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The Mala Closure Story

The Story of Mala Closure Systems is a story of courage, hard work and strong family bounds. It started in East Germany after the fall of the wall, back in 1992.

Raised in an Orphanage in Germany, Manfred Lange had learned to take the twists and turns life provides as opportunities and chances to grow early on in his life. He worked in the metal processing industry of the former GDR.  During the historical events taking place in Germany in the early 90's, Manfred Lange saw the firm he worked at for many years  resolve into a liability, most likely to be liquidated within a short period of time. While sitting together with a hand full of friends and co- workers, discussing the perspectives of this new life dawning,  Manfred cheered the group up to not resign and sink into sadness. The facetious remark Why don't you buy the firm then? lit up a candle in Manfred's mind. 

He sat together with his son Andreas and his wife Karin for many sleepless nights, discussed the situation and perspectives for them to take on the new challenge andopportunity of living in a free country. A decision was made, breathtaking financial risks were taken on the firm with all its land, buildings and machinery was bought.  MALA Verschluss Systeme was born. MALA stands for Manfred & Andreas Lange and they both worked their heart out to make things happen. Manfred oversees and manages the manufacturing part, while Andreas with a degree in Business and Economics, controls the business aspects. Both guarded and taken care of by wife and mother Karin, the soul of it all. 

Little by little and step by step, the firm grew. The word about the precision and high quality of their products spread around quickly and in 1992 the first big national contract was placed with Jaegermeister. The first international success followed soon after that by signing a contract with more in the year.

Today MALA has 180 highly skilled employees working for customers in over 40 countries on 5 continents.

Standard and Custom Colors

MALA Closure Systems produces and designs high quality closures. Our pilfer-proof closures along with our environmentally sustainable practices allows for your product to be protected and preserved longer than traditional methods. Our commitment to sustainable business ensures our clients they are preserving resources and reducing the carbon footprint. 

Please view our standard and custom closures below. Also view our Custom Design tab for more in-depth design and detail work. Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you!


Environmentally conscious and dedicated to sustainability. MALA Closure Systems holds true to the high standards of European and American guidelines.
Custom designs and color specifications allow MALA Closure Systems to match your exact look and feel holding true to your brand and vision.
MALA Closure Systems produces unique one of a kind closures for special events and parties.
MALA Closure Systems caps off your wine-making dreams!
Mala Closures
Mala Closures
Our First
Our First
Our fist screw cap "Decorated in California"
New Line of Closures
New Line of Closures
Check out our new line of closures as Mala Closure Systems celebrates their best year yet!
MALA Closures - A brief look at our designs
MALA Closures - A brief look at our designs
Various images and stills of our closures.