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Label Innovations That Work For You.

Your needs change quickly.  Our customer focus and ongoing innovation will keep you competitive today, and ready to meet constantly changing trends in packaging.

MPI has been producing  pressure sensitive wine labels for many wineries throughout the United States. Our customers bottling dates, demand for beautiful print quality and involvement in assisting in label design has proven time and time again that MPI is a preferred label manufacturer for wine labels. 

We are your single source for labels, equipment, and service. Our experienced & knowledgeable team will work with you to develop a plan designed to meet your specific needs at value-added, competitive pricing.

MPI Label Systems of California is a one-stop shop for all your label needs. Whether a winery, an olive oil producer, or a distribution warehouse, MPI's goal is to create value beyond pricing.

Please contact our office at 209-467-2470. Our professional sales staff will guide you through your MPI Label experience. 

When run-of-the-mill labels just won't do...

Consider one of MPI's specialty processes to add an elegant and sophisticated look to your product. A perfect blend of flexographic, digital & screen printing.

Embossing         Hot Stamping         Textured Varnish         Rotary Screen

Digital Offset Wine Label Printing

More and more businesses are taking advantage of digital labels. MPI has the advanced digital offset technology it takes to give you great looking wine labels. These are provided without film or plate costs and without the waste of excess labels. Digital wine labels give you short run flexibility. This can help you develop packaging faster and react more quickly to changing market conditions. It can also enhance your wine bottle appearance to increase sales.  

Digital offset printing enables you to have your labels printed on substrates that traditional flexography may have difficulty.

Flexographic Wine Label Printing

Flexographic is the most utilized printing technique in the world and can be used for wine label printing. Flexographic printing is a method of direct rotary printing that uses raised-image plates made from photopolymer materials. MPI uses both water based inks which are air dried, and UV inks which are UV cured. This method provides our customers with high quality printed wine labels.

Other processes can be used with UV flexography. They include rotary screen, hot stamp, and embossing.

Other items for wineries include electric label dispenserssemi-automatic bottle labeler, and 3 roller indexing system wine bottles.

Shrink Sleeves for Wine Bottles

Shrink Sleeves can really bring a new look to wine bottles. If you are looking for something different to dress up the bottle beside a label, shrink sleeves are a great alternative.They can be used for your regular line of wines or for seasonal and special occasions.


A wonderful example of digital printing done for Delicato Vineyards in California.
A beautiful way to utilize clear wine label materials. The back label contains reverse printed graphics that are visible through the wine bottle.
Don\'t lust over this label, just enjoy the wine. Another award winning label produced by MPI Label Systems.
First place winner in the 2010 TLMI awards and First place honors in 2011 World Label Competition. This is the #1 wine label in the world in 2011.
Another great example of what a clear "no-look" label can do on a wine bottle. It looks 100% better than screen printing on the bottle.
The label that started it all, our first wine label produced for Michael~David Winery.
Luminous Vodka
Luminous Vodka
2013 Flexographic Technical Association GOLD AWARD winner for excellence in printing.
Go Zebra
Go Zebra
Zebra\'s GO Zebra Trade-in Program offers up to $500 cash back rebate when you trade in a thermal printer on the purchase of a new one.
Bottlemate-712 Labeler from MPI Label Systems
Bottlemate-712 Labeler from MPI Label Systems
This semi automatic Bottle Labeler dispenses and applies labels easily and repeatedly to cylindrical products up to one gallon in size. This motor driven unit uses a “C-Thru” Eye for detection of die-cut labels. Labeling is accomplished in a singular process that automatically dispenses pressure sensitive labels and wraps them around the cylindrical surface of a bottle or tube.
Bottle-Matic Labeler from MPI Label Systems
Bottle-Matic Labeler from MPI Label Systems
Bottle-Matic is a cylinder bottle labeler applicator. It enables the user to label all kinds of cylindrical objects by simply inserting the container and pressing a foot switch. Once the foot switch is activated the label is applied at over 4.5" per second. This allows the user to quickly remove the bottle and insert another to start the procedure again. Once a rhythm is established bottles are labeled VERY quickly.

News Archive

Shrink Sleeves Can Really Bring a New Look to Wine Bottles
22 February, 2019

Shrink sleeves visualize the values of the contents of a bottle; class, power, freshness, and innovation. This sleek design grabs consumers attention with maximum shelf appeal and lets your product shine.

Are you looking for something different to dress up the bottle besides a label? Shrink sleeves are a great alternative for you.

Benefits of shrink sleeves:

  • Premium look
  • Flexible - fits on all shapes and sizes
  • Tamper proof packaging
  • Durability
  • Eco-friendly

Shrink sleeves can be used for your regular line of wines or for seasonal and special occasions.

Interested yet?

Fill out our contact form if you'd like to consider using shrink sleeve labels for your next wine project. Samples are available upon request.

Clear Labels for Wine Bottles
05 October, 2018

Many wineries, especially small, boutique wineries love the look of direct decoration on their wine bottles. Whether it's etched, heat-transfer, or silk-screened, there is no disputign the look it conveys to the consumer. They like how their brand image seems to be a part of the bottle.

This form of packaging comes with challenges. Most wineries need to place their orders for their decorated bottle months in advance, especially during the height of the bottling season. Often a winery will be either short or long on their bottling which means they will have excess glass on hand that can't be used for any of their other wines or they end up not having enough decorated bottles. They then have to come up with a solution to label up the extra 35 cases that were bottled.

There is a solution!

We have a client that came to us to solve the problem with the expense of screen printing on their bottle. They didn't like wasting glass. They LOVED the look it provided though. Our production team worked with the client and by using foil stamping, rotary-screen printing and UV flexo printing, we were able to provide the look they desired while saving a lot of money. 

We have been able to successfully provide customers with a clean NO-LABEL look to their wine bottle. Using premium clear pressure-sensitive material along with UV Flexographic, rotary-screen, and hot-stamping printing processes, we can help alleviate some of the challenges that wineries have with direct decoration and help them save money as well. We have even been able to help wineries that did run short on decorated bottles by replicating their bottle using our digital printing technology. 

If you are being pressured to reduce your costs of goods yet still want to maintain the look you have with the direct decoration, we can help. 

Click here to fill out the contact form and invite us in to analyze your package. 

Account Manager For Wine Labels - Tennessee Area
16 November, 2017

A native of Nashville, Robert "Bob" Jones joined the U.S. Navy and served onboard the U.S.S. California. Later he attended college at San Francisco State University majoring in Graphic Communications. While attending a print club meeting in San Francisco, he observed production of a Robert Mondavi wine label. Little did he know, this would set in motion a lifelong passion and career.

Bob currently resides in Springfield, TN. He is the proud father of two wonderful daughters, Megan and Molly. While not at work, he enjoys cycling, kayaking and spending time with family and friends.

Bob is servicing customers in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. You can reach him by contacting our TN plant.

Eliminating The Barrier! - New Wine Label Material
22 September, 2017

For as long as labels have been going on wine bottles, issues with how moisture affects the label has troubled wineries.  Recently, the solution to having a label that held-up to exposure to ice/water buckets and refrigeration was to get a material that had a film barrier behind the facestock.  This has been a great solution but came with a few drawbacks like limited material availability, high minimum order quantity, and a premium price for this protection.

Now, the barrier can be removed!  MPI Label Systems has new material available with superior adhesion qualities.  This new material has great initial tack, an adhesive that holds up well under typical ice bucket conditions, and is a great value compared to the wine label material with an added barrier.  We welcome your inquiries to get some sample material in and try your own ice-bucket test.  We believe you will be pleased with the results and this will help your total packaging cost.

If you are having issues with bubbling or labels coming off or are tired of the expense of material with a barrier, give us a call.  You can contact MPI Label Systems at or 209-467-2470.  Our team is ready to help with your labeling challenges.

14 August, 2017

Recently, MPI Label Systems was contacted to help solve a problem.  A boutique winery in Napa Valley was looking to change the design of their label.  The rebranding also included changing the labels on previously labeled wines.

To rebrand a previously labeled wine can be very expensive.  Typically the process involves removing the old labels by having them soaked and scraped off the bottle by third-party companies that have the ability and labor force to do this.  It’s also a very expensive process.

MPI was contacted by a designer that had experienced our problem-solving ability for some of his previous projects.  What he wanted to do was to print on a nice bright-white felt label stock that would be opaque enough to completely cover up the label already on the bottle.  Additionally, he wanted to add embossing to the label to add value to the package.

There are “off-the-shelf” label materials that have a degree of opaqueness to them and the ones that are really opaque aren’t exactly suited for a wine label.  The production engineering team at MPI Label Systems took on the challenge of meeting the customer’s need for a truly opaque label AND having it printed on a quality label stock that would convey the image the client was looking for.

Working with the company that was going to auto-apply the labels to the bottles, the designer and MPI Label Systems came up with a solution that hit the target.  The label was designed so that it was larger than the existing label.  MPI engineered a custom construction of the label material that provided the opaque characteristic that was needed and provide it on a nice bright-white felt stock.

The end result was a new label package over an old label saving the winery over $2500 in removing the previous label.

If you have a challenge that seems insurmountable relative to your wine bottle packaging, bring that challenge to MPI Label Systems.  We look forward to coming up with solutions that helps wineries reduce cost of goods or improve the value of their brands.  Call us today at 209-467-2470 or email us at

Visit us at the Wine & Weed Symposium
28 July, 2017

MPI will be at the Wine & Weed Symposium on August 3, 2017 in Santa Rosa, CA. Stop by and visit us at Table-Top #16.

Whether it's shrink sleeves, pressure-sensitive labels, or labeling equipment, MPI Label Systems can help improve your efficiency or reduce your cost of goods.  Our sales team will be happy to meet you.

Protoprint Digital Technology
14 July, 2017

Are you thinking about launching a new item or changing your current packaging?  Are you concerned how it might look or unsure of the application process?  Don’t worry, you are not alone and MPI can guide you through the process and alleviate some of those concerns.

Protoprint Digital Technology

Step 1
MPI’s design team will work with you to mock up various digital representations of your label.  

Step 2
Once a digital layout is approved, MPI will provide samples using our Protoprint digital technology for you to touch and feel.

Step 3
Small production, from a couple hundred to a couple thousand labels, can be manufactured cost effectively using one of our many printing technologies around the country.  

Step 4
Ready to roll out larger quantities?  MPI can mass produce your labels on any one of our mid to wide web flexo presses.

To learn more on how MPI can assist you in developing a new product or changing your current packaging, give us a call at 209-467-2470 or email us at

Steam shrink-sleeve tunnel coming to Napa Valley!
15 June, 2017

Shrink decoration of bottles for the wine and spirits industry is rapidly gaining interest in the market place.  The challenge for every customer has been finding someone to apply the sleeves.

MPI Label Systems is pleased to announce that Vinpak, Inc. of American Canyon has purchased a customized steam shrink-tunnel and steam generator for application of shrink sleeves on bottles and containers. Vinpak helps businesses eliminate the need for added capital and labor involved in secondary packaging equipment and personnel, ensuring smooth and seamless production. They have been working with MPI's California plant for quite some time on understanding the market potential of this packaging solution.

MPI's steam tunnel provides the best quality in the application of shrink sleeves to bottles with varying circumference size.  Vinpak will be able to apply shrink sleeves to both pre-filled and post-filled containers as well as 2-packs of bottles for club stores.  

Over the past few years MPI and Vinpak have worked on projects together helping wineries with relabeling and new projects.  We both look forward to working together on this new capability.  MPI Label Systems can produce the shrink sleeves using either digital or flexographic printing process and then provide them to Vinpak for the finishing application.  Shrink Sleeves can include foil decoration, metallic ink decoration and custom varnishes for additional contrast decoration.

MPI also provides solutions for sleeve application, label application, conveyors and handling systems, printers and ribbon.  If you are thinking of adding a shrink line to your production, or need assistance on existing or new equipment lines, please contact MPI at (209) 467-2470 or email us at  Our dedicated office staff will connect you with the proper Territory Manager to assist you with gathering the information needed for your project.

A Rich Looking Label for a New Product Line
13 February, 2017

Emperador Distillers VodkaEmperador Distillers, a company based in the UK with arms reaching around the globe, came to MPI Label Systems for help with a new product launch. Emperador chose to distill a new product for their line, Vodka produced in the United States of America to be exported into the Philippines.  American made, imported products are very popular within the Filipino culture.

The challenge was to create a rich looking label that conveyed a top quality product at the same time staying within a particular price point for the cost of goods on the label.  This label was printed on our Mark Andy Performance Series P7 press utilizing clear material and 9 colors, including cold foil stamping.  Cold foil stamping allows us to produce foil stamping on select substrates without the cost of expensive tooling to stamp the labels.  The marketing/design team came in to press check the project and they were thrilled with the finished result.

If you have a new product that you need to launch, invite us in to discuss your project and you too will be thrilled with the end result.  You can contact us at or 209-467-2470

MPI Label Systems Expands in North East
07 February, 2017

MPI Label Systems expands in North East with the acquisition of Label Gallery, Inc.

For Immediate Release:

Sebring, OH – February 1, 2017 - MPI Label Systems is pleased to announce the acquisition of Label Gallery, Inc., a leading flexographic and digital printer in Norwich, NY specializing in the Pharmaceutical, Wine/Spirits, and Food industries.  This acquisition complements MPI’s growing national presence as a leading roll label and equipment supplier in North America.

“We are excited to add Label Gallery, Inc. to the MPI family to strengthen our position in the North East with additional flexo and digital capabilities,” said Randy Kocher, President of MPI Label Systems.  “We share the same values of high quality and exceptional customer service, giving our customer what they want, when they want it, and how they want it.”

“We are very excited to be part of the MPI family” added Chris Ulatowski, Owner of Label Gallery, Inc.  “Our focus on customer service and our commitment to Printing Problem Solved has always been the driving force behind my team and we see this great tradition of excellence continuing as we move forward as part of the MPI team.”

Chris will assume the responsibility of General Manager for MPI Labels of New York / Label Gallery and will continue to offer a complete range of label solutions using the latest flexographic and digital technologies.

About MPI Label Systems

MPI is one of the largest privately held converters and equipment service providers in the USA focused on strategic acquisitions as part of their overall growth strategy.  Headquartered in Sebring, OH, MPI has 11 manufacturing locations in North America with over 500 employees.

About Label Gallery, Inc.

A leading flexographic and digital packaging printer with a strong presence in the Pharmaceutical, Wine/Spirits, and Food markets with top notch Innovation Leaders and Customer Service Team.

Visit us at the Unified Symposium
16 January, 2017

Visit MPI Label Systems at Unified Symposium - Booth # 925

Come by and visit with John, Dave, and Dan at this year's Unified Symposium on January 25th and January 26th.

  • Are you running into issues with your labels not holding up well in ice bucket or cold box environments?
  • Do you have a label that needs help grabbing the attention of customers?
  • Thinking of expanding your product offering into olive oil or distilled spirits?

We'd like to hear from you about any issues you may be having. If you need an exhibit hall pass, email us at

Wine Bottle Labeler
26 October, 2016

This Wine Bottle Labeler was specifically designed for the wine bottling industry.

Two modes of operation are required in most wine labeling applications:

Single labels (front or back) can be applied to various diameter or height wine bottles. Labels can be oriented specifically to physical characteristics, registration marks or existing graphics. One applicator required

Front & back labeling will require front and back labels to be converted in alternating fashion on the same web. As the indexer rotates each wine bottle, the controller will monitor the product’s rotation and trigger the applicator to apply the labels 180 degrees opposite each other. One applicator required

Front & back labeling can also be accomplished with two applicators. The front labels would be converted on one roll with the back labels being the product rotation after the first label has been applied. Two applicators required

Contact MPI Label Systems to get set up with a labeler that works for you!
(209) 467-2470

MPI Label System Unveils New Wine Label Portfolio
01 February, 2016

Are you looking for a way to improve the integrity of your label when exposed to the brutal conditions of an ice bucket or high condensation?  Look no further, MPI is proud to introduce our HydroGard line of wine label papers.  The HydroGard series is available in the paper grades that you are familiar with and include a functional barrier that increases paper opacity and guards your label from the effects of ice and moisture.  HydroGard also allows for intricate die shapes due to the added strength of the functional barrier film.

The entire HydroGard line are also coated with a custom Ice and Moisture proof adhesive. 

- Frozen White Classic
- Frozen White Felt
- Frozen White Laid
- Frozen White Vellum
- Frozen White Matte

Customers have described the HydroGard line as "Elegant," "Prestigious","and "Durable." 

Contact your MPI Account Manager today to see samples of our new HydroGard papers.

Personalized Labels for Wine Club Members – On Display at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium
18 January, 2016

Do you have a special events calendar for 2016?  Perhaps you have a long-standing wine club member or members that you want to recognize with a personalized special release wine?

Using digital printing technology to produce your wine label, you could recognize someone’s special event such as a wedding, anniversary or special birthday.  If you happen to have a guest list in advance, you could even have the labels personalized for the guests attending the event. Consumers like to feel that they are valued.

You can have one of your current brand labels with all the extra options of foil stamping and/or embossing with the added advantage of it being personalized.  Want to do a specific “template” label for special events or your wine club? That can be done as well.

Let us know what type of event or special package you are thinking of and we’ll work with you to create a label package that EACH person receiving will remember.

Visit us January 27 - 28 during the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium at the Sacramento Convention Center. The MPI team will be at Booth 1613 where you will see the latest specialty labels that your wine club members will love!

Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan?
26 October, 2015

California has been witness to many natural disasters in our history.  In 2015 we have felt the devastating effects of how quickly a wildfire can consume a community.  For some of us, these fires hit very close to home and some of us even lost our homes.  As we move into the next season, the anticipation of El Niño brings further worries of disastrous effects of flooding and mudslides. 

While we do not anticipate any disasters that would stop MPI Label Systems from producing products for our customers, it is important that we have procedures in place if such an event should take place.             

Operating in a 100% digital workflow allows MPI to be fully protected against any catastrophic disaster as all of our files are backed up in an offsite location.  This is inclusive of all customer supplied art files used to produce digital printing plates.  These digital files are backed up on a daily basis and can be readily available and used at multiple pre-press locations throughout the country to produce printing plates for our customers.

As well as backing up customer supplied artwork, all customer files are backed up offsite on a daily basis.  This includes all e-mails, purchase orders, production plans, customer profiles, etc. that can be accessed immediately and transferred with minimal downtime if something should happen to MPI.  In addition, MPI has a state-of-the-art software support for all administrative, production planning, accounting, scheduling, and estimating functions.  Security is of prime importance to MPI and all systems are backed up daily to an offsite file server.

While we do not anticipate any disasters that would render our facilities incapable of production, we do realize that it is prudent to plan for those unfathomable conditions.  MPI has the resources of 11 other MPI plants across the country capable of producing the same products, as well as a variety of many other products.

Our employees have been trained on their Disaster Recovery Plan duties which puts focus on keeping our customers informed and supplied with their products.  Teams of employees will salvage tooling, or order new tooling for orders in house.  Artwork will be uploaded to the plant that will be producing labels until the facility is up and running again.  MPI employees will travel to those plants to oversee production of your labels, ensuring that you see no difference in your product.

What is your plan?  If you would like a copy of our Disaster Recovery Plan for reference, please contact the MPI location nearest you.

Bottling Line Down? Label Issues Again?
09 October, 2015

Are your bottling lines down due to your labels not dispensing?  MPI has an excellent solution to issues with your existing labels. 

MPI has saved the day on many mobile bottling lines in California.  Those that have learned about our special piece of equipment know who to call when they have a die-cut issue.  Over 25 years ago MPI developed a piece of equipment that takes rolls of labels and repositions the label to a different position on the liner thus eliminating a die-cut issue.  MPI can rent out the machine for a day and can be at your bottling line as quickly as we can drive from Stockton, CA.

The Label Repositioner is also available for purchase so you don't have to wait for MPI to get to your site, or if you are bottling outside of driving range from our Stockton, CA facility.  The repositioner can also be used as a rewinder if the labels are not the correct roll wind.  This machine will save the day!   Every mobile bottler and/or bottling line should own one.

Call Chuck Hatten at 209-467-2470 for more information on the repositioner.

If you continue having difficulty with your labels dispensing, give our sales group a call @ 330-938-2134 to discuss how MPI can solve your die-cut issues.

Digital Upgrade Brings Efficiency
14 September, 2015

Digital Upgrade at MPI Stockton, CAOn September 11th, Hewlett Packard completed the installation of the WS6800 upgrade package on the digital press located at MPI Label Systems in Stockton, CA

The HP Indigo WS6800 will help MPI reduce time spent preparing color profiles and Pantone color-matching by up to 75 percent with a new in-line spectrophotometer. Using closed-loop control, the spectrophotometer eliminates the need for manual color calibrations and adjustments.

Providing improved efficiency in the converting of shrink sleeves, MPI will now offer high-slip HP Indigo ElectroInk White which reduces production steps.  Additionally, MPI will offer HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver giving labels a metallic look similar to UV flexo silver inks and can be used as a spot or base color for a range of label-printing applications, including paint, automotive, household chemicals, “nutraceuticals,” wine and beverage.

The HP Indigo WS6800 supports the HP SmartStream Labels and Packaging Workflow Suite 4.1, powered by Esko. This workflow suite provides consistent repeat job control and advanced decision-making tools to help select suitable jobs for EPM. A new, high-definition 223 lines per inch (lpi) screen provides increased color-gamut space.

Call MPI today to see how the WS6800 can impact your label.

An Upgrade with Some Snaz
28 August, 2015

Four Brix Winery, a craft winery in Southern California, has been a client of ours for 3 years.  Their labels are characterized by some great names and wonderful designs by Thelma Freeman Design.  MPI was recently tasked to make a specification change to their Baubles (Methode Champenoise) brand as they need a bit more shelf appeal and they were also introducing a Brut Rose to go along with their Brut.

The Baubles label has an Audrey Hepburn like character on the label that in the past had not been as prominent as they would have liked. MPI recommended that they run a new material made for the sparkling wine industry.  It's a wet strength, uncoated pearlescent paper that we had run for some other clients.  It prints really well and holds up well in an ice bucket. 

The original Brut label was adjusted to soften the dark, almost black background so that "Audrey" could stand out more on the package.  The end result was an almost gun-metal gray color and we highlighted "Audrey" with a spot RIT (raised) varnish.  This change to the Brut along with the addition of the Brut Rose, gives Four Brix a pair of ladies they would love to share with their followers.

From recommendation of material, design finalization, a client selection of a standard paint chip, to end result, this is a project where we all worked together as a team to achieve some nice results. 

It was even nice to have positive feedback from the client. "Baubles labels look awesome - love the new paper with the sheen.  The new Rose label is beautiful!  All the colors and hues turned out perfectly.”

If you have some slight adjustments you need to make to an existing package, contact MPI Labels at 209-467-2470 or  Our experienced account manager will listen to what you are hoping to achieve and, with the help of the production team, provide you recommendations to give that package some added lift.

A Client's Desire to Be Unique!
03 August, 2015

Recently one of our clients came to MPI looking for a wine label material that was different from everything else in the market.  Once we saw the artwork of the Vapor Trail label, we knew exactly where to look.  We looked toward Europe and found a paper that fit perfectly with the clients hot stamp design element.

When we brought a sample to our client, he said, "That's it!!!" and asked MPI to move forward with the order even though the lead time was six weeks to import the paper from Europe.  This paper has an embossed, pearlescent finish like no other label we have seen.

Check with your MPI Account Manager today to see some of the other papers that we will import for you. Be unique!

Strategic Rebranding Project - Tower of Power - Bump City Wine
02 July, 2015

MPI Label Systems has partnered with Tower of Power's Roger Smith and his partner Mike Smolich in a strategic rebranding project.  After several meetings with the Bump City Wine Company's principals we decided to use original design elements and add micro etched hot stamping.  Through this process we have helped Bump City Wine Company reinvent their brand.  Micro-Etched hot stamping adds incredible elements to a design by creating light diffraction which is often used in place of embossing to achieve similar yet outstanding effects.

Since 2008, Roger Smith and his longtime friend and business partner, Mike Smolich, have been making wine under the “Four Couples, Eight Friends” and “Jazz Rosco” labels. Their mutual love for sharing their wine with friends inspired them to open BUMP CITY WINE CO.

Bump City wine is available through their wine club and at every Tower of Power event.  Check out their website here.

If you are interested in seeing Tower of Power in concert here is a link to their World Tour Schedule.

Tower of Power

If you would like help with a rebranding project, let us know.  This is a service that MPI Label Systems offers at no additional charge.

Tennessee Wines and Labels
05 June, 2015

Wine Label production has expanded to many of our 10 manufacturing facilities across the United States.  Our plant in Tennessee has begun producing labels for many of the Tennessee wineries in the past year including the only winery in Nashville, Belle Meade Winery.  Each of Belle Meade's labels spotlights a famous racing horse that belonged to the Plantation in the late 19th and early 20th century, including one of the most famous American race horses of all time, Iroquois.

"As the premier thoroughbred racing and breeding farm in the South for over a century, Belle Meade Plantation was the center of hospitality in the 1800s. Five United States presidents have enjoyed the renowned hospitality of the Harding and Jackson families, and the 5,400 acres that made up the Plantation were home to some of the greatest horses in racing history. The Plantation’s hospitality always included homemade wine, drawing from the use of its many wild and domestic grapevines.

In November 2009, the opening of The Winery at Belle Meade Plantation ensured the long tradition of hospitality would continue. Belle Meade offers a robust range of wines from the traditional Blackberry and Muscadine native to the American South, to a line of barrel-aged reds, such as our Cabernet Sauvignon or old vine Zinfandel. All proceeds from the wine sales go toward the historical preservation mission."

Most of the grapes used in their wine production are Southern grown with the exception of one Lodi, CA vineyard.  MPI is proud to work with Belle Meade to provide them a premier label to help boost their wine sales.

If you are ever in the Nashville area make time to stop and tour the Plantation and enjoy a tasting.

Foils Changing With the Times
08 May, 2015

As technology and processes have changed in the printing industry, hot stamping foil manufacturers have had to change, as well. Today, foils must be compatible with digitally printed materials, a new array of specialty UV coatings, UV inks and an ever-growing choice of substrates in the marketplace. In addition, finishers who offer foil stamping need to run presses at faster and faster speeds, with high demand from customers not going away anytime soon. Foil manufacturers have formulations for both narrow web and sheet-fed cold foil applications, too, which continue to grow in popularity.

Foil improves to meet demand for press speed and substrate variance

In years past, it was difficult for the print finisher offering foil stamping services to keep in inventory a type of foil that could work on a variety of stocks. "In the past, there were many formulations of foil for all types of substrates and coatings," remarked Paul Miller, technical support manager for API Foils. "These days, we have products that can work on a broader range of substrates. This has helped foil stampers with faster turnaround times and saved them from having to place special orders for every foil job."

With the increased use of foil in high-speed narrow web applications over the last several years, foil manufacturers have had to adjust their formulations to result in quicker releases and much faster run speeds. These improvements have spilled over into the sheet-fed side to help both platen and clamshell foil presses run at faster speeds and at lower foil release temperatures. "The growth in the use of both hot and cold foils in rotary narrow web applications has seen foil manufacturers develop foils that perform at higher rates of speed and still offer the same performance in coverage, fine-line detail, high-sheen and sharp edge definition," stated Brian Hill, technical specialist, Kurz Transfer Products. "In addition, new foil formulations have been developed to run at lower temperatures and still maintain excellent coverage through the press run."

Growth of digital printing adds foil challenges

The world of digital printing is growing at an astronomical rate. Studies show that digital printing will grow nearly 10 percent each year over the next five to ten years, while other printing processes will continue a gradual decline. The technology is allowing faster speeds and larger sheets, meaning more digitally printed work is showing up on the doorsteps of the print finisher every day. "We now are seeing a substantial and growing percentage of the jobs coming in have been digitally printed," said Bob Windler, president of Diecrafters, a Cicero, Illinois, print finisher. "It is more important than ever that we have foil products and set procedures to work with digitally printed materials."

Foil manufacturers have created specific formulations that have been shown to work very well on many of the inkjet and toner-based digital machines. It is recommended to have these products readily available on the shelf – especially in gold and silver. This can help increase margins, since special orders won’t need to be placed, and decrease turnaround times, which are usually very short on short-run digital work. In addition, keeping a general foil on hand that works with digitally printed material should not take up an enormous amount of inventory space since many times the digitally printed jobs are smaller in nature. However, as stated earlier, the volume of digitally printed materials continues to grow as the technology changes.

Foils adapt to work with coatings

In recent years, the use of specialty coatings and laminates has been on the increase. This includes textured, profile (raised) and soft touch coatings, as well as soft touch and other specialty laminates. "Foil products have improved in the way they work on certain UV coatings," says Ken Noonan, technical service representative for ITW Foils. "However, specialty coatings, such as soft touch, have been somewhat unpredictable. Sometimes, they foil stamp fine and other jobs are very difficult." As with any questionable coatings or inks, it is best to have samples completed and foil stamped ahead of time to determine if the foil will be compatible with the coating.

One of the largest problems with certain coatings and laminates in the past has been a low dyne count (or high surface tension) on the surface of the substrate. Special foil formulations now are available that can stamp on dyne levels as low as 30dynes; while just ten years ago or less, surfaces had to be nearly 40 dynes before they were stampable. Most of these special foils are available in gold and silver only, but have proved to work very well on UV coatings and laminates that at one point were virtually impossible to foil stamp.

Many UV coatings now are added inline with the printing press. "The inline coatings seem to cause fewer problems with foil adhesion, as long as they have been cured effectively, than with offline coatings," remarked Hill. "The inline use of the coatings usually is at a lower volume and helps create less chance for very low dyne counts on the substrate."

"Ideally, it still is best to add the UV coating after the foil is applied," stated Miller, which he recommends to customers whenever possible. "It is very difficult to tell if a foil is applied before or after the coating when looking at it from even a short distance," continued Miller. "Coating after the foil stamping also protects the foil, as it does the inks."

Cold foil meets a newer industry need

The growth in the use of cold foil for both narrow web flexo and sheet-fed applications has forced foil manufacturers to create special formulations that release from the contact of a tacky adhesive rather than the heat and pressure of a foil stamping press. This increase in cold foil popularity adds to the special formulations that now must be available in the marketplace. "Cold foil certainly is here to stay for certain applications," explained Noonan. "The foil products now available for cold foil are much better today than just a few years ago, including quality adhesives and the proper printing blankets to match the foiling."

It is important to point out that using a quality adhesive is just as important as the foil for the cold foil process. The foils, adhesives and process for applying cold foil all have improved in recent years to create a higher quality finished product. However, hot foil stamping still is preferred for many foil applications and can be a better solution, depending on the overall coverage needs and specific application.

Hot and cold foils will evolve as the graphic arts industry continues to change. These changes include the growth of digital (inkjet) printing, an increased use of specialty coatings and laminates and the increase in cold foil usage. All of this is keeping the chemists within the foil manufacturing companies very busy and adds to the challenges of job production for print finishers. "I have been in this business for over 40 years," said Windler. "It amazes me that we continue to run into new foil challenges and opportunities on an almost weekly basis."

Article from PostPress
Thank You Jeff Peterson

Ever had a problem with the lowest bidder?
24 April, 2015

Often times the lowest bidder focuses so much on price that service, delivery and quality suffer.

MPI will provide exceptional service, prompt delivery in 5-10 days along with excellent quality all at a competitive price.  There is a cost for Service, Quality, Delivery and Price...Don't just pick one, pick them all!

Are Alternating Front/Back Labels the Right Choice?
10 April, 2015

Alternating Front and Back labels on the same roll can be convenient, but can also be more costly.  If your front and back labels have the same number of colors and receive the same finishing treatment Alternating labels are a good choice for you.  

However, if you have a full color front label with Hot Stamping, Embossing and multiple varnishes and a simple one color back label, you are paying for all of those extra finishing items on that back label as well.  Running those types of labels on separate rolls will offer a nice savings.

Here's a great example:  A recent quote revealed to a customer that by changing to separate rolls from alternating changed their label run cost from $17,000 to $12,000.  That put an extra $5,000 in our customer's pocket that will continue year after year.

If you are interested in seeing how much you can save, give MPI a call.  We provide cost saving solutions to customers every day.  Give us a chance to help you make more money.

NEW TECHNOLOGY - Use your smart phone to check temperatures of your wine
27 March, 2015

MPI has a new item for keeping track of temperatures for wine.

Identiv’s NFC Temperature Datalogger is a 2 1/8” x 3 1/8” card that is thin and flexible with adhesive on the backside. It works with an app on a smart phone that can be downloaded for free at Google Play. The tag has the ability to measure temperature and record it for several days, weeks, or months. Parameters can be programmed in the card for min and max temperatures.

Perhaps you need to track the temperature of wine bottles or barrels of wine. To do so you would attach the NFC tag to your product and download the app on your phone. The bottle temperature can be checked whenever you want by holding the phone above the tag.

The chip will download the information to the phone letting the user see that his bottle of wine has been at a steady temperature or that there is an issue. It's like a thermometer that remembers every time the temp changes and what it changes to.

Contact us for more information on this great new technology, or to place an order for NFC temperature datalogger cards.

RFID Division (NFC) Phone: 330-238-4200  Email:

RFID for Wine Bottles
27 February, 2015

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)  is used in wine production from the tracking of growing grapes, to making wine, to sales. It also aids with identifying the real wine from counterfeit.

If you would like to implement RFID into your wine products, contact us today.  Call 209-467-2470 or email us at

Need Solutions for Labeling Equipment? We'll Help!
13 February, 2015

MPI is a leader in the industry when it comes to labeling equipment, shrink equipment, and RFID equipment. Additional equipment and services include thermal systems, accessories, technical service, and parts.

Our experienced sales and technical staff can assist you with choosing the correct labeling system for all of your labeling needs. Let's Talk!

Labeling Equipment

Our labeling equipment includes label applicators, print & apply applicators, standard labeling, custom labeling, semi automatic labeling, cd/dvd labeling, RFID labeling, and applicator accessories

Shrink Equipment
MPI has a full line of heat shrink sleeve applicators, heat tunnels, steam tunnels, and steam generators. We offer anything from just the sleever or shrink tunnel up to a turn key system.

RFID Equipment

Our printer applicators encode, print, and apply RFID labels


Printers & Consumables

Thermal printers, color printers, ribbons, label software, label dispensers, rewinders, scanners, and verifiers.

Call us at 209-467-2470 or email  We'll help you move forward with your labeling needs be it equipment or labels.

The Workshop is busy this time of year...
18 December, 2014

Our Elves are busy at work creating last minute wine labels for all of the yummy holiday wine.  Thankfully our Elves are always ready to go to work for our friends.  MPI would like to take this time to thank our customers for trusting us to create your beautiful labels in our workshop.   We are blessed to witness the amazing creativity that each winery brings.  

To our designer friends, our workshop would be boring without your amazing work needing our special touch.  Thank you for thinking of MPI when designing your next project.

MPI's Label Engineering Elves are always available to consult with you during the design phase.  Our team will help you with ideas and ways to maximize your design work on the finished label.  Many of our friends take advantage of this free service and our team loves helping during the creative process.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  See ya in 2015!

MPI Label Systems will be closed December 24th through December 28th to celebrate the Christmas Holiday.  We will also be closed January 1st and 2nd to celebrate New Year's.

Everything is BIGGER in Texas
08 December, 2014

Put on your cowboy boots and the 10 gallon hat because it’s time to celebrate. MPI Label Systems in Grand Prairie, Texas is installing a complete digital printing and finishing line to begin providing premium digital labels to the Wine and Spirits industry in the states surrounding Texas.  The Texas plant will have flatbed screen printing capability for producing beautiful tactile varnish effects along with flatbed hot stamp and embossing equipment built into their finishing line.  Production will begin in December.  Call Phil Henning, General Manager at our Texas plant if you would like to discuss printing your labels with MPI.  972-988-0983

WIN a Labeler at Booth 828
22 November, 2014

MPI will be in booth #828 at The North Coast Wine Industry Expo on December 4th.  Come by our booth and register to win a Bottlemate 712.  The Bottlemate is perfect for small lot, manual bottle labeling and it's operation will be demonstrated in our booth.  Click here to see how it works.  See you at the show!

MPI opens a window of opportunity for your label!
07 November, 2014

Do you use a cut through window in your label design?  Are you getting a burnt edge and paying a high markup for specialty laser cutting?  There is no need to use an expensive laser method that produces burnt edges any longer.  MPI has developed a method that utilizes standard die cutting equipment and gets rid of the ugly brown edges that distract consumers.

If you have a project coming up or would like to explore clean edges for your label window give us a call.
Click to enlarge

It ain’t easy being Green...
27 October, 2014

MPI Label Systems has just renewed our certification as a “Green Partner Certified Factory” with Sony DADC.  Through various audits and specification adjustments in 2010, MPI passed the original certification with a flying color…Green!

We have since been on Sony’s preferred vendor list which has allowed us to solve many problems within the Sony organization.  Sony Computer Entertainment America is one of the most recent success stories.  Before the introduction of the PS4 the Playstation PS3 carton was revamped with a new high gloss varnish and the existing wafer seals would no longer hold the box closed.  

MPI engineered a special adhesive and film combination that sealed the box so well it would be destroyed upon removing the seal.  Since then, we have solved several other problems for Sony on the PS4 project and look forward to solving more.  Green Certification with Sony is the toughest certification in the label industry and we are proud to be a part of it.

Are you having a problem with your packaging?  Give MPI a chance to help, we may surprise you.

This Ship Took Off with Affordable Hot Stamping
09 October, 2014

Are you Hot Stamping your wine labels?  If not, are you worried about the cost?  Take a look at MPI Label Systems and let us show you how affordable it really is. 

The enhanced decoration of hot stamp effects will increase the value of your package.  MPI has five different presses capable of hot stamping your labels from short run off-line, through long run in-line.

What about multiple foil colors on your label?  MPI can provide multiple colors of hot stamp foil on your label using just one tool in one pass on our equipment.  All of this minimizes the added cost to your label and dramatically increases your value.

Call us for samples!

Hot stamped with different color foils

Major Label Improvements - Hit it out of the Park!
26 September, 2014

MPI recently had the opportunity to help one of our customers, Berghold Estate Winery, improve upon one of their label brands.  "The Capitalist" had been previously printed by one of the Napa wine label producers with unsatisfactory results.  MPI took the challenge as always with intentions on making major improvements to the label.  With a redesign by the artist MPI strategically placed embossing effects to bring out areas on the label that would help connect the winemaker's vision to the wine customer.

The day the labels were delivered we received a call from Joe Berghold with the most wonderful compliment we have ever heard.  Joe told us that we "hit it out of the park." We had provided them with their vision and beyond.  He praised David Kirkendall, the MPI Account Manager that takes care of Berghold saying that David communicated his vision exactly as desired to the press room and "went the extra mile" to ensure they would be satisfied with "The Capitalist."  

This is the kind of experience you can expect when working with MPI Label Systems.  We care about your brand and desire to deliver your vision with a personal touch.

“WOW – Those colors are BRIGHT!”
12 September, 2014

If you sell your wine through the typical distribution channels, the shelf presence of your wine can be critical.  A brand has to have something that will attract the first time consumer of your wine.  Some wineries go for the classic, elegant look with foil stamping and embossing, or maybe a unique die-cut shape or interesting paper.

Then there are those brands that like to use bright colors to attract the eye of a consumer. If this is your brand, then give MPI Label Systems a call

Using a dull silver face-stock, you can achieve some very bright metallic colors.  Add our spot RIT varnish combined with a surrounding matte varnish, your wine label can stand out from the crowd.  Whether the label prints using our digital or flexographic printing processes, we can work with you to develop a label with great impact.

Looking for something more subtle, like a soft & rich metallic color?  Again, we’ll work with you on creating the elegant richness your brand conveys.

Come on!  Stand out from the crowd.  Invite one of our account managers in to discuss your next new design.  You can contact us at 209-467-2470 or

“Honey, I Shrunk the Label!”
28 August, 2014

MPI Label Systems is pleased to announce that our California plant can now offer shrink sleeve labels to the wine industry.  MPI has been a long-time supplier of shrink sleeves out of our Ohio facility.  Because of the increased interest in using this dynamic packaging for wine bottles, we have installed the critical pieces of equipment needed to serve the Western States market.

Using our flexographic and digital printing processes, we can provide you with a unique package that provides 360 degrees of decoration to your wine bottle.  Whether you have a small lot of wine that is unique or a large-volume brand that needs a design lift, shrink sleeves for your wine packaging can provide a dynamic look that will stand out on the shelf.

Have a club wine special that you want to do?  Our digital printing will allow you to produce small lots of shrink sleeves without the expense of a bunch of printing plates. In addition, we can provide variable imaging to make your package more unique.

Have a large brand that you are considering moving to shrink sleeves?  We can work with your team on producing a digital prototype for you to present to the distribution chain for feedback.  Once you are ready for the production run, we’ll work with your team on transitioning the package for flexographic printing.

Contact one of our account managers and we can set up a time to meet with you to discuss your specific need.  We will walk you through the process of transitioning from a conventional label to the shrink sleeve solution.  You can reach us at 209-467-2470 or

RIT Varnish – Add dimension to your label without the high cost of a rotary screen!
18 August, 2014

Wineries are always looking for ways to create more shelf-appeal to their label. You can walk along the wine aisle of any grocery store and you see the effects of a spot gloss, “high-build” varnish that provides great impact to an area you want to highlight on your label.  In most cases, this special treatment is done using rotary-screen printing inline on the press.

MPI Label Systems, in addition to being able to provide the affect using rotary-screen, has developed a way to produce a similar look using flexographic printing technology.  Our RIT, or Raised Image Technology Varnish, is a patented printing process using flexographic plates to achieve a similar look, for much less.

Rotary screen printing has 2 major cost factors, the cost of the screen itself and the cost of setting up the press to print the varnish on the press.  With RIT Varnish, we use a flexographic plate, which is much less expensive than a rotary screen.  As for the set-up involved, it’s just like setting up another ink station on press.

RIT Varnish provides a more tactile feel than a standard flexographic spot gloss varnish.  It can be used on many of the wine label stocks, but not all of them, so it’s very important to work with us on which materials provide you the best impact.  We can also use this special treatment on digital labels on our offline flexographic press.

So if you are looking to add some pizazz to your already great looking label, contact one of our account managers.  They can set up a time to meet with you, review some previously produced samples, and discuss how we can help your label create the lift off the market shelf every winery strives for.  You can reach us at 209-467-2470 or

04 August, 2014

Digital Wine Label with Consecutive NumberWineries for many years have marked their special lots of wine by a numbering system.  Usually, it’s something like Bottle 234 of 1500, or whatever specific numbering system they used.  It’s a way to designate that the consumer has a special bottle from a special lot.

Variable Image Printing using our digital printing technology will allow you to make that special lot of wine extra special. Some ways that you can increase the value of your wine are:

  • Sequential numbering of your small lot labels for about the same price as a static label
  • Special case lots where each wine in the case has a different front label image.  We can produce labels that repeat each image every 6, 12, or…you get the idea!
  • Variable QR codes on your back labels for consumer interaction
  • Special wine club labels

Give us a call and invite us in to discuss how variable image printing can be utilized on your wine labels.  Whether you have a new brand idea, a special promotion or lot, or you just want to add value to an existing brand, our digital printing may be the answer.

You can contact MPI Label Systems at 209-467-2470 or One of our account managers will be happy to help.

21 July, 2014

Many wineries have a difficult challenge of keeping the words to a minimum for their back label copy because of the limited space available.  Considering the mandatory information needed and the UPC code, it doesn’t leave much room for the information you’d like the consumer to read.

An extended text label, aka ETL, can provide you additional label real estate that you’ve never had before.  If you have a program that pairs your wine with a food recipe, an ETL would allow you to put the recipe on the bottle.  Have unique information about your wine or tasting notes that should be expanded? An ETL will allow you to educate the consumer on the nuances of your wine.

MPI Label Systems can help you transition your current back label into an extended text label.  It’s very important to start early on this process.  We will work with your marketing and bottling team on producing an ETL that meets both your marketing expectations and your bottling line requirements. Our team of experts will provide you the proper tools to make sure that the transition goes smoothly.

First step in making this change?  Contact MPI Label Systems at 209-467-2470 or  We will review your expectations and determine the best way to achieve the expected outcome.

WE HAVE YOUR SIZE! – Extensive Library of Stock Thermal Labels and Ribbons
07 July, 2014

More and more wineries are moving away from putting their primary label on the outside of the wine case at bottling.  Because of the requirements in the distribution chain, wineries are being required to provide labels with barcodes and other information on the label depending on the state the wine is sold.

MPI Label Systems is able to help you and your winery with your standard Thermal labels (thermal transfer or direct-thermal), ribbons, and your printers.  We are a leading distributor of blank labels in common sizes of 2 x 3, 3 x 4, 4 x 6, 4 x 8 and others.  We can provide you with plain white labels off the shelf or discuss any custom color you have in mind to make it blend in more with your printed case.  

When was the last time you serviced your print engine or maybe you need a new printer?  MPI has an in-house technical representative that can help you get your printer back up and running before your next production date.  Whether it’s a printer that is in-line with your production equipment or stand-alone in your laboratory, we can help get your printer back to printing with optimum speed and quality.

Contact MPI Label Systems @ 209-467-2470 or if you are having printer or thermal label issues.  Remember, it’s not just pretty labels that we can help with.

Mobile Bottling and Your Labels - Good Communication is the Key!
23 June, 2014

Most of our wine label clients utilize mobile bottling services to bottle and label their wines. Whether you are a boutique winery that bottles one time per year or a large winery that uses mobile bottling services a few times a year, the single biggest key to a successful bottling day is accurate communication.

Many of you have utilized the same mobile bottling service year after year because of the relationship you have developed.  They know the intricacies of working with you and your wine making staff.  They are familiar with your requirements and in some cases, they are great problem solvers.

Should I schedule my bottling date first or get my labels scheduled first?  In most cases, wineries like to bottle the same time every year, so they schedule their bottling dates with their bottler in December or January for the upcoming year.  It’s a really good idea once you’ve set your schedule with your bottler to let us know what your bottling dates are for the year.  We can then help you keep on track by reaching out to you for the information required to produce your labels in a timely manner that reduces anxiety for all. During the height of the bottling season (March – September), everyone is needing labels to meet their bottling date, so the more we can help be proactive, the better it is for all of our customers.

There are times that you have found an opportunity to bottle more wine and you need to schedule an unplanned bottling date.  In this case, it is VERY IMPORTANT to check with your label printer before you secure the date with your mobile bottler.  We will do everything that we can to accommodate the date you have available, but it is important to check first.

Changing mobile bottlers or are they bringing in a different truck? There have been times over the many years we’ve been producing labels that we get a call the day before or the day of bottling that the labels have been wound incorrectly.  Typically, unless we are told, we will produce the labels the same way they have been produced in past years.  If you are changing or have a different line come in, it is a good idea to send us the specification sheet for the EXACT truck that is coming in.

Looking to change material or your design from previous years? Most mobile bottlers have no issues with a change to your label material or a design change.  However, it is a good practice to involve your mobile bottler at an early stage to let them know of the changes you are planning to make.  Issues such as changing to a clear material, making your label larger, or changes to the adhesive or liner are all reasons why your bottling line experts should be involved.

MPI Label Systems has great relationships with the various mobile bottlers in your area.  When requested, we can work with them ahead of time to give them some trial rolls if you are planning on changing material or the shape of your label.  Additionally, our account managers will be happy to attend your bottling to offer additional support and ensure that our product is performing as well as expected.

If you have a bottling date coming up soon or are looking to make a change to your label that requires coordination between the label printer and the bottler, give MPI Label Systems a call at 209-467-2470 or email us at

A Special Effect That Serves a Purpose
06 June, 2014

It’s a nice, warm summer or early fall day. A gathering of people at a late afternoon BBQ and a guest grabs a bottle of your Pinot Grigio, Moscato, or Sauvignon Blanc out of their wine collection to bring along. Most winemakers will tell you that these wines are best serve chilled so the host puts it in an ice bucket, a refrigerator, or heaven forbid, a freezer to cool down the wine. When will your wine be at the optimum temperature to serve? Let MPI Label Systems help take the guess work out of that decision.

MPI Label Systems’ thermochromic ink technology can help assure that your white wines are served at your recommended temperature. Thermochromic inks can be used in a number of ways to enhance your label design, such as hiding a message, creating an extension of your product’s brand message, or signal to the consumer that the wine is now at the right temperature to be enjoyed by all.

This ink can be incorporated with your current wine label design or be something you would want to adopt for a new item you want to release. We can also create an ink that a hidden message can show up on the label just by someone holding the bottle of wine. The possibilities are endless to create an interactive label.

Contact the MPI Label Systems team to answer any questions you might have about this value added option to your label. We look forward to making a cool label for you and your customers. You can reach us at 209-467-2470 or

Thinking of a New Wine Label Design - Consult Your Printer Early On!
23 May, 2014

Quite often over the years, we have worked with wineries that have presented to us beautiful designs for a new label project.  We’ve then had to make modifications to the label design at its final stage and at times, concessions have to be made in the design in order to achieve acceptable results at the end of the press.  Do your designer and yourself a favor, bring MPI Label Systems in as early as possible in the design stage.

Most wine label designers are very savvy and understand what can be achieved with each printing process.  However, if you are working with a friend’s sister, your brother-in-law’s girlfriend, or the college student next door, it is VERY important that you let your printer know what your plans are for your label design.

Our entire team of wine label experts will work with your designer on providing paper recommendations, material recommendations, existing die shapes and other resources for successfully producing a label.  You invest a lot of your heart and soul into your winery and your brand.  It’s important to everyone involved that you are pleased with the results.

If you don’t have a designer for your labels, contact MPI Label Systems at 209-467-2470 or  We will be happy to provide you with a list of label designers in your area and budget range to help you achieve the results you desire.

Private Label Food Items in Your Tasting Room - Increase Brand Recognition and Revenue!
12 May, 2014

Most wineries that have tasting rooms have other items their customers can purchase in addition to their wines.  From logo apparel, to cork screws and wine glasses, to food samplings from your local area.  Many times we’ve seen that the food items that they sell are products that are someone else’s brand.  Branded specialty food items can help with your brand recognition and revenue.

Putting your own brand on mustard, sauce, tapenade or an olive oil product is a good way for your brand to remain on your customer’s minds long after the last drop from the bottle of wine they purchased.  MPI Label Systems has many years of experience working with a number of contract packing companies to help clients with their own private label brands.

Our digital printing solutions can provide you with labels that represent your brand as well as your wine label.  If you are trying to replicate your wine label, we have the ability to add foil stamping or work with you on replicating foil using a silver base stock.  The beauty of using the digital process for your specialty food items is that it eliminates the need for printing plates.

Whether you have an established portfolio of tasting room food items or are looking to develop one, our team of account managers have plenty of experience in helping clients with new package development or offering suggestions on improvements.  We also can provide you a list of label designers and contract packers that do private label projects.

Contact us at 209-467-2470 or to discuss how we can help your specialty food items stand out in the tasting room.

New Technology Helps Your Label Come Alive on the Shelf!
28 April, 2014

With all the brands available in the various price categories, it’s tough to create a package that the consumer will take note of on the market shelf.  Whether your label has a lot of colors, cool die-cut shape, or a cute critter on it, at some point, it will get lost in the crowd for the new consumer.  

If you are looking for something new to dazzle the consumers, a new option has just arrived.  Set your brand apart from the crowded shelf with new refractive engraved hot-stamp dies. You can create new depth and movement to your designs with this new technology.  It uses metallic hot stamping foil and engraved patterns to bring new definition to your label package.

With this unique technology, you are able to create eye-catching movement that can breathe life into your package and attract more attention.  With many standard patterns, you can create an image that will not only attract the first time buyer of your wine, but it will also create a buzz from your long-standing consumers.  

Have an idea for a custom pattern? We can work with you to create a custom pattern that is specific to your brand.  Anything from your brand name, maybe an image of your winery, or perhaps something that will create some security for you brand in overseas markets.

If you are currently working on a new design for your labels or looking to make a minor upgrade to an existing label, one of our wine label specialists can show you some of the many stock patterns of engraved dies or discuss your ideas for a custom pattern.  Contact MPI Label Systems at 209-467-2470 or email us at

Come Visit MPI at the Craft Beverage Expo - Booth 700
10 April, 2014

“Spring has sprung” and “April showers may bring May flowers”. Along with that, there is the first Annual Craft Beverage Expo at the San Jose McHenry Convention Center May 6th through the 8th, 2014.

MPI Label Systems is proud to be part of this new event and looking forward to sharing our expertise with those in the craft beverage industry.  With the explosion of craft and artisan beverages, we know that shelf presence is essential to your success in the marketplace.  The uniqueness of your label, whether the design or story, will bring your customer in.  MPI can help you with the right kind of material, printing process and suggest enhancements such as foil stamping and embossing.

Our digital press is ideal for short runs of seasonal offerings that can include sequential numbering for limited editions.  
Please stop by Booth 700 to discuss projects, problems or just say “Hi”.  If you are planning to attend, which I am sure you are, you may register at and use registration code MPILABEL14.

We look forward to seeing you at the Expo.

Meet Tony Jackson - Committed to Excellence
28 March, 2014

Tony Jackson, Account Manager, joins the MPI Label Systems team with 35 plus years in the printing industry.  He brings his combined knowledge of offset, flexography and digital printing experience to the company as well as meeting the customers' needs by combining the expertise of MPI with the clients' vision.

Tony began his profession as a press operator in the U.S. Marine Corps and has continued his career advancement by developing strong, business relationships throughout Northern California as a sales representative.  He and the MPI team are committed to producing excellence in their quality of products and achieving successful results.

MPI Label Systems Team up with Lodi Vintners
14 March, 2014

Lodi Native is a collaboration project of six Lodi wineries to collectively promote the distinctiveness of Lodi Vineyards. The wines have been crafted to showcase the vineyards and the diversity of the region. All the wines have the identical packaging except for the vineyard and the winery name on the label which was printed by MPI Label Systems.

Speaking of the label, the etched hot stamp and sculptured embossed finishing really compliments the Bright White Felt material. The label is simply beautiful which displays MPI’s printing and finishing capabilities.

View larger photo

The six wineries are St. Amant, Macchia, M2, Fields Family, Maley Vineyards, and McCay Cellars. The wines will be packaged as a set and sent out to media across the country to promote the region.

Considering Embossing to Add Value to Your Package?
03 March, 2014

There is a lot of competition out there for shelf presence in the market place.  Many wineries consider using some sort of embossing techniques to differentiate their brand from the competition.  If the embossing is done well, it can really add a dynamic look to your label.  

There are some important things to consider before you get too far along in the process.  We’ll point out a few things you should know before investing in what can be an expensive process.

The first thing to consider is what you are planning to emboss.  A design that has a lot of fine lines to go with larger, more weighty areas can be a concern.  To maximize the depth of the area with the weight, you can run the risk of those fine line areas actually cutting the label.  This causes the printer to have to cut back on the level of emboss.  Before your label design gets too far along, consult with your printer and have them review the design with the diemaker.

Secondly, the type of paper you select is very important.  Most wine label papers are uncoated papers and they are manufactured with long pulp fibers or a combination of long and short fibers.  Coated label paper is typically made with short fibers.  Longer fibers typically equates to optimum embossing results.

Lastly, understand the limitations that your supplier has with embossing. There are a variety of ways that printers emboss labels.  Some printers are able to emboss inline right after the inks have been put down.  Other printers have to take the embossing option off-llne.  Your printer should be upfront with the process they use to emboss your label and what their limitations are.  As a rule of thumb, platen (flat) embossing will provide you the best depth and detail.

There are other factors involved with embossing of your wine label. If you are considering embossing for your next label project, contact MPI Label Systems @ 209-467-2470 or email us at  Our wine label team will work hard at giving you a result you can be proud of.

Winner of MPI Digital Production Run
17 February, 2014

Winner of the MPI free digital production run drawing at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium is m2 Wines.

Since 2004 m2 Winery in Lodi has been creating dynamic artisan wines from distinctive vineyards with a core focus on Zinfandel and Rhone varietals. They just finished construction on a brand new tasting room and winery facility – 4,000 square feet of public space including a 1,600 square foot tasting room for wine club and event activities, plus 9,000 square feet of winery production space – the first new winery built in Lodi from the ground up in the past ten years.

Production has grown from 750 cases to 4,000 cases annually with approximately one-third of production being exported to Hong Kong, the rest is primarily sold direct-to-consumer.

Congratulations m2 Wines!

Visit MPI at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium for your chance to win a free digital production run of your labels
17 January, 2014

MPI is happy to offer a new customer the chance to win enough front and back labels for up to a 1,000 case production run.  MPI produces our digital labels on an HP Indigo WS6600 utilizing expanded gamut colors that enable us to achieve a high percentage of PMS colors.  We are also able to scan your custom match color and reproduce it using this technology.  MPI finishes our digital labels on two state of the art finishing machines.  Come and meet our team in booth #1045 for more details and enter for a chance to win!  (Winner will be responsible for tooling costs).

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium information

Ironing Out the Wrinkles
03 January, 2014

Many times customers have application issues that are not solely label related issues. Although many application issues can be traced back to the material used for the labels, there are other factors involved.

We recently had a customer come to us with a wrinkling problem.  After reviewing the issue with the customer, we determined that a heavier label material could help solve some of the wrinkling issues.  As it turns out, the change in material did improve the wrinkling issue.  However, it was also determined that there was a significant amount of sink and bulge in their bottles.

If you have had issues with wrinkling issues with your label package, here are a few things to consider when going through the problem solving:

  • Wrong label material for the application
  • Wrong adhesive being used
  • Too much moisture during application and/or storage
  • Inconsistent glass quality
  • Wrong label size or shape for the bottle.  This is very important to consider for burgundy bottles
  • The label applicator having feeding issues

If you are having application or quality related issues with your label, contact MPI Label Systems at 209-467-2470 or email at  One of our experts will be able to help iron out the wrinkles.

Is Your Spent Label Liner Ending Up in the Landfill?
10 December, 2013

One concern of many wineries is what to do with spent liner after labeling or even excess rolls of labels.  Most wineries use 44PK liner (brown kraft paper with a laminated poly-film) for their labels.  Over the years, this has proven to be a pretty durable material for liners in protecting from web breakage on the bottling line.  The problem with this type of liner is that is not yet recyclable in the standard recycling chain, so all that “brown” liner ends up in the landfill.

Wineries that are concerned about their environmental impact are taking the step toward PET liner (clear film). Some advantages to using PET liner for your pressure-sensitive labels are:

  • Recyclable – PET Liner is recyclable and you can contact MPI Label Systems and ask about taking advantage of our liner recycling program
  • Lower Label Cost – Because PET liner is growing in popularity, labels printed on PET liner is in most cases less expensive than the 44PK liner
  • Higher Productivity – PET liner is a thinner gauge material than 44PK liner and this means that you can get more labels on a roll resulting in fewer roll changes
  • Wide array of facestocks – Most of our material suppliers are making pressure-sensitive label material available with PET liner for many of the new face stocks.

If you have been using 44PK liner for your wine labels and would like to move toward PET liner, it is very important that you work ahead of time with your bottling team to test the PET liner.  Our experience with label application systems allows us to work with your team to determine what adjustments might need to be made on the line.  

For more information on this environmentally friendly transition, contact MPI Label Systems at 209-467-2470 or

Visit MPI at the WIN Expo for your chance to win a free digital production run of your labels.
25 November, 2013

MPI is happy to offer a new customer the chance to win enough front and back labels for up to a 1,000 case production run.  MPI produces our digital labels on an HP Indigo WS6600 utilizing expanded gamut colors that enable us to achieve a high percentage of PMS colors.  We are also able to scan your custom match color and reproduce it using this technology.  MPI finishes our digital labels on two state of the art finishing machines.  Come and meet our team in booth #149 for more details and enter for a chance to win!  (Winner will be responsible for tooling costs).

New Production Manager at MPI

MPI is proud to introduce Simon Cuthbert who has accepted the position of Production Manager.   Simon’s education  at the London College of Print gave him a love for all things print.  He has an extensive background within the printing industry with a focus on the development of  Digital Software used today in many prepress departments and is a certified G7 expert accredited by the IDEAlliance.  Simon has been involved in the G7 Certification of many printing companies across the United States and is an excellent addition to the MPI team.

Secondary Imprinting of Your Wine Labels
11 November, 2013

Most wineries order their labels so that they can get the best overall package cost. Obviously because of economies of scale, it’s best to order as many labels at one time as possible.  However, there are times when the information is not available to produce all the labels at the same time.  

This then requires the winery to juggle the efficiency of volume versus the real issue of incomplete information to complete an order. Some label designs that involve foil stamping and many colors of ink can get pricey if you are having to set-up more than once for your annual need of labels.

Overcome sticker shock

This is where MPI Label Systems can help.  With the ability to re-insert label material on a variety of presses, it’s possible that we can help you overcome some sticker shock on the small lot runs of your brand packaging.

We work with a winery now that takes advantage of this solution.  We usually produce anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 initially of the 3-color plus foil stamped “stock” label.  We are usually producing an initial need of labels and then we hold the balance of labels in customer-owned inventory.  Then, when the customer is ready to order more labels, we are able to re-insert that label to imprint in 1 color, in this case, white hot-stamping plus the scuff protection.

If you have a label package that you believe could be a candidate for this process, invite us in to review your label package.  Our production team will determine whether it’s a benefit to you and your winery to look at this as an option.

You can contact MPI Label Systems at 209-467-2470 or email us at  When you contact us, ask us about our 25-color label!

What All White Wine Bottlers Must Know!
28 October, 2013

Wineries that produce both white wine and red wine should to be careful with the label paper they select. Because of the post-bottling environment the bottles are exposed to, it’s important that you choose the right combination for your package.

Whether it’s exposure to ice buckets, cold box storage, or your home refrigerator, it’s important that your label holds up in these environments.  There are a growing number of material options available, but there are 2 major characteristics that are important to know if you are labeling white wines.

Wet-strength label paper is made to increase the bond strength of the paper when saturated.  It has components added that help the fibers hold together when exposed to ice or water.

Be specific about asking for ice bucket tested adhesive for all of your white wines. There are other recommended adhesives for red wines so it’s not necessary to have this adhesive for your red wines.

Require ultra-durable labels for extremely wet conditions? We can show you what film label materials are available.

If you have had issues with the labels falling off or turning color when exposed to water, contact us today at 209-467-2470 or email us at  We can provide you with sample material and guidelines on testing.  Don’t put this off to long because bottling for white wines is coming up soon.

Key Tips for Successful Results with Digital Labels
14 October, 2013

Digital printing for wine labels is rapidly growing in popularity. It provides wineries greater flexibility in solving issues such as the typical expense for small-lot, multi-varietal label runs or maybe replicating your 750ml label for a larger bottle format.

In order for you to have a successful result with your digitally printed label, here are a few key tips so that the finished labels meet your expectations:

  • If your label has standard pantone colors on your label, communicate those colors at the quoting stage.  This will help determine whether standard process colors can be used or whether we need to print other colors to achieve a match.
  • Provide a previously printed sample at the quoting stage.  This will help us review the file and the project.  This is especially important if you have foil stamping and embossing on your label.
  • There are many material options available, including adhesives.  Provide input on special bottling requirements and market conditions for your package.
  • Have realistic expectations – Digital printing technology has allowed us to do a great job meeting expectations of our clients.  At times, compromises have to be made because of the differences in printing methods.

If you would like to have your current label package reviewed or a new product development consultation, invite us in.  We can review your package to either add value to the label or help reduce your total packaging cost. Contact us today at 209-467-2470 or email us at

3 Options for Applying Wine Labels
27 September, 2013

Whether you are looking to be fully automated with applying wine labels or just need some “extra help” MPI has options.

Automated equipment for wineryFull Automation

Our 3 Roller Indexer Systems with orientation wrap applies single labels or front and back. Labels can be applied to various diameter or height wine bottles. They can be oriented specifically to physical characteristics, registration marks or existing graphics.

The front and back labeling can be accomplished with two applicators. The front labels are converted on one roll with the back labels being converted on the opposing roll.

Semi-automatic bottle labelerSemi-Automatic Bottle Labeler

The semi-automatic bottle labeler dispenses and applies labels easily and repeatedly to wine bottles. The motor driven unit has an eye detection of die-cut labels.

Labeling is accomplished in a singular process that automatically dispenses pressure sensitive labels and wraps them around the surface of the wine bottle.

Electric Label Dispenser

Electric label dispenserThis electric dispenser advances the label from the liner so you can easily remove it for hand applying to your wine bottle. It automatically rewinds the liner scrap and presents the next label. This reduces the time of trying to remove the label from the liner and provides a cleaner working environment.

Dispensers come with different width capabilities to accommodate your particular label sizes.

No matter what the size of your winery business, we have an option that is just right for you. Call or email us to help you choose the best dispensing method for use on your production line.  Ph: 209-467-2470  Email:

Is Direct Decorating Your Wine Bottle Worth the Challenges?
16 September, 2013

clear no look wine labelMany wineries, especially small, boutique wineries love the look of direct decoration on the bottle.  Whether it’s etched, heat-transfer, or silk-screened, there is really no disputing the look it conveys to the consumer.  They like how their brand image seems to be a part of the bottle.

This form of packaging comes with challenges.  Most wineries need to place their orders for their decorated bottle months in advance, especially during the height of the bottling season. Often a winery will be either short or long on their bottling which means they will have excess glass on hand that can’t be used for any of their other wines or they end up not having enough decorated bottles.  They then have to come up with a solution to label up the extra 35 cases that were bottled.

There is a solution!

We have a client that came to us to solve the problem with the expense of screen printing on their bottle.  They didn’t like wasting glass.  They LOVED the look it provided though.  Our production team worked with the client and by using foil stamping, rotary-screen printing and UV flexo printing, we were able to provide the look they desired while saving a lot of money.

With the help of our material suppliers, we have been able to successfully provide customers with a NO-LABEL look to their wine bottle.  Using premium clear pressure-sensitive material along with UV Flexographic, rotary-screen, and hot-stamping printing processes, we can help alleviate some of the challenges that wineries have with direct decoration and help them save money as well. We have even been able to help wineries that did run short on decorated bottles by replicating their bottle using our digital printing technology.

If you are being pressured to reduce your cost of goods yet still want to maintain the look you have with the direct decoration, call and invite us in to analyze your package today at 209-467-2470 or email us at

Would Your Label Pass a Sustainability Scorecard? MPI Can Help!
30 August, 2013

The traditional printing methods of flexography and rotary-offset have been and will continue to be excellent ways to produce wine labels.  However, digital printing is making a large impact in the wine industry and you will see more labels coming off of digital presses than you have in the past. One of the primary reasons is that digital printing has a greater impact on sustainability than the traditional methods.

Digital printing enables us to reduce the massive waste associated with make-ready and change over between varietals compared to conventional printing methods.  With the ability to cut down on the plates and ink wash-ups, we are able to run less material through the press.  This could reduce the waste by as much as 15% - 20%.

No OVERRUNS – Because of the amount of material needed to make count on a flexo or offset label, printers must  build in the waste and then bill you for the maximum allowable standard of 10% over or whatever you have negotiated with them.  Keep in mind, you may not be paying for overs, but you are paying for the material for the printer to make count.  With digital printing, we utilize less material and create less waste because of the efficient set-up and change over.  What you order is what you receive!

Digital printing and the digital workflow eliminates the need for printing plates, film, and the associated chemical waste, including the chemical disposal and fume extraction.  Digital printing creates NO Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs).  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are released, but the press has an on-board capture system for the solvent and emissions used in the printing process.

With our in-line priming system, we are able to work with many of the readily available FSC materials and 100% recycled materials available in the market place.  We also encourage you to move from your PK44 liner to a more environmentally friendly PET liner.

Invite us in so that we can discuss your current label package and determine whether we can help you improve your sustainability score card! (800) 533-2076

Foil Stamping Without a Hot-Stamping Die
16 August, 2013

wine labelMany wineries utilize special effects on their labels such as special varnishes, embossing, and hot-stamped foil to create added shelf-appeal for their brands. The challenge with embossing and foil-stamping is the expense of purchasing an embossing die or a hot-stamp die. That is especially a challenge if you happen to be a winery that foil stamps your vintage date each year.  

Because of recent advancements in printing technology, it’s possible that you can add foil stamping to your label WITHOUT the cost of a hot-stamp die. By using existing printing stations on a flexographic press, MPI Label Systems is able to provide top notch foil stamping on labels.

With this new technology, MPI could:

  • Foil stamp the vintage date on your labels for about the expense of a flexographic plate
  • Create special patterns of where you want your foil to appear on the label, including half-tone dots
  • Provide an innovative look to your label with the combination of inks and foil, including overprinting the foil
  • Present some interesting holographic patterns that are readily available

Whether you are launching a new brand or what to add more pizzazz to an existing brand, invite MPI Label Systems in to discuss this new technology.  We’ll take time to understand what you are hoping to achieve with your brand and work with you on executing this innovative process.
Call (800) 533-2076 or email

Introducing David Kirkendall - Specialized Focus on Wine Labels
05 August, 2013

MPI would like to reintroduce Dave Kirkendall back to the MPI family. Dave has an in depth knowledge of the label industry with a specialized focus on wine labels.  Dave started with MPI in 1991 in the machine department.  His career then took him into sales which he has excelled for the past 18yrs.

Having both a machine and label background extends Dave’s ability to understand the big picture for the customer. Dave has the unique ability to uncover a customer’s label challenge and solve their issue with the help of MPI’s unlimited resources.

Wine labels are the face of the Winery in the market place and we take that responsibility very seriously at MPI.  There is no better professional that Dave to act as a consultant for our customers. Dave states that “Education” and “Pre Press” are the two most important parts of the overall process.

MPI provides a full line of services; Pressure Sensitive Labels (Digital & Flexo printing), Heat Shrink Labels (Sleeves, Neckbands & Preforms), Roll-Fed wrap labels and Extended Text Labels (Coupons & Booklets). We also sell Label Applicators, Thermal Transfer Equipment, and Total RFID Systems.

The next time you see an attractive label on a wine bottle produced by MPI, know a lot of thought and good old fashion hard work went into it.

MPI Helps Customer Meet Bottling Date Deadline
22 July, 2013

Lucas & Lewellen, a Central Coast winery, had an upcoming bottling date for a new wine in their tasting room. Their current supplier of labels was not able to provide labels to them for 4 weeks so they sought out MPI's help for the project.

They sent us art from a similar, but larger label.  Our task was to match the larger label using a different print technology. The label required hot stamping, embossing, debossing and a match to a specific color.  Our production team put their heads together and engineered the project to print on our HP Indigo WS6600 using expanded gamut print technology to match the colors.

MPI was able to produce their labels in half the time and met the bottling date.

We can help you with printing your labels in a timely manner, new labels, or redesigned labels.  Call or email MPI Labels Systems at 209-467-2470

QR Codes Are a “Must Have” on Wine Labels
24 June, 2013

QR Code for Wine Labels“QR” stands for quick response and the contents can be decoded at high speed. QR codes have been around since 1994, but not until the past 2-3 years, have they been used for consumer applications on products as a marketing tool.  The benefits of having QR codes on your labels are great since they allow large amounts of targeted information to be easily accessible at any time. For wineries reaching out to Millenials, they are a “must have” in order to better communicate with them and grow your social networks.

MPI can print a QR barcode on your labels to provide the consumer with more information about your company or your product or to be used for calls to action. Shoppers are enticed to pick up the package and interact with it. It provides a way to interact by the links, messages, or discounts that are embedded in the codes.

QR codes are free to generate and have a hyperlinking capability. You can generate and print your own QR codes for free by visiting one of several sites that generate QR codes. It only takes a few minutes for the entire process. QR codes can connect a person equipped with a camera phone and the right reader software access specific information about your products and other offers.

QR codes bridge the gap between offline and online media enabling the sharing of information and the building of community. Here are some suggested uses for QR Codes on wine labels:

  • Send consumers to a specific web page
  • Launch a pre-filled tweet to rave about your wine
  • Use an app called Likify to create PR codes that connect the user to a Like button for your Facebook page
  • Provide them the opportunity to join your wine club
  • Direct consumer to recent wine awards or wine critic reviews
  • Direct them to Contests/Sweepstakes
  • Offer discounts for future purchases
  • Video clips about winery events
  • Calendar events of upcoming events or tastings
  • Winemakers Notes about the wine they scanned
  • Newsletters
  • Provide exclusive time sensitive offers

No matter how you decide to use a QR code on your label, MPI will help you incorporate them into your label art. Ask your local sales representative how to begin using QR codes to gain a marketing advantage.

How Much Is Your Outdated Technology Costing You?
17 June, 2013

Take Advantage of the Go Zebra 2013 Trade In Program

Many of you have printers at your winery and when you hang on to outdated technology, you’re compromising operational efficiency, visibility, and productivity. This means you’re also compromising your profitability. Zebra's GO Zebra Trade-in Program rewards you for making the smart move to more innovative, feature-rich, best-in-class thermal printers.

When you trade in your old printer and buy a new Zebra® printer, you earn up to $500 cash back for every qualifying purchase. This includes thermal printer models, RFID printers, and print engines.

Zebra has the solution to:

  • Expand real-time business intelligence for better decision-making
  • Increase mobility
  • Improve access control
  • Strengthen supply chain
  • Reduce downtime

Purchase a Zebra pinters from MPI and receive the following rebates for your trade-in:

Zebra printer rebate

MPI Label Systems Wins Gold for Excellence in Flexographic Printing
13 May, 2013

MPI Label Systems recently received a First Place/Gold Award in the Flexographic Technical Association's 54th Excellence in Flexography Awards competition. The Gold award was received in the Narrow Web Process Film category for Door County Distillery's Luminous Vodka labels.

Surpassing all other entrants, MPI Label Systems of California has set itself apart by executing Door County Distillery's design using waterbased inks with analog plates. They came to MPI with a design for their Luminous Vodka label that would represent the cleanliness of Door County's natural landscapes and waterways. The pristine lake view needed to be seen through the bottle while containing all of the required legal information on the opposite side. After careful analysis of techniques that would best achieve this look, the end result hit the mark.

"We're honored to be recognized for our excellence in label printing," Doug Lingo, General Manager of the Stockton, California location where these labels were printed, said. "MPI Label Systems has a consistent history of high quality printing of labels, shrink sleeves, film and other packaging materials that clearly demonstrates label innovations that work for our customers."  "The wine and spirits industry continues to provide us new challenges and opportunities to excel utilizing the flexographic printing process."

 If you’re interested in exploring a similar solution for your brand, please contact us at or 1-800-837-2134.

Hot Stamp Foil - Consider it when printing digitally
04 March, 2013

Labels. More often than not, the label is why someone buys a particular wine. They’re the first thing a customer sees that starts to tell your story. When people visit your tasting room, you have the opportunity to reach out to many of their senses – sight, smell, taste. But when your wine is on a store shelf, it has to have a voice of its own that says, “look at me!” “I’m the wine you want.” There’s many ways to decorate a package, but many would agree that foil on wine labels is a primary consideration. It shines, it glimmers, and it exudes richness. Most of all, it makes a statement.  

 At MPI we are able to add foil to labels printed digitally with our Newfoil hot stamp system. It’s very reliable for high quality short runs and we can add hot stamp foil to almost any self-adhesive material with exceptional results holding fine details and intricate patterns. Whether you’re a boutique winery, need to do a small label run for a special project, or just getting started with your own wine brand, keep hot stamp foil in mind. It will add percieved value in your customer's mind.

Invite us in to discuss your next project.  You can email us at or call 209-467-2470.

Shrink Sleeves - Different, full bottle decoration, stand out from the crowd!
18 February, 2013

Are you looking for something different that can make one of your brands stand out from the crowd?  Do  you have an opportunity for a private label project where the customer is asking for some new ideas?

Shrink sleeves may be a good solution for you and your winery.  With a shrink sleeve, you can provide full-bottle decoration so that your brand will stand out from the other wines in it's price category. Shrink-sleeves provide you the ability to put more information on your bottle, giving the consumer more to interact with.

More wineries are exploring whether shrink sleeves meets their market criteria for new brands as well as existing brands.

MPI Label Systems is a leading supplier of shrink-sleeve labels and application equipment. Our team of shrink specialists can help you create something that will provide you the shelf-impact you are looking for.

Invite us to discuss your project.  You can email us at or call 209-467-2470.

You can also go online to for more information.

We don't just do pretty labels!
10 January, 2013

Not only does MPI Label Systems of California offer top-quality flexographic and digital labels for wine bottles, we can also help you with your case labels as well.

With an extensive range of sizes for Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer labels, we can help you with your secondary labeling issues.  If you are tired of putting your expensive label on the case or are being directed by various states or countries to mark your cases differently, we should get together and talk.

MPI can help with:

  • Direct Thermal or Thermal Tranfer blanks
  • Custom printed DT or TT labels
  • Wax or Resin Ribbons
  • Desktop printers
  • Print and apply systems
  • RFID labels

Email us at before the end of the year and receive a sample roll of ribbon or labels.

New Digital Offset Press Installed
04 October, 2012

MPI Labels of California has just installed a new digital offset press.  This state-of-the-art press may be the right solution to your high cost of offset printed labels and still provide you the look and feel you expect for your wine package.

Our press is ideal for you if:

  • You are being pressured to lower the cost of your label package but don't want to sacrifice the quality that you expect for your labels, or
  • Your brand conveys an image of being environmentally sound and you want to know that the process to produce your labels is as sensitive to the environment as possible, or
  • You have an opportunity to promote a special cause and you'd like to incorporate that into your label package, or
  • You have a high end brand and you want to protect it from being counterfeited in overseas markets,or
  • Maybe you have a special wine and you would like each bottle in the case to be unique.

Send us an email with your contact information, and one of our Trusted Advisors will contact you to discuss your label package.  We will sit down and discuss where you been with your package and where you would like to go.  

Introducing our new Trusted Advisors...
20 September, 2012

We are excited to announce the recent addition of Daniel Hughes and Pamela Graviet to our wine label advisory team. They both come with years of experience working in the wine industry.  Both are passionate about serving the wine industry and working with wineries of all sizes to provide the best solution for a wineries specific label issues.

Pamela Graviet

Pam comes to us with over 25 years of experience in strategic business planning, marketing communications, sales and public relations. She has applied her talents for 17 years in the wine industry working for both corporate and family-owned wineries.  Pam was instrumental in driving a nationally known wine brand that received the Impact "Hot Brand" award for two consecutive years.

Pam currently serves on the Winery Marketing Committee of the Lodi Winegrape Commission, Alumni Advisory Board of California State University Stanislaus, and is a member of several wine industry-related associations in Northern California


Daniel Hughes

Dan started in the printing industry at 14 years old because he couldn't get woodshop his freshman year in high school and took graphic arts instead.  He went on from there and attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and majored in Graphic Communications. While attending college, Dan worked for a quick print division of a commercial printer.  After college, he stayed on as a customer service representative and became exposed to the supply side of the wine industry by working on wine label projects.

Dan has been serving wineries of all sizes for over 25 years.  Over this time, he has learned it's not about the features and benefits he can offer.  It's about being a trusted advisor to his clients to help solve their specific challenges.

Dan and Pam are excited to join Joan Wilkinson-Steele and the rest of our team to solve your wine label issues. Bring your challenge to MPI Labels of California and experience the difference. 

World Label Award Winning Labels
02 May, 2011

In 2010 MPI won 1st place for the Michael~David Sloth label which was entered in the TLMI label competition.  All 1st place winners in the TLMI are then entered in the much larger World Label Competition where label companies from around the globe compete for honors.
MPI was honored to earn the award for "Excellence in Technical Achievement in Printing" for the Sloth label in the Multi-Process, Line, Screen/Tone category.
Please see our photos for a look at the Sloth label.
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