our CONTACT US page after hours and we will get back to you within 24 – 48 hours.

Fire at the Winery - Rural Agricultural Fire Prevention for Wineries & Farms
10 September, 2015

As you read the following keep one thing in your mind:
"Fighting Fires with No Hydrants – No City Water Lines"


"It's so picturesque here!" those were the words that tumbled out of my old friends mouth after driving an hour in silent reverence from Santa Rosa to a famous and remote St. Helena winery in rural Sonoma County.

And he was absolutely right, we could see the lake, the rugged landscape, and fine lines of grapes crisscrossing the hillside… but all I could think of was "How the hell do I get out of here in a fire?"

My wife and I had the same conversation once when considering buying a house in the Fairfax Hills. "Death Trap" was all I said about the neighborhood, but my house burned down when I was a kid so I think about fire more than most I suppose.

My business being water tanks and firefighting equipment, I realized early on that though many newer wineries have fire protection tanks, older ones many times do not. I began to wonder if wineries in general have considered the true logistics of fire protection and suppression.

Last month on Aug. 19th 2015 in Washington State, Ventimiglia Cellars Winery was destroyed by fire. Full story HERE

This quote below is straight from the story on Aug 3rd 2015, when the Charlton Winery in Charlton Massachusetts burnt to the ground:
Twelve communities (districts) responded but firefighters had a struggle because there was no water supply at the top of the hill where the distillery (winery) was located.

"There was a lot of alcohol in the wine itself and they utilize a lot of fertilizer as well and they use different things to process so there’s a lot of cutting torches and welding and a lot of metal. There’s a lot of hazards through the whole entire area," Charlton Fire Chief Charles Cloutier, Jr. told reporters.

Full story HERE


The Charlton Winery was in one of those "picturesque" areas; up on a hill, remote, lovely, all that… but no water. Think about how many of those places there are in Napa & Sonoma Counties.

It is a safe bet most wineries have never called their local fire department and asked what the response time might be to their location. That would be a sobering conversation.

So, I would like to ask all winery owners, vineyard managers, anyone who works the land or at an on-property tasting room or resort a few simple questions:

  • Do you know who your local responder is?
  • Have you ever considered asking your local fire responder to come to your property and assess your preparedness? CAL FIRE calls this "pre-planning", you can call them and ask about it. Go HERE
  • How long it would take local fire responders to get to your location, and how much water will those trucks would be carrying?
  • Where are all access points to water located on your property? Are they well marked? Do you have this in a map form, is your staff familiar with it? Do you have copies to give to fire responders in an emergency?
  • Do you REALLY have a 100 foot defensible zone around your structures?
  • Do you have an emergency disaster plan for fire & earthquakes?
  • Do you conduct drills with your staff on what to do during a fire?
  • Do you have an evacuation plan?
  • If you have Spanish Speaking Workers, do you have all this information for them in Spanish? Practice Drills in Spanish?Read what happened last month in Washington because of a language barrier between workers and alert systems, Go HERE
  • How are you fixed for extinguishers, can they handle chemicals?
  • Do you have a big shed full of flammable chemicals which can rapidly fuel a fire? Are those flammable chemicals next to your fertilizer? Where is your diesel and gasoline stored? Propane?
  • Do you have big piles of old pallets on your property? Fence posts or felled trees?
  • Do you have a water tank, how many gallons? How many tanks?


I can go on and on…but let’s concentrate on wineries that do have a Water Tank for either Fire Prevention or Irrigation, or hopefully both.

  • What Size fittings are on your tank?

    Prior to writing this I consulted with Battalion Chief Scott McLean of CAL FIRE.

    Battalion Chief Mclean replied:

    "2-1/2 inch male fittings, National Hose Thread, in diameter are ideal for off the tank but, 1-1/2 inch male fittings, National Hose Thread, can work as well.

    2-1/2 inch, National Hose Thread is the ideal in terms of uniformity and flow for CAL FIRE. This needs to be supported by a sufficient size plumbing system as well. Is there a pump within the system that needs to be activated and how is this done? Are there printed displayed instructions for Fire Responders?"

  • Is there a free and clear working area around your tank so fire responders can move in various piece of equipment and vehicles?
  • Do you regularly test the valves on your tank so they are not “frozen” in an emergency situation?
  • Are there smaller water tanks dispersed around your property holding dedicated fire water? 2500-5000 Poly Tanks? This tends to be a very big deal.
  • Do you regularly verify water levels in your tank?

Do you want or will your insurance allow your staff to begin fire counter-measures prior to the arrival of your local fire provider? Here are some things to consider, but check with your insurance provider first:

  • Due to water theft many people are removing valve handles, so if you have removed valve handles does your staff or your local fire service know where the specialty wrench needed to open the water tank valve is kept?
  • Do all hoses have the proper fittings corresponding to the tank fittings?
  • Do you have a pump to assist in moving the water to the fire? And is this pump tested on a regular basis?
  • Is your staff trained to fight fires?
  • Do you have a water truck on property you can use to fight fires? Something home-made but effective as an equivalent?
  • Have you considered a Fire Pump-Tank Skid that can be lifted quickly with a forklift and placed in the bed of a pick-up or ATV to fight fires?


If interested I can help you with this.


Most rural fires happen in remote or semi-remote areas far from hydrants, such as vineyards and wineries. The average firetruck carries 500-1000 gallons of water (very little) and in a rural-remote situation relies on Tanker Trucks and Water Shuttling Operations, and most people have no idea what a Rural Water Shuttling Operation is:

A rural water shuttling operation involves three parts:

Fire Engine
Folding Tanks – Drafting / Transfer Hose(s)
Tanker Truck(s)

A fire engine (carrying only a few hundred gallons of water) arrives on the scene. Some fire fighters immediately begin fighting the fire while others begin unfolding a series of folding tanks.

Folding tanks can be 1,500 to 4,000 gallons each. If set up on an uneven surface such as a hillside bowed road or incline the pitch at which they sit will decrease the amount of water they can hold.

A tanker truck (limited to 4000 gallons) comes and dumps its load in the folding tanks and then drives off to refill.

The firefighters get drafting hoses into the folding tank (now full) and begin drafting water from the folding tank into the pump on the main fire engine, and from the pump the water is sprayed via hoses onto the fire.

More involved that you thought, aye? It was for me too when I realized the amount of training and equipment involved in fighting a rural fire.

"Got Big Water" a rural water shuttling training organization has a plethora of videos on YouTube about Rural Water Shuttling

Let me say just a bit about "Drafting" from a pond, lake, or any body of water that might have foreign matter (weeds-muck-garbage) in it.

The owner of that Massachusetts winery mentioned previously was very upset about water in an adjacent pond that he said was not used to fight that fire. Water taken from any tertiary source such as a lake-rive-natural or man-made pond requires a special “drafting” intake nozzle called a “Float Dock Strainer” for safety.

A “Float Dock Strainer” allows water to be taken (drafted – like beer) from a pond or river without sucking up weeds and muck that would jam up the main firetruck pumps halting the firefighting altogether.

Firefighters can “draft” from a natural or man-made pond or stream but they need that “Float Dock Strainer” to make sure debris from that water source does not destroy their truck’s pumps.

If you have a pond on property should you invest in a Float Dock Strainer that your local Fire Department can use, or that you can use yourself?

Your local rural fire responder needs all this equipment: Folding Tanks, Float Dock Strainers, 4 inch hoses for going between tanks, Supply Line Holders, and so much more. Ask your local fire department if they have all this at hand when you speak to them.

This is genuinely a lot to think about, and I want to thank Battalion Chief Scott McLean of CAL FIRE for looking over this and contributing quite a bit. To quote Battalion Chief McLean:

"I think working together can help continue to educate the public especially those that own the local wineries and vineyards. In other words the message to the public is "Help Us - Help You".

Well said indeed.

I don’t intend this document to be perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I do not see anything else out there specifically addressing the concerns of wineries or any large rural agricultural operation, there so let’s consider this a work in progress.

I would like to offer this up to the grape growing - winery community and the agricultural community in general. Let it be used as a touchstone for everyone. If you have additions of suggestions, I will certainly add to this document and keep it available here online.

Gregory Slugocki
Director of Development
gregory (at)

Click here for article


Cracked! - Cement Tanks Versus Steel Tanks
18 August, 2015

The truth about cement water tanks.

Since the 1930's concrete water tanks have been thought to be the best and least expensive option to store water in a variety of different capacities. Time has proven the wiser, and the condition many for these tanks are in after only a few years of being in service is disheartening, especially if you were the one paying for them.

Here in the Napa-Sonoma region of California typically a 12,500 gallon concrete water tank is the norm. These tanks can be seen everywhere, and if you have seen them then you know they leave a great deal to be desired. Historically it is a case of "Well this is what we have always used". History though has not been kind to most of these tanks, and if you have seen them then you know what we mean.




Concrete Tanks crack, that is a given. Fissures appear very quickly and the tanks tend to weep. California, especially Napa & Sonoma Counties, are areas with heavy seismic activity. Concrete Tanks are easily damaged by such seismic events. When they crack, they must be drained and repaired with a foam forced into the cracks, but that foam is only foam and the repair is temporary at best.

Shop Welded Steel Tanks do not suffer the same fate, and in truth last much longer that concrete tanks. Being made of steel as opposed to, well rock, aggregate, and sand, they are infinitely more durable and long lasting than any concrete tank.



Concrete tanks are like a gravestone, they are intended to remain in place forever. But, the needs of business, agriculture, and private citizens change. The simple fact is that a concrete tank cannot be moved.

Shop Welded Steel Tanks can be moved with easy by a forklift, and they can be placed on a truck and taken to any location. They can also be fitted with welded in place lift rings for very easy lifting. Shop Welded Steel Tanks can be taken to a new location or moved for remodeling with ease should the need arise, and in time it always does



Concrete Tanks are never going to win any beauty contests. They are utilitarian and functional at best. Because of the way most are poured into a wooden frame the texture of the wood is left on the concrete, dimples, veins, and lines. These surface depressions quickly fill with mold and the tanks turn green. Grey concrete and with mold green accents are far from desirable.

Shop Welded Steel Tanks are smooth, save the welds, which can be ground down. Shop Welded Steel Tanks can be painted or stained any color you like so they blending into the surroundings or stand out to make a statement. They also lend themselves to signage be it vinyl or panel signs, even painted signs. These are all things that concrete tanks do not lend themselves to.


Interior Coating:

Concrete tanks do not have interior coatings. The water rests against the concrete, not a nice thought.

The interior of Shop Welded Steel Tanks can be coated with a variety substances making them safer, potable even should you chose that kind of coating.



Typically a 12,500 gallon concrete tank will cost $11,000.

A Shop Welded Steel Tank runs about the same, depending upon the interior and exterior coatings and paint.

For the money Shop Welded Steel Tanks are a far superior choice when compared to concrete tanks.



In the end a Shop Welded Steel Tank lasts longer, looks better, and is safer in terms of storage than any concrete tank, hands down.

National Storage Tank is a purveyor of the finest quality Shop Welded Steel Tanks on the West Coast. Custom tanks outside the scope of a 12,500 gallon tanks are no problem, and we can build them up to 30,000 gallons and still have them delivered to your location.

So, if you are considering the old standard, think about raising the bar and going with a more dependable, better looking, and superior Shop Welded Steel Tank before the truck comes to pour you another grey-green slab of rock.

Call us and ask about our Shop Welded Steel Tanks today. 

Wine Country's Largest Water Tank Supplier Helps Drought Stricken Animal Sanctuaries
12 August, 2015

Water for Elephants in California

Two California Water Tank Companies & One Non-Profit Team Up to Help Drought Stricken Animal Sanctuaries Across California

National Storage Tank is the West Coast's largest purveyor of water tanks, and sees the effects of the California drought first hand;

"We see the effect of the drought on Californians every day. All across California the demand for water used in agriculture and fire protection has increased tenfold, to point where water storage is the only option. But when my Director of Development who is a long time animal rescuer told me the troubles animal sanctuaries and rescues were facing in regards to water I had no idea. We decided we had to do something to help"

Nicole Oblad - CEO National Storage Tank.

National Storage Tank contacted Jeff Helton, one of their friends and suppliers at Bushman Tanks to see if they couldn't join forces and do something to help.

"Bushman makes poly (plastic) storage tanks from 60 up to 5050 gallons, and when National Storage Tank came to me and asked what we could do to help them I knew right away."

Jeff Helton Bushman Tanks

National Sales Director

"National Storage Tank called us and asked us to put the word out to our California Members (Accredited Sanctuaries) that they had water tanks to donate on a semi-regular basis starting with a 5050 Gallon Bushman tank. We let our members know, and in less than 12 hours one of our members in need contacted them."

Kellie Heckman - Executive Director Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

"At PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society), we have eight Asian and African Elephants, and they each consume about 150 gallons every day of the year. We are a non-profit organization and operate a 2,300 acre facility that provides lifetime sanctuary for rescued and retired elephants as well as lions, tigers, bears, and other animals. When GFAS told us someone had a new tank to donate we were very grateful to add storage capacity to our existing water system for the elephants and other animals."

Kim Gardner - Director of Programs PAWS

Within a week the tank that Bushman had donated was delivered to the PAWS facility in San Andreas, California from Santa Rosa, California some 150 miles away, all with donated time and labour from the National Storage Tank staff.

"Typically in the animal welfare world it takes ages for something like this to happen. When business has a heart, and decides to do the right thing like Nicole & Jeff did, amazing things happen and animals in need get help they might have died waiting for."

Gregory Slugocki Director of Development - National Storage Tank

"The speed at which this all happened was amazing, unheard of really, and it's incredible what can happen when business and non-profit work together."

Kellie Heckman - Executive Director Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

There is now a waiting list for tanks that become available, and this program is a permanent one for Bushman Tanks, National Storage Tank, and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

"It is the easiest thing in the world to help, we already have two different horse rescues asking for tanks, so we are now starting a program where people can donate funds for tanks for rescues who come to us from GFAS. So, if anyone wants to help please contact us"

Nicole Oblad CEO National Storage Tank

"Doing the right thing was easy, and Bushman was proud to help animals in need and those that care for them, those people are the real heroes and deserve all the credit."

Jeff Helton Bushman Tanks National Sales.

This was an unprecedented combination of the private sector and animal welfare non-profits coming together to help animals during the drought, animals who had already suffered a great deal in their lives.

And the Elephants were grateful.


Gregory Slugocki Director of Development National Storage Tank 707-791-7585

THE BEAR IS THIRSTY - California Water and Executive Order B-29-15
20 July, 2015

THE BEAR IS THIRSTY - California Water and Executive Order B-29-15

It started in 2012, then in 2013 the drought began getting tighter around the collar in California…

Governor Jerry Brown declared a State of Emergency throughout the State of California due to “Severe Drought” conditions.

That was Jan. 17th, 2014, and not much happened.

Then in April 25th, 2014 that State of Emergency was proclaimed a “Continued State of Emergency”

Again, not much happened but we had record low snow pack dwindling reservoirs rivers and streams to a trickle, and no one knowing for sure how much or how high or anything about the underground aquifers and the demands placed upon them across the state.

Drinking water shortages happened in 17 Rural California Communities Agricultural Water began to become compromised and supply reduced, and now there is accusations farmers are stealing water from the Sacramento Delta. The habitat for wild fish across the California is in peril, and a mere 11 miles from San Francisco the Muir Woods Salmon has vanished and is feared to be extinct. . The State is opening the 2015 Fire Season more than a month early in what is already shaping up to be a grim California Fire Season.

On April 1st, 2015 Governor Jerry Brown issued a document Executive Order B-29-15 
which contained the following words:

“The Magnitude of the current drought conditions continues to present threats beyond the control of services, personnel, equipment, and facilities of any single local government and require the combined forces of a mutual aid region or regions to combat.”

The 8th largest economy in the World, an economy larger than the Russian Economy, Russia a country 1.8 times the size of the entire United States, that 8th largest economy cannot depend on independent counties and cities to fend for themselves in the wake of this drought.

So, Governor Jerry Brown issued B-29-15 and effective immediately this is what California is looking at:

1. The State Water Control Board shall impose restrictions to achieve a Statewide 25% reduction in water consumption, and this impacts private for-profit water providers. Article

2. The Department of Water Resources shall lead a statewide initiative to replace 50,000,000 square feet of lawns and ornamental landscapes with drought tolerant landscapes. Article

3. The California Energy Commission & the Department of Water Resources & Water Board shall implement a time-limited statewide appliance rebate program. Article

4. The Water Board shall immediately impose a 25% reduction of Potable Water usage for State Agencies, Institutions, and Private Users – Golf Courses- Cemeteries etc. Article

5. The Water Board shall prohibit irrigation of ornamental turf on public medians with Potable Water. Article

6. The Water Board shall prohibit irrigation with Potable Water outside of newly constructed homes and buildings not delivered by drip or micro spray systems. Article

7. The Water Board shall directed to find mechanisms that would encourage the adoption of rate structures (billing) and other pricing that would promote water conservation. Article

8. The Water Board shall require frequent reporting of water diversion and use by water rights holders, can conduct inspections by warrant if necessary. Article

9. The State Water Department shall update the State Model Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance through expedited regulation including: more efficient irrigation systems, greywater usage, on-site storm water capture, and limiting portion of landscape that can be covered by turf. Article

10. Agricultural Suppliers that supply water to more than 25,000 acres (as well as smaller suppliers to 10,000 to 25,000 acres) of Agricultural Land are required to include in their Agricultural Water management Program a detailed drought management plan. And the Water Board will report on those plans within one month of receipt. Article

11. Local water agencies in high and medium priority groundwater basins shall immediately implement all requirements of the California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring Program pursuant to Water Code section 10933. The Water Department shall refer non-compliant local water agencies to the Water Board by Dec. 31, 2015 which shall consider adopting regulations or taking appropriate enforcement to promote compliance. Article

12. California Energy Commission shall adopt emergency regulations establishing standards to improve the efficiency or “water” appliances. Article

13. California Energy Commission jointly with the Department of Water and Water board shall implement a Water Energy Technology (WET) program. Article

14. The Office of Emergency Services & The Department of Housing – Community Development shall work jointly with counties to provide temporary assistance for persons moving from housing units due to lack of potable water. Article

15. State permitting agencies shall prioritize review and approval of water infrastructure projects and programs that increase local water supplies. Article

16. State Water Department shall take actions required to plan and implement Emergency Drought Salinity Barriers in coordination with the Water Board and Department of Fish & Wildlife. Article

17. The Water Department shall consider voluntary crop idling water transfer and water exchange proposals for one year. Article

18. The Water Board will prioritize new and amended safe drinking water permits that enhance water supply and reliability for community systems facing shortages. Article

19. California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection shall launch a campaign to educate the public on wildfire prevention. Article

20. The Energy Commission shall expedite the processing of all applications or petitions for amendments to power plant certification issued by the Energy Commission for the purpose of securing alternate water supply necessary for continued power plant operation.Article

21. Various aspects of the Public Resources Code & Water Code are suspended to hasten the above objectives. Article

22. The Director of the Department of Water may request the Secretary of the Army regarding the Army Corps of Engineers by the authority vested in the Central Valley Flood Protection Board pursuant to section 14 of the Rivers & Harbors Act. Article

23. The Water Department is directed to enter into agreements with landowners for the purposes of planning and installation of Emergency Drought Barriers. Article

Executive Order B-29-15 is a sweeping piece of legislation giving the Water board the authority to negotiate land deals, to enforcement powers, to the suspension of aspects of previously established codes so as to not hinder this order. But, will it have any effect? Will anything actually happen?

Here are what some cities across California are doing to Conserve Water

National Storage Tank will help rural water companies, tribal water agencies, and family farmers during this drought by discounting our tanks, for information on that program email our Director of Development HERE

Let’s hope this time California responds and realizes the true nature of this crisis and something actually “happens”.

California Drought Calls For Major Water Restrictions and Conservation
02 June, 2015

It has been coming for a long time. It would seem that the right people are finally catching on. We have been experts in rain harvesting for years and already have solutions to a problem here in California and a nation that will be paying significantly higher prices for goods shipped from our increasingly DRY State.

California Gov. Jerry Brown ordered officials Wednesday to impose statewide mandatory water restrictions for the first time in history as surveyors found the lowest snow level in the Sierra Nevada snowpack in 65 years of record-keeping.

Standing in dry, brown grass at a site that normally would be snow-covered this time of year, Brown announced he had signed an executive order requiring the State Water Resources Control Board to implement measures in cities and towns to cut the state's overall water usage by 25 percent compared with 2013 levels.

The move will affect residents, businesses, farmers and other users...

Read the full story here








The Exclusive Purveyor of Water & Liquid Storage and Retention Tanks for the Wine Industry
07 January, 2015

National Storage Tank (NST) is an exclusive purveyor of water & liquid storage and retention tanks ranging from several 100 gallons to over a 1,000,000 gallons. We are Woman Owned & Run, based in Northern California, all our products are American Made, and we are Licensed General Contractors in the State of California and we operate nationwide as well as internationally. 

National Storage Tank has been serving the Wine & Agricultural Industry for years, as well as the Architectural Community. We specialize in Rainwater Harvesting & Retention - Irrigation – Fire Suppression – Microbrew & Craft Brewing Tanks - Wastewater Tanks – Septic Systems – Commercial Manufacturers – Chemical – Oil & Petroleum – International Relief Agencies needing Rapid Drinking Water Deployment.

We provide our Tanks, our Knowledge, and our Experience to people and projects around the world. We can think outside the box, or stay within strict governmental guidelines. Our approach is fluid but our commitment to quality is steadfast. That is the short answer… 

NST is also a company that is vested in working in tandem with our customers to provide solutions to their problems. We are confident and comfortable inside of the many industries and disciplines that require our services. 

From Rain Harvesting – Industrial & Chemical – Wineries – Breweries – Construction – Agriculture – Wastewater & Effluent – Sustainable Building – Green Design – LEED – Irrigation – Fire Prevention : National Storage Tank can provide the tank you need, engineered to your requirements, erected on your site, we are with you every step of the way. 

Be prepared when a water emergency strikes
25 August, 2014

Sunday morning the Sonoma County and Napa County areas were rocked with a 6.1 magnitude earthquake.  National Storage Tank is located in Sonoma County and have watched the destruction and damage in own backyard. Our hearts go out to all those who were injured, lost homes and are dealing with damages.

See the below links for more information on the quake and the damage.

 During the earthquake many fires started due to 60 gas pipes breaking.  This was made much worse by the fact that 30 water mains were damaged as well; which caused water pressure to drop and be off little use in fighting fires. 

At one mobile home park fire fighters tried frantically to put out the fires without any fire suppression water due to broken water pipes. They had to wait till water was trucked in before putting the fires out.

See the below video.

We cannot control when earthquakes or other disasters hit, but we can control being prepared and having water available.  We have installed multiple water tanks throughout Sonoma and Napa County, our tanks have stood the test.  We engineer all our tanks site specific, and make sure they will hold and will be there for when you need water most.

Help protect yourself, your family, your homes and livelihoods.  Having water tanks for fire suppression and potable water can save your live and your home.

We can all work together to help protect our communities and be better prepared for when disaster strikes.

Water Storage for Drought Relief
03 June, 2014

According to a recent Press Democrat article dated May 29, 2014, the State of California has halted some water diversions on the upper Russian River. This has put many this has put many vineyard owners and local farmers on high alert. Some growers rely on their wells for irrigation but if your well taps the underflow from the river you will not be able to use it. Some have secondary supplies that could get them through the dry season but some do not. This similar action has already taken place on the Sacramento River in Siskiyou County. The drought is only going to get worse as the summer wears on.

Counties are responsible for oversight of private wells and it wasn't until homeowners started calling a drought hotline in Mendocino County seeking help that state officials realized there was an extensive problem.

National Storage tank, Inc. is very concerned about the drought. We have customers who are already having to buy water and have it trucked onto their property.  With our wide variety of tanks and sizes our Experienced sales staff at NST can find the tank that will best serve your water needs to help you get through this drought. 



Three New Tax Credits for Business Owners in California
21 April, 2014

California is fighting to attract and keep businesses! As a California based business, we at National Storage Tank, Inc. would like to let tell you about three new tax credits for businesses here in our state.  Manufactures who purchase our products may be eligible to receive the Manufactures Sales Tax Exemption.  

Manufactures Sales Tax Exemption. Does your company manufacture goods or perform research and development in the state of California? You could be eligible for a partial sales tax exemption on equipment purchased for your business. A new law going into effect July 1, 2014 allows manufacturers to obtain a partial exemption of sales and use tax on certain manufacturing and research and development equipment purchases. You must meet certain qualifications to be eligible for the sales tax exemption. 

The California Competes Tax Credit is an income tax credit available to businesses that want to come to California or stay and grow in California. Tax credit agreements will be negotiated by GO-Biz and approved by a newly created "California Competes Tax Credit Committee," consisting of the State Treasurer, the Director of the Department of Finance, the Director of GO-Biz, one appointee from the Senate, and one appointee of the Assembly.

How much in tax credits will be available each year? 

The tentative amount of credits that GO-Biz can allocate is as follows: 

• $30 million in fiscal year 2013/14. 

• $150 million in fiscal year 2014/15. 

• $200 million in each fiscal year 2015/16 through 2017-18

You may also be eligible for the New Employment Tax Credit.This tax credit is for businesses that meet the specified qualifications and hire a new employee in a designated geographic area in California with high poverty and unemployment. To find out if your business is in one of the specified areas, click here.

Disaster Assistance for Farmers and Livestock Owners
20 March, 2014

A federal agency’s recent announcement that the California’s Central Valley will get zero percent water allocation this year was devastating for farmers already dealing with the worst drought seen in decades. One of the world’s most productive agricultural regions, the enormous valley is reeling after the driest year in more than a century. But last week, the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation, which supplies water to a third of the irrigated farmland in California through a 500-mile network of canals and tunnel, said it won’t be able to deliver any of the water sought by farmers.

“It goes beyond devastation, you’re going to see farms that have been in business 30 and 40 years, they do not have any water, they are out of business,” said Dennis Falaschi, general manager of the Panoche Water District. (Click here for full story)

The USDA Farm Service Agency has put in place a disaster assistance program for Livestock owners and farmers. The USDA has declared 54 counties in California as primary natural disaster area because of the drought. There is assistance for livestock owners, emergency farm loans, non-insured crop disaster assistance and many others (for more information about the CA drought resources click here).

The USDA California Farm Service Agency (FSA) announced that the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) will provide funding and technical assistance to farmers and ranchers. This funding and technical assistance is for implementing emergency conservation measures and emergency water needs. Farmers and Ranchers are encouraged to contact their local USDA Service Center to seek information and help.

National Storage Tank is aware of the harsh drought conditions effecting many Californians. We are here for you!  NSTI has in stock, Rain Harvesting Systems, Storage Tanks and filtration. We have multiple tank styles and sizes to suit your project requirements. Engineered for your project, delivered and installed using our factory trained installers. We are proud to announce that we are now carrying Bushman Rain Harvesting Tanks and Systems for Commercial and Residential Use as well! Call us today and our friendly sales staff will be happy to assist you.


New Cal Cistern Tank - Coming Soon
12 December, 2013

Introducing our new Cal Cistern Tanks. These tanks are economical and esthetically pleasing. Water is held in an NSF-61 certified potable water liner. CAL Cistern Tanks are shop built and delivered complete with pressure treated wood floor, 2" inlet, 2" overflow, 2" outlet and 1" galvanized steel deck controls.  These tanks come in 2 sizes. Our 0902-CAL-FS tank has a nine foot diameter, under 10' tall and holds 3,900 gallons of water. Our 1202-CAL-LP has a 12' diameter, under 10' tall and holds 5,000 gallons of water. Both of these tanks also come with the option of fire fittings. In addition to the standard fittings you will get a 4" galvanized steel flange with anti-vortex.  They come with a 10 year manufactures warranty. With the drought looming on these tanks would be great way to add water storage to your business or property. Call us today for more details and availability.



Come visit our booth at the WIN Expo to meet our Team and a chance to win a poly tank
14 November, 2013

National Storage tank will be presenting a booth at this year's Wine Industry Expo at the Sonoma County Fair Grounds. Come stop by and talk with our sales experts about our versatile tanks.

NSTI specializes in all storage tank solutions, with over a decade of experience in the storage tank industry, NSTI has the solution you are looking for whether it is winery waste water, fire protection, irrigation or water storage. We are committed to excellent customer service and strive to create satisfied repeat customers. We will work closely with you through your entire process.

Here at NSTI we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products available in the market today. Our tanks are NFPA-22 Compliant and custom built for your needs.  Click the links below to see our tank models and sizes that we offer. All tanks that NSTI provides are 100% made in the USA. 

Our Most Popular Tank - Corgal Corrugated Steel

The most popular tank that National Storage tank provides is our CorGal Corrugated Steel tanks. CorGal tanks are constructed of Scafco corrugated, galvanized, punched and rolled steel wall sheets that are bolted together at a project site. CorGal tanks are:

  • Made of hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Have an engineered foundation with your specific job in mind
  • Come with a 10 year warranty
  • Internal liner and preliner
  • Heavy Duty anchoring system that secure the bottom ring to the foundation
  • Built by our factory trained installers
  • 30 degree roofs, 10 degree low profile roofs or flat roof options available
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Made in the USA

Call our office for a free quote and let our sales staff help you pick the right tank for your next project.

Zero Carbon Foot Print - Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery Project at UC Davis
05 September, 2013

 There are many people today that are using a zero carbon footprint as their base for developing projects. A Zero Carbon Footprint building uses a small amount of energy to provide for functions and daily needs of the occupants.  Water and snow melt is also collected off the roof, passed through a filter and held in a cistern. This water can then be used for a variety of different purposes.

At UC Davis, the Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery opened in late May. This is the first university building to target Net Zero Building Certification. The one-story, 8,500 square-foot building will eventually house equipment and systems for capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide from wine fermentation, and for filtering and recirculating water for wine, beer and food processing. 

The new building was constructed to include 10 dedicated, modular spaces that will accommodate equipment needed for a variety of processes including high-purity filtration of rainwater for use in cleaning fermenters and barrels in the winery. Ninety percent of the water from each cleaning cycle will be captured, filtered through a semi-permeable membrane and reused in the next cleaning cycle, eventually being used as many as 10 times! Rain water harvesting can be your next step!

We at National Storage Tank, Inc. are committed to helping our customers find the perfect tank for their next Zero Carbon project.


Poly Tank Blow Out Sale
02 July, 2013

Ease of Handling and Installation

Since poly tanks are relatively light in weight and are extremely durable, transporting them is easy. Cross linked polyethylene tanks ship using basic freight methods such as common carriers and flatbed tractor trailers. Fiberglass tanks have special handling requirements, and because poly tanks are lighter than steel tanks, freight is cheaper. Additionally, when the tank arrives at your location, it can be offloaded using techniques and equipment commonly available at a jobsite. Lastly, they can be maneuvered multiple times until they are ready to install without fear of damage. All these factors make getting and installing your chemical tank much easier.

Ease of Maintenance

Unlike tanks made of other materials, poly storage tanks require almost no maintenance. Steel tanks require external preventive care such as painting and internal inspection to determine weld integrity. Fiberglass also poses its own issues, like multiple layer construction and the sensitivity toward micro-cracking. Cross linked poly tanks eliminate the need for internal inspection for leaks and cracks.

Leak Resistant

Polyethylene storage tanks are leak resistant because they are molded, one-piece construction without seams. Steel tanks tend to develop pin leaks over time from rust and corrosion and have stress points at welds. The quality of fiberglass tanks and their resistance to leaks can vary widely due to the method of construction and quality of the manufacture. The seamless construction and superior inert qualities of polyethylene means less chance of leaks. 

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Why You Need Extra Water Storage
03 June, 2013

With the rise in temperatures and the lack of rainfall the drought forecast for this year looks bleak. With about half of the country still suffering from extreme drought, farmers and businesses in the Western United States are looking at another hot, dry summer. Below-average statewide reservoir storage remained a concern in several Western States, including Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Oregon. Cattle ranchers are worried that without enough rain that farms are in trouble. It will cost more to feed to the cattle and beef prices will double.

So far in 2013 there were 209 high temperature records set in the US. Now is the time to think about your extra water needs. Spend money wisely and protect your investments now. Water Storage is the number one way to protect against drought. Don't get caught dried up.

Fire Season Starts Early This Year
30 April, 2013

Fire season starts early this year. In an article from Sacramento CBS, Dry Winters Prompt Fire Officials to Ready for Early Fire Season. Even though it is April the hillsides are already turning brown. Back-to-back sub-par snow falls totals will only worsen the effect as the fire season wears on. The press Democrat recently had an article about Callifonia Facing a Dangerous Wildfire Season and Cal Fire stresses preparedness due to lack of rain. Are you prepared? National Storage Tank can help.



California is still in drought!
05 April, 2013

Consecutive dry winters in the mountains are setting the stage for another summer full of water concerns. Do you have enough? Now is the time to think about your water storage and fire suppression needs before it's too late. National Storage Tank is a designated dealer of CorGal® water tanks. The tanks are constructed of Scafco corrugated, galvanized, punched and rolled steel wall sheets that are bolted together at a project site. Then the tanks are fitting with preliners and flexible membrane liners inside of the tank.  Our teams of installers are expertly trained to install these all-purpose tanks. With a wide range of capacities and a 10 year manufactures warranty, you can never go wrong.  Call us today for a quote. We have many options of tanks available for your needs.

25 October, 2012

California is experiencing the driest periods in recorded history! Our water reserves are extremely low and coupled with increased demands for water has caused the costs to skyrocket!  Water sheds and aquifers are running very quickly short. You can't count on being able to pull from this sources much longer, don't get caught with out water! If water is withdrawn from the ground at a faster rate that it is replenished, then the water table is dropped even lower. This makes it more difficult to plan for irrigation, frost protection and fire suppression.

Drought doesn’t have to hinder and hurt your livelihood. Invest in conserving water for the future. We have a large selection of tanks for any of your water storage needs. We make it easy for you to protect your investments. We work with you every step of the way with turn-key service to make sure you are completely satisfied and protected. Let us help you plan for your future needs for a more succesful tomorrow.

Pricing for all our our tanks is by request. As steel pricing and fuel prices change regularly we prefer to give you accurate site specific pricing upon request. Please call us to request a quote for any of our tanks from 500 gallons - 650,000 gallons. Both above and below ground options.

We can also provide you pumps, ozone systems, float switches, hydro screen, Graf, & Wisy filtration. Please review our product information in the attached documents.

You may request a quote by calling (707) 537-7433 or emailing us at: Please also feel free to visit our website at

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There are many significant differences between SteelCore® Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks and Zincalume Tanks.

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SteelCore® Bolted Steel tanks are perfect for Winery and agricultural uses.Fire Protection tanks are needed for most wineries as many times they are off city water and require their own source.

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Temporary or Permanent, disassembled and transported. 12 models available providing a range of water storage options up to 69,000 BBLS

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SteelCore® Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks are designed to meet the current AWWA requirements utilizing ASCE structural code for water storage tanks.

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17 standard tank Diameters between 6' and 74' with 10° and 30° Roof options and up to 192'D open top or Geodesic Dome Roof Designs for gallons up to 2.9 million!

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You can capture up to 85 gallons of HVAC condensate per day on a large commercial HVAC systtem while in use. In regions with more moisture in the air, you can accumulate even more.

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SteelCore® Bolted Ag- Irrigation Livestock Water Tanks

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The following chart should be used as a guide for evaluating the suitability of our products with the chemical agent to be used. Special consideration must be given to the expected service temperature, stress involved in the application and length and type of exposure.

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The following brochure give information on the probable performance under normal conditions of SABIC® LDPE, SABIC® LLDPE and SABIC® HDPE.

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Polyethylene Coated Steel Tank, Carbon or Stainless Steel, Double Walled & more!

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National Storage Tank Corporate Brochure

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Overview of our tank varieties and sizes

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Fire Suppression Tank Flyer